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World War III?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 8, 2022 9:31 pm

World War III?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 8, 2022 9:31 pm

World War III?

Steve talks about the possibility of World War III. How will the world react? He also takes callers to hear their opinion.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why you work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders and walked through no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble.

Well, these are obviously very get more difficult that another prepared for what's coming, but I just read through all of these article titles for you and don't open up the phones today and and ask you on Facebook live as well ask you what you're most concerned about right now. With everything going on is that the economy gas prices and gas prices in the that what that's going to do to the supply chain with supply chain issues are you what scope does anybody hurt covert what's I like where's Anthony felt she's likely where's Waldo.

At this point I'm working on my my memoirs in my knee.

I deal with Netflix.

I don't know. I don't know Anthony pouches are not optically care or is it is a what's going on in Ukraine and Russia, and I really get dragged into it. If you're on Facebook live YouTube live. You see on the screen behind me rather graphic picture of an atom bomb exploded. Are you worried about that you're at about an escalation of what's going on over there suggest some sampling of the headlines.

Just today. This also is a funny one will go downhill from there. This is from Babylon be so anything you see Babylon B is a satire site okay if you see a post from not the be. That is their actual news site, but Babylon be by itself, is there satire site, which is what gives us this Biden sells Alaska back to Russia so we can start drilling for oil there again. That's funny. Okay, that's funny, there's another one binds energy pump energy policy buying should the United States for a lifeline to the worst tyrant in the Western Hemisphere in order to undermine an even worse tyrant in Europe because now you know now were talking to Venezuela to try to Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela to try to get some oil production out of them because we just cut off buying oil from Russia today, which we probably should've done up to months is not on US markets face an unprecedented era of discomfort that many could never fathom. Are we officially in the process of being caught off guard.

That's from quote of the Raven on sub stack. We talked about that yesterday. If you miss yesterday's full money Monday show you better to listen to it because there's a lot of serious things going on here and you got a bit.

We all need to back down the hatches is another one surprising explanation of Russia's invasion from a former top level CIA official, meaning everybody knew this was coming in the West being us the NATO, set it up.

That's a great article US is the world's largest oil and natural gas producer. Despite binds energy constraining policies. Did you know that's a lot of great things that have happened with our energy production. The last few years, but there is a caveat to that is the caveat. This is from an article in the daily signal out this tremendous level of energy production is happening because of being done on private and state lands, and despite the bite administration's anti-energy posture over the last year Pres. Joe Biden is directed federal regulatory agencies to implement policies that have severely constrained the energy resources that meet 79% of Americans total energy needs and fuel over 90% of transportation in the US. In other words, policies that are in direct conflict with the interests and well-being of the American people. I sent yesterday. I'll say it again that the liberals, the Democrat party doesn't care about regular folks, they just don't because the results of the policy show you show you show me you can talk it, but then look at what your actions are while asking American energy companies for short-term increases in production to bail the administration of the political trouble Biden has made it very clear that his administration intends to put coal, oil, and perhaps even the natural gas industries America out of business. This is the caveat that's been noted in so many of the energy information ministrations energy projections for the future. Why, because getting a green everybody. Believe me, this I said this yesterday. The environmental zealots are convinced even though the signed is no consensus but they're convinced that this is an exit stencil threat, environmentalism, and so if we don't fix this we don't get rid of fossil fuels, oil, gas, all that stop and then turned to green energy solar and wind and new technology and they won't talk about nuclear bunch idiots but God help him otherwise. All planet were all dead, so working to do all the short-term things which take 50 years to turn the world around to renewable energy.

In the meantime, all the regular folks like me and most of you fall by the wayside because we can afford nine dollars a gallon and then Pete Goodridge who couldn't get anything done outside of South Bend, Indiana.

As the mirror gets a great gig at that.

The bite administration and then when you talk the other day about how high gas prices and how that's hurting people we know what the solution is for all of you struggling with high gas prices, you need to go by an electric vehicle that's the solution you can afford gas but certainly you can afford of 35 or $40,000 previous or whatever by Tesla. Those are cheap right it's ridiculous. There's so detached from reality.


Here's another one. This while majority Democrats would leave the US if invaded Republicans and independents would stay and fight her as the world witnesses what is happening to Ukraine. Americans are asked what they would do if they were in the same position as Ukrainians are now stay in fight or leave the country put up yak University reported this the left-leaning polling company by the majority, 55% said that they would stay and fight while 38% said they would leave the country, Republicans say 16 to 25% and independents say 57 to 36% that they would stay and fight. While Democrats say 52 to 40% that they would leave the country so 52% Democrats say I'm out here 57% of independence would stay in fight, 68% of Republicans would stay and fight.

But 52% of Democrats.

I'm outta here. It's helpful.

There's another one mad Vlad, this is another daily wire Western intelligence suggest Putin is terminally ill, so he's got a guy with a bang.

I don't know. And in this one just to bring it home a little bit Wisconsin school district parents are not entitled to know if their kids are trans so that's the state of the world that we live in, so Mike so forget the Wisconsin scribes thrown that in there to keep you aware that you should not care where your kids are in public school don't trust the school system. This can be some good people in there some good teachers here and there, and God bless them, and thank you Lord for that, but the vast majority the system is completely morally bankrupt so don't trust okay. If you have kids in public school system government schools. So when I come back on.

Open up the phones I could talk to all these articles for the rest the hour, but I think we need to share what were all experiencing right now, so that if you're really struggling with what's going on may be fear of World War III what's happening in Europe you have family in Ukrainian business in Ukraine.

Your business is getting hammered because of gas prices your personal budgets being hammered because the gas prices. Whatever the deal. It will house this all affecting you want to check in on you today.

Since I was gone all last week. 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

How is all this mess affecting you. What are you nervous about what you afraid of what's got you unsettled if you wanted to The extent that's fine too, will be right back back everybody is pretty serious out there.

Very, very difficult.

What do you struggle with the most with the situation not not just here in the country with our own problems.

Gas prices and inflation continuing to rise and the impact that it's having across the economy, especially now, we hit new records for average gas prices are to keep going up oil today and we just pull that up. For instance, Raven so much fun.

The market was up 92 earlier today announced on hundred and 87. The Dow crude oils up to one 2478, $5.38 so far today, gold is $2057 an ounce, so that's up $61 today.

But crude oil up $5.38 and I know some people that saw gasoline prices go up 30 since yesterday so I'm curious from everybody what are you most worried about the situation specifically or how is it affecting you house it affecting you personally is that the gas prices is a taken a toll on your business.

Are you worried are you really kinda freaking out about what's going on in Ukraine and Russia are you worried about an escalation there. What is it we really struggling with. Let's talk through this stuff openly so we can encourage one another and and I want to remind Elvis that none of you are going through this alone.

Okay, we're all facing different challenges right now in different ways on these big massive fronts and how it manifests itself in your life can be different in most cases than how it does in mine or anybody else and so that's my question for all of you. How are you a reacting dollars.

What are you most concerned with the situation house and impacting you personally 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number is always 866-34-TRUTH are you a trucker. Are you the spouse of a trucker. Do you know a trucker. Holy cow.

Can you imagine getting 200 gallons of gas, diesel. When gas prices are going to the roof the thousand dollars $1200. I mean how that can affect you to pass those costs on sooner later that starts to hammer the entire economy.

We struggle with houses impacting you 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number or 866-34-TRUTH. Please call in and love to hear from you and then let's all just share what were going through here. Let's talk to Mark Connor from Indianapolis. Mark, thanks for calling Greta had and I know that when I go up to the lake was gone right double to go there but wonderful live in America where you can have a spectacle from little or no junk) and all Ukrainians on the other side of the world friends that are concerned about that are actually Ukrainian, but the thing that concerns me most probably be the completion you like the left is going to use high energy prices. The credit crisis to keep energy prices high five. Actually, bird Hillary Clinton say in the Senate that she wanted for dollar a gallon gas, and this was way back. I'm trying to find on the Internet.

I can't figure saying it but I ignored the left want these higher energy prices. My concern according to your topic goes. What concerns me the most probably be permanent increase in energy prices and I don't think the Democrats are sincerely concerned about high energy prices tell you I the first Democrat ever heard to say that he was good to do something about it is released. The strategic energy reserves well during a time of crisis and war, which is one thing, and any delegation. I guess I heard from you delegation to Venezuela. Is there anything else that you doing well. The challenge here is in your and you're right in the head. Mark is the high energy prices feeds right into their overall agenda to try to transform not only the American economy, but the entire world economy over to a green economy because of their green new deal and X essential threat of environmental change so they don't care what happens to the small people because I think somewhere in their mind, their thinking.

Listen. Climate change is an existential threat were all gonna die so we just have to so if we have all the regular folks that are disconnected for the next 20 years. Who cares because what were actually doing market, saving the entire planet. So in your ignorance your decrying the Democrats when you should be thanking them for saving the entire earth. That's really what's going on there in their minds I think you're helping the environment and I'm helping the environment and were all aware that we can do something for the environment, not the left picture about the environment clearly and until that the thing you know the reality years America has been on such a great trajectory in terms of our carbon footprint and how we produce energy and how we go for energy. How we dig how we drill all that stuff and our air in our water quality is vastly improved over the last 30 years and continues to do so. But until you get China and India on on board on that with all that stuff everybody else the rest of us are just gnats.

So China and India until they change that. It's not in a manner but you're right, they don't care and I just heard Stephen Colbert, the late-night host just said within the last couple of days that he is not. He doesn't care if you stay an extra bucket down, he goes all pay $15 a gallon if that's what it's gonna take to save the planet and then I'm like it's easy for you to say Stephen Colbert because the guys worth almost $100 million but he's a Democrat only claims to care about the little guys but he doesn't go well, I'm glad you're doing you know your part in keeping the environment clean Americans certainly setting a good example. You're setting a good example for Americans were setting a good example to China and India all I think the progressive Republicans foreseeing the energy needed for America and trying to open up the fourth leg of the fourth stage of the Keystone pipeline would have been wise you know of the left trying themselves to the White House, found from stopping old you know people think were ignorant of the stuff you were not ignorant of no snow on the challenge here is is is some of us are in for most people aren't and you have to make sure you don't just buy the headlines that are beings given to you either by Fox news or CNN or whomever you want to spend more time on it. You have to dig because it's not easy to ascertain the truth anymore and that's what one of the big challenges is marked so many great points. I really appreciate you calling in today great to be an American fellow American men on there with you. Thanks Mark. I bless you and those are great points and by the way bite was talking about earlier I mentioned this earlier is talking about one in a stop point buying Russian oil, which is about three or 4% of the oil that we get so it's not that big of a deal.

It hurt Russia more than it hurts us, but they say they listen, we open up we've given out all these leases we've given up the and and there's just as much oil production in my first year as there wasn't Donald Trump's first year yet yet the listen really carefully just listen to that statement we have as much there is as much oil production in my first year meeting last year as there wasn't Donald Trump's first year will Donald Trump's first year he was still coming out of the Obama era and still having said. Then begin to unleash the the American economy in terms of energy, so his first year with the with Trump wasn't that impressive.

So what binds talking about is his first year versus Donald Trump for sure that's comparing an apple to norms.

It's ridiculous. And then most of the oil that were producing in this country is coming up private lands not coming off government land and soaked by earlier today said a listen. We've given out all kinds leases.

So what you got all kinds of government leases, but then what happens. Joe, what then they have to go explore and they have to do surveys and then they have to start to see is this even a viable piece of property is anything under the dirt here so that just starts a process that doesn't solve anything anytime soon and like Mark said, you know, what about the XL pipeline wheat we shot ourselves in the foot because these liberals believe there saving the planet and that's how they convert your signal because are knocking to do anything that's beautiful from God's perspective when it comes to helping and they're okay with killing babies. So you gotta get your moral satisfaction somewhere. So there are virtually singly by in there saving the entire plant which means you pay 10 bucks ago, will be right back, and noble show what Fortuna gallon that the average price but it's getting worse across the country. Oil is up against day and it's just looking at it oil now is up $224.63 up $5.23. Just today I know super people that saw the gas prices increase our yesterday had some one person on Facebook they thought happened today.

This morning they were out driving around they went by Harris Teeter and then will within a few hours. Three hours later, the gas price was up by 20 $0.30 a gallon that gets real for people, especially normal people, regular people probably like you and like me, it's a big deal on people and construction. Are you worried about Ukraine and having somebody deployed Melissa on Facebook lives like you. My brother was deployed before doesn't want to see them deployed again.

Imagine that.

And then she quit her job in January. Stay home with her daughter, but now you go to the grocery store prices are going up, not just inflation but now because of the price of oil and gas.

Everything gets more expensive. Everything has a sitting you are you a trucker. Maybe that's it construction business. You have small business maybe is just your household income and you really start to see it hit. How are you handling this. How is it affecting what you worried about the mouse 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to my friend Trey Cullinan from Winston-Salem. Trey, thanks for calling. Go ahead. You all my old glory or the environment and there's a lot of talk about what one might you my people perish from lack of knowledge.

People don't understand that all human life. All numbers you part of the problem go along with you today when you go about buying all our study, we gotta go fill out another market your knowledge know all the American people last violated pom-pom equally. All you know.

While the rest you know and there long where she put it all just when is enough is enough and that's never going down this road today because these tickets to six bucks seven bucks a gallon. I mean that the Democrats get slaughtered in November, but the question is if you take that Congress but what's Congress going to do about it because there's plenty of people on the right that are big government people as well but you have to keep the heat on so come note mid-November. The Republicans take back Congress. It's not like we can go back to sleep.

At that point, Trey. We have to keep the pressure on and if you don't get the same respect you're getting the same result when all people should really political talking about you all about you by phone. You know Lisa call and bless you. I think Spike will talk to you later. Let's go to Georgina Cullinan real's serious concerns real things down the street level.

Georgina, thanks for calling. Go ahead repeating my appreciate basically can't afford now where I grew up separated at sea. Send the timing is perfect thing there opening up but now I can't drive there.

I can't afford to drive there. So effecting me very much in the relationship and isolation continued, and I think that's great that I'm sure I'm not the only one that no family farther away right and I would really discount fine, but there only to certain places that weird time and I can't make my isolation. In addition to that direct impact of inflation on daily life.

John that's and that's the thing that's you know there's COBIT itself and then there's all the other dominoes that have lined up behind it and that's a great point that you make Georgina's because you okay now there's more isolation will that's that's really good for society and and that's a result of all these public policies are real and have real impact and if you're not paying attention to it. This is what you get in.

This is unfortunate repayment I price Georgina thanks for coming and sharing. I appreciate it. I take care, 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH.

How is this situation affecting you of the economy, gas prices and inflation. Are you maybe are more concerned about what's going on with Ukraine and Russia because maybe unfortunately you got enough income you want to worry about the stuff in the short term not that big of a deal look at some out regular gas prices in March. Let's just go back to 2010 I were coming out of the train wreck in 2008 2008 were in the train wreck in March. Okay $3.24 a gallon. That was the national average 2009, down the block a buck 96, 2010 up to 232 77, 356 385 371, 353, then 2015 starts coming down now it's just go back a few years, trumpets in the office. It's 2016 to 17 so buck 97 than 232 259 than 251 to 23 is coming down right then. Last year, 280 boy I'd go back to March of last year's cake right 280.

Now it's what 410 is the national average and higher than that in some places this is having real impact on real people in real ways. It's not just you know when you listen to so many politicians it sounds almost like it's just theoretical, but it is but what what you worried about houses impacting your life houses impacting your spirit. Maybe it's impacting your business maybe like our last caller. You can't go visit people because can't afford anymore gas prices. There's plenty of people in this country at least half that live on very very tight budget and if all of a sudden you got to spend an extra 50 bucks a week on gas is 200 bucks a month is $2400 in the year you can't do it literally cancel what you do. Now if you look at meat prices recently sent him Facebook life is like, I can hardly afford to buy meat anymore and so shortages show up in the ship in the store right Margaret son on Facebook life yet. Emily said meets becoming unaffordable Danny are friend that works in Samaritans purse diesels up at dollar 50 in a week and somebody else mentioning the trucker convoy essay help at the diesel prices go up another dollar.

A lot of people discussed are coming off the road, then what happens, we know what happens you think supply chain issues. Now it's getting it way worse. The question is, what's the answer right. The answers you have to unleash the energy production of the US economy to get get us off everybody else to go back to being a net energy producer were still buying oil. We don't have enough immediately to satisfy our desire or need for the whole economy runs out and back to it.

By way back to some of the points that Mark was talking about earlier. Should we be good stewards of this, the environment, absolutely. Of course, and don't you know that the richest person in the history of the world will be the one that figured out a way to replace fossil fuel if you can replace fossil fuels. Maybe it's some nuclear engine and isn't it amazing that here in America we want touch nuclear energy.

That's the cleanest, most productive energy form on the planet. But we want to adhere why oh because it's a political issue because ideology trumps reality, who 3 mile Island you mean back in the 1970s. It's called address like you're in the 1970s.

All around the country like the 1970s.

It's really shocking so okay fine we want to move in that direction it's going to take 10 2030 4050 years so you begin to transition if you can and is there not a profit motive out there for replacing fossil fuels.

Of course there is that's allowing the free market to do it, but in the meantime for the Democrat party for the progressives that have sold themselves out to the new green deal philosophy and I think that's a spiritual issue forget it. They're not going to do that. They're not dealing with reality they're dealing with ideology so wow what you do what you do is it affecting you personally what he most concerned about. Please call in and share. I think it's important for us to do that.

The voice what's going on in our lives come let us reason want one to another, and pray for one another. Special 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 78844 866-34-TRUTH this is Steve noblest ignoble show.

Steve noblest show when things are challenged in our family I'm talking to my right about that. I'll often say something she doesn't like this. This is how I deal with my frustration.

Sometimes I just say, hey, are we having fun yet we having fun yet right were not right. This is a fun this is fun but be faithful friends and hopefully you know Christ as Lord and Savior, because if you do you've got your ultimate pass. Okay, got the golden ticket better than Willy Wonka could give anybody in one day. This will be a distant memory so hopefully you're right with the Lord.

If you're not sure if you are, by the way you hear me mention that born-again Christian stuff like that of real Christians, actual Christians, biblical Christians, if you're not really sure like if you died today you know for sure like I know I'm going is it that or you like really sure I'm actually no, no Steve, I don't have a lot of peace about that. I just go to my website just because the information is here for you okay okay what go there for any other reason is the most important reason you ever go to my website. Just go to the website. Thus Steve Noble up the topic and single button about heaven and click on it and it's a really simple pages like a 4 1/2 minute video that does a really great job of simply explaining what the Bible teaches about who goes to heaven. It doesn't how you can know for sure you can go to heaven. There's the Scripture there. I can break it very simple, very straightforward and that's the page the Steve Noble and then go to just click on the heaven button at the top okay actually have that right. The matter what your budget is. Doesn't matter if you gain the whole world.

If you can profit the whole world and lose your soul you want to do that okay if you want to share what you're struggling with right now.

Given the situation.

Feel free to call and I'd love to give you the time to do that.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH Cipolla said Facebook life. Steve triggers at meeting today said that they have to have trucks of lithium-ion batteries to make them electric and they can carry hazardous material. There is no method to put out a fire from lifting an eye on that is that's what you can carry right.

How terrifying is it is also the weight of a lithium battery to power truck will take up so much weight with only be able to carry 1/3 of what they see them think that's too logical. Paula Telus trucker to quickly look so logical they need to worry about destroying the earth so I don't care what it cost you care how difficult this we have to change things over so that we can derive that's literally how they think so. Does that pray pray pray everybody pray pray pray are you Daniel here in North Carolina and I appreciate if you want to call and share how things are your struggle with things as having a real effect on you. Gas prices inflation your business your own personal budget.

Whatever the situation is. Maybe you've got a tie to Ukraine. I've got a gentleman on from Ukraine tomorrow that was working on doing some seminary stuff and some Bible teaching and the whole thing up to got thrown off kilter because of Putin's invasion is another doing relief work or have him on the shelf you zoom from Ukraine tomorrow okay that's of the friend of mine is pastor.

So will do that tomorrow and get some news on the ground from there and not go through all the other new sources.

Let's go to Daniels Cullinan about the gas prices. Dana, thanks for calling. Go right ahead work or 30 year in the last report Mont material brought Noble work got really to the point now where we cannot write work meeting cultivar material which are brought about.

Throw along with every other thing in the shift to a material sheet of the day at load $43.06. I used to be at the moment. I don't know where they're getting the inflation prep set the lot.

The larger government is why you people I don't know if you notice that are not there. Line line and got two small children got a white and got a small business growing and I run into this all the yeah it's brutal like you dollar in and week are not all about drama battery power: it just right. Talking to about buying up the road but I'm not going to work I can do that family. That's right is about. You might hurt me see this earlier Daniel and Pete Blue Jays.

He was talking the other day about electric cars yada yada yada and within the solution to people that are struggling with high gas prices. Daniel like you is you need to buy an electric car because you got so much money laying around. You can go buy an expensive car and even then you have to have fossil fuels in order to provide the energy that provides the energy for the electric car and he doesn't even does he not see. Does he refuse to see it. I think that given over to that I'd idolatry and that ideology, they cannot see reality or they refused to see it.

I know which Romans chapter 1: read it where America that right now. The man who created the training for your like all the thinking for it all look around at what's actually going on in the real world actually fell in my luck, Shirley got but the truth and honestly you. The government has no problem spending seven or eight dollars a gallon. That's right.

There lived there talking about climate change while they're flying around in her more aware burner over. That's right and I went to Urkel will get demanded change will will sleep but I will read this last night. Chapter number 3034 and 30 revivals in the old and I happen to the church. The believer in the heart believer in God are in our revivals always happen in the worst sense the and in that way with Israel. I America in this situation, but I pray for all of you but yet to start getting people to continue the that's reality. Dino thanks Connie brother got bless you.

Thanks you do as possible since this point is Chronicles 34 you remember this okay this is starting in verse eight book of the law found on 18th year of his reign.

When you cleanse the land in the house. He sent Jeff on the son of Azalea to Messiah the governor the city and Joe as the son of Joe has so all of a sudden they find the book of the law.

But what's this and so also they start reading it when you get back in the sacrament of what happens then shop on the secretary told the king help tire the priest has given me a book now to start reading the book and when the king heard the words of the law. He tore his clothes right all of a sudden they're like 00, while for great is the wrath of the Lord that is poured out on us because our fathers have not kept the word of the Lord to do according to all that is written the book and this happens over and over and over and over again in the Old Testament, it happens in the New Testament happens in us, individually. It's happening in the world is has been for all of recorded history. That's the cycle of mankind in the cycle of civilizations and so what you do friends if they could now listen your mostly barter like that's what the countries beyond redemption suite. We tend to think in terms of the culture and the condition of the nation, but the nations will fall in parish and be gone. That's not eternal. The only thing eternal about America is Americans.

The only thing eternal about Ukraine is Ukrainians. The only thing it's eternal about Russia. Russian. So what if at some point when you know the Titanic's going down. We have to be like the band on the Titanic mirror the story about those guys the band on the Titanic like okay what were going to drown when I can take the seats from women and children were knocking to take their life preservers were not to take their seats in the life raft so were just gonna try to calm some people down and offer some piece of which to play in the number some other evangelists on the on the Titanic. That is when around and even ones that were in the water to know the Lord, you know the Lord, you know the Lord, you know Jesus Christ is Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior because people are going down people or diet the Titanic sinking. I don't think this country salvageable. Personally, not economically, not culturally.

Now you should try to hold that back or at least slow it down because it really affects people like so many people have called in today. It really affects your family. It really affects your business a really affects your ability to put food on the table that matters. That's why Jesus healed people in the here and the now. That's why you people that were starving a reliever couldn't see or hear her talk you care about your neighbor in the here and the now, but what what the whole thing is just gone. She's gone to this the type listen friend the Titanic is going to sink.

It is going to sink.

You see that so do you pale water in the meantime, I think you do to slow its descent to get more people perhaps just time to repent, but were talking about America without addressing Americans were talking about saving the nation without seeing nations, dancing souls saved up for not bringing up the gospel what we truly what my doing.

We talk about the stuff and lament about it.

We have to fight through these hard times. I don't know that it's I think it will have periods of getting a little bit better, but the overall descendents down like to slow that dissent because it affects your neighbor you have to understand and accept the fact that only Jesus cleans this whole mess up and and he will so you're if you're in him part of the remnant. America is not your country anymore. It's it's not Christian America anymore. Okay your remnant you're a 6 to 9% are in this country souls matter more than the nation, the nation matters. In the meantime, made up of souls. That's just attention of the Christian life is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall, God willing. I talked again real soon the night. My dad always say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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