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Running for Congress

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February 23, 2022 10:59 pm

Running for Congress

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 23, 2022 10:59 pm

Covid & Mass Delusional Psychosis

Steve brings on Dr Mark McDonald on the show today to discuss Covid and the craziness of how the government seems to be in control

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show. There's plenty of grace and truth.

Sacred call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve and now here's your host Steve Noble okay listen up all you conservative anti-back mandate anti-mass people, my sixth-grader may never give up her mask meeting you guys if only adults could be this grown up. This was in the Los Angeles Times.

Just the other day on the 16th is not a mess mandate is going in our house. She writes I'm under the sixth-grader were surgical mask all day at school, including when she ran a mile in PE.

Came home and plopped on the couch to start her Mandarin homework. I'm so impressed you can take up your mess now.

I said I don't want to. She said it's so comfortable. That is not unusual.

My 11-year-old niece is better at falling public health directives than most adults I know about 10 months ago when we picked her up a new puppy in Carlsbad, a far more politically conservative. In Venice the Maximus man of the house looked in my knees and said you a question where he wearing that mask. I like to.

She replied it makes me feel safe. What you say take it off. I don't want you to feel safe. He just shrugged recently when public health officials advised the clock mass were not as effective in reducing the transmission of the omicron variant my knee switch from her beloved fabric mass which were a pain to keep clean to disposable paper ones was zero complaint.

I think about this when I see posts on social media that are variations on the same Hueneme theme. Few football fans appear to be wearing mass at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Clips of various unmet celebrities are making the rounds, but children all over Los Angeles will be forced to wear mass when they return to school on Monday how unconscionable old police.

She writes the Los Angeles Times, Robin Abbott Carrion at Carrion adjuster that if every four to think that version of reality. Or that's what this is from a doctor to his patients is a letter that he sent to his patients effective immediately, all forms of child abuse will no longer be tolerated in my office. This includes masking children just 11 or tolerate a parent beating their child or burning of the cigarette lighter in my presence.

I will not condone or allow minors to enter my office with their faces covered my first ethical responsibility of the position is to do no harm to my patients and allowing children to master faces has caused and continues to cause tremendous harm to them physically, emotionally and psychologically, and developmentally goes on to say this over the past year, referrals to speech and language therapist have increased by between 25 and 300% depending on locale.

Younger children have suffered a 24% cognitive decline along with 22 IQ point loss among infants on and on and on it goes. I describe those for the last two years as the dominoes lining up on encoded itself and I've also started saying about two years ago we brought an atom bomb to a knife fight and what we need in this country and in praise the Lord that more more people are stepping up like our guest today, Dr. Mark McDonald is a clinical psychiatrist who specializes in children is also with America's front-line doctors he was just minding his own business but not anymore. Dr. Mark McDonnell how are you man thanks for being part of the no I can't mind my own business anymore not even allowed which is great wealth to talk about mass delusional psychosis or fear Joe Rogan fan you might've heard that Dr. Malone talking to Joe Rogan about mass formation, psychosis really talk about that working a dip in a little bit to the book that the good doctor put out. I got a link up that you can get it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble bunch other places United States of fear. How America fell victim to a mass delusional psychosis fears the name of the game today on the show. That's is why the background.

For those of you on Facebook.

Life is read, because fear has consumed this country, but it didn't just start this is been going on for a while.

But how did you work on a coalbed mass clinical psychiatry looking out for the kids out of this, get going for you. Marcus like the rest of us. You were just living your life back in January 2020. But that changed it changed and I was invited to speak at the LA County school Board of Education meeting in May 2020. I was invited by Dr. Jeff Parkey who is now Michael podcast post on informed dissent.

He's a family practice physician down the OC which is a conservative bastion here in California that is actually still somewhat urban.

Other than that, you really have to go into the rural outskirts to find people who are not either leftist or liberal leftist sympathizers. When I went to that meeting. After about four hours of listening to diatribes coming in through the zoom feed because that was the only way that the pro-school closure crowd could actually be present safely in their view and a litany of really impassioned and articulate comments from physically and present American Wesley American, I don't mean like born in America, I mean American naturalized resident native diverse group of really concerned American parents in the room speaking out against school closures. I was called to speak for about two minutes and I didn't have any notes. I just been sitting there listening and wondering what on earth are we doing here the whole time.

So I said I said why are we here, what are we talking about.

I meant it rhetorically to that I possibly answer my own question. I said this I said we're here because we the adults are afraid we are afraid and we are letting down our children by projecting our fears and anxieties onto them or abdicating our parental responsibilities. We are sacrificing a generation a whole generation of children that are going to be living in their parents basements over 45 years old. This is abominable support. We have to stop it now `was repeated the following week. Somehow, somewhere in the New York Times. I'm sorry the Wall Street Journal and the notables in quotable section and that was the beginning of my movement to become public about my views that I was witnessing and experiencing. Up until then only in private. In my clinical office practice, which was that children were being psychologically harmed and damaged by the government response to the Bible. Now we turn children into a lab rat and then we use them. Adults use them to virtue signal for themselves and so they're just pawns in this whole game and and and going back early enough.

I mean, when it first happened, and you know February 2020 March 20, 2014 days.

Flatten the curve 30 days. Whatever. I think most of us Dr. McDonald were like okay we don't know what were dealing with here. This looks like it potentially could be pretty bad.

I'm willing to go along with this for a little while and it didn't take long for this kinda strange and will get into the psychosis to take over you like right this is now moved into the world of irrationality. People are just being a rational and then how did that come to get on your radar screen, because obviously that's been part of your modus operandi.

While I wrote a whole book about this and you you mentioned it earlier United States of fear which I published in November of this past year and some of the anecdotes in that book came from my experience here in Los Angeles witnessing the what I would call the pandemic of psychosis, the pandemic of mass delusional psychosis. Every person becoming crazy, irrational, delusional all at the same time, right on a fully I do. It's a fully millions and is an example I would leave my house in the morning and I would have to think for about three or four second run by myself. I am entering right outdoor insane asylum right yeah yeah that is honestly exactly what it is. Well will be right back. I know the sorry to sell tobacco.

I guess I've started to sell reading from this column in the Los Angeles I'm just in the day February 16. My six grader may never give up her massively dealt is growing up she goes on to say is really talk about fear, especially today with Dr. Mark McDonald, clinical psychiatrist specializes in children by the ways on LA also part of America's front-line doctors praise the Lord for that abolition of that. So this is a this is a allegedly an intelligent person who's in the media world who's a reporter and supposed to meet a fact checker kinda person.

Okay she writes this I find the metrics dizzying.

She talking about mass mandates and all the other stuff but since I'm a journalist, not an epidemiologist I respect the consensus of experts.

I don't as so many anti-Mann theaters proclaim do my own research in an effort to contradict the doctors and researchers who knowledge I can never duplicate so she doesn't even bother to question it. Even though she's a journalist.

She won't do her own research as a journalist if you're journalist doesn't that make you a researcher by definition that's how crazy this says she doesn't want to deal with the truth because of fear. So, the truth, especially for talk about kids. I've been doing.

I'm so sick of talking about this, but we have to keep talking about it I've ever had. The steps in front of me for about a year and 1/2 okay just looking at the death rates in looking at how many kids are in America so on so forth. So if you want to look at death for kids 22 and under allegedly from code. Okay, we don't have a hard number Annapolis just go with it. It's a .000012, chance of death. Okay, that's one and 83,000 chance of death from COBE or some other things that you have a chance of death from for children okay 22 and under 107 a car crash one and 289 a gun assault, one in 543 pedestrian incident when he hundred 99 a motorcycle accident and now one in 1001 and 20 drowning one in 1547 fire or smoke. And then you have a one in 8200 from sunstroke, for goodness sakes one and 58,000 from a cataclysmic storm storm like a hurricane or tornado one and 86,000 okay now or now or in the Tobin range one and 86,000 from a dog attack. So what we need to do is band dogs storms the sun all forms of fire, water, get rid of the motorcycles don't allow anybody to walk around, get rid of all the guns. Of course, and then get rid of all the cars can't let kids being cars. If you care. That's what you should do but nowhere to go with the dog attack number and mask everybody that is not rational.

I say this all the time. Ideology trumps reality.

Reality no longer matters fears what drives it. That's why were talking to Dr. Mark McDonald, sorry for that long-winded pontification their market just had to say that will I feel your frustration Steve because I started as probably you did trying to educate people giving them information giving them facts giving them reason so that I wouldn't be met constantly with this well that's just your opinion Dr. McDonald were how come the majority of other people say the following simple why don't you think for yourself what you think about the information I just presented is not obtaining its actual data. All will.

That's a conspiracy. Oh, that's biased.

So that was debunked. So what I realized fairly quickly was that I wasn't actually having a debate or a conversation or an intellectual argument. What I was doing I was just trying to do was change somebody's feeling state would be like a girlfriend of her of her girl saying to her know that guy that you're dating Cindy notes. She keeps a piece of abusive man. He's a drunk is a criminal. The last girl that he was out with. He knocked her to the ground and kicked her in the face and the drunken savage attack. If this woman really likes the guy stuck in a matter she can say, oh, come on. That story was debunked. You just don't like him because he's he's got a better car than you do your always jealous of the guys that I go out etc. etc. etc. only until she actually gets beaten up. She can then say wow my girlfriend was right. This guy's a bad guy. So you can't argue with facts when someone is emotionally held her position. So I started to do was I started to find what was the feeling behind it and feelings were were primarily driven by fear, so if you can connect up with somebody in there fear state.

If you can say what what is it that you're feeling. Why are you not going outside. Are you angry are you depressed or anxious, know I'm just really scared. I don't want to die. Okay, let's talk about the feeling first and then once I could connect up with the person and that person could could see that I actually understood emotionally where it was coming from. Then I detected an opening at times for some curiosity and interest in getting more information so more recently what I've been telling people who seek how you talk to people who were were afraid. I say this first assess whether there is an element of curiosity presents rights.

If there is curiosity there is a will and there is a way and there's a possibility of changing your mind.

If that person is not curious if you say it's been two years everything we were doing was working, why are we still in the situation. Nice kind of vague question. It doesn't give any sort of biases just what's going on. If the answer is, well, I can tell you what's going on that Donald Trump he's just wrecking our country still from his resort down in Boca.

That's not a curious response. So just leave. Don't even bother to you on the other hand, the answer is no.

I noticed that a lot of people were in mass and getting shots and social distancing, and by staying home and quarantining and testing isolating psycho over Christmas. That's really weird. Curiosity.

Now you can continue to talk so that's where I am now.

It took me two years to get to the sounds and that's where I arrived yet so that's dealing with people on an individual level, which is important. I need to try from a Christian perspective. And by the way, you may not know this but you have excellent theology. I can just a bunch of things that you're saying I could jump into the Scriptures right now and make the same case, why did graduate from Loyola high school in Holland, where young Jesuit school. Also is a pretty serious that's good you can move from this individual thing to mass delusional psychosis or mass formation. Psychosis of your listening to Dr. Malone and Rogan.

So let's talk about that because I think it's important that people need to understand and this is part of a bigger narrative. Okay, there's an individual and their fear and what they're experiencing, but there is a bigger narrative here yes and you talk about this as well, which is fascinating to me from a Christian perspective is that is there something evil behind this will get to that. But let's talk about this whole notion of a mass delusional psychosis, because obviously that's been attacked pretty readily because it's just making too much sense yeah well I first used the word of the term expression, mass, delusional psychosis back in the summer of 2020. I was speaking in Washington DC on the Supreme Court steps with Dr. Simone golden others to attack this abusive practice of shutting schools down asking children, keeping them at home to just sort of going full swing and how I described it in terms of how it came about is we are under a state of mass delusional psychosis. I said that it still up if anyone wants to check on the Charlie Kirk website says October 2020, but I think that she spoke about in August that got a lot of publicity for a brief period of time and it sort of disappeared. It reappeared again when Robert Malone showed up on the jailbroken show and use this term which is actually a Nilo Chisholm as well as redundant, which is mass formation, psychosis, nation, meaning psychosis of mass psychosis, psychosis.

He just invented it. You know he's a smart guy.

He's allowed researcher. He's a scientist he's not a treating physician and he's not a psychologist or psychiatrist. So fortunately no any sort of mimicry. I guess this is sure is good publicity. This is not as nice for you, but I then had to sort of explain back back explain what he really meant by this and explain it in my terms, which is what I just did a few minutes ago.

If you will that kill replicants break hold that thought working at the commercial break on radio will still be on Facebook life by the way, if you're in radio and you wonder what were doing during the breaks will you disconnect the Facebook page to find out will be right back.

Back to Steve Noble to see Michelle talking today to Dr. Mark McDonald, who is a clinical psychiatrist socializing in children's organ to talk about that angle as well with what we been doing to them since we been putting mass on their faces. Also is with America's frontline doctors and I was willing to start speaking out and all of a sudden that changed his life as gold exchange all of our life.

Now you're in in Raleigh, for example, a doctor, McDonald. Thanks again for your time today like they're removing the mask mandate on Friday so the fear is speaking of fear that people are going to say all praise the Lord our mass are often so now the we don't masked man day we got the vaccine mandate.

In some places, everything's fine.

We can go back to normal.

They don't realize that were actually two years further down the road. That's part of the country grand scheme I wanted to mention to you on the break when we are talking on on the commercial break on Facebook.

Life if you've spent any time looking at the great reset because the great reset. This is all just like a perfect set up for all kinds of things and and that's why mass delusional psychosis in this massive. The momentum of fear that's gripped at least half what percentage of this nation marked he thinks been gripped by fear. The last two years because the code in the urban areas it somewhere around 70 to 80% in urban areas which are largely blue and again I could go I could come at this from a Christian perspective. Ago okay well when you when you turn your back on God, you're going to turn your back you to turn your face to something else. And in this case who's your God, who is your Savior's gonna take care of you. It's the government it's those in charge so you looked at them and just to do whatever they ask you to do and you're not going to think just like this legend reporter out of the Los Angeles Times wasn't gonna bother to do her own research. It's really shocking and reset every been surprised by that.

All Mark I know what you studied it, and he wrote about this in your book United States of fear. How America fell victim to a mass delusional psychosis. To me this is in a shock at all just kind of the natural progression.

It is a natural progression. Ask yourself whether you agree with what I'm saying or not.

Ask yourself who and what has been under assault in the last 5 to 10 years and who and what has been supported and provided protection if you're honest with yourself, you come up with a pretty good list match what I have in my book. Those who been under attack those who are religious, the churches, homeschoolers, families, the Boy Scouts, independent survivalists who wish to have their own generators and protect themselves with their own firearms. Those who wish to read and publish books and articles without being censored all of these people have been under attack for very long time.

Look at the site is protected.

Those who ride under the name of BLM.

Those who are transgender. Those who wish to push solar power credits disarm the populace turn everything secular take God and civics out of our school system shut down the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts push ways to say that there transgender into women's sports that they can run roughshod over Pennsylvania swimming team. These are not opinions. This is just historical facts and if you step back and ask yourself why were just happy we were dispatched delete I think it's very clear the first half leads towards a citizenry that is independent independent-minded does not need the government certainly not the federal government and relies on their children and their parents.

Their community church their civic organizations their own fuel their own guns in their own schools. The other group which, by the lady as the original intent and design of United States of America exactly as an issue. This is an American Anti-American position and to say that you're a patriot as I was saying earlier, you stated sure a know a conservative. Now you're spreading misinformation on your dissident. So if you say that you're a patriot if you signature traditional pro-American values person you call a misogynist or racist.

The homophobe etc. etc. languages distorted the underlying values of this country.

Now, if you say that you're unhappy if you say that you are a single woman secular atheist believes in public education. High taxes, high density urban environments where you use public transportation. No cars use the police to protect yourself, your solar energy you're a vegan.

You don't eat meat and you never go to church and of course you don't want to get married or have children now. You're a very great secure supportive was good willed American whose contributing writers are a great nation. This is really the end game here, in my view, this is where you go from mask to tyranny and people say all your crazy mass or just a choice mass or just a mess. They are not. They are a symbol of fear and that fear is what drives people towards the government because they turn their backs against their family against the religion and at that point. Once you've lost. Now you have to rely on the government to keep you safe and you seek out safety and protection yeah as opposed to liberty and now you're done. Now you're cooked well, that's one of the people of the world economic forum writing for the great reset was trying to imagine life at that great reset they could put off and go look at yourselves and I've done many many shows a great reset. I've got another one coming up's and her point was okay. They asked or tells what it would look like in 20 or 30 years of the great great reset were successful and she said well you'll I would own nothing. I would claim to have a claim to nothing.

I would really have no rights. I would have a lot of freedom in all like it might that is delusional that's that's now are back in the site for think you said LA as a psych ward, a giant psych ward or talking about them and the majority of the earth's population, as is people to live in a psych ward, but the great reset is exactly what were talking about. You were saying it without saying that is the goal of the great reset which is to completely reshape society, even down to the notion of a social contract so independent-minded. Do your own research provide for yourself. Have your own tribe.

Have your family have your church have your faith.

You do that thing and then overhear him to do my thing, no none and that that your problem. You're like a cancer that needs to be dealt with as opposed to the future, progressivism, and I hope people see this and I what's the reaction to this notion. Mark talking to Dr. Mark McDonald that this is all part of a much bigger scheme our people responding to that.

It really depends on their level of curiosity and their level of independent thinking.

Prior to the last couple of years.

Unfortunately, people in urban areas because of the essentially meets is just a takeover really of education, K-12, public-private, as well as universities by the left and I and I don't mean literally means the left with a capital L Leninist Stalinist philosophy, which is anti-family anti-religion approach state anti-capitalist.

It is a cultural and economic form of Marxism that is what they are teaching in schools throughout Los Angeles and throughout the country. I don't LA because I actually have students that are in in those schools that come to my practice. Private and public is not a public school issue. It's it's it's across the board.

Even some of the religious schools are teaching us now look at a number of pastors and rabbis who completely caved when the government said shut down your churches shutdown your synagogue sports vaccine mandates mass in your parishioners and congregants. Almost all of them just dutifully complied so given in the urban area how poorly educated young people are I say young like up to late 20s early 30s. The percentage of people who hear what we just talked about our even curious, much less agreeing to it just sort of wondering sounds kind of kind of dystopian. I wonder, can you tell me more about it.

It's a very low I would say it's probably 10 to 20% of the people that I run into in Los Angeles, which means 80% either are completely ignorant or they just don't care.

They just don't care. They are in the leave me alone. I still can get my post makes delivery by coffee my food. I have a Tesla I can get in the carpool. Wayne I have a very good private security force up in the hills in Malibu are hundred Canyon and my kids go to a really nice $40,000. Your private school may move her back and forth to home and I'm working from home anyway, probably out of following my cabin because I'm in a zoom class doesn't really need to involve himself in the rest of society. They are to sit there and believe this nonsense into the hordes come over the wall until it turns into a favela like Brazil you actually have people breaking into the gates of their mansions, which is happening now in Beverly Hills.

All excellent people walking in and and robbing women in baby carriages behind the gates of their mansions on the cameras that they set up for the ring doorbell and running off with handguns. This is already happening. So it's can happen is to come for you at some point the question is are you gonna wake up now or you wake up late right. That's exactly right. And that's that's why you know there's a certain road here that we have to take which took the road of faith. I don't know how people are to respond to what you say and what I say and I don't particularly care. Ultimately I get on the radio and I do this stuff five days a week, as I have for years, and I'll continue to do it because I'm gonna be a watchman on the wall. You can fire me all you want, you can try to take me off the platform all you want. We Artie got pulled off at YouTube.

I mean you just the fact that were banned on YouTube for two weeks. Right now, who had been permanently banned with you on today so that's an interesting little turn of fate.

But we have to continue to speak the truth and and have you been and want to talk about this on the other side of the break. That'll be our last segment is are coming up on a break in about 30 seconds. I want to ask if there's any good news in this whole story.

Have you been encouraged by anything that you've seen and I want to ask is apparent by the way, when you listed off all those different silos. If you believe this be part of this I was in all of those even including owning my own generator.

So I'm like in all those homeschooling all that religious zealot. All I can itself but is there any is there any kind of a silver lining to this cloud is any good news very encouraged by anything and help us understand his parents, especially when it comes to masking and fear what we can do so, working to turn you loose as a clinical psychiatrist in the fourth segment and try to help people wait wake them up. Yes with the truth but given some tools and how can we bid better parents because our kids are being ruined by this. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble show Dr. Mark McDonald will be right back my back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show talking to Dr. Mark McDonald today. Clinical psychiatrist also part of America's front-line doctors praise the Lord for that group out there speaking the truth. Mark and I were just talking about speaking the truth in any were telling saying that even in your practice with your patients. Mark that these young one you're telling while hitless in the adults of been lying to you for the last two years and people, and because we are talk about this on the break. People asked me hasty when you get your information like what website to go to my first all you need understand that you can't trust any of them implicitly what you are saying something about okay, that's assuming the nothing so I wanted it makes because that's what this is really helpful information in our last segment so go back into that thought so people are like, I don't know who to trust.

I don't know what to do. I don't know what I'm to looking at. I don't know who to read and you telling us your young patients take the we parents as adults we been lying to the society of adults been lying to you for two years. What you do about it.

Well, this is what I suggest and recommend go backwards and look at what was told what was said and whether it turned out to be true or not after the fact do that with different sources, people you like people you don't like people you trust people you don't trust and then see who was right who is telling the truth, you can always discover the truth if you go backwards in time. Once you've done that. Now you gathered a group of sources you can rely on. Because most likely the people that were telling you the truth, or if they made a mistake they they stood up for it. Instead I acknowledged it. Those people are very likely to be giving you good truthful information the future that is the best way to determine who is honest and who is not see what their record is. That's the first thing I suggested people I don't care where you're from, what your politics are go back. Can you honestly tell me that Anthony found she was telling the truth the past two years. I don't care if you think he's a God or not, I could care less.

He is an unequivocal liar.

That's not an opinion that he is been lying to you for at least two years probably 40. The next thing I tell people to do is go and find people who are like-minded. If you are calm and sane and rational find other people like you is if you hang out with people who were crazy scared psychotic to make you crazy to you gotta do that. If you're just a little anxious a little scared, just kind of not really sure what to do with you just need a little push. Go find people who were stronger than you will find people who can help mentor you good people who are a step ahead of you on the road.

Stop wasting your time with people who just keep reinforcing the same sort of distorted and fear inducing fear mongering thinking go find people who you aspire to become. That's the second thing that I tell people to do and then the third thing is ask yourself what your real priorities and goals are in life. Ask yourself, will I be uncomfortable. Can I make myself uncomfortable in order to support and sustain those values if you love your children if you believe that they are that important to you. You may need to move somewhere else to get them out of a government school or if you can't homeschool them if you can't do that you have to find some other support me you can do a community homeschool.

You can work share time. There are always ways to achieve your goal, so do not think that you are a victim of circumstance that you're just sort of floating around knowing the waves just been drifting back and forth.

You might be being pulled by the ways you can still swim in a certain direction of a certain force.

You can find other people to help you something for yourself.

Act on your values. Find like-minded people and then be willing to make sacrifices and take wrist to stand up for them even if it means temporary discomfort. We are not going to survive as an individual or as a nation if we keep worshiping the altar of safety is he will not. We cannot, we are meant to live a full life.

We are not meant to live a safe life and that means we have to take risks, and I know this may sound harsh or callous or scary to people.

It is the truth and I think the truth more than anything is important.

I don't care if you agree or disagree with you at least have to acknowledge it is what's real and what's truthful.

I tell parents to do when they come to me and asked what do I do then it's okay. This came up earlier today I want to my classes and I was telling the students about the average lifespan of most civilizations that that they all gonna go to the same evolution to use that word loosely.

So this is called the Tiger circle so that from bondage okay from bondage go to faith us and then just follow this in the American story.

If you want, then courage, then liberty then abundance then selfishness, then complacency, then apathy, which is then driving you into dependence than your driven back into bondage. That's exactly what happens in every stinking civilization in the history of the world and that's where were at right now are in this apathy, which is now turned to dependence and bondage because the government's gonna save you from this help at what have you seen as a clinical psychiatrist, Mark houses impacted our children then speak to us towards it.

The time we have left about how do we as parents and grandparents. How do we come to minister and care for these kids who have been abused for the last two years by the entire society and in many cases by their own parents will the impact is been devastating. The children in my practice are anxious or depressed or socially awkward there, unable to speak clearly and enunciate because of always mass that they've been wearing for the last two years. They are overweight or dependent on screens, phones, computers there addicted to video games. They cannot separate from their parents and go on sleepovers. They are unable to challenge themselves in athletics. They are unable to ask girls out on dates. They are unwilling and unable to travel. They've lost two years of education, and critical thinking everything is been done down the CDC just a few days ago announced that the correct or healthy developmental level in children.

The bar, the base will be moved down by two years cease.

So if you're two years behind your now right in the norm just rewrote the rules to indicate that what is a form of two thirds of loss of development is now considered to be normative and okay this is the CDC just two days ago so this is a crisis, but I've never seen before in my lifetime. It is, it is completely covering the entire country is nationwide is everywhere. So when we do about this will something positive that I'm seeing is mother's are finally turning they are there history and their turning into anger and they are striking they are pulling their kids out of school. They are finally standing up and saying no in large numbers. These are liberal Democrat Republican women.

It's all different types of women native born immigrant old John Rich and poor audit in Virginia a few months ago.

It's now spreading throughout the country and children are following their lead. Thank goodness there following the models of their parents. So ironically who I was criticizing very much so in my book United States if you're rich or hysterical women are now starting to lead the charge to take the country back and take their kids back. What I would like to see more of this. I'd like to see men and men stand up and show some cojones and take back their families and their communities because without men without strongmen we cannot win this fight. Women cannot do this on their own.

We need the man to come back in the fold. We need them to stand up and take risks, take the masks off and do your job. That's what I want to see more of, especially in the urban areas. These absent fathers of the been around for 20 or 30 years now are strongly needed. We need these men to come back so I do have some hope. I do have some rational optimism for the future because of what I'm seeing now I'm seeing at the politics shift, not the science is the politics shifts I'm seeing all the mandate walls collapsing all the masking.

All of these antisocial distancing there all it's all going away to be done by Easter. I guarantee it. But I want to leave people with this piece of sort of warning that this is not a war. This is the battle when the battle I have no doubt the war remains in the work is for independence versus dependency. You have to keep that in mind if we don't if we just sit back and say well become complacent again. We won the battle.

I really think that we will be doing if America is doomed. If America does not survive and prosper.

Neither does the world. Yes I yeah that's right, we still have that place in the world whether you think it or not, because Joe bides the presidents irrelevancy still have that place in the world and when. And those are so many great points Mark.

And that's where men have to you know hey I'm off to work well most of your working from home now anyway so you go to the school board can get engaged in by the way, when you like it or not, God designed a system in which men does is in a value statement. This is just the way it works. If you lack male leadership sure God can use women he didn't thirds throughout the Scriptures, but your called guys to stand up and be the first one in line near the one with the sword. You're the one with the shield you take the incoming fire you protect your wife and protect her children and until we do that were in trouble and again this is like hey look at Donald Trump.


Everything is gonna be fine Americans back in action. Everything is good I'm going go back to my apathy, no you can't do that and now what you're gonna see Mark and I greeted this all the battle will be over by Easter.

But you're gonna watch the whole liberal establishment try to treat credit hey you guys you want to wear the mask anymore.

Want to know why us as we saved you a small G got up here was on his government save you.

We have to realize is a much bigger game of flip which is what you were just articulating and we need to keep being paying at Drummond and sounding that warning because this is a much bigger game afoot. It's not just COBIT 2020 2121 and 2022. Up until Easter is a much bigger game of flip for tyranny versus freedom.

It's really that that's really that simple. Look at what's happening in Canada there 6 to 9 months ahead of us. You want to be like that you want to live in that kind of a country.

I'm terrified and I do not want to be in Canada and United States. This is our future. You know it's just on the other side of our borders wake up if you need to go to alternative news sources or get off the New York Times, MSNBC, ABC feeds to find out what's going on in Canada do it, go to revenues. This is reality it's coming for us. You better be ready yet.

I really present you're saying earlier about being curious and being intellectually curious and be willing to don't assume every position you hold is set in stone and be willing to question everything. I just put that the link up for Mark sub stack at the link up American friend like doctors I have the link up for the book United States of fear. How America fell victim to amass delusional psychosis is there to be a follow-up book to that mark.

There is actually right now writing to be called freedom from fear. 12 step program for an individual and national recovery model after a game for me. Peter's will. Yeah, now we need an entire 12 step program for an entire nation about the whole world. Fear addiction. That's what it's all you have and to break the addiction that's on his or her: seconds them to pray for you and we're off the radio but got thanks so much for being there today. It's been a huge blessing will deftly do it again. Everybody there you go. Another great day of truth. Like it or not, this is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing, we'll talk again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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