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Favorite President?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 21, 2022 11:38 pm

Favorite President?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 21, 2022 11:38 pm

Favorite President?

Steve takes callers and asks the question, “Who was, or is, your favorite President?” Also, ITS STEVE’S BIRTHDAY!!! Wahoo!

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble Presidents' Day that me at the federal holiday doesn't mean nobody gets any federal income taxes taken out of their pay today. If you're working does that mean there's no vaccine mandates is that mean not on down the road you go talking about the intrusion. The federal government on Presidents' Day sense of the federal holiday.

I wish they would turn Presidents' Day and presidents month and in fact maybe a presidents quarter and just shut the whole stinking thing down 101 or two or three quarters a year would be fine by me. Anyways good to be back and thank you for Chris Connell for filling in for me on Friday talk about my faith votes, which is an incredibly important organization as well as a importance value to take your people used to say this member that he vote your values and not always be like no no no stop hold the presses don't vote your values vote.

Biblical values because our values can be pretty messed up so don't vote your values vote biblical values. When you say my faith votes. Amen to that.

If your faith is based on the word of God. Anyways good to be back a long weekend emotional weekend a good weekend. My mother passed away on January 27, so we had a little service for her in Chattanooga Tennessee on Saturday and my out myself and my three siblings and some of the other family members were there and so you do that and then you're going through your parents stop. I say parents. My father passed away little over three years ago and my mother a little less than a month ago but she had a lot of stuff. It was some talk about the ability to pack.

I mean she's got. She had to household. I think she had about two households stop in one house that's that's all she was such an incredible packer in organizer notices part of her lifestyle very organized.

A deliberate woman so I wanted to share before I get into it and then that that the second segment after the break will talk about Presidents' Day.

I got some things to share from former presidents, but I would be interested to see who your favorite president is doesn't have to be in your lifetime could be all the way back to the first president.

Pres. Lincoln during the Civil War and emancipation proclamation or back to George Washington number one out of all the president you could do that but I don't want you to share your favorite president based on what their administration accomplished. However, I want you to share your favorite president based on them as an individual as a president as the clinical leader of the free world. So that's personality and approach toughness in certain cases or compassion.

In other cases who would that be a while. I think a president trumps presidency in his administration accomplished an amazing amount of things in his four years I definitely wouldn't call him one of my favorite present them asking you to separate it so the presidency, the man versus the accomplishments of the presidency. Just who is your favorite president from that perspective. Okay, not what they accomplished in their administration. But just as a president playing that rather important role here in America, 866-34-TRUTH 87884. So who is it and why, and will reminisce about our presidents here for most of the children. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, but we backup this is something I wrote several days after my mother passed and put on Facebook and share it Saturday because you know most of us have complicated lives. I really have complicated family history. None of us is Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we all have sin in a lot of and so you all.

We work through that right when Loveland dies or a mother or father.

Whatever in the new dental work through those things over years and that's certainly the case in my and my family's case and in my parents.

Case in both of them in this particular case is certainly true for my mother so there's you what's the point in airing dirty laundry or talking about negatives here and there. We need to learn from those things. We certainly want to learn from them for our own walk with the Lord and are in sanctification. But how do you go down that road because you want to give the impression that's untrue that everything was like, what tip walking through the rose garden right but that's not true of anybody's family as it so here's what I wrote and see if this might ring true for you. Someone recently told me it was my wife. Actually you're really an adult until both your parents are gone. JFK Junior actually said that. Now I get the point. My mother at 90 slipped into the presence of her Savior early Thursday morning 27 January after four miserable weeks stuck in bed her body no longer able to obey her iron will.

She is very much like Margaret better that way.

She breathed her last and then instantly experience the greatest moment of her existence.

I can only imagine is the famous song goes in that moment.

I'm guessing she felt her knees and amazement and adoration. Her faith, but mostly quiet and very private. That generation in a very private faith become a physical reality. On top of that. Can you imagine the contrast between Billy being fully known. The good the bad the ugly and being fully loved. Just think about that for a second, fully known all your garbage and the things that you weren't even necessarily aware you're aware because at all just adds more glory to God. The fact that you're in his presence. Despite all of that because of the gospel while and I'm sure that was true for my mother fully known and fully loved. She left a legacy of tenacity and hard work of commitment and service of creativity and dedication to family. She my father lived in A+ states travel the world race for strong and able children and left a wide swath of social gatherings, parties and friendships across the nation. There were also the greatest dance partners I've ever seen.

You know, the greatest generation. They learn how to dance together as a couple big-band dancing. It was amazing to watch. It was like poetry. When you look at the picture my parents dancing you can see the sheer joy in their faces dancing was there for them as a couple room from the very beginning that today's impersonal look at me style, but the flowing deeply intimate and coordinated style.

Days gone by.

It was something to behold and for me that picture encapsulates the parents that I am separated from for brief moment in time. It does not deny the hard days of the personal sin in their lives, but shows the blessings of joy that can be had because of the grace of a loving creator, picturing my parents gliding across the dance floor doesn't deny the hard times. I remembered it doesn't deny the pain that we all caused one another for me it's a beautiful reminder of God's grace.

The transforming power of the gospel.

How despite the ugliness around us and certainly within us. Joy is still possible.

My mother is not experiencing perfect peace with their maker and herself. She's come face-to-face with the reality she could only barely imagine but resolutely counted on in the music is playing and she's dancing once again with her man. Like you said to her the night before she passed.

I won't say goodbye mother I'll only say see you soon. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble show.

I might add a couple more things so that on the other side of the break and will start talking about our presence and our presidential history will be right back and well thought that it really is a lame save hears the cry very lonely heart where the limb Rich is really from heavenly perspective are talking about to move into talking about presidents today. Today is Presidents' Day federal holiday established by Congress in 1885 started as the celebration of actually George Washington's birthday that was first recognized only as a holiday in Washington DC but was later expanded to the rest of the country. The first president was born in Virginia on February 22, 1732.

Now why is it always on a Monday because Congress as they like to do past the uniform Monday holiday act. Bill went into effect a year and 1/2 L proposed and 61 and 67. Actually, the past at 71. I guess recognizer is how it is to be observed on Monday right so what Monday holidays with Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day right in Veterans Day and Presidents' Day Monday holiday. So, who's been your favorite president again I would ask you don't focus on what their administration accomplished. I just mean as an individual as a man as a leader who is your favorite president past present future. Whatever the case maybe but I guess He future model tired today. I went back to George Washington. If you want to, who's your favorite president and why. And again not talking about what they accomplished, but they were their role as the court." Leader of the free world is the present United States. Would it be for you.

866-34-TRUTH eight 784 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 34 true here on Presidents' Day for the trays gone in from North Carolina trade.

Thanks for holding. Sorry to keep you on the for so long, go right ahead.

All but mom all generations would be Ronald Reagan all showed all I do remember there was one owner but I do remember all you and all will ultimately really going to rule.

Really we remember you liked all I all and do so I just my generation out Ronald Reagan you and I appreciate it and sing right 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH has been your favorite president again based on who they were or how they acted as an individual, leadership, charisma, character versus what their administration accomplished and that such an interesting way of looking at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH because a big aspect of the presidents role is being presidential or how they handled the job and like Trey said that was a fascinating thing about Reagan I'm I'm a lot older than Fred.

Six so Ronald Reagan is when I really started to canopy attention. I was in high school first first four years and then college and that confidence thing and in hopefulness.

He had a hope and a love for the nation, especially on the heels of Jimmy Carter where you're like the countries a train wreck. But when Ronald Reagan spoke because what he was doing that way as a communicator because he had been an actor, but he loved the country he was hopeful he was upbeat.

He had an easy smile was a really good communicator and funny and likable, but he had a confidence about so like like Trey said, when Ronald Reagan said this will do this. What's gonna happen. I be like yeah I I believe that it was really an amazing thing to see 866-34-TRUTH 87884 has been your favorite president, not necessarily in your lifetime. Like Trey, you could go all the way back to Washington.

If you like but again the president as an individual, not so much what they accomplished through their administration because the administration and accomplishments is more than just present them talk about the president as a leader being cortical presidential 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 34 true, let's go to Julio's calling in for Mark going to Julie, thanks for calling. Go right ahead. I don't know a lot about what I and not that morning, a political with articulation but Donald Trump is my favorite president and the Reagan era. The first one to very often. He into law that any veteran that was not getting the healthcare that they needed from the VA to get anywhere they needed to pay for the car my son with the oil really is a wonder boy or and we had been through literal hell and back, trying to get him the help he needed the eight what they want to do with guilty guys Afghan veterans and Iraqi nonveterans fulfilled and they do not have to be bothered with them anymore and because of him finding that and here are for our men and women served in Macon much time is the last day. No doubt he would not be a lap dog not done that and he had such a heart and compassion for the men and women who serve this country. This is help Vietnam era veteran struggle for gay and the lift comes on and on of people that I know a lot about that and it was just there to see somebody actually recognize the men and women for their service and they put their life on the line and they were get you your father was once a marine always a marine propaganda and the same thing with the Army for that I will I will yeah man that's also hampered deeply personal to me meaningfully. And that's the power of your testimony. Juliet is deeply personal and he did something that affected you and your family and your son.

Personally that's like such a great perspective on it. Thank you to you and your family prayer for service your service to the country with your son and thank him as well.

Bless you, Julia. Thanks for sharing that. You're welcome. Bye-bye 866-34-TRUTH eight minutes cut not flout 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number or 866-34-TRUTH your favorite president and why again I would ask you to set aside what their administration accomplished and talk about the president demand himself and that was a great point from Juliann that in that superpowerful because that affected her and her family and her son, especially personally, and he came in and I believe there are a lot of things about Trump that I didn't like.

I questioned his his actual how deep that his commitment to the stated issues go like he had never taken a position on the life issue.

He was kinda pro-choice. Before you begin. The president then became a great a pro-life, present, and I think his heart is mine probably changed on that issue because he started to surround himself a people that could talk to him about it and educate them about it.but but I was always well met, always, always asking the question, how deep does this run, but I didn't really ask that question with veterans. I it was pretty obvious that he really valued the veterans. I don't think it was a big issue in his life beforehand, but once he got into politics and become the present United States chief of which you're the commander-in-chief, and all of a sudden the weight of 230+ years of US history falls on your shoulders as the commander-in-chief, and I believe that was totally heartfelt when he got in and did what he did with the VA think God for this is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show will be right back and Steve Noble to show president Dave. Perhaps you have the day off if you WI federal holidays probably ask that if you're working today. Donnie federal taxes withheld. Good luck with that.

Anyway it is Presidents' Day talk a president who's been your favorite president or present dents. They could be one that does serve during your lifetime. Or it could be somebody from the past that could be linking to go all the way back to the first president Washington and for what reason. Again, I'm asking your favorite president as a leader as an individual, not their administration. So separating out the accomplishments or failures of the administration versus the president as an individual as a leader. That's my question for you today. Who's been your favorite president or present dents in US history and you could day could go as recent as Trump if you want to go back as far as Washington. If you'd like. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 34 and a lot of people chiming in on Facebook live today and I Ronald Reagan at Donald Trump.

Alisa said for me because they cared about America and their wives were gorgeous.

Kathy Harry Truman, the man we consider to be the last two statesmen.

The last statement, especially Democratic Party Harry Truman yet. He certainly and his reputation improved over time, which happens with all these guys. Danny Reagan because he was a true statesman intelligent, articulate work both sides of the aisle the way it was meant to work. That's right, that's what you're supposed to be compromises one of the five conditions needed for democracy to work our representative republic like like ours and I would agree with that but what your choice 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH your favorite president look back on present. This is an interesting article from Fox news is, they shows how time can change legacies. Just look at Washington and Lincoln Americans generally hold this truth to be self-evident, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were president to earn their places on monuments and on currency their exemplary leadership that united the country that reverence is celebrated every year Presidents' Day but that reverence seems kinda quaint now, doesn't a phenomenon relegated to larger-than-life figures from a distant past when powdered wigs are stovepipe hats were invoke a closer look at history.

However, shows that no president has managed to leave the position without alienating a large segment of the populace.

Partisan bickering has been an American tradition since the flag had 13 stars well before 140 character tweets history suggest that with time and perspective, one or more recent presidents could find themselves up, not carved on Mount Rushmore that at least mentioned in the same breath as those immortalized in granite political biases aside, historians cautioned that it is difficult to gauge which presidents will go down in history as greats because the true impacts of many of the policies and decisions are clear until later. Quote historical legacy usually improves over time, but it takes time and space." From this article, Washington is an example of how all the monument making can standdown the less favorable controversial issues like he was a plantation owner in the own slaves right that's just a reality considered by many historians and lay folk to be the most influential figure in American history. Washington's reputation was buttressed by his role leading the cotton army to victory with the British during the Revolutionary war over time. Lincoln, for example, has become is heralded as Washington, at least in the parts of the country on the winning side of the Civil War that that's probably why Lincoln's Beverly 12 birthday never became a national holiday. So many celebrated as part of Presidents' Day.

After the passage of the uniform Monday holiday act in 1971 in the South. This considerable reservation about Lincoln's one historian said while many associated primarily with the emancipation of slaves, there's a neo-Confederate element of use Lincoln as a tyrant who suppressed states rights I could make that case. Introduce the income tax and suspended habeas corpus. That's right, he could read. Have you arrested an old you up to a thousand days.

By the way, without surcharging, that's a suspension of habeas corpus. Presidents who are assassinated tend to be romanticize with an added mystique.

John F. Kennedy is widely admired by Democrats and Republicans nowadays on rankings of the greatest presidents Kennedy usually right up there at the top. Even those presidencies rather short in length and accomplishment during a country through major war crisis is also a selective legacy booster claims the popularity of the FDR, despite his role in the internment of Japanese Americans at the time Roosevelt presided over the Western war to of course modern presidents, however, may have a tougher path to that level of popularity than their predecessors and it comes back to those tweets don't get all triggered there when he says that she is a reality we had been a social media and blogging make it less likely that a consensus could be reached in an era in which we depended on the Huntley Brinkley report a time magazine to tell us what's going on. We didn't believe that every opinion is equal in order to have that popular consensus we have to rebuild trust in media and historical thinking generally if you don't constantly that what we read is fake news. How do we agree on what's real and that's a huge problem which is another reason why the country subdivided plus historical ignorance and political ignorance, which by the way, is why I teach those things.

I now teach US history. I'm teaching a been teaching civics for 10 years.

I teach Christian ethics and get ready this week.

By the way I talk about it more to launch noble you, which is taking these classes online. So whether you can attend them in person or not becomes irrelevant because I want to be will to teach high school age homeschoolers. The subjects all across country store luncheonette this week noble you will be up and running. The next couple days I'll tell you when but meantime let's go back to our phones, and from a North Carolina think so much for: and I didn't quite catch your first name on the screen here, so go ahead and IN girl last night about Washington and Lincoln. Noble leader. And you know door Dragon but the article), but now I shocked when I heard the trumpet for running you now go and I doubt you know I am saved by great but made me have condemning people are about something got better and better better and better. I find out about that guy that you know what the kinder gentler way to that terrible treatment, horrible, no phony. But then, because he Got help the country. Here gentler side where he no threat to the United States and you know I get, but also personally extend my very pleased thank you thank you note the short run a lot and I was so taken back. How very, very touching, you know I am not even I believe that he was given by God, and he was given with no many ways like that lie I really like living anymore thing that I like but I doubt I love what would you say was his number one quality is a president that you like a lot of God was getting ready to trade you know people talk about it.

Whatever you I thought where he was willing to be publicly prayed over by people and I do believe God gave him the wisdom that he needed to be such an incredible and well below the fact that what I think about that election. I'm sorry I did think it was you know off. I think that they cheated and and I looked but I also feel that God had revealed he had to bring Biden up from the basement to show what was you know what the man was all about, we always know God is at work and that I can rest easy and sleep at night and think, so much the concrete to hear your voice is always at all, thank you for all you do, but I lets jump to Thomas is gone and from Virginia Thomas, thanks for calling. Go right ahead where your program I'm driving through Lake and I pulled over and recovered audit be able to have an thank you, how to ask and you and was far more particular.

But I just would like to go and how high lands on tragedies really interesting to bring. Can I put you on hold. I really want to hear what you have to say. On the other side a break: there Thomas and John all these. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Miller show will be right back showed great to be with Jay on Presidents' Day. As we look back over the history of this nation had the fortune or misfortune to be impacted by things that presidents did 200 years ago still matter today shape the nation all the way back to George Washington, the first president. So the question for all of us today. Just curious to see what you think is who are your favorite presidents.

Again, I would separate what happened during their administration successes or failures from the actual man as a leader is a president. The" leader of the free world, the titular head of the United States of America.

Constitutionally, that's not true, but we can treat it like it is and so they can have a huge impact. So my question simply as who's been your favorite president or presidents of the history of the nation and why as we consider then should look back on that and we can use things from the past to measure people in the present and help us to make a decision about who would serve as president in the future. But Thomas is driving through from Virginia.

Listening on the truth radio network in Winston-Salem. Thomas, thanks for taking the time to call for listening and you are right in the middle of it and I had to interrupt you for a commercial break. The clock always wins, but was really interested you to continue to explain why I don't trump us on your favorites and worry. I call you on the list are most likely Virginia I will find you on the web and we'll relating all conversation great and appreciate the quality of work on the radio in my small installation. The most presidency would have to be Pres. Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation purely for it was eventually sacrifices like most of my emotional involvement has been. Once I voted for my emotional quality program that was already an old man you a politician great charisma and charm. My emotional involvement.

One of the all-time great president and America's first Republican so most of the work had been Republican one earlier, fully understand politics. Where was not supported. However, with Donald or will after voting for all. I had about 111 the election year. You and all, or we need to be gracious I would think and tolerant and and and you needed you absolutely yet you think you appreciate that our nation with you. I haven't seen any actual documentation will be your I'm thinking I'm thinking you might be the only president to ever visit the Wailing Wall and I think that is just not only with the Jerusalem verse into the area so playing all and so I'll go the way that he responded adult national catastrophes and personal pride of borrow or you wrote thing to have more of a heart and it's not just that he showed more emotion. He was somewhat more sure looks like a very bearable, but I felt that the in some respects more reserve than other yeah you could the war the president in my lifetime I observed every people, and I think I'll if they would even that man a chance just as much here for them to bother you. You have to be to get behind or beneath her behind what happened in the media in the war between him and the media in general and him and the Democrats have to get behind that to kinda see the heart of the man which is why appreciate what NSAIDs and she looked at interviews from him that he had given prior to being in politics and there was definitely kind of a kinder, gentler Donald Trump that you done didn't see once the attack started, but those are some great points Thomas. You set up the note in the beginning of your call that you weren't as articulate. But I thought you were fabulously articulate those great Avion. I think God that we ran into each other today and yeah you just look it up online because we Facebook live in podcasts nonstop the same time. What a joy to have you on the show. Thank you brother God bless you, but I'd see what a great calling so many great points that he made up my car articulate very articulate, and so there's there's so many things there and again I appreciate the call to grace and mercy and do you know he was out soon let you let them cast the first don't write we spend way too much time. That's what you what Jesus was talking about before you remove the speck of dust from your brothers.

I might want to pull the plank out of your own which is just a reminder often say this about myself far too often I have a PhD in your sin, and only a GED in my own yet these are people.

These are men that have been lifted up to arguably the highest office in the world and they they have to play at a higher level. You are all sinners that that the chance of being saved by grace, but when you can elect somebody in and elevate them to that level than character and background experience matters. Yet we approach their sin and their sin nature with grace absolutely knowing that that's the deal with all of us. But not all of us are put in a position to be in the present and that's where you have to rise above all that they have to be better than the average person in terms of their qualifications. That's certainly true whether it's Donald Trump or anybody else is a cool article. I got a lot of different things here were up present Presidents' Day great advice from great US presidents for modern-day America really looking at just a couple of things. I thought this was good. George Washington said this. If freedom of speech is taken away than dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter that sounds familiar special in the last two years is not a primary object should be the education of our youth. This is George Washington in the science of government is exactly why I teach civics and Republic. What species of knowledge can be equally important and what duty more pressing than communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of liberties of the country exactly again like I said I've been teaching civics dice college homeschoolers here in the Raleigh area for 10 years and now US history as well as Christian ethics, which live are starting noble you launching the website this week so we can take civics in US history online so I can teach more and more kids they don't want to be able to come to a certain location a certain time can stick it on line to get the lectures I just taught, by the way when not canning stuff from years ago. George Washington also said associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company. That's great. When a brand Lincoln. To get education upon the subject of education, not presuming to dictate any plans or system respecting it.

I can only say I view it as the most important subject which we as a people can be engaged because of her walls get run over right this will be the United States of America anymore. The ballot is stronger than the bullet. He said it's ironic, isn't it.

He said this at Edwardsville September 11, 1858 our alliances in the love of liberty which God is planted in our presence, our defenses in the preservation of the spirit which prizes liberty as is the heritage of all men in all lands everywhere and that's why Lincoln himself struggled. Did you know that a pig at the beginning of the Civil War Lincoln didn't take a public position where he wanted to free the slaves in the South. He understood that, so the southern states concern of a federal overreach. What should the federal Gumby tone states how to operate their business out of how to run the state.

So he was a states rights guy, but he thought eventually slavery would die out the free territories are coming on board to becoming states, but for the South. Every time you get a free state added that they go free state.

While the nuts can affect you in the House of Representatives in the Senate.

Sooner or later the North has control of Congress and the South is just getting pushed around Lincoln didn't come to the Emancipation Proclamation thoughts about it.

He was pragmatic. He was political before he was principal then his heart for sleep, for ending slavery came about. It was a good move politically.

They were going to free tell 3 million slaves in the south of their free elves you have any way to enforce that at the time, but once they find out. Maybe they'll join our side so you can find I can punch holes in any presidential boat that's out to see in history, the country that we have to be able to learn to be objective. Analyze the reality, not emotional eyes that we need to analyze and for us to call ourselves Christians, that would be obviously true biblical world. Here the morning Monday morning prayer from Washington. I'll finish that with this they in 1891 a manuscript of some of his favorite prayers written his own hand was sold at auction is one of Monday morning prayer all eternal and everlasting got a presume to present myself this morning before thy divine Majesty beseeching the two accept of my humble and hearty thanks that it hath pleased thy great goodness to keep and preserve me. The night passed from all the dangers. Poor mortals are subject to direct my thoughts, words and work.

Wash away my sins and the immaculate blood of the Lamb and purge my heart by the Holy Spirit from the terrace of my natural corruption that I made with more freedom of mind and liberty of will serve the everlasting God in righteousness and holiness. This day and all the days of my life while that's probably a prayer. We should all be praying every day. It's nice to know George Washington beseeching the Almighty because he knew that's what he had his position in the first place. Understanding is in understanding the salvation and forgiveness and was only bought by the blood of Jesus Christ. I wish all our presidents were like this is the nobleness T-Mobile shall, God willing, I'll talk to like my dad always used to say whatever form or another program powered by the Truth Network

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