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Does Your Faith Vote?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 18, 2022 8:29 pm

Does Your Faith Vote?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 18, 2022 8:29 pm

Does Your Faith Vote?

Chris Connell brings Laural Bowdwen Brooks on the show today to discuss faith and how you should faith to vote.

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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his shoulders and walked through no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. Well, this is not the Steve Noble show because I'm not Steve Noble. I am his equally obnoxious friend. He hates that comparison, but Steve makes me feel normal and I like that about him. He was off today. My name is Chris, friend of Steve's local pastor in the Raleigh area shot out to Millie Pastor Chad Harvey cross assembly or what what whatever you say and I'm excited today. The question is on the Steve Noble show today does your faith vote. Does your faith vote.

Is there a place for your Judeo-Christian ethics for your faith in Christ for your biblical values within the political arena. I have as my guest today, Laurel Brooks little say hello to the Steve Noble show listeners how are everybody so happy to be here and this is how may times you been a radio Laurel today. I love it. If the Steve Noble show fans could clap they be clapping for you right now Laurel, I hear you are the national director of engagement for my faith votes and before I go any further than what I want to say give Steve's listeners and that's my a quick snippet of what my faith votes is all about my faith versus an organization of Christians who are doing things to move other Christians who typically don't get involved in the public square. Don't vote to the pole so that we can greatly impact the future of America. Are you saying we have some lazy Christians out there trying to say Laurel. I'm saying we have one in three Christians who do not vote. 15 million who are not even registered. How do you know those numbers we we have this to to have your ways.

We have our way. Yes there that never mentions out there is public information. Who votes and who doesn't. Okay, so we know that, and were facing. November 2022 midterms and typically midterms only 50% of the Christians who are registered to vote vote and we can greatly impact the future of America. If we could change that number and that's our goal. While so Laurel again were here the Steve Noble shows is Chris, phone and you are the national director of engagement for my faith votes which makes it sound like to meet.

Your job is to to get people connected get arrival do the marketing do all those things that are part of a reaching people about before we go down to my faith votes and what it's about. I want to try this first segment because asking a little bit about your story, your husband James is here. He's an attorney right yet so he could sue me for anything I say incorrectly. Is that right he would never do that. Well, we haven't finished the show yeah okay I went back up right and you you and James were married for how long I was 20 years 20 years are other kids involved are there pets involved a grandkid and I like that seven grandchildren's three pets in a any grandparents in their yes actually I grant that my God, no, let's talk about, where you grew up geography. Are you from the North Carolina area are you from parts unknown. I was born in Massachusetts moved to North Carolina when I was for basically I'm in North Carolina right and I grew up a target hello and I was a Carolina man we're talking before the show about how upset you are about much is ASCII leaving Duke basketball. You want to talk about that at all. Laurel, I don't know. I was so you like when I move this here 20 years ago I had no idea.

That is when the town that hated one of its own teams as much of this town hates Duke and so I just randomly picked Duke because nobody cared about things I root for Penn State and circuits although they, here for searches not because of being in the ACC but man this town hates Duke but anyway that's nothing to do the show so so you been here now is far as your career and background talk about that a little bit and then how you ended up getting involved with this whole movement of my faith votes okay Reader's Digest version of that. Yeah I work for Apple Computer. I was employee number 715 I put together how I put together the structure for the Isis in Canada, the administrative stuff sounds like a leadership role. It was kind of a leadership role that I just created and they liked it so that was a really good money Laurel.

That's what I do know no, not at the time but I was an opportunity work with Steve Jobs to get that right when you actually rousting.

How cool is that I'm point number 715.

While not a big organization right but anyway and then I work so hard 18 hour days that I ended up sick kind of chronically ill for 37 years and in October 2019. The Lord healed me. He gave me from October 2019 to August 2020 to have fun and then put me to work. That's amazing now. Have you always been a follower of Christ. Yeah. Oh yeah, often on pretty much my whole life. Of course I had those ups and downs stronger points than then then not that I tell you what when he's all you have. You know is all you need so you now been a very a very committed believer for a lot of years. Mom and dad were believers yet Oya okay for sure so work for Apple get stressed out 37 years of chronic disease. That's that's long-suffering yet was awful and God healed you 2018 and talk to Steve's listeners about my faith votes and how you got involved or heard about it or what God was doing in you right because you don't make this is like that without something being stirred inside of the spirit of God. Well, I think I was like a lot of Christians in America today.

We are inundated with information about all the things our societies doing that oppose God and God's word and I felt very very stuck in the anxiety of all of that because there's so much information, but nowhere to go with that no road to run down and that was very frustrating to me. So the propensity is and I find a lot of Christians do this you just sort of go back into your shell and not in I'm older so I've watched the transition of America go from being much more biblically-based to very confused and the spiritual war around all of that and I was frustrated in the fact that America was changing and the voice of the Christian in America seem to be relatively silent.

Was it there was nothing we were impacting anything and then what happened was my husband's agents, but has is an author and my husband's agent I discovered started my faith votes will I been following my faith votes in social media for a while and I love the voice of my faith because it wasn't like bombshell catastrophe devastated wasn't overblown. Words to drive emotion. It was when we jump. It's our Laurel to come right back.

The break to break Laurel Brooks Nasser Dr. Mugabe for my faith votes incredible story.

I look for hearing more after break state right you know for being a Christian talk show host defense of the coolest non-Christian intro music that's all there is to it. This is not the Steve global show. This is the Chris Connell filling in for Steve Noble show and it is that is the Steve Miller show and question today is does does your faith vote and really privileged to have as a guest.

Laurel Boutin Brooks, no relation to Bobby Brown that we know of. Not that we know of, yeah, and Laurel is the national director of engagement for my faith and said non-partisan 501(c)(3) that encourages people of faith people father Christ to use their citizenship rights for God's glory and kingdom which women I have time to do this today, but I love were my favorite stories in the Bible is about Paul, but he mentions his Roman citizenship after being brutalized without a trial in her 20s was great moment, so Laurel before the break. You were just sharing about my faith votes in your story you were involved in business in a leadership role with Apple you were around Steve Jobs you are. 7/15. That's an number right in the in the size that organization for 237 years of long-suffering with illness and yet God healed you 2018 and could you come to pick up from there about how you how and why you personally got involved my faith votes sure I would say that my husband is an author and he has an agent and his I discovered that his agent started my faith votes. Well, I had been watching my faith votes a lot in social media because I was very very tired of the big words driving emotion to entice you to follow in my faith votes. The voice was very calm and confident in the Lord not denying what was going on in America and our society revealing what's going on, but with a confidence and an with out the use of alarming emotion driving words and I found that I really enjoyed watching what they were posting on three tired of just rhetoric and feeling like yes something to do wrong. I was very upset about what I was seeing happen in America feeling like there's no way for me to do anything about it. What can I do and trying to find a voice that was stable and confident and not trying to drive you knew me. My meshes through the roof was a personal prayer thing for you to in the season over there sure are going to gotta just say what I do yes absolutely 100%. So when I found out that my husband's agent started my faith votes and I've been watching them for four years I was amazed so I said listen I got time. If I can help. Let me know he put me in contact with our CEO, Jason Yates is an amazing Christian. I think Jason was on the July year ago. He certainly was talking about what we do and I said to Jason, you know, is there anything I can do. I've got time. I got a computer. He said we don't really have a role for volunteers and I said well do you want me to figure something out and he's like, sure. So when I was a pastor. That's one of my favorite hi guy, wherever very well and I did that in August 2020 we started the whole volunteer thing at my faith votes by 1 January we had about we'd gone from three people to about 2800. We had hand written 1.3 million postcards into nonvoting Christians are not opposed a lot of postcards and a lot of people always got some phenomenal people and we made impact in the fall of in the fall of 2020. So in January but was really apparent to me that our volunteers didn't really fit the qualification volunteer that they're coming to do something for us because we were doing were serving them trying to serve Christians around the nation with simple tools.

They could even do at home to have a real impact on the future of America and that's where my heart was.

I loved I love my faith and I was very interested in politics and this intersection was tremendous, so I didn't see my husband from August to January oh work but I mean no more just did amazing amazing things and we accomplished a whole lot so in January we had yacht I asked in Jason's like I believe in this to that these are not volunteers for us. These are these are partners we are here to serve them with tools you not to go out and create 500 postcards for soft and figure out who to send it, but as an organization is a ministry we could provide tools to Christians across America who were just like me and stuck in their homes going. But what can I do, there's nothing I can do with the road to run down with their anxiety right so we we drop the term volunteer we call them action partners.

We now have action partners about over 5800 in all 50 states all 50s all 50 states.

We have a mental why Alaska, every state in the nation.

We have action partners now paid positions in Hawaii because I do.

This is just the Steve Noble show listeners.

This is Chris Jonathan and for Steve today. The topic does your faith vote are our honored guest is Laurel Brooks.

She is the national director of engagement for my faith votes. I know you said earlier in the show and then during the break to the Facebook life group bought it just staggering to me. The number of followers of Christ believers that don't vote, and that percentage could you repeat that again for Steve listeners absolutely and it's of it is a staggering number. It's a shocking number one in three Christians do not regularly vote in elections. Christians yes eligible voters registered voters who just don't go to the polls and vote on their registered yes but they just don't vote right and in midterms like November 2022. Half of Christians don't vote historically half of Christians don't vote and how important are midterms this November. We have every seat in the U.S. House on deck.

We have I think about 32 in the Senate. We have 36 gubernatorial positions. We have over 6000 in state legislatures, which are going to be very important positions. If Rosie Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court because it will be driven to the states and we have tens of thousands of local elections going on, we could change the future of the nation, even in this midterm election if if Christians will vote and use their voice to do that if you care about life the way to change that is through vote if you care about traditional family. The way to change that is through vote if you care about religious freedom.

The way to change that is through vote. Okay, so let me play devils advocate and argue for for Satan here for I love that term to fiber. This my vote. Laurel thanks but my vote doesn't count. Yeah, I hear that a lot like I was saying on our website under take action.

Then articles.

There's a whole article to address that. But in summary, our response to that is, it doesn't matter. Obedience to Christ is what matters and trusting God to do with your vote. What he will is what matters he calls us to be involved. He calls us to being gauged are we going to obey him or are we not, and then we trust him with the outcome that a free offering.

With that, so excited to have her here today Laura Brooks Nessa director of engagement for my faith votes.back this is almost the Steve Noble show. You are so funny because Steve is not here, but is equally Dr. Frank was Connell's and building today are awesome guest today is Laurel Brooks is the national director of engagement with the my faith My faith votes is a fantastic website and before we get into some questions a couple of tools that are available there. You mentioned Laurel one was that if people I mentioned over the break. Like I am guilty of missing some midterms because literally I just forgot didn't have at their yes and you said hey there's a way you can yes suite you can go to our website and sign up to receive reminders so that we tap you on the shoulder early reminder to get my taxes done and also take the garbage out every can I help help. Sorry not not a call from the Lord not only of your get Lily alright so there's tools like that, yet is also tools about like with midterm elections like I going to the polls myself with all my word. I gotta make a choice on the school board enters in. And if somebody's with a political party, then, in that they line up with the parties values and economies have a sense of okay this is where the stand on certain issues, but you don't get that with some of these roles so you for North Carolina particular.

You didn't get it, with state Supreme Court and I think no. I think the legislature is now required them to designate what party therein with Skylar Chief Justice right now. By the way, he's a great guy, a wonderful guy. The scooper lunches are very difficult and very critical right now to because of everything that's going on in terms of CRT in those issues. It's very difficult to get a voter guide on school board candidates because they aren't typically not required to designate what party therein, and if you send them information to fill out to get a feeling as to where they stand on these issues.

They don't have to respond. So the school board elections are the tougher ones and that means that you've got a dig in yourself to some choose not to respond. Oh yeah, lots choose not her as part like a political move yeah yeah okay to say neutral so that you sort of are left in the dark right we connect to voter guides. We don't actually produce as ourselves when we have resources of voter guides that you can access through our website that go down as far as were able to dig down the partisan guys know they are not even aware nonpartisan summer guys out there, partisan, and you can find them from different resources but we try very hard to be nonpartisan.

Why is that because were 501(c)(3). We made that commitment and we made that our ministry is a call to Christians who have biblical views of life, true biblical views about life and that they would vote for whoever is standing for those true biblical views.

We just want to support that effort. And as I was saying to you that my faith website is very much a one-stop shop you can register to vote through their you can contact direct representatives. Whoever they are, will tell you they are you putting your address will tell you who they are and you can send them an email right from our website. If you want to communicate makes it very very easy to do so. We have lots of resources like prayer guides we have lots of articles on different things.

We have a Scotus watch. We have all the things you need to be an educated Christian voter.

For the most part you can find on the website you endorsed candidates nests are not asking question with the answer to London and I have totally fine. No we will not endorse a candidate bitsy. This is what worked for me when I was outside of my faith votes and I was trying to figure out what to do.

I was being bombarded with candidates asking me to fund their campaigns or whatever and it occurred to me.

If I find efforts to get that Christian to the voting booth. I'm going to help every candidate on that ballot, not just one but every single candidate on that bow. I was in Econ major so that cost benefit analysis really worked for me. So anyway, I am all in on our ministry because I know the people involved. I know that God is at the forefront of everything we do we seek his will in everything we do and I am passionate and overwhelmingly grateful that the Lord is given me the opportunity to give voices back to Christians who have felt overwhelmed and burdened with nothing to do our guest today in the Steve Noble show is Laurel Brooks. She is the national director of engagement with my faith so good to have you here with us in the beer you don't one of the things it did when in my head as we were talking and I didn't ask you off your so maybe the spot here, but what about parents who just want to educate their future voting children, you know, do you have any thoughts for them and on how to prepare that next generation to be engaged. Oh that's me, that's really good that's a good question because it's important because you see in our society. Right now there is all kinds of indoctrination. A lot of Christians pulling their children out of public schools and all of that, but we still 87% of children in America in our government school system so parents are called by the Lord to raise up their children and if they raise their children with the biblical worldview and the importance of engaging going forth into our society.

As the Lord directs us to I believe it will be a natural outcome that they understand what a biblical worldview is that because there being specifically taught that at home and then translate that into being obedient to the Lord when he says, go forth and you know the you know Rob McCord talking about Michael. I guess our church along with Charlie. Kirk came in yet he's phenomenal and one of the things that he says I think it originally came actually from David Lane, but with America renewal project that's been doing meetings around the state with income or around on Sundays are equal for our mutual friend we have is here with us yet made the connection. I think we work with them.

Great group. Great group and I traveled with Mark Robinson around the state.

A bit because David Lyons allowed us to do that and we've got over 30 pastors running this fall because of size that are that group and those efforts that it's a phenomenal group but anyway Chris like it went with it when I was Rob McCord what Rob says often as you know, we know the Scripture that says upon this rock I will build my church and it's not church it's Cliff Sia is correct and close CM means public square.

So if we raise our children to have strong biblical values what the Lord says in Scripture is true for us and then we teach them the truth that we are to engage and go forth into our society. They will become godly voters. The primary thing to do is to teach them what the word says what about folks that maybe nobody says this about folks it was you Laurel yeah but I don't feel called to vote, if like my places prayer like I shouldn't be involved. Christians should be involved in politics you get anybody saying things like that to you time. Once we had tons of people's that say, and tons of pastor's sake that you the truth, but that's not following the word of God, because it's clear in Scripture that we are to be engaged in the Cliff Sia C for the biblical foundation, absolutely. There's a biblical foundation for us to be involved in the public square and there are lots of teachings on that as a matter of fact tied to lots of scriptures that I can't get into today but I'm completely convinced of that and I think the word is very clear that so and why wouldn't it be if you remove the Christian voice from politics you could remove the ability to evangelize in our society. We've got a pastor out in Montana right now.

That's in a small town in Montana that the that is now in a fight for his ministry over whether or not the Bible is hate line has hate speech so this is happening in our society and we are here.

That's why we've got to get to the voting booth. If we care about those things we have to vote yeah you know I was thinking about the show today and I mentioned before the show were chatting little bit you've got kids got grandchildren and hope we should grant pets are not or not he has to, but you know I've got three children. No grandkids yet. My oldest is 20 and she's a sophomore at Liberty University. Great kid love to death in the two younger sons and it 51 years old and I know it's not all on me personally. Obviously I'm a little embarrassed about work culture, country is for my children, not just embarrassed but greatly concerned in and for me.

I said okay what are some of the motivation to get involved and I just want to say to listeners of Steve show that not only should we and a lot of I think Steve listeners are most likely folks are going to vote no and but aiming that may not be true, but it would be my guess. But I also think people who have the understanding and passion of being involved need to use that voice to speak to others and if for no other reason than thing we need to look at the current generation that has no nobody saying other than the word of God in the church. Thank God for that but are, in general, the authorities in our country are no longer standing by Judeo-Christian ethics. So why do you have young people trying to figure out their sexual identities because they been told there isn't any identity They been told our sexuality is not sacred or gender is not sacred. They been told that the truth is relative and we I feel very passionately need to voice for the truth.

Absalom was for us but for the next generation. Yes, I guess Misty double show we have one more segments as they tuned is Laurel Brooks, national director of engagement for my faith does your faith vote. It should be right back after the break.

Think this is the mobile shelf.

This is Chris, Philip motivating pastors from their online there are not identical and there we go West. We are unless you know Michelle, we just our guest you Laurel Brooks are we just love talking the whole time, sweetie. That's because I can't lie. But does your faith vote here on the Steve Noble show or as the graphics is watching a Facebook thanks a lot Josh, not the Steve Miller joke is. He's not yours.

Is Chris Connell filling in.

Does your faith vote. Laurel Brooks is the national director of engagement for my faith in this last segment. I just want to give her all the freedom she can to plug a couple of things I will start with this question and then move on to it. Does your vote count. Absolutely every single vote counts. Regardless of the outlet on my statement but other statistics to back that yeah oh yeah I think so. For example, in the Virginia elections this past November we impacted with four with 100,000 postcards that were written from people across the United States to low propensity voters in Virginia to get them out to vote and that those elections were so close.

I know that we dramatically impacted. For example, just here in North Carolina you're talking about Chief Justice Newby. I love you just run up several times. Great guy 5.6 million votes in that election day one by 406 it just an amazing thing. We sent 20,000 was so scarry so hard that election because the Chief Justice wanted to sides what cases they're going to be allowing yes and he most aligned with biblical values and we sent over 20,000 handwritten postcards to non-low propensity voters in North Carolina.

I know we impacted at least 406 people to the polls so it it's so great to be involved in a ministry that's actually making a difference and giving all the Christians in America who have this anxiety between look what's happening in our society, and there's nothing I can do a lane to make a real impact that is not totally invasive into their lives if they want if anybody out there wants to join us.

You can go to and sign up today.

There is no money required. There's no time commitment required.

We are a link on my faith you can also do that from my faith, you can subscribe to my faith which is different than signing up to be an action partner. The action partner link is a connector part of the break. You said I'm really passionate about this letter.

12. The action partner community is is my role at my faith votes to engage people in it to move the needle and change what chat what's happening in America by motivating low propensity voters to become involved. So those people like Betty my friend out in Washington who comes to us and says I've been praying for this for so long. I really want to impact what's going on in America and if I can reach out to Christians who are hunkered down ostriches because they can't handle what's happening and give them that hope and vision that God is alive and well and he wants to use us to change our society than you know I'm a happy camper and she writes postcards for us all the time. We are getting ready to start within the next eight weeks or so.

Our postcard campaign to go out into all of America for the November 20 2Y postcards crystal is technology up there with using all of it.

I know where doing those things to but postcards or person. I'll tell you why this past week.

We actually got an email from a woman named Rachel who wrote to us to say that she received our postcard hand written prayed over from an individual action partner in November 2020 and she just heard RCL on the radio this past week and it written it prompted her to write us that her postcard has been on her mirror for year and 1/2 that it's inspired heard that someone cared enough to do a hand written note to her in your turn up a little bit.

This matter is it totally matters to me.

I'm completely passionate about this, our action partner community as a family.

It's about relationship and he only does handwritten notes anymore.

You know, and it's all about you know this is what the cross is about. It's about God's desire to have relationship with us.

Our action partner community is about having relationship with each other to change the future of America.

So we do postcards. We do letters every Friday I send out an email called the Friday five for the faithful which gives people five actions to take simple from their own home. Whether you do what you don't totally up to you.

Five prayers to pray the most important things to pray about the public square this week and prop five praises to proclaim because we've always got a remember there is something to praise going on in our society and we want that hope to remain. That comes out every single Friday then I guess your Laurel Brooks Nasser Dr. vacation from my faith to talk about action partners. If somebody wants to be an action partner Sagan with a need to go for www.action partners with an S on the It's a very simple sign up again. Not no time commitment required no money. We are here to serve you with tools I'm not going give money no matter of just saying I can give some time. I can fill out some postcards they choose yes.

Then dates are action partners choose how much time they want to give in when I received an email one time from a from a guy when we were doing the postcard campaign and he said thank you so much. He said I work all day I come home we have dinner. I've got a do bass bed time and at 10 o'clock at night I can write some postcards to non-low propensity voters in impact my nation using low propensity voters what he meant voters to don't who have an inconsistent voting record. Every once in a while. The goal of the pebbles, but sometime, but every once while they don't and it's just a notch a push to get them to make sure to go to the polls and that election love that reminders to him to get on their use.

It's a great tool I'm signed up for that tool as well. The other thing we do is action partners is we have a national prayer call every Monday. It's 11 o'clock Eastern time 8 o'clock Pacific time, and 9:00 PM every single Monday where you come on Zoom call or you can call in and not being any interface in any other way except for just on your phone and we come together we talk the first few minutes we divide into into rooms of 8 to 10 people and you prayed together to the Lord for our nation. It's a wonderful thing Chris were going to have you on on the 28 Olivia regrettably promise you, I realize you have not credit Chris that yes, we would absolutely love people to go look at our site.

Everything would provide to them as a voter and if they want to encourage other Christians to get involved then then come be an action partner with us and let us serve you with tools to do that. Is there hope for America.

Absolutely because I do think there is a sense within the church of okay we give up well and I hear that a lot in my college roommate was saying the other day. I just want to close down into my little bubble and pretend like none of this is going on in my bed.

The monks didn't have such a bad idea and I challenge that with who is greater, he that is within us or he that is in the world, God still reigns. God is still a big God and God is waiting for us to come to him, saying, will you change this and will you use me. He's waiting for us to put feet to our faith and be his voice in America and if you're feeling hopeless. The answer to that is to grow who God is.

Focus on who he is and this is a spiritual war we all know it and he has given us authority to trample on every work of the enemy. In Luke 1019, so we are out here trampling and I hope other people come with us because we are seeing a trend. A change in what's going on. We are making a difference.

We want to continue to do that and yes I am 100% passionate about this.

You know I think one of the things it may be going on in our culture Laurel is that first off, I've had the privilege of traveling some other parts of the world. Forget being a history of Christianity. There's there's there's no question whatsoever, or there's no there's no real opportunity for people to use her own voice and speak up without being exactly harassed, or worse, right. I think sometimes I wonder if my generation and older generations were just not used to being in the minority in America is for his faith and values were not in the minority and were not. But when out by that is I think we feel that way yeah now and I think we feel like and unlike you know it we need to stand up and fight and and use our voice for a time such as this. Amen. Right. Okay, so maybe it's not that we maybe were not happy with some things maybe were not happy with the decisions that have happened in our Supreme Court are in our legislator or who's in the White House or whatever it may be the second was right to give up and quit now absolutely not.

God did not give us armor to have us sit back in our lounge chair and say, oh look the enemies taken over. It's really bad. I guess I'll just sit here that's there's nothing biblical about that God calls us to the spiritual war, and we know our votes matter because just look at the difference in America based on last elections votes. I mean vote, your vote doesn't matter who is in legislator inlet and legislation in this nation absolutely matters and can we impact that we absolutely can't but we can't do it from a position of well I just can't look I'm going to be an ostrich, but you know we kind of done that with people because there are so many Christian organizations that just pump all the bad information out there and don't give you anything to do with it. So we create this anxiety among Christians where they just want to go, burying the covers, but God is bigger and when we have tools to provide them to make a difference. They are so happy and it's it's a good ministry were doing here and it's good people doing it, and the action partners with us are phenomenal human beings are guests of Laura Brooks. She's a national director of engagement for my faith it's my faith and Laurel when action partner Sagan within you to go WWW.action partners with or you can go to the mic website and click on become an action partner and you can sign up there as well and I'll look for your name well you are a fantastic radio guest thanks you probably you have your podcast. This is the Steve Noble solicitors does your faith vote needs to speak up for us the next generation things listening will be back Monday. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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