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Healthy at Home

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 16, 2022 9:24 pm

Healthy at Home

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 16, 2022 9:24 pm

Healthy at Home

Steve brings Jessica Wins on the show today to talk about healthy living at home and how to do so with clean air.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble back back up a couple years I thought back up a couple years and talking about the air we breathe, and in things that are going on and are we nervous about airborne pathogens and stuff like that.

Know whatever none of us to talk about that stuff and I watched you know you guys know this. I love movies I watch movies every once in a while. That was the big thing is it an airborne contagion and if it is were all dead and if it isn't well not such a big deal but it prior to COBIT. We didn't really think about these things. So when you thought about the air that you breathe forgot about outside. I'm talking about in your house or in a hospital or in a school. None of that.

So even a church. We talked about and also any perimeters like I know that the church is that we attend and pastors that I know all the started talking about when COBIT had started talking their installing these air purification systems and before I would be like okay I don't know that my time should be going to that, but now in the in the in the in the season of COBIT that were in there there's always one offers much protection to you in the in the church as we can, and I appreciated that. I think most of us did and so that was kind of in the last two years. A lot of us have garnered education that we were not expecting to get in or talk about things that we can talk about a couple years ago. That's just the season that were in so several months ago with my friends at truth radio. I met Jessica and Braxton wins at bright light air and I'm not upset to a lot of meetings over the years of said somebody with a radio show on a platform in my first question is always okay I'm only going to talk to people when it comes to business.

If there my brothers and sisters in Christ and that's of course the truth in it comes to Jessica and her husband, Braxton, and so I am interested because it was the air issue and before three years ago four years ago. I've been like what but today I'm like okay let me check this out now fast-forward a little bit because we have our first grandson Sue and her grandsons over at our house several times a week. I'm paying more attention to what's going on in his life and in the air that we breathe is become more of an issue for all of us.

Not that were we been given a spirit of fear, because we certainly have not been given a spirit of love, power and a sound mind, but a sound mind then means okay when you take some things seriously. So when I started finding out more about bright light and what it could do in terms of just air quality and not just inside my house, but before this is normal like we talked about this I remember about you talking about this like the air quality on airplanes or hospitals or manufacturing facilities in universities and healthcare places, even places like cruise ships and the Masons there because there's a lot of people that it doesn't make sense at home while not days of COBIT. I think all of us are changing her mind on that. Sorry to learn more about bright light air today and Jessica wins is with us.

The CEO and her husband Braxton is the C000.

So he's probably what you do. It is a calculator to send right now Jessica is he doing all the number stuff and keep calling out online.

The Lord for that. Anyway, it's great to see you in it. We appreciate your support of the truth radio network. I don't often do this but when their brothers and sisters in Christ.

And when I'm a user myself, we recently had a bright light system put in at our house and again like I said we we we moved about a year ago, Jessica. We entertain a lot more a lot more people we have 14 people over Christmas for several days. We have people over as often as we can. And it's just nice to know over two weeks and it's just nice to know that the air that we breathe in our home, especially for grandson is much cleaner than it's ever been.

But how did you guys get involved in this well for about 15 years. We actually were in business annually integrated different technologies into facilities mainly K-12 government to study, it was more on the instructional technology side of things that we did thousands of projects integrating technology on a five-year break because the Lord told us to go into full-time ministry to lay down our careers lovingly.

It was like one of those crazy like risk simple obedience changes history you don't understand, and we started a campus ministry about a mile away from Campbell University fire starters and that we literally just take a deep dive into just ministering to the next generation and the and it was amazing and then at 19. The Lord spoke to my heart again and I went back in the marketplace and I was thinking I hate the only take back to our youth to be like okay I'm trying to be obedient, but when the world and then immediately I felt like God really was just giving us a lot of wisdom about this business package and and and really just got inspired to you that and find the most powerful bio defense technology in the industry to reduce the spread 19 and infectious disease as a whole.

So we ended up building an incredible team of experts that surround right like technologies, people that have been 20 years in bio defense and bioterrorism, with our US military nationalistic air quality so huge, amazing team that we have put together to provide our clients with the best solutions for in person operation so we really trying to take care of the air that we share. You know, between me and you and is something mitigating that risk and that is where were set apart and in regards to the competition so crazy that the Lord knew something was going on 2019 versus 2020 is our whole world changed in that amount of time. But then, moving from the commercial space which is really where this is been huge and I daresay the word normal. Could you think about is always people coming in outer space, cruise ships, hospitals, whatever, but the move into the residential space to end up in my home. What was that kind of a natural move for you guys. Was that a COBIT driven thing or what will hug what was behind that decision specializing in commercial space and everywhere we would talk about what we were doing.

People would be like you never liked about this because when you think about protecting the people we love the most is right and we can draw you know the world out there that we can't control the world you know you the best that we can't protect the people that we love the most and South wanted to be able to offer these technologies to the residential space on and and you know just solution that we were not we have not given us. Our love and a sound mind. So I feel like the Lord had equipped us with some amazing technology that can protect. So instead of being fearful use of any solution to your yeah that's were also called to be wise. Evan could've given the spirit of fear but were supposed to pursue wisdom like a jewel in and anything else of high value. The Proverbs tell us about that sort of find out more about how this works bright light is the website and you're hearing them now on.

The truth radio network you'll hear more on the show and so when we partner together as brothers and sisters in Christ, mi Casa Su Casa were all put our shoulders to the same plow that we can all benefit from.

So working at some education understand what's going on here.

The website if you want to jump over there bright light were here with Jessica wins the CEO of the company. This is the noblest ignoble show will be right back Steve Noble to Steve Noble children to be with Dave talking Christ Jessica wins is the CEO of bright light air brake like technology and the website is bright light learning all about that. The partners hear the truth. Radio network and brothers and sister in Christ, her husband, Braxton is the COO and they were but they were in this industry for a while serving the commercial side and then I got call them in the ministry. Fire starters which is Donna Campbell, University of the 2019 Jessica about being but a boom he calls you back into the business world.

And thanks for clarifying this on the break that wasn't to leave fire starters Donna Campbell University was to add back in the business world, you know, because God can multiply space and time even though we had so and so. Thanks for sharing about that God still doing a great work Donna Campbell University to you guys a fire starter, so that's exciting but just today were just trying to learn more about bright light air and the technology helps a cleaner air, better in our homes.

Again, this is normal in commercial spaces and hospitals and educational places in churches when you go out on a cruise, whatever, but not so much in her home to help us explain how this works at me when the guys came out it was so easy and they cannot to install our system there like hey Mr. Noble here I'm like okay great. I'll be in her teaching kids and an hour later zig okay Mr. no one gone and that was it. It was so easy. It was so really nothing I can do. I'm a guy am supposed to have a list of supposed to do something, but but there was nothing, but there came a piece of mind knowing that all of a sudden we were breathing much cleaner air's I was at work. Jessica yes so our technology is a what I would call it biomimicry technology said the way that God designed air to clean outside on sunny geothermal energy ions positive and negatively charged ions clean air okay and on and so we are actually taking that same process that happens in nature and actually bring it indoors in the way we do that is by installing a technology that produces the same ions that are out there. We put it into your HVAC central HVAC system into your home and that way the air that is being distributed throughout your entire home is defusing these amazing positive negatively charged ion throughout your house and it continually you know deactivating pathogens, attaching two allergens Holland particulate matter that's in the air and continually cleaning the air. So on making your filters more effective causing all the stuff that you normally would read those very small small particles very small micron inside typically go deep into your lungs, causing as my problems that people have the air, cutting them to fall and what is really amazing about ions as well as the really Level 3 lab testing times that it has shown that were really effective in activating pathogen as well.

So, such that you the unifier is wild to think about that and of course are really shocked when God's already designed an answer to our problems and we just need to harness that you are mentioning things like influence a what so what are the things that it kinda deals with in our homes that and again I think three years ago. Most of us. Some people I know have been very aware and much more health conscious than the average American. I think most of us now are we more aware of it now.

I think the sad part is there's a lot of fear there but there's also a great educational opportunity which is why appreciate you being with us today so so what are the some of the things that you mentioned about want to make sure we understand kind of the benefits of having a system in your home and again they just came in and put it on into our existing system light wasn't a big deal. It was like a little Adam.

It was a piece of you don't have to redesign your whole HVAC system don't have anything out for just coming on what it is that you need on yes so bright light air show and you know Level 3 lab certified lab here in the US 799.998% ability to activate starts could meet you as well. As you 99 point different between 99 and 99 other pathogens such as influenza, flu and E. coli in mercy and probably a list of 1012 more you know, we don't realize what I think we all assume that it's just in it is its normal part of life to get sick when you run around it invited someone or something simple you can do is pushing her home, especially for us. You my father-in-law will be back in and he lives with us half the year. He's 81 and we have a nine month old running around our house. Now, several days a week and those things are again like I said I just got paid more, a lot more attention to it now than I did before. Have you seen that just in terms of marketing and getting out there and talking to customers with bright light air that the people are more aware of it now where they need, but I think there's still a lot of noise in the market with different solution and so a lot of people are very confused and I'm thinking that maybe something that they could buy for $29 on Amazon can do the trick. And the reality is there is a difference between bipolar and patient technologies and I'm really happy to tell you that bright light air technology we would install into your home is a thousand times more powerful than any other bipolar and technology and industry so it is leaps and bounds more effective because were able to actually maintain the ion concentrations that you need to deactivate pathogens effectively right so it's one thing to do it in a lab that then are we able to achieve the presentations in real-world settings.

In order to exceed the end goal of reducing sickness and disease transmission and and and you know in our real-world spaces. Why do you think that because I'm sure this is been used, proliferated on a commercial level and big space hospitals, places like that schools and such.

But that's what you guys were dealing with before. Why do you think it hasn't become kind of the norm, something that's is another abnormal thing up with all the students that I did, you would probably run into this at Campbell University with your ministry down there.

They have no recollection of a world without recycling boxes totally normal. Now today, you know, we spent a decent amount of money every month have really good clean water in our house will drink the well water we drink, the system what are we bring what we have water bottles delivered every year. What why we not thought about this, beyond just changing your those stupid filters in the house every six months and that we forget do it every 12 why do you think with. There hasn't been much penetration in the residential market, while honestly because ever since COBIT started a lot of the clients that had blinds or the government defines two school systems and things of that nature to pay for these types of technology so a lot of companies have been focusing on commercial sector right and so they really kind of just left the residential sector, on its own and and so wanted to be an answer, not only for commercial clients but also you know that homeowners that are out there. They say we want clean air in our home and we want to protect the grandparents when I was thinking of talking holiday. I want to expose anyone coming we do campus ministry. We have 40 kids that are in our home, worshiping, singing, and so the technologies that we have in our home had zero transmissions of COBIT 19 entire time we operated in the pandemic. The entire time. So we just been really blessed to have technology and some of the technologies that we use in the commercial world.

We later different technology depending on the risk level bright light air is one of the technologies that we integrate. We have other technologies as well that we can integrate different spaces to gather.

We provide the solution a custom solution but with a layered approach. So there is no silver bullet.

After all yeah that's right exactly right were talking to Jessica when is the CEO bright light air bright light air duct, but the links up on Facebook live today and I'll keep sharing that on Facebook and then everybody wants to know how much it costs comes everything sounds awesome. How much is it can make it that with 1499 in the Raleigh area.

If you're in the triangle area that includes the installation by train HVAC technician also and her air hammering home so they can be a little bit more than that, we have the option payment in the future we hope to offer more about you know monthly rate for well yeah and we all spend a significant amount of money on taking care of ourselves as we should bright light Jessica think so much for being with us today.

Thank you so much.

She'll really appreciate Jessica Wednesday and on the CEO bright light air. Like I said you had been a part of the show for a while. You're almost never going to hear me do like a business stop on the air but upset this for years since I got on the radio, and when I had my own small business when I had the house painting company I would advertise and then I started meeting other Christian business owners and then it struck me, I'm like you know what we should be a lot more like the Mafia like the Mafia we know another murder may have crime part.

But the part where you know the Mafia, be it real or just in movies. There really good at taking care of their own like we we should be better taking care of our own. So when I think of business opportunities or other people to put in the marketplace that are believers in doing a great job on Mike. If I can start with the believer. It doesn't mean that. Like I said what Jessica did not every believer that owns a business is running a good business. So just because you slap a business of fish on your card.

I'm not like the but I'll start their if I can start with the believer, then I do because were supposed to love inside the family of faith. First, we care for one another first inside the family, faith, and we go up from there and that's white.

Just when it happens it. That's because number one.

I believe what they're doing there my family in Christ and is it something I would have in my home. Something I would use and in fact do I and then once I cross those thresholds and then I'm happy to share the space which is in mind this is God's air God space, then I'm happy to share it and tell a story and let you know and give you help get you education and information and so I really push it just could be an on-again, that's bright light bright light so you can check it out. There go to the website. All the information we were just talking about is available for okay some of things and I'll get to some more covert stuff since were on the topic, but I wanted to start a couple of the places first. Our oldest son of a be heading out there a week from Saturday, so I'll be gone tomorrow and Friday had now to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Many of you know that my mother passed away a few weeks ago.

She was 90 lived a very full life. My dad died at 91.

They were married 64 years so I'm not there to meet with my siblings and start working through her stop and were doing a little service on Saturday so on were heading out tomorrow, so I'll be gone tomorrow and Friday so my buddy Stu Epperson Junior withdrew the radio networks and to do theology Thursday. Tomorrow with our friends at BJ you at the seminary and then Friday past Chris Connell dinner and then a week from Saturday. I'm not taking a spring break with our youngest and had not San Francisco to see our oldest son is I've never been there before slots can be wild and their dropping their mask dates. But here's a big thing out of San Francisco. This is wild and this is Virginia Loudoun County.

What we saw last November. The parent showing up right that's that should encourage politically. That should encourage up from up from up moral perspective. From an ethical perspective from a Christian perspective because of the things that are happening to our children in the school system. That should encourage you but to see that kind of activism in a place like San Francisco where they have more dogs than kids literally so this is wild yesterday and will in a landslide. San Francisco forces out three Board of Education members so that a recall election and recall elections fueled by pandemic angst and anger. San Francisco voters ousted three members of the Board of Education on Tuesday closing a bitter chapter in the city's politics. It was rifle infighting accusations of racism in a flurry of lawsuits. Listen, that's more than 70% of voters supported the recall of each member which included the president of the school board so is Allison Collins, Gabriel Gabriela Lopez and Fogo Malika of their positions on the seven person board which Ms. Lopez served as the president out there gone will be replaced by members chosen by Mayor London brief quote. It's the people rising up in revolt in San Francisco and saying it's unacceptable to bit abandon your responsibility to educate our children subsea barrage of sepsis comparative public school students helped lead the signature campaign to put the recall election on the ballot. Go get up.

Good job parents. The recall was a victory for parents who were angered that the district spent time deciding whether to rename 1/3 of its schools because you know like a really offensive, disgusting names like George Washington when they were going to rename 1/3 of the schools last year. Instead of focusing on reopening, such that virtue signal madness right but also appeared to be a demonstration of Asian American electoral power galvanizing moment for Chinese voters in particular who turned out an unusually large numbers for the election. The voters of the city of delivered a clear message said the London London breed the mares supported the recall the landslide result is already being analyzed for its implications for the city's upcoming elections. Dist. Atty. Chase sub Abu Dean is really progressive is one of his DAs it's like yeah we don't need don't need that bail that much. You know it's oppressive of faces a recall election in June right this is San Francisco so you can even get people very progressive very liberal. The people like yeah no especially parents who had enough soapy encouraged by the story. It's really incredible out that so this is a bunch of liberals that through a bunch of liberals up school board by recall vote which is like a lemon law. Are you stake when I can wait until the November elections. We want you out. Now she have to go through all the time all the trouble spend all the money to build a campaign to go get enough signatures to then do the recall boat which they did yesterday in the boom.

All three of them are gone the recall thing, can be abused.

Obviously you can pour a bunch of money into it.

Obviously, than go after whoever you want, but the other side of the recall coin is that is the citizen that the electorate taking a stand and doing something about it, which I would never want to take that away. Of course anything human depravities go to get involved in it can be abused, but be encouraged, especially parents that have kids in school. Be encouraged to be challenged by this are you doing anything to find out what's going on in your school, your child, school, and what you find out what's happening or doing anything about that. I just remember our good buddy and Burke all that's necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do what nothing so could involve it in their doing this is San Francisco.

This is gotta be scaring the bite administration. The entire Democrat party it's gotta be scaring them out of their wits that this could happen.

San Francisco, while because they always go too far. Don't think this is talk about some pain there should be some pain for a lot of people in school boards, but about the pain in your wallet. This came out yesterday producer prices jumped 9.7% explained second in the last 12 months and increased 1% in January, according to latest release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the producer price index, which is a gauge of prices paid for the goods used to make final products. So we go and we buy products right Home Depot, Lowe's, whatever. But those products get made by manufacturers. How much of the manufacturers experiencing inflation in the in the raw materials that are buying to to make the stuff that we turn around. Five. That's what the producer price indexes metals lumber for frame screens for serial even the glue used to package a product of the foil safety seal and jars of peanut butter. It's all a measure of inflation upstream from American shoppers and that means an increase in nearly 10% of what it cost, manufacturers and producers to get the goods they need to fulfill consumer demands means Americans are sure to see prices continue despite right. I thought it was transitory, Mr. Pres., meeting short-term the other day Josephus, so he said what you mean by transitory short-term like what short-term needs like I bring a smile being a smart Alec, I'm being a freethinking, free speaking American that can challenge the present United States. As you said short-term lives been over a year now generates 1% increase doubles the forecast of .5% month over month, an increase in the 9.7% year-over-year number beat the 9.1% forecast of inflation growth outpaces emote experts set the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics follows last week's 40 year high for consumer prices that grew at the fastest year-over-year rate since 1982.

Again, the apparent showing up at school board meetings and they're all you know you're all domestic terrorists and then you have consumer price index regular inflation for us, but manufacturers inflation 9.1% 9.7% and all that stuff flows downhill to you lands on your head in my head wherever we go shop for whatever products you somebody on Facebook. Why did Lisa just a dog foods even going up to okay so be praying into the election. Steve should I pray about election results. Yes, of course, are you kidding me. Yes, pray about everything.

Pray about the election. Absolutely you want levelheaded, logical, wise, discerning people in office.

I would preferred that they know and follow the Lord. But if they don't, I still want wise, discerning people who live in real spill is Rush Limbaugh uses real spill like you and me to live in real spill. Sooner or later you run out of leaves on the money tree should the federal government.

So yeah, I'm praying that these elections all the time. I pray imprecatory prayers. Lord, get rid of these bozos Kitimat office Salem.

I want to see them all safe. Absolutely. The Kitimat office is there train wrecking the country once again and then put in godly people.

If I can get on and if not godly and certainly wise and discerning levelheaded, absolutely. Okay.

So when we come back. Project Veritas does great work undercover work. Now they've got a guy the FDA and executive officer Christopher Cole taught an undercover camera talking about covert 19 and talk about the billions of dollars that flow into the FDA from the very objects of their oversight air quotes oversight and then he mentioned something about the kits right and an annual requirement to get annual covert vaccination. How convenient.

Member I said this before, but Pfizer maternal folks like that is a great if you can control both the supply and the pot.

What a business model so I want to play. Therefore, that's a six minute video baby you got here yet understand what's going on out there and pray that more more truth we expose before we do that this decision by the FDA to delay Pfizer's vaccine for little kids, which enrages six months for sick child abuse Steve Noble of Europe show recently with you. I'll be back live on Monday, God willing, I'll be out of town with family just deal with some things with them.

My mother passed away a few weeks ago. She's with the Lord.

Now she's out here as I like to say when a believer dies. My parents lived a long, full life traveled all over the place. Have for reason of the well-adjusted kids number 490, not so much that would be me, but let's look a long life. 64 years of marriage and so when a believer dies. I'm like, that's especially 90 my mother's 90 my dad was 91 when he passed three years ago Mike, that's sad but that's not tragic and they lifted super long life, anything on the other side, simply open your eyes to be absent from the bodies to be present with the Lord there like, oh, can I go back no take that personally.

You miss your son yeah but will see him again until my mother just a couple of days before she passed on Micah's mother told you before, I'm not to say goodbye to say see you later. I'll see you later Helen is later on well see you later.

So out of your out here man. Congratulations.

You enter into your masters glory your out and were stuck were left were left behind right so all be gone.

Had not tomorrow so be gone Thursday and Friday back on Monday, God willing, right. So here we go. This is when you read these title.

The title of this article. It should spike something in your mind FDA delay decision on Pfizer's vaccine for children to the low number of covert cases the trial while I wonder what is a low number. The Food and Drug Administration pushed back a decision on whether to clear Pfizer scope in 19 vaccine vaccine vaccine. Look it up. The word vexing to look at for children under five because both arms of Pfizer's clinical trial of a low number of covert, 19 cases of Pfizer board member and former FDA Commissioner says hello cozy little real relationship of former FDA commissioners now Pfizer board member. All the money since is a low number of cases overall in the clinical trial. Most goods are not getting symptomatic covert. One case in one direction or another can tip the percent that the perception of the vaccines overall effectiveness. FDA officials analyze data from when the trial when the trial gave children six months of age to four years old. Shame on you.

Shame on you Pfizer. Shame on you FDA for allowing it, especially shame on you. Parents essentially turned her six-month affordable child in the lab rat, a two dose primary regimen to determine the data was not enough for emergency youth officer authorization.

The trial includes approximately 8300 children 12 or younger. I really trust me the data that we saw it made us realize that we needed to see data from a get this from 1/3 Jos. Come on, it's just I set it on the brakes were on Facebook life, my friends, there listened of Pfizer's like, hey, if we you know honey you know many kids are in America kids 24 and under. Do know many people are in America 2400 76 million.

So all of a sudden working to be honest and say yeah the 76 million kids.

They don't need the backs. This is a big deal for them have some died, yes, some but statistically speaking it's like insignificant in terms of policy but but then you just took 76 million people out of the potential market potential customer 76 million, especially the younger ones with their parents that don't know any better. Virtue signaling at the expense of their own kids. They do that in the whole thing just drives me nuts. Which is why I really appreciate this story to listen to this. Okay project Veritas that they're at it again. The degree undercover work this time. They've got a Food and Drug Administration exec of officer Christopher Cole caught on undercover camera by project Veritas. Can we get ready to run this I want to hear the whole thing is like 6 1/2 minutes was gonna take the rest of the show, but just listen carefully up at the link upping the watch for yourself but I just want to be aware what's going just listen. Listen carefully. The some of the things that he reveals her talk about kids talk about Pfizer talk about emergency youth authorizations in the size of the market is really eye-opening stuff and praise the Lord for that is coming up okay this is project Veritas there talking with this guy undercover FDA executive officer Christopher Cole K run once it was possible so you will vexing result to your two persons were seen as drawings that are just meet Christopher Cole executive officer at the FDA with over 20 years experience claims to be directly involved in the approval process.

Various covert vaccines. What you're about to witness raises some alarming concerns from the government's desire to mandate an annual vaccine for everyone.

Children the billions of dollars that exchange hands between our government and big Pharma to railroad the approval process is numbered once you modify the I think what is lightning. She brings away, so we will bolster your system will be a manual for toddlers program talks to lot to get future realtor involved more. The FDA was scheduled to meet this week to discuss approval of the Pfizer vaccine for children as young as six months old. They were hoping to have the new vaccine available by the end of the month, but the meeting was unexpectedly canceled, citing the need for more testing is or process to choose under five years old. She's six-month of runners so will process all trusts are not sure we wonder, despite Cole's concerns regarding the possible dangers of vaccinating young children seems the FDA is still willing to go through with this approval rate for all all all all resignations must clean your letter is not full of some of you walking approved just as shy as you know, it's already not going to just remember I cared under the approval process. So how many 80s today have to chat, signaling for the trial.

You never is always just one long oh whole seems certain, the general government will require annual covert vaccine including young children. Even though the efficacy adverse reactions and long-term effects are still unknown. It's hard to find much with such sheet one no vaccines and everything we systems and test think that was your best selling machine. So I'm going to Marshall's and everything I saw was that the first shots were there. Yes is this is a high-end FDA executive okay to talk so that's Lee's dancing around right now they are all that said, all you represent our view just wait to see what he says in part two, about the billions of dollars exchanging hands between our government. I don't think so will will follow up on that with project Veritas and billions probable but with the be billions of dollars flowing between the FDA and the companies that there providing cortical approval for what companies are those Steve oh, I'm so glad you asked.

You know like Pfizer turn Jeff Johnson, wars and rumors of wars, darkness, gathering is your house built on the rock that's really the ultimate question. Can you stand the test of time for testing covert shots can be seen the test of time. What happened in this world can you stand the test that you know you go when you die. Go to my website the Steve Noble Click on the button that says heaven get that clarified who goes and who doesn't. Good people go to heaven's forgiven people go.

Make sure you understand that this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you real soon. I like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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