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Full Show With David

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February 8, 2022 12:17 am

Full Show With David

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February 8, 2022 12:17 am

Full Show With David

Steve has David Fischer on for the whole show today to discuss gold and investments in today’s crisis of inflation.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now there's your host Steve Noble done doing remote broadcast not to do that anymore. We are at the Lieut. Gov.'s office yesterday or North Carolina Mark Robinson that which is an awesome interview but for all of you on radio you like what you talk about your listening to some show from before. That's exactly right. Because we had problems getting through the firewall, which is a big problem these days with Internet security getting to the firewall to our little radio device that's probably about eight years old and so you've got issues there and I just get totally frustrated and so we did the interview yesterday on Facebook live in radio so now he pulled the audio I will turn that into a lovable hold by as if by magic, I will turn that into a regular audio version of the radio show and will play that soon for everybody in radio is a great interview, Mark Robinson, the blast obviously is very plainspoken and says what he means. It means what he says and that was refreshing. So that's what will I show back up on my guts traveling coming up so will play the Mark Robinson interview for you my friends on the radio for you on Facebook or YouTube.

You can watch it on Facebook live will that will you throw it over and you too Josh that will throw it up on YouTube as well and you can check it out. So that's our Lieut. Gov. Mark Robinson if you're here North Carolina. You know he is in is awesome. If you're outside North Carolina. You should probably watch it anyway because you will be encouraged and you'll love the fact that it's a an outspoken conservative who loves the Lord in this case happens to be an African-American, which makes it all the more spicy so that was yesterday. Okay so I'm just not doing remote anymore. You want to be on the show. That's awesome. I want to have you on anybody.

Whoever it is a good guess, but I'm not coming to you.

I didn't do that.

By the way it marks bass.

That was my idea. That'll blow up in my face yesterday so no more remotes on the show either zoom in: arts Derby here in the studio setting that aside that we wanted to do Monday Monday but things keep getting curled around and messed up. So really beautiful in the day and in great timing because there's so much going on and let me start by just saying hey America congratulations because you've finally reach that milestone, we passed $30 trillion in debt. 30 trillion with a T which is what I meant is a safe 30 gazillion because I'm a number doesn't mean anything to anybody anyway so big we have no way to relate to its owner talk about that the market yo-yo is looking at my own investments today going okay the last few weeks has been fine now.

There's been a lot of red out there to the market yo-yo the federal debt all kinds of things going on that will get some help today from our good friend David Fisher from La Marque M David how are you I'm doing great now want to make sure all news on the FCA government and world organization anyway but I just think your program going to welcome. Thanks for your flexibility and yet we might go the way of Joe Rogan in the whole world to come after us for telling the truth. So that's that's that's still some truth and Iver Becton which will get us band on YouTube for the next week, but quite frankly I don't care.

The truth is worth it. So give us an update on that was going on but I remarked in the couple's drug nominated in 2015.

The record straight. You can Google it.

It's right there in black and white and world health organization has listed sensual medicine endorsed hundreds of times by Dr. Lee.

The last couple years that this thing got a bad rap because the COBIT but did start an average day in the sun.

You can't push down truth and save calls when its true proof of it because I'm lecturing this one on my soapbox because my friend whose instrument who saved mine and Miriam's life program. Steve would've seized his neck before we got it and giving some pills to me to save our lives No doctor would give enough some pills because you know people like that would happen, which is happening now. They just use his shipment's. I would be talking on your program so I'm on little bit livid because the country is wanting a widely doing this. Okay, here's the facts I got is an article look it up. Call me if you want the article title is anti-viral effect against omicron and all mutant strains of 19 the fracture coming out, which is please the Lord. Japanese pharmaceutical company, so that we can go Monday. The drug I remember I have and trying viral effect against omicron" with 19. The company noted that I remarked and suppresses the invasion of the virus inhibits replication to secular writers came out and said were changing their effective headline that it is effective against omicron MAF PA refuse to respond to the freedom of information requesting written side effects of a remake in which the only one around if you take too much in the publicly stilled announcing the usage by remaking for: 19 the federal government pays hospitals across the country destroyed and not letting it. 19. Payment of patients, but the payment is tied to methods is not protocol right right make a big Pharma and all his friends any money nor absolute right but 22 countries use specifically with COBIT 19 based upon studies only two countries major countries that have not approved it is Japan and the United States before New Hampshire pushing for the first country to make eye remake in part as a COBIT 19 approved treatment offered medication, so making some headway, but it's really a pill bottle Battle of course they set the terms of the deal and they're all cozy with Pfizer Pfizer not wanting to release anything with their stupid, so-called vaccines are not vaccines for what 75 years and now there's another lawsuit against them on that one trying to get it leaking out quicker and we just can't get the truth from these people.

So forget I may just blow them off we go around for the sake of ourselves and our neighbors and our friends like David and Marianne dead and praise the Lord for that and work to keep talking about they can put me off or YouTube and Facebook all they want are still going to keep talking about it David, thanks for thou that information that update on the put on hold to get up there with David Fisher got a lot to talk about today. What's going on in the markets. Why the yo-yo. It's one of the national debt just reached 30 trillion. Great job America. Give yourself a pat on the back will be right. Okay, back to David Fisher and just to secular talk about Iver next and I want to just make sure you guys because our education system stinks is to make sure basic just basic definitions and will get back to David and and talk about all these major, major things going on the world of finance and investments was going on the national debt were to get through all of that but that they can we can we still use this phraseology right. The covered vaccine vaccine vaccine vaccine what the vaccine.

I'm so glad you asked a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several community provides immunity if the vaccine provides immunity by definition is words mean things. Let's look up immunity and the ability of an organism to resist particular infection aren't art auction by the action of specific antibodies or sensitize while white blood cells immunity community protection or exemption from something officially granted exemption from legal proceeding.

You have immunity from prosecution, which means guess what class they can't prosecute you.

Your immune. That means you won't get prosecuted.

The coping vaccines are not vaccines there COBIT shots that seem to be effective in reducing the severity of COBIT symptoms, especially for older people and people with comorbidities, but they are not vaccines that is a lie was the consumer protection agency when you need them. That's false advertising. Okay, they are not taught the COBIT shot the covered jab. Whatever but is not a vaccine. So working to speak truth and try to use accurate accuracy whenever we can hear the Steve Noble shallots go back to our buddy David Fisher. Sorry, David is had to get that off my chest before we go for my brother. Maybe we could save so many people from dying. It's as simple cost effective drug dollars for a slight day goes and goes over medications that the only hospitals only get paid if the amount of $5000 from example I've gone and try both and didn't work which didn't work because meteors almost close to $6000's. The antibodies colonial anybody treatment and I got ivory Mexican. A week later and within 24 hours completely different going to the hospital you on the ventilator yet. Just amazing.

Praise the Lord so that so keep searching for the truth and people going to get your news I read stuff all over the place. I trust not pleasantly. I use wisdom and discernment of power the Holy Spirit to help me find my way through all the garbage but never everybody are being sold all the time so pay attention okay source in the market go yo-yo like crazy. I was just saying I was looking at our own investment stuff of the last 30 days which is kinda pretty not pretty visible read. There than I would like to see if you just look at the last month you like red red red red red and so yo-yo but today we are up like what three and 50 points or something.

So what's going on with this yo-yo markets trying to do with abounds and what they're getting ready to do in March, which is raising interest rates, market does not like. Historically, when the Fed raises rates and sold having these push me pull you convulsions and when it gets down to a certain level it gets down to what you call a real technical support level like the 200 day moving average and deciding right then and there.

And this happened quite a few times in January and I'm a couple times in February. If it's going to break down through this 200 day moving if it did in the market was going to bear market go down 20 to 30%, which is that's what usually happens when it breaks that level. But what is happened is the government ensure investors through hedge funds come from a lot of money in and then you see the market bounce. This yo-yo so determine, but it's I don't think it's you operating as a market that's not being met. I think there's some manipulation going on here with the ways I just discussed, and until the market figures out if the Fed is really truthful if they're going to raise rates like they said they would for 53 times for sure. And when we offer that out all of the market will like it.

Like before, so that's why just built Facebook plus $232,000,000,000.01 in two days so I signed all the Facebook stock there myself but but Zuckerberg good, that's fine.

He deserves it. Market collapse and company stock in the history of the United States. While one day movement over 25, 22% drop her last week and see that was down the neck so remarkable you don't put all your money in the market right now. Just be careful in sight so I mentioned this earlier.

Everybody reach and get your hand behind your back pay yourself on the back because as an American we just accomplished. Really amazing task we just passed 30 trillion with a T $30 trillion in debt, the national debt just past 30 trillion last week, a major milestone doesn't matter matter surpassed well, let's go back in history are so took 245 years for us to get this place and there's only been one year that the national debt is going down 1835 they were on a spending spree and 2008 Fed Wyndham intervened with all the running of the depth of the country and if we wind up doing all the covert money $5 trillion in all the money and spending. We should be around $17 trillion in bed looking at a graph of how much the debt is escalated but were not there were significantly work. It's almost added 13 trillion so I wanted trajectory course and now some Alice are coming out said we we breached the threshold word the camels back has been broken by the straw and here's a fact. In January 2022 years ago before the pandemic, the United States, the Congressional Budget Office projected that the gross national debt would reach 30 trillion by end of 2025 I said on your your show year ago watch the desk in the balloon and it did two years ago when I can stay within these normal cost of the debt room spending spree. So since then we've added 7 trillion cells more than the projections by the Congressional Budget Office were spending like crazy damage.

The whole central time, the central bank. Steve have been saying they were leaning against inflation and now and pretend that we can take care of it, which they haven't anything in politicians that should work in the rain and spending it for years, many residents up almost federal borrowing limits and nothing can happen, but I think now what I'm reading is on the other side of this now living completely on borrowed time guys really it's really remarkable and so did get to the point David where it's like you get a credit card and also near Jack, your credit card all the way up and then even paying the minimum payments. All you can do that's got a tiny little bit a principal and there, but mostly it's interest. They know what they're doing in their socket to you whenever they can. Can this debt get so big that we can't even afford to pay the interest. Interest right now at 1/4 of a point where the landing out is $330 billion for this trillion perspective, but probably heard of the Peterson foundation ultra conservative foundation, Michael Peterson's the president said because of 30 trillion is already staring down the barrel of teens additional trillion over the next decade and 10 years CBO's to get more startling when talking to. David holds talking to David Fisher from landmark M and I must tell a bunch of my students today I'm showing projections in there like what's the field, Mr. Noble, and I didn't have an answer form will be right that is noble to see Bill down the road you get your first credit card knowledge Jack that bad boy all the way up and then you're out you know you're out a credit what you do then then if you get really bad to get another credit card. He needs that credit card to pay off the other credit card to get you out of that interest payments there and all that mess. But then you, Jack. The other credit card up and on goes there. Are we too many Americans that live like that. We to be really responsible that way, and add financial challenges because we just didn't have any self-control and then we grew up, and then other people. The government itself. That's exactly where were at what rat they don't pay any prices. There's no penalty. Please keep electing him document who said this is years ago is that once the people figure out that they can vote for themselves unlimited largess out of the public treasury. They will continue to vote for people that promise them more and more was exactly what we've done hey you give me that you getting me that Odette really felt college student debt relief only a low interest loan to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, that sounds good. Well, yeah, yeah, we have a moral obligation to make sure every American owns a home that's the American dream.

Yada yada yada and everybody just goes along with, which is why were 30 trillion in debt and climbing and I do not know what to tell my students anymore. When I look him in the face of them like listen when this all collapses and it will all be in heaven just to be here so you might want to try to wake up and pay attention or you just get swept away like this big giant tsunami that's coming your way. And so that's why we talk about the things that were so appreciative.

Our good friend David Fisher from landmark M As always David, thanks for your time is always to the Congressional Budget Office is interest payments for the next three decades just for interest payment is going to pull $60 trillion over the next 30 years. Just interest not natural for the tack that on the national debt because we can make the interest payment of 33 and 30 billion because we spend more than what we take in. So, since the numbers are so staggering. I got all the reports so this is just a green when you were not even adding look at the national financial obligation called the unfunded liability shall pensions in the unfunded Social Security and on the highway system since you made off which we through in jail because she did the little things. I'm sorry these key things the same thing were doing the same thing that will come. Why listed as a country will balance books don't talk about let everybody really know what they are and we enrolled home wireless clamps but will be United States is doing the exact same thing that you made off of them which are two different things. So the reality is people wake up and they're saying now that inflation is coming because if the Fed raises rates three times this year's interest payment of eight dollars on the national debt and where they should have. The rate is about 5%. Because the CPI, the real inflation number is 7% is 7.3% this Thursday will probably when the announcement which I said is going to go up while you will probably be someone there so we should have 5% to 5% interest rate payments which you realistically work should be trillion dollars of interest payment. I'm telling you this is why the Fed does not want to raise rates because it will cause a financial calamity like never before. So I think were initially 23 interest rate hikes the market will not like that the Fed will back away come up with a different way because they can't we as a country cannot handle the payments were not picking up revenue and we only have a $2 trillion budget deficit so and we eventually headed and all is soon in our site now just brutal and so central reserve to scrap the way trying to pick out the house of cards from collapsing because they know that that what happens to the society. What happens to the culture at large. In America they actually start to figure out they get truly woke to what's going on here. What what kind of price would they pay what what would people do. I mean it's is to be like Canada onwards in a flood the streets.

I mean it would be crazy so the Federal Reserve though this is really interesting and I'm I'm halfway from little more than halfway through Glenn Beck's new book on the great reset which had done several shows about myself, but he talked about this next point that the Federal Reserve's making an announcement on digital currency.

Why does the Federal Reserve want to get into digital currency, David, that seems a little convenient for them. Current wave of currency future. Possibly. What you won't be able talk without a second and so the Fed does want to be left behind as they say. So the Fed is saying okay, trying is already done. This rush is talking about doing this you you should be used as said we might do it and other countries are moving like El Salvador moving towards using bitcoin is the alternative currency. The photos are saying let's get involved in this and so they put out a two weeks ago a report on it called the Federal Reserve to be money and payments.

The US dollar in the age of digital transformation and in essence saying that there moving close to releasing this all because Joe's crypto currencies and the United States is not the first nation trying is already developed. There's like I said in the one that happened in 2014, but they finally released it totally here a year ago rushes is going to launch there's this year they said in the ruble digital currency Central America Salvador of a bipartisan infrastructure deal that's introducing restrictions in the crypto currencies but there also has to be in the hole for a fed digital currency under the pine administration which their entertaining this idea is a good idea so we have to vote on it so I hope the vote doesn't go through. But I can tell you this, the RS, as I said it's going to come down crypto currencies on CNBC here this week. Again, there is a special Internal Revenue Code movement toward crypto currencies $3.5 was seized in crypto currencies in 2021. That's 93% of all seizures by the RS was done in cripple currencies for criminal investigation seizures illegal crimes not paying taxes things like that.

So the Iran's, the government's water column involved in this thing and they want to make sure you get out a digital currency. It can be the Fed you think about it again. More than halfway through Glenn Beck's new book in the great reset when you look at the Federal Reserve, the federal government getting into a digital currency. Here's what you have to understand it's just like everything else we do online David when we eat you get a new app on your phone and you say, you know, here's the terms and conditions.

In the yeah I agree, then you give them access to all your information so they can follow you around so you look up new golf club and the next thing you know every single website you go to using an ad for a golf club and so they can monitor. So imagine that the federal government tries to get us to replace the regular currency with without a digital currency every single thing you do every single dollar you spent every incoming dollar, whatever you do there tracking so all of a sudden that the government has the ability to control that source because at the federal digital currency. Then you get to this, you know, and most people don't even know what ESG scores are that's environment, social, and governance.

That's where you come in and start giving companies a score based on how you doing in terms of like, what's the diversity like there what you doing for the environment and what kind of governance do you have a can of people are you hiring to have enough people of color in your business. All this going to stop. So all of a sudden you can have the federal government who now are all using their digital currency. Like all Mr. Noble.

I see you are applying for a home on unfortunately your ESG scores very low and we can extend you any credit. That's where the stuff goes and it sounds like crazy conspiracy talk, but this is the reality of the digital world and most people I think David here that just go home. Anstey sounded like Glenn Beck.

Now this is reality. This stuff is real. I don't know the people understand. I'm so glad that you talk about things that are not you know your market here in mainstream like CNN are starting to get with it because some information I talk about getting from Bloomberg news, which is kind of a shock but you're exactly right. I mean here's here's one for you. The IRS was trying to implement that.

You gotta take a picture of yourself and send it through to them to the portal so you can view your tax accountant online access. The tax your taxes online.

So yeah, this is what were going you were losing privacy and work. The government through IRS and other mechanism is gaining more control sign of the times and that's why they wanted to reduce this digital currency because they can be valued just through stroke up in August will pick you up in the morgue keyboard and you brought up modern monetary theory before NMT and that's where the people to great reset like that doesn't matter.

The only thing that matters is inflation and even taxes don't matter which is use taxes to control people's behavior but but that doesn't matter because as long as the government controls its currency. Then we can just print more.

This is exactly what we do in the United States and its shocking you can see all this stuff out in the future because we have the technology and the wherewithal now in the desires building and as the debt situation, not just here in America but around the world gets worse. That's were sooner or later this because we've been clamoring for a Savior. For a few thousand years. People like this can help. As this can help us all. We got a new idea. We can reset the whole thing. And here's how this is working will use digital currency are basic all thank you Lord. This is travel masquerading as an angel of light. But you're a believer, David, you're a follower of Christ, am a follower of Christ.

We know this ultimately is in in in that regard.

I don't have to worry about any of it except for our kids and our neighbors to talk about that when we do about all this. How do we prepare ourselves for what can we possibly do about the onslaught of all this craziness talking to David Fisher from Lamar M. will talk about that as we come back. You may think you may think it's February 2021 more like 84. Seems like they to Newport building 1984 not talk about the actual year that where he lived and survived and went through pretty good to me for graduated from high school in 1984 that is.

So there's that no-no were talking about George Orwell actually and so you never read anything about George Orwell. You need to do that you need to get that clued into that as prophetic at this point really amazing.

Some of the things that he said and I shared an Orwell quote the other day on Facebook which lowered my ESG score as if I care and and so that's you have to pay attention yet to be thinking a little more deeply than just the news of the day or your own. We but most of us live pretty myopic lives right. We pretty much as pay attention. Our little world and our bills in our family stuff and that's all great but there's a lot more going on. This can affect our neighbors and our children for for generations, and the question is what are we doing about that were paying attention like what you're seeing happening with Joe Rogan right now is all part of it. Orwell said this truth is treason and an empire of lies.

Just think about that for a second truth will go back to David Fisher decide what I remarked in what state he does wipe that's literally save their lives. Okay, truth is treason and an empire of lice do you live in an empire of lies. You do we know in an empire of life, especially the last two years 2020 2021 ounce 2022.

Especially the last two years and empire lies here in America from the federal government on down and I voted for Trump twice, but he was just a fool not knowing what is actually going on around them trying to keep a billion people from dying and just went with it. Val Jean Burks and all that stuff you kinda got caught up in it that wasn't his forte and they just basically rolled rolled over and rolled around.

Okay, truth is treason and empire of life you live in an empire lies so when you tell the truth that that's treason, which is why Joe Rogan's public enemy number one Elvis talking about things that he said 10 years ago and misused the N-word stuff like that because he's not speaking the truth. He's giving his enormous platform.

The people who are speaking truth like Dr. McCullough, Dr. Malone something to destroy because you live in an empire of lies where truth is treason and what we do to traders we kill them, i.e., digitally speaking, we canceled which is exactly what's happening to Joe Rogan and then I see Facebook dial down my numbers on Facebook and whatever I don't answered any of these people answer to the Lord's organ continued to tell the truth about what it costs us because one day I'll be in paradise with my Lord and Savior.

None of this stuff will matter anymore, and eventually his kingdom will come back to earth and he'll settle all the accounts and that'll be awesome. I will be laughing on that day because as a whole lot of people that are going to be weeping and gnashing of teeth. So knocking a delight in that the day is coming okay so remember that. Make sure you're building your house on that rock sent David while I'm all over the place today. Thanks for being here bro you're out all right free our country should do is tell the truth and say here's what a real fold. That is hundred and $60 trillion, not 30 trillion C should tell the truth in a week. There's no way in God's green earth that we can pay this back. Not even a miracle financially.

Although the intervention of the Lord and the Lord's knocking intervening in the dad in that capacity I don't think I'm in. I would love it to happen, but soon the Scripture. Shoney's never done that financially. So let's tell the truth of the country, but they will rather be dishonest in saying that that is not a big deal just going to see if we have inflation in the am truthful about that. The Fed is and so the plan is if I am what I could say here's what I think the plan is several ways rage strip four times enough to not really crash the stock market, but enough to say were doing something about it, but really do nothing about it and let inflation run and that's the dishonest way of dealing with this bad for it affects middle income in the lower income person gratis get crushed. That's why. This reset is coming and this can be a painful process. Glenn Beck is exactly right. Dozens if not hundreds of people billionaires and economists are saying the green great reset is not the next generation away. Now it's coming so this is why we talk about precious metals have. It's not the only solution it's a piece of the pie of the solution and that's why we say diversification, but there is a big movement states are waking up. Steve is towards having precious metals in this note about that which is I've never tells about that because this is why so in Ohio Arkansas West Virginia Wyoming Louisiana Arizona they already have taken away the taxes on when you buy or sell gold or silver course if you buy from a national company for much.

There is no taxes because you're buying natural several states Ohio recently fall Texas making allocation is public pensions, along with New Hampshire and Oklahoma, Wyoming and Idaho also examining legislation right now to empower the state treasurer in the streets, physical gold and silver in the reserves because the space that already done this, they found out that it brings stability in this environment where all the money uses either in treasuries or bonds. Idaho right now. House Bill 522 Oklahoma House Bill five 3681 I would permit, but not require the treasurer to hold a portion of funds in physical gold and silver against the risk of inflation financial turmoil default. This is something with me. The government won't do this only summer's goals in Fort Knox. The states are seeing the big problem with the dollar hedge fund manager seeing big problems. All people are waking up because this is going to turn into a great reset and caused a huge problem in the states want to make sure they have the head against with negative rates are 7% inflation. The banks are paying a quarter-point half a point that's negative so they have to hedge themselves and that's why they're saying gold to make a move indirectly, otherwise they would be buying it and putting all the money they're putting a portion of it, just like every wise and prudent investor should think about.

So this is me up was like well states are moving or moving this direction Texas a big college fund put a couple billion dollars, or about 15 years ago, and gold children did real well so I'm I'm going to watch the trend will keep our listeners up to date on this but that's the news that's coming out because that's how our Constitution wanted to be laid out as the states have the right to take care of themselves and they know the federal government is in a do it so they're trying to sort out their own defenses and okay you guys can go down with the ship but were not going to slats very encouraging to hear that so funds were not state people we don't run governments were just little folks out here the little money here and there. Some of us have little more than others. So how do we kind of approaches data may not. You know, I know when they were out here. Okay that's great but we have to live in the here and now, at this point so just help us understand what we do in this environment of instability that governments are just crazy and insane. They're knocking to do anything that's ultimately can help us what we do to help ourselves and help our kids and I just help our bottom line about how Stewart like you've done for our company and many others of your listeners arrived on a portion of your money in the precious metals all your money don't have any of all your money and anyone that's that's not being a wise and prudent steward because the Bible says a portion to seven apportioned it because you do not know what treasury maybe for you so well over some physical some money your diary and into another IRA with no taxes and by some physical gold, silver or or and/or over the calendar and you can rollover 401(k) funds we can you call my company learn about the children if they do bail and they can access 100% of your money do what I think they're going to do that, plus inflation snuggled in a 500% from 1975 1980, Schubert double that in the Dell went down 3% during the period of time, so stocks are not good asset preservation of wealth during high inflationary times and it looks like that's the choice for the Fed is taking so this is why call my company learn about this. There's no pressure wall about encouraging you and giving you wisdom and knowledge and therefore you can make a decision what is best for you and how the Lord will guide you to do this or not, which is exactly what we should have done with the whole time.

Here's the information what's best for you and your family. Given your circumstances and that's such an important thing Becky on Facebook live David what a profound question is the government trying to destroy as economically as as part of the great reset. Yeah, I think all the people that are in the great reset which would include Joe Biden you look at the things like Alexandria Castle Cortez, the new green deal. Once they try to figure out what that would cost the country. It was $90 trillion okay $90 trillion over the time of implementation you got yeah they wanted to train wreck because then they get to usher in what they think is the solution which is the great reset and there's a growing number of government officials.

Certainly corporate elites, think tanks, people like that, the world economic forum.

Yeah, that's why they're not losing their minds about it because eventually they thinking this is the pot at the end of this writ of of this rainbow is our control in our worldview. I mean this is this is exactly what's going to sound psycho but that's exactly what's happening with people and I appreciate you saying that David you what you guys want to do is encourage and educate and empower people how can they take that step what they need to do give us way for 46042575. Again, this is not an infomercial or 4575 or go to the website

As always, thank you so much for your work in your study and bring in. That's David help us understand what's going on in the world around us. It's all about stewardship and as David said they would love to help educate you and empower you. You, the decision is yours looks the way we should of been thing the whole time but that's the way David and his wife run their business and we thank God for that, David. I love you my friend. Thank you for your time will talk to you real soon my prayers. Thank you so much. We'll talk soon. Thank you God bless you David for sure are good friend.

Landmark As always, this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall, God willing. I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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