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Lt. Governor Mark Robinson

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 7, 2022 5:00 pm

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 7, 2022 5:00 pm

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson 

Steve hosts Lt. Mark Robinson today and has a GREAT conversation about America, North Carolina, and the principles that make a great nation. 

Our goal is to apply Biblical Truth to the big issues of the day and to spread the Good News of the Gospel to as many people as possible through the airwaves as well as digitally. This mission, like others, requires funding.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job.

Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth.

No sacred cows calls at 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now is your host noble well I called the American autopsy American autopsy that charming of that lovely effect and I thought and am just going to look at some of the things going on internation. Currently this week and kind of try to make some sense of it. I guess we can possibly do that. Things are raging in so many things are just more the same but we need to pay attention to the world that we live in, and by placing American autopsy. The America that we've known and loved.

Despite her flaws because we never ignore those here in the show, nor should any of us, but that despite all that still America is not been losing her way for a while but particularly in the last few years and of the last 10 years and really over the last 20 things have I deftly sped up. Have they not so as I worked in the stories today. I'm not believe me but I get aggravated I get angry. I get frustrated, but these are things going on around us while were still here before we go to be with our father. Hopefully, you know, having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and you know what it means to be born again. I say that often on the show because that is the crux of what it means to be the person that is heaven bound when you die, whenever that day comes in for a lot of people in America. Unfortunately, the numbers are still about 70% of Americans about 70% of us will say yeah.

Hey Steve yeah I'm a Christian now for a lot of people.

That's just the default position right. I'm not an atheist, am not an agnostic. I don't think I'm not Buddhist I'm not a Muslim, not a Hindu, am not other things I believe in God in a know that the Bible's got some good stuff in there. II you know I don't I don't really read it or anything, but you know like that that the golden rule and things like that and don't judge anybody and then the Jesus yeah awesome Jesus just all right with me, so I would call myself a Christian and you've got an enormous number of people in this country that fall into that category you say are you born again and you don't know what I'm talking about. If that's you, then I would just invite you here before we dive into these new stories for this week to go to my website not to buy something not to sign up for something but to just go read and consider for yourself what God actually says about who and who does not go to heaven. So if you go to the Steve Noble in OB Ellie show the Steve Noble and at the top of the page going to see the word heaven. Just click on that is exactly what the Bible says about who does and who does not go okay. Just setting that out there to begin.

So let's dive into some of these stories here going on right now as 1984 the sick or well, the only thing you got wrong was the date and so just wild things in terms of privacy and freedom in controlling the narrative we are on Facebook, live allegedly were on YouTube live allegedly I've had issues with them right now on Facebook for about 30 days looks like a 30 day. They slapped on the radio show page and there dialing us down. They literally can throttle you down. So even though you might be speaking at this level Facebook via Facebook and can jump can jump in and make this level. It's almost like a dove. Joe Biden press conference make this so they dialed us down by almost 60%. So reach views everything so that's the world we live in very Orwellian is not so here you go to stories chilling Biden allies now prepared to censor Americans text messages for what they're calling this information on: vaccines so I raise your hand if you haven't been vaccinated. I got my and so there you go, Mr. Pres., here I am. I feel free to send some your folks to my house asked me questions and help share the gospel with them. Here's the story by now. I groups including the Democratic National Committee are also planning to engage fact checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers.

That's text messages. That means to dispel myths information about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages. Politico said in an alarming passage. The goal is to the got information report that they got hold of the goal is to ensure that people who may have difficulty getting a vaccination because of issues like transportation, see those barriers lessened or removed entirely. What we are steadfastly committed to keeping politics out of the effort now all right stop right there.

Almost nobody in America could keep politics out of whatever effort you're talking about. Everything is politicized. Everything is politically weapon eyes that's been that's the world we live in are is my buddy Steve days over the place as we no longer live in a country ruled by law, we are ruled by political will and the Democrat party. The D&C Biden's sake.

All the rest of them literally have more political will in that goes along with the mainstream media okay were steadfastly committed to keeping politics out of the effort to get every American vaccinated such a joke so that we can save lives and help our economy further recovery company same lies because didn't you know. Overall, including when we throw in there. The 80 and overcrowd the overall survival rate for coping is still about 99.5% White House spokesperson Kevin Munoz said when we see deliberate efforts to spread misinformation. See the problem is with how they defining misinformation. We can do that as an impediment to the countries public health and will not shy away from calling that out and you know, throw up your sign me Mrs. government control to the nth degree will. Maybe we should just go down and join the march in Cuba. There he struck the restriction of Americans text messages is an escalation in a bid to censor dissenting views on hot button issues such as the 2020 election in vaccines, while social media giants have hidden behind section 203 protections and invoked private terms and settings 230, and invoke private terms of service to justify selective censorship.

The mobile phone industry is subject to a different set of regulations under the FCC quote. The FCC is barred by law from trying to prevent the broadcast of any point of view. The FCC website communications act prohibits the FCC from censoring broadcast material. In most cases, and from making any regulation that would interfere with freedom of speech, freedom of speech. So it was so antiquated expression that do not involve a clear and present danger of serious substitute people come under the protection of the Constitution which guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the suppression of the FCC, according to an FCC opinion on the subject both the public interest is best served by permitting free oppression of what this principle ensures that the most diverse and opposing opinions will be expressed even though the highly sensitive but there is, however, they, however, there is a much Noble shows that you go to a black lives matter event and all the feeling people are like now I don't have a long as we should listen to him.

Obama and again blood bought the Lord Jesus Christ and should I care about the plight of my black brothers and sisters at absolutely amen. No matter what your skin color is the plight of the oppressed, the downtrodden people that are abused, misused, whatever. Even when sometimes regardless of skin color, it's your fault if you're if you're in trouble in your life, your fear impoverish because of sinful choices. We should still have compassion. Otherwise, none of us would be in the kingdom right got a compassion on us and we need to have compassion others, but we also need to do what the facts as they exist, which is why were so excited to have Kevin McGarry on with us today. He's the president. Every black lives matter and also has been involved in Frederick Douglass foundation is been ministering to ministers for years, and Kevin. We really appreciate your time today. Thanks so much. Thank you Brett Regan. You're welcome. So last year than we get George Floyd, which obviously a horrendous incident and I just heartbreaking and lamenting in and for Christians on the air all the time Kevin I'm reminding all of our people. Everybody in the church that perhaps before we get angry before we get political. We should lament over some of these things we see happening in our country and be appropriately heartbroken. But then what that would George Floyd and then BLM just absolutely exploded in what was your take on that because it became a massive movement. We saw it happen all over the country as it descended into chaos. But there making money hand over fist. It's just was a remarkable year. That would actually be quick quick. Your mom and go start every black like matters. We thought we saw hatred bio vileness, violent destruction, mostly destruction of black and brown areas and we so churches working alongside BLM we thought will strain most of these people probably don't realize the organization that they're working with. I get a group assent, but we also owe horrible.

George Floyd was murdered for that night and by minutes and 45 seconds and so we can get a sentiment.

Everybody could get on with what we couldn't stomach would be to march with people that were really cool bio evil precipitating billions of dollars in property damage instruction most again, black and brown businesses well into foe was torching black and brown businesses.

BLM leaders feel embers were standing around ghetto clapping, shouting interest or bringing it up at the expense of black brother that were destroyed permanently.

So anyway, so we saw this in a called meeting to look at what do I know you have Frederick that was foundation done with leadership and to know you do some ministry work. I know your IT guy like me, but we've got to do something well. I pray about that because we both have full plate so we prayed about it, came back two days later we could, you know what you going to call. We did not want to. There's a lot of great black conservative organizations, the state applicant BLM in different ways of the within Institute you have Star Parker and project you are and you have so many other great patriotic black conservative organizations. We did not want to be sort of tertiary in that regard, we want to be in the exact same lien is black lives matter, except we wanted to reframe the argument we borrow from their nomenclature because he did a lot of momentum. They had approximately $10 billion last I heard in confined donations over the next 10 years about billion dollars your suit so they were so what we wanted to do was leverage real through the murky so we we could look one week or so every black like matters and that is a couple of things so you can imagine BLM coming up to you and say hey Steve likewise matter blow black lives matter and you know before you would probably say no. What you know me if I say yeah been bowing to them what I do know you actually have an alternative that put them on to the derivative is you know what to me every single black life matters. Every single white every single black life matter to you right now we're in a quandary right because before they could say their sincere before they can play black lives matter. Generally every single black hole like the better. Specifically, so we put them on it. We actually put them what and it gives the upper hand with the talking points to get the upper hand with a look.

I'm tired of seeing the atrocities against the black community targeted strategic extermination in the womb by plan. Others I'm standing up her every single black light from the womb to natural conception to the great that we you stand with me for every single black life battery and now you really put them at night because all the pool when you put them on the stand with that Kevin and they start to struggle what their answer. You realize that that the BLM movement, BLM, Inc. is not really it's not really about principles that a principled person can get behind. It's not really even about the kind of justice that we should long for as followers of Jesus Christ, I guess, and at its base level, it's just another political movement. As I write correctly point line of reasoning line of questioning we actually help them to connect to your not really about black life, what you are is your political act. Just all met, not about justice. Justice begins in the will not about that.

You are a political activist.

Your hypocrite so you know, just to save you right I'm a political activist, and opportunists from taking advantage of the moment. Just own that don't come in our face talk about. We don't care about Blacks or black lives we care much more than you do with putting our feet to the ground were putting our resources into every black life matters make a difference in these communities. That's what we said and you need to be standing with us so good will.

One of the most common questions from my you for this gazillion times if you heard it once from my white evangelical friends, white followers of Jesus Christ is trying to grapple in trying to understand with the disproportionate effect of abortion in the in the racist eugenicist history of Planned Parenthood.

It was interesting watching the new Planned Parenthood CEO try to disavow themselves from Margaret Sanger and we watched from the outside Kevin and we look at the quote and quote black church in America. We thought were like what Weiser such a big disconnect here where like you said earlier, realizing that were were voting our own demise, especially when you 35% of abortions are African-American, 13.4% of the populations African-American. How do you kinda help us understand the disconnect there your mainstream media.

They won't characterize play.

What they are doing or any of the other abortion mills and what they're doing as being so a lot of people and within the body of Christ.

A lot of black churches in particular don't even know what I hate when I engaged there shocked. You know honestly shocked because I we put up the exact quote in the article and references with with Margaret's finger said we know what the word to get out that we want to really exterminate every you know the entire population. That was her words that was so that's reset 13% of the population that you sent last week and 1/2% are women only about 3% are so very talking to Kevin Gary will be right there right, that was a rally to push the legislature. Typically, unfortunately, Republicans here in North Carolina about trying to get some.

A law passed that would ban vaccine passports, mandatory vaccines at the state level as well as for private entities like businesses, movie theater, you start to see this I started look at a listers, there's sports venues that are start to do this require vaccine proof of vaccine. Yada yada yada. And in this is just a brutal reality of things are getting crazier by the day. You know I think anybody that's mature Christian would be willing to say that we've seen a increase the ask things of accelerated in the last 14 to 15 months which are on one side and be like oh man this is terrible. Look what's happening Bubba Bubba, blah.

But on the other hand, might well for accelerating towards the return of our king okay with that. Now there's bad things that happen along the way and on final judgment day that I'm not can be kick in my heels because it can be people that are not in the kingdom. And that's can be brutal and in you and I know some of and that's not can be fun but that day is coming and so no matter how dark things get difficult things get, no matter what kind of pressure comes on you as a Christian here in America.

Just remember that yet.

You're living in a cultural moment, but there is a metanarrative there's a bigger story going on. We know where that story ends up we know the overall decline of mankind. We get to the point where everybody's thoughts and actions were like in the days of Noah, continuously evil that will happen no matter how much you protest rally give full whatever you're knocking to change that. But we are called to be salt and light in the meantime and the love our neighbors as ourselves.

So we engage we live in between these two worlds. Okay, that's just the tension of the Christian life. You can't get rid of it in one of the big topics that were talked about all the time black lives matter does every black life matter yes indeed. Of course it does. That's where talking to Kevin McGarry today is the president of every black life matters. Every

I love that you guys have that in your website address I Kevin I've been sharing that today. Not every you will get hives at typing and don't worry about it it's it's all for the cause of of God. But again, thank you so much for your time today so help us understand because there's more than just we can we talk about police brutality and I do this. Kevin with with conservatives that are back to blue and I'm like yeah me too, but I can look at every single organization whether be the church. The police check for late, you name it and this can be a certain percentage of people that just are good people and probably shouldn't have the job and when you look nationwide and go and I'll ask people that question. What percentage of all the police in America. Do you think probably should be employed tomorrow for whatever reason some people will say 2% affects people. Kevin save 25%, but usually will average out at about 10% hug okay will.

That's 75,000 police officers nationwide because they about 750,000 sworn in police officers on the street and that's a serious situation, but that's not the only thing we should care about when it comes to black life matters doesn't is that it is there is that the only thing here. So what every black life matters doing I were setting up for life at conception were standing up for early childhood development. You know what we have will be here during the summer months kids being slaughtered in Chicago and Detroit, New York and other highly urbanized area due to stray bullet. That's a real problem. It really it's mostly going to black ghetto urbanized high population centers and somebody stand up for the families will be here the nuclear family being decimated by virtue of the policies that were committed with LB. Were setting up for fatherhood, standing up for the nuclear family were encouraging the nuclear family. We are encouraging free-market capitalism that one of the that is the single most important strategy for break bringing people out of poverty. Shortest period of time retells that it confirms that it is the most unobtrusive in invasive away to actually allow people to exercise talent and abilities that God innately gave them when he created so sore of all these things because we are sincere about black life. Now there are some serious plight, which is why we don't know were asked sometimes when you just say every life matters. All life's look.

You just one quick analogy for your listeners. If we said we we live in a community we could all of her houses mattered and that one of those houses on fire.

If we are sincere about all those housing houses, battery, everybody would jump in and try to put the fire right three point that's what were doing with this and if we say all I everything is equal no matter were dismissing the specific plates that are targeted in the black community where you talk about Margaret Sanger wanting to exterminate the Negro population. Her term that is a specific targeted plight that Blacks have to fight. She didn't say we know we want to target. You know Asian children and white black.

She took the Negro population. The other targeted plight within our community is the school systems. School systems are OR are bearing their tethering black and brown communities keep their funding.

They don't want to allow school choice program communities and so they have a captive audience typically targeted you. Ironically, Steve most of the plate. All of the play somewhere out. Within these communities of color are all policies driven by left progressive imagine that imagining so were going. That's the heartbreaking thing. I think people really struggle with with their reaction to phraseology.

Critical race theory which when asking about whether were talking about systemic racism.

People get triggered so easily and we react emotionally and as opposed to critical thinking, which is what you are explaining it for you and your wife going okay. Let's set our standard as the word of God and let the chips fall where they may.

Based on the truth of God as we apply it to the world in which we live and willing to go there politically, even if it means that you have to change your talking pattern for the past two decades or whatever and that that critical thinking. So for people when they just get triggered at all. I mean I was at an event last night mostly white conservatives and African-American pastor prayed and I he happened to mention racial reconciliation and probably three quarters of that room. I hate to say it. Kevin probably bristled at that as a Christian, why, when I bristle at the thought of racial reconciliation or reconciliation at all because that is the gospel. If you want to go there and you should but help you understand that that the that we should feel and react to the plight of the black community and in critical think ourselves as opposed to just reacting emotionally likely right, reconciliation and unifying interracial cueing like: you don't really within the body of Christ you know all of us Christians should know is racial reconciliation was already done. 14. 22 feet where you basically sort out all barriers between male and female Jew and Gentile in my gosh is a Jew and Gentile. I was so ghetto force at that time he could tear down that certainly you know what we have between white and black, per se, here, nothing compared to so within the body of Christ resort until he is already done. However, reconciling ourselves what we like to call it quote reconciliations with what that means we need to reconcile ourselves with the gospel again because so many of us have been disconnected from the Scriptures and the word of God that sets us free from all of this foolishness is currently going through. We call for a local reconciliation. Let's reconcile ourselves with God again because we we miss it so often and so much especially with the artesian liberation theology, black liberation theology, social justice, Gospels, and all these other things that are coming into our church will have taken to using the phrase re-segregating America because I think that's exactly what's going on re-segregating America based on racial lines based on inner sexuality now are doing with COBIT vaccine don't get the vaccine in and it's really remarkable to see this in CRT critical race theory is is remarkably damaging in that regard. Our RMI off some here we start we we go cross country and we do workshops and seminars talking front back were either interactive intensive Q&A exercises, workshops, and we do a full deconstruction of your key critical race theory we do a deconstruction on liberation theology, black liberation theology, and then we do a compare and contrast with the social justice versus the biblical so we do these things in what we start our lessons were workshops with this book will be things are demonic. You can challenge us by the end of this by the end of the day. We want anybody that comes away with and not see that we please take that these are demonic and we haven't had anybody really talking to Kevin McGeary, president of every flashlight matters in my lab just put a link up to those resources. Race theory resources CRT to tell me know. Every black life matters. good version okay every got events I got training resources we have to share the links for critical race theory resources trigger church training, corporate training, dealing with black liberation theology dealing with critical race theory. There's so many different things on here in one of the cofounders Kevin McGarry is what that's president of every black life matters such an important conversation in the conversation that we need to continue to have Kevin I had a couple people on Facebook live, wondering what kind of blowback you and your wife have experience as a result of, going down this road. We know all that the types of name-calling that goes on when African-Americans become conservatives and stand up for these things. But what's it been like for you guys. I can I can say that we haven't had any blowback we have, may have some family members that just don't understand or you can see I we have any name-calling or anything like that, you know where were sincere about supporting black life wishes here about supporting the word of God. So were not doing it any political or calculated ways will you don't really get any blowback that way.

So by God's grace treatment we been doing well protected not have had to have those types of incidences come to directly.

Are you worried about me. People throw around the phrase Civil War, Kevin. I'm calling it a cold Civil War.

I think we are in a cold Civil War and fortunately as the as the country continues to divide.

I mentioned earlier Ms. in the phrase the resegregation of America are you concerned that level in terms of what you see happening nationwide on the subject.

Well, you know more concerned about the condition of the bride of Christ at work about the church were Street interrupt into Civil War. I mean the black community with that is not that that would not work out well and so we should all pray against that. But I'm more concerned that we have approximately 40% of black churches, black pastors who are holy in alignment with James cold and black liberation theology more concerned that we have a large percentage of our church population, white and black churches that are sensitive to CRT would use bits and pieces into their sermons more concerned with churches that would not stand on the gospel is that the gospel is good enough to try to use social justice and there gospel messaging and the reason why I'm concerned is because there they don't understand or they don't recognize that there are literally cursing themselves in cursing their congregation for any of your listeners get electric about such a statement. I would just encourage them to read Paul's words in Galatians 1819 pretty emphatic you would see himself in one night. It was emphatic even if an angel from heaven come to give you one type of a different gospel than what we have preached they are accursed to help me take a little bit of the gospel in a little bit of security little bit a little bit of liberation theology little bit of gospel and lucrative social justice literally were perverting the gospel to ourselves and all of our parishioners that went by that foolishness also being cursed so you don't we've got to get the bride of Christ together. This is paramount for me. I'm passionate about this because it's the entire we need to straighten out. Yeah that's it so important that I think that oftentimes we have more fervor. Some people have more fervor, more dedication to seeing America quote unquote saved as opposed to looking at the bride of Christ and going okay that judgment begins in our house. I read that some Judgment begins in our house and in we oftentimes visits it so easy to kinda look out there. I used to say this all the time Kevin it's really easy to point the white-hot spotlight a judgment out there at the culture but it's a lot more difficult to turn around and pointed at ourselves and in if we want to have an impact on this culture. How can a broken's adulterers bride of Christ have any impact on the culture around her while she can't and so that that's the real challenge that I'm so thankful that that you're bringing this up and and I really appreciate. I wanted to say this right quick. I really appreciated your response to my question about race wars and stop because I think one of the things that we all have to remember is that we are being pushed and manipulated and sold the narrative in all buying to thyself sometimes as well because it's coming at you all the time. The mainstream media. The devil himself wants us to turn on each other, but daily life.

Kevin I don't run into that many people that hate my guts and I certainly don't treat people that way. I think we have to be really careful not to buy the narrative that Americans perhaps not quite as unfired as the progressives want us to think it might agree wholeheartedly and so how do we we we move forward we we know what you're doing. We know what's happening with every black life matters and make sure you guys go check that out up with the linkup several times a day, so that on Facebook live you're listening if you're watching on YouTube live or on the radio. It's every but to help us to know what we can do to be a part of the solution here Kevin because are so many different angles are so many different ways to get involved and help us in that with some wisdom. We need to know.

Again, we need to reacquaint ourselves as Christian word of God.

We need biblical reconciliation with ourselves and I try to help with that.

We have a lot of resources on the website that points to Scripture. Critical thinking partner site that you can become a partner you get older presentations and resources that way. I'm starting a critical, analytical thinking segment on our partner site which basically take the most contentious sort of unbelievable issues break it down into carbon to talk so we can understand it and provide the capacity for critically thinking about it so I'll be doing those on a regular basis. Taking every imaginable controversy old or hard to understand issue and breaking it down. Having critical thinking about that resources are there so the question we need to educate ourselves. We need to be compassionate towards these other people that are running around all the time with their hair on fire. I really believe that the Lord gave me some some idea what's happening there may be help to resolve these people are saying what is think logically and irrationally that you know what's going on with these people and I really believe will help me understand this book are demoralized and then I really felt that I had to go and understand what that means.

So I went and did a definition of demoralization and I realized that it's not just being resigned and powerless you moralize is you actually become. You get to a point you can start to the moral you don't deemphasize your morals. You don't get to connect with examples of people that live right outside of outlets they face. All the train people screamed for her to be incinerated, going 24 seven and the ashes that were really purplish invading their cities, but they really, really, they could not connect to the tribe. They were so beat down with what had happened that the only way that they can reconcile with themselves was sort of immoral about it and so we have these people on the other side we can understand what they have been so beat down and agreed and whether they were really impressed really just have imaginations of a person, but the point is there demoralized and so that requires we have compassion on these people and that Holy Spirit will fail and be able to see right now.

We cannot connect with these people have a whole different way of thinking. It is not rational to get rid of arithmetic advancement in those types of the scientific method is that you mean that these people are rational to connect with them, but we can pray for, so we advocate that yeah I think one of the last things that we ever mention all this unfortunately were talking amongst ourselves as Christians is is the role of evangelization. The gospel itself and the conversion of the human mind to the conversion of the heart through meeting your Lord and Savior, and in being converted and being born again because if you really want to see somebody's thinking change that. That almost always Kevin. As you know requires heart change and I can't tell you what his heart.

Only Christ can do that and I think we have to go yet just agonizing over yes revival in the church, but we need awakening in the streets and when you get it's it's pointless to get mess. I get mad at 11 transcends all time is like it manner the lemon tree for drop in limits what what the lemon tree also drop apples that that's going to take a miracle that miracles called saying exactly that such a good time encourage because you got a call and let's work together. We supported it out there for my battle unite to God's name in every is the website every go there soon as possible. Kevin and Carrie is cofounder and president of every black night matters. Thank you so much Brother for all your time today is really been a huge blessing.

Hopefully we can do this again, she thinks the mycotoxins what a great brother. What a great blessing thinks that Sarah and I will get Kevin back on. I just texted my slightly older brother from another mother wouldn't like get those guys connected work towards Lori got this is my dad always

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