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Cultural Socialism!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 26, 2022 10:49 pm

Cultural Socialism!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 26, 2022 10:49 pm

Cultural Socialism!

Steve talks about cultural socialism that is very active in our modern day. Bill Mann joins him during the final segment of the show.

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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his shoulders and lots of three no sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay you're thinking Day to be in the end of the pool off everybody pay attention what in the world is cultural and why does it matter cultural socialism, cultural liberalism, cultural awareness culture culture culture culture and by the way, does anybody even pay attention to Neil Young will go back at Steve Noble the Steve Noble show the Steve Noble As always if you have the website to check out the podcast working at the podcast pretty much wherever you get your podcasts were on all the big ones the Steve Noble show or you can join us, right here in the studio on the Facebook page or the YouTube page YouTube this week we got kicked off because I bothered to tell some truth the other day about medical stuff so no can't do that so Facebook live YouTube live. Normally you can at least follow the page of YouTube, and I will be back on I whenever we get back into the good graces of you two people in the fact checkers there which is probably never. But whatever I don't care there and then on the throne. God is on the throne so I get over that stuff pretty quick so there's a lot to go over today and so I will walk you through these things. Hats off to my buddy Bill Mann who is a retired. Therefore, recovering attorney, but a brilliant guy's works of mentor link all about mentoring the younger generations. What's almost none of us do, but I do because I have 110 of them steer me in the face every week over the six classes that I teach in a factor that in today as we get this website up and running called Noble you that's just me taking what I've been doing for 10 years.

Anyway, teaching high school age homeschoolers in this case Civics and constitution and the new course I'm teaching this year, US history, these are in hot topic items are the so, but I'm limited by time and space here in the Raleigh area where I where I live and move and find my being and but I want to teach more and more kids and in want to focus more more of my time on that as long as the Lord gives me breath and I this level of energy and unplugged then that I want to continue to try to affect the next generations of much more so than our own. So we keep running into issues and this is the way I teach because I do radio five days a week, which is really great for US history to bring it all alive because things are like right now. We just finished up this week we finished up talking about the Civil War and so looking at what was going on in the Civil War. We ended up talking about Fort Bragg, which the federal government wants to rename because Gen. Braxton Bragg was a bit of the general in the Confederate Army and so there's all kinds of things going on today as well as the fact that Justice Stephen Breyer just announced he's gonna be retiring after the session, so sometime in the summer and then Joe Biden before said he's gonna but he wants to put a black woman on the Supreme Court, and that has historical significance, elite, and that leads you into all kinds of cultural conversations which is why were talking about cultural awareness.

Today you do about it okay because I'm not just trying to teach these kids as young adults about US history or the Constitution or civics. I'm trying to get them to grow in wisdom so that they can engage the ever darkening culture.

Yes, for that for the cause of the nation and society in general but more specifically for the cause of Christ to be wise as serpents and generalist jobs in both of those parts are kinda hard in this culture today so cultural awareness of and walk you through these things.

First, my buddy Bill my condo. If you are calling as we go along, maybe towards the end of the show so we can kind of taken what I've what I'm sharing here and then bring your considerable wisdom to bear on it by my walk you through these three articles to cultural awareness, which is the blog it's kicking it off with my buddy Bill Mann and then Jordan Peterson's resignation letter from the University of Toronto and finishing with a Rod Dreher article in the American conservative, which is where that phrase cultural socialism comes from cultural is liberalism versus cultural socialism and how do we thought engage this quarter quotes fight okay when it comes to the next generation and trying to have an effect on the country but not justice." Save America on former instancing American save and I am save America, although I want the country to flourish course right but there's a kingdom agenda that supersedes all that which is what I'm after. When I'm teaching okay. That's why would starting W which is for the fall semester so that I can teach more kids that that don't live here in the area and can't attend the class at the same time. When I teach in in person classes so but I can't because the way I do radio on the way. I think I cannot teach a class and then sell it for the next five years, because I'm always incorporating in the news the day because I'm very culturally aware and then before that into what our kids are learning in order to turn them into champions for the cause of Christ which also is a benefit to the country. That's why I do what I do when it comes to teaching. Okay, so Bill Mann with mentor link cultural awareness from his blog where my readers a friend told me that she had stopped reading my blog because I had gotten political I accepted that rejoinder for what it was and it caused me to have some self reflection to be sure I had gone too far. I can relate to that.

My conclusion was not really because every topic I cover is dealt with using the vantage point of a biblical worldview. Okay, so if you're Christian that's always your subversive agenda biblical worldview gospel okay when my favorite writers is James Emery White. The pastor Mecklenburg Presbyterian in Charlotte North Carolina who writes a blog called church and culture.

One of his post last year, my attention it was. It was titled calling out pastors in it. White listed 11 issues that the world is talking about. As he notes the white issues, people and events that cast themselves onto the main stage of our collective psyche dominating conversations and arresting the attention of the epicenters of culture, meaning media, the educational system the government's judicial system, the arts, and more.

What goes on to say that the issues were all either moral or truth issues which represented what was right or wrong or truth or falsehood. Secondly, they were deeply spiritual issues which dominated the world's conversation.

Then he drops the bomb. Everyone is talking about these except for pastors in our churches and what are some of the issues. Okay, here's the list meet to woke George Floyd, George, Floyd, just to see them seared yet still an issue will be until Jesus comes back critical race theory cueing on go back to the election stop the trunk black lives matter. Transgender is him sexual fluidity and pansexual, bisexual and transsexual, racism, sexism, and in my foot but buddy Bill at a beat. Socialism, Marxism, church and culture, transgender and gender why these important Bill writes pretty simple actually. We live in a culture where these are discussed and we often sit on the sidelines, not knowing what to say or what is the correct biblical worldview on the topic that's for sure. In this post that Bill was writing was inspired by Rod Dreher, the author of live not by lies is all real quick little thing from that in the one of the things that super helpful to me is to read and get myself educated in one of the things that I do is I get an email from my buddy Bill which I'll tell you about as well, which will help you to your back. Well that was fast. I am a cultural liberal. Okay, that sums up the table explain in a little bit a cultural liberal. I'm not a cultural socialist but I am a cultural liberal get to that in a minute.

Talk about cultural awareness, cultural socialism cultural liberalism. How do we walk through this world, and especially how do we affect the next generation.

We can all learn to get better at this ourselves.

We all have a lot of room for improvement but if were not passing that down to the next generation in the next generation. Right now they're already the John Joshua generation, there came a generation that did not know.that was the Joshua generation coming up right after him.

Everything that happened always amazing things so much learning so much experiencing with of God and then nothing because they didn't bother to pass it down and that's what's happening now were not passing this countercultural awareness down were not mentor and were not teaching were not leading. I'm just trying to do my part. That's why teach, but this is super important which is why I'm spending the whole show talking about the springboard is my buddy Bill man's article that working through right now. Cultural awareness is with mentor link to give you an email address here as I finish this up okay so we go into these topics that are hot topics out there that Christians need to be able to engage in, and not just throw your bumper sticker position at the other side engage in a conversation be like Jesus. Engage the crowds need to woke George Floyd critical race theory cueing on black lives matter. Transgender is him sexual fluidity, racism, sexism, socialism, Marxism, church and culture, transgender gender why it is important because we live in a culture all the stuff is going on. Okay, so Bill references in this blog post, Rod Dreher, the author of live not by lies which I'm reading right now. I will tell all you this right now. If you're not in the church for the leadership in the community are reading the signs of the times in preparing themselves like Marines and preparing themselves for what is here now and what is to come, now is the time to find just such a church, and if your church is not that kind of place. By all means, do whatever you can to make it one the crisis up is upon us now is not going to go away anytime soon, that's for sure. As Christians we can put our heads in the sand and pretend the cultural issues aren't affecting our lives, but not our faith. That's denial. We need to stand tall for the gospel in our lives, which means being visible in the cultural conversation yes we have to show up, not primarily as a member of the Republican Party or somebody on the right, but primarily as a Christian who is fiercely devoted to understanding truth. The truth of God's word and then applying it to everything else okay that's our role you're an ambassador not ambassador the Republican Party of the Democrat party you're an ambassador of Christ in his truth which is the true okay so the world needs us. God calls us, the world needs us to be the people of truth. Bill said this, here's the email I want you to get. I recently started writing a daily compendium of new stories that I call musings which now has a readership of close to hundred.

That's the weekend it provides biblical worldview stories in a broad variety of topics, usually close to 30 each time. So when you guys asked me hasty way to get your information.

This is one of my sources. My buddy Bill premature blessed Christian man. Okay, so he sends us out almost daily musings and all comes from a Christian worldview. The economy what's going on in the culture what's going on in politics what's going on in the world of finance okay right so it super important super helpful. Unless you just want to sit on the sidelines watching O'Byrne and I try to do anything about the Joshua generation and that that's you, then shame on you, so if you want to get on that email and I'm on it. I would strongly suggest you do you care to send Bill an email okay put the link up. I put the address on Facebook life otter Peter K OTT ER otter like an auditor Peter PAT ER otter, and make sure in the subject line.

Just put musings in US ING musings otter, put musings on the subject line. Here's a take away is a mental are mentees people we want to mentor literalness.

One world because of heard me say that Edna had nausea and we need to be sure that the next generation see Christ in us to do that we must understand the cultural issues they are struggling with.

Because Satan is a liar and may have poisoned their minds yet.

That's what's going on.

Somebody that understands this is the brilliant Jordan Peterson who God willing will be a born-again Christian here in the near future certainly looks like God to move in that direction. So brilliant August podcast watch on YouTube. Jordan Peterson, so he resigned from his full-time tenured position at the University of Toronto again or talk about cultural liberalism, cultural socialism, cultural awareness, so he's excellent at this, so his full-time tenured position, University of Toronto. He's out okay in protest of the academic institutions rapid embrace of faulty leftist ideology. So listen to some of the things that he wrote in his letter of resignation is awesome. Pearson recounted how you two University of Toronto's diversity, inclusivity and equity mandates or .id i.e. are ruining the school's commitment to promoting an environment that prioritizes learning discussion in true ideological diversity. That's I end up with wisdom. By the way that's look cultural liberalism. Hey, let's have a conversation about everything. We don't cancel anyone. That's cultural liberalism that's classic liberalism, which is what our colleges used to be about. He goes on, we are now at the point where race, ethnicity, gender or sexual preference is first accepted as the fundamental characteristic defining each person and second is now treated as the most important qualification for study research and employment. Peterson said, need I point out that this is insane diversity, inclusivity, inclusivity and equity that radical leftist Trinity, but he writes is destroying us wondering about the divisiveness that is currently besetting us. Look no further than die DI diversity, inclusivity and equity wondering more specifically about the attractiveness of Trump look no farther then die when does the left go too far when they worship at the altar of die and insist that the rest of us who mostly want just to be left alone do so as well. Enough already enough enough.

Remember die stands for diversity, inclusivity and equity. Okay, that's the altar at which the progressives in the left worship. Peterson said that his universities die quotas have allowed administrators to overlook his white male students who are well-qualified to believe he said that quote. This means were out to produce a generation of researchers, utterly unqualified for the job.

That combined with the death of objective testing is compromised University so badly that I can hardly that it can hardly be overstated. And what happens in the universities eventually colors everything as we have discovered Peterson wrote these facts rendered my job morally untenable. How so right is what he says.

How can I accept prospective researchers and train them in good conscience, knowing their employment prospects to be minimal, just depending on their die scores right diversity, inclusivity and equity. Many professors Peterson said comply with universities pandering in the name of providing more opportunities to minorities because the research funding and jobs depend on it.

I could talk about college either but I won't. How can accusing your employees of racism, etc., sufficient to require retraining be anything other than listen to this and tell me if you don't relate to this this out makes you feel insulting, annoying, invasive, high-handed moralizing, inappropriate, ill considered counterproductive and otherwise unjustifiable pocket accusing your employees of racism, etc., sufficient to require retraining be anything other than say again, insulting, annoying, invasive, high-handed moralizing and appropriate ill considered counterproductive and otherwise unjustifiable.

Have you felt like that at work, but the diversity in inclusivity and equity training.

The die ideology rights is not a friend to peace and tolerance. It is absolutely and completely the enemy of competence and justice. Pearson said that the Canadian government has also embrace this woke madness, which was recently endorsed by Vladimir pulled himself as a way the West moves backwards instead of looking to the future.

This he writes from the head of the former totalitarian enterprise, against whom we fought a five decades long Cold War risking the entire plan this from the head of a country riven in a literally genocidal manner by ideas that put himself attributes the progressives of the west of the generally accepting audience of his once burned once, twice shy listeners up up up like you go girl you can if it's a girl who stays out of will continue cultural liberalism, cultural, social, back, and Steve Noble to Steve Noble. Show her cultural liberalism is probably embraced you find out about that in the second. I can imagine Jordan Peterson, the brilliant Jordan Peterson dance in a little jig right now to some Bee Gees musically because he recently resigned his post at the University of Toronto.

This has to be the greatest resignation list letter in the history resignation letters. This guy just so brilliant he's talking about the radical leftist Trinity, diversity, inclusivity and equity okay is destroying us culture in general what you are talking about cultural socialism and cultural awareness today for ourselves, but then to deal with the Joshua generation the kids that are growing up drop in the church grow up in your house go up in my house the turnaround five years later eight years later they know interest in the faith in their culturally politically liberal like what happened. That's because are being inundated and woke theology inundated.

They have been for years. In the more than on their phones and the mourner on tick-tock. The more that that's the third in the dinner swimming in it, remember it, you might murmur this mass will take kindergarten to 12th grade. $16,000 butts in the seats during regular school okay regular school. Most kids are in public school 16,000 hours kindergarten to 12th grade. Another $16,000 popular media Netflix tick-tock iPod podcasts whatever video games okay. That's 32,000 hours can kindergarten 12 great 32,000 mostly godless and put okay mostly woke woke theology at this point, the last 8 to 10 years a big time this limited 32,000 hours of okay then you come in Goldstar Christian great Christian family, your kid goes to Sunday school on Sunday they go to the service on Sunday they go back on Sunday night for a wine or whatever and then they come back on Wednesday night for youth group wow Goldstar Christian. That's awesome right it is that the Goldstar Christian family writer for our one hour pop Sunday morning, Sunday school service Sunday night youth group come back on Wednesday night for Bible study. Whatever four hours a week kindergarten to 12th grade. Congratulations at 2400 hrs. versus 32,000 mostly godless and put the public school, private school and media okay target appeared to think you are.

That's why this is the Joshua generation are just walking away and that's why this cultural are our ability to engage his cultural issues is so important which ones been in the show talking about so this is Jordan Peterson's may consummate great points. He's out of there because the school is all about diversity, inclusivity and equity and it's ruining everything okay the D i.e. die, ideology, diversity, inclusivity and equity is no friend of peace and tolerance is absolutely and completely enemy of competence and justice so he goes on is talking about. He concludes his letter.

This is resignation letter all of you going along with the die activist. Whatever your reasons. This is on you. You could be talking all of us right for not engaging professors cowering Craven lien pretense in silence.

Teaching your students to descendent to simulate and lie to get along.

As the walls crumble.

For shame, CEOs, signaling a virtue you don't possess and should want to please a minority literally live their lives by displeasure.

Your evil capitalist after all and should be proud of it at the moment.

I can't tell if you're more reprehensible he timid even than the professors Peterson question why no one is taking action to combat the very thing that is destroying us quote why the heck don't you banish the human resource die, upstarts, diversity, inclusivity and equity okay upstarts back to the more appropriately named personnel departments stop them from interfering with the psyches of you and your employees and be done with it. Peterson wrote musicians, artists, writers, stop bending your sacred and meritorious art to the demands of the propagandist before you fatally betray the spirit of your own intuition. Stop censoring your thought stop saying you will hire for your orchestral and theatrical productions for any reason other than talent and excellence.

That's all you have. That's all any of us have. He who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind and the wind is rising so he's out of there, University of Toronto because of their D, i.e. theology, diversity, inclusivity and equity goes back out all those points I was making for my buddy Bill's blog post about cultural awareness need to woke George Floyd critical race theory cueing on black lives matter.

Transgender is him sexual fluidity, racism, sexism, socialism, Marxism, church and culture, transgender gender, we have to be fluent in these conversations wise as serpents in general as dots, which is why want you will state again get on my friend Bill man who wrote the first dog wrote the first blog get on his email list and he'll send an email every day with like five different categories story from a Christian perspective. She can start sharpening yourself to gain wisdom so that you can engage the culture yourself general is Dobbs wise as serpents, and more importantly so that we can pass along to the next generation which is what I'm trying to do in my classes every week and here on the radio, so his email address. Otter Peter OTT ER PAT ER ignore me for the next 60 seconds and send them an email. Otter but in the subject to put musings and will get on the list okay I know this like trinket from a fire okay but this is what is required in the world that we live in. We got a ground make cultural liberalism versus cultural socialism by Roger, the American conservative brilliant cut try to take the census listen playback later get the podcasts watch Facebook live K go through this again. Western societies are in the midst of a growing culture war between cultural socialism and cultural liberalism. The two sides in this conflict only partly overlap with the country's partisan political divide, the culture war divides Democrats while largely uniting Republicans and independents presents therefore a risk for Democrats and ding ding ding an opportunity for Republicans or conservatives in a controversy dominated by anecdotes and headline social media, it's vital to systemically gather and analyze survey data on public experiences and attitudes towards culture war issues.

While this is been done for universities. This report that is referring to is the first comprehensive analysis of the wider American experience with an opinion of counsel, culture, political correctness and critical race theory, cultural liberalism, listen this is the belief that individuals and groups should have the freedom to express themselves should not be compelled to endorse police that they oppose and should be treated equally by social norms in the law. Okay, so if you want to play around out there and build a bridge center just burning it. If you have a liberal friend. Just tell them you know what, I'm a I'm a cultural liberal myself, what were you talking about. Yeah, I believe that groups and peoples. Another freedom to express themselves. None of us should be compelled to endorse police that we oppose.

We should all be treated equally by social norms in the law, which makes me a cultural liberal liberalism classic liberalism while never thought of it that way. Boom sieges made it a point right for their good for the country's good and for the kingdom you can push and you can lead them down this road to biblical world cultural socialism. On the other hand, is the idea that public policy should be used to redistribute wealth, power and self-esteem from the privileged groups in society. This is her CRT and intersection outcomes and disadvantage groups, especially racial and sexual minorities and women. This justifies restrictions on the freedom and equal treatment of members of an advantage group mostly uses gendered white male suitcases gendered meaning you're born of an Audi you still call yourself a man for the rest your life versus gender okay but your privilege and have all this power, so you need to redistribute that that's a cultural socialism is about. That's what you're seeing all over the place. Cultural socialism for some Democratic voters a commitment to cultural socialism overrides their historical defense of free speech. Most Republicans disagree with that position. They also oppose what they perceived to be the denigration of white Americans in the nation's past which underlie the support for new politics of civil rights in schools and workplaces.

Here are some main findings of this is Roger air.

The American conservative referencing this study the majority of Americans oppose, listen, this is super important majority of Americans oppose cancel culture but up a significant minority about 1/3 supported backing decisions to fire employees for legal speeds that they regard as unacceptable.

We can see in this like crazy for the last two years of covert right misinformation is why I'm not on YouTube right now. Cancel culture is thus not only about people being afraid to stand up for the rights.

It is rooted in general philosophical differences in the population between cultural socialism, cultural liberalism, liberalism, cultural socialism and willing to have a conversation I can put you down for disagree cultural socialism. This is the way life should be working to put you down if you don't agree, okay, the prime of cancel.

Culture is going to get worse, not better. Younger people are substantially more likely to support cultural socialism than older Americans i.e. us, even when controlling for ideology and party identification as today's college graduates enter large organizations they will mount an increasing challenge to freedom of expression. That's what Jordan Peterson was talk about which white blue out of University of Toronto survey finds that diversity training, listen to this has no impact on improving relationships within a workplace, and action makes people more afraid. The survey also finds that all people, even Republicans who go through diversity training emerge more in favor of canceling others to redoing ourselves can hear the hiss of the serpent.

In some divide has emerged between cultural socialism, minority and cultural liberal majority among the youngest voters cultural socialism forcing but he thinks anything arguably has the edge of her cultural liberalism. I'm on a cultural liberalists. Okay I want everybody have a conversation I can put you down if you disagree, suggesting that cancer culture is likely to worsen in the years to come.

Which is why we need to train the next generation, the Joshua generation can let them get away have to train that we have the mentor the issues of cancel culture and critical race theory now rank at the midpoint in American politics under a high priority for Republican voters in mid ranking issues for independent so you cannot get in there. We got get in there, especially the younger generation yes to the country but primarily for the gospel will be right back.

Back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble shall cultural liberalism versus cultural socialism in our calls as Christians to gauge the culture. Yes, for the good of the nation for the good of our neighbor, but ultimately that provides a great bridge for the gospel to build a gummy willing to go in and talk to people about these issues and you got a real walk through them and don't just pull out your bumper sticker mentality and throw it at the table across from the use my trump card that you need to build a get into a conversation and stay in a conversation. Always be prepared to give an answer but hope that you have with gentleness, respect patients whatever version of the Bible you're reading else and basically same thing.

So as a reminder this is from Rod Dreher's article in the American conservative cultural liberalism versus cultural socialism, cultural liberalism, that's me, hopefully to is the belief that individuals in group should have the freedom to express themselves should not be compelled to endorse police that they oppose should be treated equally by social norms in the law that coverts down the last two years cultural socialism is the edge of the public policy should be used to redistribute wealth, power and self-esteem from the privileged groups in society to disadvantage groups, especially racial and sexual minorities and women. That's what's going on at the wall.

Culture. So just going through the study that's conference of study of the wider American experience trying to see whether some overlap, where, how can we talk to people Sony finishes up and then my buddy Bill man who wrote the blog post cultural awareness with mentor link otter get on his musings email will join us to finish in summa divide as a marriage between a cultural socialist minority in a cultural liberal majority so. Among order among younger voters especially okay so we have to deal with this more than 1/3 of all workers are concerned about losing their jobs or reputations to cancel culture more than seven in 10 people say the political correctness is gone too far and that they self censor their beliefs in at least some situation. See that's a bridge that most of us are walking on okay among employees with college degrees. A majority of experience diversity training and taking diversity training is associated with a heightened fear of misspeaking are being fired.

Everybody's getting hosed by this okay so that's an opportunity for us right.

An overwhelming majority of voters of all political stripes oppose certain critical race theory what to make of these findings. Here's what Rogers first, we must do away with the thought that woke this is a passing fad.

It's here to stay. It's popular with the majority of young Americans.

You would be foolish to think that the grow out of it. We have to long to have a long-term plan to deal with it okay if I were trying to engage so we don't have a Joshua generation.

We are to fight for these young people help them see the truth.

Ultimately, for the sake of the gospel. Second, where can it be able to vote this way.

But politics can be useful in fighting because the demographic shifts, Republicans and moderate Democrats will never have a better opportunity to rollback what openness and all its pumps and works than they do now. It's imperative that GOP voters push and push hard on Republican elected officials to go after cancel culture, CRT and other forms of woke this in third.

This is unfamiliar, conservative moderates and cultural liberals. That's me.

Hopefully you have got to find their voice and use it within institutions to defend liberal values like free speech. If we wait for Republican politicians to rescue us is not likely to happen. Look to the courageous parents, and Northern Virginia others. Your model who raised heck about what the educational bureaucracy was doing to their kids. The parents led the fight.

The politicians followed. If we sit quietly, hoping to avoid trouble. We will deserve what we get to talk to fellow Christians.

Or, maybe. I expect to see that we will see a big Republican victory nationwide this November and some respite from the relentless attacks of the woke brigades, but is Eric Kaufman's work. The study was referencing clearly shows this is going to be a battle lasting for decades. Okay I'll be 56 next month, so running out of time to make an impact here.

That's why we gotta get the next generation as I finished we Christians and other social religious conservatives have the gift of time now. Scholars like Eric Coppinger showing us what is likely coming.

A big Republican victory this fall will only slow things down. And that's assuming that the GOP lawmakers actually get off their butts and act boldly against what openness so you so yes vote and get active politically but by no means, let that be the extent of your activism.

Prepare your family, your church in your community for what is to come.

The dissidents who survive Soviet communism have so much to teach us.

By the way, on that note have some folks on the show. Friday there's a movie that just came out based on the true stories, none silenced in China 1999 the government when after over 100 million of its citizens because they were starting to practice something called phylum gong which is like tai chi and exercise plus positive attitudes in an peace and joy and tolerance in 100 million people in less than 10 years in China started to follow this, which is good. Crime rates are come down is good for the country but it was too much freethinking so the Chinese government when after why because the Chinese government is run by cultural socialists.

We will tell you what is good.

We will tell you what to think and how do you counter that one of the ways is by doing something called mentoring, which is why I'm so happy my buddy Bill, man for mentor link is called Jim Daly how your buddy thanks for calling I'm doing great how are you good I need to stop talking.

Great job you writing about cultural feud happened around the world some years ago and all larger to basically but my blog Broadway is about the next generation X generation, you need to understand where they are all actually were there not so I studied both get the millennial realized that there was whipsawed by cultural forces and their tension stranded eight check millennial expect. She's probably, had yet to be like that. With that she will and so the whole purpose of mentoring used to help develop critical thinking skills sort of focus of the blog mentor and educate on what's going on these guys more and need to understand.

It's a cultural shift is not just an intergenerational and because of that they communicate differently all the how do you reach them, but I felt faster.

Given that that have an eight second attention of the standard church will determine online so that you can be listened to watch over the week that will watch the won't go near walk along old what I what I suggest is something really simple.

Take your sermon one way you want to give them 3 to 4 video watch you and that's how you that's how you You go. That's kind of where I am to be honest with you all my blog a blog on each of those topics not because I want to laugh and I will talk about gender.

It's like that's really not my bag and I don't want talk about work and well worth going. What God probably put a pot just in my view things I don't do that.

Time after time actually founded by phylum gong crowd while trying to. I do know so that's awesome yeah what he said is really where I'm going with this whole cultural shuffles is really about Mark model marketing to go back in. Today was a fresh and only really short world experience. The Russian Revolution of 1970, but then what happened was after World War II Marxists, especially your medical like rule US basically University for you go fast forward to the 60s you have the Weather Underground about what Weather Underground is gone behind 100 page manifesto called Prairie fire.

You could buy that that manifesto on Amazon.

Take my word fast forward to the weather underground and that basically what happened that several of because they committed terrorist act or the leadership of the jail. Those who didn't get Jill went back to academia and academia and that's where the and and so manifesto that they came up with the first step in a talk about how you start a revolution. The first is destroyed. The second step is racism stomach racism and issues it wanted 1234 before going as far the victim class for step is organized/BLM number five associate with the rest of the socialist international and the last one which is probably the most important one for us to go yet. Designed by the devil himself.

It's brilliant. Got given that you pretty simple and are doing a good job and that's why recalled the counter that for the sake of our neighbors and our children, the Joshua generation, for the sake of the nation, but ultimately for the sake of the gospel. Bill and I bless you brother I will do it again, thank you so much for your work is so helpful I but will talk to you soon.

Thanks so much. I put the link up okay thing to look at Bill's blogs there excellent mentor mentor which would include the one that we used to cut the jump off today cultural awareness. Listen to this again. Sharon get the podcast share the Facebook live is the conversation that we have to continue to have, for the sake of the next generation think the gospel nation.

This is Steve Noble and the signal will show God willing, we'll talk again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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