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The Theology of Sanctity of Life

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 20, 2022 10:02 pm

The Theology of Sanctity of Life

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 20, 2022 10:02 pm

The Theology of Sanctity of Life

Steve brings Sam Horn, from Bob Jones Seminary, on the show today to discuss the theology of sanctity of life for Theology Thursday! 

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his shoulders and walked through no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble Saturday, March 9 years since the Marine Corps gave women the right to abort to have their child killed and and for those of you that a been a part of Joe for a while. When you listen on the radio you watch Facebook you watch YouTube you catch the podcast later. Whatever mode you are part of the show you'll know if you been part of the show for a while. The issue of life is something that's never too far away from the table. I work at and wherever I can.

I working in wherever it's appropriate. Sometimes I work at and where it's not appropriate and it doesn't make any sense as yours when you're in the midst of the Holocaust and this is a question I've wrestled with some some pastors here and there and asking the question what if you if you're if you're in Nazi Germany are pure in Europe and you're pastoring a church that's 1941, 1942.

You're fully aware what's going on with the Holocaust. How often do you bring that up. Is it just on Holocaust sanctity of Jewish life. Sunday was not enough out you did at that one time in January to once a year you make sure you present it pretty hard so the sanctity of Jewish life is Jewish lives are being burned up all around you in the once a year you had right is not enough.

Now, I appreciate the fact that we have a sanctity of life Sunday we had the North Carolina March for life last week that I was a part of the national martial life is tomorrow up in Washington DC, most churches that do it will observe the sanctity of life Sunday. This Sunday, usually not last Sunday because it always coincides with MLK day and I always come back to that. How often should we talk about it since were in the midst of it. It's about a million a year here in America it's 40 million a year worldwide for 40 million. Get your mind around that. I live here in Raleigh, North Carolina North Carolina get a population of about 11 million slots, four times the population of North Carolina every year worldwide and when I stop to think about the Scripture that talks about God is storing up his wrath.

That's generally where my mind goes is on this issue of abortion. So 62 million since Roe versus Wade. By the way that 18% of pregnancies today, nearly one in five end in abortion. The numbers are 23, 25% of of women have abortion or evangelical Christians. You look at the church this Sunday when you go to church. Assuming you're not snowed out and you'll find that if you think about it and apply those numbers 20% 25%, 30% of the women in the pews in your church are post-abortive which means there is a corresponding father and all those situations because it takes two to tango. Last time I checked, and so we have those problems all in place inside the church and outside the church. 90% of abortions are single women that just gonna double down on her problem with marriage. So this is a nightmare. Most Christians that I know our conviction really pro-life is a llama pro-life Christian of course, and I'm always think about James seeing you show me your faith by what you say all show you my faith by what I do, you may be a convictional pro-life Christian as you should be. There's really no wiggle room. There you'll find that out today on theology Thursday, but the question is beside your profession.

A pro-life faith, what you actually do with your pro-life, it and I just feel I'm just that you like the Lord led me to this place on the wall that I talk about this in no uncertain terms, but I do know also thank you Jesus that his blood is more powerful even more powerful than 40 million babies a year 62 million babies since Roe versus Wade. Here in America and will talk about that as well. Our good friend Dr. Sam Horn is back from PJ's seminary to talk about something that is talked about in and put in churches and as a pastor and as a seminarian for years and that's the topic of the sanctity of life.

So today the theology of the think of the of life as you need to get behind the fact that you are pro-life but the question is do you understand why your pro-life unison with the Scriptures say about questions like what kind of autonomy did you have over your body, what about the baby's body. What about the fact that the government that's legal. So how do you deal with that or what's the church's role in all of this and then ultimately for many of you, and we heard this set several stories yesterday. I know that many of you have had in abortion.

Some of you had to.

I know a woman that's had nine and that's their so how does the Scripture lead us is that the unforgivable sin or can you find forgiveness and freedom Jesus so Dr. Sam Horn, welcome back.

How are you my friend, Steve, thanks for having back. I'm doing better than I deserve a mythic that's probably all of us feel. I was deeply moved, getting ready for the show today as we sort of talked about them before the show started the numbers. The stats are stunning. They are just overwhelming to think about the number of human lives that have been violently ended, terminated through a process we call abortion since Roe versus Wade.

I mean it's over you worldwide. It's over million and 1/2 people. I almost can't get my head around that number and I think the numbers the sheer size of the numbers almost numb us to the impact it's like okay you not hear the numbers you hear you talk about on the radio. Sam there's a bunch of guys like you that preach about this talk about this, but this is a far removed problem. This is a cultural problem.

This this could even be a church problem, but it's distant from us and you said it a minute ago when you go to church this weekend. You're probably going to be sitting in a room with people who actually had abortion and that's really where this came out in my life as an administrator here at Bob Jones University, our president, Dr. Steve Pettit who you had on the show will be back on pretty soon I came to mean he said look we have a student body of almost 3000 student and their at very significant ages and stages in their spiritual development.

There are 18 to 22 is the average age of the students more than 50% of them are our young lady sitting out in the audience and this is a real issue and we can't just get up in front of those students and say abortion is wrong. We know it's wrong and morally, we understand that, but we have to actually walk them through the questions that Scripture answers in terms of how do we how do we help them to actually embrace the authority of what the Scripture says about this issue with all those different aspects does different facets that I mentioned my body babies body, the church, the government, the tough cases rape, incest the life of the mother. I think we know, like you said the moral position is not gray.

It's not difficult to arrive at the moral position within with the so-called exceptions, rape, incest like the mothers of the more challenging but ultimately not. But most people just have never gone down the road you can ask these questions and really cements in their own minds.

Why does God say this and why do should I believe this because there's great theology behind you and I come back to what we said earlier on a different show on a different topic at some point we have to agree on on the role the Scriptures play in answering questions like this, you know, we believe it's inspired you.

We believe it's authoritative and we believe it sufficient yet is it sufficient to get us through. While a topic like this in the sanctity of life today on theology Thursday Dr. Sam Horn back with us from PJ's seminary. This is Steve nobleness email the show don't go anywhere. We all need to be freshened up on this topic continues to happen around us will be right back. You look back at Steve nobleness email Michelle theology Thursday with our friends at BJ you seminary talking about something because where the book ended right now between sanctity of life Sunday some churches. I wish I could say all churches but altered churches don't touch this window. I don't touch it. They don't touch it because they know for a fact. Two reasons number one you pastors that are our men without spines okay so they're afraid of the backlash because there's a political component to it, which is real. I understand that it's not an excuse but understand number two. They also know if they're enlightened in all that they've got men and women sitting in the pews every Sunday that a pin down the abortion road and so it's just one of those awkward moments are.

You're going to take off some percentage of your population. Or if you're really liberal church. You don't even want to go there because it if you take a biblical stamina contradiction, political allegiance, and that's a problem. So you know we do, we just going to shove it under the table. We don't talk about it. In the meantime, men and women suffer in silence for years or decades and and that's why it's important for us not to just say were pro-life but understand why were called to be pro-life, have your theology undergird your profession of a polite faith, which is why were talking about it today. Dr. Sam Horn's back with us from PJ's seminary and and they the blog post about that up right quick as we always have our friends at BJ's seminary is always so kind to back up what were talking about a before and after with a blog post specific to the topic and so that kinda becomes our our guidelines doesn't doesn't control the conversation, but it is our guideline for what were talking about today so you can think about it further for yourself. Investigated further follow-up on the passages of Scripture or even better, share it right.

This is part of your role as an ambassador Jesus Christ is to share the truth, not just this year, the truth of the gospel, but to share the truth of all God's truth, especially in the subject like this which touches so many in one and were going to get you five questions and the last one deals with, what about you, you had an abortion you put down that road before you dropped her off, or ma'am, you're the one that had the abortion and there's great love and compassion and forgiveness there so we'll get to that as well but I just shared it on the Facebook live feed share to my regular Facebook pages. After the show, but read it for yourself. Study it contemplated in share so that more more Christians can get on a firm footing.

Here again, Sam. Thanks for being with us so much why why view you preach this over the years you preach about a lot of different churches.

Why do you feel compelled, not only as an educator in a seminary set that aside for second but just as a pastor should pastor feel compelled to talk about this on a regular absolutely. You know I think about how we frame up a topic like this to our people and not talking to all of our people.

Most churches have a youth group and how to kind of those teams at really vulnerable stages in their life. Formative stages in their life.

They think about this young wink when you're 17 or your 18 you find yourself through. However it happened and how much regret you have about it, however. Sorry you are you find yourself in an unwanted unexpected unplanned pregnancy you have.

You have some big choices you have to make. At that moment and simply being told your entire life. Christians don't have abortions abortion is not an option that's not enough. At that moment in time to give you the framework that you need to make a biblical choice that's consistent with who you are is a Christian and what you believe and that's why said it before the break. At some point we have to come back when we come to this issue and we have to come to the Scriptures and we have to make a decision about what place the Scripture is going to have in our life as Christians we talk about the inspiration of Scripture. This issue requires us to look at two other things, the sufficiency of it and its authority. Are we willing to stay even in unplanned, unwanted, unexpected pregnancy on the authority of Scripture are we convinced the Scripture has an answer so I started talking about this and Broadway's broader circles. What I did is I identified five questions that I think we have to answer if were going to come to a truly biblical understanding of why God is so opposed to the taking of the life of an unborn and yet so working to work our way through this for the remainder of the show and and again I shared the blog post already but you can get to it yourself as well so because our friends Abijah seminary have set up pay specifically for us here on the radio so they can access not just today's viewpoint blog but the ones all the ones we've covered in the last several months since we been doing theology Thursday together. It's just it's really easy okay seminary.BJ\radio okay that's gonna land on a page and everything else that you can access it at BJ's seminary and as well as universities all available there but BJ you are seminary.BJ\radio and you'll build a go right to the blog posts and all the other ones that we talked about okay question number one Sam. As we walk through this with regard ourselves that start with ourselves. Does God give me the ultimate right to choose what to do with my body. My body, my choice right correct and I think that's where you start initially so with regard to my own life and my own body. Does God give me the right to choose to do whatever I want with my body and the Scriptures speak really clearly to this and so let me give you four places where where the Bible actually addresses this question so so in first Corinthians chapter 6 verses 19 to 20. That text answers that question. This way we are not our own.

We are bought with a price and the conclusion of that is we must use our bodies for his purposes and his pleasure and not our own know you not. Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which you have of God and you are not your own, for you are bought with a price. Therefore glorify God in your body so so that's the first answer right. We are not our own, where about a price. Secondly, in Romans chapter 12 verses 1 to 2 very familiar text we been given freedoms we been given rights by God to use our bodies, but we have to use them to pursue paths in light that fulfill the purpose for which God is equipped and designed us and that please and honor him were to present our bodies to him a living sacrifice wholly acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable action is a reasonable service or worship to God. So what ever we have been given in terms of our physical body to use that body in service to Christ and then because were created in the image of God our life's physical light is sacred to God and it must be sacred to us. And so, in Genesis 2 verse 27 where created by God as an image bear where the only creature in the universe that is been created an image of God and were the only creatures in the universe that have been given the privilege to make other image bear yet so powerful that we think okay my body, my choice.

I understand where the culture says that but as a Christian. If you can put yourself and that's why your talk about the sufficiency in the authority of Scripture yet to put yourself under that authority. And in that case, God's word says actually know it's not your body and your caressed because it is not you. It's my body. I gave it to you right your to use it for my purposes. And here's a really important concept because were an image bear our life is sacred in Genesis 9 verses 5 to 6 week human life is sacred to God above any other form of like every moving thing that lives shall be meat for you. This is God talking to Adam and he saying after to know actually anything saying look everything that moves on the planet is a valid food source for you, but your blood. The blood of your life. I will require at the hand of every beast. In other words you can eat the animals but the animals can't write because of that I think you there like this right it's worth it.

And that's why that'll take us right into question two, which is going to smack against the culture it doesn't smack against science. Outselling that a second does God give me the individual the right to intentionally harm the life and well-being of another person. Can I just do whatever I wanted another person will think about that when they come back to this and noble to see biblical theology Thursday with our friends at Mary talk about the theology of the St. life.

Remember that that song adjuster worthy is the lamp the Lamb has an answer for you. If you are post-abortive you been down that road you had one abortion to abortion. However, many mammoth that you sir if it's you just rumor that just keep that. Please mark their worthy is the Lamb because the Lamb has an answer for you and an invitation for you and he's got a blessing for you with respect to this issue of abortion on this side of it.

If you're looking back at your abortion.

The Lamb wants to talk to you okay so working to get to that on today show her got Dr. Sam Horn from BJ's seminary with us walking through these five questions that for us as Christians, we need to understand these in order to make sure we really firm up our pro-life position.

Question one driver right to do with her. I want to of my body. Clearly, you do not. Your body was about the price. Question two does God give me the individual right to intentionally harm the life or well-being of another person you brought up Sam as we look back in Genesis 9 where God's like okay eat whatever you want this postcard you whatever you want, but if an animal kills you. The animals toast as a matter fact, if you kill if you murder another human being, your to pay with your blood to because human beings are made in the image of God that establishes the sanctity of human life from the from the womb to the tomb, but in this case this is that I you and I were talking on the break seminar talk on the brakes if you're on Facebook Liber YouTube life. You heard all that that that science is this is this is not an unsettled question when does human life begin to begins at conception, biologist, microbiologist, whoever you want to talk to if there is scientific minded person.

This is not up for debate. This is a done deal. It's been a done deal for a while. Science as human life begins at conception, no question about it. Everybody out. There's got DNA. Raise your hand. That's all that's you and you got that DNA got it at conception.

You have no more DNA today than you did when you were conceived. All the while way back when, so God help us understand your Sam now were talking about the human being that I can do whatever I want to of my body like okay you can make that claim but were actually not talking about your body were talking about the body inside you correct it. So I would take the next two questions and make sure we asked them independently. You ask first one does God give me the vigil right to intentionally harm or take the life of another person, and I'm using the word person intentionally and we have to debate this very long because the Scriptures are very clear.

There's a direct demand in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 and in Matthew 19 thou shall not murder, you shall not kill the work for kill. There is not the term for accidental death and is not even that the term that you would use for the judicial taking applied work. What happens in war, it's, it's the term for the brutal intentional taking of life, that sort of the premeditated taking of life of another person and Genesis 96 makes it real clear how God feels about that and what he wants you to do if you're an authority figure in human government.

He says whosoever sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed, and then he says here's why. Because the life you just took a life you just harm is is a life who was in the image of God, you took the life of an image bear, which is very different from taking the life of an animal or some other like for this this this the extreme penalty that God puts on this immediately tells us we can't take or intentionally do harm or take the life of another person. And then of course the New Testament repeats this in first Thessalonians 515, Paul said, you are always to seek to do good to one another. So now we have authoritative scripture that backs up the idea that I don't have the right to do whatever I want to do with my body but I also don't have the right to intentionally harm do harm to your body and this is where do like the rape and incest thing comes in the question because rape and incest is disgusting and despicable and evil exactly because somebody did something to your body that they did not have permission to do and that's exactly the same case, the exact same reason you get disgusted and you should buy rape and incest the exact same reason you should be disgusted by abortion at the at the base level. Can I know I'm using very strong language.

I'm not using language, trying to be unloving because Jesus trumps all that which is awesome okay to get to that, but we we are so disgusted by rape and incest because it's the abuse of another person. Which is exactly what happens when you do abortion.

So in the kind of slides us into question three substance got on my body area.

We know this and I mustn't use it to harm a person who is a person and when does he or she become more now. I mention scientists are all gonna say human life begins at conception.

But when you say personhood that that's more of a slippery slope.

So how do we deal with that theologically so. So we made the case right. I don't get to do whatever I wanted you to my body. I don't get to intentionally harm the body of another person. So when does a person become a person and and this is the key issue because of what is growing.

The life that is growing in the womb is actually a person then I have theological and moral and ethical responsibilities towards that person. And so, let me give you a couple of texts that that I think settlor Psalm 139 verse 13 David says you formed my inward parts, you knit me together in my mother's womb.

I praise you for I'm fearfully and wonderfully made, and he speaking about personhood is Psalm 22 verses nine through 11 you are the one who took me from the womb. You made me trust you at my mother's breast on you. I was cash my birth and from my mother's womb. You have been my God. So here's the idea personhood.

Jeremiah 15. This is where some people would argue person that actually starts even before conception before I formed you in the womb I knew you got the others. There's this intimate knowledge, and if so whatever God formed in the womb.

He has a relationship with before you came out of the womb I sanctified you and I ordained you a prophet under the nations. Psalm 51, David recounts his personal moral history in sin did I was. I conceived it is not talking about the fact that his mom and dad committed a sin is talking about the fact that even from the moment of conception, yet a sin nature, and that's that's an attribute personhood and that one of the strongest of these is in Luke chapter 1 we talked about Zachariah yeah and Elizabeth and here's Elizabeth and John the Baptist is leaping for joy in the world, motion answers, recognition, supernatural recognition at the sound of Mary's announcement that she's pregnant with Jesus. So when you come to these two questions.

I don't get to do harm to another person and according to the Scriptures what's been conceived in the womb is actually sent payment in August told me that that's right. It's very clear and then again that's goes back to authoritative insufficiency for the Bible is that enough for you if you're gonna call yourself a Christian and that needs to be that I'll add one more thing and then will go to the next question which is about the government to go outside, go extra biblical here. I want to go to the theologian Dr. Seuss and his profit them elephant court summit to bring to bring balance of the theologian is Dr. Seuss. He's got a prophet it's a big elephant elephant's name is Horton who said a person is a person no matter how small and their legal right from the page the doctor see you don't actually when you stop and think about that whole thing. None of us. I don't think you will find an evangelical Christian who would tolerate anybody doing intentional harm in taking away from an infant. That's right once their board. That's right. And you want to go watch again. Go watch the that they'd made the modern version Horton hears a who. The animated one.

It's beautiful and Horton is so bent out of shape because these people that are so small that nobody can hear and all tenants in the gun you hello anybody get the obvious reference here. Okay, question number four with respect to the government. What responsibility does the government have to protect its citizens lives and well-being again were talking about from biblical perspective because even governments will be judged by God and not talking about the look the legality Roe versus Wade. I'm not talking about the U.S. Constitution were talking about the word of God. So what is the word of God say, with respect to the government correct and I think that's a really important point Steve because what tends to happen in the life of a lot of professing Christians as they will argue, well, the Constitution gives me this right right or the law has been passed, and so you may not like it but it's not illegal. And that's not really the right question we need to ask is it immoral has God prohibited goddess told me that my body is not my own. There goes the whole.

You know it's it's my body. I do whatever I want and you don't get to tell me what to do with my reproductive rights. God is God does have that right.

I don't have that right is Jeff human to tell you, God, is that right so no I don't get to do whatever I want with my body and then I don't get to do whatever I want to do to your body. I don't get to intentionally bring harm or abuse you. I don't get to take your life. You know, intentionally there's there's there's biblical warrant for the absolute prohibition of that and so now we got answer the personhood question right. So now we know that from the moment of conception. What's growing isn't just a life is just a bunch of DNA.

That's been animated.

It's up person. God talks about it in terms of personhood. Scripture defines it in terms of personhood you actually see it in terms of personhood and in the womb of Elizabeth as he leaves for joy at the presence of Jesus. This is this is very very powerful stuff yeah and so and so. The Bible trumps the Constitution when it hit the brain are just couple seconds to set this up so only come back we'll talk about what the Scriptures say to the government. I don't care what the Constitution says I do, but ultimately the Scriptures trumped the Constitution right so what is the what of the Bible say the government was the Bible say the church get a deal at that and in the six question which we haven't mentioned is what I've had an abortion. What if you've had an abortion. What if you took a girlfriend of the portion you paid for the abortion you pressure her abortion will deal with that question as well only come back don't go anywhere. So the national March the life is tomorrow Washington DC. We ask your pet if it and hopefully go to a church you know your pastor is going to talk about the sanctity of human life.

Sunday that's this Sunday or last Sunday.

Maybe they didn't already fit into it last Sunday and you haven't heard about it this Sunday.

You know you need to do. You need to ask you that and and and lovingly asked to be respectful, but you need to ask and it's okay to turn the heat up a little bit.

I did this years ago at a church. I used to attend and there were a couple different surfaces in at 11 of the earlier services.

There was one of the younger associate pastors who gave a spectacular message on the life issue is sanctity of human life Sunday and he was particularly effective in dealing with the reality that there were women and men, of course, in the sanctuary that had had abortions and it was just beautiful. And that was that the earlier service and that the later service.

I could tell just by looking at at the whatever we got. Bulletin or whatever, that the pastor this with the senior pastor was in a talk about soaring between services and I had enough mojo with the pastor that I went up to him and I said they pastor hate so-and-so gave a great just up one of the best pro-life message about in the last service, what, where, why are you letting him do that at this service at the main service or what you doing and literally looks out the whole day because generally he looks outside one of the windows in the church. He goes there. I symmetry out there and I love this pastor and respected this pastor what I wanted to do was crack him across the face and say are you kidding me, but right then and there. And this is something that's very bold when you get to this topic is huge. So many people fold like a cheap suit because there is a price to pay. You want to talk about the life issue publicly in your pulpit in your church you out if your pastors never given a pro-life message. If you've never had a thing today life Sunday at your church. Be prepared for the awkward moment when you ask, but you have to ask, you cannot be signed or actually helping your pastor help you as executor who really are that's the lose of a friend well and it's also the encouragement of the faithful church say pastor. This is a bigger issue. We can talk about Yep such a great time talking to Dr. Sam Horn today from BJ's seminary and the theology behind the thing to give human life. Okay, we've gone to these questions. Does God give me the ultimate right to choose what to do with my body. No does God give me the individual right to intentionally harm the life or well-being of another person know.

Which begs the question what the person and so personhood begins because you made in God's image when you're conceived, then that takes its question for which work through a quick about the government. Question five about church and then I want to make sure we spend sufficient on the last question what I've had an abortion. So with respect to the government. Forget the Constitution for second all my American friends but tell Sam what does the Bible tell US government. Any ever got any other government about the issue of the sanctity of human life.

With respect to abortion yet.

I think you made a really good point.

This is to any government, because when this was written, the American government system wasn't even on the radar right so God is actually speaking to all government all human government and and when it comes to this issue. Human life. What is the responsibility of government were not to shape life were not to you there's there's there's very very clear guidelines and lanes that human government has been given by God and very often human government gets out of those things very quickly. But here it here are the lanes that God is given with regard to the sanctity of life.

Human government by God has been given the responsibility to protect the life of the people over which it has authority by demanding the life of those who wrongfully terminate the life of somebody else's Genesis 96 where he read that text. This is Romans 13 one through five where Paul says, be aware that the government has a sword it's been given that sort by God. That's the executioner sort, by the way, and it's it's a symbol of of judicial judgment that it that comes on a person who breaks the laws of the land and so one of those responsibilities is to protect the life of every person under the purview of that government. And then secondly to protect the life of the innocent, righteous, in particular mint of God's heart for the outside of the week.

The marginalized is all over the Bible actually. So here's Exodus 20 through seven. Keep the far from a false matter, and the innocent rightists laid out not for I will not justify the wicked other words, if you slay an innocent or righteous person and by definition, when you think about the unborn person they are innocent and their righteous before God, and you slay them.

Here's here's a really important concept that that God is given human government and then specifically, very clearly human government has been told by God to value and protect the life of the unborn and Exodus 21 verses 22 to 25.

A person who intentionally cause the woman to miscarry resulting in the harm or death of the infant would pay in kind a like for like an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, etc. so human government has a responsibility from God to ProTect the life of the unborn.

Okay, what is good what is God say to the church.

What's our role in all this well in and that's really important because as as God's people.

We need to line up guidelines and and so I just put down, you know, as church, we should grieve over what's going on in our churches in our country in the world. With regard to this issue, the, the wrongful murder of of millions of unborn persons, we should pray about this.

Persistently we should voice our objection to this week we ought to do inappropriate ways in the right places and in the right spaces say look, God is against this and and I'm against in our churches against us, we should do our part to stop this legally. We shouldn't break the law to do this, but we should take every advantage that we have in front of us to stop this legally. And then we should guard against this personally and that's where I think you know churches are going to grieve and they're gonna pray in their inner voice objection and they're going out there to be involved in some way or another. Many of them, all of them and some may not do any of those things, but this this final thing, guarding against this personally. How you do that you have to talk about it. You have to preach about it, you have to teach because at the end of the day we were talking at the break. A lot of Christian women. It's stunning how many Christian women have abortion mean it you know if it's just a stunning amount for 23 to 25% of evangelical women corrected so and when you stop and think about when when they actually talk about the reasons they talk about it this way.

It's my baby is my baby and I'm not ready to raise this child. I don't think I'm to be a fit parent. I'm not ready to be a single mom if I bring this baby and it's going to suffer. It's it's going to be underprivileged. All these things happen and so I'm making the best choice for me and I making the best choice for my date which is taking God's role yourself because it's not your baby right it's it's God's baby so God's person said he's entrusted to you right that's right.

And that's a huge part in that.

And that brings us to this final question, which is one not one of the five, but this is perhaps for a lot of people as we know, statistically, this will be the most important question that we talk about today.

Sam, what if I've had an abortion.

Whatever had been complicit in abortion. What I do with you, and I think that's probably like you said, the most important question is the most poignant question because by the time you get asked that question God is already been at work in your heart right wing when when that question comes up in somebody's life. It's genuinely genuinely happening are generally happening because the spirit of God has been at work drawing that person and convicting that person. So the first thing I would say is the first thing you gotta do is you gotta get to Jesus you got to bring this to Jesus and you do that by confessing it you do that by bringing all of this brokenness and all of the sinfulness to Jesus and then you repent and you hang onto Jesus you come to Jesus and you lay it out before Jesus and you confess it to Jesus and then you hang onto Jesus and then you believe Jesus when Jesus said, I forgive you if you confess your sin I am faithful I am just I am going to forgive that sin and I'm going to do it in a just way because I'm a just God I paid for that set and you don't have to keep carrying that burden around with it. That is not minimizing its right, not is not cheap grace because that sin was paid for at an unbelievable price somebody else's life paper that sent so this is why say you run to Jesus you tell Jesus you hang onto Jesus, and you believe Jesus gotta believe and then you rely on to rely on the grace of God every single day.

Every time Satan brings it back up to you and says your murder, you say well you know what Satan by God's grace my identity is Christ. That's right your missing label I give it got told you eunuch sorted out. Gotta show I was preaching this at church one day and a man came up and he must've been in his 50s and he told me a story very similar to the ones that you been telling very very powerful stories are so powerful and he came up and he said pastor Sam is your preaching you and I don't know what to do with this, but years ago I was I was complicit in the murder of I unborn child, and I confess the Lord and I got on to serve the Lord but but what I do and I don't know why I said to Steve, but I honestly believe the Lord just kind of put this thought in my head and I said you know what I think your son or daughters doing right now they're looking down from heaven and their and their pointing to you, and they're saying that's my dad and he's serving Jesus and his loving God, I'm so proud of what my just so proud so thankful for my dad loves God and serve God and is doing kingdom work and it was just like a dam broke and adhere the spears to streaming down his face, and I actually think that that's not far off from you though that Forgiveness. Amen We Can Hold on and You Said This before You.

You Might've Ended Their Physical Life, but You Did in Their Spiritual Life Karen on the Third Authority. God's Word, Which Is Sufficient to This Topic. If You Aborted Child or Children. Mom, Dad, You Know Jesus Christ You're Forgiven That's Gone. He Doesn't See Was That Anymore. That's under the Blood and When You Get to Heaven. That Child Is Knocking a Look at You and Say Why Your Son or Daughters Get a Look at You and Simply Say Hi Nothing but Love Probably One of the Most Glorious Reunions That Could Ever Occur in the History of Mankind. And That's What's Available to You through Jesus Christ. Dr. Sam Horn PG Seminary.

God Bless You Brother Thank You so Much. Such an Important Message Such Great Messaging and Just Agree to Thank You My Friend. Thank You, My Friends, God Willing, I'll Be Talking to You Again Soon and like My Dad Always Used To Say Ever for Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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