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Abortion Story?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 19, 2022 9:06 pm

Abortion Story?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 19, 2022 9:06 pm

Abortion Story?

Steve takes callers and asks them, what are your abortion stories. Abortion needs to be extinguished and abolished for good.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay what a backup got a big ass you today. Kind of uncomfortable record last and something that for many of you, perhaps never ever talked about it publicly, it's been something that happened in the past. Maybe for some of you is a long time ago decades ago and it's just you never really come to delegate or maybe you have delegate and you found healing and you found forgiveness in your on that side of it.

You're on the side of it and got is done a great work in your life. But maybe it's just been one of those things that you've just had it varied for all these years and if you want to call in and share that without using your name. That's fine if you want to do that anonymously completely understand and have no problem with that whatsoever. I just don't know what the Lord may do during the show today organ that we are going to talk to our friend David Fisher because Monday was MLK day so national holiday. So David at landmark capital was working on Monday and we just postponed a little money Monday update to today so will do that before segment between now and then I wanted to give you an opportunity to share your abortion story.

Your abortion testimony this Friday is the national March for life in Washington DC. I was talking about this last week with the North Carolina right to life, and that the prayer breakfast in the gathering on Saturday in downtown Raleigh which is great. And then you've got sensitive life Sunday, which is always close to MLK and is based on the anniversary if you can call it that of Roe versus Wade. The legalization of abortion in America and so some churches didn't last Sunday. Most churches that will do it will do it this Sunday so it is a topic this week. That is all over the nation and needs to be remain on the radar screen. No matter what's going on with coalbed great reset the government.

Biden whatever we can never forget the travesty the tragedy the heartbreak that is abortion and 62 million children and counting here in America and on an annual basis. At this point worldwide, about 40 million which is a mind-boggling number to get your mind around, but wouldn't just respectfully ask and lovingly ask and compassionately ask if you have an abortion story been down that road you found healing the Lord's done work in your life. There's other people.

I guarantee you that need to hear that story, 30, 35% of adult women are post-abortive. So this is all over the place. It's in the church. The outside of the church, but perhaps the Lord would use you today to be a blessing to somebody else as you share your own story. Your own abortion testimony again if you want to call in and not use your name that's fine I completely understand that over some of you it might be just the first time you do it publicly.

Mention it publicly and and that I think that would be a healing thing to do as well.

So if you like to share your story from whatever perspective it is 866-348-7884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 didn't plan for any gas didn't really want to load up with anything today. Just wanted to give you that opportunity. See what the Lord would do with this.

Our until we talked our good friend David Fisher and the four segment but if there's a abortion, testimony, and if you been down that road and you've shared your testimony. You know the power of that at this point and what God can do it that what he wants to do it that I do find healing and hope and blessings out of your pain in the past is just part of the gospel stories part of the way God has designed things that that we can comfort others with the comfort that we have received ourselves.

Second Corinthians chapter 1. So if you want to do that today. If you feel led to do that today. I can guarantee you. The Lord will bless that and use it in somebody else's life.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH and if the Lord is moving on you to share something I would just encourage you to be a. At that move the Holy Spirit and go ahead and call it and share whatever you feel led to share 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number or 866-34-TRUTH. I hope you know by now you should never be afraid to call into the show.

I'm not into bloodsport.

I'm not into attacking callers. I'm into wisdom. I'm in the conversation, compassion and patience so I don't always do that well you know that if you listen to the show for a while but I can tell you I can make my yes be yes and I know be no on this particular issue because it's been such a big part of my life for the last 15 years trying to do what I can on this issue, let's go to Ray Ray quick is conifer North going to Ray, thanks for calling. Go ahead. I wanted to call it means a lot to me. My real mother was a prostitute wanted to have me aborted.

Fortunately, her step sister with her, don't kill the baby out and I will pick up rates at which they did. I didn't find out I was adopted till I was 21 and it needless to say it just really caught me off guard, but I went on to God served in the military and God called me to Bible college. After that I looked her up in western Pennsylvania had the privilege I told her in on Martha, I know the I know who you are and there's no hard feelings that have.

I want to share something to change my life privilege, leading her to cry step sister went on into ministry God. It's really been a blessing of my wife and I have two or three Bible believing churches. Hundreds of people sorting out the first to speak up and say, if possible.

Don't kill the baby. God may have other plans, and in fact we know he does. He always does, yeah all you what a great great testimony. What a great great story, God bless you Ray thank you so much for sharing. I know it's certainly a blessing to me and I'm sure it's blessed everybody else the Lord chiefly for all of us. But God bless you brother. Thanks for sharing.

God bless your thank you.

Have a great afternoon. Thanks so much 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. This is when stuff like that happens is when not is God just reminded me.

Hey Steve, it's worth it worth it for us to come here and to do this and to provide this platform in this opportunity, which is in ours, not mine is the truth. Radios to the blonde any the stations. Ron certainly doesn't belong to Facebook life you want to do that for you to live is the Lords of the Lord's platform and if you feel moved to share.

He's putting it out there for you it's for you today.

If you want to share that testimony. God bless you Ray. What a powerful story got is a plan for everybody's life. Whether it's ministry or anything else you got a plan for every child's life, which is part of the challenge of abortion.

866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH will be right back back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show the national March for life is this Friday in Washington DC. A lot of churches were the ones that are willing to step up to the plate. A lot of them be taking advantage of the Sunday thing today like Sunday, some of them to the last Sunday but this is a particular week every year in January that you should turn out the lights, turn up the attention on the issue of abortion. Today, just leaving the door open to see what the Lord would do. Ray called in earlier that was a great blessing. His mom is a prostitute. She wanted to get an abortion.

Another family members like nopal take that child Ray and eventually Ray and his wife that Minna got served in the military pull planted churches of led people to the Lord and God has a plan for every life. God will use every single life and so we just have to be willing to go along with that and trust is a bigger picture than that temporary and very difficult situation. If an unplanned pregnancy, but just wanted to leave the door open for you if you feel the Lord leaving you to share your story for some of you, you've done that for years and that would be a blessing. There's people that need to be encouraged by that so that they can begin to share because a lot of people this is something that stays.

It stays in the closet and you can ultimately find a whole lot of healing and freedom from that. But for you, maybe it's the first time you've ever said anything publicly and if you want to do that anonymously. I am totally fine with that.

I just wanted to give you the opportunity because I can guarantee you. The Lord will use it.

I'm pretty sure he'll use it in your life if you do that today and I guarantee you will use in somebody else's life and we have to be concerned with others more than ourselves. 866-348-7884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you'd like to share your abortion testimony. That's where Gabriel's conifer North going to Gabriel. Thanks for holding so long, go right ahead. Dr. Brownback platform. Thanks. Been very important in my life, was last hour. This is Steve Knowlton start I wanted to reach out everybody have a male all I would Jang want to got relation and you know my girlfriend's mother at the time wanted to take charge of the situation and abhors being young and nave. I didn't know if I have any right situation Got out of my control. That being said, I heard anybody that's on the verge of making a stop in economy by any kind of capital that you can to avoid going through an abortion. However, if you have been through one another got bailed always struggle with her for years that actually called the drug problem in my life. I got help with that and I'm going through a lot of prayer over the abortion but now Beard actually played it got all wonderful, wonderful children, married all day thinking I will mark you more than anything ever. After that, but done a lot of crazy things in my life point so you know, if you haven't done it if you're on the verge. Are you stop talking about and Got Bailed You Keep Dropping the Gun More. That's Right.

What a Great Point. Great Great Testimony. Gabriel Thank You so Much for Calling My Brother Really Appreciate You Sharing That with All Thanks for Being Here. You Take Care Bye-Bye and They Go and That's Just Arts Cry from the Man's Been There, Done That. Ray Went down That Road and He Looked Turn around Difficult Days.

Drug Issues Struggle, but Then God Turns around Because You Remember the Lord's. A Lot Of Us Just Get God Wrong Right by the Way, If You'd like to Share Love to Give You the Time to Do That 866-348-7884 Is the Number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and Ladies You Two As Well. This Is a Safe Place for You Okay If You Want to Share. Don't Worry about It. I Was Surprised That Two Men: in a Row. That's Awesome That Usually Doesn't Happen on This Particular Subject, but I Praise the Lord That It Did 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH.

If You Have a Story around Abortion and How That's Affected Your Life in the Testimony If You Want to Be a Blessing to Somebody Just Help You Coming on Talking about It Will Help Somebody Else Coming out Talk about It and That's Not Something That You Should Keep in Your Closet. It Just Isn't. That's Where the Devil Wants It Because He Can Use It against You.

But That's Not Where the Lord Wants Lord Wants It Penned to the Cross and Dealt with in in God Wants to Bless You I Say I Think A Lot Of Us Just Get God Wrong. It's like He's This Curmudgeon Old Guy Sit There with Hancock Just Waiting for You to Screw up so We Can Smite You Right Will Appear.

If You Are in Christ God. If Your Parents You Know You Know How Much You Should Want to Bless Your Children We Want to Care for. I Want to Make Things Easy for My Kids. I Know It's Not Always the Right Thing to Do but I Want to I Want to Take the Blows I Want to See Them Succeed. I Want to Bless Him. I Want to Give Him a Good Trip. I Want to Have a Great Christmas.

I Want to Do That for the Lord Wants to Bless You. But Sometimes We Just Keep Things. That We Don't Deal with It and so It's Difficult but He Wants to Bless You. That's Why with Her with Our Last Colored Gabriel Went down the Road of Abortion and Then Lo And Behold Years Later He's Got Four Children of His Own, and They Were Obviously Just outside of Christ. The Biggest Blessing Is Life and God Wanted to Do That for Gabriel and Praise God for It. But If You Want to Share Something like That Men and Women. Whatever the Case May Be, 86634878840 Number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 34 Truth and on That Man's Point of This Is Something of a Numbers Person.

I Can Deal with the Stuffer Years. I Tend to Gravitate toward Statistics and Hard Facts As I Think Those Are Very Effective in and Having Discussions and Arguments and Debates and Even to Convince Yourself but A Few Years Ago. There's Pretty Large Nationwide Study of Post-Abortive Women Women That up and down That Road, Which Is by Some Accounts, 30, 35% of Adult Women Today Have Already Had an Abortion Case.

This Is All over the Place Guarantee There's THERE'S All Kinds of Women and Men Because the Takes Two to Tango. In This Audience Right Now or Listening Later on the Podcast or Facebook Live YouTube Live There Post-Abortive. I Know That You Go to Church This Sunday. Take a Look around Because the Odds Are 2025, 30% of the Women in Their the Adult Women Have Artie Had an Abortion and We Just It Stays in the Closet Where It Satan Has Power Because It's in the Dark but It's Got to Come out. So This Nationwide Study of Post-Abortive Women. 80% of 80 80% Said That If the Father of the Child Had Said. Like Gabriel Wanted to and Did Eventually Had That Opportunity Because God Blessed Him. Yeah Let's Keep This Child. Let's Keep the Child.

Let's Keep Ray Who Was Born of a Prostitute's Mom Was a Prostitute.

Ray, Our First Caller. If Let's Keep the Baby. 80% of Post-Abortive Women Said If the Father Had Said Yes Keep the Child They Would Have One Half 80% Cut in Abortion Because Men Chose to Be Well Meant and Step up to the Plate. This Is Going to Altered the Trajectory of My Life from a Short-Term Perspective. You Could Say This Is Going to Ruin My Life. This Is Going to Take Me off Track. This Wasn't My Plan. I'm Trying to Finish College.

I Got a Career Going Here the Money for This and That's so Make It Go Away except That Doesn't Go Away Right Never Really Goes Away so They Say Yes in a Man's Being a Man Which God Will Bless and 80% of the Mom Say Okay, Forget the Abortion. Let's Have a Baby Keep or Adopt.

That's a Reality It's Not Just a Woman's Issue As It Takes Two to Tango for All the Adults in the Room. 866-34-TRUTH If You Want to Share Will Be Right Back to Back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble Showed Great to Be with You Just Stepping out a Little Bit Today. Just to Give You the Opportunity.

If You Want to Share a Testimony about Going down the Abortion Road This Friday Is the National March for Life. Sunday This Coming Sunday, and in Some Churches Last Sunday Was the National Yearly Annual Sanctity of Life Sunday so I Wanted to Make Sure We Gave That's a Room Today and Just Felt the Lord Would Have Us Just Can Open up the Phones and and Had Two Powerful Testimonies from Ray and Gabriel in This in This Regard about the Issue of Abortion. So If You Want to Call in and Share Your Story, Your Testimony and What the Lord Is Done in Your Life. Maybe for Some of You and She Never Said Anything That Still in the Closet It Still Buried down Deep in You Never Brought It out and and and If You Want to Call in to Be Anonymous and and Because You Want to Share with Other People That Might Be Considering It What What Price Do You Pay on the Other Side of It. The Abortion Industry. Of Course Want You to Think It's Just Wanted Done like You Got a Filling at the Dentist. No Big Deal, but If You Been down That Road You Know It's Not One into You Know That Stays with You, You Know, You Pay a Price for That for Most People for the Rest of Their Lives.

Just Go Away.

You Can Race That in Terms of Your Memory, but God Can Still Do an Incredible Work in Your Life. It's like Gabriel Sheridan. He Was Young His Girlfriend Pregnant That the Mom Involved and Did Know If You Any Rights in the End Abortion and He Paid Some Prices and Struggle with A Lot Of Things, but Eventually through God's Grace. He Has Four Children of His Own and Ray Are First Caller Was Conceived up. His Mom Was a Prostitute and Wanted to Report in Another Family Members Not Know Will Take the Child and Ray Grows up to Be Served in the Military Goes to Bible College, and Men of God Plants Churches Lead People to Christ. He and His Wife, and That's What the Lord Can Do Different Stories. Different People and and Sometimes You Gotta Be Careful. If You Want to Call and Share 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Is the Number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH by Way Tomorrow Theology Thursday with Our Friends at BG Seminary to Be Doing the Theology behind This Topic. Okay so Will Do That Tomorrow on Theology Thursday but If You Wanted to Share Today. I Would Love to Give You the Opportunity to Do That.

Just Give Us a Call 866-3487 848-6634 Truth Because the Lord Is Always Willing to Use the Difficult Things That We've Done Gone through to Bless Other People As Well As to Minister to Us Individually.

Monaco's Gone and from Georgia.

Monica, Thanks for Calling. Go Right Ahead. While I Appreciate You Doing That's a Go Right Ahead. What Would You like to Share How I Got LeBlanc Well When You Get Know That the Main Reason I'm Calling 19 1989 and I and I Would Not Live in the Life That I Needed Not Weight Not Defined for Me and Even Though I've Been Writing: Betty Is Very Nave and Easily Misled Plate That I Thought a Place Where People When They Wanted to Get There Baby Apricot You Plan Aaron and Their They Told Me That While Don't Worry and They Said Well You Can Try to Live a Life I Will Be Trained and They Told Me That at 13. We I Found and That They Can Help Me after That and Thought Might Find Me. Take Care My Baby and Everything Will Be Fine. I'll Go Collect My Thing Well Then Make the Room and There like the Part Together yet and They Said That Everything That I Learned Not True and That It I'll Get I Know I've Been People Need to Know That You Will yet. We May Get Pregnant Okay You Were Going down the Wrong Any Forget You Will Help Forgive You. That's Right. And That's Such a Difficult Truth, Monica, and That's Why It's so Important, and in Such a Blessing for Us, for You Brother People Listening When We Had.

We Have To Share the Truth They Were Lying to You and You Are Misled and People Have To Know What's Going on.

This Isn't This Isn't Just like a Walk in the Park in a Situation. This Is Very, Very Dark and There's A Lot Of Evil Involved, Especially from Organizations like Planned Parenthood and like You Said You'll Never Forget Your Child. We Never Forget Our Children and That's Why It's Awkward like You Said That You Have To Talk about It in the Lord. If You Come to Him.

He'll Forgive You. This Is Not an Unforgivable Sin to Grievance One of Course, but It's Not Unforgiving Think God Is Right Your Heart and Your Life.

You Know, and When You Know You Now Live and You Know What Man Thank You.I'm Not Get Involved in It and Not That Relate with People Who Make Walking Better Go out There Making Feel It's Right Here, Right. Like You, Welcome God Bless You Monica Thank You so Much God Bless You and so What a Blessing Is Not Thank You Lord for That. It's Not the Unforgivable Sin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, It Is Not As Dark and As Difficult As the Blood of an Aborted Child Is in at This Point in American History 62 Million+ As Dark and Is Difficult and As Grievous As That Is the Power of Jesus His Blood Is Infinitely More Powerful, Infinitely but That's the Only Thing Jesus His Blood Sacrifice and Love Is the Only Thing That Can Overcome the Reality of That Sin and What Happens Just You Know Is When You Hear the Site.

I Don't I Do This Every Once A While Planned Okay This Is What Happened. Monica Should I Go Planned Parenthood, the Other Can Help Me. So This Is from Their Page You Just Listen for the Hess the Snake Okay Is Abortion the Right Option for Me to Do This in a Certain Voice.

I Was Doing My Ethics Class Abortion Is Very Common in People of Abortions for Many Different Reasons.

Only You Know What's Best for You but Good Information and Support Can Really Help You Make the Decision That's Best for Your Own Health and Well-Being. I'm Doing Here. The Hiss of the Snake. If You Think about Having Abortion, You're Not Alone.

Millions of People Face Unplanned Pregnancies Every Year and about 4/10 of Them Decide to Get an Abortion.

Some People Unplanned Pregnancies Also Get Abortions Because of Health or Safety Reasons. Overall, about One in Four Women in the US Will Have an Abortion. By the Time They're 45 Years Old. Sometimes the Decision Is Simple, Other Times It's Complicated, but Either Way, the Decision Having Abortion Is Personal and You're the Only One Who Can Make Everyone Has Their Own Unique and Valid Reasons for Having Abortion.

Some of the Many Different Reasons People Decide to End the Pregnancy Include They Want to Be the Best Parent Possible to the Kids.

They Already Have It Ready to Be a Parent yet Is Not a Good Time in Their Life to Have a Baby. They Want to Finish School or Focus on Worker Achieve Other Goals before Having a Baby There down in a Relationship with Someone They Want to Have a Baby with Their in an Abusive Relationship or Sexually Assault the Pregnancy Is Dangerous or Bad for Their Health. The Fetus Won't Survive the Pregnancy Will Suffer. After Birth, They Just Don't Want to Be a Parent Deciding to Have an Abortion Doesn't Mean You Don't Want or Love Children. In Fact, 6/10 People Who Get Abortions Already Have Kids, Many of Them Decide to End Her Pregnancy so They Can Focus on the Children They Already People Already Who Aren't Already Parents When They Get an Abortion Often Go on to Have a Baby Later When They Feel They Are in a Better Position to Be a Good Parent.

The Bottom Line Is Deciding If and When to Have a Baby Is Very Personal and Only You Know What's Best for You and Your Family Right That's Straight out.

I'm Reading from the Planned Parenthood Website Planned under Get Care under Abortion.

Okay, Learn the Learn Tab and Then Abortion Considering Abortion and Did You Hear That, No Big Deal, Right Deal. Lots of People Have Looked for 10 You're Not, Don't Think That You're like Alone in This.

You Know It's Pretty Common Because It's Pretty Common Implications of the Big a Deal. Everybody's Doing It. Don't Worry about It. You You You You and Look How Sick and Twisted You Kill You Kill the Child That's in Your Womb Now so That You Can Be a Better Parent to Your Other Children, Really, How Does Being Complicit in the Murder Make You Better Parent. That's Just Truthful Thinking Right There, Okay, I Know That Sounds Harsh, but It's Just Truthful Thinking Coming against the Lies Planned Parenthood Which Is Right Out Of the Belly of the Beast Straight from the Pit of Hell and Smells like Smoke. That's Planned Parenthood in the Entire Abortion Industry but Be Willing to Share Friends.

God Will Bless You and Usually When You Share This Is Steve Noble Steve Noble Show Will Be Right Back Back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble Show, Turning a Corner Talking Our Good Friend David Fisher from La Marque M Is the Website MLK Day on Monday so the Market Close so We Just Delayed Money Monday Update for A Few Days so We Appreciate the Flexibility There David, Welcome Back Kari, My Friend, I'm Doing Good. I Praise the Lord Will Thanks for Conan and Thanks for Your Flexibility This Week As We Always Do on a Money Monday Update with David. We Always Start out with a Passage of Scripture. I Was the Lord Always Does a Great Thing There. So Today in the New Testament John Chapter 14 Let's Start There. My Friend, My Father How Many Room If That Were Not so, I'm Going to Prepare a Place for You so Starkly Use a Couple Reasons One I Did a Funeral Service Yesterday and Graveside Service and It Was One of the Scriptures Are Used When I Officiated to Talk about How You Know God Wants All of Us to Be in Heaven but That's Simply Done by Inviting Jesus Christ in Their Life and Making Him Lord and Savior Is Not Done by a List Good List Was Long, the Human Side of Things for the Bible so Just Stop and God Will Entreat You That He Prepares a Place for Us Thinking about What You're Talking about in the Member Talked about This before Becoming Probably Relates.

I Would Venture to Say That All the Fetuses. God Prepared a Place for Them. Not Knowing That You Don't Have Accountability Heavenly Body That Houses Really Who We Are Because That Never Body. From Its Ashes to Ashes. The Troll Occurred, You Go to My Voice. You'll Have To Weep You Die You Have and You Can Find That out Right Now by Inviting Jesus into Your Life.

As Lord and Savior Came in and Said That Doubling and Tripling Men.

I Was Talking Is One of the Passages John 14, 126 That My Mother Put SES Essays Because of Their Wish List and That's and in the Back of It.

She Talks about Possessions and Who Gets What.

She Also Has in There What She Wants to Be in Her Memorial, Which Will Be A Few Months after Her Death, and My Mother Is in Her Last Few Weeks. Right Now She's 90 Years of Age and so When I Was out There A Few Weeks Ago We Went to Those Passages and Then I Was on FaceTime My Three Siblings Were There and Tennessee and We Went through This and I Mentioned That One Point When We Are Looking at These Passages That She Picked on 14 126 Which Ends with Something We All Know What I'm the Way the Truth and the Life.

No One Cut of the Father but by Me. Which Is Why David's Pressing Us to Look Straight at Jesus Said Think about That. The Father the Lord Jesus Makes Everything There Is. In Six Days and Then Jesus's Been off the Earth for a Couple Thousand Years That I've Gone There to Prepare a Place for You. You Can You Can Consider What's It Going to Be like the City of God When It Comes down We Have These Places in Heaven Now, but Eventually on Earth, and That Then That Jesus Is That a Couple Thousand Years to Work on: Wow That's Going Pretty and When God Does All of Creation in Six Days and Jesus Says 2000 Years to Work in All These Rooms for All His Children Who Have Faith in Such a Beautiful Thoughts of Thanks.

David Is Always for Taking Us There so Stocks in 2022. Like 2021 2021.

A Great Year for Stocks.

I'm Looking at the Five Day Chart on My Phone Here in 2022, Started Green and Red Red Red Red Red Red Red and Even Today the Market down like 340 Point so How We Gonna Do in 2022 Versus 20, 21, 2020 Market Correction.

Talk about What Is Happening Right Now Is down 7.3% for the Month of January so Yeah and This Is One of the Worst Months since March 2020 We Are Having Inflation Due To One Reason Because the Footprint of All Money with HSBC Bank Came out One of Those Steve Huge Disruption No Ever Live Expressly Called the Mother of All Supply Chain Having a Bottleneck in the Clock That's Causing Problems Already Doing This, but That Is Causing That Covert Release in the Market Is down. As Markets Are Preparing Only Economy Is Preparing for the Reserve Arena since 2008 2018 December, That You May Have Met in December the Market Went down 10%, Three Days, and about the Only Person Told of 15 Days so the Market Doesn't like Really like It Seems to Be Serious about This. Finally, That's One Reason I May. With Your Permission, I Would like to Shift Gears. I Text You Earlier Yesterday about Something I Didn't Send You Some Forewarning in an Email. If We Can't Really Talk about Something That's I Found Very Shocking. Unfortunately about to Go and What You're Trying to Do, Please Do Course for Qubec Memory Lane We Might Want to End on This Time We Have Gone over This for Four Point Member of the Balin Put Together in 2010 under Pres. Obama with the Dodd Frank Act. The Dodd Frank Act Also Created This Amputee Independent of the Government and Is under the Gets Funding from the Federal Reserve Is Called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Person That Pres. Obama Assigned to That Back in 2010 Name Is Richard Cordray Is a Lawyer's What Would the First Week As a Director Back in 2010. He Said before Congress Goosing Your Note Was One of the Questions Was Asking Him and He Said Yes. That's Why One of the Reasons Were Here Today. That's the Backdrop Now Fast Forward to Today. There Is an Open Position of Vice Chair of Supervision. I Remember Two Months Ago, Steve.

We Talked about Sorry Be so Long-Winded on the Piece of the Probable Trigger A Few Months Ago.

Pres. Biden Nominated Sawyer, Omar Vera, the Comptroller of Currency and She with A Lot Of Hearings A Lot Of Pushback. She Finally Resigned. Why Because She Wrote in Her Thesis Papers Four Months Ago.

Too Much before Hearings That She Said That the Consumer Should Give up Their Bank Account Anymore Bank Account. I'm Paraphrasing What You Are Republican to Me Says I Think Pennsylvania Republicans for like Her and so Therefore He Should Resign. Also Sen. John Kennedy Republican L. Louisiana Didn't like Her like This New Nomination Fine, Just Put in Place.

Richard Cordray for the Position of the Federal Reserve, the Vice Chair and He Says This Tomorrow Varnish Resign from the Group Called the Young Communist and Cordray.

I Think She Believes That Only the Government Can Make America Great and Him and I Disagree Let's Put This Thing to the Final Test Here Nominated for Nomination That Biden Nominated Just the Fact That They're Putting in the Place As Number One of Our Nomination. It Looks like and Want to Nominate You Should Tell You Went Back to the Same Thing. Unfortunately, What We Talked about Just a Couple Months Ago That the Government Is Coming out Your Money and This Is One of the Nominations Side Your Banking System so I'm I'm Passionate As You Can Tell, Don't Interpret My Passion and Concerns Anger. I'm Sure Russell Rattled with This Thing You Thought We Were Placed. It's Not in There, Still Probably Another Thing They're Still Trying to Modify I'm Looking at My TV. It's on Mute on the Financial Markets. Biden Is Talking Right Now and He's Not Always a Drug Same with the Headline for the Modified BBB of the Build Back Better Law and That Doesn't Mean That They Took up Dress from Getting in Your Bank Account Names. Just Be Careful Get Some Goals. Not a Peachy Bed of Roses Right Now. That Goes for Everything They Can Go for in the Next 11 Months, until They Lose Their to Get Shellacked in the Midterm Elections in November for Those People Don't Come in in the Office until a Year from Now. So They They Know They've Got 365 Days to Wreak As Much Havoc and to Reengineer the Whole System That They Can That's a Ballpoint by the Great Reset. I Talked about That Yesterday and by Then Continuing to Put up One Radical Person after Another to Deal with the Entire Federal Economy Suffer from the Fed's Perspective. Yeah They Just Don't Care That They Don't Care What We Think They Don't, They Are Are Are Totally Committed to a Complete Restructuring of Society Including the Financial System and It's It's Insane Morally Tied Together. I'm so Thankful That You Talk about These Things and You Allow Me to Talk about My Little Piece of the Puzzle and You Know That's Why so Important to Have Knowledge and Wisdom so People Can Make Good Decisions. Call Company Get a Packet Work Probably Closer to Bill and I Ever Thought We Were. Think about Diversifying for Expenses of Good Stewardship Program and I Will Talk More about Inflation. I Got Some Things about Inflation, about Gold, Silver Look like a Big Run All the Experts Are Saying but Will That Next Week, and Again David Help You Get More Information Than Just Educate Themselves. What Should They Do Call awesome thank you my friend.

Thank you for always being on the cutting edge there and paying attention to so many things to bring to our attention so that we can be better prepare to be good stewards of whatever amount the Lord has given us. God bless you my friend will talk to you soon. My brother talk will see you later. This is Steve Noble will be back tomorrow. Theology Thursday with our friends at PG seminary to dedicate the show again tomorrow to the issue of life.

The issue of abortion from a theological perspective. That'll be awesome and much-needed. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall, God willing. I talked again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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