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Covid Truth vs. Lies

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 10, 2022 11:59 pm

Covid Truth vs. Lies

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 10, 2022 11:59 pm

Covid Truth vs. Lies

Steve talks about covid and how some parts of it are true and others are lies. David Fischer is on for the regular Money Monday! 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life, your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now gives your host Noble well to pastor Chris Connell from cross assembly here in Raleigh for filling in on Friday with a really compelling story, a testimony from a couple that was just amazing amazing story of heard of before. We did have some challenges on Facebook J Facebook was sound and but hopefully you get that all figured out today so here we are back in the studio. I was out of town for three days. Spend some time with my mother, who will after 90 years be meeting her Lord.

Soon, so I just wanted some and sometimes with her and my two sisters who wants us to live there full time sister just been in town often on for six months helping out and so difficult a circumstance so if you just pray for them. I would appreciate it.

So back in the saddle today and talking about. This is really interesting converting to start seeing this change the season change going on with respect to co-bed and all things coded as omicron wines this thing down, which is exactly what's happening.

This is typical over time. If you study it in a minute encourage you to listen to a couple of podcasts from the Joe Rogan show, which was the first one set an all-time record for the most views and listens of any podcast ever was almost 50 million people listen to or watch Joe Rogan's interview with Dr. McCullough on spot.

If I which is back in December and then as if that wasn't enough. More recently, and I mention this, but the links up up the links up again on Facebook here just a few minutes, and on today's Facebook live his podcast with the more recent one with Dr. Malone is one of the people that came up with the technology behind mRNA vaccines and that surpassed even the podcast with Dr. Peter McCullough, which is the one that got almost 50 million, listens and views and he passed that one Joe Rogan passed that one with Dr. Malone which is a three listen three hours and I thought oh I'm I'm just gonna glaze over listening and watching.

If you have this bona fide app on your phone you'll actually see the video of the podcast there in Joe's studio in Texas you'll actually see the video, not just listen to it and I thought three hours and six minutes. There's no way to do this and when I did I did it in three parts but take some breaks is for life and then finished up on the plane on Friday and it was so eye-opening and so informative and so enraging.

If you're not familiar Joe Rogan's biggest podcast or on the planet Joe Rogan's got a history of a comedienne is been really involved with the cage fighting and from broadcasters perspective, a very athletic guy I think he did some of that in in a mixed martial arts fighting himself but originally started I think is a comedian but he's pretty much a centrist in many ways left in summer is right in other areas but honest.

He had killed himself. This is when CNN was coming out saying Joe Rogan's taking horse medicine is Iver Bakhtin has a version that's for horses as a people don't know any better, and in it was just blastoff on CNN time as usual, but Joe Rogan whose does long format. Podcasts aren't have to hours to nap hours in this case three hours with a Dr. Malone McCullough's podcast. I'm trying to see how long that one was McCullough's is also back in December, two hours and 45 minutes to just slightly shorter than his one with Dr. Malone to be referencing those today's and him to put on today showing him to put the links up there because, as is more more information comes out as as covert winds down because omicron is a blessing. These things tend to get weaker as they may evolve and that's what happens omicron base of the common cold. For the vast majority of us that's all over the country and vaccines don't stop it.

So things winding down coping 19's gonna be with us until Jesus ends everything with this particular version. This particular period in time in human history until eventually. And some people say within the next couple months. Just to be a common goal. So what happens when you take the kids toys away from when all the power goes on the carrot and the stick goes.

What happens to this in on the heels of an unknown heels of but in front of coming up in November. I believe in most commentators and analysts would agree that this is good to be a shellacking of the Democrat party in the midterm elections come November, so if and when that happens, and I believe it will certainly will in the house. Hopefully it will in the Senate but then it's going to be, we gotta keep the heat on the Republican majority at that point and make sure they go into investigation mode vowed she the guy that retired Collins from the NIH. All these people. The CDC and then Alvino. Hopefully they get involved with the pharmaceutical companies. This thing needs to be investigated until the until the sun stop setting in the West, and so as the stuff comes forward and they lose their carrot and their stick and more troops come out and more people are willing to speak the truth and regardless whether to get the platform or not that's going to happen so we have to keep pushing for the truth because there's been so much damage done to children to adults to the economy to all kinds of things the lives of people, anxiety, depression, suicide up up one side and down the other it's it's been one of the most harmful maneuvers by those in power in human history.

And let's just hope and pray that the Republicans take up that mantle of truth when they get control. Starting in November when they get sworn in next December next January.

So here's an article. This was from the federalism to go through a bunch of different things today just continue to make us all aware of what the truth is, after all these months now to almost 2 years of this giant grip and again I've said before Allstate again covert Israel. There are covert debts that are real but not all of them hit the pause button on that thought will get to that. So this is in the Federalist media and the CDC quietly admit three covert truths.

After two years of lies. Did they think we wouldn't notice.

So this is by L Reynolds for the Federalist subscript take you through these is a three and then we got other stories tobacco this stuff up to them to make sure were all dealing up playing from the same sheet of music over the weekend. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Rochelle Wolinsky appeared on numerous news shows and bluntly admitted some big truth is that critics of covert media have been saying all along another mission of hers from August resurface in social media. After months of the media memory, holding it just ignoring it right the first ring had a break in the will keep going on the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission quote are vaccines are working exceptionally well but what they can't do anymore is prevent transmission, Wolinsky told CNN's Wolf Blitzer in August and clip that made the rounds, a new over this past weekend will keep diving and that the vaccine doesn't print transmission, special, or talk about omicron cobra disproportionately affects the vulnerable lesson number two and number three deaths from first the death with Tobit are the same thing. Obviously you look at that back at Steve Noble to Stephen will show just walking through some covert truths that are coming out slowly but November working actually be dealing with a lot more truth than we've seen in the last two years, but just posted links to the two now the two biggest podcast in world history. Okay, the two biggest podcast in world history by Joe Rogan and with Dr. Peter McCullough and the other with Dr. Robert Malone Peter McCullough's podcast with Joe's about two hours and 45 minutes the hole in a second before you close your eyes roll back in your head and in the other one Dr. Peter McCullough's board-certified cardiologist, which about two hours and 45 minutes and the more recently Dr. Malone who is one of the guys that's involved in the technology invented the technology behind behind mRNA himself. He got the vaccines himself and in the first one with Peter McCullough was viewed almost 50 million times in the Dr. Malone. Both of these were done in December was viewed more than that. These are the two biggest podcast in history podcast and so I'm putting up links for that on Facebook right now that all of a sudden me and a bunch other people on Facebook live or getting reminder of our community standards so okay that's funny.

So I put those two podcast and I know what you're thinking, Steve. I can't do two hours and 45 minutes I country think cumulatively how much time do you think you've spent the last almost 2 years now be two years in March. Listening to covert stories reading covert stories watching covert stories hearing it on the news. Hearing it on talk radio how much time do you think you've spent listening to covert stop in almost 2 years. It's way more than two hours and 45 minutes with the McCullough podcast with Joe Rogan in three hours and six minutes with the Joe Rogan podcast with Dr. Mo so you can handle it. And this is the month. This is the highest concentration of truth and revelation I've heard on the subject in all two years and I vibe is buried in the two because I do radial fighters week so make sure you take the time break it up into two or three sessions. Whatever you want your eyes open your to get enraged to and then especially on Dr. Malone set up for sate again. If you're if anybody out there is vaccinating their kids. Shame on you that that's a child as a lab rat in order to make yourself feel better. Like you doing the right thing, we don't really know what you're doing is going with the narrative of acts. Kids got backs the kids were kids are more artwork would have a better chance of dying by lightning strike smoke inhalation, car accident, bicycle accident, pedestrian accident, things like that in a better chance of dying from it, but you're not changing your life. Those things are you don't let a brand-new vaccine technology into children who statistically already 0% chance of dying from Cove okay will get into some of that I here's a three true this was in the Federalist vaccine doesn't prevent transmission are vaccines are working exceptionally well but what they can't do anymore prevent transmission Wolinsky from that that probably back in August but that's not the narrative. We been inundated with for the past year, USA Today ran a fact check with the headline vaccines protect against contracting spreading cobra 19 and November 2021 quoting health experts who insisted they getting the jet makes people much less likely to be infected therefore much less likely to spread the virus president Joe Biden went even further, claiming in July. You're not going to get covert if you have these vaccinations in October. He said were making sure healthcare workers are vaccinated because if you seek care at a healthcare facility should have the certainty that the people providing that care are protected covert and cannot spread it to you. Even though now they're bringing covert positive healthcare workers pack into hospitals because they fired too many of you continue to bear the claim. Just last month okay so it's all ridiculous number two cobra disproportionately affects the vulnerable lesson this in a good morning America appearance Wolinsky, the head of the CDC admitted that the overwhelming number of deaths over 75% occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities writes about that. So I said the starting in March last last year or two years ago that we brought an atom bomb doing I fight.

And so you have somebody like Cuomo who sends covert positive elderly back into the I retirement homes where there like jihadists and they go back and they affect others because those people are highly susceptible to the death brought by COBIT. Those types of people. The 75% had at least four comorbidities. One of those ma'am Wolinsky what are the because we've known for a while what they are. So why did you say here's the real target audience is not all of us. 99.9% chance of survival for the vast majority of us.

Let's do a targeted thing here to be what I really need to be were worried, no, no, no there's no power there, like there's no power in natural immunity, but it was linked Wolinsky or self-confessed last February that the CDC's guidelines for reopening schools were influenced by the vehemently anti-in person learning. Teachers union.

That's the problem in Chicago and it was a coalition of power-hungry lockdown advocates and funding media put disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on a pedestal despite his decision to force covert positive patients in nursing homes. This coalition also work with the CDC to push months of lockdowns business closures mast mandates travel restrictions now vaccine mandates that Americans, despite the fact that the average healthy American is at low risk of dying from Cove, but that's an inconvenient truth number three deaths from and with cofinancing thing okay we jump over the story than the daily wire.

This occurred just on Sunday Fox's anchor Brett bear asked Wolinsky same head of the CDC about that during her appearance on Fox News Sunday do you know how many of the hundred 36,000 deaths in the US links to covert are from COBIT or how many are with COBIT but they had other comorbidities. Do you have that breakdown bear asked Wolinsky yes of course with omicron's were following that very carefully and answer but gave no indication that those numbers were available for the totals prior to the recent omicron driven surgeon infections quote our death registry.

Of course, takes a few weeks to and is a takes a few weeks to collect a course omicron is just been with us for a few weeks but those data will be forthcoming that something sake, I'll come back around you. Just over a week ago. Dr. Felty conceded that officials might be over counting the number of covert cases, particularly with regard to pediatric cases in hospitals. He explained that because every child in the state was taken to the hospital received a test for COBIT. 19. Even those who were asymptomatic but tested positive were listed as a culminating case quote if you look at the children who are hospitalized. Many of them are hospitalized with COBIT as opposed to because of cold and what we mean by that jungles in the hospital they automatically get tested and that they get counted as a covert hospitalized individual because they came up positive when in fact they make being for a broken leg or appendicitis is not like that while things pathology about that. That's pretty amazing, then there's still a mile you catch this. This was sold I was enraged listening to this in the Supreme Court's disgusting so-so Mayor during oral arguments involving the by the ministrations back to the minute quote we have over she was so condescending and arrogant when she said it. We have over 100,000 children which we've never had before in serious condition and many on ventilator. She said really some hospitals that we've talked to sharia up to 40% of the patients who are coming in with COBIT are coming or not because they're sick with COBIT because the coming of something else that that COBIT or omicron variant detected.

She's all that was Wolinsky, but this was so mild we have over hundred thousand children what you never had before in serious condition. Many on ventilator so Michelle Wolinsky was asked about that over the weekend speaking Fox News Sunday, Wolinsky provided an update on the current numbers confirming to host Brett bear that there are fewer than 3500 children in hospitals with COBIT see that that's okay. Do you remember that we can actually impeach members of the federal judiciary. I think that's an impeachable offense. Given a justice on the United States Supreme Court, flat out lying to the public about something that can be deadly, but she flat out lying which endangers the public. That's a big problem hundred thousand children know it's only less than 3500 will be up and walking back everybody a Merry Christmas, happy new year. This is email about the Steve Noble show again just reminding you take the time you will be incredibly enlightened, enraged, but hopefully that will help your prayer life just go listen to these two podcasts. The Joe Rogan did both. In December 7. He goes by their numbers okay sit on spot of so I put links up on Facebook on Facebook live feed today's you can find them there. Number 1747 in December of Dr. Peter McCall is a birds board certified cardiologist that that racked up almost 50 million people watched and reviewed it and then he surpassed that these are the two biggest podcasts in the history of podcasting number 1757, also in December with Dr. Robert Malone when he got that one got banned from YouTube, Google balloon, Malone recently got thrown off twitter so Rogan left twitter went over to get her and this is just, I mean I was riveted. The whole time. You would think three hours. You can't do it. Yes, you can and they go down so many different roads that are so important, so much truth and by the way, Dr. Malone is called brilliant he has nothing to gain all kinds of things that he is losing.

He's totally committed, especially as number one issue is don't be jabbing your children. That's a nightmare it's a responsible, it's a moral it's dangerous you don't know what your jab and was something that we don't have more for kids we not more than a few months where the data that's crazy think Tuskegee airmen okay. Don't turn your child in a Tuskegee airmen now there are some kids just like there's some adults, but very few children who actually have all kinds of comorbidities really like okay negative balance out the rest most of which are unknown, but there's all kinds of stuff like myocarditis and Dr. Malone talk about that with Joe Rogan and Joe Rogan has been in this deep for a while, like our friend Steve days so he's got all kinds of information and the doctor describes brilliant guy Dr. Moshe so brilliant any so calm and self-control. He's obviously trustworthy when you're listening to is not a whack job at all is on so many boards done so much stuff.

I mean the guys absolutely unbelievable. But as I Joe that's a brilliant question. It was like one thing after another. It was so helpful, but but enraging all the time like the Chicago teachers is going back something else now that the Chicago teachers Union calls the mayor relentlessly stupid that at Chicago teachers Union is now calling Mayor Lori Lightfoot relentlessly stupid as hundreds of thousands students are missing out on 1/4 consecutive day of classes do you do go to an ongoing dispute over coronavirus safety measures omicron driven for the country which will continue to do by the way, everybody's going to get it for the most part, and so the president of the president there.

Jesse Sharkey made the comment Monday morning, nearly a week after his rank-and-file motor to switch to remote learning and so Chicago public schools like no this doesn't work coming kids of at lost in the last year and 1/2, on average, about a year and 1/2 grade value at the train wreck and what it's doing to our kids in terms of suicide, depression, anxiety. This these dominoes really falling for years if not decades. We completely just abuse the tar out of the next generation for the last 22 months and in God will hold everybody accountable, and that by the way, sooner or later so the teachers union, no no no no no it's our safety.

We have to ensure our safety from a cold. Basically, at this point it's ridiculous.

The mayor is being relentlessly said, but she being relentlessly stupid she's being relentlessly stubborn. We like police will like tyrants.

He said were not going to be bullied or pushed into a corner little give a rip about the kids. Ultimately, I'm sure some of them do, but the union and of itself.

No, it's about power and control bliss of this here Lightfoot.

She criticized Chicago teachers Union during an appearance on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday lesson this quote fundamentally what we cannot do is append in the science who follow this good one Lori.

We know that the safest place for kids to be is in person learning in schools.

Lightfoot told to host Chuck Todd and we spent hundreds of millions of dollars to make her school say they are safe. We got the data demonstrate that we got the teachers union that we've got to get the teachers union to get real and get serious about getting back into in person learning. Thank you, Lori, probably the only time in my life and said that follow the science. The kids are fine and the kids. Teachers are to be fine. A few here and there and if you have comorbidities okay then deal with most of them, and concerning good carriers makes me crazy doesn't it. So to make sure. Praying for all the stuff.

Pray over truth, wisdom, discernment, and we'll I want pray for the November elections to go the right way to think they will. An investigation should be the name of the game for the next two years with a Republican-controlled Congress investigate all these people.

It's criminal as the day is long, and especially what we've done to children. This is great.

Wall Street Journal omicron makes binds vaccine mandates obsolete. Both mandates were issued November 5. At that time the Delta variant represented almost all of US coping 19 cases. Both agencies talk about HHS Health and Human Services and OSHA appropriately considered dealt at length and in detail finding that the vaccines remained effective against it. Those findings are now hello obsolete as of January 1.

Omicron represents more than 95% US covert cases, according to estimates from the CDC because some of omicron's 50 mutations are known to evade anybody protection because more than 30 of those mutations are despite protein used as an immunogen by the existing vaccines and because there been mass omicron outbreaks and heavily vaccinated populations. Scientists are highly uncertain. The existing vaccines can stop it from spreading as the CDC put it on December 20. We don't know yet how well available vaccines, medications, work against it. By the way, Dr. Malone makes the scientific case for the more you get backs and then booster the more boosters you have, the less protection you take my word for it to listen to the expert okay on the Joe Rogan pikas one preprint study found that after 30 days amid of the modernity and Pfizer vaccines no longer had any statistically significant positive effect against omicron after 90 days there effect went negative, i.e., vaccinated people get this Dr. Malone talks about in that podcast vaccinated people were more susceptible to omicron infection. Confirming this negative efficacy finding data from Denmark in the Canadian province of Ontario indicate the vaccinated people have higher rates of omicron infection. The nonvaccinated people imagine that means I'm in the long been known that vaccinated people with breakthrough infections are highly contagious and preliminary data from all the world indicate that this is true of omicron as well yes and Dr. Malone spoke to this to CDC director Michelle Wilensky put it last summer. The viral load in the noses and throats of vaccinated people infected with Delta is indistinguishable from that of unvaccinated people and what the vaccines can't do anymore prevent transmission that matters doesn't there's some early evidence that boosters may reduce omicron infections, but the effect appears to win quickly. We don't know if repeated boosters would be an effective response to the surge of omicron Dr. Malone in this Joe Rogan pikas makes it clear that it doesn't actually could be worse outcomes mention sparsely at Friday's oral arguments. This is back to the sprinkler but the justices, particularly those most favorable to mandates appeared to labor under drastically false assumptions listen to this, just, and Stephen Breyer suggested that a mandatory vaccination with Lord that would prevent all new covert infections 750,000 new cases every day. He said this is a wildly false which I don't over the flat out lying on purpose or be just that ignorant probably love latter so is Justice Sonia Sotomayor's assertion that we have over hundred thousand children in serious condition. Many of them on ventilators. According to Health and Human Services Department.

There are currently fewer than 3500 confirmed pediatric covert hospitalizations and that includes patients who tested positive on help, but were hospitalized for other reasons. Neither HHS nor OSHA ever considered omicron or said a word about vaccine efficacy against it for the simple reason that it had yet been discovered in these circumstances.

Long-standing legal principles requires the justices to stay the mandates and send them back to the agencies for a fresh look so this is unfolding more and more more truth all the time. Thank you Lord. So let's keep praying for that more and more truth to be revealed so that people can stop living in fear. I was on the plane coming back from Chattanooga yesterday a lady sat down next to me in the middle seat.

I was in the window she had on a gloves.

Maybe she's got comorbidities out, but she had a gloves she had on a mask. She had on a scarf over the mess and then she used disinfectant wipes to wipe the back of her seat. She wiped both armrests. She wiped the entire seat in front of her all way around the seatback table. She lowered the table. She wiped the arms of the table, the top the table.

The bottom table put all that back switched her gloves and then we flew not very long flight from Atlanta back to Raleigh and then we landed as we were no pulling up to the gate and all that mess. She is double checking all of her stuff and then she literally puts a regular winter scarf ties it tightly around her face. On top of the mask now. Maybe she's got a bunch comorbidities then I would understand, but most likely she doesn't and is just complete is just completely inferior that she's gonna die from Cove and if it were if it were the threat that we been made to believe it is.

I would understand that, but it isn't. Has it ruined some people's lives.

Yes. Has it devastated some family operations and made life very difficult for your 2% people. Yes, God help them all absolutely no doubt about it, but for the overwhelming majority of people in this country and around the world. It's been just like originally.

Maybe to a certain extent, just not understanding what people like Val Giannone from the get-go and I think Francis Collins knew from the get-go and I think the World Health Organization knew from the get-go, and all kinds of forces in the spirit of the age of the great reset crowd. This was a great opportunity to gain power and control they jumped on so the vast majority of people around the world have just kind of been hypnotized in this life of fear and for the vast majority of people around the world. Why lie Stephen over the sealable show will come back with money Monday update Steve Noble to Steve Noble show so good to be with you and Morgan turned the corner from coal bed and jump back into money Monday update. I wanted to for some of my friends on Facebook live. I was just reading them.

An article by Eric Erickson lasts a generally sexless theology Thursday last week so I wasn't sidelining a conversation with our friends at Bob Jones seminary talk theological things in order talk, but generally six so there's a great article is just sharing it with my friends on Facebook live so I'll put the link up on the Facebook live feed at the Steve Noble show page today when we do that after after we finished the show.

But let's turn the corner and talk to our good friend David Fisher who was with us to do a little money Monday update plenty going on out there David how are you mowing about some really good about covert really good news coming up here in a moment I call that's good to hear and I was sharing a little bit more truth, not all the time so praise the Lord for that, but on our money Monday updates with David. We always start with the passage of Scripture. I want my favorite books in the Old Testament. I taught on this one before. Ecclesiastes 311. Let's start there, has made everything appropriate in its time is also strip eternity in their heart, yet so the man will not find out the work which God has from the beginning even to the end of Scripture comes after all the Scriptures show verse one through 10 which talks about. There's a time to give birth to time to die from the plant time to reap and so forth from the mourners on the dams so obviously changes him him our lives. There's changes happening in the economy and everything always changes the Lord shows things appropriate want those changes, but it is appropriate and it also puts our hearts towards eternity is really what it does. The Scripture shows and God is destined all he wants all of us to be with him and internally not always make that choice, but that's the heart of God in the lives we see changes in 2022.

My prayers, the heart of man will change towards the heart of God do not know him such a great point in and that's why we have to make sure we all work to keep the main thing the main thing in and I'm much more concerned about seeing American saved and seeing the America saved itself course like I care about the latter, but the former seen people save and come to the knowledge of the Lord is is eternal in this condition of the country is not so we need to make sure we keep our priorities straight. So that's a great word thank you as always for that, David. So were in the 2022. Not that far in its January 10.

So last year was a pretty incredible ride for stocks will we see that in 2022.

David last year's 500 Noble on a couple times your computer and in the S&P and the Dell after a really bad start in the computer and abstract six consecutive days turning red. The worst start of the year since 2000.

For the NASDAQ. All because the stock market is going through transition right now. According to Julie Purcell. He was a cofounder of the financial is a big movement from investors ditching growth stocks for value trades and this will come on the coattails of rising interest rates so much when that is going to get worse from here are manipulative since last Wednesday when the FOMC made the announcement. This fact built more than 38% of stocks trading on the NASDAQ are now down 2% from their 52-week high school been a big show up or you might not see it in everything, so markets are really doing okay although most going on God by Mama Harry, did you come out here you go. Last Thursday, a day after the mitten. He said the biggest downturn is going to happen in our lifetime, probably in 2022 80 or 90% black ceases the first one who reported 55% and paraphrasing his employment quote on Kitco news is titled your stock market crash by 90% this year, so all the time and run a lot on the horizon is wrong as well. Last week we did a full money Monday with David and then look back at the themes of last year and what was going on, 20, 21, and looking ahead to 2022. So we talked with no seams. What do you think David that they'll be the same as we push into the new year. Why think you're going to be similar topics were US government intervention in print. Printing money as inflation kernels market your four in Fort Worth covert. I think the topics are going to be very similar. I think the pecking order is going to change and I think the news behind it is going to change the government, Richard Cordray, the guy who was the chief on shore when the consumer financial protection Bureau was created he was before Congress in 2010 asking the question, if the government should one people's diaries and nieces.

That's one thing that we're looking at here is that there is now one of a handful of the people that the president is signing as a watchdog over the Federal Reserve environment since the first thing was so stark euphoria. Jamie Dimon says the Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs is mutually really extremely Dimon sugars grooming more than four this year.

The stock market as a likely diagnosis so we could see the stock euphoria, take a backseat towards inflation and I think all the 13 years with printing money printing all that is not in a come to fruition and wouldn't have to deal with the flipside of managing our money. I think this could be the number one topic for good news about on the cross on the very last covert variance. I got that from a very reliable source. My my best friends who's the head of needle doctor and he said this before the body four months ago and also the pictures came out, so researchers are saying this is the last of the last 10 but because of on the concrete want to get this thing serious is still life-threatening but can be hospitalized threatening people shopping, dining out, traveling or spending so therefore it's could be inflationary just about itself. Yeah I know I was talking about a bunch of different colored things on the syllable for our segment. Now David and in this and I think there's more more troops coming coming out. I mention the two podcast is now the two biggest podcasts in the history of podcasting with Joe Rogan and Dr. McCullough.

Dr. Malone in any got ago. You gotta take the time invested times that because he could the truth on these things is not easily ascertained. You have to go dig for nobodies in a just handed to you and you have to spend time so we can't just believe over being fed but thank God, on the omicron SAARC part because pretty much it's going to just ravage through the country but it's it's it's for the most part for most of us is just a cold and cold. It's losing it strengthens and what the big question is what are the powers that be how they can handle this figure to be like a bunch of teenagers and we just took their smart phones from all the sudden you don't have the toy that they been used using as both the carrot and the stick and it's can be amazing to see how they handle it. Or maybe the market my own true freedom service and things getting done can't be blamed on that. So I think when you get back to basics case and what great news that omicron might be the last major variant out all the various we might be done by this late spring or early summer that you just a regular cold and I'm not to get tested for regular cool okay so let's look at some reasons why think gold and silver will will perform well in 2022 and last year versus the stock market. They did what you would expect them to do and up at this year's I can be different.

Like I said last week, Robert 1974, 1975 is really one gold star to make its inflation is becoming problematic and sheer it's going to be worse. Negative interest rates.

The CPI 6.8%, minus the lending rate 1/4 point that 6.5+ percent real interest rates being negative. Have those goals averaged 21% a year. The Fed is going to continue printing money not done without children are still add more reasons to bind us in gold but if you look at the cycles.

2015 and 2060 and the Federal Reserve raise rates nine times and places, roughly 35% from 2000 to 2005 is reached 17 times and prices rallied 70% in 1970s 1976, seven to rates went from 1/4 .35% to 20% incident from 185 to 50 sort of raise rates. This is the time to be looking at investing in gold and you look at 1999, the peak of the S&P 500 that was take them 1469 points by the end gold was 300 x 2012 the peak of the S&P actually fell 13% gold 500%. So there's a change coming just like the Ecclesiastes is talking about changes here now before I learned about gold by calling the company. Here's the number seven find the number again for my money and anything you what a great word. David thanks as always for calling and sharing with us today. We look forward to having you back on next Monday.

My friend have a great week.

I got bless you will talk to you again soon.

That was our good friend David Fisher over 25 years now and that industry and not just dealing with what he primarily focuses on which is precious metals, but actually studying the market studying the banking industry and unfortunately for him, studying a lot of doing infuriating. But don't worry, Jesus will come back in one day. This will all be a distant memory. This is Steve Noble and the Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to Gabrielson like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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