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2021 vs 2022

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 5, 2022 10:57 pm

2021 vs 2022

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 5, 2022 10:57 pm

2021 vs 2022

Steve has Brooke Medina on the show today to discuss the year 2021 and what to look forward to moving into 2022.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his shoulders and walked through no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble warning warning everybody millennial in the house. Rick Medina is the vice president of patient for the John Locke foundation longtime friend I cistern cries a great wife great mother military family. I look back, how are you millennial like one of my favorite millennial's kill your neighbor and haven't told him a lot older than you are you tired of the whole millennial thing.

I mean no because it makes you feel young, but once boomers stop referring to millennial's is yeah like young people are still lumping us with like 23 a) were almost 40, which is serious. That's mature reach maturity before it is at least some of us I will be 56 next month will that shocking to you. Very shocking notice to say it anyway, welcome back straight to see you and we got off talk about today.

Sorta I rip through this last.

It's something that the Dell Tackett. It was with hooks on the family and did something called the tree project.

Years ago, which I taught many times, probably eight or nine times. There's a line in their brook that I've always held onto unremembered and Dell Tackett. At one point in the series, which is really a worldview training series said we forget what we should remember and we remember what we should forget which of the greats way of thinking as a Christian, and now that I'm teaching US history. It's even more prevalent in my life because there's so much that we can learn from things in the past, but we tend to forget them from a gospel perspective, we tend to remember things that we shouldn't and other things that have Artie been placed in the blood when it comes to history. What happens in the year-by-year basis. There's a lot of there's a lot of fruit on that tree that we can learn from.

So, as is you work with the think tank like John Locke how much you kinda deal with. Here's what has happened. Here's where we are now versus what's going on in the future.

How does this play into your career. A lot of what we do in public policy.

Of course most people don't think about policy and lesser thinking in terms of election cycles or whatever's like headlining on CNN, but we try to make sure that we have the long view in mind, but also something that we started out before our merger so John Locke foundation merged with Cintas Institute one year ago, but we put out this out this website we created this website called a better and there you can actually look back and there's a section called then and now and and were able to repeatedly and regularly look back at where North Carolina was at back in back when frankly the progress is controlled the legislature program on for over 100 years using gerrymandered maps on and in the state that our state was him as it pertains to the tax climate. The business climate school choice climate.

All of those things to where were at today in North Carolina. We haven't really good.

I'm not saying that there aren't things that we need to we need to improve on or battles we need to do. We need to address. But on the whole North Carolina were now one of the most the fastest growing stage of the best business tax climate were about to our about to resend or rollback the corporate income tax which is going welcome even more businesses which means a bigger paycheck for everybody.

And so I were making a lot of progress.

We are the top homeschooling state in the nation. We are can on consistently expanding school choice. Our governor who actually has been fairly opposed to school choice was actually he ended up signing a budget that expanded opportunity scholarship after not signing a budget for several years and so I me were making good progress so I'm hopeful but it is good to look back at where we came from and also consider where were going, but there's a lot of lessons learned from the past and not the least of which is you just mentioned is be able to appreciate where we are today new cycle that's mostly negative. If you're here North Carolina. You have a lot to be thankful for and I just saw this article the other day brook that they're projecting, get this, as if the real estate market wasn't crazy enough and hard enough already there projecting in the Triangle area that home values in 2022 will increase by weight for 24% on my gosh, we read that was your house is worth born a grand today. It will be worth 500 grand. At the end of the year. It's amazing so there's a lot of things to be thankful for. Here, North Carolina.

But we need to continue to look at the past and learn from it. There's things that we want to improve on the things that we don't want to repeat, but 20, 21, just in general, how would you classify the year and whatever terminal will that's a good one.

I would say it was a year that tested a lot of people's resolve on in their love for their fellow man and and and again I mean I'm I try to be conscious of the fact that I I work in the policy world and it's easy to get tunnel vision and think only in terms of politics on and so actually, a lot of what I've read in 2021 in terms of books and things I watch have tried to get out of that air arena so that I can have some space to breathe on and I would say that 2021 was certainly a year that we grappled with our humanity, whether for good or for ill. When were thinking about what happened in Afghanistan were thinking that the numbers scores of people lost because of cold, bitter depths of despair. The learning loss with children like these were deep and difficult things to grapple with, and I think it up.

It provided us an opportunity to memento mori to remember that our days are numbered that such an important concept unless I was in a Bible study with my son and some of his friends at our house and we were eating some popcorn. We made popcorn the old-fashioned way than a wild kettle corn I hope was Really really does not get my watch more health conscious but I took one little there's a there's a picture on the wall. This is in the big bonus room right teach for mice my classes and I just put a little kernel a little popcorn thing up on the top of the picture. So it's there in a rather large bonus room and I said okay this is your 70 years of life here on earth and in all the cubic inches of this entire room.

In fact the entire house is your eternity in heaven if you're in Christ. So when you're in a bad day or bad week or about your it's 20, 21, in the grand scheme of things you should be able to classify that make it into what it actually is, which is not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. However, we do live in the here and the now and it's important, and so there is that tension that's got to be one of the books that I mention we get to that, my friend Caleb Colton Beck wrote wrote about messy Grace was his first book in the messy truth came out last year is distention of the Christian life that we have so much look forward to brook in Christ, but we live in the here and the now we have 330 million neighbors and all that stuff matters. So we don't just blow things off, and look forward to heaven know we live in the here and the now got left to Syria and save us pull us out. So we have to engage in the challenge is to keep that balance, which is why appreciate you saying that some things that had some room to breathe because I don't know that most of us do that. Which is why, 20, 21 to such an interesting year, which would make you talking about a lot of things were going to popcorn through going in the second half. The show will look ahead this year.

What might be on the radar screen for us were here with Brooke Medina John Locke foundation, the holder of my back and Steve Noble Steve Noble shows Ray to be with you. Happy new year. Looking back at 2021 with Brooke Medina.

She's with the John Locke foundation in the head about is I don't connect but I will allow it.

Okay you will your appreciate your permission is great to have you back brook and I've known each other for a while in our brothers and sisters in Christ. I know her husband is a great guy, former military and so we've got a grown up a little bit together in the last 10 years in this arena, so I always look forward to having broken the show brilliant young woman who loves the Lord is great communicator, so it's always help on a couple have your perspective, your fears behind most of us and so we need to have more communication between the age classes, not less. We have less and that's not helpful. So like, that's why every week like I have been at hundred 15 students. Last semester I have like 106, the semester, and so to spend as much time as I do with people between the ages of 15 and 18 is really fruitful it's it's really important, they almost never have conversations with people in my age range, or even your age range. So that's why always enjoy having Jan, so thanks for your time is always okay 2021 review uncertainty and postelection schism, is it worse than you thought it was going be going from Trump to Biden in the by demonstration a general yeah if you like. Just like me moments. You know I and just doesn't seem like things are necessarily getting better on political fronts whatsoever, and thankfully that's not where my hope is I and honestly I would say that this should be an invitation like what were seen play out of the federal level, whether it was right after the election. January 6 two Biden's handling of everything and mishandling of a lot of things on is that state and local politics is pretty darn important region and a lot of what we look to the federal government to solve is they have no business or no constitutional mandate to so and so I think if anything in and we actually can look at the Virginia election. Glenn Young can win some Sears as a as a lesson that that people are becoming more active in their local and state elections on it and looking for looking in those arenas to affect change because they are starting to wake up to the fact that that Washington is broken.

It's been broken for some time, but what I saw.

We did talk about this earlier. One thing I saw on Twitter the other day that disturbed me was I saw that there were some folks on the right that were younger commentators talking about how the Constitution just isn't working at the Constitution actually worked, and we wouldn't be in this mess that were in another article recently just of the constitutions. Yeah, and the fatalistic perspective I think it's terribly inaccurate and I also think that partially it's quickly that's a challenge. Every author member, whether talking about twitter Instagram mainstream media podcast, whatever. There's so many people talking. The only way you get through.

You better be an effective marketer, you better be good. A quick bite to notice you. Nobody notices you can make any money so I was a rumor that that that everybody selling all the time. Yeah, that's a fatalistic perspective. I understand the concern that concerned about the overall stability of the U.S. Constitution, but it still for the most part is the is the rule of the land well and I would say, and I would argue when you look at countries around the world who do not have the protections enshrined in their governments and their codes, including Europe, I just, for example, I just finished writing a chapter for a book that will be coming out November. It's called the digital public square and I wrote a chapter on hate speech policies and looking at just even countries in Europe they don't have freedom of speech enshrined in anything and sell it. If something seems like it's violence in terms of speech. I'm not talking about like imminent threats of someone's actually my parents said yeah on like there there are no protections yet we do anything to get rid of. Heatedly, our Supreme Court over the decades has continued to affirm the First Amendment on this front.

And so went out when I hear some of the some of the people had that sort of fatalistic mindset that really bothers me, especially when these are people on the right that should be the most ardent defender of the concentration that's it I'll you do not want to throw it so that's that's a great point labor market was job openings at or near all-time high of 10.6 million three-person workers quit November. That was a shocking member that will not happen here like what we have yet will end the thing. I mean for it for a while and I even wrote about this where I thought it over the summer time, people were still getting enhanced unemployment assets and so we can we can certainly understand why some chose not to go to work another earning minimum wage on that's not the case anymore.

That's not.

And that hasn't been extended that people are just tired. People are tired. Some people are fearful. Some people don't want to get vaccinated in their employer might require it. There is just that there is just so much heavy handedness at play in the labor market and then I would say the private businesses inability to keep up with the inflation and cost of living is going to be another problematic thing is they look to try to incentivize people to come into their company. Those are all I would line a lot of those dominoes up behind COBIT up and talk using the language since March.

Two years ago saying there's all these different dominoes lining up yeah but you mentioned education of children earlier that was huge, and inflation. This is a big deal rising crypto enough to use more everyday items become unaffordable for Americans that that the numbers are off the charts for a lot of things used car prices are up over 30% shocking. Your immune, your used car appreciate agendas I my husband Chevy back from him email because he has that semiconductor chip in the fuel efficiency feature in his truck and so they were in a buyback for more than we paid for at that. That's crazy. Then we would have to find another car question comes up with every week when we do segment on Mondays, Monday Monday were always talk about inflation to talk about crypto got an expert coming up on crypto the next couple of months and you know it's it's fast and I'm and I got some money crypto. Not a ton.

But it's it's it's fascinating to watch it. It's a part of the world and that's going to go. Some people say it's it's it is the future of the peoples. It's all going to collapse such as part of the instability that were in part of the spirit of the age in the world shifting and so I I pay attention, but I don't I don't sync anything down into it to do because I that's why build your house on sand as opposed to rock ever given. I asked you about this Mike, what is ever given. Everybody will remember soon as you explained the ship that got stuck in the messed up all of our shells, essentially leaving them barren empty which was crazy and I just saw a picture there. That is one of the pictures of the year with a guy like with a forklift trying to there's massive ever given and that was crazy and then on a related subject, yet the gas shortage to the Colonial pipeline back yeah I can forgot that until I actually I ripped off part of her year review from Wall Street Journal because in my yeah and I remember that was in that inspired me. Certainly, just to make sure that all of our digital assets were as secure as they can be. And I think that's a wise thing for everyone to do x-ray just go check out the settings.

Even your social media accounts. Make sure your stuff is on private unless you want to have a public social media, make sure you know what you're doing there.

Right. Well here is another thing that was interesting. Somebody I saw this meeting the other day the Bernie Sanders picture what the winter coat and mittens member some of the road and that was a year ago I was like I well you know it was it was Janet was the inauguration last year with losses. Specifically, this part is fascinating.

I seen this drop in US like I expect talk about that. Yeah so this is the most marketed steep drop since World War II one and 1/2 your declining US life expectancy over 2020, and given the numbers I would say this is coat with a bigger factor there.

I would think I would think it's more the dominoes lining up behind it's a confluence of things are.

That's a shocking thing course talk about Afghanistan will talk about school boards a couple other things best movies and books will talk about back with my feet up back my foundation, take a look back at some of the big stories to speak in a 2022 something coming up that you guys are doing at the John Locke foundation, the Carolina liberty conference coming up in February for every 20 foot that's here in Raleigh tell us little about that Brooke very excited about this as the Carolina liberty conference is the place to be. February 25 or 26. It is a it is a conference bringing together big names from across the nation across the state grassroots activist donors on. That's all throughout the state for two days here in Raleigh at Crabtree Valley Marriott and on and have a lot of fun things will have press there as well will have radio row area. Maybe you can join us to study that we will have a lot of great keynote speakers and that will be add some of those names will be really starting tomorrow tomorrow okay cool. So how do people find out more information. I got a link here that I'm in a put up right now on Facebook like so you can find that Facebook but how to get there.

So if you got a lock so that's LOC KE and that will take you to all of the information you need for the conference and we would love to see you there. And if you end up making it there. Feel free to stop by and say hello to be great. So that's coming up on Friday, February 25. That's in the evening and then Saturday the full day and for every 2026. Again, that's writer Raleigh at the Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley so will keep talk about that will talk about this more as we get closer, and remind people about that couple more stories from 2021 Afghanistan, which is a colossal blunder that you I think what we'll see happen with the shellacking.

That's due to happen in November is also the Republicans will certainly take the house they might take the Senate, but I think it's going to be investigation galore and I think probably Afghanistan will be center on that to see what happened there now for you is with a military family and a military background. What was that like to watch half man. My emotions were all over the place watching watching I just broke my heart.

Quite frankly just to to see I and and full disclosure, my husband and I actually come down differently on the Afghanistan take.

He is a little bit more pragmatic about some of this stuff and you know I I defer to him in terms of expertise on this front. She spent the one that spent time over there. But in terms of the foreign-policy angle of this and just the way in which the way in which we started the war and then continued the war and created these nebulous goals. I mean, so there. This didn't happen in a vacuum on but nonetheless it ended air quotes under Pres. Joe Biden's watch in the way in which it ended was in my opinion, just disastrous and create enemy we lost lives needlessly on looks like looks like we were incompetent on the world stage in March and I'd that's just that's the last thing we need to we need to sort of put ourselves forward as that sort of persona that would be dangerous in the sixth, fifth or sixth month of the new president yeah dad back in a colossal foreign policy disaster military disaster because it just puts up a flag for the rest of the world and those that would seek our destruction. That okay this is the type of guy we have in the White House in an really is, how it can be great is how came across and then politically driven by some arbitrary date, which we call 9/11 like got a get like that matters doesn't matter.

Try telling that to the families who lost loved ones anything you break immigrant yeah you really disgusting. The school board drama you mentioned this earlier alluded to this. This was invigorating to me. I remember being taken to people to school board meetings years ago here in Raleigh and having moms.

This is a new, just FYI everybody. This goes back to 2005, 2006 2007 when we were really busy.

A call to action fighting the stuff and I had a mom read segments of a book at a school board meeting that would make your hair fall because it was so disgusting. I went on back of the day this before you got involved Jerry agar had a big show on here before Rush Limbaugh came to town and we spent a couple hours on their talking about these books that we found through some parents that were in the wake County Public school system. They would not allow me to read an excerpt on the air because it was an FCC violation like working to get hammered if we read any of this stuff that you want to read you can't read working to get find like crazy to get our children should be reading but yet it's the middle school down the street and so they allowed me for 30 seconds. The producer said 30 seconds, cut your Mike change every obvious word and every word that has an implication to the word farm FA are 36 so if you want 36 and look at your Mike and your belief like okay fine as soon as I started reading it, you would know exactly what words go there. It was shocking but that I was very encouraged by what I saw with the school board drama even though they're all obviously domestic terrorists yeah you I I would say 2021. This is one of the ways I should've characterized it on when yes meet beginning in show, the year of school choice for real this year that people parents took back their child's education doesn't mean that fights are still happening worsening headlines of what's going down in Chicago and I'm certain teachers unions applying that these are their kids and she's but parents have. I don't think it was a lack of desire to fight before. I don't think they realize the stakes that were at the things that were at stake earlier because I wanted to know.

I think a lot of us is going to go listen. We know a lot of nice teachers and certainly my kids teachers are nice and that's the end of you know what you want to pull that the right cover off for fear of what you write that parents have mobilized all across the nation.

We seen it locally.

We actually just opened up a grassroots outreach department at the John Locke foundation and one of one of those team members exclusively works on education and mobilizing with parents and so actually this month is school choice month and so we will be hosting a statewide school choices specific pole and working up all the North Carolinians. You don't likely voters that are North Carolinians and on and get their assessment but school choices on the rise, especially among minority communities which that has proven in Florida and in Virginia that is proven to be a tipping point voting block and so I'm excited about the 2022 elections.

I think that were going to see even more push back your parents and there and it's not just pushback for pushback sake, it's because they realize that their kids deserve something better than what the government in the public school monopoly are trying to shut down our throat yeah and try to shut down their throats and the arrogance of them to say.

Just give us your kids which is what they wanted for 100 years and stay out of our way because we handle the education you parents don't know what you're talking about in and sometimes that's what it takes.

The stench has to get so bad that people just have no choice but to get involved yeah on Virginia. I'm super excited about that as well.

Okay now are tapping into your intelligence with this one. Enter nice conservative wars, please explain well the mainstream language for this is the division between Trumper's and never trump her on the right. But if you if you follow some of the maybe more verbose or wordy conservative intellectuals. I mean there is there some real schisms in the conservative movement and it is.

There are fault lines that are being exposed to so some people would say well it's a break between the real conservatives and the libertarian it's it's different than that.

I would say though, and I believe the faultlines really deal with those who are in favor of using the government's power to affect their preferred policy changes you don't because they have good motives and those who would say no. I think government needs to be limited regardless of who is in power, and so tell me why I am concerned about is seeing more and more calls by those who are on the right calling for more government intervention. I am not saying that there's no role for government, but what I'm saying is, once you open that sort of role that goes beyond the Constitution you've created.

You've opened a Pandora's box and you should never you should never bet on you or your side always being in power and those same levers that you've created can be used against you exactly right as I was reminded to keep government small Patrick Kuyper government smaller and my people.

You might like it when it's your guy, but when it's in the person's got you complain and when that happens, that means you're not actually dishonest and you're not thinking about the big picture you tell depends on whose ox is getting gored and that's gonna be the destruction, the country certainly one of the things okay as I have some fun for a minute the will going to 2022 favorite book favorite movies of the year huge movie person. So be careful yeah I'm to let you you run with S&L energetic price okay. I just came up with a list of some of my favorite movies for the year and all for very different reasons.

Free guy, you gotta see that license, meta-verse think that's free guy Ryan Reynolds do yes I like that was like artist sites are very leaden. Cinematography is amazing Spider-Man far from home. That was a blast.

I've heard that with my kids. All that was a blast, especially because the bike the first Spider-Man movie with Toby Maguire was 2002. That's a long time ago. So if you're been a long time Spider-Man fan now this was on Hulu that I would say everybody needs to watch most people never even heard of it was a series of Michael Keaton called dope sick, which was all about the fight against opioids, specifically OxyContin, which in the in the environment when right now. I was I would watch this once a week when it came out it's on Hulu called dope sick when were dope sick, which was what happens to you when you get OxyContin and things like that and I was so mad every night. I was enraged in the context that right now with big Pharma never been going on with COBIT that I I was lost my mind. Everything every week when I watch if it's important, watch dope sick. The courier which was with Benedict come to Cumberbatch it was great moratorium which is about one of the guys being held down Guantánamo Bay dream horse.

Did you see that one arm to give you this list and believe it or not Godzilla versus King Kong okay. I wasn't expecting real well about going back to my childhood so couplings there will get the Brooks opinion on that. I will talk about 2022. This is Steve Noble of Europe.

Looking back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show here today with Rick Medina from the John Locke foundation.dishing up a conversation about looking back at 2021 2022.

So you're not so do you have some favorite movies are muscular talk about that and will talk about books because you're so intellectual lag. We all do, watching movies, far too much time on Twitter as the headline got upset and then just praying through a before I tweet so best movies I really liked dune. I liked dune ally and honestly I really struggled or what else I was going back to lay meds how much I love laymen says that my list as a way to your husband read Steve's list all okay watch lame as document version with Anne Hathaway so good and sing along with. I cry every time I cry. It's really made to yes what about books mentioned earlier because you're trying to read some books that were outside of the world of policy yeah yeah for sure. So I have actually I've revisited a couple of my favorite CS Lewis bums on one that I would recommend your audience a lot of people here, CS Lewis and first off, he is like often misquoted it so funny. So if you're ever going to like quote CS Lewis just do a quick Google search. Make sure you're actually quoting the right one is other people like make up stuff about people think about him through the blind witch and the wardrobe that there is a great book of his call till we have faces and that is like a modern retelling of the myth of Cupid and Psyche that it has such spiritual meaning and it so till we have faces. That's a very centering one on just because it follows this young woman named or you well and she battles the holy places, like she's trying to grapple with what holiness really is and she is constantly. It's like an affront to her and she and she had just has to grapple with the love of God essentially on not looking like how she thought it was so that's really really good. I also so CS Lewis and George McDonald's.

I'm gonna give you some like old authors names Georgette Donald is here.

I wrote this book called fantastic so he was a theologian but also a fairytale writer from like 1800 and so he wrote a book called the day boy in the night girl that once a really good one. It's in fairy tales and so a couple of new ones that just came out this this year and I actually just did a Facebook live interview with these authors, one called mountain folk and it has to do with a lot of North Carolina lore and the US founding and the revolution.

So that's kind of like a fairytale, myth, but with historical twist to it. And that's by John Hood. And so he wrote that using local North Carolina author and then asked Stephen Cantera like this when I watch it bring you copy the next time I see you it's how the foreskin should save the world, and it oh yeah… Importance of hope and humility and lessons from Star Wars you go believe you didn't get that for me already got what I my mind.

I didn't think you give me something in the matters. That's an NFT one of my favorites that I actually the author is well rising triumph of the modern self, but Carl Truman if you want to know how we got to the point. This culture around the world where men can say, I'm a woman born in a man's body. That's not just the sexual revolution of 1960s.

It's got about a €600 mark to it incredibly thought-provoking book.

One of the most difficult books I've read in a while terms of getting through it because it's so weighty but it's it's real eye-opening is amazing and I entered back in August. If you look that up the podcast you can in the messy truth for my friend Kate Caleb call to back real messy grace and messy truth which is really the fight that were in how you engage a culture that doesn't agree with much anything you hold true in a way that's full of grace and mercy, with compassion. It's been my battle personal battle for 20 or so that's another great okay looking ahead 2022. What are you hopeful about anything. What looks good. I am somewhat wary touched on that school choice. I really, really think that were going to continue to see an exit is out of public school system, which in.

That's it. That's not because I'm opposed to people being in the public school system but I think that families are realizing that they had not had as much operational control as they just served and none in their child's education and so were going to see an expansion of school choice. I'm excited about technological advances I think you know web 3n meta-verse. I think there are some areas in which were able to leverage that and use it to reach new people and I think that's a good thing I'm when we talk about like the environment. Our energy is becoming cleaner in the greenhouse gases are reducing amine so there's a lot of good news on that front and I were becoming more resourceful and not using as many resources each and every time I ask you a question on that subject. I don't know if you looked in all it's always curious to me. Nuclear is so efficient it's so clean but it's got there's some kind of veil over it. I think it's because of the past people's lives again but it's amazing to me that nobody wants to touch that that would be great.

We want to get our John Locke foundation.

Yeah, I mean, it's amazing to me why were not building nuclear power plants is remarkable. Yeah, I think a part of it is because of the bad taste in certain people's mounts, but I'll tell you what something I listened.

I listened to someone who specializes in regulation talk about nuclear and what they were saying is, essentially, we have frozen, nuclear, and time. At this juncture be in. And so we haven't even been been able to completely clean all of the possibilities from it because we been so afraid of what could happen and so we created all of these regulatory burdens that we've not been able to animate. Further, I mean because we could maybe one day have many nuclear reactors in Iraq and so on. And once again it is a very clean form of energy and I think one of the other reasons why nuclear hasn't spoken about as much is because there's a lot of lobbyist for for wind and solar energy. And so there's a lot of money on that front to be made even if it's not nearly as efficient or as reliable as a lot more costly and at the end of the day. Often times when you're using a wind or solar. You have to have like a fossil fuel backup. So good luck with that. Three point advances in medicine going on about how Metco will point advances in medicine what you see what's up yeah well I mean I just think that different advances in terms of just okay well do you have to. I was going to bring up the vaccine I that's a great thing.

I think that the ubiquity of the vaccine and that when we removed regulatory burdens the quickness with weight as he was able to be created or rolled out I was very encouraging and so I think that advances and other medicines. As we've learned from that experience that we can rollback certain regulations and it will speed access to market for certain lifesaving medicines is a really good thing and I would pry would know about hydrochloric when an ever met right in yeah yeah good point. You mentioned this earlier. I totally agree North Carolina's good trajectory of policy and freedom of the states really on a good trajectory will be obtained next November.

If they can pull off a vetoproof majority. Then, just like with Biden Cooper second half of this term will be toast right right and I mean it's interesting because it would be wise for us to recognize that we are actually now under our 666 day state of emergency or North Carolina. So our governor is 666 legs etc. so that that's going on right now, but even so, we have still made so many policy gains we have passed a really good budget. We had expanded school choice. We have been lowering the personal income tax and corporate income tax things that your state government should be doing were doing and I think that that's think that's encouraging.

We're shoring up our elections.

We've made progress on election security front, so it's not it's all good. Okay things are concerned about. We've Artie talked about the growth of government authoritarianism. That's deftly on the rise. I don't know that most people even aware of this, the birth the birth dearth continues because people don't even know that working to get below our replenishment.


So we are already below our replacement birth rate now so from 2007. We were at. I think replacement birth rate which is approximately like .6 children forever file system bearing woman, yet your population the same more growing and as so were at. I think it was 1.7, China is now below Japan Japan yeah I Europe is right behind us. Are there ahead of us in terms of birth to her and so this is this is a concerning trajectory, but I'll tell you what. It's interesting because certain European countries have tried to incentivize people having more children. Still not working. I would say that's I think it's largely a cultural and it has a lot more to do with just where people are. If they're afraid of what's going on in the country and of course there's the infertility component to it.

For some people, but on yeah there's is a confluence of things, but it is something we need to be watching. There's an increasing number of people my daughter's age 23 and under better looking at the condition of the world and say why would I want to bring this and I asked him whether coming from. I really do appreciate the depth of despair. This is a huge one we've seen this of the last two years going to get worse as these dominoes continue to fall, but is that generally what you're talking about. There is a result of it in shutdowns and everything else in the increase in suicide, drug use, yeah, just people losing their sense of hope and I think that this is an area where the church really needs today again and reach out to those who are shut ends and add those who have during call the decided not to live in society and we need to reach out to them because you got this is increasing the rates of depression among the use of course we we see the stats on that but also older folks.

Middle-age folks it's it's transcending you as followers of Christ, we have answered that the other one that I mentioned the time to do a little research on is learning loss among this generation really tied to shutdowns and particularly affecting minority children all ran the learning loss. We are working to see the effects of that for a generation yeah yeah really really sad. Great points to consider things to learn from, and things look forward to broke always great to have you things to come in and will will talk again before the Carolina liberty conference that's coming up on February 25 and once again what's how to get information that locks locks is an Carolina liberty conference about the links up on Facebook live right now as well as links to John Locke foundation in general and Brooks work there as well. Twitter what you're handling Twitter it is booked_Medina_there you go. Twitter thanks for covenants great, God willing. This is the noble doubling up talk you guys again like my dad always used to say number four. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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