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Full Money Monday

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January 3, 2022 8:05 pm

Full Money Monday

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 3, 2022 8:05 pm

Full Money Monday

Steve talks to David Fischer, from Landmark Capitol, to discuss inflation and money today for the whole show.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets everyday life in your home more 20s building was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and one-on-one treats. One thing to go call Steve no. 34. Truth Steve Noble Joe duck gives your house family started that it's 2022 yet and to go with it. That's just the deal right.

It is what it is as though my wife's side of the family likes to say, and that's a pretty sound piece of advice. It is what it is and so it's good to be back and that was nice to have a break and didn't get tested officially but think I had a little omicron action and that was really no big deal, the same old tired and achy thing for a few days and then terrible sore throat. That was a new thing so I wasn't expecting that. And then final for five days in bada bing, but a boom I might've lost a little bit of my taste and smell. But that seems to be okay today was good enough to taste the injections in my mouth this morning to continue that process of replacing a tooth.

That's a lot of fun. Anyway, setting all that side, happy new year everybody. I hope you are looking forward to what the Lord will do in your life this year and I as it is the first Monday of the month first Monday of the year. Of course, will be talking with our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital David how are you happy new year. It's good to hear your voice. Good to hear from you and how was Christmas and New Year's at the Fisher residence. How that go for you guys will together and work out wonderful time in family and friends over, celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ little Christmas music you after Christmas on that's good to hear and do you make New Year's resolutions really like like them down on those types of things. So, not necessarily in the traditional way is highly structured, more like. Here's where I think the Lord for more of him in my life my life to be your post, I guess those are New Year's resolutions. But I don't look at is thing on January 1. Here's the things on the change this. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't really do the New Year's resolution thing either. Sometimes I'll start a new Bible reading plan and things of that nature, but I don't tend to drop a pin on January 1 like that you still don't know if that's a function of age. I don't know what the deal is with that but that is an opportunity to come to look back and look forward and and I appreciate that working to do that today, and that's obviously what the culture does but think of the case is always a play.

It doesn't matter what the deal is in terms of the calendar were always trying to be formed more into the image of Christ and praise the Lord for that. So as well. Looking to spend some time looking back at 2021 of them will look forward into this year and talk about what might be coming.

You always bring us some predictions based on your 25 years of experience I will deftly get that that but let's let's just got a look at the major indexes as we look across the world of investments in finance at the heart of the markets do over the course of the year.

I was just pulling up some graphics on that last year and if you look at all the last 12 months. I mean, the Dow Jones industrial looks pretty healthy things were on the up and up in a couple of major tips here and there but take us through that door and down the index might not perform as well, but the dollar and had a huge one .7% and because of the dollar index going up, and also because spending in the fifth stimulus now had a phenomenal year 21% S&P better percent mastic 24%. You know perspective.

You know there's a seven and 15% movement in the indexes of 15% is a really good movement so we had in almost all numbers in some cases of that and because of that spot gold. Usually when those indexes are high like that gold is usually down in gold was down 7% was down 7% by purchasing of the market like a $20 gold mint state index market is up 18% office of the index of gold in this Morgan dollars over index the same 18% will talk about how much oil went up one up for 6%/your huge number of lumber started out when to hire $1700 we call thousand board feet in the middle of the year down to 558% just in the last six weeks all over the place is no year to date, 23%, which is still left behind number five used-car index is always a depreciating asset for 1/2%. That's crazy him home prices up 20% and salaries didn't even come close to keeping up with any of this. Only 3%, which is why so many of us have kinda been feeling the pinch of inflation because even though you may might've made a little bit more money like you just said just 3%.

Some of these other major things like used cars that's crazy.

Anybody trying to buy a used car knows exactly what you're talking about anybody that's all these car last year was probably shocked at how much money they got for it. It's just a bizarre kind of market that we have been in the last year did expect that to continue. David what what was it about the year that we knew so many things were not great. And of course we have the ever exploding debt. Yet we have increased numbers in the markets that really can get your attention. My wishful thinking about explode as much is/are due to government spending. I will keep up the 70s that was just off the charts so I don't think the numbers are to go up near as much in the mastic that when I don't think the dollar index is much don't think the prices of these trips shortage the user car index don't appreciate much of my not even appreciate they will get back to normal. A depreciating asset prices are still shortish work without so I think she is predictions and five syllables at home prices rise over 10% this year. So yeah still significant.

Yes, a couple more things about 20, 21 and they will look at some of the big stories from 20, 21, some the main news themes will do that with David Fisher including project that the Lord had for him that he wasn't expecting himself as the got the Lord's done a lot of great things on that with respect to covert will be right back so great to be back with you 2022, where he supposed to be flying little jet cars by now.

Me, that's what's in the Jetsons that is my assumption by the time I was this old surely I'll be flying around little cars not yet maybe before I go to be of the Lord who knows will see but talking about that with her good friend David Fisher in again.

We regularly talk about money issues finance what's going on the markets what's going on with the Fed what's going on with the federal budget deficit, which is ever-increasing things going on around the world because the Bible makes much of the issue of money and possessions. It's all over both the old and the New Testament. Jesus talked about it regularly because obviously we know that most of us have issues with that when you have a little or a lot or somewhere in between. We tend to struggle with money and money issues and in saving and having me keep making a budget and what to do in this crazy world and and again I know that some of the more complicated issues that we talk about aren't for everybody, but that for a lot of us in and again because the Bible talks about it regularly. We make regular appearance here on the show talking about it with her good friend David Fisher from landmark capital. Their website is always landmark. landmark and it's good to have you back. David, as we look forward to another year together on the air and I got bless you my brother always appreciate your time and look forward to the beginning of the week. I'm always thinking about what we can talk about because there's always something startling newsworthy yes always absent nice people.

David lastly Steve, you do show prep Michael, first I wake up and number two I pay attention in the world just drops everything into my lap and then if you do this kind of work like I do.

The world is the gift that keeps on giving. Because of the depravity of man. In the end we make issues out of everything and so it's always always interesting, but it's always great to have Jan as we try to navigate these difficult issues that we deal with finance and like I was saying I know that money Monday isn't for everybody, but it is for a lot of us, and that's why it's super super helpful. So as we look back at 2021. David, what were some of the main news themes that I want to make sure we talk about kind of a probably an unforeseen ministry opportunity that the Lord gave you and your bride. But the main themes from 2021, number one, US government and spending, and the interventionist funeral home. Present Brighton wanted to nominate somebody to revamp the banking system and wanted to basically take your your checking account. You no longer have it, it's all of the Federal Reserve that type of behavior and then moving towards future libraries and things like that. Along with that is the Fed printing of money and ignoring the obvious. So inflation is here. That's number one number two number two which is inflation.

Number three is because of all the government spending and the Fed printing we have significant market euphoria and I'm not against the market. I'm just saying it's not functioning the way it normally would and then also the fourth one, nice but not least is been the fabric of our society and it seems like with omicron continues to be here, but I think it's working to see the tail end of this whole thing called COBIT. This year's that's my prediction for covert will be interesting to see how the powers that be adjusted. Not having that as this little tool the soul care in the stack that they can dangle above everybody's header, she went ahead with it because it's been there. Tina power for the last two years. It's can be fascinating as and thank God for omicron. Like I said, I think I had it around Christmas time and and a lot of people are getting it. It's all over the place, but it's not nearly as serious and praise the Lord for that. And as this thing moves to just being kind of a mild version of the flu or the cold it's gonna be fascinating to watch the world try to grapple specially the powers that be what this not being a tool that they can use to come to control everybody going on talking about that I love you talk to the podcast between Joe Rogan and the inventor or a Dr. Robert Malone really fascinating interview. Three hours review hearing my voice, a chunk of time are doing sessions here, but this guy's not a Johnny-come-lately he's been doing this for 30 years. That's his will. Houses reading vaccinations.

Use of XML action knowledges vaccine on knowledge is believed to pronounce it but hoping vaccinations for 30 years and he just said this our government is out of control on this lawless there complete completely disregard biophysics they completely disregard the federal common rule be broken. All rules that I know of his quote and that I been trained for years and years. These mandates are experimental vaccines and explicitly illegal.

And just as a side note in between his quote he believes in vaccinations and he is COBIT actually helps you and tiebacks are you just saying what the hell are going about this goes on all these other terms breaking the new code the Belmont report.

They just need a spouse is illegal what they're trying to do here any site I as a report that was done in the country of Providence in India called Oprah which is the population the same size of the United States and how they had a mask that got encoded in United Way came in with a package and believes all the studying he does that then I recommended and maybe hydrochloric when this meeting between Modi Prime Minister of India and Pres. Biden, and the decision was made between those not disclose the contents of the United Way, so I never seen such a financial cover-up going on. We talked about for years on your program to help cover up. I was thrown into it because they're having COBIT but probably one of the topics that's probably destroyed me the most because the other things are just, obviously in our face with the Fed and the government is doing. How much for spending in the control, and you know we talk about some minor points in the things that are newsworthy on that. But this is just been the biggest cover-up I've ever seen like you can even comprehend in different vaccination person of that magnitude saying that I mean I can't even hold a candle to what wasn't up with Joe Rogan podcast. Of course, one of the biggest on the planet and YouTube pulled it down because it was going viral link on Florida because he's on spotlight exclusively at seven, number 1757 Rogan just numbers the podcast on number 1757, Dr. Robert Malone which is just a couple days ago and at three hours and six minutes but that's where you have to yet the push through because there is a narrative out there that the mainstream media is covering in and that they're presenting as well as the federal government and a lot of people in the powers that be in big Pharma. Now that stuff which three years ago. David, I think you and I would've said it all sounds a little wacky maybe a little over-the-top, but now at this point I think we all know you know what drove that why they did it a week and we can theorize about that. But at the fact that that has happened. The biggest Vincent misinformation campaign hasn't been by people like you and me and others on the radio or Facebook or YouTube or twitter or whatever. The biggest misinformation campaigns been by the powers that be be at the federal government and what's big Pharma and that big mess so but that was Outlook to give us an update on the Iver make them thinking and working at the breaker to second, but I want to talk to about that because the Lord use you and your bride. That was kind of an aspect of all your public life that you weren't expecting as David had a very very serious life-threatening about what COBIT is, as did his wife, but God did some amazing work there.

Once again Anton I talked about that. David, on the other side of the break in them will push in the 2022 and some of the things that we can look forward to this year talking to David Fisher for money Monday. David Fisher from La Marque, M. Our is always will be right back back is still happy new year to you, hope you had a great holiday season that I could to be healthy. Praise the Lord for all of that and I will be back tomorrow course, God willing in now talking to so many people. There's several different people that I've had on the show in the last six months that are all run for Congress knocks up your North Carolina law that stuff up in the air. They came while yet so Courtney deals will be back on the show tomorrow. She was on previously Wednesday will have Brooke Medina from John Locke foundation will be and will do, look back at 2021 from a new cycle perspective as well as looking into the new year and then will do a theology Thursday this week with Alan Benson, one of my faves from a PDU seminary so will do that on Thursday, then back on Friday might have Michelle Woodhouse back in the studio is also running for Congress to some great godly people out there running for Congress here in North Carolina anyway.

And that's a thrill we praise the Lord for that to be a big year so we have a lot to pay attention to and a lot to pray about and meet brief faithful MB I'm and I'm trying to come out of the winter doldrums.

Myself and have about good attitude in the Lord's on the throne and I have having to look forward to. So there's the ups and downs of life, but God is always there is always got her back so we should all be able to relax a little bit on that one. But today doing a full money Monday with our good friend David Fisher from La Marque M and again David, thanks for being here today.

As we look back at these main themes of 20, 21, of course, one of them. Number four.

Of course with coalbed eye which affected all of us in one way or another, but that gives a little update because you had a terrible terrible bout as well as your bride did, but that turned into a bit of a ministry opportunity didn't know people will agree with their wealth all thrown into the whole side of things. I don't think you're both your criminal problems are.

Towards the end of your life. So as a result of us having severe sure: near basically we ever make them from a listener and change the lives we are on the road recovering immediately in the next day and the studying and realized what I remarked was all about us all become room I want to do more studying. I see them I did so I gleaned a lot of information from her.

Marianne and we talked on your program.

As result of that I can say conservatively 50 people, the lives of the worst slaves from going due to them contacting us. Your able to get close through the areas that we found out our other might confuse me.

I backed into take care of COBIT through the research that we found where you can get. I Rebecca this is another 50 people. Probably that didn't have: severe they will try would've made it with the government in any way meant the snowball, seems to grow, now is the government. I like making coming from the country of India and the government now shutting down that ability to get that the FDA client that you letter from the FDA here couple weeks ago listener of your program and bought a small amount environment and is a precursor preventative measure, it was seized by the FDA US postal system and the customs in Jamaica, New York.

Mine is in route looks like it probably will get seized so sad you like in order AMOXICILLIN recycling I can order just about any bacterial or drug or you are called medicine through customs anymore.

Looks like so there's something up with the government. They really do not want this to go through in actual Rogan Robert Dr. Robert Malone said that modeling study showing that a million or access have happened since this US through intentional blockade of early COBIT treatment by the US government." So, unfortunately, a sign of the times is definitely happening. We live in a demonic all time. Yeah, we certainly do and then that's I'm so glad you stored demonic because that's just the reality of it. That's the spirit of the age and that's what's going on and it's all over the place that another will ever get a clear picture of what's happened over the last two years with COBIT just part of the deal with a very very dark and broken world and people and with the acquisition of power and you just factor in Romans one and everything starts to make sense. We don't need to know all the details. We just need to know that we live in a very dark age and we need to respond accordingly. It's what the gospel still central for all of us.

That's only thing that changes really a human heart, which changes the human mind. The only hope for society only only in always been the gospel of Jesus Christ. And that's why for us as ambassadors that work never changes.

And that's more important every year is that things get more dark and things get more confusing, but that's why you gotta have your house built on the rock, not on the sand of the world of the sand of the new cycle it's going to be on the rock of Jesus Christ, so we always want to push that message and always appreciated as we do every time we talk with David Fisher from my so said what I deftly raise interest rates this year. David and when they do, what kind of reverberations will that have the word about anything forcing them to raise rates because of the numbers we first talk about the first segment today up so high that the Fed needs to start raising rates when you have a CPI number of 6.8% interest rate number has been really close to the CPI number for decade upon decade upon decade were we have inflation in the 70s we had back in 2008.

Those numbers were really close will to 6.8%. The CPI number in the interest rate that the Fed lens that is portable point so the CPI number has really come down a bunch is not going to get in the game, which is what needs to happen and to raise rates. They are saying this, what is interpreted.

June will be the first rate hike while three this year, the market might force it sooner than the market might force more than three and when I say the market I'm talking about the indexes the numbers and you this back in 2018 they start raising rates.

The first time in December.

The market took a 10% correction in three days and then the Fed reversed the process so I'm really going to follow through what they're saying. This was not a definite thing because she was the market. Although this been talked about so much, maybe 30 starting to get factored in by June when they do this rate hike or whenever the first one I maybe will be factored in the world.

He was big back in the market but don't partially the earnings of the stock market is normally should be a 13 to 18 others. How much the price of the stock is relative to the earnings of the company.

You know apples of 32 tests was 386, Google 28 IBM 25 of this rock was a lot of them in the mid to high 20s value stocks going to come down to say this is the new norm that ratio, not 15 to 18 or 21 overvalued is the norm for collection going on here so interest rate should cause back in the market will see how much that happens is just floating trial balloons all the time and see how the market reacts and see what's going on out there, it's just a game of chess. Most of the time I try to many playthings for political gain. And that's again just an aspect of the can of the spirit of the age that we live and what about the big I word inflation. I think all of us certainly felt that over Christmas break and that's just the reality that were having to get used to but what you think's going to happen this year with inflation will be in the new year 2022. Still here. I mean there's a lot of money that the government has passed. It's not actually been spent into the system.

Consumers are still sitting on a ton of money through government stimulus.

But going to try and still pass revisit this whole BBB bill go back better go which the whole component of that is the child credit packs were you $300 a month per child under age 3 and $200 overage three per child. So this is what they're trying to do. That's a lot of money. That's the middle income supporting aspect of the economy is the consumer through spending and trying to find that spending so inflation is going to be here for a while and if you look at it in terms this world was wrong about gold and silver a bit when I was right on that one number was wrong. I did some studying about this inflation really actually in the beginnings of the inflationary cycle. Like I mentioned this before but you know we always look to the oil embargo with the 1973.

That was the starting of inflation, but it actually started in the in the second half of the 1960s years you will befall them. 1966 interest rates are inflation was 3.5% by 1969 we went to 6%. Still today, once Pres. Lyndon Johnson started spooning the federal budget and the economy as were fighting a war in Vietnam, and the warm poverty that was from 1964 to 69. Also, the government's credit spending which is a powerful new flow of money and went to see percent during the period of time to write that up. Yeah, that's great, David Fisher, a landmark R talkative for shuffle money Monday talking about that what happened last year now are talking about what we have to look forward to what we need to plan for and look out look out for is in the new year will be going around in the back at Steve Noble to save know Michelle and happy new year to you 2022. Shocker these things smaller every year it feels like to get shorter every year. Just a function of age, so it is the first Monday of January 1 Monday of the brand-new year. So were talking our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital. The website is always landmark I did want to ask you something on the political side. David and I think Joe mansions been telegraphing his punches. The last few days that you know if they update you mentioned the bill back better program. The second half of the cortical infrastructure bill that he said you know there's couple changes that are made here and there that he could get on board.

I think they're dabbling in a past something that you even if it's $1 trillion.

That's a trillion more than they've got already and so they're going to take it and I think Joe mansion will eventually fold on that he's playing a game of politics as well but do you think that'll that'll happen and that can be a significant impact. Are we just gonna throw another log on the fire.

Who cares, it's another trillion dollars in a push is over three 30 trillion but no big deal. Nobody's paying attention anyway. I think every trillion or significant, but it's becoming lying in the lives of Americans less so we hit the brick wall when everything becomes significant. So you know Joe mansion is not factoring in the child tax credit and that's one of the biggest sticking points. The prison administration and also the Democratic Party so and she's been mashing for scaled-back version of the bill not to trillion I think it probably will be 1 trillion. It is more spending that I think they're going to want to get it passed, because they gotta have another milepost of saying hey look what we have done so the dilemma where the rubber meets the road as you become to conservative get Joe mansion on board, which I think we need to go that direction, but you people that represent the Democratic Party and then they can get on board. So finding a happy medium that's going to be put in the eye of the cattle camel through the needle yet still be fascinating to watch all that unfold, and there's been a lot of blowback against Biden.

The squads all up in arms because he's obscene. A leader on their green new deal initiative and that's been radically disappointing presidency for the country but also for a lot of people on the left with the by the ministrations of bumbling stuff right molasses can be fascinating to watch all that as we push through the year in and again with inflation. Any other thoughts on anatomy. That's gonna be here. It's can affect all of us. I don't think that's going to turn around and at times, and certainly not this year, more spending, more inflation and I think the urine see the numbers go up when we got back in the 70s again where I left off in 1974 the money supply increased 14% were you. We increased about 28% since the inflationary number interest rate was still well above more like 5 to 7% during that time, and by 1975 the interest rate percent was 11% by 1979 and 21% inflation is averaging 14% sure if I disable real in reference to gold and silver and inflation just in the economy would like between 1973, 74, 74-ish year so unfortunately I think the worst is yet to come Back all the spending the past bills for the system will help more inflation yeah and they just loading it all that frontloading and go for as much as they can between now and November because I think they're well aware that get shellacked come the midterm elections in November and then that's just to shut down the present, the Biden presidency in terms of Congress and then the only thing you'll have at that point of the executive orders and there's only so much they can do their so it's good to be fascinating to watch it. We mentioned gold and silver, and that did what it normally would do when you have a great year in the market in terms of the Dow Jones and NASDAQ and such and then gold and tends to pull back, but some of that I would one ask about the difference because there were some some gold instruments and silver incidents that were up versus I spot prices and then so talk about that a little bit because I want to make sure I understand that the will talk about the gold and silver this year, you don't talk about specific markets and really good at you at the beginning of your year and I want to throw in a couple indexes that we've never really talked about before, and one is called a $20 gold piece index, which is coins that the US government minted from 1850 to 1933 as a general index that is up 18%, which because it because only speculate why it's a supply and demand market.

You can get more of it versus you can create more bars and more coins. Modern coins like American Eagle's and I'm not against four bars work more than coins. Although the government can confiscate those if they wanted to and these other ones are nonprofit, scalable, the purchasing of it has been off the charts which creates all you have a shortage already challenge in certain areas of that index getting enough coins.

Therefore, the index rose completely opposite of what they spot gold index, which is just if not the physical market index electronics hedging yourself of legal bit market is identical. One is: Morgenthaler minted Morgan dollars is money our US government did this and are you expense from the field to the year 1921. From 1798 to 1921 and those coins again supply and demand and the people are insisting there's going to be inflation and silver did better in the 70s than gold during the inflation so there's this big movement that went to the market. You can't see that by looking at the spot silver market went down 17% might be manipulation of that market. The spot index consumer going down by banks and financial institutions could go to paper and I'm not against their behavior, but it's been going on is talked about in our industry and some you and J.P. Morgan Goss lost millions of dollars a lawsuit for trying to manipulate the supermarket, and I will do that again but that's been proven in court that that didn't happen so indexes. Not all products consumer products are the same, just like not all stocks, bonds and mutual funds is the same, and that's why we before personal best.

We go over all the categories. The financial blueprint. Then they get to choose what they want to and that's why you're in charge and they get to have full knowledge of what the choices are both benefits and drawbacks. And that's what we do here at landmark capital Morgan Silver dollars to last year, I would have to look but I'm going to speculate. I'm going to say some around 5 to 6%. So 2020 2020 yeah yeah and then 20, 21, he did really did pretty well right that Morgenthaler silver much more than normal. Yeah yeah such a fascinating market watch market.

I bring up the numbers are just with hundreds and hundreds women over goals and processes in the 75 year period of time per year astronomical movement about the yeah yeah it's a blip in when things get so crazy that again that's as I mentioned where you have the sailboat you got the big sale above that's what most of us think of what stocks and mutual funds on and so forth. In the what's under the boat to give you some balance under there. That's where precious metals come in.

So that's where people need to understand the use of it. I think a lot of people think in terms of well gold and silver just as a regular investment, but you've never called a regular investment alternative investment is not your regular investment is physical investment alternative to stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

And that's what diversification is having something outside of the main norm of the system because not all asset classes perform at the same time doing exactly what it should have done it went down like index point market in certain coins when because of the demand cycle people that tells his people are saying it's going to get worse before it gets better and so that's why you don't have your eggs put all your money in gold jewelry.

Never do that and you shouldn't never have on the percent of your money in stocks, bonds or mutual funds in cash or in real estate we've learned by 2008. Best not the appropriate thing so you have apportioned the seven apportioned date, the Scripture says, because you do not know what tragedy may befall you how some of your money in all these asset classes because they have to do something you continue with his massive inflation to take care of our debt to pay down would be valued dollars default on the debt we should be horrendous really good for gold or silver, take a portion of your money through this building that was set up under Pres. Obama. Through the Dodd Frank act like a white paper on that to do something and were getting to the point were just easy. Having $30 trillion unfunded liabilities and summer hundred 50 trillion sources. This is the huge number. We will hit a financial crisis and that's the purpose of gold and silver. It's not so much how much it went up that I have it just in case something of these magnitudes happen yeah and that's that's in I just pulled up the national debt clock why you're talking to need to wear a 29,000,000,000,004 four 92 billion and climbing claims about $100,000 every six or seven seconds and that's that's reality and that's out there were not even talk about unfunded liabilities on the future which makes our children's future and our children's children's future and their children's future. Really bleak and we just have to pray and ask for wisdom and asked for God's mercy. If people want to get more information because there's a lot of education they need. David, what's the best way to do that way for 575.

The numbers for 575 awesome appreciate you buddy appreciate your time. Have a great week will try to talk to me next week with an update. Likewise, my friend. Happy new year. Thanks you two happy new year will talk to you soon. As David Fisher again landmark this is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble shell back at it again tomorrow. God willing, and like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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