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Wise Men in the Christmas Story

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 22, 2021 3:09 pm

Wise Men in the Christmas Story

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 22, 2021 3:09 pm

Wise Men in the Christmas Story

Stu Epperson Jr. guest hosts for Steve and discusses the Christmas story, plus a report from the devastated areas from tornadoes in Kentucky.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Noble now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, and behold, there came Wiseman from Jerusalem, saying, where is he that is born King of the Jews, for we have seen his star in Easton. We are come to worship him than when Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled all Jerusalem with him and when he gathered all the chief priests and scribes of the people together. He demanded of them, where Christ should be born a set on him in Bethlehem of Judea, for thus it is written of the prophet that fell Bethlehem in the land of Judah are not the least among the princes of Judah, for out of the shell, a governor that shall rule my people Israel. Verse seven of Matthew chapter 2 then Herod, when he had personally privately called Wiseman acquire them diligently. What time or when the star had appeared. He sent them to Bethlehem, saying, go and search diligently for the young child when you found him bringing word to me that I may come and worship him also. When they heard the king, they departed and low, the star which they saw in the East went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was when they saw the star verse 10, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy when they were coming to the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down and worshiped him, and when they had opened their treasures, they presented to him gold gifts, gold, frankincense and myrrh and being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to hear they departed into their own country another way.

Matthew chapter 2 verses one through 12 the story of the Magi. The profound story.

How much have you studied these verses because if you look at it closely you'll discover that Jesus was a little baby in the manger. They didn't go to the manger scene where the shepherds were that first night of his birth, they went sometime later because they went to a house they didn't worship the star and worship Mary as they worshiped the sun so they open their eyes to the star they open their hearts to the sun. They open their treasures to the Savior the store. The Magi just read their work. We three Kings is my favorite Christmas songs written by Hopkins a couple hundred years ago for the young people in his church. He didn't have any children of his own so want to write a song that they can relate to alerts and theology is got great theology except the title is only part the stronger that they workings and there probably were three of them there were three gifts naturally derived three Kings so a lot of folks have read into this passage of Scripture that I just read to you on the radio. I'm Stu Epperson to be with you today.

A lot of folks have missed read, misconstrued, embellished, romanticized and added all kinds of things like even naming the three wise men will you know there were three, there could've been 3000 says Herod was greatly troubled by the way, think about this idea of exceedingly they were filled with exceeding great joy. Chapter 2 verse 10 of Matthew, my favorite verse by the way the Bible today.

Right now I love that verse quadruple joy, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy, something that happened to them when they saw the star that brought this soul felt joy to their soul. What was it the very glory of God. But so many folks have taken this passage and he made it but it's not weak and we go beyond Scripture. And I'm not condemning people and I enjoy the stories in the songs. But looking right there at the word and pulling out of this, the question of the day right here is this. They traveled hills and valleys, yonder, falling on her star.

They went everywhere to try to find a store they research this for centuries as he encountered Daniel, who was one of their order, who is a Magi himself an account counselor to the king, who they saw bow down, prostrate before God, three times a day with an open door and open window. We got there and advised and from and God delivered him, they saw this and what happened, they learn from Daniel and they knew there something going on with us.

When the Shekinah glory showed up on in Luke chapter 2 verse nine the glory Lord shone round about them. They were sore afraid.

The shepherds hundreds of miles away in Persia. These Wiseman saw that and they said that since that's what we been searching for for silver. For centuries they studied it they learn they studied it all his stuff.

And guess what happened they found something but here's a question today. What did they get. We know what they gave a talk with her gifts retarder. Guess what did they wanted to get me someone went to all that effort to shop for you to bring you amazing. Just what did you give them what to do. Wiseman get word answer that coming up. At first, what did Kentucky get Stu Epperson here talking to a man is on the ground there in Kentucky.

Steve Jumper, your heart is full.

Your heart is broken it's Christmas time, and in Kentucky. It's a tough time a brother yet still it is nearly yes sir, tell us what's happening. Quick yeah so I'm here with energized ministries.

Love it all and pastored love in all churches here in the Dawson Springs, Kentucky, and Princeton, Kentucky, and also working with Salem outreach network Kirk Belmar and we are cleaning houses displaced people are out spelling on having the relocate them right now. This picks up houses chainsaw and moving moving houses and everything but the destruction is incredible. I tell you Dawson Springs got it really hard and it's unbelievable how you know what you are quoting Scripture low their Matthew but I'll think about Isaiah 9 the people walking in darkness have seen a great light, and because it is been dark here in Kentucky and Western Kentucky for the last 10 to 14 days, but the response is overwhelming. The spirit of God is at work spirit is moving and we talked to some great people and not have optimum health. A lot of folks out here. There's nothing better we can do this Christmas and the prey for our friends in Kentucky.

Our fellow Americans who been devastated entire towns raise destroyed by this these awful hurricanes and storms, Steve Jumper, how can we pray for you to shout out to all of her list of people listening, they might hear some of this program.

I hear this program on tape delay later on Christmas Day how we pray for you. I figure I can play for the folks in Western Kentucky that the big big of the Holy Spirit, Oakmont.

The fact that when you have devastation like this in your life when everything is gone.

It's such a shock.

There such emotion, and mental and spiritual warfare going on that the next step. Just ask Kentucky.

The folks in Kentucky state that the spirit would move and they that be able to do things one next thing to get them out of the darkness allow everyone, pray for these dear souls. Thank you Steve Jumper Randy Bowersox, Kurt, for being there. What gift did the wise men on their journey will come back on Steve Noble show I'm Stu Epperson 866-34-TRUTH is a man going round and taken the penny decides who to free that who the delay. Everybody will be treated the same as all Wiseman hour today on this program the Steve Noble show I'm Stu Epperson honor to be just toasting for Steve. It's an all Wiseman hour any question you have about these wise guys these Wiseman's Magi. Let's talk about misconceptions were there. Three were there 300 Ritter 3000 what were their names. What about sacred tradition versus what the Scripture actually says. Were they there at the manger with the shepherds and the animals and the baby Jesus, or to they come along a little later. What is the Bible say what are some of the mess that you have had shattered about the wise men. And here's the question of the day that I really think it's to the heart of everything this season about is about every life is about and that is this question ready. Here goes. What do the wise men get what gifts did the wise men get 866-34-TRUTH tell me what gifts the wise men got in all send you a copy of my good buddy Stu Epperson's book 1st words of Jesus from the cradle to the cross is in my hand right now. Nice hardback he signed it. Great guy little bit out-of-control I would talk by the wise men. I'm not going to jump down your throat if you give an answer. That's not whatever wants to write or talk to you guys today have a conversation about the Wiseman their role in biblical history. Why do we have these first 12 verses in Matthew chapter 2. It's right here the beginning of Matthew's gospel.

These noble men from the East. The Magi 866-34-TRUTH what gifts is like it. Kind of a not a trick question, but an important question what gifts did the Magi gets nicely give you some framework for this and let me tell you real quick if you want a phone in for those listening live 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 talking about the wise, and what part of the story impacted you the most. What about Christmas this Christmas story and has impacted you.

So they went through a lot of rigor morale. If this process suppose that your spouse or close friend goes through all kinds of effort to find out what you want for Christmas and they go in a shop and they go online and to go over here and they go to the store, they drive a long way and they order the exact color the exact make and model the exact item that you want for Christmas they order it and then they pay for a nice sum of money and then they give it to you and it is here open your gift and you open it in your blown away like wow it's a great gift. I think I heard a Steve Noble on his show recently do a whole lineup of questions of what's kinda been a cool gift you've got for Christmas. What something you've enjoyed what you used to love getting from for Christmas. So the question is the Wiseman with you all this they went through.

No further him right hills and valleys, mountains, yonder following order started when everywhere they shopped. They had these very valuable gifts of gold, frankincense, and girl talk a little bit about, which is each of those gifts stand for this. In biblical beautiful biblical gospel themed symbolism of those gifts so you think so. They did all that and they presented a bountiful prostrate before Jesus and so you will what gift it is a one-way street here. They gave they travel, they went to great expense to get there to give the study for centuries. You know, looking, and tracking.

When this King of the Jews will be born in what they get. 866-34-TRUTH have a discussion about anything related to the Wiseman dispelling myths and having fun talking truth about the Wiseman I'm Stu Epperson honor to be with you today.

Let's go to Steve, a great name for someone to call this radio program, Stephen Raleigh, North Carolina listen to us on truth for the triangle 105.7 FM AM 1030, Steve.

It's good to hear your voice, my friend. Merry Christmas.

While earlier, our hey buddy man it's been too long. You picked a great; how about that don't break that well that's the you missed your intermission or your misunderstanding. One word it's both word start with G and at Christmas time we tend to do this mean you know Steve I don't get what I want. Under that tree. I can pout about it for a while, you numbing. It's all about what you get right so what I'm asking day is not what you the Wiseman give which we all know we studied. We look at our little chapter about it in my book 1st words of Jesus which are to get a copy. Now my friend. The question is not what today give.

What do they get what what's at another G God, wow, wow, how did you guys hear that. What about that answer. 866-34-TRUTH anyone else want to weigh in. Steve tells more about that answer your equipment yet the work God you what great what all that way they knew they were going to think yeah that got great father got no work and now you layout they would not get back that like that I would have done, and then something out in my article when I went down from there. Very good. What they get what go defining yes with it. You learn pretty cool yeah give Santa practically application for a young family. Obviously not a family of means so they could cover their expense in their flight to Egypt and all the transition. The challenges there. Wow. Let such a good work Steve you imagine this it says this and says it says when the when they entered the house. It says when they saw the sun it says the they fell down and worshiped him. Now Steve Europe out of your every ever prayed on your knees quite okay so the CL of that.

So there's something powerful about that. What is so powerful about prostrating yourself before God and I must say this people drive right now we do not want them to try any of this because are correct.

But what is pack every once in a while you could have a prayer on your knees moment. Go ahead. What's powerful for you and God will make that outbreak might be that they were alternate while humbling, orderable be ugly on your knee for me. The Lord here I am coming with you. We pray, we thank you in here that something okay what just to the Wiseman get Steve from Raleigh, North Carolina says they got God. He says they fell on their knees and working it go deeper into that. I think your your hidden something profound there my friend and I gotta get to Raleigh and have breakfast to you brother.

It's taken too long and always Mary thanks and tell us what you think the Wiseman God what gift to get at 866 34 truth we got two lines when looking back you write this Stu Epperson is the Wiseman is going to got the models you got to be seen by the way, to be seen.

Should necessarily include the Wiseman or one Pastor Pastor J. Friend of mine say that the nativity scene with the Wiseman little farther away because they didn't show up on the scene until later, after the birth of Christ. It says in Luke in Matthew chapter 2 uses it when they went into the house so Christ could have been one or two so it's all kinds of things myths all kinds of things surrounding the Wiseman or talk about today right here right now. Taking your calls and I would love it if you disagree with me. Maybe I'm maybe I'm all wet on some of the stuff that's why we have this program a time-honored Stu Epperson to be sitting in the seat today for my good buddy Steve Noble posting his show talking about Christmas and what did the Wiseman get we know what they gave those amazing gifts. The goal the frankincense and myrrh want to get into the meaning the deep symbolism symbolism of those gifts a little bit today as well find out what to get anything a long way. I love what Steve said just a bit ago. I want to hear what you have to say 86634 truth 866-34-TRUTH 7884. What did the Wiseman get you to go through all that rigor morale to give some valuable gifts to the king what you going to give you what's in it for me. Me don't you guys care what you get is that the centerpiece of our conversation on December 26 what you get what you get what you get what you get what you get laid, you get for Christmas. What are they give you we rarely talk about what did you give.

Now we do have a scripture passage of Matthew to talk about what they gave in its rich. It's incredible says they fell down they worshiped him they open their eyes to the start to open their hearts to the sun and worship the open their treasures to the Savior. Pretty powerful.

But what in fact they get out of the ordeal. What gifts today get.

Let's see what fails. Says a caller in Greensboro listen to us on any 397.7 FM the Truth Network degrees north on a market fail good to hear your voice. Merry Christmas to you. What about these wise guys what you think it okay that network wow got everything that they all had been written at that's really good. You don't like it a lot about what you just said is this.

These guys were scholars they were smart they were erudite gifted academicians and they studied everything they read.

They were probably spoke multiple language and they were on a journey of facts. Their whole life and for centuries and fail for them to come upon the truth that something in them. Amen.

While in the course we know Jesus is the way the truth and the life you said in John 832 that the Truth Network company ministry verse you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

So in their encounter that light, which is the light of truth and that son of God, which is the truth.

The word made flesh something came up in their soul. This exceeding great joy just came out of encountering that truth. The reality of who Jesus is. Sometimes we forget truth is not a set of facts.

Truth is a person and his name is this well yeah but so good you know James to talk about the demons of hell. They believe in the facts and they tremble, but they don't have the truth, they are not converted, and we we don't want to. We don't want to have the facts like one guy said hey you can have the facts in your head but not your heart, and you might miss heaven by 18 inches because that's the distance from the head of the heart right we don't want that to happen. We don't want to miss the Christ of Christmas and the Christmas celebration. God bless you Phil, thanks for calling and what a blessing.

Good to hear from you. So she said made a profound statement today, one of the things Wiseman got was the truth they moved from the facts: enter the truth: a truth, a person who changes you who just thought when you encounter the living Lord Jesus, you are not the same, my friend, nor were they was going to play another caller from North Carolina Triangle area clay welcome to the Steve Noble show Stu Epperson and for Steve to jump on in your what to the Wiseman get great warmhearted when you know it was February of last year when I got to go to that Bobby conference in Kernersville and I got to see you and talk to you as you all know my know I am so thankful to the Lord for this because here I am.

You know, I don't know if you remember signing the book for me about God is not deleted and you know, a big one over this heard somebody sure were left Wednesday and they were talking a bit about that this pastor who shared this said they probably were from Cleveland and later Anna, got his attention and he gave me this befuddled looking outfit because you think about this and about in your book.

It scared they were why from the East and think about it from Cleveland to the north and think about it from the E but the thing you're bringing out like you two or three different. We don't know precisely we don't know about that. We don't know what we know their search for the next couple pages you talk about the star what what they were searching and looking for was the only thing that mattered was Christ child while he was born in the little room where else could see people going to give birth to the start they were searching for the one true King going to be the king of the Lord will work and how can you not worship like that because liquid liquid liquid without speaks about what he did in this world sacrificing for you and so that all her will. Brother Steve you know what you think about it, just realizing your heart. What is so important you because it's not about you it's better to get that that you received this way you can get what you looking for conferring the son of the one God the father is so important. I've always wondered out. I took it out like that God work could reach her like this. Like several chapters later in the book and are you talking about you D'Angelo yeah I love that word about this.

The word evangelist word that's there yes or no. You got to know that angels were bald. That's right, you well yeah we don't we don't know that for sure. Again the Bible is silent on that. But we know that we see angels a lot in the early narrative of Christ in the Nativity you know it was comparing the shepherds scare them to death is fascinating. You know you have this idea of exceedingly it's, you know, the shepherds were exceedingly afraid they were sore afraid with the glory of God came upon them. Harriet was exceedingly troubled when the Wiseman showed up ask about a king he's always think I'm kidding, I'm a son that's got to be king don't think my spot here at three of his sons murdered that sells that's all suspicious. He wasn't so jealous he was of any threat to the throne and then you have the Wiseman being exceedingly filled with great joy when they saw the star so some about that star. Some of the glory of God and that star the light filled them. I think I think if anyone comes in contact. I know with God's glory there to be different to be filled with something they're going to Inc. encountering Almighty God.

How many of us ask God like Moses did. Annexes 3418. Show me your glory revealed asked that question something about the amazing glory got clay, wonderful words, your drop in some of the stuff on us were to happen, it will get another caller here. God bless you. Merry Christmas man remember everyone joy you everything. It's all going to work out the completion of their journey, finding the sound of God the father, who became our King of Kings and Lord of lords now enter enter C. Father brought about us being God bless you Clay 866-34-TRUTH what did the Wiseman get Northgate dates as they open their treasure and they gave gold, frankincense Merck Anthony are you there yes on here.

How are you good you hang a long time.

Thanks for jumping in here Steve Noble show on Stu Epperson for liver. Stevie is called from Pineville listen to us on the 105.7 FM truth that were stationed there. Anthony get a quick answer force what they get. They got blessed finished.

I thought we come back to tell me the music plan 866-34-TRUTH how do they get blessed to have a way to the rest that when he comes back in your turn to call in tell us what the Wiseman and 866-34-TRUTH on 19 star beauty bride West were leading, still proceeding. I will not seeing anymore the show.

The ratings are going down fast Stu Epperson it's Christmas and were talking about the Wiseman. It's everything is all Wiseman our here on the Steve Noble show honor to sit in for Steve and just a blessing and working up.

Hopefully please snippets of this program on my mind national radio show truth talk which errors on stations nationwide on Saturdays and Saturday happens to be Christmas Day severe listing to this Merry Christmas to everyone talk about these Wiseman we know what they gave him asking this question all hour long when they get what you get for Christmas when you get someone that has everything you know that's what byway conversations about the Wiseman that's with her own family else in the course of Christmas back then but just this kind of hypothesize with me have a little fun with this.

These guys are well-off there. They got every book there is to read. They've got all this money, they got all these treasures they've got all the advancement there.

The kingmakers there.

The Persians therefrom the East from this elite tribe of the Magi are owned a Daniel the prophet Daniel was somehow caught up in their order and was an advisor to the king as well and heavily influence them because we see that influence as they came to the holy city, and they scared troubled King Herod of a murderous bloodied man who said will go looking for bring back words like come worship in the course we know that Herod wanted to murder them.

This is all found by the way, in Matthew chapter 2. We've already dispelled the myth that there were just three and that that they became at the birth of Christ became a little bit later. Matthew chapter 2 says that they when they went into the house of the Lord which would that would be verse 11, they saw the young child with Mary his mother they fell down and worshiped him to worship the started worship Mary. They worship the sun when they open their treasures, they presented gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Chapter 5 my book 1st words of Jesus. I didn't know what those beautiful symbology of a special course know that how much the Wiseman knew about these guess we just know that gold stands for kingship royalty. They were in the presence of the not just aching but the King of Kings.

So they presented what you present King's gold in the frankincense is a beautiful and since it's offered up by priest to God in Jesus Christ was not only deity. Frankincense, a deity, have I like that second stanza we three Kings but also Francis represents the priesthood of Christ. He was our offering before God. The only offer you satisfied the righteousness of God. The wrath of God for our sins, was the offering of Jesus Christ to Paul says in Ephesians 5, verses one to that he was a sweet sweet smelling aroma to God powerful in the Merck you put her on dead bodies. You anoint bodies at their death.

It's a spikenard also used for perfume and other things and there's a picture that this Jesus was not just was not just the king and the God of the priestly is also the Savior that he would die and be buried. But he will only need three days worth of her right because he busted out to be conquered death. The serpent crusher rose in his crown on Heidi's coming again in triumph and that awesome so there you have the street just a gay. But what if they get to Anthony. We started with him. He said hey Pete, I really liked what he said and I want him to expand on okay Anthony you still there with a scone from Diablo Charlotte, North Carolina listen to us on 105.7 FM God bless you and Merry Christmas Anthony, thank you.

Merry Christmas to you too, yes or expand on your thoughts please route we got were all waiting with with with with the ears ready for this and also if you want: I got one line open at 86634 truth 866-3487 84. Tell me what the Wiseman got jump on and if you go okay well if there Kings that may have riches of ours materialistic down there wise, I believe they knew prophecy and that's what it brought those three through the prophets. They knew about Jesus and about what he was going to go through and I believe the father blessed them in that respect by being faithful and okay so that's that's the kind of the more detailed description of your answer why they were blessed so they got they got the blessing of giving by the way, when the Lord said it's better to give than receive pink. He was right.

A you'll need Stu Epperson to tell you that that's just truth but something powerful in there what they received in their giving. But it's also need to see three gifts to truly honor Christ.

You know, do we honor people were given gifts to give things that are just kinda temporal and in shallow and not much thought put into it, or do we give things a truly honor people and what about the gifts to Christ. What we give him the breach of honor glory.

Anthony love the inside things are called a Merry Christmas and God bless you. We go to Sharon. Sharon your aunt here on the Steve Noble show hosted today by Stu Epperson.

Merry Christmas. What do the Wiseman get Sharon greatly while holding have ever been going like that while you say I witnessed they can think about this. Okay thing on this.

You get on your knees to pray in your praying. You open your eyes and you're looking in the eyes of Jesus Christ. Now that is exactly what happened.

That's not me, you know, inserting my opinions my ISA Jesus my false interpretation the text they it says they saw the sun says they fell down and worshiped him a matching on your knees praying.

Open your eyes and looking to the in the eyes of eternity. The eyes of the King of King and Lord of Lord of Lord the eyes, the one that every knee will bow to one day. Philippians 210 is just not profound. So there something we don't know these guys were born again. Will these guys went back and let the whole country person to Christ and families will know all that were knocking to go beyond what the Scripture says, but we do know this, they encounter the living Lord Jesus. They saw him they beheld him by John Moore, 14 says the word became flesh and dwelt among us. We beheld his glory, the glory of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth. Journal of what you said what a privilege. What a privilege just to look and to behold Jesus just to behold him. God bless you. Thank you Conan yes ma'am, we sure when their faith will be site. We are by the way, behold him or eight with the Holy Spirit of God in us, we are beholding him we have in the gospel that you know we have a clear view of Jesus. The Holy Spirit of God were the temple where his temple, but there's something awesome about being there with him as we shall fall prostrate with the four elders all living creatures in heaven one day forever and just look upon the one the Lamb slain. So what a blessing.

Thank you. Let's jump over to Jim. Another caller Jim, what did the Wiseman get go real quick work run out of time and we got the lines loaded but we want to want to you to share your heart think they would be confirmation of what they traveled there for okay behind that.

I think they got with them that confirmation believe another way.

Would not know where the yeah confirmation is pretty powerful as you think about everyone listing right now. Taking a trip you take in your journey, you have certain expectations, you done your research.

I'm around newly married my wife and I trekked all across the country as part of her honeymoon. There's a lot of stories there, but I'm a college or blanket me a triptych you want them. None of you heard that, but it's there.

They track your way so we would do a lot and you know these guys talk about 300 years 400 years. 500 years of study says the prophet Daniel and his impact on them. Centuries of scholarship and study and charting and grafting and looking it.

Looking at the stars and study all a lot of effort to put together this giant travel ban the coming thousands of amines there were enough to cause her trouble upset him and all this to get in. Then there they landed a go in the behold Jesus Christ, so that what is there a better in NL.

I spit you know a little bit of time there. We don't know how much time, but what is it worth all that to behold Jesus one time Jim Apfel about that wow okay Terry, your last caller working to wrap this thing up one of the Wiseman get doing all Wiseman time here. Go ahead.

What we are all striving everlasting life. Okay wow okay just jump right to their okay hey I got bless you. I appreciate your call so guys, this really is fastening the glory of God started right.

He said, let there be light, God Almighty lit up this earth got a body lit up the the the burning bush, Moses beheld his glory in 07 previous three verse 18 talks about that God Almighty in Evansville, my little Mount Sinai got Almighty lit up the the night sky of the desert of Sinai with his glory of the pillar of fire by night right, the pillar of cloud by day. Got Almighty lit the temple, the tabernacle and then there's darkness in the land and there's this this foreigner. Your silence and then Jesus Christ and the angel Lord shone round about the glory of the Lord shone round about them. They were sore afraid. The shepherds first saw this glory, and then the Wiseman they see this star which most scholars believe is the glory God just do some research on what is the glory got ask yourself that question pray with Moses from Exodus 33 Lord, show me your glory.

These wise men, whether you like it or not, or whatever. How far you want to go on this day Saul the glory of Almighty God, and no one encounters at glory without being changed.

The question is do you see his glory. Are you asking God daily to show you his glory in the face of Jesus Christ. They open their eyes to the star they open their hearts to the sun. They open their treasure to the Savior. It changed everything about there getting so go as much as they go by gifts for people you don't like or they don't like you I guess your complete strangers. That's what God did for us while we were yet sinners, God demonstrates his love for us.

Romans five it says what were yet sinners, Christ died for us and let's seek the joy of Jesus because when you have joy in Jesus. You have the joy Jesus Psalm 1611 says in his presence is fullness of joy.

You have the joy Wiseman had Matthew to rejoice. Merry Christmas. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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