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Why is Christmas Special?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 22, 2021 7:09 pm

Why is Christmas Special?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 22, 2021 7:09 pm

Why is Christmas Special?

Steve takes callers and asks the question, "What are some special Christmas memories and what is the meaning of Christmas? 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why you were. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders and lots of three no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay okay right and Christian Christian money Christmas message. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas others were looking at a winner severe illness in the unvaccinated for them so that family is in the hospital bill will but there's good news kiddos. If you're vaccinated you have your booster shot your protected from severe illness and death. Merry Christmas to you to all and to all a good night. Welcome back.

Hey, hope you had a good weekend prepping for Christmas this is Steve Noble to Steve Noble showed that Steve Noble is a website or the Steve Noble show page on Facebook where were alive right now or the Steve Noble show.

Can you say your name over time. The student will show you do and then join us right here in the Star Wars theme Christmas studio and good to be with you today. I don't know where to start with the lockdowns back in omicron back whatever we call it extra Dr. Carrie from John Hopkins calls it on the cold as an you have a cold because the cold symptoms.

That's what you get what omicron omicron now as cold symptoms and so the world going absolutely ballistic blue cities going ballistic.

Averaging one covert, 19 death per day. Washington DC declares a state of emergency and of course new mandates in Boston. The new liberal mayor. There all the sudden says yellow shut down the city and every indoor business. Yet they have not amassed yet to be vaccinated like New York City booster shots demanded growing number of universities regarding third chopper spring semester. So here's the pop quiz today friends.

Are you ready when are you fully vaccinated, whether you fully vaccinated. The answer is when Pope Ouchi says you are. So now it's just one thing after another and people are freaking out so these stories are insane and and and it's just got to keep going nowhere like ones every man once again Evergreen and I don't think it is good until next November when the liberals in the Democrat party will get shellacked all across the fruited plain in terms of the election and then there's just no I go to this White House thing. What they did over the weekend because when you have nothing to hang your hat on think you, Joe mansion, you probably heard about that. Joe mentioned completely put the kibosh on the build back better plan.

The squad is going ballistic.

Calling him every name in the book and Bidens planet kind cool calm and collected so far.

But that's not saying much but the people on the left are going ballistic. A liberal pundits are going ballistic Joe mansion, which is: don't have a nice Christmas. I'm sure feeling pretty good about himself and praise the Lord to pray for Joe mansion because this guy just getting hammered right left from his own side and and it really comes down to him in the Senate, so the guys got amazing power right now is superhero like Spider-Man closing movie and in their just having to deal with it, but the squad is going ballistic but is going ballistic out there and so when you have nothing else to hang your hat on. Then you have to continue to virtue signal and what's the ultimate virtue, signal and drift. If you're in line for some of the cash coming out of the cash cow known as coven and across the federal government is, we've learned that with Ouchi in the NIH and all that stuff and part ownership. They have an Pfizer vaccines and the whole thing just as giant crazy grip again. Disclaimer, disclaimer, alert. I'm not saying covert isn't real because it is.

I'm not saying COBIT hasn't killed people because it hat.

I'm not saying that all the debts, whether in a 78-year-old Ernie-year-old are tragic because they are but there are other realities at play.

And so, like, what's up with this. This is just demonic to me. This one is and I'll be here today. I'll be back tomorrow. God willing. Stu Epperson, Junior, founder of the truth. Radio networks filling in for me on Wednesday to prerecord Thursday's theology Thursday about the other side of Christmas we talk about Jesus, as we should. The incarnation Mary at Bethlehem, Nazareth, the census, the whole 9 yards. But what about John the Baptist. There's other things other interesting things about Christmas organ on pack that theology Thursday which will record tomorrow so I won't be back in the studio life until I think next Tuesday so I'll be here today, tomorrow, Thursday will be prerecorded, but this is just this just gets me gone. Unfortunately, I'm in the studio by myself for couple of days so nobody can hear me ranting and raving and saying the things I said just a little while ago and this just came out a couple days go. This is just the tannic and dark. I said this the other day. If your get your five-year-old faxed unless they of major comorbidities and and like major asthma or something like that but unless I'm setting that aside, getting children back. This is just sick. In my opinion, based on the numbers, which I'll get check this out. Pfizer announces vaccine provides insufficient protection for young children thinking thinking young children don't need it get to that this is just I am so upset about this Pfizer bio intact announced on Friday that the companies will modify clinical trial for the coronavirus vaccine in young children. After two dose regimen did not produce a sufficient immune response in children ages two, three and four. What is he doing sticking to-year-old and three-year-olds in portal just gets worse. The company said that quote no safety concerns were identified in the trial because it's only been a few months you idiots and that participants ages 2 to 4 will be given 1/3 vaccine dose, two months after their second dose now and listen this, tell me this is tannic and sick and child abuse participants ages six months six months. Our first grandson is six months old. You come anywhere near him without Pfizer vaccine Johnson whatever you come at you, my grandson, and your have all lot of people to get through that it happened six months to 24 months sufficient immune response from the vaccine.

That's because their little tiny little petri dishes participants participants were given 3 g of vaccine are 1/10 of the dose given to adults over age 18. Pfizer still expects to request emergency authorization for the vaccine in children under five, before the summer of 2022. This is radically sick and I just spilled my hot tea on some of my incredible researcher studio because I'm so upset. Beautiful white Wyman at the commercial break to clean up my hot tea mess which maybe will allow me to calm down before I get in this let's go in the numbers because facts still matter. And that's Ben Shapiro says Bax don't care about your feelings. So let's look at some of the facts, why in the world are they experimenting with our children because it virtue, signaling those kids. Parents should be arrested for child abuse. In my opinion, this is Steve Noble will be right back like a little Bee Gees to call me down after I spilled my hot tea here in the coffee all over my excellent research Steve Noble and Steve Noble show Merry Christmas everybody just T minus what five days something like that.

So there you have omicron under the tree in your stockings in the Yule Log.

I even if you do, I mean really, based on the numbers. Don't worry about it. Omicron is not the enemy now now liberalism in in its current form certainly is progressivism certainly is the pipe administration. Increasingly, so the squad increasingly so Joe mansion.

No, no, no, I like Joe mansion said doing a great job so there there giving vaccine trials to kids between two and four and now down to six months of age. Okay, so let's just pause for a second and let me take you through some numbers just to reassure you that you getting nervous about, cold omicron Dr. Mark Curry from John Hopkins calls it, cold.

Even the people. Even the South Africans of the Africans that discovered it were like hey by the way, Haber buddy but hey hey listen just a second. Everybody is highly contagious, but it's nowhere near as severe as coven could be okay now it's a it's a variant of coven, but it's kind of like the cold delicate and comical shut everything down over the common cold. So now there there vaccine kids to four years of age and down to six months in Pfizer who I now believe works directly for the devil is it wants to get emergency authorization for little little kids, little babies where they get that from okay will check this out in the last two years.

This is from the CDC, Facebook, and YouTube is just you. This is just CVC numbers in the last two years 2020.

In all, 20, 21, between the ages of zero, newborn and 17 there've been 655 deaths involving right from the CDC website involving air quotes involving COBIT at the same time in these two years nationwide up all all cause the death sadly 64,860 886 kids have died between the ages of zero, newborn and 17 interior 64,886, of which 655 died, involving COBIT, so they had it when they die, but that doesn't mean they died of COBIT right that's 1% okay 18 to 29 years of age since were shutting down colleges and young people and in big cities, 4781 deaths involving COBIT in the last two years all of last year and all of this year. Up until now out of sadly hundred 23,731.

The 3.8% of all deaths in the last two years between 18 and 29 years of age have been involving COBIT giving to go up through the numbers and it skyrockets quickly when you get to 65 to 7413.7% of all deaths, 75, 84, 13.1% about this, 85+ it's 11.2% of all dust and left it last two years have been involved. COBIT, which you would think that it would be a higher percentage when you think, based on the news and the way it's been portrayed that half the people of 75 and older are dying of COBIT is not true.

CVC numbers will show you 13.1% of the age range in America for the last two years have died involving COBIT 75 to 84 years of age 85 and over 11.2% of all deaths last year and this year have involved air quotes COBIT. Now let's look at that. So 0 to 29 years of age is one half of 1% of all COBIT at 75+ is 55% of all code so who should we be pointing our concern. That's right old people write by the white how many of these people are there in America well 0 to 17 so newborn to 17 years of age there 73,792,000 of which 6655 deaths quote unquote in the last year two years out of that number is .00000. That's 5.0000088% of the of kids newborn 17 have died involving COBIT in the last two years .0000088 and so now were faxing them or masking them now or not letting them go back to school in January because of the omicron which is basically a cold and even in the 18 to 29 age range you know how many of those there are in America company 18 to 29 your age years of age. People are there in America. Thanks for asking 53.7 million of which 4000 and 781 one. The last two years.

This year, and all of last year had deaths involving COBIT, which is .000089% okay so why are we vaccine children.

If you look at the age range 5 to 11, which was the first range they opened up the government did bow G the Internet. The guided NIH who I guess is a believer who just retired, I can't vouch you retire and they open up with Pfizer. Oh, let's back them down to five so that it was 5 to 11 years of age and there's 79 deaths with COBIT in the last two years of 5 to 11-year-olds 79. Those are all tragic obviously but there's 28,446,096 children between the ages of five and 11 in America. That's .00000278% chance that .00000278 percentage of them died from COBIT that does not make a policy that's heartbreaking but you know me policy and that that's ridiculous that statistically nothing, zero, so where is all this coming from.

That would be the devil darkness. Satan lies government control.

There's no question about the how can you question any of this anymore and back to the original pop quiz friends okay class, tell me at what point are you fully vaccinated with and I think the answer would be, well, what's the rule today because now it's three and I get a three get the two original shots Pfizer get the booster and then another booster and another booster because the booster just get increasingly less effective. But what about if you're like me unvaccinated. But I had COBIT almost a year ago.

All that's natural units right that doesn't count.

So back to the White House. This is really remarkable president buying as well as White House code response coordinator Jeff saints. Each push the messaging last week. I want to send a direct message to the American people. This is by due to the steps we've taken what omicron has not yet spread as fast as it would have otherwise done by consent, but it's here now and it's spreading and it's going to increase. We are looking at a winter of severe illness and to have unvaccinated for themselves and their families, and hospitals will soon overwhelm. He added, but there's good news hello boys and girls, there's good news. Sorry, you get snarky Friday and Monday. If you're vaccinated.

God bless you.

If you're vaccinated and you have your booster shot.

Get that how that's all part of it. Now if you're vaccinated and have your booster shot your protected from severe illness and death for at least on another couple months. I headed up the signs repeated the warning. The following day to sell for the weekend quote. We are intent on not letting omicron disrupt work and school for the vaccinated O God bless you those of the non-Goldstar wearing people you're done you. You've done the right thing and we will get through this, not the other people. He said for the unvaccinated you're looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves and your families and the hospitals. You may soon overwhelm Merry Christmas everybody is this bit. There are no monies in the closet well. Christians are in the closet but nobody else is in the closet anymore. Certainly not this kind of liberal is progressive, is some I'll go suffice to say, Satanism. This is the noble be right back. Welcome back everybody Steve Noble to Steve Noble show Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you have a wonderful week. We got family starting to show up. Starting Wednesday so excited about that. I'll be back and God willing tomorrow and then off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I hope you are as well and then actually don't think I'll be in on Monday and then back on Tuesday. So Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday, maybe not even Friday next week is its Christmas eve, but we've got some great shows some great guest lined up next week on the in between.

So on Tuesday, Monday, to the whole show on Tuesday with my buddy Steve days from the blaze will do a wrap up of 20, 21, and look forward in the 2022 also get an update on the movie to making out of his book a nefarious plot which is kind of like a Screwtape letters but the devil assigns a demon to take down America and it's kind of the story of of that effort over the last couple hundred years which I think would say it was largely on track when you talk Steve days the whole show on Tuesday. On Wednesday right now should have Congressman Madison Copthorne on not sure how long why Madison on youngest member Congress right now from North Carolina and we should have them on Wednesday and then we'll just see what's what happens next week but couple great shows lined up for you and so much to continue to talk about but hopefully all of us will take a break from the politics and stuff and enjoy the reason for the season and just remember, Jesus wasn't born for Christmas. He was born for Easter so we should go through this week and I don't know about you but it's it's always very emotional when it is funny when my wife and I we were married 92. We are saved and 94 and we are saved in the fall of 94 and that Christmas all of a sudden the Christmas carols all made sense. It's like we got the secret decoder ring is very emotional and still can be in in probably should be. When we think about what Christmas actually represents.

If you're in Christ like. I am that unlock the door. He had to come the incarnation. So just let's make sure we do a weekend Allina that by the way, were in the book of Matthew.

Right now my daily dose devotionals that have been writing for years so were in the book of Matthew.

I think Matthew chapter 8 or nine right now so you can get those I put them up on Facebook every day Monday through Friday.

They come out at about 11 AM or you get on email.

If you want to get him on email, just text the word dose D OSCE to 66866 that's going to do your message is does the word toasty OSE for the daily dose devotionals a dose to 668660 for us older folks, that's a you're sending the text to 66866 that's the number phone number right but is just 66866 and then in the message. Just use the word dose DLSE and you'll get a quick reply and then you sign up and get the daily dose or go to the book of Matthew right now. Let me share this because I was so upset as well. Should be about what's going on COBIT and omicron and all the new lockdowns. We knew this can happen every winter as it dies down over time in the next couple years, God willing, please Lord, it'll just end up getting down to a common cold level and do you think the government will back off. Then I don't.

This is us all the spirit of the age.

So, as a way to turn the corner.

Push away from this I saw this on Facebook this morning. I didn't know the story about Jimmy Stewart. I didn't mean I knew some things about him.

But this is an incredible story and then I shared it on Facebook as well. So if you want to find it on my personal page on Facebook or the radio show page the Steve Noble shows the radio show page in the course just my name for my personal page.

This is just awesome.

What a great story and I did notice months after winning his 1941 Academy award for best actor in the Philadelphia story, Jimmy Stewart, one of the best known actors of the day left Hollywood and joined the U.S. Army he was the first big-name movie star to enlist in World War II accomplished private pilot. The 33-year-old Hollywood icon became a US Army Air Force aviator earning his second Lieut. commission in early 1942 with his celebrity status and huge popularity with the American public.

He was assigned to star in recruiting films, attending rallies and training younger pilots. Stewart, however, wasn't satisfied. He wanted to fly combat missions in Europe not spend time in a stateside training command. By 1944. Frustrated and feeling the war was passing him by. He asked his commanding officer to transfer him to a unit deploying to Europe is request was reluctantly granted Stewart.

Now Capt. was sent to England, get this, where he spent the next 18 months flying P 24 Liberator bombers over Germany throughout his time overseas the US Army air Corps, top brass at try to keep the popular movie star from flying over enemy territory, but Stewart would hear nothing of it. Why is that because you know why because he was a patriot and he didn't see himself above his fellow Americans. They were willing to.fight and die. He was willing to fight and die long for those days, don't you back to the story, determined to lead by example. He buck the system, assigning himself to every combat mission. He could by the end of the war. He is one of the most respected and decorated pilots in his unit, but his wartime service came at a high personal price in the final months of World War II. He was grounded for being what they called flak happy today we call that posttraumatic stress disorder when he returned to the US in August 1945. Stewart was a changed man. He lost so much weight that he looked sickly. He rarely slept, and when he did he had nightmares of planes exploding and men falling through the air, screaming, and one mission alone.

His unit had lost 13 planes and 130 minute most of whom he knew personally. He was depressed couldn't focus and refused to talk to anyone about his war experiences his acting career was all but over, is one of Stewart's biographers put it, every decision he made during the war was going to preserve life or cost lives.

He took back to Hollywood. All the stress that he had built up in 1946. He got his break he took the role of George Bailey, the suicidal father in it's a wonderful life the rest. Obviously, his history, actors and crew of the set realize that in many of the disturbing scenes of George Bailey unraveling in front of his family. Stewart wasn't acting his PTSD was being captured on film for potentially millions to see.

But despite Stewart's inner turmoil making the movie was therapeutic for the combat veteran. He would go on to become one of the most accomplished and loved actors in American history when asked in 1941 why he wanted to leave his acting career to fly combat missions over Nazi Germany. He said quote this country's conscience is bigger than all the studios in Hollywood put together and the time will come when will have to fight unquote this holiday season.

As many of us watch the classic Christmas film.

It's a wonderful life. It's also a fitting time to remember the sacrifices of Jimmy Stewart and all the men who gave up so much to serve their country during wartime women. Of course we will always remember you postscript when fighting in Europe.

Stewart's Oscar statue was probably displayed in his father's Pennsylvania hardware store throughout is like the beloved actor always said his father, a World War I veteran was the person who had made the biggest impact on Jimmy Stewart remain in the United States Air Force reserve following the war, retiring as a Brig. Gen. in 1968 he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom. In 1985 and died in 1997 at the age of 89 Jimmy Stewart so I'm deftly a make sure I watch it's a wonderful life before the end of the week and I think that's the first movie of the repair that he made after he came back from over two any remember and it's a wonderful life. There are very powerful scenes in there when he's just distraught.

Life is falling apart. The job the bank the income all of that stuff just melting away and in so think about that when when we think he's acting it sure sounds like he wasn't. He was just pouring out of himself all the trials and tribulations in the things that he had seen as a bomber pilot flying over Germany in World War II. It's really an amazing thing to think about and be inspired by somebody like Jimmy Stewart is willing to sacrifice make the tough decision put his life on the line uppers career but for his fellow man for his nation for others is not something that we should live on a daily basis to live is Christ and to die is gain. Paul said we should put others needs above our own.

Love your neighbor as yourself. God has a major problem with favoritism. While we never tells us not to love ourselves. Protect yourself, you care for yourself. You don't stay in an abusive relationship.

You take care of your body to a certain extent. Like Paul said there is value there but really it's all about living a life for others the Lord primarily for the gospel and just for others.

In general, be at your spouse, your children and imagine this the people you can spend time with this week. Pastor Chad Harvey across assembly mentioned in a message yesterday.

I think a poll is like 75 or 80% of people are going to spend the Christmas holidays with at least one person.

They can't stand is that some familiar and the question is how would Jesus have us handle that and I think it's easy.

Love serve forgive him take the back seat, turn the other cheek and we do that as a just kind of a normal way of life and that's our calling. You can do it with a mask on her without a mask on. You can do it. Baxter unbacked. You can do it from the right. You can do that from the left where you fall in the political spectrum, but our calling as Christians is always been bigger than our calling as patriots or as Americans felt remember that and that should help us get through this.

Not only this Christmas season, but next year with little more joy in our step. This is within the show. By the way just sounds like it only back with David Fisher of money Monday update as is a lot of things were paying attention to their and important things to think about and pray about and this is make sure were trying to live out our faith well especially this week with watch to see noble Europe and amen. Remember that as the government ends up the omicron Armageddon and all the other stuff going on. Remember that worthy is the Lamb.

And if you're in Christ, if you know him as your Lord and Savior. Put all your eggs in his basket all your faith is in heaven sent yourself. You can't earn your way into heaven if you didn't know that you need to understand okay not nothing I can talk about on the show, David Fisher, Scott, about to join us for my money Monday update financial stuff omicron COBIT whatever none of that stuff is merely not even close to as important as you understand who goes to heaven and who doesn't. How does that happen. How does one actually become what the Bible would say is a born-again Christian who goes to heaven is that the nice people the well-behaved people the mask wearing people the unvaccinated the vaccinated and know it's those that have been forgiven of their sentence is none righteous, no not one. All of sinned and fall short of the glory of God and the wages of sin is death, eternity separated from God what the Bible calls hell is only around is only one name given under heaven by which man must be saved. I'm the way the truth and life.

Jesus said and nobody comes to the father but by me. He's the gate she's the path so if you struggle it that you're not really sure you understand that just go to my website please for no other reason just to go up click on the button that says heaven and the new LC and very plain English and a simple little five minute video you'll see exactly what the Bible says about who goes to heaven and who doesn't. That's more important than anything else we can never talk about on the show. David Fisher Ln., Mark M

As always, Harry, my buddy, Merry Christmas and you're likely that the key to life. That is absolutely key to life. And thank you for echoing that I was talking about omicron COBIT in all this mess today and in a course of fear is a big driver and that and that has something to do with our Christmas passage that you pick today which is awesome. I do Luke once a will start their David and then we got some other things to talk about lukewarm verse 30 and 31 but the angel said to her, do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God, you will conceive and give birth to a son, and you will call him Jesus. So we can talk about this group leaders. You don't God has found favor in his children. That is, if we continue to say I need you, Lord, my life, I need your power and your Holy Spirit to live by a victorious life God wants to birth is will for our lives, which is true ultimately to be like him and you know we think that I can just so sometimes people say the Christian walk is just an easy thing, but it starts could start a little bit challenging.

Not understanding everything like Jesus was born not in the immaculate hotel. He was born in the stable Barna group on a farm.

It's not pleasant smells gross or anything, but you know sometimes we associate the Christian life in America is like I don't do me any problems. Don't make it smell urine like that because I should walk in the palace. All the palaces were going to work here on the streets are gold bar and so let God something new into me like you're talking about maybe a challenge family get together this Christmas, love, and you like what you're saying before the break, Steve. Yes, it's a great point. I got birth love and you and that needs to come out in stressing the family of faith and we really struggle with that of the last two years with her was tromping politics are COBIT and NASA now vaccines in you know just member what Jesus said don't know your mind. By the way you love one another. So it's make sure that were always focusing on that, not just because it's the Christmas season but because that's the: a subscription so thanks as always for a great way to start our time together.

I didn't even think about the stock indexes today until I saw our notes about what you're talking about.

Then I open up my phone and I see that the Dow Jones is down to 433 points today so what's going on now is trading recovery but it's still down. Unfortunately, this is probably for three reasons. Obviously the new virus spread of omicron threatens supply and demand chain which threatens the market also but Fred definitely has no totally pivoted to fight inflation will shiver to actually do something about it.

So the idea that there saying they might do something and that if they follow through with a saying the market is like that. But probably the biggest of the three things is the third one back better plan. The bill is dead hello this is probably the main reason for the selloff today which supported the economy supported the people's families supported massive spending which is been as a fuel for the bottom of the market sooner Joe mansion should a whole bunch of will in time to go over all his quotes, but he said I cannot get my head around this I can go for it. I can tell the people of West Virginia about it makes sense, and he referred to this day. Drink that $29 trillion is coming. If we pass this bill will go a lot worse and therefore you could not get it around this and I want to give a shout out puts a little something under the tree for Joe this year. It's really talk about pressure gold. That's right know it's it's awesome. He's been under so much pressure and of course the liberals and progressives are going absolutely ballistic as you expect, but the baby appears to be one of the few people up on the hill this get a backbone. So praise the Lord for that. That's that's really what is and isn't it fascinating David that when the government's not going to spend as much money not to be as reckless in their spending that the gut that the market actually doesn't like that. We have to remember that the markets emotional is not necessarily logical market like overspending environment we been told there is really an inflation thing. Well you know what else you get the lump of coal is not your maybe should get a scholarship to the school of economics and real low on the being of the good news in reference to the buildup being passed dollars of funding go to 86,000 buyers agents rights news thing that is really good news.

I'm celebrating that unfortunately not everybody gets the get a free check up there every month.

Hopefully they can set up something in relationship to the child tax credit, but you look at some people really hurting them know I was partners with separate all this stuff and pass simple bills and live by that would become aggressive with the house or my house, and logical stuff would be happening. So do you think the Fed will really raise interest rates next year to try to curb some of this one being pure about Fred and I inflation is one thing is the pandemic so one thing to say that it thing to stand by you know the old adage of horses and change its stripes or whatever the terminology of doctors and changes forever either. Being is meaning in the fixed term are unlikely to be take aggressive action so the Fed is still hawkish and dovish actions all through if I had to say will start doing it. Been there, so the market doesn't like you never go through, pulling back the market in stocks.

Emma changed her tune in my finger to come up with a new reason why not to see the reason why not to be like will go back to buying all the spirit which they spent $5 trillion in the last 16 months or go back to the market goes through convulsions, addiction, just me. I will talk about that, the first Monday of the year of the new year 2022 will deal for Monday Monday with David were talking will look back briefly over 20, 21 that will really look ahead in the 2022. After a quarter-century of doing this.

See what you what you see on the horizon.

There, David. That'll be great. So what's going on with gold and silver.

We know that's kind of the epicenter of what you do and in this in your specialty.

What's happening there next week or the beginning of your wonders give me a big movement and gold I think would go chief investment officer for BlackRock household name guys saying boulders can have a big nice run in 2022. It's out of right now and when historically when they market is out-of-favor. That's the very time we should be buying and I concur with him.

The Wall Street Journal in 1999 with the very bottom at 252 Wall Street Journal on the front of the page that has lost its luster that was best time to buy because the next 11 years: from 252 tonight, you'll find it outperformed the Dow the NASDAQ and S&P 500 by a 3 to 1 ratio's essential I think were going back into the environment so go the relationship to gold silver should be 16 116 ounces of silver to buy 1 ounce of gold in the last couple years it's been 40 to 50 to 1 and currently right now it's over once was highly undervalued in reference to all the money that's been printed and also stores being used more industrial resource and technology than gold so I would look at helping some of your money in both of those markets is not your money and paper market since it's a market that showing some signs were correction Magali were valued so call me if you discounts that we pass on to the consumer product is agape attached is IRS from heaven, and mentors will call my company learn about the yes I want to get a hold of you. David wanted to do old-fashioned way 257-5575 thank you my brother.

Have a Merry Christmas to you and Marianne and your family and everybody there at the business and that we look for to talking to you soon, but I hope you enjoy your Christmas week my friend. Thank you very you and your family. Thanks buddy will talk real soon got bless you.

That was David Fisher landmark is always I'll be back tomorrow, God willing. Not sure what working to talk about but I'm probably focus on Christmas to help us all push in the right direction when I can talk about tomorrow. I need a break.

You probably do as well. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say. Never forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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