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Women in Congress

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December 7, 2021 9:26 pm

Women in Congress

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 7, 2021 9:26 pm

Women in Congress

Steve brings Courtney Geels and Michele Woodhouse, who are both women running for congress, on the show today.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network time is the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve Bell at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your house noble everybody Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Of course there's a go today was my father's generation harbor just like our 9/11 for our generation. But Pearl Harbor 80 years ago today in the fourth segment shall tell you that incredible story, actually I'm not cannot talk much in the fourth segment, which some of you are saying Amen about and I'm in a play. The video of a man named Jacob to Caesar who became a believer. He was involved with forward to another man, a Japanese man that so proceed who actually was the lead pilot in the first group of Japanese bombers. They had Pearl Harbor. These men that both have an incredible testimony eventually became friends to work in a talk about that in the fourth segment and there's no more application that than just a gospel application but a reconciliation application which should matter to all of us here in America these days we'll get to that eventually but want to focus on last week you had a chance to meet Michelle Woodhouse is a very strong and godly Christian woman who is running for Congress on the 14th district on Western North Carolina today on her heels. Courtney deals is with us and and Courtney is also running for Congress. She's running in the new six congressional district, which is closer here to home in Durham and Orange in a little bit away County a fairly blue districts are to talk about all of that and women running for Congress women serving in Congress and are all of us having a role in terms of trying to impact the direction this nation and pull us back from the precipice, Courtney, how are you Merry Christmas things are being you're welcome.

Okay, so you've got this out. This is one of the stories that Courtney has been in the healthcare industry for years and got her degree in nursing.

She's worked in emergency and trauma so one of those front-line workers we were calling y'all guys all heroes last year. I don't know what we call you this year and will pop perhaps talk during the break on Facebook and YouTube a little bit about COBIT because I know that's part of your story or you can break into that anytime you want, but I would imagine when you went off to college and and got trained to be a nurse that perhaps politics was not on your radar screen. So I looked up learn more about your background and how I the Lord actually led you to running for Congress because that's kind of a big deal. So I grab my school years, though I close to home here in the great sound and I went to public schooling to aviation Christians call fish as part of my life is that you kind of like an adult child for four years again that I learned a lot. I learned the difference in legalizing embarrassing what really is biblical and how to live your life on Christ and in my day was a really good experience and yes I got my nursing degree and started planning my nursing job I smile as hard to get just as new grad nurses, although they share their life.

Having a man before the guys all my goodness you got to know that I would assume that would've been easy to get a job.

Back then, but apparently not. Yeah like this will all and everything on after about a year away.

I worked in the emergency room at Lake Raleigh on areas in and started travel nursing. No politics was never lightheartedly planned and peacefully last night. Yeah that that was not direction. I was she's in my life. It was more in the recent year and that I just seen where our government is overstepping our freedoms and many pretty upset. No how far you want me to get into that. Any questions, I would say I would say did you grow up in a family that talked about politics grown up was that kind of something that would be discussed around the kitchen table or anywhere else now. I think we really just talked about like presidential years I building for grade selection grade where you like splashing presidential election that no politics is really not something I can talk Bell. I wasn't you know something we didn't talk about by now was a centerpiece. So last year of the healthcare history with everything that we went through last year being 2020 and Colby came out in February or March is that it was that kind of the beginning of this awakening to actually get to the point where you would run for Congress yeah is a really interesting feeling when they start shutting down/working in Seattle which is where everything started. Travel nursing action in Seattle and sell your living there in March 2020 and the CDC started their recommendation about when I started thinking shutting down the full city light 10K says something we really don't know about the little scary because we don't know that's a chocolate orange deer blind in the healthcare world that does not regulate airborne fluids drop big difference in how we treat patients and so we do know that CDC is coming out his recommendation. Thank you. You don't need a mask outside. You know the only time you go and collect patient rim in that situation.

You only need you articulate the regular surgical mask you know we cannot bite Cosco here on Lake that is like first red flag as far as recommendations are thinking we know anything about this, but apparently apparently no doubt sure I like the healthcare worker. This is a new respiratory bod.

Both my parents history on me either both aggressive play therapist. I grew up in Marvin medical world I knew these terms from a very early age and self for me is like wool and 95's in these rooms, especially in the rooms because we really don't know how this is being transmitted but we all found out you know that there's this supply-chain problem because all the and 95's are coming from China and so we don't have an in basic life support. Everybody's in the hospital has to take ELS which is just CPR in the first rule.

There is, is this scene safe is something I really like to drilling with people is that they're getting expect to make these recommendations more based on supply and demand in the economy rather than whether it was safe or not for me to go in my job because they couldn't tell me that I needed a little way as I'm walking out of the room or they can't come to work as it would've been unsafe for me treatment patient how quickly did you did you recognize Courtney that it really wasn't good be so much about science is to be more about political science is immediate like within a week yeah because the CDC all of a sudden is getting involved in our daily lives, and then the government and then you know, trumping the president of the time, but all of a sudden there tell the whole country. What to do based on information that was incomplete and inaccurate and they were ready to move. It really showed all of us. I think how scary the power the federal government is how quickly they're able to turn things up that upside down talking to Courtney new six congressional district will be right back about his noble to see double show would you like to see more conservative godly Christian women in Congress. I know I would. That's why Courtney deals with us here today and talking about her run for Congress.

The six congressional district, which is coming up the new district Durham orange county and a little bit away county here in the area and so that's something we need to pay attention to something we need to get engaged until I do it again.

Courtney is my bike over to with your last day deals.

Everybody feels like steel skills killed… So the Tar Heels probably have to be careful living where you live. Which color. I think will go get that on the table. So talking to Courtney she's making a run for the new six congressional district was redrawn a little bit but like I said mostly Durham and Orange County in a little bit away county and Courtney has spent her professional career as a nurse from an emergency room. We were talking Courtney about your experience in 2020. Last year's COBIT and and realizing immediately okay something is off. You see this growing Leviathan of the federal government. So what was it as we went through that process.

Where did you get to the point where running for Congress became the answer to deal with your frustration what you were seeing happening in the country.

Yeah, I think I said right at the beginning work like it was a thing about raising your windows and clapping outside your windows for healthcare workers and we praise like a minor 73 things that never before. We are like I got everything they were only there but when you got down to do vaccine rollout that was the number of 2020 realize it was that and when I was offered the vaccine is actually the prize that so many healthcare workers were still like to gravitate toward people don't know it takes years usually to get medication on the market and sometimes that already like a different form like you arty have the oral and years to get the said to me, it was like coming from the medical background all lesser like this seems pretty experimental, so I wanted to decline in December 2020 sign something saying I where I can't get COBIT from the vaccine and I'm aware that I'm risking the lives of my patient. All the patients in the hospital. My friends and family and let this information willing to decline really strange. I didn't and now I'm seeing where always hearing is you don't think the next don't care about other people and right. Basically Courtney. The nurse is really a suicide bomber.

That's kind of what that how that comes across your like dying and you're telling other people at the same time and personally believe that it was marketing that was rolled out with the Pfizer vaccine, but they know exactly how they were to promote this and keep going with it the whole you don't care about other people which make any sense when it comes to vaccination elected by the reasoning. Historically, we know we've eradicated vaccine and I'm like yeah you don't get you don't get the bug if you take the vaccine you know and our senior people are getting it. I think that's really important thing to just draw the conclusion because this is a really seated topics out loud when it came to that information, until the mandates came out and managed this summer in North Carolina. Both my parents when works for you when works for you and see and they both were told you know your to lose your job if you don't take this vaccine and that's when Courtney began to get on my friends, my family, my patients that Matt Fortney came out all right and on historically just a very quick overview of the build up to that. That was kind of straw that broke the camels back and got involved with the election integrity after it happened a month off right after the election in long story short, he ended up being the lead data on the chompers and wrapping for Georgia, so we were pretty to a lot start date hard facts that never got leaked to the press that they were never on rent. Though not known in Georgia. We know the kinds of information.

There's over 100,000 a reader irregular illegal irregular enough to throw out you know that information just never got out. So I think we just been watching the truth in the media leading people to think one way segregating her unifying path of our country so how can families, churches, you know, destroying relationship just the way the media has been trying to portray something which I may have regarding who and what your website again so people can talk about how they can get involved what your website needs deals for and so true justice immunity aminos of the kind of the three big phrases that you use and are a really focusing on with your campaign but but then to make the decision to run for Congress, was how to make your decision. My best friend from college.

She lives in Illinois and her mother.

Her mother-in-law is Mary Miller 18 2020 is a Republican. She is a farmer's wife and us this summer about a week before the mandate run for Congress. Like I know your first night was very supportive after he's gone. They're all set. This past year and only last about a week and then the mandate can actually consider yeah you started in January really able to go that's awesome. And this is one of the things that he let's take a cue from the moms and everybody in Loudoun County, Virginia, and you see a problem in oatmeal Vandenberg quotes all that's necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. So now you have to start getting engage in. This is a difficult uphill fight. Your live and that's mostly up a blue district so how can we get involved and how can we help you Courtney yell. I think that we need to ride this historic wave that uttered in Virginia started in New Jersey on German Orange County a lot troll Democrat cultural Christianity. There are bad time. You know there's a lot of people who have the name Democrat Democrat or they don't believe in standing on a running multiple people like around town so I do believe that there's an unaffiliated, there's enough cultural Democrat that made out Republican and we all need to band together for this is not a one woman show. I really need lots of help. So volunteers are highly encouraged. If your local go to my website like Lexi's equity deals for Congress.on science volunteer and I will contact you with his opportunities also had event coming up. One is a just yell intro rally acting on December 14 did not really rally more great with three friends you the old-fashioned way outside coming get some free rent you if you're around and will be January 8 Albert Castle of anybody following and least on election integrity reviews all over the country and really good speaker on he's coming on January 8, the Durham armory on seeking, get your tickets also on the linkup. Courtney deals for that's GE ELS and I put the link up so you can go there just of the Facebook live page today and you'll see it and then you can get involved is one you mentioned, election integrity many times is a lot of people that are touching that it's almost like 1/3 rail at this point vaccine the touching vaccines.

Either people are afraid to talk about that and obviously interestingly enough what a great appraisal Lord for this. You've got personal experience on the vaccine side, but you also have personal experience on the election integrity side because what your husband is done and a lot of people just don't have the backbone to come to get into that most of the candidates that I'm hearing from in talking to Courtney are not really talking about election integrity.

That is a huge issue. That's my biggest concern next fall within two years later is do we have a lot of conservatives in this country that are getting to the point where there there just like I can't even trust it if I can't trust that I'm knocking a bother to vote and we you don't know right now. And these are fights worth having. Courtney will have you back on Courtney gills for is the website. God bless you sister and I will do it again right so you want to get everything out today because we have plenty of time before the primary, but will deftly have you back on. Are you welcome this is the noblest ignoble show will be right back. Show women in Congresswoman running for Congress. It was great to get to know Courtney gills is started to run.

Courtney gills for here in the the Raleigh area district 6 which is redrawn a bit doesn't help fight for a godly Christian woman you know she's up for the fight.

So we need to support people like that and she's in dyslexic that's that's Durham County, Orange County a little bit away County in the last week of course we all had a chance to meet Michelle Woodhouse is running for the fork 14 Congressional District out in the western area Madison conference been there than he switching to a different district and Michelle's running for the 14th district out there would house for is the website. Michelle was on last week Woodhouse for NC.

That's the number four she was here in Raleigh yesterday that didn't exactly go according to plan.

Didn't Michelle, welcome baccalaureate great how are you I'm good thank you and so yesterday, our mutual friend Sarah hardens texting me and supposed to be just a routine thing. I sent a note out a bunch of my students and maybe they could get over there to support you and learn a little bit about the process but it didn't exactly go as planned and learned a lot about part of the process lie by all and I had been judicial candidate around me their phone started going off and Trey Allen turned that file today. So really, while we were there at three panel three-judge panel from the Court of Appeal issued a stay on all the congressional filings as well as the general filing and it was interesting. We know we've been working planned our day to do it will will make another trip to Raleigh next week eight hours round-trip for us to get over there to file but you really I think for for all the voters in North Carolina.

It reinforces how important judicial races yet because he thought last month you liberal judges legislate from the Fed and throw out voter ID.

We thought you liberal judges on that three-judge panel yesterday legislate from the bench and put a halt on on filing and then reinstated filing about nine hours later when the ball appellate court could meet and discuss the case settled. It does speak to the true importance of every one of those judicial races and other without that come to light yesterday while we were there to file. So it changes the date that we file, but it doesn't change the fight.

It doesn't change what were what were doing in any way shape or form for the constituents of Western North Carolina exactly right.

So give us a little bit of the history Michelle of this case, what's going on here because one every three district and we have a census in there's reapportionment. Every district is usually a fight over that. But what's been going on with this particular problem. Well, when it's been interesting because older camp in North Carolina know that all thanks for ruining my afternoon, so sorry, but were filing a lawsuit against the Gen. assembly and the map before the map work even ever should or even drawn. I will get the Gen. assembly a great deal of credit because they operated in a very transparent manner as it related to the map.

The redistricting and I attended one of the meetings we had one here in Western North Carolina out at Western Carolina University open to public comment.

Hopefully 30 people who may comment at the meeting and 85% of them were liberal but everyone had an opportunity to make their comments. Whenever the Democrats brought a Masters concern on the Republican side when the Republicans brought about nine yet conferred on the Democratic side, there are couple things I think are really quite interesting for people to look at this redistricting in particular, there might be a little inside baseball for folks, but it's important for people to understand their work. Six Republican double bunk in the general assembly meeting when they read through the map you had to incumbent Republican, living in the same either general assembly that going to help China Senate which means because of residency requirement. One of them you after primary one another or one file out one double bunk Democrat is a Democrat remain at the map were unfair when in actuality there was no double blocking of any Democrat across the across the board in the general assembly races and when we look at my congressional district in particular the 14th when we used to be the 11 and we were was called in our 12 that we are have very heavy Republican now were an art which means were still Republican, but not nearly as yet public and we had been before. Every every liberal at the meeting at Western Carolina was demanding that Watauga County be added in the congressional district, which is exactly what happened and making it a little less red. So and the left was ready to go to court to make sure they want the court to decide that Cooper and Stein filed another case today.

They want the court to decide. It first.

Looking at the map objectively looking at the public hearings in common are completely print and read and really looking at the outcomes of the map though it is.

This happened every 10 years and and depending on which party is in power.

The other part part usually gets a little upset about it right but you know unfortunately yesterday when I was in line Congresswoman Elma Adam, I'm all right if she is left sure what you talking with. About land her typical flight back to Washington DC show's that the day that was imposed yesterday was upsetting for both sides of the aisle because if you're running in a federal race. Are you running in in the general family and a statewide rate me federal race or why great.

You have to come to Raleigh to file an for those of us that live out the triangle that the full day. It's ridiculous. So what happens next. Michelle felt filing reopened last night at 630 and people started filing the morning filing. The court level that they all of a sudden said oh okay now you can file higher Court of Appeal three-judge panel all the court judges came together and reviewed decayed and lifted the sale and having to Democrat push their agenda. The Court of Appeal sure the Court of Appeals with the Republican-controlled court reviewed the case and said working to lift the stay. Let people start filing in Portland lost a full day filing which matters though does really matter and yet the court had already agreed that the mark eight library table can stay in place any of the dolling packed and that the left tried to push it's really about moving moving at primary date and North Carolina voters do not want that primary date move. We need to have the primary in March. In case we have any runoffs in any races to fortis enough. We need time and need time to process time structure within 100 counties in the reports of election. Everyone needs time to be able to execute the process so obvious whether you're looking at the progressives and the liberals will two things we make these points to things when they go to judges and then and he comes here before and they start filing, shopping, judges are important is because these liberals know that the vast majority of Americans even some people on the left side.

Even some Democrats, the country doesn't want to be what they want us to be and they know they can't do that popularly, so they have to do it in a subversive way, which is why they go to the courts and use the court system and just try to shop judges and find the liberals out there so that they'll have judicial activism and that just goes right on the people they don't care about that when they talk about what the effect that's going to be on the election process that will care about that either the liberals and the progressive don't care about you. They don't care about me. They don't care about people they care about power and that drives everything for them about ideology completely about pushing their agenda and their ideology and voter voter have to walk into the old on March 8 and then again in November.

Educated on every single candidate that they are voting on it. One of the best things that happened in the state of North Carolina was judges races becoming part so you know what you know what party that therein.

And you know whether the issues that you know that there not legislate from the bench if you're voting for something in our next to their name and and I'm running for Congress but you know I want judges in place and we all should want judges from magistrate through the Supreme Court in the state of North Carolina that we know working to follow the law. That's right and follow the law going constructionists were up against a brick Michelle Holcomb can people help you. How can we support your campaign for that, we also have our website go. I love that Michelle will have you back on again. God bless you sister. Thanks for your time I will be right back.

Everybody was so great to be with you 80 years ago today that was the Pearl Harbor Day December 7, 1941. 80 years ago today on that day when the first wave of Japanese bombers cleared the clouds and came in to see what was going on in Pearl Harbor to start the attack. One of the lead pilot's names moots mezzo Uchida is the one that said tour tour tour which for basic understandings attack attack attack is little bit more to it than that but it's always the one okay and actually not that the end of the war and you might hear this because were to listen to watch up your Facebook live YouTube love you, watch you to listen on the radio to Jacob to Caesar so good so prosciutto was the lead pilot said tour tour tour when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor 80 years ago today four months later in April 1942 is when a Doolittle led his other bombardier's to bomb Tokyo Japan okay and a bunch of those planes got shot down on which Jacob to Caesar was one of the bombardier ticket shot down. He's in a prisoner of war camp in Japan for about three years.

Okay then these two men later in life crossed paths that the gospel story is a story of reconciliation.

It's a story of forgiveness. Interestingly enough and I don't know if Jacob shares as he died just a few years ago. Member the greatest generation. He had been in Hiroshima or Hiroshima the day before the bomb was dropped. Okay, you got up a phone call and know where he was ordered back to Tokyo so he was not in Hiroshima the next day when the bomb was dropped the atom bomb was dropped and then he came back the date after on the team to assess the damage and of the entire team. They all died of radiation poisoning but he never exhibited even a symptom and that's mezzo Uchida, the God said tour toward Torah when they first drove into Pearl Harbor to attack the fleet where about 2400 American soldiers were killed that day, soldiers and some civilians but this is the story told from Jacob to Caesar who became a believer should get errors testimony but is also to talk about his friend mezzo Uchida really really an amazing story to have it ready to go. Josh is about eight minutes okay so it's gonna take up the majority of the rest of the segment, but it's really really good ready, let's go yes or will we were Rather rated follow.

The rear captured through the minute Benedict to follow, died from malnutrition or starvation. So I was pretty bitter toward the moon the phone.

There we were just civilian solitary compartment. This is the crown will change your treatment you don't like the way we've been. You control the book the bread. With our other stuff that we live in the books of the Bible on your know the Bible started reading the Bible and wondering if there really is anything to the Christian about realize that this is is is the word of God redo.

I really felt knowing what it is God's word was always through the will. God's spirit witness*like a book that morning when I was thinking that way are so well the Lord to believe in your heart to say well let me do with Manuel more Jesus count the 500 people form at 140 different on this on left arm will not know God is revealed on that he knows all about and we can't hide things from changing the hatred went well. I do have a bitter hatred for the guard but it just all cleared, the Holy Spirit came in a wonderful way to make told me he is a holy just like I thought will I know God did speak to God is talking to me and I could just realize it is clear that your audible voice, but I knew that that was from God really shown August 1945 wonderful things happen because the Lord told me to pray right at that time there early in the morning going to the clock in the prison. 233 more warm. I was cooperating. God wants us to pray we can cooperate with God by praying. Being in touch with them. You know, on the 15th when the radio came out in America the war over Japan surrendered that I was provided ahead of all I contact with God so that after the war was over, one of the phone back to America I finish college mission board 48. Listen to this is going senile with her missionary for 30 year Commissioner got over there were three years after the war. Back in because the Emperor told the T-1 line. They were wondering what is real know all about what when we first got the government.

We went on the ship with no ship you talk to us. Not sure with him around the table are about 40 around the neighborhood and wanted to come back in motion. So I don't gospel of Jesus help you get ready for the river resurrection. We will only have 45 meeting sometime in the 10 day campaign in Tokyo. We went to the universe. Audiences tend to make payments of 30,000 people about war and my heart got so we have a lot of conversion men detecting harbor.

He was around that time. Mutual he had read the track about Mark was put in the that was pretty widely distributed in Japan and so he read that correctly should go dishes in the Bible is in prison so I know about Bible when Jesus was their own will be looked down the mailing to the cross, father forgive them for they know no choosing to go right there so really God that was me. I didn't want to let that attack on Pearl Harbor soul that was their idea. Jesus said that he would know read the Bible, Jesus is Jesus is to avoid became to my home got baptized and more people come to hear anybody 047 year. Sure he was a leading 90. I cried really brother. Yeah let's stop there. You catch all that it's mind-boggling. This is the guy that said tour toward Torah and was the first one in bombed Pearl Harbor right and then God just providentially miraculously gets a matter Hiroshima and he becomes like the number-one evangelist in Japan for seven years and then when he came to America, the first person we love the Lord, the Lord in America was a Japanese guy from Japan and so the reconciliation, the power of God. God's providence. I mentioned that that that the sermon the other day I have that link up on Facebook to listen to that and listen about God's providence because mezzo died May 30, 1776 Jacob to Caesar died on March 15, 2008 in both men and the been further apart from each other and from the Lord and they both got saved and they became friends. Actually, Jacob preached at mezzo's funeral in 1976. It's amazing story is just one of many that we should be thinking about and honoring.

The anniversary of Pearl Harbor. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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