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Full Money Monday

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December 6, 2021 10:56 pm

Full Money Monday

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 6, 2021 10:56 pm

Full Money Monday

Steve brings David Fischer, from Landmark Capitol, on the show today, not just for the last segment, but for the whole thing.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one is the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble body.

Welcome back a great weekend and hopefully supply chain issues are not messing up your Christmas plans and are getting that done, we started ordering a few weeks ago so that's been helpful doing shop anywhere anymore really just us in the car, sit at home sitting on the couch watching a binging Netflix and then ordering from Amazon… Amazon prime or whatever pretty pretty amazing day that we live in so but I hope you enjoy this month and credible month, Christmas month, which we should have a focus all your around.

Of course we all know that but there's something special about the December and so we are hoping were in the noble house all the all the decorations are up's oversight for that. It's been a little warm here in Raleigh so that doesn't feel very Christmasy but I wonder what that's like if you were to live. For example, in Phoenix Arizona. If you live in Arizona and is Christmas time. I wonder if that feels Christmasy or not. So let's ask our friend David Fisher with landmark capital for money Monday today.

And if you've wondered why we talk about this once a week and sold first Monday of the month which we happen to be in today is Monday, December 6 will do a full hour on the on the show about money Monday, and financial issues on and so forth, and every other Monday. The other Mondays. We just do a little money Monday update the last segment of the show we talk about it regularly because Jesus and the Scriptures talk about it regularly, and that that should tell all of us something. It's our good friend David Fisher helps us understand these complicated issues. David Merry Christmas how are you here while so that's got a wintry weather in Arizona are you on a speakerphone. By the way that the connection sounded a little funky try to regulate just call back and will try to get mine I thanks so will get David back on the line that's in. He'll call back in 78 in Phoenix, Arizona. That's that's nice that's probably pretty cold and they probably will break out the winter coats probably North face day in Phoenix Arizona right now. Yes God. Some folks on Facebook lives that we could hear him. I mean, I can hear him so that means everybody else should be. Would Herman think of that might be you might need to date is not on right now for everybody and Facebook live we drop the call because it really bad sound qualities come back right now. But I also wanted to mention I've I just put up a link on the Facebook live feed for today of a sermon I heard on Friday. If you're just in top season of life and you're wondering where God as if you ever struggled with God's providence. There's a message there that I want to listen to. It's not as bad as you think, by Philip to Corsi and fantastic pastor with an Irish accent out California. I'll talk about it during the breaks.

But I think we have David back will see if we got a little bit better connection. David, are you there work it out a little better thank you. Okay, that's right, you do a landline that be good so we'll get that figured out and about, for those of you if you just the top season we had some things happen in the noble house over the last several years including grandchild that was born about six months ago that we weren't expecting nobody was expecting, and so you wondered, especially for someone you wonder what's going on what's wet wise got allowing some of these things that happen. Some things you can control like that particular situation. Other things you can't the cancer diagnosis.

The loss of the job. Whatever struggles with your children wayward children. Whatever the case may be.

Sometimes it's hard to wrestle with God's sovereignty. So I want to if you're in that boat in any way please do yourself a favor. It's one of the best if not the best sermon I've ever heard on God's sovereignty by Philip to Corsi is not as bad as you think the links up on Facebook live.

I think we have David back in a landline mouse. Let's jump back over there David are you there going through. Back you may opt out talk to the folks in Winston-Salem and see about that. Anyway, I wanted to ask you as it is hard to get the Christmas mood in Phoenix when it's likely today is that kind of cold there in December, 78, when I'm walking to the cold. According your changes mentally everywhere during Christmas. Yes, really bizarre to do.

David is will call you back from a phone in the studio so will call you right back and will get it figured out to take care sorry everybody we have some fun with technology is wonderful. So let me deal with this on the fly while redoing all these things. It's just so much fun to deal with technology.

Every once in a while. Is that not six so we'll see if we can get this figured out. Sorry everybody and will get Roland will try to get him on the landline and see if that's fixes it because I thought it was on it to untenable. You can't. I can't listen to that you can't listen that he can't listen to that. So that's knocking a fly by the way, I'm trying to get on the call so by the way on Wednesday. Tomorrow we have, we had Michelle Woodhouse on the show the other day here in North Carolina running for Congress and then another Christian woman announced recently. She's gonna run for Congress is got a call in tomorrow. The Michelle got a call back in because today was filing day and there's some interesting shakeups here in North Carolina like Congressman Mark Walker, former Congressman Mark Walker was going to be running in the U.S. Senate and over the last several weeks has had conversations with Donald Trump and his mother, folks, and now they are switching over to the house, which is interesting it throws a curveball and some things, but they all go to officially filed today and then a appellate court here in North Carolina reverses the decision of the Superior Court from last week and say no no no, nobody can file because maybe we think there's some hanky-panky going on with redistricting at the congressional level.

This is a battle that happens regularly. By the way, so I will talk to Michelle tomorrow about that because she was here in Raleigh to get all signed up today and they shut it all down.

Literally minutes before they were all gonna start filing the suit and get David on their hey David and then we just lost him okay will keep trying again and probably just wait until after the break and see if we can get it figured out I missing something's going on. There's a ghost in the machine somewhere and then Wednesday I just a little heads up.

Wednesday will be my annual conversation about the big guy in red. Okay the big guy in red. You should know that is I have this conversation every year. What we do as Christians. What we do every year as Christians with Santa Claus.

So it's but I don't feel it's my responsibility nor my role to come in and mess up your house so Wednesday if you have little children or grandchildren that might be in the background work and I have a adult conversation about the big guy in red.

So there's a warning Wednesday will take your calls and have that conversation and I do that every year.

Early on in December because we did it for a while and then we stopped and there's reasons behind it. I think we did the right thing, but it's always helpful for all of us have that conversation. This is the noble will be right back okay I think were back to back and just dear Lord, please let it all work.

Let's go back to David Fisher how are you David. I know I've said abates is still a little little little tin candy but it's not better now. So anyway, thanks for being there. Sorry for that rough start and will will try to make the most of it so I was checking before we jumped on today. I was checking the markets and of course it's been a wild ride we been on this yo-yo up and down and up and down.

But today I mean the market was crazy. Today I been looking at right now up 646 points I can skyrocket today. Of course if you look back, David. If I just go back one month. Then I sleep almost all red. If I go back to the beginning of November were up around 36th floor and even right now are still nowhere near that. So the wild rides what's going on payroll report $210,500 hearing everything back in my ear to my phone but will on top of that piece of paper he took a premium is going to build our security so there's next weekend probably confirm that the longer the market, working for me so that we have for me all changed on your screen.

This yo-yo effect of this new that's better. The covert cold omicron now out. The world health organization says there's no evidence that booster jobs will work for greater protection.

I'm reading their quote on the calling of the job you want to disrespect people yelling said omicron could cause significant problems for the global economy.

German palaces omicron poses increasing uncertainty for inflation, downgraded the global growth due to omicron omicron is causing market turmoil.

Anxiety sews the thread and in the market shows by any fundamentals overvalued and modernity came out speaking of vaccines prison. Modernity said that we could going to a 50% drop in efficiency for me and getting a new vaccination would take six months up to about month-to-month time so it's going to mayhem is the market and that's why you see some more yo-yo effect.

Unfortunately it seems like there's so many different factors at play here.

We have obviously covert in general. Then anytime anything changes there like with the omicron variant and that throws in there. Then we got what the feds doing. We've got Biden's approval numbers and what's happening there insulation I was reading about inflation over the weekend. David and now they're saying it's good to be another 6% next year. I mean that's on the low end and it's that there's so many different things is like a perfect storm. Right now I don't I don't know that we can see ourselves coming out of this anytime soon. You're welcome. I'm talking about inflation reportedly came out because of the 15% next year from a major interview thing that so weird. We've had some changes in the cycles but we usually have a 40 year cycle of lower interest rates now were moving up, probably an interest rates theytracked we might have interest rates move up as soon as June of next year. And on top of that, receiving insiders title insiders are dumping stocks of the fastest pace in history since Sondra Lichter liquidating chocolate. Space Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Monger warns that were in the creases bubble even more than bubble Japanese finance into the marrow says the market is dysfunctional and we shifted from a slowdown to contraction.

So just be careful you want to be the one left holding all the bags all the marbles in the bag doing make sure you have some in cash and possibly some money and metals. And that's why when you look at a day like today people on me when I saw to my Kindle up six and 50.0 that's good. You know back in good territory, but those are those really anomalies a day like today is an anomaly.

The huge drop that we saw what a week ago is an anomaly and it just seems like we have to train ourselves David to not react on a daily basis, like the market doesn't live in a pull whatever left of our hair out of our heads toward down below the fundamentals like old insiders showing all the headphones. The technicals don't look good so be careful when those things match up in women match up the fundamentals that the Fed is not about support the stock market looks like more no more next week. If Turnbull's return spirit and so then of course the president Biden signed a short-term government funding bill on Friday. More more spending is that a good thing or bad thing because whenever they talk about government shutdown. I'm always like I put my praise hands up and I'm like thank you Lord shut the government down of these for a while but I don't know what they're doing is signing and extending debt taken out another credit card and continuing to play the game.

I don't know that it really matters anymore at all significant kit continued to extend the debt ceiling. There always going to do this you just explained it really all you talk to Bill Little spending bill which is getting another credit card use you about the government down and you know I'm up your mind to move to back like a let's shut the government down Poland would cause massive default. Eventually, but the kind of rigid sword so yeah we avoided a shutdown which is I guess the good news, but we didn't fix any structural problems… Time for the infrastructure spending bill be about 1.75 traumatic you want to make it 2.1 trillion is with the changing the stopgap through about 11 weeks of spending till February 18. The previous stopgap happened in October the end of October and went through just last Friday.

That was a have to trillion dollars only speculate this in the next 11 weeks going to probably be 11 or $1 trillion in spending this all because they went past the 12th appropriations bill that they normally for the past nine months ago our government is not functioning right hasn't function for decades, but is getting worse and they're just going to argue more about you raising the debt ceiling in some point. It's going to cause a big problem.

It's interesting to me, it looks like all the projections right now David or that consumers were to be spending big time. This this monster Christmas. At least that's what I'm seeing spending projections for Christmas are good. Yet inflation is a promise ring to talk about a lot on the other side of the bracelet. I don't know that we should even pay attention to what's going on in the news was was stories like that because it's just people just not being responsible and people are understanding much like the government can continue to do what it does. Nobody really knows what's happening but I think the inflation, the upside on that is that I think there's more people waking up like we've seen in school board stuff. We saw that in the November election.

I mean II hope that it that the downward direction the country can actually help to turn that direction. If people begin to feel a little bit more pain at home where my just being a masochist know you're not. I think people are waking up.

There's been a significant amount of people calling our company and are just highly overly concerned about the direction of our spending of our country, especially the administration to get into that.

The second part of the hour.

Here I have some new news about the findings for who's been over sure control of the shows figuring even the process you Titans. I know I wanted to meet her but we got to talk about this love people's questions and care about their souls while at the same time pointing out the fact that there absolutely ridiculous for whatever role have a nefarious purpose or just a bad person. We can my walk and chew gum at the same time as utility sink David John hall talking to David Fisher for money Monday so much more to talk about specially inflation will be right back back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble's awful money Monday with her good friend David Fisher from landmark capital land. is the website is always landmark. I know it can be complicated. I know it can be fear inducing when we talk about the stuff in inflation what's going on government spending and 28 1/2 train coming up, and 29 trillion were not even talking about in the next 30 years. Unfunded liabilities of 70 to hundred and 20 additional trillion trillion means nobody really understands what a trillion as you get cannot get your mind around a billion trillion thousand billion billion thousand million. Just try to work through that likely ask you little trivia question will get back to David because I want to talk about inflation. And again, David Tetley and so you can get some help and try to understand, especially the use of precious metals in your own portfolio or whatever you're doing from retirement future perspective. You better have some diversity because if all you do is have a sale up in the air need on anything underneath your boat you want to kill you only baluster to be in trouble okay.

That's why diversity is diversifying when it comes to financial things such a big deal but just to get your mind around a trillion okay because she can't hear the riddle. How many years ago, is 1 trillion seconds 1 trillion with a T.

1 trillion seconds ago was how many years ago five 50,000, 5000 the answer and I it. The answer is 32,000 years ago, a trillion seconds ago with 32,000 years ago and so see like I said, so when we say or 28 have trillion dollars debt. Nobody can even really deal with that reality. David, welcome back. Thanks for being with us today trillion dollars exactly like number 29 trillion American football field pallet full of hundred dollar bills back up to your ways, and football field. $29 trillion from her thereabout. Don't call me on the exact amount but it's them around those numbers and football field. Totally insane and pallets at your waste of hundred dollar bills covering all 10 football fields yeah and that's one. I mean it's mind-boggling to think about this. So let's land the plane a little bit will come back down to earth because most of us can understand that there's a lot going on with inflation. Certainly it's worse than the federal government wants you to think.

Certainly worse than that apply to ministration.

Once you think this is one of those things that whether you're listening or watching a Facebook live YouTube live if you don't have a bunch of savings if you don't have a bunch of investments. Inflation is something that affects absolutely everybody and that's why this something that we need to continue to talk about what's the latest news on this not so happy happening going on in the country right now the real thing you're correcting art. According to recent Gallup poll, 45%. Almost half of United States people are affected by inflation and 10% are saying that they have severe hardship due to the cost of living going up 35%.

It's moderate and of those that were polled 71% of those living in households making less than $40,000.

You're saying that the recent price hikes have caused their family financial hardship and the leverage going to get worse so inflation is a real thing. Actual bank. This is being spanked out of Denmark very highly respected thing very conservative.

There making a prediction that US inflation is a global US inflation is to reach above 15% healthier worth 6.7 right now to talk about inflation doubling that's what they're saying more than that, but there's lots of people real pulsing working out more.

Inflation is finally admitting that. Finally, the only person Cleveland reserve Pres. Loretta master says that you have completion.

I could stoke to the omicron. I want to keep saying this inflation can be as result of that, but there is a correlation between covert and inflation that otherwise we women have over having the government spends more the Fed prints more. This is their fix to keep the economy afloat and not letting the economy work through this on their own right, and this is why the Army I am after international monetary fund is now warning of its economic collapse unless we create more debt Thursday is not the fix for this.

But that why were on this wrong road work. You know the Bible says of the road to hell is broad and wide. Many go by yet that were on right now on a global level, financially speaking, I'm going to go to hell financially and think it's a wide road. Most countries are doing massive overspending think there's no problem with this. There's no ramifications and will fix it later if the rotors were worshiping God having sound biblical principles and living within our financial means or not even close to that road and fortunately that's why inflation is become a lot worse than better. Yeah, that's a shocking number to think about that 15% inflation next year and it's hard to kinda put that into practice in terms of understanding what it's can a duty I'm looking at a history of inflation rates right now. Okay I US inflation rate history and forecast some good. It goes only back to 1929. Okay so we have numbers really solid numbers going back to about 1954. I'm looking for anything north of 5%.

Okay, in 1968, with 6% in 1969 we had 9%. Let's go to the Carter years 1978 we had 10% 1979. 12%. Get this, David. In 1980 the peak in 1980, just coming out of Carter going into Reagan 18% 18% inflation were talk and then 12. The next year and then the worst since then it's been well look at that now. Now is the worst inflation we've seen since 2000 and and it's going and I were talking 15% that mean this is back to the Carter days.

I don't think people are on our understanding that are wrestling with that mentally or emotionally read an article titled the long-term cycles of all current and talk about exactly what you're saying we were 40 years of low rate environment, now or in an unknown or consequential period of time that you start to move up. We were in a 40 year period during the same time of low-interest rates below inflation low deflation and now everything is inflationary and were in a speculative bubble and also with our country and the Fed purchasing or that whole different environment.

I said couple years ago on your program is knocking the status will inflationary murmur forever when it changes is going to be violent and is not to be just a years going to be a decade of inflation and that's were around everything I said and it unfortunately your worse mother dooms there, but we have to go through this port to get better. This is what the Bible talks about cycles rising and falling of major powers and everything is is here. Unfortunately, yeah, looking at another chart. We haven't seen this type of inflation in let's just use October this year because this chart isn't quite up to date historical inflation rates for United States of America. So in October David. It was at 6.22%. The last time we were at that was in 1981. That was the last time we saw inflation in October like we saw just two months ago and it's really a shocker you mentioned earlier I did anything else on inflation any other news you want to throw in or about that. Okay you mentioned Biden's pick to deal with the currency and this is another one of things for most people I think is probably flying under the radar. I would fly off the radar like importantly in the radar image in the poker court person name is solely tomorrow borrow from Beaumont rolled me. She demeanors a person I just don't like what you stand for. I watched over the weekend hours of YouTube videos on her interview. I saw firsthand. I read hours or articles I was disturbed last week. I was furious over the weekend. Follow mentioned a few things you mention before the move on to some new information that I'm finding out not as a present person, but her what she believes what we should do a self educated Cornwall University law professor very smart lady came from Moscow came from Romeo emigrated over here things reported in the Wall Street Journal as the prices pay scales capital and credit should be dictated by the federal government sees didn't say this years ago who said this year in her papers that were published Wall Street Journal pick them up there published in the thing called the People's ledger 60 page report short reading most of it. She proposed also that the Federal Reserve take over consumer bank deposits so effectively ending banking as we know it would like to create a US central bank digital currency like Venezuela, China. She would if she is nominated for the office of the call control of the currency, the OCC, she would regulate $15 trillion and 1200 banks watch the curbing before Congress and what was said in Congress last month. She advocated for migration of all the man deposits to the federal balance sheet and proposed a reform, effectively ending banking Republicans had truly said this in Congress.

So another words you have an account of the community think he would be held by the government and the Federal Reserve is out, which makes up daily and sound like child's play.

At that point, since there now that under this woman's control control all of our deposits. That's not even know what words to use whatever talking to David Fisher will be right back. Back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble show, doing a full money Monday with her good friend David Fisher from landmark capital landmark landmark and and I David were in the final thing to show that we have a close to 11 minutes so you plenty of time to run and we eyes always appreciate you being here today and helping us understand these complicated things were talk about all marimba and the good thing, something I said during the break per Facebook live in YouTube live folks. David was one of the tell you about the administration that they nominated this woman in the first place. She's a flat out Marxist communist Army empathy, but they nominated her anyway. Ron Brown quote I care greatly about this nomination and were going to make it happen," said the chairperson of the Senate Banking Committee's pushing for this to happen.

Elizabeth Warren is behind in many other crafts.

Importantly, want to clarify little bit what she said. The bank accounts and Pat Toomey Republican clarify. Let me read from her.

Her paper on the uses like quote central bank accounts will only replace rather than usually coexists with your current bright current private bank account so another words you saying you couldn't have have your normal account and a Federal Reserve account all your money gets transferred to the Federal Reserve and he says she goes on and says that her proposal to control her money with these individual accounts, including, when necessary, Susan. I called quote implementing a contractionary mama monetary policies of the words for those that are not accountants. It means debiting correcting money from your account. The Fed will have the ability that goes on and on any and she also added social well well seminar in reference to oil and gas use." We want them to go bankrupt. If we want to tackle climate change's her ideas. Any ideas you have with people with his association with the OCC and control your money involve significant dramatic expansion of government oversight and control over bank deposit. She goes as far she wants to create an entity called the national investment authority which the OCC would oversee in Congress would not oversee the OCC's it would be independent from the government and the Fed might grapple Republican said this sounds just like operation choke point which is created by bombing 2013 for the control where money flows under certain businesses and restricted from others with different dependent on what your political views are in a starve out certain businesses. That's what this is. If she doesn't really get elected. I hope she doesn't look like she's going to just because this is Biden's first pick should say a lot yeah absolutely speaks about what that really pop silver and possible Silverlining. This whole nightmare.

David is I did read a story last week and this is reported. That's not confirmed that there were four Democrats in the in the Senate where this confirmation has to take place that were like yeah no but but the fact that now here's the shocking thing. There's 50 Democrat senators and only four of them allegedly would say no to an obvious Marxist communist person that wants the federal government to take over just about every aspect of financial lives out there and and only four, and the fact that they lifted them lifted this woman up in the first place is just a shocking admission that this is their worldview. This is their answer.

I've asked this question on the air assets question in my classes we talked about in my class at David with high schoolers like what you do with a failing business meeting either sell it outright or you gotta merge with somebody else or somebody buys you out. I don't know how you fix it and I think this is how they think. You fix it. The answer for the perp progresses the liberals is always government always is not sound reasoning is not principles is not logic ideology trumps reality and it is going to drive this whole ship right to the bottom of the ocean. We comment on clearly the biggest ever seen in thickened free-market capitalism. Any telling his colleagues say don't think that there's any more radical choices about radical choices ever seen in our federal government.

So you're going to write your confirming the way and the police are our certain country Belize and the ones that are in power. Unfortunately, they are 100% out of the closet across the board financially for school.

It is information what they want to do with the borders the economy everything there there completely out of the closet just like under Cuomo New York when their likely organ allow abortions literally up to the moment of delivery, and they like the town of Pete, which is why for us as believers. David's a believer. I'm a believer, a boy for not praying about these things really get exactly what we don't pray for. We do pray against all this stuff because this is beyond human rationale to be able to fix that this point the rational matter, financially speaking, measures, and it is the way to get out of debt if you stop spending deeper this ridiculous but that's what we call it because we have to be aware that it's just not here. It appears that they can put us there. Yeah, just talking. So in terms of response.

I mentioned this early diversification and what's going on market news and gold and silver and talk to us about understanding how that should play a role in our our accounts and how we look at our future.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket, you would put all your money in gold and silver and I would advocate and tell you do not do that. Don't put all your all your eggs in the paper basket or stocks people that went through 2008 learned sometimes. Mostly the hard way. That's why we'll advocating him some money cash money in stocks of money in real estate has some money and precious metals be diversified.

Don't don't you know portion to seven, a portion because you do not do it tragedy may befall use with the Scripture say so in reference to that we are moving into this the best environment for precious metals, inflation, and inflation is going to drive the global gold production. Higher costs also which means there's less gold being produced, which means higher in price and this is reaching a level the highest it's ever been. Currently right now since 2013, the production cost, and this is from a data from metal focus and on top of that were seeing the other side of gold and silver now looks very attractive as inflation is here and has they print more money and spend more money. Thorson polenta chief economist for the goose that central banks have no desire stopping the growing of inflation threat and he said investors need to start looking at holding some physical gold and silver in their portfolios. Looking at the data here. It appears that even the commitment of traders which is a where you go to bet against the product like stocks. We bet against the value bet against the bill for the Dow to go up or you bet against different products up or down the commitment of traders now were seeing that in the gold market. Hedge funds are not betting against gold bedding for Singapore's adding goal to stockpile for the first time a decade.

The central bank there.

Ireland first time in 12 years. The Rheingold a lot of central banks.

We mentioned previously or buying gold and here's a now analysis and analysts called gold ring and will walk I've mentioned before about six months ago. They just came out over the weekend.

They said inflation is to push greater than 9% next year's explosion in gold on gold prices to be upside in their calling for inflation to be the worst in the next decade, and shortage in metals to be the worst. And they're saying here's their numbers not mine by 2028 gold could reach over $10,000 and now and silver over $500 an ounce, and they are saying it will be the decade of shortages. Everyone is going to get poor except for those people who own physical gold and silver quote unquote that does not mean that you put all your money and go right over what they're saying is to be a big movement in this environment because the closest because of essential inflation happening in the marketplace. Now we can send you the years we've been doing radio together. David's elbow diversification. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

To simplify it when you're everything on one end of the teeter totter. You know what happens on the other, and changes in or talk on a sailboat. You got all your stuff above the water.

That's the sale and you don't the Keeley of no ballast underneath the boat that you're in a trouble spot and we all know, I think everybody intuitively. David knows that this that there is a major correction coming that you this house of cards just cannot sustain itself, and that's the whole role of having something my precious metals is to give yourself something on the opposite end of the spectrum from regular things like stocks and mutual and mutual funds and stuff was on the other end of the teeter totter and in I just hope people are understanding this and at least getting themselves educated. That's really where it starts getting an educated first person that I was on three different national networks time on six and next month will be eight or nine and yeah there's a growing number of people who are waking up. I hear a lot of it happening volume of the acquisition of metals is through the roof in my industry.

Now my company. People see the handwriting on the wall, they realize there is a cause-and-effect. You can't keep spending.

You can printing and gold and silver is getting ready to bust out yeah that's I mentioned this earlier and this is just personal and anecdotal thing two weeks ago we got a safe deposit box and ended the gold and silver holdings that my wife and I have took it over to the bank and in it was. I tell you what, in the midst of everything going on right now. David it was it was reassuring to have you know a significant portion of our nest egg and a precious metal that I could look at and hold in carry in the put it in the safe deposit box right know it's going to sit there and is going to be there for me.

Doesn't matter what the government does doesn't matter what the stock market does that's going to be there and when things get worse. That little holding inside of a safe deposit box is going to be really good for us and I just hope people understand that figure that out.

I can say is what it's meant to my wife and I and it's so good to have that but if you want to get more information, educate themselves, which is all I can ask him to do what they do: learn for poor poor 554-460-4575 or or landmark buddy. Sorry about the rough start, everything ended up enough okay but he submitted so will take care that in the future. But thanks so much for your patience fine and not worry about your welcome. Merry Christmas David this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing will talk to you again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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