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The Theology of Eve

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 2, 2021 9:12 pm

The Theology of Eve

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 2, 2021 9:12 pm

The Theology of Eve

Steve brings Dr. Greg Stiekes, from Bob Jones Seminary, on the show to today to discuss the theology of Eve.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why you work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now is your house Steve Noble everybody hope you're doing well back seminary down to Greenville South Carolina when I bring up work to talk about the right, as in Adam and Adam and Eve Eve is all yeah the fall and she was there in the garden and all around comes the serpent and there is this the Apple which we don't really actually know it's an Apple but it was something and so there she was in the course. Adam was right there and so will deal with that on one day, maybe when we get to heaven. But then he takes that Apple takes by the fruit gives it to Adam and you know the rest of the story and that's about it. You really think about you for the rest of the Old Testament. We don't really think about Eve at all.

In the New Testament. However, you can still find even the New Testament. So today really passing.

I've never been down this road myself, and looking for even the New Testament, but that's what were going to do today up a new blog post theology and 3D are from our friends at BG seminary.

I just put the link up for that on Facebook lives of the Facebook live page at the Steve Noble show on Facebook seeing you link to that which will also take you will give you link to our special radio page seminary.BG\radio K the\radio. You can also link to it. There as well as all the other shows we've done with our friends at BJ you in the seminary which of been great the last couple of months just such great thought leadership. There, as we kinda dive into the deep end of the pool every Thursday, but today theology 3D. The fall of Eve in the letters of Paul and why it matters, is really fascinating is a lot to learn. A lot of this will ring true to you guys as we unpack this and go through a lot of warnings for the church and this stuff is going on today. For example, you guys know how much I like numbers and if you look at even if you just like barn I bring up Barna research all the time make them always looking at numbers in order to quantify what's going on out there" in the real world. So you go to consider about trouble in the church with respect to evil trick child is together with our guests are in second 72% of pastors cite watered-down Gospel teaching as a big problem okay. The biggest challenges facing facing pastors in the church, 72% of pastors cite watered-down Gospel teachings. Unfortunately, most of us experience a little of that 66%. The cultures shipped to a secular age, the spirit of the age.

That's all around us.

58% addressing complex social issues a big biblical integrity when they bother to do it. 56%.

One of the huge problems is the prosperity gospel and that teaching showing up in the church and all of this.

We were warned about in the New Testament. But what does Eve have to do it that will impact that Dr. Greg Sykes is with us today. He's got a PhD in biblical studies actually from the same place.

I got my Masters degree at Southeastern Baptist here in the Raleigh area, but he's want to be GU seminaries, pastor professors, so that means you're a busy guy. Greg sounds like you're very busy guy.

Yes normally that's true. So I pastor a professor. Five kids right if I fit right in. A new grandchild.

That's right, we just became grandparents about three weeks ago and we became grandparents six months ago. So congratulations to you all, congratulations on so on the commercial break will put up our pictures, we can look at baby pictures on Facebook live, but it's great to have you here and thank you so much for joining us today and this is a really unusual like I said in the intro, Greg.

I've never really looked at this trying to find even the New Testament. So how this kinda become a topic that you have studied and written well. It was really interesting when I was doing my PhD program.

It Southeastern.

I was studying with Andres Costa Berger and she had a seminar I was taking on the use of the Old Testament and the New Testament and literally it was the last paper that I had to produce for him and I was going to write my dissertation on something completely different. I just opened up Carson and Beals big book on use of the Old Testament and the new and started looking at the indexes or some topic, I could write on and I immediately of course came to Genesis was the first column and I thought well you know about the fall than I thought, you know, nobody really writes about even the fallen slicer focused on that and wondered if there was anything they are that would be worth chasing down and I ended up writing about a 20 page paper and Costa Berger called me to the office and said this is your dissertation while you want to switch topics I would much rather guide you through this topic than the other one. And to be honest, I was kinda tired of the other one by then, and that became my life for the next two years is is looking at all the literature about the ancient world and what the Bible says about her, and specifically will look at it through what Paul wrote in the New Testament in of course, Paul. You know it's it's it's pretty easy to find and unpack and understand Paul's theology of Adam, but there's some like I said is almost no focus on Paul's unique look at even then applying even what we can learn from her and that experience to the modern-day church and and so this is gonna be a fascinating thing to understand why do you think we kinda left Eve after that out of the picture.

She's in the Old Testament. She's in the first book in the redone with her. Why do we not really talk about even the New Testament. Well, I think first of all I would say she does come up in the New Testament as a touchstone passage in first Timothy chapter 2, where it says that Adam was not deceived with the woman was deceived and it was in the transgression. Adam was first formed than Eve.

And that's a very touchy passage right now in the culture because there's a big debate about how much women should be serving in the church and should you be taking a pastoral role in teaching role nicer thing and so really if you look at the literature that's produced on the pastoral epistles you can almost find us many articles on that one passage in first Timothy two. As you can find on any other a whole bunch of passages put together so so she gets mentioned there, but I think today everybody get sort of side rail on that whole issue, whereas Paul seems to be thinking about her in a much broader way and as soon as she's mentioned in the Genesis account. Adam calls her Eve at the end of that she's mentioned in chapter 4, because she gives birth to Cain and Abel and then in chapter 5 when the narrative summarizes what's happened to that point she's mentioned briefly and then she all but disappears from the Old Testament and you never hear of her again. It's almost like a taboo subject and Jesus never mentions her. None of the other New Testament authors mentioned her except Paul names her twice. Technically, he names her twice as much as anybody yes because her name only appears once dryer right and and I think she's sexy thinking about her and other places where he doesn't name for specifically working out unpack is only think Aviva course we think about the deception in the garden as we unpack with Dr. Greg Sykes what's going on in the New Testament were going to be talking about deception.

Again, this time in the church. Be right back man going around in the back of Steve Noble to Michelle by the way, I'm not the guy taking names. I know the guys taking names, hopefully you know the guys taking you don't know the guys taking names and you don't know that your name is in the Lamb's book of life, which means you're in trouble so that doesn't matter what we talk about here in theology Thursday doesn't matter supremely what I talked about yesterday what I want to talk about tomorrow with a good friend is running for Congress and so those things are important, but if you don't know the Lord as Savior, then all this stuff is just temporary and it's gobbledygook you gotta get that dealt with first. So if you really struggle with that. You're not sure of your salvation, you're not really sure you understand what the Bible teaches about who goes and who doesn't go then we got a page on the website specifically for you. Okay that okay with you, go to my website or not. I do care whether you go to this page so if you go to the website just the Steve Noble right at the top you can see the word heaven you click on that word asking to take it one page that dedicated to you being able to easily understand what the Bible teaches about salvation who's going to heaven who isn't. How does that transaction occur is a great short little video there and very plainspoken language.

It pulled stuff right out of the Bible so you understand what's going on.

So if you're not sure if you know somebody that's not sure. Please make sure you deal with that.

That's more important than what were doing with the theology of Eve today because your soul is in right.

None of the rest of the stuff matter, so just please make sure especially this Christmas season. You want to get a great gift. The salvation of your souls can be a better gift than anything else that you can ever get so please make sure you get that right. You can jump on that on the website. The fall of even the letters of Paul, why it matters today with Dr. Greg Sykes from PDU seminary are out theology Thursday friends again. Greg think so much for being with us today, and congratulations on your grandchild, boy or girl girl.

They live in Chicago Illinois so we were of course there for Thanksgiving. How is the weather. It was pretty cold dropped a lot when we were there.

My son a lot, and I ran in the turkey trot really people about, we warmed up quite a bit by the yes I'm sure you did well, that's another that's another touchstone for us because we lived in Chicago for 10 years so really, I know all about that place as well and I don't miss the winters but I'm glad that you can get up there that's awesome. So the theology of even in the eye patch on the break on it with. We could really break down one were to forget understand and apply Eve's life in the New Testament will look at how Paul did that and I suggested the word deception with is that is that the right word. I think it is because when you look at Genesis chapter 3 and you know God first of all addresses Adam and Adam, of course, passes the divine gaze of God over to his wife, which is I am sure did not help the relationship very much.

He asked Eve straight up what what happened and she says simply, the serpent deceived me, and I ate. It's that simple and that particular word.

In fact, there's a particular form of that word that's used in the septage in the Greek translation of the Old Testament and that particular word seems to be always the word is at least the word that Paul always uses an all throughout the literature outside of the Scripture ancient literature. It seems to be the word. The intensive form of that verb to deceive that's always used with reference to Eve.

Yeah. And then of course deception is a big theme in the New Testament because now we've got the church and the church is being established in the church is growing in and right from the get go.

There's concern about replaying really what happened to Eve so and in one essence and you mentioned this in the blog post the fall of even the letters of Paula got the link up on the Facebook live page that it's kind of like another fall that we see this happening to the church and so take take us in the Paul's writings in the New Testament. Greg and help us to see where Eve is, showing up here as we begin unpack this deception. The primary pests briefly as I could put it if we if we really go back to Genesis 3. At the beginning of chapter 3. The author says now the serpent was more subtle and in that's article is right by us without even and are paying it much attention, but that that the way the Hebrew letter is set up there which introduces a new clause in the narrative the author is saying now because he saying this is information you have to have in order to understand what's about to happen and he says one thing the serpent is was more cunning than any other piece of the field of the Lord God had made. And then the narrative picks up again and the serpent said to the woman and she said and he said, and so for the seat you see and and and and and now you know the narrative is driving forward and if you look at that narrative. The serpent never tells Eve the fruits beautiful. He never says that it's good to eat. He never even says to eat it. He just suggest to her.

Something about her mind that she can be wiser than she is in God's actually holding her back from what she could have and then he slithers away to let the deception do its work. How long did that deception work on her mind before she finally said okay I'm in a try this and I'm going to eat it, and so fast forward to the New Testament. Paul is talking week we see very specifically what he saying and second Corinthians chapter 11 where he says I am your father to the Corinthians. He styles himself in first and second Corinthians is the Corinthians father. He planted that church. He was there when they came to Jesus Christ and so he says you're like my daughter and I'm patrolling you to a husband, and I am fearful that just as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning and uses not the exact same Greek word you find the septage of it a very similar word and uses that one word to describe the same serpent just like that happen. I'm afraid that that he's gonna lure you away from your fidelity to your one husband to Jesus Christ and that is what I believe is in Paul's mind what he's thinking so much about the church. He doesn't want that to happen to the church which would be another kind of fall for the church. I think like you were saying, which is why I iso to extract from that that Paul can be thinking about the church as the new Eve yeah I I needed flesh that out more, but that's how I'm I'm labeling her yeah yeah and so and I me when we look at the current context and again we are in many ways as we work through this. Were talking about Greg's blog post. The fall of even the letters of Paul White matters today specifically talking about false teachings and bad teaching in the church, but also there's this corruption of the culture around us, which can be very subtle. It's kinda like the frog in the pot. It takes a while.

It's very subtle at most of us think that were pretty sharp were premature were pretty immune to it but but here it there's a subtlety outside the church of bringing the world into the church and bring in the world and the my life as an individual Christian and you have several things listed here in the blog post that I think it's a chemical back over what you were just saying you mentioned the picture. The church is the virgin bride. The new Eve. Okay so alright so now you gotta present the bride to her groom and the Bible talks a lot about that is for us is the church, the serpent's cunning character. I think were aware of that now. Greg at the culture is very cunning that the spirit of the age is very cunning, very subtle, shows up in movies and shows up in advertisements rails up in conversation and then the thoughts and minds the Corinthians thoughts and minds being led astray, and I think that's probably the epicenter of this battle is and our thoughts and minds whether it's inside the church and we have to pay attention to bad teaching or what's coming at us from outside that.

Would you agree that I would group that I in fact, there is a theme that sorta runs through the Corinthian epistles, especially in second Corinthians were Paul seems to be focused on the mind the Noma what was going on inside the head and and that's not to play against the heart, by the way just thinking about the internal what's going on inside of us and the deception is so subtle because it really begins to work in the mind of fact, I think it's a really good exercise to study what the serpent says to eat, learn how would you think about it. There's only two people we know of in Scripture where who did not have all the fallen human nature that that were to come back that's badly things will be right back is noble to see Bill Bushell theology Thursday with her friends at BJ's seminary were talking to Dr. Sykes today who's a professor there at the seminary, but also pastor Gateway Baptist Church pastoring Gateway. I've been there 45 years now and so when I came to teach at bottom seminary. It was not in my mind that I would begin pastoring again so it just happened. The Lord lead in that direction. As we began looking for a church. We saw a we found a very small group of people and they needed a pastor and asked if I would pastor part-time and you began to grow and we just bought our second building actually moved into a lesson two months ago. So were were a lot we a lot going on right now trying to get her feet on the ground there. So me as you this question before we jump working our way through the subject of the fall of even the letters of Paul White matters today, mostly about deception. Deception inside the church in terms of false teaching about teaching but also deception that comes our way.

Because we all live in a culture that is saturating us with information. I I teach seven classes of high school homeschoolers every week. Greg got 115 students in recently, I was wondering how much information is coming at these people on a daily basis, so I was able to find that with some with some research online. It's about 32 GB of information coming at us every day and that's a lot of information you're anchoring that staggering your average iPhones. About 256 GB and so you're blowing through that in a week and you're getting 32 GB a day. So cunning and deception can be sneaky just like the serpent was an easy and it was really fascinating as your unpacking that talking about the subtlety of the serpent and going up to the mind and thinking which is obvious is something we all need to be very aware of today but web. I've got links up for that on the Facebook live page so if you guys just go to the Steve Noble show on Facebook you can get it there or you can just go to our special page that our friends at BJ you seminary about John center set up for us that seminary.BJ you.ED you\radio count on it. You can hear me say that every Thursday okay so I'll put the link up as well. If you go to Facebook, but seminary.BJ\radio and that'll show you the blog post from today Dr. Greg Staggs blog posts. All the other blogs and things that we been talking about.

Plus, there's a bunch of pastoral resources there as well. And if your pastor or if you would want to share this with the pastor great resource that the seminary does on Facebook.

It's called all in for pastors of the private group so you have to request to join in but all kinds of resources there. One of the other things that is one and mentioned this real quick. Greg and the will get back in as we talk about this very first interview I did with anybody at Bob Jones.

We are talking about that came up this that this notion of faculty got more pastors over 60 than we do. Over 40.

We have a major pastor drought coming in so Bob Jones seminary is now 5 x 5 x 500 put 500 new pastors out there every five years and get them trained and get them going and so right now that the seminaries in the midst of a matching campaign. They are a huge blessing, a $500,000 matching gift okay so we need any money that you will so into as a donation to the seminary is gonna be matched up to $5000 now if you write a check for $5000 awesome. Go for it. Let's get it done be done with it and move on. But this is something that I'm telling me to the whole show on this single look this up on the podcast and go look at it for yourself but there is a massive drought of pastors coming to we need more people to searching teaching the word of God accurately or less. We all know the answer that that's only thing is ultimately going to reclaim this culture for Christ is going to be starting in with solid teaching. So if you want to be a part of that again.

You can go to the radio page and there's a link right there for you BJ. You have the radio page seminary.BJ\radio and you can be a part of that as well.

So back to Eve and we are talking about Greg you are kinda focusing on second Corinthians 11, but I know there's a few other passages where we come to see echoes of even the walk talk and let's us deception actually look like.

But there several other passages I'd like you to walk us through first Corinthians 3 second Corinthian or second Thessalonians 2 second Timothy three in the will end up in Romans. But just to help us understand we can see this in the New Testament and let's apply to what's actually happening to us these days. Sure I one of the things that I noticed as I was looking through this paradigm that Paul seems to be constructing that you can see very clearly and in second print is 11 is that there are other times in the New Testament were Paul is very concerned about the church being deceived and if you think about it. There's only two people in the Scripture who Satan had to come externally and deceive one of them is Eve and the others Jesus Christ. In both cases you have an unfallen human nature while and so Satan has to come from the outside and we have those conversations recorded in Scripture if we will sort of unpack what Satan is saying there to Eve and unpack what he saying to Jesus Christ. We can get an idea of the kind of deception that works on our minds.

Now what is James Tellis. He says every one of us is drawn away of our own lusts right types. I do seminary professor back at Central seminary in Minneapolis who said he thinks Satan doesn't bother with a lot of Christians because they're already doing what you want and and that's true you with we we self deceit. We we we get drawn away.

We start thinking what if I did this or if you know and and so forth and we start down that road and it's it's were drawn away and that and that respect, I began to see other times were Paul is very interested in the church being drawn away and in these passages you just named.

You see connections linguistically.

You see, you see the word deception and often times you see illusions to things in the garden you mentioned. Romans 16. For instance, that passage of the end of Romans 16 Paul ends by saying we are going to eventually crush Satan under our feet.

God is going to lead us to do that while he's already said that he's Artie pointed out the fact of the fall teachers are deceiving them and leading them astray and I can imagine Paul having this whole paradigm in his mind he still thinking about this is what's gonna happen if we allow ourselves to be led down that road if we allow our minds to start thinking thoughts that God is not pleased with and also thoughts of theology that he did not produce in Scripture and I put it one of the things your really the deception for Eve is the fact that she could be like God, knowing good and evil. Satan never talks about the other one and and the fact that that the writer of Genesis 3 says she saw was good for food, pleasant, pleasant for the eyes and desiring to make one wise. The fact that that last temptations on top means that that's the emphasis well in our own lives in and we see this in the church we we have this this arrogance about us. We really want to take control we really want to figure it out for ourselves affect people won't even come to Jesus Christ because they're insulted by the fact that they have to totally abandon everything about themselves and yet be desperate and grab onto Jesus. We also repeat that I think in our own lives. We we want to figure it out on her own were not were not as out of Schlatter said getting under the word and and being submitted to the word and say, okay, got it let my own theological ideas go out the window if that's not what your word says and that is with the first step toward going down the road of deception. So what what kind of an Paul talks about this many places in the New Testament. What kind of deception reflecting on what evil and through in the cunning of the serpent and is playing mind games and that's the phrase that keeps coming to my to my head as were walking through this all the mind games that he played in any try to play mind games with Jesus.

Of course, and doing the same thing to Jesus that he did to even get trying to get them to question God's word, which is obviously ridiculous on its face, but should we be more concerned about mind games and false teaching and false teachers inside the church that we should the effect of the culture and at the church is the primary concern here was this look like because I don't want to confuse bad teaching false teaching with preferences like right exactly like I don't think you can like that it will Paul would say that if you have a pastor that's encouraging you to wear a mask that you should go to that church that that pastor is now rep, a reprobate undergoing right so I want to make sure were not elevating things that we should know well and I think think there's like a good dichotomy there. There are people that Paul warns about this and and you pointed this out earlier right away in the New Testament and think about all the letters that talk about deception in the church. It wasn't like we went to this huge utopia than deception started, it was there from the very beginning. Satan started to attack right away and so you have these false teachers coming into the church but but there's also the attack from the outside and I I think we have to be aware of both of those and the answer to both of them are going to Scripture.

Do we have shepherds in our church who are saying with these questions come up like the mass question that's divided whole churches sure we do a pastor St. folks.

Let's one where the other. Let's get on the right side. What the Scripture says about the following the authority the gods given to us when we can were not being led away from Christ. Let's do this. Would like it or not. Where we are in a figure out where to draw the lines are never set different opinions about her & but but haven't summing shepherding on the inside and a shepherd guards went when he sees false teachers coming in from other places and gets onto that and and make sure that the people being protected and then he also warns them about what's going on in the outside. I don't think we can take our eyes off of either one right there for their both important to watch just not either/or, it's both and so will I will spend a little more time talking about that with Dr. Greg Sykes we come back from the break and then what's the answer. How do we respond, and if so, that's gotta be pretty simple. It can be the uncorrupted gospel. The answer is always the truth.

What truth is that Steve already mine is the truth of the word of God will end up today on theology Thursday with Dr. Rex Dykes theology Thursday with her friends about South Carolina.

BJ you is a great place to get equipped and not just Dartmouth University.

Of course, as well, but focusing on the seminary and so there's so much going on there gods really doing a great work particularly as they're trying to get 500 new pastors out there literally every five years turning out pastors because we have a huge debt. The drought there's more passes over 60 than there are in the 40. Just think about that for a second. That's one of the things I love about Schmidt Ben Shapiro and he says facts don't care about your feelings that we can we can philosophize all you want but once you get the facts and figures. Just think about that.

Ruminate on that one just for minute. There's more passes over 60 than there are under 40, which means I got a huge problem coming, not just the funding of Social Security, but giving men of God in the pulpits around the country and that's something that's right at the heart of a PG seminary is doing. That's what the part of that program is in right now. I just wanted to remind you that this really kind. All I do is throw opportunities that you guys all the time I make you aware of things but with knowledge comes responsibility and of the Holy Spirit is moving you Sandy. Amen.

That's a huge problem we gotta do something about that at some of those words crotch lips that your invitation to be involved in whether it's $25 and $50 and $500. Whatever you can do so that into the future of what's going on in this country and with our own children and you can support the seminary with that they got a five and $1000 matching grant going right now through December 18. Okay so you have 17 more days and if everybody just does a little you get to that $-500,000 matching grant going to the seminary which is trying to get 500 new pastors out there which this country desperately needs you're more worried about next year's election than you are having pastors in the seven in the pulpits in your you got it come out upside down another politics is an important it is. But the gospel's preeminent so just go to the page that we always talk about on Thursday. Seminary.BJ\radio and then you can follow the links there to make a donation if you want to help them meet me that matching grant and help get some more pastors out there in the pulpits, which is why were talking to Greg Sykes today Dr. Greg Sykes is a pastor as well as a professor there by John seminary, Greg. Again, thanks so much for your time today. You're welcome. So as we what you think are some of the deceptions inside the church right now that are most dangerous, that we need to be aware of because that's what happened to Eve that the serpent was cunning and he went after her with mind games going after thoughts and your considerations, but what you see are some of the biggest problems in the church today. Well I think that if if I can just broad brush and be sure pretty pretty general. You know there's a lot of things in the cancel culture the world culture of that's going on and you can get.

You have to be very knowledgeable about two things here. You have to really know text of Scripture.

You have to know the truth and you have to know what's going on in the culture.

You have to know both of them so well that you're able to draw the logical inferences from the Scripture to apply them to the culture.

I think if if pastors say okay I'm I'm really going to do a deep dive in the text. I know the text inside and out, and I've studied the languages and so forth that they don't understand the culture indicative eat to be difficult to draw out on to the other. And people can say that doesn't make sense that your you don't really understand me, but we can also be so consumed with what's going on in the culture that we forget that we we have divine truth. You we can draw to it.

I think the subtlety to get back your question is, is that we we start drifting into wanting to believe what the culture is telling us because we don't want to know come across as mean or angry or stand against it. We see ourselves as lovingly and passionately trying to say to people you can't believe that because the church has to rescue people from the culture and people will take that and turn it into your mean you're bigoted and and so forth and so we back off and and were not clear but the best thing that we can do for them. It is this essay. Here is what the truth is, here, here it is with clarity. Here it is with passion. Here is what you're dealing with.

We love you we understand what you're facing. But here's what the Scripture would say to this and then pray that God will take that somehow and use it. But if we don't know the truth. To begin with we don't take the time to understand the culture. I think that's when our people start to beat drifting if if they're not listening to us expand the truth or listening to somebody that's right. And so there's there's a temptation to say no it's not, so that our our own kids.

Like I can see this in in their lives. They are much less reactive to certain things that we are now my generation may have reacted wrongly in some ways, but we were reacting nursing. Wait a minute what is going on ever is losing her mind about what their more well you know that's the way things are right and that's the that's the subtlety.

There were were not intense about the truth. We don't have to be intense about the culture you we were intense about the sin of the culture we have to be intense about the truth and and if we are that we can bring it to bear upon what is going on. I think that's what our church needs more than anything else I can just say that in general yeah no I think that's so important as is. Like you said to these two things. Number one to know the text but number two. He also got another culture so that you can operate effectively in the culture not not primarily for the sake of the country but for the sake of the kingdom and for the sake of people's souls is gotta be will to meet people in a culture where they're at you to know how they are affecting you but do you turn around and we should want to affect the people in the culture for the cause of Christ. And I think that's so important and in and oftentimes we can sit in the pew Greg and go oh okay this is fascinating. Understand what the Scripture means.

But why does this matter to me in December 2020 or 2021. What what what is this matter and I really appreciate what you said our our kids the next generation millennial's Jens the happy prayer I would call it a pretty casual reaction to a lot of the blatant sinful messed up things in this world now because that's just been the norm for their whole lives gay marriage is been the norm for them. Abortion is been the norm for them just like up flirting with the notions of socialism is because I don't know anything about the real face of socialism. And that's why this context between the text and the culture I think is so important.

You mentioned a couple times Roman 16 we just read this and then hopefully in the context of what we been talking about. Dr. Sykes is set to go okay RA I understand what happened here. Watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you've been taught that sounds like the serpent with Eve also sounds like the certain in his brazen pride with Jesus avoid them. Paul writes for such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts the nave. I want to let. I want you to be wise is what is good and innocent as to what is evil, the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. That's our hope in your future. But man that that pure teaching of the uncorrupted gospel as you write about in the blog post is so important, and that's the encouragement that I think we need to be leaning into the situation. Greg and Seneca pulling back from yes that's exactly right. And the whole force of Paul.

There is, is to go after what is the teaching that the apostles left for us and Satan will come just like he did to Eve and he will present a false truth.

He will question and I feel like getting back to young people. Some of this is maybe sort of a mechanism with them.

They may know what the Bible says that the Bible hasn't changed all but they may have to have this moral courage to stand up to what is in the culture and their young.

They gotta grow into this and it if if they see fewer of those spiritual leaders in front of them being bold about their faith. It's I think it's less of a of an opportunity or less of an example for them to follow and so that that text and in Roman 16. I think it's exactly where we are right now in our culture yes is a great point. I'm reading this from the blog post.

We talk about first is is to say faithful like even state eaves to stay faithful to her husband as we await Christ's return and second only just read this you guys understand this again just trying to really emphasize us. We must embrace the right understanding of the word of God and resist the watered-down gospel teachings in secular thinking being brought into the church is plenty of that. So if you're in a church that has a watered-down gospel and it's sounding more like the culture than Christ, get out of there. Okay there is a time to flee. Think like Joseph that's Potter for pot of his wife get out okay.

Gotta get out. This may mean that we like Paul must enter into a spiritual battle with our blinded opponents armed with the uncorrupted gospel pulling down their arguments.

I wanted to get to that park of that's this cultural engagement again that we do need to answer what the culture says is right and true and beautiful and moral. We need to have an answer to that. And then of course we need to use the word of God at the same time, to point them and remind them that there actually is an objective truth out there.

I think we have to have that. That's part of the gospel. Yes. And of course Peter reminds us to always be ready to give a sense that's that's an Apple idea where were defending the truth against the culture and I've often heard that text about your pulling down strongholds and in the mind and so forth as you. We gotta make sure we're were self critical in making sure our thoughts are being brought into the obedience of Christ and and I think is a good application. There will Paul is really saying that text is that when we engage the culture. Our prayer is that we can pull down the strongholds by confronting the tree the lies with the truth, and as Paul says to Timothy, and second of the two that God will be gracious under them and rescue their souls who are held captive by the devil were want whose is wanting them to do his will. Where on a rescue operation here and that rescue operation can't be just just a silent living out in front of them. It has to be right engagement with this is what the truth really isn't so so pastors especially keeping that truth don't don't think that that is something that's just a Sunday to Sunday thing. This is the normal thing that because you're a pastor that is engagement with the culture and we are actually teaching our people how to do that by how we model that in our preaching and teaching the church every single week and I think that such an exciting thing. I try to do that in the classroom every week is to make them that Scripture make sure they understand and clearly see appear good unadulterated teaching, but then its application to the world around you and then once you can apply it to the world. Boy, you're here, you're freaking out and worry and concern starts to melt away because things start to make sense to because God's purpose true and when you applied to the world around you.

You'll understand what's happening. But we also like I mentioned before, Greg have to have a gospel are not the purpose is just to win an argument is to try to pluck. While some grounds he can see the Lord when souls are the Holy Spirit, Dr. Greg, thanks for great having Anna Pickett's home on a second will pray with our Facebook and YouTube friends with redundant thanks so much for being with me today. I really appreciate thank you very much.

It's great to be here. You're very welcome. Will be back in course next Thursday with another theology Thursday with our friends at BJ's seminary. This is Steve Noble and the Noble show, God willing, we'll talk again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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