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A Big Week

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November 29, 2021 10:11 pm

A Big Week

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 29, 2021 10:11 pm

A Big Week

Steve brings Flavia, Live from Israel, on the show today for the first segment. David is on for Money Monday.  


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble yesterday so I got food poisoning met with anybody to bend down the road. Those horrific and then I thought I was going to get through the day started class in the morning at this my first week of classes, US history, civics and Christian ethics and by 45 minutes of the class. I had asked everybody to leave because I was about to pass out.

So dehydration is not a great day, obviously feeling much better today so back in the studio.

There's so much to talk about in the news, but I'm not to do that because I really want you to hear this interview with that. I did this week on Monday Verizon triumph of the modern self this by Carl Truman the rise in trying to the modern self cultural amnesia expressive individualism in the road, the sexual revolution essentially Carl goes how do we end up at the place today in the modern world here in the West work.

I can say I'm basically a woman trapped in a man's body and a good chunk of the population is just okay well I find you. Do you all do me.

Whatever, that's fine. The transgender thing which goes back to the gay marriage thing which goes back to something that I mention quite often the show, which is the idolatry of self.

This is an incredible book. Not easy to read because he's a brilliant man. Carl Truman is a PhD, University of Aberdeen to protect our knowledge the church historian previously served at the William E.

Simon fellow in religion in public life at Princeton University, authored or edited more than a dozen books of the guys brilliant. Okay and and this is just a conversation like the whole rise of the modern self counsel about your identity right so if you say your girl. I have to call you a different name or whatever it's all about the self.

It's all about how identify myself regardless of the natural world.

The natural law or reality in general. So the question lies in the point of the book is how do we get there. Okay so this is the interview I did on Monday with Carl Truman in this. The first segment of the interview were to start it now. Come back over to play some of it to all four segments it's gonna take the whole show, but you really need to listen to this and I got some of the things I want to share with you about our neighbors out to the Western North Carolina their suffering tremendously as that tropical storm just created a mess out there. We have an opportunity to help, but first segment with me what Carl Truman Verizon suck and triumph of the modern self right so there's a particular phrase. The rising triumph of the modern self cultural amnesia expressive individualism in the road to sexual revolution by Mike yesterday. Carl Truman and there's a line Carl that that shows up often in the book and a really kinda captivates and captures a lot of what you're dealing with in this book. I am a woman trapped in a man's body in how have we gotten to the point in our society, or rephrase that.

I think I'm a woman.

Therefore, I am a woman getting to the point society where this is just something we Carl we just go oh okay and we kinda leave it at that. Not all of us are that blas about it, but many of us are so how did this kinda become a meaningful, coherent statement in the modern times and then how did that kinda lead you to write the rising triumph of the modern self just in question. I think the other couple of observations to make about that statement all its completely counterintuitive.

It's a very very dramatic statement for that statement to be plausibly involved in society requires a major reversal of society's of force about men and women what it is to be amount of the woman. It involves a complete reversal or abandonment of the traditional way of thinking about that which cools connects pretty closely to biological difference to the biological nature of male and female bodies. Secondly, the other intriguing thing is how quickly it is come to to make sense not simply to those who sit in gender theory seminars on the people like Judith Butler, for example, queer theorists, but we will remount and woman in the streets and another when you combine the dramatic nature of the switch and the speed at which it's taken place. What it tells you is the calls it's underlying this change the rules: sixfold exchange is very deep and has been developing for a long long time. This, in some ways is simply the latest Domino to fall in a cultural story there's been going on for some time. He was really that drew me to want to address this question in the book how we reach this position with not just the the elites educated critical theorists among us, but also the old remount and woman in the street, find out statements if completely plausible lease nuances is utterly bizarre as it was being considered just 2025 years ago right and unfortunately I think our society is so intellectually shallow that they don't really question these things, they just kind of accept that but it's been to the extent this is certainly a frog in a pot scenario because one of the things that was fascinating about the book. Carl was talking to Carl Truman, the rising triumph of the modern self was unlike many of people in America. I think I probably assumed most of this started in the sexual revolution of the 1960s, but then you get in the way back machine and we have to go away before that because the philosophy that that really was the underpinning of a secular sexual revolution started well before that time was that something you always knew and adjusted ended up in the book because I think a lot of us are making the assumption that we blame the 1960s. Yeah, I think this is certainly an element of that when I started to work on the book.

The 60s loomed large but of course when you when you reflect for just a moment on the nature of history in general it comes pretty clear that nothing is its own cools is always a back story to everything that happened as I was reflecting on the sexual revolution became clear to me along the sexual revolution doesn't rise out of nowhere clearly the world is being prepared for the sexual revolution prior to the 1960s and secondly the story copy simply told in terms of of one cools or another as if rock music cools is promiscuity, or if the thinking of me cools you find so motion of human nature is a story you have lost the Lord God said no. I am live here in the yellow playing through an interview I did on Monday mentioned yesterday I was dealing with some fun food poisoning. I'm about 70% today and there's a lot of things going on. Obviously in Afghanistan and some other places that we need to pay attention to and as well as COBIT and everything else going on, so I'll get back to that on Monday. Rest assured, and trying to get a couple people to call and that can speak directly to what's going on over there so I'm working on that Saturday were listening to this interview I did on Monday with Carl Truman. By the way tomorrow from 1 to 6 on the heels of the huge storm that came through the other day just devastated. Westerners gone. I think they still have 15 to 20 people missing out there from flash flooding and everything, but some of our friends here in town and see strong here in Raleigh are doing a drop off tomorrow.

They're collecting supplies from 1 to 6 PM tomorrow. Okay that's 1100 S. Saunders St. in Raleigh. That's just north of 40 on South Saunders will 1100 S. Saunders St. drop off supplies okay water sports drinks, toiletries, close school supplies, work gloves, nonperishable food 5:59 PM tomorrow, 1100 S. Saunders St. in Raleigh just north of 40 so I'll remind all my local friends at that later in the show but let's get back to this Carl Truman interview.

It's incredible book.

The rising triumph of the modern self. Let's listen to part two. What would you say and then I want to get into the notion of self does it really play throughout the book in a semi-talk about in the air regularly.

Carl always say listen, this is all about autonomy. This is there's nothing new under the sun. Solomon had it right. It's been about autonomy since he got kicked out of the garden and then the notion of self redefining reality which of course Satan loves to do. We see that all over the place, but went when you come to go back.

What are some of the names that that some people might be familiar with, and even worldviews like Marxism that are really in that foundation underneath what happened in the 60s yeah well any list like he was going to be selected. Nothing shameful times. It's not a handful of fig suture who can restart and I would say you looking for living people who exam I got five time certain aspect because were still in it break so I don't know what did you restart the Carmax restarted everything got restart the screen in here. Sorry. He says we hear you we can hear you right you want to go live. I got okay welcome back.

Maybe for the first time. Who knows.

Crazy crazy crazy and technical difficulties. Welcome back to Thanksgiving post giving are you feeling better yet are you feeling more normal you over your gluttony and it's good to be back. Sorry for the confusion in that week. We are live. Okay, it's Monday afternoon about 4:22 PM Eastern time on November 29. I am sitting here right in the studio so we are live back from Thanksgiving break and my only thing I'll say about that his family is really important.

Spend as much time with your kids as you can before they're all out of the house and don't go to Disney and Universal on a holiday. Okay, we had a blast. But it was crazy how full and pack the place was. But we had a blast and it was great. Five out of the six nobles were together so I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and weekend and hopefully I spent plenty of time with your family. I'll just go over something that happened last week and then when I talked to David Fisher and the four segments today do a little money Monday update us of something that happened since I was here last last Tuesday was my last day in the air so is good to be back and talk about the things going on this week. Of course the Ahmad Aubrey decision came and I was glad to see that when his dad are reacted to the guilty verdict of the three men involved in his son's murder, proclaiming all lives matter. It's interesting. Who can say that can bury all lives matter. Marcus Aubrey told the media following the guilty verdict, not just black children.

We don't see nobody go through this. I want to see no daddy watch their kid get left and shot down like this. So with all of our problems are.

25 your black man as you remember, was shot and killed in Brunswick Georgia that was different for every 23rd 2021.

Three men attempted to carry out a citizens arrest by chasing and cornering him in two pickup trucks member did to see the video that was really brutal. Let's keep fighting us keep doing it, making this a better place for all human beings are breeze father said he meant that all human beings.

Everybody love everybody all human beings need to be treated equally. Today is a good day. Gregory McMichael and his son Travis along with her neighbor William Brian could face life sentence without parole for the murder. The Travis's lawyers attempted argues, acting in self-defense. The three meet their three men cleaned.

If you remember this of that artery was the offender of recent break-ins in the neighborhood.

The prosecutor said he was merely jogging. Travis testified that arbor he never spoke to him, threaten him or wielded a weapon and when the prosecutor asked if it has to move arbor.

He just ran.

When confronted, he said yes. So on the heels of what happened up in Kenosha with that verdict. Just recently, this one's probably good, not just from a justice perspective, but from a health of the country perspective so that's that's good there. Here's something that's also good for the health of the country. I was pleased. Is everyone following this at all.

Saul Leo.

Moreover, who abide in nominated be the top banking regulator who basically has time in Russia and her life is written a lot about communism and has some pretty radical ideas what I just saw this. That there were some Senate Democrats who privately voiced her opposition, which means it does not go anywhere. Praise the Lord. Sen. Jon tester of Montana Christensen of Arizona and Mark Warner of Virginia, all in a phone call so this is reported by somebody else. Of course all said yeah I know and that's good because she made remarks earlier this year calling for smaller oil and gas companies go bankrupt because White House defended her but didn't count coming on the Democrats opposing her.

Mrs. Amaral also faces concern and opposition from the Democrats who aren't on the banking committee, such as Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona. Her past economic academic work called for the shrinking shrinking big banks and creating get this a much bigger role for the Federal Reserve and consumer banking because that's working so well these days right. The Federal Reserve printing money, quantitative easing, and were printing money as if it's nothing which pretty soon is exactly what's going to happen, it will be nothing that they continue to print money. So there's that. So that's good news right here. Is there just again this is I said this last week before I left for vacation write to thank you. She was born in the Soviet Union.

I said this before I left that ideology doesn't care about reality. Ideology trumps reality right so check this one out with the binder ministration center restart a new round of nuclear talks with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the spokesperson for Iran's military seriously. Yes, the spokesman person for Iran's military stated over the weekend.

What quote we will not back off from the annihilation of Israel even 1 mm.

That's the Brig. Gen. who is the spokesman spokesman for the Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces. We want to destroy Zionism in the world.

Oh yeah we we can negotiate with them to confinement like his predecessor Obama's is either number one clueless which is a good chance number two knows understand something about Islam, but just doesn't care.

So again, ideology trumps reality. You cannot negotiate with hard-core Muslims because they believe it's honorable to light your faith more on that when we come back right of some nice children out music that we come back into the radio studio. It's great to be back with you. Hope you had a great thanks giving. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble show the Steve Miller

By the way if you missed the show, which is I guess forgivable.

Then you can always get the podcast that shows podcast and all the major podcast platform single get it listen to it whenever you want. You can search previous shows on the website. So if you want to learn something about a particular subject of anything we done on abortion anything we've done Islam anything we've done on trump whatever you can go to the website my the Steve Noble and use the search box and it will pull up every podcast we done in the last several years that has anything to do with that subject. So you can search it that way. We can also join us here in the studio on Facebook Liber YouTube live the Steve Noble show page on one of those talking through some things that have happened in our happening in the will talk to David Fisher in the final segment of the show today, but a lot of room to run this week. So working to do that.

I'll do my annual show on the big guy in red talking about Christians and Santa Claus plus there's just things happening fast. So will get all of that in the coming days. I'm talking about the Biden administration on the heels of his buddy Obama can restart a nuclear talks of Iran and Iran comes out and says in the face of it, we will not back off from the annihilation of Israel even 1 mm there.

Brig. Gen. said we want to destroy Zionism.

Zionism in the world which would include, by the way us. America the Jerusalem Post added the Iranian general, also blasted by rainy United Arab Emirates for normalizing diplomatic relations with Israel determining that the diplomacy intolerable for Iran's clerical regime quote Saudi Arabia by rain, United Arab Emirates and other countries considered as Muslims for us. They are part of the Zionist regime and this is very important.

This is the Brig. Gen. said the same thing. The comments from Iran's military comes the binder ministration.

Other nations are set to resume nuclear talks in what is now the seventh round of talks to take place.

Seven. Maybe it's the lucky number.

This time, or maybe that will change things. On September 13, the New York Times reported that Iran has come within roughly a month of having enough material to fuel a single nuclear weapon, and if they do friends what you think they're going to do with it. Just sit on it just threaten no if they get it. They'll use it.

That's why there after this court expert study new data contained in reports last week by the International Atomic Energy Agency United Nations atomic energy group said that by enriching nuclear fuel in recent months to near bomb grade levels to ran is gain the capability to produce the fuel needed for a single nuclear war were had with her mother so so let's negotiate with them to give them more ability to do that. That's what the Biden ministrations doing that's what his former boss to Obama because say with me class ideology trumps reality doesn't matter that Islam teaches tequila which is the honorable notion, the honorable practice of lying in the face of your enemies, even in order to cortical achieve peace, you still lie to advance the cause of Allah and Allah will be pleased and will praise you for your line.

That's why would John Kerry. They'd have talks on the weekend and on Monday, the burning effigies of Obama and burning the American flag and the Israeli flag that kind of stuff is really Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned in a speech to the UN in late September that Israel was prepared to do what ever it takes to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon quote were to not stop centrifuges from spinning. There are those in the world who seem to view Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons as an inevitable reality is a done deal, or they just become tired of hearing about it.

Bennett added Israel doesn't have that privilege. We cannot tire we will not tire Israel will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. So what will they do the binder ministration succeeds like Obama did. They will take it out as they should. Today I can't believe because Lee Maxwell still life can you on the heels of Jeffrey Epstein's cortical death suicide in prison because his little black book and what those two adult had done over the years and is little Lolita island out there with Clinton and Dershowitz and rinse Andrew all kinds of people all kinds of big powerful names. I think we would all be shocked if he actually saw the list of all the names that have been involved with this prolific pedophile. And because Lee Maxwell's trial begins today. Have you heard much about that. No, but you have heard about omicron when we skipped 10 letters to get omicron the newest covert variant omicron which I'm looking at new stories on this.

So here's one and the guy that founded the doctor the South African doctor says omicron variant symptoms are usual but mile.

So far, he said, we detected that those infected do not suffer the loss of taste or smell. It's kind of mild, more infectious, but mile even more. Okay, but then the World Health Organization comes out and says the omicron variant poses a very high global risk now does this have anything to do with his Lee Maxwell and all the big-name people that could go down. If that information comes out again. Like I said I'm shocked that the woman still life because the Clintons on down.

There's all kinds of powerful people that are caught up in Jeffrey Epstein's nightmare so what day is there such a ball around the world that omicron is released at the same time as his Lee Maxwell. Normally I would say no way. But here we are 2021 at the end of 20, 21, and at this point I would say nothing's really off the radar screen anymore, but that's the world as it descends further into chaos, which is why I hope especially in this Christmas season, we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I sure hope you're right with him. I sure hope your house is built on that rock because of it's not in your getting rocks all the time by the news of the day you're selling your joy in your peace and your happiness down the river based on what you see on Twitter or what you hear on talk radio, then there's a problem there. I'm concerned about all the stuff I talk about it all the time you read about it all the time but my house is built on the rock of this country. The rock of the new cycle the rock of what couch he says or anybody else.

My house is built on the rock of Jesus Christ and so if if if you're getting just blown all over the place by the news the day what's going on with the economy and inflation will talk to David Fisher about that for segment then then revisit whether you actually have all your faith in Jesus are all your eggs in his basket or if you Summon your own thinking you'll you're a decent person. You're pretty good person think you can earn your way into heaven if that thought even crosses your mind, you don't understand the gospel. You don't understand what God's word says so we have something on the website that will help you with that. Very simple goes right to the Bible. Great little five minute video very easy to understand.

If you're unsure about where you stand with the Lord. Just go to the Steve Noble website and right up at the top of the page will see the word heaven. Just click on that and get the answer if you're struggling with a friend or family member. The doesn't know the Lord, you can use that as well.

Just printed off or whatever, but all the scriptures there and simple explanations to make sure you check that out okay pouching omicron something the transformers doesn't.

On Sunday, speaking in CBS's face the nation. Dr. Anthony found she boasted quote I represent science the skies so Eric, while simultaneously referencing referencing those, including those who spin lines and threatens the congressional committee and the Rand Paul's and all that other nonsense. He said Paul scores Rand Paul fire back on Twitter. Quote the absolute who breasts of someone claiming they represent science.

It's astounding and alarming. The public health bureaucrat would even think the claim such a thing, especially one who has worked so hard to ignore the science of natural immunity so yes exactly like I am the science this guy you know what I want for Christmas.

I want Pope algae to retire.

That's what I want for Christmas.

I want Pope algae to retire get out goat moved to Boca Raton and just leave us alone.

I'm so over it over him over COBIT think that I had it already. Thank you Lord for natural immunity, all that good stuff. Tom cotton blasted off and Fox news. Tony got you lied to Congress and he should be investigated. Amen. He repeatedly said that his agency did not fund dangerous and risky gain of function research and those 100 labs which almost certainly was the origin of this virus, which is why it's okay to call the China virus. By the way he said it repeatedly to Congress his agency just minute a few weeks ago. Yes they did, in fact, funding a research gain of function research so there's a lie there if you are 20 pouching lying to Congress or his agency. After months of stonewalling, writing a letter to Congress and many I suspect it's 20 pouching lying on the spot in his testimony to Congress.

This was a time, but the American people at risk by funding this dangerous research.

True, which was happening under the Obama administration through which he thought he knew better than the people's elected representatives definitely trip. It's just another example of how these bureaucrats think that they are the science that they represent the epitome of knowledge and those grubby politicians like the present United States and United States senators and representatives have no business telling them what to do. That's not the way our democracy functions well, Tom.

You might be a little nostalgic on that one. That might be that way that's not the way our democracy used to function but sadly it's the way it functions today.

I'll talk more tomorrow about the Supreme Court this Wednesday hearing Mississippi case.

That is a huge deal, so want to talk about that tomorrow, but but hats off to our friends in Australia. Land down under. According to local pit. Please get this more than 20,000 on these marts throughout the city of Melbourne on Saturday, just two days ago, with thousands more protesting in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and other cities across the country. Other similar demonstrations also occurred last weekend as part of an international day a protest against covert, 19 lockdowns and vexing mandates. That's awesome now.

What's the problem.

Well, some of the things they're doing in Australia proposed two years in jail or 90,000 other fine for anyone who quote intentionally and recklessly violate the public health order. That's what you have to hashtag resists this stuff not just talking about cold in science and facts, but the overreach and the overpowering maneuvers of the federal government Steve Noble of Europe back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble show great to be with you. Great to be back here in the studio on the heels of the Thanksgiving and did you notice last week, the plummeting Dow Jones industrial did your big kaboom when it plummeted over 900 points. That was brutal and then today, of course, it's up to hundred and 36 point so the usual continues were all over the map and so as we always do on Mondays.

It's good to be will to go to our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital landmark. is always David how are you you you but no meaning. Yes, indeed I could live without it myself, and so were to talk about the stock market obviously a yo-yo. We got Congress and in the year end and syllable talk about all these things and will do a full full money Monday next week could be the first Monday in the last of full money Monday of the year as we are in December. Starting on Wednesday so will do that next week but I know we always start with passage of Scripture to get our compass that straights are going in the Old Testament so lead us there.

Dave and the will talk about the rest of the stuff. 31 but on the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. A very favorite scripture to many of your listeners and myself and you sugar was a boy named Glenn who grew up in Kansas in the 1910 he was eight years old. His legs were badly hurt in the explosion.

They were burned and in fact, his brother actually only put gasoline on a fire in the grade school about heater kerosene in" brother Floyd died him out fire but back to gland the doctors recommended to gland and that they needed to amputate Glenn's leg because he can walk him would never walk is what they said.

The rest of his life, but Glenn was distressed about them. The parents decided not to go full through the doctors ideal for amputation, but he did a lot of her/him. His knees and toes from some muscle and the great determination.

One of his favorite scriptures was Isaiah 4031 and two years after the accident was the first time he walked in 1934 Glenn Cunningham shook the world record for the mile run. At four minutes determination and God's miracle working. What a great story have never heard that story before David and I thought it was worth repeating something. I googled it and it really know sometimes we will give them the credit to help miraculously board work and little tenacity how he can increase his environment for him just to do miracles. And obviously this is one yeah what a great story and great passages of Scripture Isaiah 4031. Thanks for that encouragement on the heels of Thanksgiving and that's it's great to hear. Thanks much for that. I really puts kind of a modern context to Isaiah 4031 and just a great reminder for all of us. Okay, so the market down on Thursday that huge collapse.

On Friday, down over 900 points. I can hear that kaboom all the way down from Orlando so so what's the deal with the yo-yo you mentioned that earlier up and down, up and down what's going on when you went down right after, but within an hour or so after trauma was being renominated for ensuring the you went up initially and because it took away this surprised Morgan like supplies but then somehow the building start tapering down always for the murders close on Thursday and Friday in the market came down because this new land called on the call and that is so black Friday became red Friday 900 points. Choose the biggest selloff on Black Friday and 70 years gold in the S&P in the Dell gold and silver sword.

Who knows how to spread thought you should almost wonder we spread all over the present time this morning when I can have shutdowns which I'm very thankful for good put into place were seven countries are not allowed to. Those people are not allowed to travel to us, but unfortunately there's a few countries were the very majority in working on that list so where some unknown here going forward in the market doesn't like unknown but it's going up and agreeing a little bit again. I got say this pretty often. David that the marsh the market is more like a human being. It's emotional and so it reacts emotionally to the news the day near omicron in North everybody's a run for the hills including the market so it's good to see it up today what so we only have like four weeks left in the year. Of course we have Christmas break and everything. So what's Congress facing as we finish up 2021 major things on their plate. The house maybe send it needs to still pass the bill back better infrastructure $1.75 trillion bill sugar about across the finish line while in time. The opposite is happening. They got a raise good tips you Jesus, like an oxymoron spending bill (feelings or we can pay for it so December will run out of money.

According to the short-term funding that have to trillion dollars that was passed back in October, October, so that short-term measures will expire on Friday when will completely run out of money. According to Janet Yellen. That's December 15 and then after that terminology. What we talked about before extraordinary measures. Rob Peter to pay Paul and the money from Social Security or the trust funds and so security is bankrupt. So here's the number, Social Security. If you pull back the onion since 2010.

The revenue has not been met and exceeded the payments we are this number is staggering $9.8 gap between promised benefits and future tax revenue on payrolls grown almost $7 trillion in one last year or so. So security fund is projected to run out by 2033. That's one of the funds that they normally rob Peter to pay Paul. This time I will see what happens with 15 December is when they start and projections are completely run out of money sometime mid towards the end of February will keep an eye on yeah I mean is just so remarkable to consider leasing so you know you look at the past two decades that we taken on significant debt. I'm looking at a chart right now David back in 1990. We are at 3.2 trillion, and then today of course were at almost 29 trillion so we skyrocketed. You see this curve up up up up up up up. You'd like that if that was your overall net worth increasing like this, but in this case it's the country's debt so we've always done that not only there's always been an issue there, but tickling last two decades. Should we be more concerned now versus like 10 or 20 years ago throwing trade to insurers throwing in equality and unfunded pensions and other purely good issues that have been happening debt to income ratio of the debt to GDP was two decades ago, 86% amounts over went over hundred 5% a decade ago. Now some say it's 126 from six 135. Some say Jeffrey got lucky since we had the unfunded liabilities.

Security is the unfunded liability because it's unfunded hundred 50% to GDP him.

You cannot make those payments is impossible. So it's becoming an issue passing of the bill and let's raise the debt ceiling, and let's continue as status quo, but you know the day of reckoning will deftly, some point when I don't know but were headed fastly towards that day know this is that's right it's unavoidable. It's not a matter of if it's just a matter of when.

And that's why we all need to consider.

That is down the road and we need to consider what were doing at their money when you have a little bit or a lot and so that's why diversification is such a big deal that subject comes up just about every Monday that we talked David but last week we're talking a gold and silver and set a very interesting year to say the least. And of course on the market does what it did last Friday. That's good for gold and silver. But what's an update on that and what can we expect to the rest of the year Sherman take me all the pictures with Dr. Nicole asked red bell, the director of pupil advisory group.

She said that gold is in an uptrend and that uptrend is, in fact she also said this market have varying degrees of gestation and some of them can be exceptionally long in duration so she's referring to a pullback in Golden. She's also saying that right now we have inflation in global uncertainty which favors gold and all the elements were circling around the globe in a very very good look for gold. I think we will look back on this years from now, and this was an opportune time to enter this sector coal gold and she says when we look back at the full duration she said she she's not surprised that we might have a 600 to 200% movement upward and gold so she's partially right think we wish we all have poor losing my voice all had some representation in gold and silver. I know I do. I know you do and many of her listeners, but now's the time to be looking at a possible idea of getting diversification and getting some information from us a packet on that I can say just last week we we got a safe deposit box in a local bank and in the golden and silver that we purchase so I took it over there myself and it's nice to have a tangible in your hand asset that's not in the maelstrom of the market right now and it was just a great sense of relief and security for us. That part of our part of our savings were in there, what, what's the best way for people to get more information, David called actually for 42575844604257541 website some things but also money Monday next week. Have a great week you to my friend Kristin this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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