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The Theology of Trials

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 18, 2021 9:50 pm

The Theology of Trials

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 18, 2021 9:50 pm

The Theology of Trials

Steve brings Dr. Dam Horn, from Bob Jones Seminary, on the show today to talk about the Theology of Trials. 


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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble

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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his shoulders and walked no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble you tell me if it sounds familiar to another story, but know the name Kim and I take him through hand high probably don't know the name but if you're probably north of 45 or 50 years of age know the story and iconic Vietnam War photo shows nine-year-old Kemp anti-fleeing naked down the highway horribly burned by napalm member that that ring a bell now.

Yet Kim once suicidal over her scars and being exploited as a North Vietnamese propaganda tool could ultimately proclaim quote.

I am thankful for the fire road because eventually it led me to Jesus, who had also been ruthlessly scarred. Obviously, as we know, and persecuted at one time or another. Each of us will walk down an unexpected fire road of deep pain, suffering, and in some cases unbearable loss. Perhaps the odds are pretty good across about 30 radio stations and podcasts, and Facebook live in YouTube live. It's for some of you this is painfully real right now so and in some cases unbearable loss.

Peter tells us not to be surprised when the fires of trial engulfed us for a season that's first Peter 412 and James affirms the reality of trials afflicting God's choicest servants so you don't get out of it. Just because your father what we do when you encounter an unanticipated season of trial as the good Shepherd lead you through your own fire road like kung fu panda tie went down hers and of course are coming into the holiday season. Next week is Thanksgiving, Christmas is right around the corner.

Studies show some 40% of us experience added stress during the holidays.

I think most of its and say amen to that. Whether it's just familial with family or the wounds are just harder to deal with may be of a loss of a loved one in the last 12 months or more recently, something with covert. Whatever the case may be, attends to get more difficult than the holiday season. So today on theology Thursday with our friends at Bob Jones seminary the theology of trial or anxiety. Finding your new normal on the Fire Rd., Doctor Sam Horn. Welcome back to the show. How are you my brother, all doing great. Steve, thanks for having back here very joint very much being on the first time looking for this yeah and it's a it's great to have you back on and I know we all need at one level or another. Some help with this, but I also know before we come to jump into were to go through, four points that were here that are going to the basis for a book that Sam is writing with our guest from last week, less a loop.

Is it a little overlap so that's all about what is on finding your new normal is a book they're working on and we talked about that recently. Also, the blog post I shared on Facebook today on my personal page as well as the radio page where you can always find out what were talking about. Each week on theology Thursday with our friends at BJ's seminary.

Just go to the webpage that they set up specifically for you, listening and watching the show seminary.BG you.ED you\radio okay seminary.BG\radio organ to be talking about these four main points from that particular blog post, but Sam, I know. He also had a common expanded story of this woman that we all know, certainly by picture, not so much by name yet so good. I was working on this book with less the ideas finding a new normal when normal stops for you and it does for EVERY one of us is you have a day when we get up in life as we know it normal.

As we know it stops and we have to go into a new normal. So I came across this story in a book called fire Road that Kim Luke wrote as her own story and she talks about as a nine-year-old girl coming out of the village yet non-that have been made Pulmicort she was covered with napalm and literally to close burned off her back and she ran as far she could for as long as she could collapse and American soldier try to be merciful to her gave her water to drink because her body was still burning.

He doused her with water and the chemical compound that makes up maple bonds with water so she she got back on fire. It was just a horrible scenario.

She ends up in the hospital covered with burns and you know I she said she she grew up with this tried everything she could appearance followed a Vietnamese deity, and she prayed that the regularly for relief and nothing happened so she goes off to college, University of Saigon and the North Vietnamese government finds her and begins using her as a propaganda tool is so one day she got word that they were coming to get her and she ran and hid in all places at the library so she head down behind some shelves in the library waiting for these people to leave and while she was down there. She looked down on the bottom shelf and she saw growth books and one of the books was a New Testament that she pull that New Testament out and for a solid hour she read that New Testament.

She read the Gospels sort of skimmed yeah but that's how she found out about this person who had scars so that began her journey that was in 1982 and Christmas Eve that year, she found herself in a little Christian church and she became a Christian and and that wonderful quote. She said I'm thankful for the fire Road because eventually led me to Jesus. That's true for all of us who have fire that's exactly rightly the premise of the book and again I would caution all of us to. Don't compare your fire road to somebody else's fire road date in your context at your fire road.

If you know somebody that's got a particularly a more clinically disturbing story of our heartbreaking story. Don't negate the power of your own story because it doesn't quite measure up. If you will to somebody else's. We all have fire road experiences and their valid and important in the context in which they happen to you and from your perspective so don't try not to jump on the comparison box but for really powerful points are that were to work through today with Dr. Sam Horn for BJ's seminary acknowledge except adapt and accelerate. So let's start with acknowledge because I think this is one of these things that we really struggle with is you know about Lord, how can help you let this happen to me and I think that's really important. Steve, as you mentioned, we can't compare our experience to somebody else's because it's our experience and it's tailor-made for us by the God who knows everything and controls everything before words that you just articulated that are really the heart of the book come from left solo they really are is ideas and in their very powerful crews that help us navigate fire in the rotor fire when we find ourselves on. So let you know.

For example, when you wake up in the morning and normal in any can end in any number of ways I can end with a phone call and and it's somebody on the other line telling you about some horrible accident that just happened in the person in that car just left your house. It was your husband wife and it just ended for normal just stop or it could be at a doctor's office where you're getting the results of the routine scan. That's right and I just had a friend go through that. Not two weeks ago. Yeah, I think overhead number break here at Sam's just hold that thought talking to Dr. Sam Horn today for BJ's seminary. The theology of trial.

Finding your new normal on the fire wrote such an important topic will pick it up there only come back. Looking back, it's even over the Steve Noble show theology Thursday with her friends at BJ's seminary and as a reminder work, working today through a blog post that our guest today, Dr. Sam Horn did with less, all of which lessons on the show.

Just recently, is an amazing conversation that we had about humanism in high gear and how you how you lead and that is a person of faith and it was just a test actually did that just a week ago and then today I ducked Sam Horn back in the highlight with us as were talking about this so this particular blog, the theology of trial. Finding your new normal on the fire Road which is a reference to that young girl that we all know of from the picture out of Vietnam was caught up in the napalm bombing there that she was running up the street, buck naked, and in just brutal picture. Most of us that are 45, 50 years of age that something that's burned into our conscience.

We know that picture and in that's the basis of this, but if you want to check it out. I put the links up on Facebook live on the radio show page today in the Steve Noble show page on Facebook or you can just go to that the page that there are friends at BJ's set up specifically for the listeners on the show that seminary.BJ you.ED you\radio okay go there and you'll find other blog posts that we reference including the one were talking about today working to these four points and again Sam, thanks for being with us today so all you're welcome a blessing so acknowledges the first one. The expected shocking end of normal pursuit produces denial and confusion. Like you mentioned to be the phone call could be the been up to the doctor and all of a sudden your life is radically transform and you have to find a new normal. But what we mean by acknowledge so acknowledges is what happens when reality intersects with your life even if it's a reality you don't, you can't deny reality for very long meeting so you can set the dinner table. Just like you did all the other days and it doesn't matter how how often you set that table. The person is never to sit in a chair or you can have the bedroom preserved exactly like it was the last time you saw the there never can sleep in that Vatican you can show up to your office on Monday morning, just like you've done all the other Monday mornings with somebody else's in that office so normal.

As you know it is done in reality, it forces you to acknowledge that and you can see it in Joe Job's primary example of this because when he woke up one morning by the time he went to bed that night.

His entire normal was gone all of his wealth was lost, his servants was brutally slain by marauding bandits and then a freak world when comes and is all all seven of his children gone in an instant. I mean, I cannot imagine the trauma and the pain and the emotional anguish know there are five verbs that immediately describe what happened to Joe. He stood up here roads. He tore his row. He shaved his head and he fell on the ground. I mean, think about those verbs are exactly what happens to us were shocked were grieved were were in pain were in agony, but the fifth verbs. This he worshiped. He worshiped and he ran to God instead of running away from you.

He knew that God that's right and I think that's that. One of the things when you start looking at that list of verbs in everything that he went through.

There is a time and a season for the it's different for each person so I case how quickly should I stop grieving this or how quickly should I get over my shock and all those things that happen anger, even anger towards God is normal.

We have to show our strength a little bit} there when it comes to that, but just kind of acknowledging the fact that now I'm into a new normal, then the question becomes what you do now, and that's kind of takes us into our second point, which I think is really difficult.

I've seen this in other people's lives struggle that took with a certain extent. In my own life but the notion of once we acknowledge our new normal wheat we have to choose the path on this case. We can talk about Naomi and then Job about accepting so help us understand that so acknowledge happens because reality doesn't stop and can't be denied, as we were talking about a minute ago, the cancer scan came back positive. In now you gotta deal with it all the wishing and all the denial doesn't change the reality because you have to live in that reality. It smacks you up on the face all the time so you have to acknowledge that there's a huge difference between acknowledging reality and accepting and and the reason for that is that accepting is a matter of the will. Right. We have to understand, and as you said, we gotta give people a lot of grace because some people never get there. I mean think they acknowledge the loss, but they never accept the fact that this is happened and there's a huge story in the Bible that kinda displays this and that is the story of Naomi. You never know me in the Bible. Ruth's mother-in-law famous woman in the Bible has a book named after Ruth and her mother loves Naomi and Naomi lived in Israel in the town of Bethlehem and during the course of a famine. Her husband took her and her two sons to Moab. Her sons Mary to Moabitess women or Congress and in the space of 10 years.

Naomi's world exploded. She had three massive funerals and so here she is a foreigner in Moab with two daughter laws and no more son, you couldn't be in a worse spot if you were Jewish widow with no future. So she decides to go back to Bethlehem and as she's getting ready to leave her daughter laws are coming with her and she says to them you need to stay here. You need to go back to your families and you need to go back to your your gods because the hand of God has been harsh. It has been bitter against you, you can see that Naomi acknowledge the loss of her husband and her son, but she wasn't nearly ready to accept that and so she really compels her daughters about this and so orbit goes back and and Ruth is still determined to come. Whether in an Naomi goes at her again and pretty much says the same thing we think about this here is a woman who worship true God of heaven and she so upset at what God is allowed to come into real life that she's actually telling her daughter-in-law's it's better for you to go worship pagan gods. Yeah, well, and follow my God was done. Now I'm not casting a stone at me only because all of us all of us have had a normal that is exploding such a painful way that it's almost impossible for us to come to grips with how could this happen.

How could this be in some helpful people coming to our like to remind us about Romans 828 it's like rubbing salt. Never been there.

Like somebody says that all things for good and you know that's theology true, but at that moment in your life. That's the last thing you want to hear you had to be very careful because when you pick up Romans 828 you might be thinking you're picking up a Band-Aid ourselves and what you're doing is picking up club you have to be really careful with the application of that one.

But in contrasting today we have somebody like Joe you and show you both grieved right so so coming to grips with the new normal involved grief is not the absence of grief, it's grieving well how do you grieve well and so Naomi is just battered and bruised and traumatized by what is happened and she cannot imagine how God could have done. Mr. and Joe who actually suffered a far greater loss all of his possessions. All the servants all of his children fallen his face and says to his wife. The Lord gives Ortega's blessed be the name of the Lord.

I could not comprehend. No, no need of driver out where ever gets a break will pick it up there we come back in the thing about Job is illegal. Hey, I would've rather this never happened but here we are, you know, 3000 4000 years later, when I meet Joe that one of my questions will for him will be hey Joe, would you change that you could now but now he seemed to imagine all the people that come to heaven. I met him and go thank you so much for going truly with back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble, show theology Thursday with our friends at BJ's seminary done in Greenville, South Carolina. Just incredible.

God's doing down there and has been for years. By way, not just at the we have a little pain that our friends on a PG seminary set up for us. So each week that we have another professor leader on from the seminary this week. Dr. Sam Lawrence back in the house.

PG seminary usually were working off of a blog these beauties becoming just a great thought leader and a lot of different areas and so there's blogs that we generally are writing specifically for the topic of the show. It's a great partnership and is been so much fruit coming off of that already. We've only been at it for a couple of months and so today were basing it off of. It's called the theology of trial. Finding your new normal on the fire road which Sam wrote with Les Olin who was just on last week and so just a great topic and finding a new normal is a book that's can become an out that these brothers have written together. So today talk about how are dealing with their grief and whatever your fire road looks like, especially this time year next week. So many of us are excited about Thanksgiving working families were to be exploring the bounds of our gluttony working to have fun and for a lot of people. This is the worst time year. Most of us is the greatest timing. We love this time year but for a lot of people. They would rather go sit in a hole and climb into a cave somewhere and make it all go away because it's very difficult and I know some of you that's where you're at right now so that's why so helpful that were going through this.

Acknowledging the first step toward finishing up with acceptance of her to talk about adaptation or adapting. After that, but moving from acknowledging to acceptance of our new normal requires. This is really powerful Sam dethroning self and throne in God and employing the fuel of worship and gratitude.

What was that look like it sounds great. I think we understand that biblically, but what is that look like practical. Well, I cannot come back to our illustration of Naomi go both of them. Contrast they both talk to God and they will talk about God, but they do it in very different ways both in the throes of immense pain and suffering grief deep loss may not think of you mentioned a minute ago were walking into a wonderful week of Thanksgiving, but for a lot of families are said to be a table or two or tier 2 may be empty about table because they lost somebody during COBIT or the loss of co-bitter or something major happened job was lost their normal that they they enjoyed last Thanksgiving is the same today and a lot of people struggle with and that's why this book I think is so helpful and we look at the whole idea of fueling worship with two things trust and gratitude. In order for us to trust you have to file week. We really have to dethrone ourselves and we we just have to admit, God knows things God is up to things that we may not fully know that's the difference between Job and Naomi Joe comes know me comes back to Bethlehem Rossa pick that story backup she comes back to Bethlehem and all the women remember her and the greeter hey Naomi and she looked at those women as is don't call me that.

Don't call me that anymore because when I left here. I left full the hand of God was harsh enough coming back empty so don't call me Naomi, call me tomorrow and work tomorrow.

Sour intent because that's what that's how she felt got it reduced her but over time, God starts doing little properties you know Ruth goes outside to field comes back with an overflowing grain basket whose field was it old that's our. That's our kinsman.

That's her kinsman redeemer and by the end of the story.

Everything is changed for Naomi and she's holding a little baby that God gave the roof and the women came back to her and said we want to name that and they named the baby overhead because they're saying, Denny only God is giving you a son.

You told your daughter-in-law.

There were no more sons, God is giving you a grandson and you know the story right opens the father of Jesse father, Jesus, and on and on and on it goes. Amazing what Tony I gave back to New York despite Naomi's original bad attitude right so concrete Christ out of that line immense amendment in the Joe on the other hand, worships, and he says things like Lord gives Lord takes blessed be the name of the Lord and then later on he says, though he slay me, yet will I trust it and no matter what you throw it. Joe the writer Job can come back and say, but Job did not sin with his lips or did he charge God foolishly. So there was a trust even in the midst of all the question wasn't sort of the Stoic trust me.

Joe pours his heart out to God and lament and God speaks back to Job with answers presents the following difference yet make those over you don't so that's how you move from acknowledgment which happens because reality denied acceptance went when you realize God. God allow this and now I gotta do something in my new normal, and I just sit here are my can actually serve God in my normal yeah nice jumping into this next point. Adapting her adaptation that's really okay you go to God just gave me a stink bomb. No, that at this point is what I'm thinking of is I'm reading through this blog post and talk about adapting like acknowledgment and acceptance. Adaptation is a choice, one in which we move beyond accepting to thriving in our new normal. The secret to adapting realizing trials are all about our good and God's glory so that's why mention on the break that all of a sudden your your steward of this visit fire road in your life now your survey word and now you're moving into okay. Instead of asking Lord, what, why, why did this happen to me.

I think the question then becomes what we gonna do with this well and so Stewart's Paul said there's one thing God expects steward and that is that he would be found faithful with what God gave him to steward and so I think of this next step.

Adapting to ideas. I think about it in terms of opportunity and responsibility. So God is allow this to come into my life. What does God want me to, and I've used the story you may have heard the story of Eric wind in my Eric wind Meyer is very very credible individual. He's one of the few 150 people on the planet to climb the seven tallest mountain to climb the tallest mountain on every continent and in the stunning thing about that is Eric is blind that he was born blind you. Nobody became blind by 13 years of age he he denied the fact that he was going blind in one didn't want to learn braille did want to use service dogs. Over the time he went blind had to learn braille in one day as he was reading a magazine and really read about somebody blind person could block like that launched him 18 years later, he literally climb as a blind man mountains that most of us realize that were never even attempt though he adapted and that's what you mean in the Bible.

There's a great example of a man whose normal Getting disrupted and you know the story of Joseph. Joseph your God-given dreams and his father gave him a coat and his brother through me to pet James and there when is there. What is normal right so Lance and Potter first house and adapts by the time he's done adapting running Potter's house and then is normal close up again through false accusation, you could've said you know God. This is strike two faithful to you and and you let me be sold as a slave and I Think faithful to you and strike to now being falsely accused going to prison and in prison he adapts and he he literally rises to the top running this prison and in the only reason you know God is still in his life, is because God keeps giving and then all of a sudden is normal. Thanks again and running as this thing about outside and it is the second most powerful man in Egypt saves Egypt and saves the world from hunger, and he saved his family because he adapted to normal and at the very end of his life he names his two sons interesting names. She names one boy Manasseh, which means God because he forgot to forget the pain I've experienced in this land and the other boy was named Ephraim because God is made me to flourish and be bountiful in my house and let you incredible stories.

Let me jump in there on the word flourish because it was we move from adapting to accelerate at that's thing about flourishing so you like okay I'm just to survive this. Do you survive or do you thrive.

What's God's desires got his desires always that we should have life and have it abundantly.

Which to me sounds like thriving city center to another say that it's good to be easier route us is mobile you're going to have a week at Disney. As you go through this, but that's that notion of accelerating, which is the fourth point which really put you in into the Joseph story is okay now you start to see there's incredible opportunity here which is not bemoaning the pain and the loss suffering but is not touring, no ignoring and offering or denying just all of a sudden he found hope and purpose and meaning, and blessings off that tree and if you're the one that gets planted in the dirt in order to give life to all this new fruit.

I think for all of us that were to follow Christ's pattern.

That said, we that Job said he though he slay me. Still, I trust in him. If you're going to take my life and bury me in the dirt fine because I can trust the Lord to bring fruit yet so I think coming back to this idea of now, now that I've acknowledged accepted and adapted. God is ready to accelerate me into a new lay ministry. Let me give you a tangible modern-day story of this just starting because it had a break about 30 seconds so just tease it a little and then will arrive so that you hundred thousand wheelchairs. 66,000 families impacted train to help their handicap love love one physically challenged Ludwig hundred and 11,000 Bibles given out tens of thousand people come to know the Lord who would not want to have a ministry like that.

No kidding would not want to show up to God and say this is what I'm bringing with my life. My question there'll raise my hand in the back of the class salmon sale sign up for what's it going to cost me that's will and will find out right now and y'all get another statement we come back in the price that this person paid what was it worth will the IPA back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble, show theology Thursday with their friends and I'm an area talking to Dr. Sam, a talking about and kind of working off of this blog post that I've shared multiple times on Facebook. Just this afternoon during the showing beforehand the theology of trial. Finding your new normal on the fire Road fire Road is a reference to you will remember that picture just world famous. It's still famous even though it took place almost 20 years now.

60 years ago.

Now, with little Kim through pan tie, which was the Vietnamese girl that was hit with the with the napalm and running down the street. She was naked she was burned and so that set her fire Road, which eventually led her to faith in Christ.

And so that's kind of thing that that picture was seen around the world. It's called a picture that was seen around the world around, literally, and many people credit to sort of bringing all of that conflict to an end. Yup yeah incredible the realities of war. So we been working to these four points is your kind of working through your own fire Road and the challenges you have in your life and your loss and your pain and your grief in the in the moaning and the groaning and there's a place for all of that but the Lord has a bigger plan than just the grief and injustice that the problems that it brings acknowledge except adapt and accelerate were finishing up with accelerate which this portion of the blog post started with this guy has no intention of wasting your pain and once we are thriving for spirit enabled adaptation. We are ready and eager for him to use us in new and fresh ways to put it in my simple street-level language. Sam I been saying something for years that unlike the federal government. Nothing gets wasted in God's economy not right and pain become some of the most valuable currency uses sometimes when we go through pain and it disrupts our life.

It's so destabilizing, and we don't really know who to talk to fact we don't even know how to talk about and so sometimes sadly we don't even know how to talk to God about that and what's interesting about all of the people we been talking about Joseph Jobe and even Naomi.

They all talked to God in there's a biblical parallel or biblical paradigm. Rather, for this and Scola meant lament is actually a prayer that's birthing pain that actually leads to trust and there's a whole book called Lamentations in our Bible right but there are numbers of laments, you know, these are prayers that are filled with pain and anguish and yet the people who are praying those prayers bow down before God we trust God, and they affirm their desire to obey God even in this incredible trial writ and I know many of your listeners are going through that and have their own fire roads in and God wants to you like you said, the pain and not waste it. We started you know the last into the last session section rather with the story about 200,000 wheelchairs being distributed to people whose lives were changed by 66,000 families educated and equipped to know how to serve and and and help a loved one or family member who had a life altering handicapper or disability come into their life hundred and 11,000 Bibles distributed over the course of many years and tens of thousands of people that heard the gospel and many of them came to know Christ. When you several what's the price tag for that help the price tag actually happened.

The founder of that ministry in 1967 in the month of July when a 17-year-old girl went out for swim your sister went out into the ocean and swam out to a little draft that was sort anchored there and dove off that wrath. The bottom so shallow. She hit the bottom and severed a portion of her spine and never walk again and was herself in a wheelchair and you know are obviously as Johnny Erickson taught and you know that's the price that for this incredible ministry that God has given to her and I think you ought as we think about a Bible pattern for this. I think of her ministry. I think the apostle Paul who had this amazing response when he found himself constrained in ways that he would never have anticipated that the peak of his ministry. And here's an apostle everywhere he goes, assuring the gospel entire cities are coming to Christ like like he shows up at Thessalonica and he opens up his mouth and the way it's described is you turn from idols to serve the living God and wait for the coming sent from heaven, and the whole region knows about how powerful this inhabited emphasis it happen everywhere he went, and then all of a sudden the middle all of that got stops all the action and sticks the star player of all of this jail and he's writing to the Philippians, and any spinning to the Philippians that that the circumstances that he's in have abounded rather unto the furtherance of the CCF's crazy. You're sitting there going.

He was in a Roman jail means not like our jails today, right, you know, you had to get your own food yet to persuade people to come in and help you and if you were in prison for the reasons Paul was in. You were viewed as a traitor you were viewed as seditious and nobody wanted to hang out with. So here's this prisoner in chains, and he's actually saying things like a this is really the very best thing God could've done for the gospel minor housing and what is that by the time Paul is done. The gospel has gone to the praetorian guard, which is Nero's own personal car. He had been chained to some of those soldiers by the end of the gospel was in Rome.

It's in Nero's own household know when God chooses to advance the gospel through our pain. It's unstoppable. I've often. I've often wondered what is God up to you when he trusts one of his servants with unbelievable almost unbearable stuff and you think about this if you don't know the Lord and you're not a believer, the same kind of stuff happens to you, your kids get cancer, your kids get in accidents, your kids, you know, get pregnant out of wedlock all the stuff happens to you, your spouse gets sometimes hit by unexpected no accident or driver that wasn't watching and in your at a funeral and all of a sudden God just one of his servants.

I need a mission.

I need somebody to take the gospel to people in that kind of pain in your life.I'm in for that. Let me get my pony read up on that I'm in, I'm in a go to Greece year on the learn how to talk to those people here are not readily God is not to know that I don't really I'm actually going to put you in the bed next to you're going to be in the waiting room with them, waiting for news about your nine-year-old boy or your nine-year-old daughter you to be in the same funeral home. One chapel over having the same funeral there to look at you in the midst of your grief and your loss and there you see how are you making that's right. And that is going to be Jesus.

That's right answers can be Christ and what the the God of the Bible is doing in your life to the power the Holy Spirit. That's why when whenever I talk about the subject whatever comes up. Sam I always end up back in second Corinthians chapter 1 anything but God uniquely qualifying you because you are qualified to do otherwise you could be empathetic to be kind can be a good listener, but not until you've walked on that fire roads yourself are you actually equipped to minister to people in the same arena so starting in verse three Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of mercies and God of all comfort like really doesn't sound like it in the midst of all this Hoovers for comforts us in all of our affliction here you go, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

He comforts you. You turn around you become a steward of that in order to comfort others and nobody else can play that role except you, in the way specifically that you suffered and whatever lots of experience and to go back to what we should really earlier in the broadcast. In order for that to happen you have to dethrone yourself and you have to say God I had all these dreams at all these expectations I had all these anticipations in these hopes, but this life was never mind. You told me that I was bought with a price of not my own, and so you're in charge and it's your life and if you want to put it in a wheelchair or you want to put it in a hospital bed or you want me to go through a funeral that I never anticipated or whatever you want more you want put me where everyone put me it's your life. I just wanted to count for you. I want all of this pain to lead me to you. Just like that fire road yet let Kim food to you and it makes it so much easier to endure that knowing that there's a blessings and now we go to Romans 828 and talk about got everything works together for good, and you see that but but you can't see that until you go through S when you get Romans 828 two soon actually scaling make Matt Ambrose's conqueror trial and some guy came up in the parking lot and sang a hymn to me about you know will understand it all bye-bye to this day I have an aversion to that you yeah great great truth wrong. Ty got bedtime so you know, oftentimes we throw the Romans 828, which is absolutely true. Absolutely yet, but man, when we see the bigger picture. Then we can look at Romans 828 and we can testify to what, that's me, that's exactly what God gets well yet such a powerful platform that you couldn't get otherwise in and that's one of the challenges we did little fundraising house party recently for the ministry salmon. One of the things that I shared his people. Some people in the audience decided to see and I asked what you guys think the ministry will I think it's important to support it in one of the people said, and I really appreciate your authenticity and the things that you share on the air because it reminds us that nobody's beyond struggles nobody's beyond going through trials and in these these things happen oftentimes were were so ashamed of it.

We don't talk about it. You mentioned earlier, our 20-year-old son a year ago, almost a year ago to the day told us with his girlfriend that there pregnant and all of a sudden you're like okay this goes from three radical to real and then the question becomes what I do with this story and I'm sure it all the time but I shared enough that it's uncomfortable for my family.

It certainly uncomfortable for my son but we sit there and go, and that baby Paxton is a huge blessing in our lives every day and into the go.

This is not a story that's ours to keep because this can be used to bless and help others. According to what I just read chapter 1 Zambrano time, but what a great blessing to have you on today. Thank you so much for leading us down this road I know it's been a blessing to me another excuse to your loving and happy Thanksgiving. Amen. Thanks, pal. You got broadcast those amen thank you so much that holdover to pray right at the efforts over God willing everybody. I'll be back tomorrow and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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