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Supporting Israel

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November 15, 2021 8:50 pm

Supporting Israel

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 15, 2021 8:50 pm

Supporting Israel

Steve talks to Jason Glick, from Templecoins who is live from Israel, about supporting Israel. David Fischer Joins for Money Monday


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show were biblical Christianity meets the everyday life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble so I hope you had a great weekend and the show for more than a couple years about 2 1/2 years ago I asked to go on a trip to Israel with our then Lieut. Gov. Dan Forest and a bunch of pastors and we spent about nine days on the ground over there and I recorded several shows from different parts of Israel. As we were touring through Jerusalem, but also other parts of Israel in and out. That was one of the things you always hear that that will completely change your understanding of reading the Bible to give you context otherwise cannot have and it certainly dead and so I've been much more sensitive over the last couple years to what's going on in not only Israel but specifically in Jerusalem and as we seen under the Trump administration are not so much with the new demonstration of a certain land of the Trump administration with the Abraham accords we sought, just some amazing things happening over in the Middle East, and of course Israel being at the epicenter of all of that.

That's why Joel Rosenberg, the New York Times best-selling author has been on the show many many times and we have them on a few times a year and he really just is in a unique position over there now and actually lives in a Jerusalem so we have a chance. Every once in a while to talk to people that are on the ground and doing things that I want you to be aware of and for us as Christians live in America think that we should be aware of and opportunities that come our way and today I live from Jerusalem, which is super cool. If you're on Facebook Liber YouTube life Jason Lehman right there that's Jason Glick is the founder of temple coins at the temple – investing in the holy land and God's chosen people and shout out to my buddy David for connecting us.

Jason, how are you today good to see you great you're very welcome. Thanks so much for being what that's why I asked her this earlier I what time is it. It's a little at its little narrow so were keeping you up past your bedtime so thank you so much.

A fascinating amen. It's a fascinating business and in such an interesting topic where Jason has started temple coins as a way to mint these beautiful coins that are all pregnant with meaning.

Whether it's the Abraham 1/4 are things that the Masonic been involved in catching it off. Eichmann which you may know, that are seen the movie the raid on and to be the King David half shekel. How did you decide to get in this. This is such a fascinating calling so you think is shows one uses grace connection with love and cherish Israel as a country stands for what got us yes and I think it was one of the reasons Mark was my family made a decision 16 years ago to lease of Africa Israel thinks about old and years ago in connecting people around the world with things that are happening in Israel and was Israel usually Street in the world history is now in Israel and what's going on and we really found a six and you things were happening and people want to support that wanted to connect to its want to be part of it and know how to use a connection all connection is a connection connection connection of all of this hocus-pocus going on. Next he starts the first thing that happened that, seats will present Trump at the time from appointing Tom was almost at will and recognizing completely. Jerusalem was the Jewish people change in the temple client which is well-equipped temple coins is essentially about temple in Jerusalem was cementing the relationship.

Next Jerusalem is invoice will be out in the will of the capital of the Jewish people in and what is now true to your business, just marketing people like to connect you wildly strong.

Many people that just want to connect with what's going on is leaving going on some amazing things happening so that the key to kick the goal and to support the people shunned us and we spent committing to what we did with that money is regarding the initial of my needs according to government money to charities in Israel, welcome to business wasn't a for-profit business while the right to have a business connect people to treat Israel, allowing people to support what's going on and also given the physical moving truck that they can show and have around around the world, but if you are not of yourselves published left piece of the sitting in the living well, I shall write in support with an amazing thing. All the meaning that you, one rolled into one and people connected to it to the start of the business information you mentioned something so maybe start looking at different events that have shaped Jewish history of the law in a €3000 but some themselves of the most and McConnell because will allow people to be part of that and we start to look at building products business has special capitalism people profit, but the majority of the money goes into social ideas. The social social. We do make money.

A lot of money much, much greater percentage back to the community to forgot what we drink so you will do that so that by Katrina, when a break Iraq like the one of the things that's interesting for us as Christians in America. As we look halfway around the globe to see what's going on in Israel and Jerusalem.

For years Jason was.

It was almost nothing but bad news there so many things that were happening in the Middle East that tell either people or talk about peace in the Middle East and then over here in America we can shake our heads and yeah wait till Jesus comes back in and can write it off, but in the Trump administration in particular when we saw the Abraham accords and those things were just absolutely staggering to consider what was happening in the Middle East and obviously Israel being at the center of that all of a sudden we started to turn our eyes back towards our Jewish ancestry for us as Christians in America. That's why this is such a fascinating topic when talking to Jason Glick, the founder of temple coins temple – will talking about some of the actual coins that Jason has some of the coins right there in his home is going to show us those and how this is affecting people in Israel.

What's the reaction there and why do we need to keep an eye and Israel will continue to talk about that. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble shall stay with us will pick it up there with Jason. We come back from Jerusalem will be right back. Noble shall have a good had a good weekend are great to have you back talking like today, the founder of temple coins. Fascinating.

Fascinating endeavor over there likely live from Jerusalem Temple – I get the links up on Facebook like today so you can check that out and I Jason stayed up past his bedtime for us and that I've actually had a chance I broadcast from the Middle East actually broadcasted show several years ago Jason from northern Iraq after she spent radio studio northern Iraq and is on a mission trip and then recorded several shows I was in Jerusalem and then the first time near says best-selling author Joel Rosenberg was on the show he was calling from Jerusalem and now to have you there as well. We really appreciate you staying up late and being a part of it is really awesome. Let's go through some of these claims, and by the way for folks to go check these coins up yourself. And we are talking with Jason on the break about all the historic things that have happened in the last five years, and not to get too political. But when you think about the effect and the partnership that Donald Trump had with Israel and then to see that the Abraham accords in those types of peace agreements between Israel and mayor of nations was absolutely shocking in this and in these coins are a way for those of you that pay attention and appreciate these things and we all should. As Christians ran really a way to commemorate that and can remember it and use it as a talking point for us as Christians to to remember our heritage because our heritage goes all the way back to Israel and end up there again and so this is something that should stay in a radar screen, but take us through some of these coins, Jason, for those of you on Facebook and YouTube. You be able to take up too much of going to the website recordings that we probably want to record corn which is a clinically made with focus on which it was found lost you around this time. September the start should be increased to people in other countries.

At the moment. In the history of the Jewish people. €2000 of the peace agreement. Make sure all through such a peace agreement, and the truth of what Donald Trump was was very much part of the can see the place of the countries in the claims and that she wanted to be dishonest going on for a number of awards from the truth to have the scoring so this claim is the geopolitical environment and the other Wednesday Jason that was interesting because it's that was interesting because of the color of the flax as all the other coin colors on a but that one does one of the two flags and swords quite difficult to see if you can see the flack from a lot of people that didn't lock the fact that things during the amazing Tom is going to actually see the reality PC Instills Any Church of the Rockies Enough, We Want Peace. Repeat.

We Stop a Piece of Work for Peace.

This Is a Physical from the Embassy to Learn about Law When a Lawsuit Is Going to Sleep. We Summoned the Smallest Bombing That Will Smallest Bombing of the World That People Can Walk around Holding the Whole Just Go with Me Trying Creates to Really Allow Someone to Commit Someone That Wants to Support What's Going on with People Struggling What's Going on and Want to Physically Conviction with What's Going on Here and Talk with Nick on the Ground in Whose Arms Are You Enter the People That Are That Are Getting These Coins to Commemorate and Remember and to Celebrate Really a Many of These Things Is One of the Other Aspects of It That He Had Several Coins There That Involved Just Some of the Kind of Mission Activities of the Messiah and the Israeli Military That Was Really Fascinating As Well so That Was That There Was A Lot like I Was Close to Actually a Whole Lot about Israel's Top Mission Will Be a Good Shape Matrix Historically Going to Look at the Thanksgiving Shuttle the Things It Really Shaped American History All Speak with the Draping Schools and We Took We Took 10 Very Famous Missions All Things Ready for Spring Schools and Recruit the Will of Mission on a Client to Actually Go to the Claims an Amazing Claim That It Totally Crediting to Be Talked with Chuck Roast Some of the Trial Truth Is the Cost of the Holocaust and the Capture of Which Was a Major Play in the Article Would Meet the Need to React to Any Rock on the Front. Famous Is Ready Be Mission Really Strike Israeli Society, Both Culturally and Be Practically As Well so That Was, but That That Was a Little Bit of Population Important to Us to Celebrate Search of the Activities That She's Ready to Principle for Time of It from Sunlight. This Range of Claims That Allow for the Entire Story to Talk" Court You Sign over There Jason, Having Lived There for A While. Jason and His Wife Have Moved There from South Africa.

Do You Find Likely One of the Challenges We Have in America Is We Tend to Either Forget Our History or Some People Political Forces Politically Driven Change Our History Define That's an Issue over There in and Out Of Temple Coins Help Jewish People in Particular, Remember These Important Aspects of Their Heritage. So so Struggle Every Country of the French Struggle Every People Group in Remote. I Do Think That I Do Think It Is Reasonable to Be Our New Country, We Are Temple Coin and Try to Do This with Everyone about Claims We Try to Incorporate Old and You to Give Us an Example System Will Be Much a Future That I Think It Can Undergo 42 through Bexley to Going Low on the Stroke of You, You Can't Point You Think People Forget the Fact That They Will Extend the Social All of Your Think. So We Always End up Talking Temple Coins. Most of Commemorate Cyrus Which Was a Non-Jewish Supreme Local Greek Time to Get the Same Thing Is Donald Trump You without the Need of 500 Years Ago the Recognize Jerusalem and the Capital of Israel, Trying to Bring the Old Woman You to Give to Make Sure That We Recognize and Live out History and Make Sure That He Is Presenting 1/2 As Possible, but Embracing with What's Going on Right Now and Making Sure Would Be Convincing That Such a Great Point. What Were Coming up on Thanksgiving. A Time to Be Thankful and to Look Back, As Well As Christmas. So How Can People Take Advantage of What's Going on There. Temple Coins and Check It out for Themselves so We Love Everyone to Go to Claims Which Use WW Global Temple – Going Thanks I Support Calling and Not Getting Any Good Business That's Pretty Much for Me?

All I Wish to Be Big As Possible so I Can Grow Israel's Connections That Will Allow in Front of Connection with the Will Altruistic Really Lucky Because Not Everyone Has the Working of Business That They like What They Do with the Minutes As Well so You Can Become a Problem. Yeah, What a Great Temple Coins Temple – Jason, Thank You so Much for Joining Us and You're Welcome Big 9/11 Thanks You Do the Same. That Was Jason Plato Live from Jerusalem Temple – This Is Steve Noble Will Be Right Back. So Make Sure You Get All This Week of the Shell Because the Noble Families Heading Out Of Town for Thanksgiving Were to Leave Next Tuesday Will Be Back on Saturday, God Willing, so I Might Have a Guest Host.

I'm Not Sure What I'm Gonna Do It Next Week Albion on Monday, but I'll Be Gone Tuesday through Friday, so Congratulations. You Probably Earned a Break so I Put I Think That I Have, so I'll Be Gone for Thanksgiving. I Will Do on Monday. I Wrote Something Years Ago.

66 Things to Be Thankful for from the Bible and Go to the 66 Books of the Bible and Something of Specific That Kinda Captures the Essence of That Particular Book in the Bible and and a List of 66 Things to Be Thankful for from the 66 Books of the Bible. I Do That Every Year around Thanksgiving. I Also Just Open the Phones up and Asked People to Call and Ensure That Thankful for. Since Last Thanks Giving, and Be Specific, Not Sunday School Answer, You Can Call in and See Jesus Even Though That's Valid Going to Be a Little More Specific.

Okay, Something the Lord Has Really Shown You Are Taught You Are Done in Your Life. Specifically, in the Last Year and so Will Do That. Probably on Monday As Well. But I'll Be Gone Next Tuesday through Friday so Not Sure If My Buddy Pastor Chris, Will Be Back and We'll Figure That out but I'll Let You Know before the End of the Week and Will Get That Set up Okay.

Three. If You Different Stories I Want to Go through Here Today on That on This Break and Will Talk to David Fisher for a Money Money Update at the End of the Show. The Last Segment of the Show, but This Was Huge Okay That the Bulk of Covert Stuff Here This Once Huge.

This Happened Just Friday Night, the Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals Is Blocked Joe Biden's Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate. In a Ruling That Was Late Friday Night, Calling It Complicitous." Staggeringly Overbroad. The Three-Judge Panel in New Orleans Ruled That Binds Mandate Grossly Exceeds OSHA Statutory Authority Because They Know That Anyway That Enforce That's Okay. The Present United States Cannot Do That Right so Writing That Rather Than a Delicately Handled Scalpel.

The Mandate Is a One-Size-Fits-All Sledgehammer That Makes Hardly Any Attempt to Account for Differences in Workplaces and Workers.

I Have Friends That Have Had to Get up Religious Exemption. One of Them. Praise the Lord God One I Got the Got the Go-Ahead on His Religious Exemption.

Just the Other Day That He's Works Remotely. I Know the People That Work Remotely. Don't Go in Are Going in for the Next 12 Months by Design of Their Job and They They Had to Get the Vaccine Mandate They Had the Deal with That.

It's Shocking That More Than a Little Burial Work As Varying Degrees of Susceptibility to the Supposedly Great Danger. The Mandate Purports to Address This Is Coming from the Three-Judge Panel of the Newborn New Orleans Appellate Court Cases Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals Is the Big Deal. There's Only One Stop Ahead of That Friends Is Only One More Stop for the Bite Administration If They Want to Keep Fighting This and That Would Be the United States Supreme Court and Part of Me Would Love to See It Go There and Part of Me Is Terrified to Seek Other for Obvious Reasons Because I Don't Think You Can Count on Them One Ready Other.

The Court Stayed the Mandate and Ruling Last Saturday, Writing That There Were Potentially Great Statutory Constitutional Issues with the Mandate White House Press Secretary Deputy Press Secretary Kareem St. Pierre Responded to the Ruling on Monday by Today by Saying That the Bite Ministrations Message to Businesses That Fall under the Mandate Is That They Should Not Wait to Implement the Measure Will of Course They Shouldn't Wait, Really, Really, Is That the Deal Don't Wait. I Don't Worry about the Legality of It. Don't Worry about the Constitutionality of the Don't Worry about Any of That Stuff.

Don't Wait for That Kind of Stuff That Got Get Cleared out What You Need to Do Is Just Go Get That the Vaccine That's It. And Then, and of Course, Go Get the Poster Right All That Kind of Stuff That's What's Going on out There and You Have To Pay Attention As This Is an Actual Excerpt from the Stay Out Of the Fifth Circuit Pulling up Right Quick and I'll Share with You. We Next Consider the Necessity Necessity the Mandate.

The Mandate Is Staggeringly Overbroad Applying to Three Out Of Two out of Three Private-Sector Employees in America in Workplaces As Diverse As the Country Itself. The Mandate Fails to Consider What Is Perhaps the Most Salient Fact of All the Ongoing Threat of Covert, 19 Is More Dangerous to Some Employees, Then to Other Employees Well Look at That the Appellate Court Is Following the Science. Unlike the Federal Government.

All Else Equal, a 28-year-old Trucker Spending the Bulk of His Workday in the Solitude of His Cab Is Simply Less Vulnerable to Covert, 19, and a 62-year-old Prison Janitor.

Likewise, a Naturally Immune Unvaccinated Work Well. What Are They Just Say I Naturally Immune Unvaccinated Workers Because They Got It Got over It Is Presumably at Last Rest in Unvaccinated Worker Who Has Never Had the Virus List Goes on. But One Constant Remains. The Mandate Fails Almost Completely to Address or Even Respond to Much of This Reality and Common Sense. That's the Fifth Circuit Ct. Okay the Only Stop Next Would Be the United States Supreme Court.

Okay, so Wow Common Sense in." Science Has Tech Science Which These… Was from the Federalists. I Saw This the Other Day, the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, CDC Has Admitted Listen This. It Has No Record 90, Zip Not Know Zero Okay No Record of an Unvaccinated Person Spreading Cultivated after Having Previously Recovered from the Virus That Would Be Yours Truly. I Got It I Recovered from.

So What They're Saying and There's over 140 Million People in America by the Way That That Story Just Came out over 140 Million People in America Have Gotten in and Gotten over so There's Science Has Tech Science on That. But the Federal Government Is Going to Go There Because It's the Giant Craft the Giant Virtue Signal. The Game Is Afoot and Has Been the Omission from the Government Agency Came in Response to the September Freedom of Information Act Request from a New York Attorney Who Asked the CDC to Provide Documents Reflecting Any Documented Case of an Individual Who One Never Received the Covered Vaccine.

That's Me Too, Wasn't Effective October 19 Once Recovered and Then Later Became Infected Again That's Not Me. I Got Once, but I'm Been Infected Again Three Trans Minutes Covered 19 to Another Person When Reinfected in Its Responses. CDC Said That a Search of Its Records Failed to Reveal Any Documents Pertaining to the Attorneys Request the City's Emergency Operations Center Conveyed That This Information Is Not Collected Really.

Why Is That You Believe That You Listening to What's Going on There. Are You Listening Because This Is Shocking Information or Something on Zero Hedge about This Talking about Worldwide Vaccination Failures. So Singapore Okay That's Earning a Singapore Even Though 85% of the Bat Population Is Fully Backs Okay the Entire Population Not Just Adults. Okay Dutch Same Problem There Running in the Same Problem Vermont the Most Vaccinated American States 71% Fully Vaccinated Smash Ties for Cases in Their Seven Day Average What's Going on There and It Goes on and on and on. That's Why You Have To Pay Attention. The Numbers Don't Pay Attention to the Propaganda or the Political Science You Gotta Pay Attention to the Actual Science and Then There's This One I Was I Was Heartened by This Oklahoma National Guard Goes Rogue. So the Movie Doesn't Goes Rogue after New Commander Rejects Vaccine Mandate Pentagon to Respond" Appropriately, the Bite Administration Is Having Another Bad Week One Day before an Appeals Court Upheld Us Stay against Bite Vaccine or Test Requirement for Private Businesses. The Oklahoma National Guard Rescinded the Pentagon's Requirement That Service Members Receive the Covered 19 Vaccine Federalism. I Love on Wednesday. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Set Announced Army Brig. Gen. Thomas Mitch Mangino As the States New Adjunct General Replacing Army Maj. Gen. Michael Thompson, a Vaccine Advocate Was Previously Scheduled to Transfer Cmdr. Mancino on January 15, 20, 22, According to the Oklahoma Is First-Order Business a Memo Formally Rescinding the Covered 19 Vaccine Requirement for Guardsmen Quote No Oklahoma Guardsmen Will Be Required to Take the Cova 19 Vaccine Reads, Adding That Gov. Stitt Is the Force Versus Lawful Commander-In-Chief When Not Mobilized by the Federal Government Will Because Details Matter Right No Negative Administrative or Legal Action Will Be Taken against Guardsmen Who Refuse the Cova 19 Vaccine I Love This Story Don't You When Reached for Comment. The Pentagon Said They Would Respond Appropriately to the Memo.

We Are Aware of the Amount the Memo Issued by the Oklahoma Edge Adjunct General regarding Covered Vaccination for Guardsmen in the Governor's Letter Requesting Exemption. We Will Respond to the Governor Appropriately, Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby Told Axioms in a Statement, Adding Quote That Said Sec. Austen Believes That a Vaccinated Force Is More Ready for Sea Change the Subject.

See That Stitt Had Previously Requested That the Department Offense Not Enforce the Mandate on the States Army and Air National Guard Members in a November 2 Letter Cited by Mancino. Stitt Said That 10% of the States Troops Had Refused the Vaccine and That the Mandate Was Irresponsible. According to the Army Times That Sets Other National Guard Troops Do Belong to Their Governors Were Not Mobilized by the Pentagon Federal Requirements Often Supersede Any State Use of the Guard's Senior Leaders Often Emphasize That's Because the Vast Majority of Guard Funding, Training and Equipment Comes from the Federal Government Is Not Clear yet Whether the Order Will Jeopardize That Funding Now Working to Punish Members of the Military Financially. We Will Supply You Unless You Get the Backs What Happened to the Science about Science about Power and Control French Government, the State Administration Is Confident That They Have the Authority to Defy Divine Administration Is Top Spokesperson Charles Panama Told the Army Times That Be Quote Only Way Oklahoma Would Forfeit Any Federal Funding for Failing to Comply with Title 32 Would Be to Ignore the Lawful Order of the Duly Elected Civilian Authority, I.E., the Governor of Oklahoma, Though Not the President Had States This Is so Important That You Have To Understand Your Rights. You Have To Understand the Law Added Attitude, Added to 10 General Adjunct to My Military Terminology Will Be Right Back Going Back in Again over the Steve Noble Shell Glad You're Here. Hope You Had a Great Weekend and Now Working to Turn the Corner Now and Talk to Our Good Friend David Fisher. The Section Came up Yesterday When I Was in Church.

My Wife and I Were in Church. The Pastor Was Talking about Bible Teaching on Tithing and He Was Talking about. Hey, You Know Jesus Talk More about Money and Possessions in the New Testament Than He Did Anything Else Because I Think God Probably Understands That Most of Us Struggle with It One Way or Another Either the Accumulation Operator, Not Caring for It. What We Do with It. So the Issue of Money, Possessions Very Important in the Scriptures, Which Is Why We Talk about It Regularly with Our Good Friend David Fisher from Landmark Capital Landmark Is Always David How Are You I'm Doing Great.

We on Your Program.

You're Welcome to Interrupt after You Do the Scripture and Then I Got a Prayer Request That Will Pray Together. You're Not Aware of It but You Will Be When I Tell You, so I Want to Take up System I'll Pray but I'll Make It Brief.

But Let's Start with Psalm Three We Always Start the Scripture on a Monday Monday Updates and Then Will Move Forward from There.

From Chapter 1 Verse Three. I Will Be like a Tree Firmly Planted by Streams of Water Which Yields Its Fruit in Season and Its Leaf Does Not Waver in Whatever He Does Prospers so Those Better Hearing My Voice to the Are You Going through Season Where You Feel like That Not Progressing in the Lord Are Not Doing Anything for Mom or Just Wondering If You're in God's Will, Even If Your Are Planted in Christ These Seasons Where There Is No Fruit Trees Have To Have No Fruit and Then They Go through the Dormant Stage and Then It Goes through Producing the Bugs Traverse Different Trees and so You Can Cheer That God Has Still Has a Plan for You and Still on the Throne.

It Should, You're Not Producing for Right Now There's Nothing Wrong with That. It Might Not Be Nothing New Was Shimmering like That. It's Just God's Plan and Work. Because of This before Sending Him When Remote Great Point a Big Believer in the Seasonal Aspect of Our Walk with Christ. I Talked about It Pretty Often. David Just and Regular Conversations As Well As on the Air and Seasons Come and Seasons Go in and Work Now Are Moving into Winter At Least Appear Not Done so Much in Arizona but Were Moving into Winter Days Are Shorter, It Gets Dark at 530.

It's so Cold I Was Cold This Morning I Got up and I'm like Yeah but I Don't Lose My Mind about It Because I Know It's Just the Winter Season Winter Seasons Come and They Go in the Spring Is around the Corner and the Same Is True in Our Lives As We Go through Seasons of Productivity in the Lord Whatever Else He May Want to Talk about Another Seasons Were and It's Not Just like You Said, with the Fruit Tree That's the Perfect Example, Our Mutual Friend TJ Rendell Is Also in the Financial Business and We We Reference DJs Got A Lot Of Great One-Liners Is Usually a Part of the Audience on Mondays, but He Had Open Heart Surgery on Friday. David and and Then That He He He He Was Literally Just One Event Away from Just a Ticking Time Bomb in His Chest so He's Recovering. It Was Successful, but He's in A Lot Of Pain so I Know That You Would Join Me in a Prayer for Him. As We Prayed for You and Your Health Situation and Your Wife As Well. So I Preferred to Operate for Teacher. A Quick and Then Will Get Back to the Rest of Our Topics for Today. Father, We Thank You for This Day Thinking That We Can Come to You with All of Our Needs and Desires and in the Things That Are on Our Heart, Lord, We Pray for Our Brother TJ and That We Thank You Lord That You Are the Great Physician. We Thank You That He Came through the Surgery Successfully Lord That We Know He's in a Tough Recovery and Physical Therapy and Pain. So We Just Pray You Would Strengthen Him and Comfort Him. Give Them Your Peace That Surpasses All Understanding, and Pray That You Give Them a Full Physical Recovery and to Strengthen Him in the Spirit. Lord, Thank You for His Friendship and His Wisdom and We Pray Blessings over Him and His Family in Jesus Name, Amen.

Okay Thanks Pal, I Appreciate You so This Is an Interesting Point That You Sent Me Are Any Headlines That Could Cause Headwinds in the Economy. I'm Thinking.

Are There Any Headlines That Are Not Causing Headwind First, One Okay. You Are like Largest Meatpacking Plant Having Massive Labor Shortages, Which Is Going to Cause Higher Prices Include in Me. How about This One. America's Shortage in Truck Driver 80,000 Love the Way the Shortage of 61,000 before the Pandemic. We Currently Got 81,066, 4 to 6 Weeks to Get a Truck Driver and We Need about a Million of Them in the Next Five Years to Replace the Ones That Are Retiring, so That's a Big Deal Department Truck from Our Cart Cart Used Car Prices Start Storing It When Those Went Cart Going up 38.1, the Year That Your Vehicle Value Index Cards Run on Gas.

There's a Report I Just Read This Morning Were Currently at $80 a Barrel or Calling for $300 Oil per Barrel Price Change Order May Have Higher Prices through Wages and through Cost-Of-Living through Energy and Therefore Inflation Is Still Here, in My Opinion, Many Others so Not Too Many Great Headlines Can Be Very Higher Prices and That's Why People in the Stuff to Move Quickly. That's like Probably Be Good Idea to Do Your Christmas Shopping Now. Besides, Supply Chain Stuff and Those Types of Issues. I Was Doing Most of Our Christmas Shopping. I Did over the Weekend Online and We Need to Be Paying Attention.

This We Say Higher Prices and I Can Adapt Inflation by Definition, We Absolutely Are in Place and Bind up Information and You Know the Government Thing Working out Higher Prices.

Medicare Premiums Are Setting the Store Part B Is Going to Go up 3.7% Part a Goal of 9.5%. The Annual Deductible to Go up 12 Point Percent. Bottom Line, There Is a 14.5% Jump in Medical Premium Company but They Say Don't Worry. Don't Worry. Going to Go up 5.9% Support in Wages School for Less Than the Cost of Living. Glad Seems like the Governments Downplaying This All over the Place. Even Gas Prices, Which Are Hitting Regular Americans Lower Income Americans Right in the Pocketbook. They're Just Brushing This off. Is There Really Anything That the Government of the Federal Reserve Can Do to Curtail Inflation at This Point Is This Just a Runaway Train Burning Monk, Good Morning. The Afflictions Are and What Americans Were Saying Everything in Front of Their Checkbook the Government Brushing It off to Transfer through Temporary, but Ironically, Inflation Is Here.

It's Not Transitory Anymore.

It's the Highest Persistent on Record Were 1982 Inflation Right Now the Numbers Are Thinker Reported That Bank Of America Reported a Permanent Inflation Indicator Index Just Hit 96/100, so It's Right There in the Transitory Inflationary Number Is That 100 for the Seventh Consecutive Month Because We've Been Having the CPI Number Go up Every Month for Nine Months so We Are Both Going on but I Think the Inflation Is Here to Stay. It's Not Going Away and Have Higher Prices, Which Is the Cause for Inflation Because Were Spending More Government Spending More in the Bed Still Printing More Jobs Really a Vicious Cycle. At This Point, Which Is Why We All Need to Be Paying Attention to This Topic. In This Issue Because It's Only Going to Get Worse before It Has Any Chance of Getting Better. I Don't Even Know It Better How You Would to Find That in the in the near Future.

Even in the Long Term and It Interesting to Look at Gold and Silver Gold Had the Best Week in Five Months. Is That Right Your 5.4% Last Week over Beginning in November When 2% Frankel CEO Investment Officer for US Global Investors That Were Just Getting Started in This Inflationary Environment. Gold Is Getting Ready to Take off on Your Program a Couple Weeks Ago Couple Months Ago That Golden Jewelry Getting Ready to Make a Fundamental Shift Has Now Shifted Now Are Seeing Why We Have This Move and There Is a Survey out on Wall Street and Main Street about Work.

Gold Is Going Wall Street.

This Is Very Shocking. Wall Street, 83% of the Investors Are Bullish on Gold Main Street, 71%. So Were Deftly Having More Rising Inflation, Differing Higher Prices and Metals Just Getting Started and Really Fundamentally Because Gold and Silver, and Precious Metals Operates As a Hedge Right Is That Fundamentally Why That Happens Absolutely Show You Acting Just like You Did in the 70s. The First Part of Inflation Goes over to Move Stocks.

There Is a Shift from 1975, Stock Started to Slow down and Then Go down and Go Start Making and Silver Start Making Some Big Moves and We Are Right Now. I Think Five with Those Markets and We Had a Five Year Run Golden of 500% Silver – so Believer Can Have More Inflation Now Is the Time to Learn about This Packet from Our Company. You Can Buy Gold or Silver through Your Irate 401(k) Possession Also Combines Over-The-Counter Will Help You Understand All of It Big on Education and Strategy and Had to Go Back to My Typical Word Pictures You Know You Think about a Sailboat in the Sale in the in the Keel underneath. They Have Different They Have Different Purposes.

They Have Different Jobs to Sale on Top Is Catching the Wind. That's like Your Regular Stock Investments, but You Have a Key on the Bottom for When the Winds Get a Little Crazy What's Gonna Balance the Boat and That's the Whole Point of Getting That Type of Education and How Do People Get That Information Today Because I Know for A Lot Of People like I Don't Really Understand How This Works Will Triple Your Courier Company 44425750.

Floor Eight or so for 2575 or Bring Order and is it isn't super complicated because I know before we ever did radio because I didn't understand myself. You were kind enough to take me through it on several phone calls but it's not super super confidence want people to get concerned that they will be able to understand it really draw this out together more than 95% of people out really understand people say that that's awesome. And again, that website is landmark. David is always thinking my brother for bringing your expertise. I appreciate you got bless you will talk to you soon.

God bless you. Remember to. Pray for TJ.


Pray for TJ, thanks pal appreciate you will talk soon.

Jan TJ is a friend of mine, we went to high school together and listen because she's bring them up and bring them up when they come up.

Pray right then and there. So if you think about it pray for our friend TJ this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I talked again real soon.

Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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