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Theology of Leadership

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 11, 2021 9:03 pm

Theology of Leadership

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 11, 2021 9:03 pm

Theology of Leadership

Steve talks to Dr. Les Ollila, from Buildinggreatleaders (BJU) about the theology of Leadership. How are you to be a leader?


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on his shoulders and walked through no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble Thursday with our friends at Bob Jones University upper sticker. Keep your laws off my body.

We have a friend of the family that said keep your rosaries off my over there's all kinds of interesting things out there in this humanistic world in which we live. Humanism as as will talk about today doubly in high gear. Humanism is all over the place. It's the name of the game anymore here in the uppermost part Christian America. Whether you like to hear that or not. I understand that that causes people some consternation but the reality is, in a recent George Barna interview on and had George on several times this year, only 6% of Americans are living out of a true operational conviction.

A biblical Christian worldview 6%, which means it's do some simple math or 94% of your fellow Americans are not living out of a Christian worldview and largely their living out of secular humanism so that theology Thursday were to plumb the depths of that.

But really, in light of the whole notion of leadership. So, as always, we got some resources for all of you. I posted on my Facebook page for the radio show, as was my personal Facebook page a couple of things today and just recently another viewpoint blog from our friends at BJ's seminary humanism in high gear, leading by faith in a fallen world. How do we know you've got where all frustrated I get that, as followers of Jesus Christ and that in a country that's largely abandoned its Judeo-Christian heritage were dealing with humanism all over the place.

How we live in that an even more challenging, perhaps, is how we lead through that. So we share that blog post by my guest today were going to come to work through that and plumb the depths of his experience in and what God's been doing in his life. As we talk about leadership in light of humanism today and in America.

For us, particularly as followers of Jesus Christ. So Dr. less a little it is with us is the founder and director of building great leaders which is a ministry devoted to producing effective servant leaders in the pulpit and the church. So not just inside the walls, but outside the walls.

I served as the president of Northland Bible college burner up in Wisconsin from 1984, 2002, and later as its Chancellor.

So let's has plenty of experience in winter weather. Unlike us wimps down here in the South last where we get 2 inches of snow in Raleigh shuts down Greenville South Carolina probably does the same thing, but you're there at BJ's you this week. Part of that. The lecture series and so were excited to have you on how are you I am well and I am enjoying the weather. I'm sure you are. Yes it's it's really amazing what happens down here. I got all those years living in the Midwest in Columbus Ohio as well, but here in the South.

I mean I meant why we we would down here less than 1997.

It was funny because that first winter all of a sudden on the radio and television here in Raleigh. They were giving/warning that's different that's different goats luscious drive-through. Why is that such a big issue. Anyway, it's great to have you here the Stuart Custer lecture series as well as the blog post on these videos from this week and what Les has been sharing their Bob Jones University are all on the webpage. Okay, so I put that up on the Facebook live page but also you can go as always seminary.BJ you for our\radio to get all these resources for you as well as your pastor, so if if your pastor deftly go.

There are some of the links for you to join a group, a close group on Facebook, but surely things with your pastor as well.

They need our help, as well as our prayers. And this is certainly leadership which is a big issue for us today. So let's only ask it. Let me at the start with that wise leadership is opposite the passion of your life. It's the focus of your ministry these days. Why is that such a big deal for you while on I one back to study God's original intent all the way back to Genesis 126. What was God's original intent. Why did he create mad and they said that the Trinity meant God to father God the son God the Holy Spirit meant that said let us make bad in our image that was the first leader. The first dad the first husband the first granddad and he was to be in the image of God. That was not a physical likeness.

That was creation that he might reflect the communicable attributes of God, not to his incommunicable attributes of alumni present in omnipotence, but fruit of the spirit of the first Corinthians 13 agape love and note from that point on, God gave Adam the responsibility to be a reflector of the nature and the character of God. So I started studying theology of leadership from God, creation, and then it goes on to rule goes on to become one who would reproduce one who would become responsible and we see in Genesis chapter 1 verse 15 God gave Adam the responsibility of tending and keeping actually see the first form of worship that God gave to Adam was work and I think when we begin to see the what God built into Adam. That was to be built into mankind. From that point forward, we had not yet see in Satan targeting this attempt.

Well, God was preparing him to face what God knew was coming for him to be responsible and then to accept God's restriction to keep in protected from the attacks. It was going to be coming, that he could be a relational and then we see that in that relational role, then we find that it was perfect as God had said it in Genesis chapter 3 came and we sign that authority was question you said half God said so. Three things were destroyed in the garden.

One was God's authority and turned into anarchy the attitudes that God had turned to accusation in the atmosphere that was sweet and blessed turned into agitation.

So we are in in the society today that is in agitation. That is an accusation that is in anarchy because God's original intent was turned aside Troy and we see that that faith. That's when I saw that bumper sticker that girl went flying past us when we were driving between Green Bay and Milwaukee, Wisconsin and and the car pulled in front of us and her bumper sticker said it was a young girl.

Keep your laws off my body and I thought there is humanism in high gear. Yeah, yeah. And when Satan went to Adam and to Eve, hath God said they put up? I was right on put it. That's exactly right. And then then then will actually when you come out of the garden and even in the garden. Leadership is an issue which we can unpack today in the leadership please study the Bible, Old Testament, New Testament. You see, the thing situational God's people all the time, rising and falling based on leadership leadership that's godly okay now things are going go well then leadership that's ungodly that goes down the tubes. We see the same thing happening in the culture today.

Humanism in high gear, leading by faith in a fallen world will be right back to back and Steve Noble, the Steve Miller show theology Thursday with our friends at Bob Jones seminary as well as Bob Jones University. Dr. left a little I would someone ask you about your last name that's one of the more fascinating last names I've ever heard in my life, less the working, keep talking to Dr. less a little is the founder director building great leaders which is a ministry devoted to producing effective servant leaders in the pulpit and in the church and that means both inside and outside the building and then served in Christian education for years and has been involved in a partnership with Bob Jones University for long time as well in now today were talking about the blog post that we made available through our friends at BJ you it's humanism in high gear which we should all be pretty familiar at that. That's kind of the prevailing worldview going on around us all the time.

Humanism in high gear, leading by faith in a fallen world, and so working I end up talking a lot about Noah, what's our answer to this is Christians and how do we lead effectively through this type of water and sewer can end up talking about Noah, but you mentioned that bumper sticker last that you saw, blasted by you when you guys are up driving in Wisconsin. That young woman and said keep your laws off my body and we reviewed that Hewitt how would you dip in the context of our conversation today, then how would you define kind of what we understand is humanism. While I think where it says it Genesis chapter 3 were Satan said that, hath God said and then he said God will not, God is a liar. Basically and then he said if you disobey him, you shall be as gods.

That was the birthday of humanism. Yeah, that was a promise of the quality you would have no authority over you and when you when I saw that bumper sticker I thought that was directed directly at God you don't tell me from your word. What I'm going to do with my body and and therefore it is. It was a direct alignment with Sage FOIA attitude. You shall be as God.

You are your own God. That's right yet it's the idolatry of self or autonomy onto you. I don't care what genetic say I don't care what my physicality says if I'm a boy and I think I'm a girl.

Thus, it is so your ideology or idolatry even overrides reality.

Scientific reality DNA reality genetic reality and that's humanism words, no we decide we make the rules, which is why Satan was so effective. There like you said, turning, turning God's commandment from Genesis to don't need an of one of the trees just want kids is only one you should have from the turn that into a question and then you call him a liar.

You won't die and then they'll say. Then he says you will be like God, which is exactly what cause Satan to fall in the first place and then we turn as as kind of a is a response to that. Why the life of Noah well received. Noah was living in a time that was almost describing the world in which we are living right now, but fortunately we still have millions of believers who are praying, sitting in churches worshiping on Sundays, so it's not identical, but the atmosphere is the same because it's an anti-God anti-authority. I will not have any authority over me.

I am my own God. I will direct my own time and so in that Hebrews chapter 11 in verse seven he says, by faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house and we find that was by faith.

And so I thought, how do we live our Christian apologetic in this world we live with. We live by the model of Noah we find. First of all, he said no one being moved with fear, prepared in our and but it was no hearing the word of God which was the basis of no Australia and and that is the basis of what our faith.

How do we know that Jesus is the only way to heaven we know it because the word of God says so Jesus said I am the way, I am the truth I am the life no man comes to the father except through me.

And so we know the word of God is the basin of our faith.

How do we live our apologetic today on the authority of God's word. We cannot compromise that word we cannot dialogue that authority away. We have to cling tightly to that, and Noah certainly was a man had no evidence there was no evidence ever that he could point to when he was preaching that this was going to happen. I think Betty and that's a fascinating thing Dr. Lavilla about Noah is that he's eat humans in early hey we have the church we have the body of Christ we can pray for one another weakens.

We can so we can support one another financially and otherwise, we can put our shoulders of the same plow all that stuff. Noah didn't have at it all and not only did he not have that but it but his calling his walk was gonna take him 120 years and he's building a boat and nobody had even seen rain before, so he's completely saturated by this humanistic evil culture and and so his faith was good to be the only thing really that was going to carry them through. And that is the basis of how we operate today. When you hold up a Bible to say I believe this is God's absolute it that we're fools you considered fool. That's right yet that doesn't change the truth of God's absolute word that is true and that's why think Noah is such a great model for us in that he had nothing else but God's word to hang on and I'm sure he once you allot a mockery and questioning during that hopefully here's why.

And he preached what he preached God's absolute truth which is what we need to do now. We think we think we had a bad week. We don't know anything like Noah had to experience and experience it for hundred 20 years and were going through were getting into these five points now this is from humanism in high gear, leading by faith in a fallen world which is a blog post that went along with some of the lectures that Dr. Lilla gave this week at Bob Jones University. All those links are up on the Facebook live feed so I'm just putting another one up right now so that you can go check it out for yourself.

You can watch some of that the lectures that lasted and then you can read some of the other materials that are there, as well as some of the resources directly for pastors and you have five points of really looking at how Noah handled that that were following in that first like you mentioned. Less is the word God's truth is the basis for Noah's faith and actions and I think that somewhere that that we need to be encouraged and reminded of that because we know most of us convictional Christians know what the world thinks of us will never sit there pointing to a book than there like a that things like two and 3000 years old. Why in the world would you follow that. But that's got to be the basis right at Your feelings are campy at what you go to church or not it's gotta be the word of God that sent seems like a nonnegotiable point.

That's the absolute authority we have no option but to believe that this by faith that we accept that as we look at that Dennis and Noah, being warned of God moved with fear, which I think from then he went to worship which was the expression of his face. In other words, I think Noah was so held in awe of God speaking to him.

I don't think Noel Coward with fear. I think that he was so moved by the awesomeness of his God and that God spoke to me about this. I think he was lifted up in awe and worship of God. He loved in the God who loved him with a perfect low at such a powerful point because I think often times I was teaching a Bible study with my son and some his friends back in the summer in the spring and I asked him if they ever thought of God in their perspective and what they've learned in church and how they grew up. I said you guys ever think of God is like this loving father in the stands cheering you on is your out there working through the issues of your life and when you fall down and mess up is the first one to come pick you up will teach you a lesson but he loves you Hill dust the dug the dirt off your rear end and then push it back into the game and he's cheering for you and is for you to ever think of God as somebody that's personal and actually for you and not a single one of these guys less said yeah that's how I think of them they think of them like the first version of fear that you mention that gotchas waiting for me to mess up so that he can smite me.

If you're a believer you don't have to look at God that way anymore. That such a powerful point I want to dive into that little bit more really come back in the break especially talk about worship.

Most people today say worship the thinking seeing in church worships a whole lot more than that. Were talking to Dr. less a Lilla today in theology. Thursday will be right back back at Steve Noble to Steve no Michelle theology Thursday with her friends about Joan seminary.

Also, Bob Jones University which is where our guest today was teaching and sharing in preaching this week. Dr. less a Lilla night so let me just assess is the founder and director of building great leaders is a longtime relationship with Bob Jones University in the seminary. Tell me about your last name. I've never heard that in my life.

I never anything even close that a little out what what is was the origin of your last name etched from Finland.

It's finished and both dad and mom were hundred percent friends and their families moved in from Finland and when we went to Helsinki we went up to visit behind the Lutheran Church and there were 40 tombstones that had the name Ola Holocaust owned and and so that's not a very normal Navy United say thank they just came from a doctors appointment and they thought I was Spanish on this. All the elves and I said no it's finish pretty rare where they still thinking you were Spanish when they saw you know, I didn't think that that's really fascinating so it Ola is at the correct pronunciation well attached only lock over Lilla only lot is actually the right way to say it all. Gotta how often does anybody get it right. Other than you rarely file once in a while they get close. I've been called.

Only you know who Lala so what longest light is eventually to get it right on paper yet, so it's good that it helps with the development of a good healthy sense of humor, so that's good. We appreciate that, but he was dead lecturing down at that Bob Jones University this week allot on leadership. So actually you can watch those for yourself. This is a great topic and something I think whether your husband, a wife, a business owner and employee. Whatever. If you're in this if you're in the secular marketplace.

If you're in the ministry. We all need work on leadership is your leading all the time is just a matter whether were leading well or not. And so this is a subject that touches us all so we should all be equipped for so some great resources there.

I put the links up on Facebook so you can ask that access that yourself, but I'm not on radio. If you just listen on radio.

Just go to the usual and we haven't one landing page with our friends that about Joan seminary that go to it seminary.BJ you.ED you\radio okay no that'll take you to everything we've done in theology Thursday for the past Past couple of months.

All those resources resources specifically for pastors but for all of us to call her cell followers of Christ seminary.BJ\radio would looking at the five examples from Noah's life, and you mention this one worship which was the expression of Noah's faith and I think less. A lot of us struggle to expand the understanding of worship. I got my Masters degree in ethics from this us Southeastern Baptist seminary appear in the Raleigh area. One of my professors, which was shocking to me. You he was talking about ethics as worship and your whole life really is worship so our work in this case the expressions ofhis worship and I think we kind of confined worship to Sunday's only day I think we struggle with that.

I think we we have to realize that the worship you can have Congregational warship group worship, but there has to be individual, worship, and I think this is what no I had where he was moved with fear.

I think he was in such all these God that he lifted up his heart and inched in obedience to what his God had said because I think he had such an intimate relationship with God. Noah walked with God. Found grace in and God's eyes. And what a lot of times we see fear as being coloring and fear has three faces really Deuteronomy chapter 5 in verse 29 we see in Deuteronomy 529 God told Moses hold that there were a heart did them that they would know me that they would keep my commandments, that it might be well with them. So one face of fear is the awesomeness of God's character the other face of fear is obedience of this command to the third phase is a realization of consequence, so fear does have three faces, but I think in this context, it was the first one that he was and all of God's character and the awesomeness of who is God, wasn't a warship. I think it's hard just lifted up and praise and worship something we get by ourselves and throw up our arms in worship the God we love, and to God we know who loves us such powerful point and then the next one was worth the action of Noah's faith and again I would just remind all of us that you're always leading to some of that soon as you wake up to the moment you lay down and go to sleep your leading someone and so leadership is something that affects us all. But you in this point, I work is the action of Noah's for now we see the verb Think what I did in this verse, when I was studying this I study that for a long time. I took all the birds in this next verb is, is the action know are prepared an ark. And so we would love to be in life and just only warship and and we could warship bills and started the year we could worship radio broadcast out of the air know the thing is we have to get to work and you can only imagine everything that was involved in knowing how I made to the timbers and the things that had to be done in the locals that had to be hired.

I mean, it was just hundred 20 years of hard work, but that was his action, his faith in action and then the next point you brought up was witness which was the evidence of Noah's faith which takes us come into the world a proclamation, but also that can be through obedience. If you can talk that that's what James had people that works is dead, so we can talk about being a Christian project trip to live it out as well. Yeah, that little phrase to Deb under which he condemned the world, you ask yourself how did Noah condemn the world, he was proclaiming truth fact second Peter talk. He was a proclaimer of righteousness. And so what he was doing by his preaching was putting the world in the wrong when you speak.

Absolute truth.

You are putting the world in the wrong and and as you look at that aspect what Noah did this for hundred and 20 years and yet you can only imagine what people have said to him or would have questioned him, but he stayed proclaiming truth but it says he condemned the world, and I think that condemnation came from proclamation of truth. Noah was not condemning them what he's proclamation of truth which condemning the world which is we would sound from a Christian witness in the Bible also says to those who are perishing, where the realm of death and you that's the challenge. You have to understand this is you engage a loss culture. What you represent and they know what you represent.

I don't believe in atheism, because Romans chapter 1 God made a plane so that men are without excuse. Everybody God's inner brown girl in the room and everybody knows is there is the matter what you do it so when we live out the Christian life, and we proclaim the truth yet understand that you're bringing your bringing a marker into the conversation into the room you're bringing a standard Mendel like the light because their deeds are dark and so that that's just a natural part of it. So that's really a fascinating way to look at it when not just by Noah living out his Christian life and working out what God called him to do was condemning to the world. And isn't it funny less that the world calls itself woke when what they really are is in a self-induced trance exactly and when he preached the truth he was perceived that the hatemonger cracked at people who speak truth today out of love. You are perceived as the ones who hate and and I I saw sticker on the window today driving to my doctors appointment and it was on the back window and it had the middle finger up of a hand in it had haters. In other words, I think that was a subtle message to those of you who are Christians and you really the ones who hate and this is my attitude about you all show you my age or my IQ, which a lot of people are doing today. Sure when they are you know giving that salute that comes all too familiar. Yes, indeed. And another point made in the blog posts near the evidenceof the unit and no I didn't do this week. We can't argue someone to the truth. I think we can present an argument, but ultimately we can't argue them into the truth because spiritual truths are spiritually discerned, and the only way you're going to discern spiritual truth is if you have the power the Holy Spirit and you and and it's so easy less to get sucked into an argument thinking I can just beat you into submission and you'll get it but that doesn't work that you proclaim the truth. There is no argumentation about it you you make this statement and you cannot get in. You cannot logic a person into new birth, the Holy Spirit has to convict based on the proclamation of the word of God. There has to be a heart response of repentance to that word. We cannot argue anyone into into the truth and you. We just have to be proclaim, rigid, Noah faithfully did that for hundred and 20 years. It's just that one a model of how we should be living in this dark, decayed society MM was there a reward for Noah what would you look at, he became the heir of the righteousness which is by faith, and his household was saved. Those two the their reward that came because when finely God says no. I enter you and your family into the ark, the people entered in Noah and his family and then seven more days of grace.

There was silence. Seven more days.

They had opportunity to repent, but they didn't and we can control that but we sought to proclaim the truth talking to Dr. less Dalila today is the founder and director of building great leaders in ministry devoted to producing effective servant leaders even lecturing down about his university. This week some encouragement on the other side of it.

When we come back. Looking back, it's even over the Steve Noble shell theology Thursday with our friends at Bob Jones seminary and Bob Jones University talking to Dr. O today I'm taking the easy way out. Dr. Teixeira, that's more like it. I'm fine with that, the director building great leaders which is a ministry devoted to producing effective servant leaders in the pulpit and the church that that that's a message for all of us, whether you see yourself as that or not. I think a lot of us less don't see ourselves as leaders. I'd drop that in so many different time, speak to that per second because I want to go back to the way you ended your blog post which we shared on Facebook live today with with encouragement just an encouragement for all of us, but I've said that several times ensuring notice that that that are always leading everyone of us is a leader which is why leadership is such an important topic but you agree with that assessment. I am, and I think thoroughly that world leading all the time is whether were doing it well or not, but absolutely I'm very thankful for my freshman year when I was at Bob Jones my freshman year that I spent most of the first semester in my personal devotions in the book of Philippians with a particular focus on chapter 2 it to be.

That is the model chapter on servitude. Christ was the model than their three other illustration for Timothy Paul and if Aphrodite us and they all modeled this and that's what I decided a a leader was not one who snaps a finger and people come under but rather he thinks their needs first.

He serves them first. He sacrifices for them first for the glory of God. And that's the model of Christ that bought model of Paul the model of Timothy model.

If Aphrodite said that any one who impacted culture for God's glory had that same model all the way through and and I feel like if we can get men taken the leadership role back the book of Ezekiel says that God the theme prophets had stopped prophesying. The priest became unholy.

The politician stirred crooked and the people followed soon and gotchas and I looked for a man 2230. I look for a man to stand in the gap before me in the land and iPhone knobs of the instrument God looks or was a bad the intent to stand in the gap and the indictment was. I followed none.

And so we asked the question, where are the men and we put the appeal on every one of us are leaders on how we lead for impact for eternity or for this world will be determined by our hearts surrender is where servant leaders in that context. Yeah, I think that's the one of the things I've heard, especially in the last two years.

Given everything we've gone through politically in the BLM and everything that happened there in the with COBIT and everything's happened there. One of the number number one concerns I hear from Christians is what you just said I like where are the godly boldly men that are going to lead and obviously women have a role to play as well, but particularly in the case of men like I where the bold pastors where the people that are willing to speak the truth of God. Yes, with love and compassion with patients as were always prepared to give an answer for the hope that we have, but put that kind of boldness and I think a lot of us less can just kinda go you know, I know the end of the book I call it abandonment theology it all right we win, and I'm not can worry about it. In the meantime so this world on the toilet anyway so who really cares. And so we end up effectively quitting, but that's not really an option for us as it know. In fact, when Paul was giving his baccalaureate and second gimmicks for greatly led. I have fought a good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith are all perfect tenses and degree. I had been fighting I have been finishing. I have been keeping hands Morris, there is laid up for me and then he says that he was forsaken. He said Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world. I think he grieved that demon stop being a man and stop being a leader and was sucked into the philosophy of the world that he grew to admire Paul wasn't complaining about himself.

He was complaining he was concerned that after all the years of serving Demas left at all and lost everything that he would have gained in eternity as a reward. And Paul knew within hours. His head was going to be severed from his body, but he said I finished strong strong till the end and all we need men to get into the church to start leading taking and mentoring building others that God might be glorified in their lives and I certainly understand. I mean, I've been a bit of a Christian activist since 2004 been on the radio since 2007.

I certainly understand and I struggle with my struggle with it myself less I get tired I get discouraged I get frustrated at both the with the world doesn't frustrate me nearly as much anymore as is. We do the church and in the particularly Christian men, but but yet I want God really calls us to his faithfulness. I think we get so worried I do.

Anyway, I get all wrapped up in the fruitful side which is really controlled by God is not controlled by me and just remember that the Lord called me to be faithful and faithful no matter what the circumstances, but faithful as opposed to what I can't change the world won't know God didn't ask you to change the whole world. He's he's he's in charge of that.

Not me, but faithfulness should really drive us through all these challenging times. Shouldn't absolutely required of the steward that he be found faithful, not successful, you because we define success differently than what God would, and I think when we look at being faithful just showing up every day for battle. When my wife and I pray in the morning.

We admit that we are dead people on furlough got thrown at us for another 24 hours. We want to live that furlough in one hour blocks for gods glory for others. Good with the accountability of the bema in mind. And so we we live each day in one hour blocks looking for us to be usable for others, for God's jewelry and I and we don't look to Paul, we want to do is be faithful in that timeframe that God has given before today, but we if we look too far ahead than we think we have to be successful.

Yeah we will fail to be faithful yet so we we kind of reverse that formula is not in effect. What we do. So if I don't see fruit if I don't see the end and game than what I'm doing is worthless.

What you're saying. Your faith is worthless and that we just give up. But we don't engage. I think you know, we say that the opposite of love is hate actually think the opposite of love is apathy. It's to know you can do something to know you should do something to talk about James and then choose to do nothing. I think that's worse. I think that's right. That is apathy, doubt, much of the love is not hate. It is indigent, apathetic spirit.

I've not get to be committed and we as men have to come to the question who owns me when the apostle Paul was confronted on the road to Damascus when he was Saul of Tarsus. He said who are you, Lord, question number one. What do you want me to do so, we have to ask who is Jesus Christ to be and then what does he want me to do and so were not all going to be equal right in assignment but we must be faithful in that assignment that he gives us and as we look at this very Nola-esque environment that we live in today. Dr. O what how do you view it and I'm just expressing frustration and stuff but also any many of our mutual friends of Bob Jones University like this is the greatest opportunity we've had in the church in a long time.

Given the darkness and the depravity of the culture. How are you looking at this modern opportunity that we have. Well I'm excited because I don't think there's ever been a greater opportunity to present the gospel. I just came from San Francisco. I've been invited back again to preach a week of evangelism are right in downtown and when would we see I'm I'm recruiting prayer partners for that time to be from from good Friday through Easter Sunday and I'm trying to recruit prayer partners to uphold me in prayer during that time because my wife and I just came from there and we have to express the joy of the Lord. We have to be positive in the potency of the word of God. The gospel is powerful and we cannot be down in the balls.

We cannot be discouraged. We have to be encouraged because we are representatives of the King of Kings and Lord of lords, and if anything the world needs to see if they need to see joy and peace in our set frustration us and not the were looking at. Well I thought you were believers, what are you so defeated about nowhere rejoicing because we are children of the king and we had been given the responsibility to proclaim the truth. Yeah, I think we all need a reminder I need this myself. I try to bring it up on the air as much is possible that hate you know we we tend to politicize everything that's going to the world we live in right now, especially here in America. So when we react was going on.

The news and in the way we carry ourselves. It's either on the right of the left but to go back to the original viewpoint of the church were 1/3 way were not the right were not the left were the way the way the truth and like to quote Jesus himself and and that's that hate you guys obviously are concerned about the condition of the world, but you have this joy that doesn't make any sense.

You guys are a bunch oddballs because you can still up in the middle San Francisco which most Christians winning about are going to mile the sun happens live there. By the way, so make sure I connect you guys but we say forget it but know that show up and act like Jesus because Jesus was winsome even though he spoke the truth. He never compromised in the world needs to see that now, more than any other time in my life. Anyway that joy and security that we have in Christ. Absolutely. That is so much the truth and we need to be bold in that proclamation and exalting Christ right in the middle of a dark decaying culture.

What an opportunity we have what an opportunity we have in praise the Lord for that and I just think of that in terms of God's sovereignty friends that you were born for such a time as this is not to hang out do nothing and certainly not to hang out be discouraged. It's to be here right now present in the moment and in proclaiming the truth and sharing the gospel in living a life that's noticeable to the world's let them know why were so excited about our faith in Jesus Christ. Dr. O thank you for being with us today.

It's been awesome hold on their work and I pray on the other side. When we finish the radio show.

But thank you so much for your time today one of privilege in one of blessed to get admin to be a part of this payment. Thank you so much hold). I friends this is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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