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Raising Romans

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November 10, 2021 10:02 pm

Raising Romans

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 10, 2021 10:02 pm

Raising Romans

Steve talks to Fred Von Canon, For NC House 35 about “Raising Romans”. Fred’s speech and job are discussed. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cows call Steve now 634 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now noble cow drop it off at prime barbecue inserted in the that's really what I think now my good friend Fred Voncannon back in the house whose involvement, prime barbecue only two days a week which shows remarkable self-control. Fred congratulations on that are really talking about a friend got a great announcement friends but on the show many times before. I ran for office before resorting to talk about that again but I wanted Fred, if I may be so bold as to start with this.

This is an article I saw just the other day Wall Street Journal voters decide to make America seen again. Thank God for that. Okay, here's the second half of the article, the disorienting polarization of a seemingly disintegrating country screenwriting manifested itself in the wild by lability by which we went from a president who tweeted inanities at 3 o'clock in the morning to president, unable to string a sentence together 3 o'clock in the afternoon from make America great again to pretend America is evil now but thanks to those voters in Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minneapolis, Seattle, Buffalo, New York and elsewhere. The fever may have broken in Virginia. The rebuff to the woke educational establishment of a democratic state was a firm message from the people that know the lunatics won't be allowed to run the asylum in New Jersey voters sent a stern warning of their impatience with covert authoritarianism and Buffalo citizens in large numbers, patiently told her Democratic leaders that socialism wasn't the answer. In Minneapolis and Seattle. All people voted to stop the police dismantling idiocy which will talk with Fred about almost everywhere.

In fact, voters signaled they would really like the representatives to focus on same rational policies and cleanup.

The various message they have helped create and you realize as you contemplate these results and look forward to perhaps more of the same next year which were talking to Fred about the day that it is in America are most Americans have gone up the reels these past two years.

It's the American leadership class seized of their own righteousness, convinced by their own propaganda pickled in their own ideology drunk on their own Kool-Aid. These so-called leaders, political media, corporate academic have come dangerously close to taking the country over the cliff.

Fortunately, this country is despite the apparent attempts of some and the doubts of others. Still a decent place full of rational people repelled by all this nonsense, perhaps democracy isn't so crazy after all.

What a great article and a great way to construct this conversation because Fred Voncannon back in the house and back running for North: house district 35 to talk about. It's easy you I pay attention on this stuff all the time right were buried in all the time or paying attention. Busy got a business to run the family all the OSHA but if all you do is look at social media and you look at the mainstream media.

You would think that most people in America think the way that Joe Biden at all.

Thanks, but they don't.

We can live in the real world where you have a lot of normal people.

I still have hope. You know, it's getting more difficult.

You think there's same number of sane people A lot more about a lot more polarized right now but yeah you is line and there drunk on their own propaganda said that nothing could be more accurate. It is truly propaganda our press is not precious constitutionally envisioned. It is seriously just propaganda. And when you get people you get the brainwashing that comes with that and that's when you try to you. Try to have a discussion with someone about covert vaccines or you know of the mandates you note, will the vaccines don't actually work. You know, so why mandate and all that you just get this brainwashed version of things and it's it's not Deming this is straight propaganda and it's hard to envision how you overcome that and it's certainly not a one election law, and it might not be a one lifetime if it is a long along game, but we can get there I'm I'm an eternal optimist, but right now the Army we are sliding down a slippery slope that we need to we need to get get off of Desilets.

Let's talk about how to see if you ran for their NC house last time came up shockingly close to the lease from a left perspective and outnumbers perspective so this talk about that and then why you made the decision, you may just recently.

Well, the decision here was a little easier because of last time I ran in a district that was quite Democratic think all the people that ran there all the statewide candidates present trumps you know everybody that ran in that district probably 10 or 12 Republicans and thereby was losing by eight or nine points is a definite Democrat district and I lost by just under five like 4.9 inserted Mark Robinson so I figure if I can hang with more right. Let's go so we did the best. There's a told me I can run a good campaign.

I have a good message and now with redistricting it is moved into a Republican leaning just a few points district so I'm thinking well if I ran when it was awful. I should run when it's good and right because nothing has changed in the in the reasons to run. We got a representative right now and that workforce roles will area that just for example something near and dear I know your heart and mind is when the infant born alive. Bill was passed by the Republican Gen. assembly went to the governor current governor.

He vetoed it, came back, veto override vote. We are really close short a couple votes.

It didn't pass.

So the bill didn't pass, and our current representative stood up with some of his lefty colleagues and cheered cheered literally cheered all New York passing a law couple years ago that you weren't right up to the point moment of delivery and and if you don't know what the infant born alive act is all about.

That's if let's say there's a botched abortion because that's what it would take and the babies actually live much to the chagrin of the abortionists that this was trying to pass a law that said the doctor would absolutely have to intervene. At that point and the governor of vetoed that and what you're saying is the Democrat that currently serves in that seat cheered, cheered, and so at that point I didn't I couldn't I couldn't not run right and so I didn't. It didn't matter to me what the district was it was winnable or not.

Turns out it wasn't but we gave it a we gave it a good try and did a really good campaign had a lot of help a lot of supporters who you know are willing to stand up and do this again and certainly again, the stakes continue to get higher. We've got another three to one thing you may hear as you go through campaign season. We need three seats in the house to seats in the Senate and the one on the Supreme Court and then we have the majority in the Supreme Court.

We already have it on the Court of Appeals and will have the super majority him in the general symbol them both out. Here is a little North Carolina on here and read North Carolina and send means governor, Cooper don't got squat.

It's the first two years remember his first two years we have super majority so you could pass a bill go over sit 10 days.

He told to come back and it would get past right like a gumball machine.

Yes, it's almost like electing a Republican governor but but getting rid of your Democrat governor for those last two yes until we get Mark Robinson and Nancy.

This would be the same thing though, we hope to see happen, which I think we'll see happen November.

Next year the federal level in order to talk about federal versus state because I think like I read in that article of New York Times talk about getting drunk on things. I think a lot of us get drunk on federal politics get drunk on what's going on in DC and we don't have any sobriety about what's happening in our own backyard. We see that what the school board situation. We got a lot to talk about Fred Voncannon is in the house vote wink and a nod. Go there and I'm not suggesting I'm telling Voncannon back on the Steve Noble will be right back. Back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble so here is my friend brother in Christ, father and husband business successful businessman and now back in the hunt.

Vote is the website will that's for North Carolina house 35 which out do we describe the Kennewick forest Knightdale that can area got moved I got a very district. Yes, it was essentially like the eastern two thirds of the north part of wake County announced the Western tooth, so it has all of workforce roles will but has all of Falls Lake area there all the way out under grandma County all the way up to the county line so it's inflicted from a leaning Democrat yeah they popped off they took off some leaning blue districts and that some leaning redwings in and made it a much better district, which by the way elections have consequences, and a consequence every 10 years. When we take a census okay I want to get on my little soapbox or teach you guys for second why we take the census would take a census because we need to know or how many people there are and where they live.

And once you determine where they live. Then, in this case, like North Carolina picked up a congressional seat up in Washington DC because more people are moving here they lost in California. They picked one up in Texas and so that's reapportionment and then once you're doing that then you get a look at that the party in charge in any given state then looks at redistricting within their own state and they have the right to change that a little bit here and there, which is what they do. The right side doesn't the left side does it.

That's the advantage of winning. That's why you fight hard to win because in you get the power to get the power than you can make changes right. That's the deal. That's like political parties exist, they exist with right this is the exact that's the bottom. It is what it so we thank God for that sort of walk to this. You had and I titled the show today raising Romans, which was hold right from the very beginning of your announcement which I appreciate.

I know how busy you are.

So when you write a long post on Facebook or any other kind.

Yes, apparently not. And so I know it's going to be good. It's good to be medias can be straight to the point and this is present at the combination that I think we need all over the country not just in Northglenn house I district 35 which is business experience and acumen intelligence real-world experience but also if I can get up if I get so many filled with the Holy Spirit all down with that.

That's not necessarily the only thing I look for. You can have a Christian is full of the Holy Spirit loves Jesus on to spend eternity with them that I would never want an office in that case, this isn't the case with Freddie's got a got the whole packet so I'm happy to ship me Casa Su Casa. So whenever you want to come in here and talk to people. Just let me know, so this post is great when you give your kids over to Rome to be educated. You shouldn't be surprised when they come back.

Romans, so let's just talk with school choice and just what's going on with school boards because this is what was one of the main factors for I think 35% of the people that voted in Virginia to win the governorship to when the Lieut. governorship and a former Confederate state with a black female conservative.

That's when some Sears and then a Hispanic Atty. Gen. school choice what's going on in the school's critical race theory.

All that was a huge issue that's really how he want young get one because in school choice where you stand on all that well it's certainly an issue and you've got think education and and several things around that are to be huge issues nationally, but certainly local and in this race got school choice which I've been a fan of from from day one. You gotta have options. I'm a capitalist I believe in the market handling things like that should be no different here should have the options so we need to expand the opportunity scholarships or we need to even move toward an opportunity scholarships was put in place couple years ago so money for kids school follows them in in certain situations, rushed a limited amount of a man where I was going his best case scenario, you just do that. You say and just make it how the markets can win. And if you want to take him to a Christian school you want to take him to Thales were kids going on leave in the public school at whatever whatever you want to do. You've got it, and you have the choice sure true school choice.

That's really what we need because then that takes care of this curriculum thing which was one of the things it takes care of the transgendered.

You know, bathroom, issue they had lamb got me to with the sexual assault yet if your school is that, school you moving to a different school and you don't have to worry about it right and so we have to open up school choice that's in and if if that election taught us anything, it was that I mean the Democrats want to want to frame it as you know white supremacy one right white visitors here know you got you got white governor black lady Lieut. Gov. and a white I mean is Hispanic and yet they I hate it when the white supremacist, but people of color in prime and that created all the time so that such a long history and it's in is crazy that they you know they call everybody racist.

Everybody's a racist.

They do all that and then and then so it moves people to vote Republican. They vote Republican. And then the Democrats reaction isn't to get better in single should do. That's Lexi told you not vote for us a racist like what yes assume that the propaganda of the gaslight everybody if you're against this and it's because you have Robbie's a racist. That's right defund the police.

Now we saw this happen up in Minneapolis a couple other city council members got beat and people are going will just look what happened. I think Seattle was the biggest surprise of the whole election GRP.

I mean unbelievable that they that they they took out a Republican prosecuting attorney and and and elected a Republican I took on a different telegraph and elected Republican Jack total shock. That's unbelievable to me out there in Amicus at cities gone, you know there's a lot of those West Coast cities are just gone and so that get it if anything gave me hope on election day. It was that as much Virginia to me is still purple at best, and maybe a red state, especially, you know, outside of the DC court or it is a red state all absolute and so it almost felt like people coming home, but Seattle to have that election man-to-man there is clearly common sense would tell you and and all the surveys would tell you that the it doesn't matter if is Hispanic community black community white community.

Whatever community no one wants to have the police gone from their greater right and the people that it affects the most ardent typically the poor people that are in lower income areas get hurt the most time.

So that's coming that was always just like what in the world are you talking about defining the police and and that's one of the things everyone of these issues that I that we are going to talk about it, you can hit all those every one of them. We differ, I differ from the person is representing right right now he's he signed a pledge to defund the police. He is not for school choice took his took his kids last year. Last election cycle out of a private school to put them back in public schools to deal with, but is not for school choice is not for supporting the police and every other issue there that you know the for five more that we that we had on that announcement, especially in the school side only talk about critical race theory by the way everybody and I'm starting to do some preparation to go couple shows on this because there's critical theory, which is one thing's critical race theory, which is another. And like a lot of things I I'll take you through it and I'll show you some things that are true. Most of it is false, but of the schools right now were doing this to our kids with us to first grader second graders and their separate and kids how how ironic or how backward is this. Here's the oppressors. And here's the oppressed in your separate and you and in a lot of these cases are segregating okay all the black students over here and what weight what we do we just go back to my child refers you know, back to you know before the all the civil rights stuff like what in the world and that's their solution. That's the problem. You know, and so it's just it's people see, there is enough common sense left.

Yes, that people see it and that is what you saw in Virginia's we saw across the country and I will tell you I've told people from your goat today probably the right after the election. I'm just telling you 2022 1994 Newt Gingrich contract with America only took 54 seats in the House of Representatives that year ends first time that the Republicans had majority in the house in over 40 years.

That's going to happen again next year.

There's no coming back from where Biden is. He's not told by this left the crazies and and you got Kemal as his backup plan which she has 10% lower.

So when it comes to 70. The elections next year.I think 50 is a target number of in the in the house and here I think we can through more favorable districts and and just a lot of tailwind working to get the super majority back in the general chat which is what we need in order to see some progress in the right direction both on will be right back to back and saved over the Steve Noble show talking my brother and ran red on Canon today.

Fred is running for INC house 35 he ran admirably and strong with his family just a year and half ago and got close got close to anybody would suggest.

But what what is that what you think you came so close in a Democrat district. Why did it go so well again. I think our message resonates. I think people are by their nature more conservative than not. I just believe that and I think we ran a great campaign. We were outspent 5 to 1, but the reality is we is 80 some thousand people in the district and I bet you we got to probably 60,000 of them in person, even through covert and we just I told people we started I may not win, but I'm not to get outworked and not the same thing here. Right now we've got, you know, the ability to do fundraisers to knock on doors to have your work working to touch everybody and working to get our message out and it was just really grassroots little bit of mail and and but a good message. I think all absolute and a chance to have conversations with people that otherwise might not listen well to stand in front of 17 straight days of early voting. I think I probably told you this early voting last last year in October, 17 days of early voting in wake forest and I talked to literally every person that voted in Whitehorse for 17 straight days and so if you look at the other two early voting sites in the precinct. Me and my opponent plus or -100 votes there there house owned by one vote almost a thousand. So just putting in the work and just talking to people you can talk to people for five minutes and they realized just because you have and are by your name they been brainwashed to think that you're the crazy great stem that wants them to. You know whatever in of the hold all the messaging and if you just talk to them in the dudes he said he's okay with it seems okay. What he saying in the night get it. I had a side-by-side of my positions versus his positions and his like oh wow I'm not for that for this right and so really a lot of time to just educate the good news for the bad news. I guess for the people voting there in wake forest was that the lines were really long good news for me, as the lines were really all that's right yeah and and they were, you know, so I could talk to somebody for 10 to 15 minutes. When I got up to vote and had so many people like people, white people are in note at come out and say I voted Democrat, but I voted for you. You know I was there a is asking for their vote that sailed down well.

If I want you to have the order right and I gave him a reason as well. Being out there.

Reason one, but given my position and why they should vote for me and so I think we did a good job and I think ran a good campaign. We learned a ton. I know how to do I know how to do it better now so that's what gives me confidence. The fact that the district is probably eight or nine points better get me confidence but the fact that I know what I'm doing now that as well as my first time Bill have said yeah and then that's what it takes you to get in there and learn and sometimes you don't how you hit it out of the park and there's time at BAP at the next on it that you know it's common not a swing and that's what's going on. Vote on is the website that's VO in CA, NLN, K-1, and in their vote von Canon VO in CA and Allison only just tell everybody this cards on the table. Okay, here's the way we need to play the game.

The liberals in the progresses and the Democrats are really good at groupthink as conservatives we largely don't live like that to do his thing to do my thing will have dinner Gonzalez Eva otherwise.

Fred will do your thing and I'll do my thing and we just kinda don't operate with groupthink, but the liberals do when it comes to something like this and needing a super majority if you want to be able to overhear conservative in North Carolina.

I don't care where you live, maybe, or national listening to us right now. Maybe you're in Charlotte maybe in Winston-Salem, maybe, are somewhere between the southern border and the northern border at Virginia but were all over the state.

It doesn't matter whether your and Fred's district are not okay if you want to be able to override everything that Gov. Cooper shuts down, then we need a majority of full proof majority of vetoproof majority in the house and the Senate, and this is an opportunity to do that. This is like the Nehemiah's wall and everybody's got a place on the wall just because I'm not in Fred's part of the wall doesn't mean I should help Fred when the time, so if you're a believer, particularly if you're conservative you have to live here to help. And that's the way we need to think we need to work as a group as a unit and will talk about Veterans Day could better and and so you can support that. Okay doesn't matter where you live theirs, but especially if you live in his district. You need to be engaged both on and then I want to get to this, so setting the specifics of side effect I mentioned earlier, drunk on Washington DC sure if it's going to change going to change in DC and I think a lot of us, neglect or Carolina politics or local politics will speak to that for a minute as I think we really need to come to read to and you know I'm I was guilty.

That is anybody you what, because all my life I've got to vote for Ronald Reagan as an 18-year-old yeah so I'm I'm I've been a conservative all my life and I watch and I just followed because it was in the Navy and moved around in different things and so I didn't really follow local politics but been back as morning recon born in Nashville and been in the district here for over 20 years and in the more I'm here, the more like stuff happens. DC is sexy cool fun to watch. Interesting. You know, but this is really how your life is change a lot more with the local staff yeah and so that's what that's that's why more more treed intrigue with that and I think I think that's it.

It's it's it's a big awakening for me and probably for a lot of other people is that the local politics and that's why these municipal elections were so confused and you know and one of these little cities you know town commissioners were commissioners we have and what forced the mayor of those elections are huge, huge important, because that's where the things happen that are closest to you so yeah that's I think the Democrats do that better than us Democrats do that grassroot schools all over town Council that stuff that they live.

That is late. They understand this way better than we.

How do you think you get those kind of crazy people on Loudoun County or any other school that's all bottom up. Yeah and and were starting to get that and once we get good candidates out there. I think the school board and I think it's gonna be a different thing. This time around it was last time the Gen. assembly again. We got 69. We just need 72 need three to flip. There's a few that they can help with moving the district around and ends. Not like you're cheating anything they needed to add to district in White County. They would with the proportion admit that they went from 11 seats to 13 so they had to put an extra one appears in northern Waco, one in southern whites or just you know it's easy enough to put one here where it helps you to make it a Republican district so they can with redistricting with better candidates. Hopefully more extremes, candidates and just did the tailwind that that Biden and Harris are given us out that no level and Cooper at this level absolute. I think it's going to be. I think were in this way surpass that, but that's that's the challenge. Appreciate you giving out the website and you're exactly right.

It don't matter if you live in Nashville where I was born. Jeff you live in Banner elk where my family from if you live in states where I lived for a while do you live Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Wilmington, Wilmington, Charlotte got grandkids in those cities where ever cross estate if you if you are not even in North Carolina and nomadic most probably key state in the country's use and if we can flip and and and just neuter our governor for these last two years holy one of what blessing that we don't absolutely yes you can help no matter where you're at vote von hi limit.this would succumb to torture me off so somebody sent me this earlier today take the survey about vaccine force passports fill out the survey to tell us your thoughts on vaccine put passports you support or oppose vaccine passports, then here's your three options as were vaccine passports being mandatory to enter all facilities in North Carolina. That's choice one choice to I support vaccine passports, but only for government facilities or choice theory I am opposed vaccine passports being used in any situation. This was sent out by the North, and House Republicans. And I'm like why do you need to bother to ask me this I would like to thank Mary had their minds made up on this that we would all be against vaccine passports. In any case law think a lot of times I send these out is to justify the position that they do already have an and I soon.

That's probably what that is just to verify what they think. Oh my goodness, you know, this is the thing I got some liberal friends and I go back and forth with you and and you know vaccines take the vaccine state like why your selfish not to take it because you know you would help me if you took it like will hold on to vaccines not help a new house or going to help you if I take a vaccine is not even helping you and of the facts.

If the vaccines are, you better wear cold so I will get the flu. Yeah, exactly. If the vaccine doesn't work how's it can help you if I take it vaccine works want to talk about stopping the spread.

So now you know the vaccine doesn't stop the spread and so okay what am I doing what is it have to do any neighbor know the vaccine can help you if you get cold you taking it's not exactly if you if that risk reward works out for you to take it right. Does your company are usually older, your obese.

You got whatever entities, whatever you made that decision then take it. God bless you. Glad they're available but to mandate it have this one-size-fits-all type of thing it's it's truly unbelievable. And then the logical and and thereby goes back what about smallpox media. Those vaccines work and those were highly deadly infection writing. Yeah, he's a 99.9% survival is about 90% and especially when it comes to kids and to top about goodness and I just did a bunch of numbers on that because when you look at it. Kids between five and 11 are statistically one insignificant one who's dying every.every the 79 deaths between five and 11 years of age starting in January 2022. The end of September this year. 79 deaths. Those are all tragic but that's 70 9/26 and if you look at me look into. There's a ton of aggressive holy you all kind. All this, there's not. I don't know if there's any that's obscene documented that were completely healthy, 5 to 11-year-old you and you have to look at those things that the life issuing is like all Republicans have to be for life. That's just the way you get a check that box off this one of things I deeply appreciate about you about your wife Anita about your kids about your time, your talent, your treasure same same reason I of the reasons I love Matthew Winslow serving in the house right now because when he says he's pro-life that's not just a monitored essence of something you says he puts himself into it, you put yourself into it and so I want to talk about that.

We hit the breaker and a second bite. This is an issue that I think there's been a lot of lip service and that's a Republican has to be pro-life but it's like show me your pro-life faith by what you say it will show you my prolific but what I do right is over so how does this drive you as somebody is going to be in elected office.

That's my question. But hold your thought John because that's the ultra music affects organ to talk about that when we come back to him talk with the life issues so we know it's going on there.

They were to talk about mail-in voting and vote fraud. That's a big deal. Looking ahead on that and then that we believe in personal responsibility anymore is that is that an issue Serena talk about a couple more things with Fred Voncannon just announces running for North Ghana House 35th District vote von Steve Noble will be right back to back. It seemed so give me an army and please, please, let me put them in office like a pretty good shape. I got recently in the studio with me right now. Fred Voncannon, my brother in Christ, and a good friend as well as incredible wife, Anita, how did that happen for the Lord blessed me yet that does the nose and eyes. I knew about her pretty, but as people meet Fred and Omega need ago I think is doing campaign signs of decide time with her and say Anita's husband when that instead of having my name there.

That's how everybody knows me better version of the group itself uneven people now when people meet my wife. They usually just stop and pray that nasties like let us pray that so I get that running for a North Ghana House, 35, a bow I wanted to talk about the life issuing them will get into these four easily to be talk about this a lot of the campaign trail, education, election integrity, the economy and energy. One of the things I said on the break before we went on the air which I need to remind myself of this is is words centered on yes this question we look at the left. We look at everything is happened in this country for the last 10 months. I mean this is a remarkably effective presidency in just 10 months effective meaning quantitative, not qualitative. It's a train wreck, but they sure created a massive train wreck in just 10 does that work all these crazy ideas. They know they're going to bankrupt the country. They know we can afford it yet. They do it anyway and that's when I said you know that ideology is so strong when reality doesn't even exist really doesn't matter matters is ideology which I forgot to talk as biblical Christians. That's just idolatry. That's all this is their their idea of the great reset] etc. this is their opportunity and II think this is the opportunity you'll see started here continued in 22 and maybe hopefully in 24 is the great reset of getting them out of office and let him solve the problem but at least makes the opportunity to solve the progress and and that's not just a toy phrase everybody and putting a link up on Facebook live right now. Done a couple shows on this and last year I'll start doing more because present by just recently mentioned a partnership with the great reset Mason to go Isaac Glenn Beck being wacky.

Only what is that all about know this is real is the world economic forum I just put a link up her cigar look it up yourself. The injury was that all those folks with the Dallas folks, this is resetting everything every aspect of life, not only in America but worldwide and economically, socially, explanation, government sense of what they're doing right exit so that ideology is really idolatry and it's it's really powerful. The life issue is the default position. You're supposed to have that as a Republican. But why do you have, you know, I don't. There's no reason I can't have it.

I can't not have it down on you know how to explain it like you know life is life and not once you get your head around that then you know that's a baby human.

It just hasn't been born like you know and so we we we support you know I think every one of the premises. Our centers here and love life and all those and we just the more you get around and more you do that, the more you feel like this is this is where God wants you to be is is is a voice for the voiceless right that the pleat you know they can't take can't speak for themselves. There's nothing they can do for themselves. They have to be cared for outside the womb and and and doctors and make a profit. Planned Parenthood talks about in a women's health is not when is hell no it's it's it's a profit portion that's it.

I can say the deal is all the stuff it's abortion mill profit Planned Parenthood yeah that's what it is, my murder, preventing a big donor to my opponent since I'm sure they are not shocked or okay education which we talked about the floor easier to be talk about a lot of the campaign trail, education, election integrity, economy and energy. Let's start with election integrity because if we don't get yeah right.

We don't even have a representative Republican and that's that's one that again you can go cut off the off the real her own and stuff and and so glass mellow time. Do you think you want to.

I didn't wind it was certified that I didn't now do I think that if I don't fare true election if they all the votes are counted. What would happen. I don't know. I do know that there that both sides because if you go back you might go back that far to watch Nancy Pelosi and all her colleagues talking about needn't you know that the that the voting machines were so dull rates. It seems like this should be the most bipartisan thing that we could ever do.

You're not going to go back and uncertified. The 2020 election. There's people that think that Trump still going to be in a play. I like what I can and I got but if we could go back and figure out what happened for both sides because you don't have to. You just go back a couple elections past that and you and you hear the Democrats complaining maybe legitimately that voting machines were switching votes, and all this other stuff in all this cheating if working to have faith in the election then let's let's figure out how to do that in his 20, 21 in the United States of America. There's no reason we can't figure out how to have a fair election, I got more community computing power and his companies and they dig crazy to put a rocket on the on the moon exactly so so we can do it. It should be bipartisan, it just happens to be partisan to the party that lost is always the one that's it's it's asking about it, but this is something we've been talk about forever and constitutionally.

This is the state legislature's responsibility. Ackley riots were all going to say this isn't in Northglenn is not even stricter state like it is and others in an and in large part to the governors out of some of the stuff and so this is the general assembly. And and and for you know across the country to the general similes have.

I think abandon some of their water and this all absolute.

Some of them are doing a good job.

Some I'm doing okay job so mom or just letting it go and for whatever reason, and so I don't that's I think it's something we gotta look at and I think it can be and should be bipartisan yeah and I think to to audit. It is just wreak you like Maricopa County. Other doing is is recounting what came you backup like the mail-in ballot process train wreck well and that I mean just the simple things that they said in the you know when when Jimmy Carter ordered election, commission to figure out how to not have you know cheating elections. Everything that happened in 2020 is what they said not to do so. You know you need voter ID you don't need to do mail-in ballot.

You don't need to, you know have drop boxes and and canvassing. All this got everything that they said that was ripe for fraud is what we did. So even if there wasn't fraud. Let's say there wasn't.

You still don't have faith that there was right. All that is right.

You need to have election is not beyond right approach that everybody can believe in the election. Yes, that's so important so you on the assumption as we've got problems. Now I gotta go figure out how the ark is the worst case scenarios people to say forget it. It's all right anyway. And then it mostly the left and when is because we get frustrated and now we got dig and dig into that the economy train wreck and getting worse train wreck getting worse highest inflation and and consumer price increase in over 30 years is just this month and ends. Not like you can see it come in price. You can't just print trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars and then no cost to know if you right yeah you know like zero cost like what in the world is wrong with you cannot you cannot print $3 trillion and tell us that you're gonna spend it on the stuff and there's no cost to it. It did, it defies logic and so this is the cost of that when you quantitative easing you get this.

This is the inevitable result. People been talk about this. You can see this is clear his nose on your face for years and come in here is what we do is a set of state-level career. Talk about that.

The feds and all that stuff in and they have a huge impact on the economy. But what what can you do as a North Carolina report yeah that's tougher because you know their general similes deal with right now with the Medicaid expansion.

Medicare expansion means like, you know, do you take some of that federal money encounters now be dependent on the government because if you don't, you're gonna lose it. If you know this and so they make it hard. They make it hard and but there's just being good stewards of the taxpayer money at every level. That's what we need to do because economy performing generally in North Carolina. North Carolina is probably better than these in the top third and so we've handled it okay but still you got, you know governor that single-handedly still has us in emergency what is called hers. In order to entertain almost 2 years and so and all the small businesses that shut down you know we have the restaurant thousands of restaurants across the state shut down permanently and it's just it's just short of criminal.

It's in dirt who beat the guy in in New Jersey.

That's what he ran on his like all those 1/3 of the businesses in the state of New Jersey got shut down because of that, you know the governor to shut it does just a small business national trucker guy yeah and so I think it was a scan of the same thing here. You know we got so many businesses that have been shut down.

Now things move around you know they figure out something else to do but at the same time we weave self-inflicted a shortage wound that we needed to take the foot off her own neck had no kidding what it what a great point. What about energy is that is that a big issue here, North Carolina.

Well, I think just that's probably more just in general and ties into the economy.

You know when you have inflation when you have energy prices which sometimes are not tied to that indicator of inflation that are going up at the rates are going gas prices doubled just in the last year kind of thing someone making 40,000 a year.

It's now like they're making 35,000 a year it's it's a tax it.

Reagan talked about this.

It's it up.

It's an oppressive tax. Very nice and not something that you ever voted on. You never wanted and everybody's paying is super successful people. Don't worry that much about inflation to kill at a lower level that's exactly right. This is who hits it is the hardest is the people that can't afford it. And that's exactly what's happening.

I think you can see again nationally, locally and statewide. You're gonna see a huge pendulum swinging the other way toward Republicans because of just you know dinnertable issues. Yeah, this you've got to be able to you know, can we take this trip.

If the gas is 450 is generally well then we got a budget we got take the money out here mean it is a tax every day tax and people are already taxed and I remember under Obama waiting. You know he had like a $75 limit at gas stations only and not enough 150 of the time on like I can fill my truck up and there's a limit on the running out of gas that that's real and that hurts and it's what the regular income gets what they want sir want to bankrupt energy. You know, fossil fuel energy so that they can bring in the you know there clean energy, they would still bankrupt the average American.

It's unbelievable. And so I get in on him when we talk about international issues. You remember when you're talking about a local Democrat local progressive in this case a North Carolina house 35 you look at what they say about the national issues that tells you who they are and identifies their ideology identifies her idolatry as I was talking about earlier and you know how they think and then you can.

Yet you can project easily enough. I know they think of the national issues I now know how to act on the local issues state issues.

That's why McGettigan people like that out Fred great have anything to say thanks again, Fred. Both is the website both Voncannon VO and CA and oh, and one in both about the links up on Facebook. Why we do it again. Of course, me Casa Su Casa anytime you want heaven's let me know.we'll be back tomorrow let's talk about on theology Thursday. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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