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Progressive Education vs. Parents

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 2, 2021 10:41 pm

Progressive Education vs. Parents

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 2, 2021 10:41 pm

Progressive Education vs. Parents

Steve talks to Joseph Backholm about family and how education affects the rest of the world and how parents will deal with it.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble the way life works.

I'm looking at my iPhone and I'm looking at April 19, 2011 20 5 PM that's the way I roll hey Joseph, hope you're well. I just watch the identity video about your visit the wash University of Washington wow you been on my cell before let's get you back on talk about this were in the middle of the storm on gender here in North Carolina. As you know cycles all the way back.

Joseph April 19, 2016 while ago about that Joe, the background here in the studio now which is odd because he's a state of Washington person who now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, which really threw me for a loop when we got to see what you're going to Facebook the other day and then your senior fellow now for biblical worldview, strategic engagement at family research Council FRC most of you guys know Tony Perkins is and then he was a legislative attorney and spent 10 years as the president General Counsel. The family policy Institute of Washington that's in association with family with the family right out of Interpol. Historically, yes, yes, going back a ways, but also what would you say which was the Colson Center for Christian worldview on YouTube, which I think is where this video originally got posted wasn't something you did on YouTube and that's got like 5.1 million views talking to students at the University of Washington with a really tough question. Joseph about gender Roy girl any Audi or Summer does it a hard question but what is a boy yes yes give me some time and I let me do some common core math and I'll get back to answer. So Joseph just did an article that showed up in our present world right world mangrove world magazine in the pump for this world magazine now has an opinion section actually ran after 40 years world has branched out and I am honored to be part of one of the contributors to world and there's another person who's a friend of mine here in Raleigh that I believe is also starting to write opinion pieces for world magazine, Brooke Medina, have you met her yet I have not met her. I know her name. We are on the list and I also know she's in Raleigh. I just unloaded my boxes so I'm still get on with to be careful to start addressing a little too much attention. Let's take them at the at their word is with this piece that Joseph just wrote the architects of progressive education are telling us what they plan for our children. This is something a subject you've spent a lot of time talking about this the big deal in your family, your wife is in education going back to a piece that you did for FRC why every church should start a Christian school. I mentioned this often and they hate the progressives of own the educational playing field for a long time. They went to the headwaters of the Mississippi were now dealing with every thing that's coming out at the bottom.

But why is this such a big issue for you and then we'll get into this because were to talk about what somebody that's against almost ended up being here, which was the 1619 project founder. She almost came here to University North Carolina. Hannah Jones.

She was dodged a bullet. Yes definitely I would say so. But why is it such a big idea for you and then will dive in particular will the education issue matters because to me, that is, the heart of darkness. All the cultural problems were coming that we are seeing are not accidental, and in many ways they been engineered in in most parents, we still live in this world where when I went to I graduated from a public school and I on I can honestly say that there's nothing upon reflection that I look back in my public school experience and think that was terrible. Yeah, yeah, nothing about it right, you know, not all my friends and teachers were Christian church but was a small town very americana. I want to good people, for the most part, I would Mike if my kids had that same experience that would scare me. It has changed so much in the last couple decades we have a bunch of parents who remember education right like the one I have an habit because their parents and grandparents all went to the same public school we just habitually send our kids because that's what we do right to that school and we don't realize that things have changed dramatically in the end of the piece that I wrote for for world.

He is basically we should take them at their word.

They are telling us what they want to do with public education and parents still think that the goal of public education is to educate their children, and that's a mistake in what they're telling us repeatedly. Is it the goal of public education is to make children be woke and think like they do, politically speaking, and they're not shy about that, but most parents haven't haven't awoken to that fact.

And so were wondering why are these. While these priorities, why do we see like gay porn in the sex ed curriculum. Why do we have a CRT stuff.

He seems like strange priorities only because we don't share the same goal as the architects of the public and that's been going for last night like this just started 20 years ago. Nothing to just start like in the sexual revolution. This goes way back.

Yes when you really understand the history this progressivism in the public school system, whereas originally I was just talking about this in my US history class that I teach today, what with the Northwest ordinance talking about religion, morality, and education, and Adams wrote that that that's necessary if you're going to thrive in this kind of society you get rid of that.

That's how you change the society.

So the progressives new in 100 years ago plus ago the Frankfurt school wherever you want to start. They know that this is the goal of education is not to create radical thinkers.

The goal of public education is to create people that do what we want to think what we want to think, live, how we want to live. I took a long time because you you still had all of these guardians within the public education system because you had good people yet good principles he had good superintendents. You certainly had a lot of good teachers and you still have those today but they are there.

Their influence is diminishing as as the left is taken over the architecture roles and, increasingly, the administration roles and, increasingly, the educator roles. So now you see it being pushed very aggressively in kindergarten classrooms in fourth grade classrooms. When 100 years ago is John Dewey kind of sit in his class writing right now. Can we make this happen right we need more workers and less writer and and now we have now.

The system has been been infiltrated sufficiently that we see the impact or see what one of the things that I'm thankful for actually is the last for five years.

The progressive left is really come out of the closet. They're not hiding any audio there's no nuance there and especially when you get the you get the. The squad that comes out there big and it's exactly think Bernie Sanders is perfectly comfortable running for president calling himself a democratic socialist and so now in the school system.

That's all, up above the water, and they're not afraid of us but do you think Joseph that there's a seachange because now economy look unit see what's going on in Virginia today.

Today's the day. Today is the day and all of a sudden talk about.

This is considered an article I did I read it on the air of the day it came out when all this is so ridiculous.

The Atty. Gen. of the United States of America sends a letter to the FBI department of justice now putting people like you and me on notice that if you get in the start disrupting what were doing and these are schools with your kids right you might be a domestic terrorist something to Jeff Foxworthy joked over to get into that Joseph back home is with us today works with the family research Council got a great background in this. Let's take them at their word. The architects of progressive education and telling us what they plan for our children and will also revisit the video that we played years ago Joseph on campus that will shock you back at Steve Noble shows just recently the national Association similar to Pres. by asking for protection from parents. Well you people like you. People like my guest today, Joseph back definitely Jeff and I'm feeling pretty adamant you got into the building. I was like a sexy bad one is Bible thumper conservative Christian people so that's what they say. The letter said these heinous actions define actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes and of course that turned around and got the Atty. Gen. to write his letter to the FBI and the DOJ so there's that Terry McAuliffe is trying to be a governor in Virginia today for a secondary state. Mike Pompeo tweeted this statement.

I think parents should decide what their children are taught in schools.

That is all will oversee responding to Terry McAuliffe said this, I'm not going to let parents come in the schools and actually take books out and make their own decision. I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. So Joseph just wrote this article on reading from it. Let's take them at their word doesn't hidden anymore. It's really obvious were out.

Our kids are in and they want to do their kids as they will write are my being hyperbolic, that's exactly right. And I actually want to read one other quote that you didn't get to the one by Nicole Hannah Jones all 16 housing project right she is the, the creator of the 6019 project and she explains, I think in a helpful way helpful for things I why it is that they don't want the parents involved in education. Here's what she said and this is her response to Mike Mike Pompeo's statement that parents should be involved. She says, believe it or not, it's not just parents who pay for public schools and not just parents who have a vested interest in public schools, public schools are a common good designed to create an informed citizenry in a multiracial democracy is also to codewords there when they say I never finished two things, I know you write white conservative abhor right so I was I was ignoring the petty insults of their when she says that public schools are a common good designed to create an informed citizenry. All that means is, public schools exist to make kids walk right and that is a very because that's how they understand informed citizenry to be defined is people who think like us, because only rubes don't think like we congratulate that's why they think were backwards and write more and show that's what they mean. That's what they're actually doing so don't be shocked when you kid comes home because there telling you this is what were to get your kid give your kid kids. This is our goal we your kids exactly so will everyone are hitting the break as to the question or talk a little a little bit during the break on Facebook live in you to life.

If you're wondering or talking about what you're listening to commercial just go to Facebook or YouTube and find a Steve Noble show page. I'm enthused by what I'm seeing around the country. Nine also know in social media digital land that things get multiplied.

So that's why we think every kids getting snatched up the street when that's not true, but this is an uprising appearance showing up at school board meetings when I was doing a lot of activism 04050607. We were like the only one showing and we had to be organize an active lawyer, radicals nine.

The stepparents were getting woke to what's happening in the public school system showing up. I'm encouraged by the are you very much, so it it it is the answer and in the primary one is one of the primary causes of our problems has been passivity has been indifference has been the sense that everything's fine. I'm just gonna go home and watchman at football and good yeah and people are now they have reached a point where it's painful enough. They're concerned enough that the behavior is starting to change. That's always been the solution to our problems and hopefully this is something that sustains itself because of what would you say of the biggest battlegrounds inside public education today in terms of particular subjects to go things going on in the school system that we need to be critically aware with the biggest battles inside public education is the fact it is the deep prioritization of education and the prioritization of political political activism, all of this all the stuff that you see in the sex ed curriculum that everybody hates not just the equality stuff, but the outright. Just pornography yeah and why a friend of a board member of mine whose kids go to public school here in town. He was on last week Chad's Lotta and he's appeared before the school board twice epic times, picked it up and the second time he couldn't he could. He did not have the ability to read and public what is kids were being given school he could. He just couldn't bring himself to do it as a godly Christian father and husband. He just got. Now I would but but he just could and I'm cynical well that's they give that to your 11-year-old to 1213 if you read it right now in the air.

The next call we would get would be from the FCC. Could we be violating the law, yet they can give that filth as our governor calls to kids in school in the Lieut. Gov. is correct yet so when all all of the gender stuff all the sex ed stuff all the CRT stuff that the reason why that is being prioritized despite the fact that standardized tests are falling off the cliff. The kids are not doing well academically relative to our global peers in the core academic subjects, but we don't seem to care because again, the goal of the system is not to make kids like Albert Einstein, is to make the micro marks. What a great point. So where are we in all this where the parents and all this and what parents do. Parents are starting to become aware of this and this is one of the many blessings of Kelly. Frankly, it is the fact that every kitchen table became an X of the local public school parents began to have a window into what was happening there and other things happen as well. That was one of the things and parents saw what was happening in their in their school and then what was it happen happening. Maybe Kimberly concerned and so they start having conversations with each other and or social media gives the ability to organize together and and that is happening and hopefully this is this is sustained because I don't believe that the priorities of the left are the priorities of America. The priorities of the left been in charge because we haven't bothered to oppose them. That could be changed right. So when when there's not an opposing force to do whatever you why is it I had the chance. That's why it was interesting to me that the national Association school board post came out with that" apology letter which I think was you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, then I'm really sorry. I'll never let it happen again, trying to get rid of the heat. But that was that was just a ruse. There was nothing authentic about that that which is trying to get us off the back will truly but I mean the.

The other actual conspiracy. Apart with that letter is that the Justice Department tightly tried to frame this is some kind of unprompted letter from the school board to the White House begging for help because they're under there under fire when we now know there's lots of evidence that the White House was consulting with the national school Board Association is the White House wanted to go out to the parents. They needed cover to do so. They called their friends at the national school Board Association is what you guys write us a letter telling us how afraid you are of the parents and then will go do something about it in there like, yeah. Go team right in the board of the national school Board Association didn't even know about it was the executive director of the national school Board Association, who subsequently had been pointed out appointed to a job by the vitamins ranges got it in the get great just just got a job in the buy demonstration with a unavailing upwards once again right, which is excellent. Now you gotta give them this and I can hear the hiss of the snake and Satan's shrewd man is not to be underestimated and in you hear that kind of stuff going on, let's let's White House contacts them. Then they send a bogus letter to the White House of the White House and then contact Mayor Garland Emir going to write a letter sit at the FBI and the DOJ all in an attempt to do what to intimidate your regular citizen who all they want to do is care for their kids and protect their kids and by the way, if you call yourself a Christian, even if your kids are in that school system like mine or Joseph.

You should still care you should act okay because that's how you love your neighbor what their kids are there or not is irrelevant. If you're a follower of Jesus Christ which would call you to engage in just about everything we come back this great video that Joseph did a few years ago. Gender identity can a 5'9" white guy he is 6 foot, 5 inch Chinese woman really like I I was the white guy excellent. You don't look like a tall Chinese woman but will try to clear that up only go back man comes and sounds of moon funeral of his lungs about it in the same email that I love Stephen is the real is a great son, Johnny guested quite a bit of a good Southern gospel and some really heavy stuff theologically had an interesting life as every Christian does. If you if you cut down to the to the guts of it and struggled obviously but there's a lot of stuff you did, which is fascinating. That's just when you listen to media, radio, music, video games, whatever. If you have a really robust Christian worldview.

You'll find that when you engage it into the world that you'll end up seeing all kinds of stuff. It's like it's like the matrix to take the blue pill you take the red pill that doesn't stop start making sense to you, and you might not struggle as much with what's going on in the news, if you really have a good solid Christian worldview.

So that's just my word to you.

That's why teach seven classes a week with high school age homeschoolers and that's also why Joseph back home is been doing what he's been doing for a long time now at the family research Council, Senior fellow for vertical worldview and strategic engagement there at FRC with Tony Perkins a great team. How would you say that you been in this this battle now has an activist with the with your workout in Washington. I I guess in the activist part guy started working in the state legislature in Washington state.

I was a staff attorney there, so I was not really an activist as much, but 2008 is when I started run the family policy Council there and then went to the Colson Center for Christian worldview.

And so I guess that's 13 near yeah yeah so it's been a while.

Do you ever struggle with. You seem very upbeat, optimistic I am, but it's difficult to swim in this water all the time. Well it is but I think there is no my theology on this whole thing is I think I've got a balance of having expectations that align with the fallen world, and we can't be progressives in a utopian sense because we know we know that things are never going to be perfect so there there is that but also just a lack of despair because we also know that Jesus is ultimately can we and you and in despair and fear are sinful and so we can't succumb to those savings, and in it's really a matter of just focusing on what God puts in front of us and that's the thing we can control he's got the world on his shoulders. I do not have the website link. I don't need that pressure and I do II rejected that pressure but I do have a role played everybody else does. And so we all have a spot on the wall is a great example of that is I've got a spot on the wall in an inlet semi-check out still rules the universe with his feet up.

So exactly school because he's my father and he's got it all and eventually heaven will come to earth, and every thing will get worked on this be just a memory. Talking to Joseph Beckham today about education.

We got a couple different rose but here's were talk about the progressive agenda what's going on. The public school system would go down. That's upriver. Okay, that's at the top of the Mississippi. That's the headwaters.

What are the results of that Joseph went on campus. This was back in 2016. So while you're dealing with the gender issue there.

We were arguing about gender issues here in the election year with the bathroom bill that came out of Charlotte and it was a big mess here and watch people. The MBA pulled out because apparently you should be of use whatever that if you like using, but he went on campus is University Washington. That's right and started asking these questions that you would think don't require a college degree to answer that you think first and second grade I would be good enough, but later so this is the him just encounter some collagens when I can play the whole thing because we want to go through all four minutes of it, but this is just what happens and you go on campus. This is the results of progressive education over years and years and years as the frog in the pot and this is why many of us when your kids come home from college or come back for Christmas break summer break after your to your like don't know what happened here.

This is just an example. You ready to are you aware of the debate happening in Washington state around the ability to access bathroom's locker room spas based on gender identity and gender expression I think people should feel have access to the facility by think bathrooms could potentially should be gender-neutral because there does need to be a classification for differences I think they should have the ability to go to whichever locker they want. I feel like at least public universities do their best to accommodate for those who do not have a specific gender identity. You know whether you identify as male or female, and whether your sextant is matching tonight.

You should be able to utilize the resources I told you that I was a woman jurist for you okay thank you nice to meet you really. I don't have a problem I'd ask you how you cannot conclusion if I told you that I was Chinese with Nina might be a little surprised that I say good for you.

I would maybe think you had some Chinese ancestor.

I would ask you how you some Wiccans and why I'm not doing it. What are you helpless is going on. I may not be as much of this really nice young people that don't hurt your feelings that part. Yeah that that is part of it, but I also think is these are not stupid people writing in.

I think the key to the whole conversation is laying the foundation of am I allowed my gender and they'd been catechized thoroughly enough to know the correct answer to that question. Culturally speaking, and so they set up course, you can choose your gender. Then I started asking them if I can choose my race if I can choose my age if I can choose my height and they're smart enough to understand the moment they say no to that right, I'm to go back and ask them what and why can I choose my gender. If all of these other things are beyond my control and they didn't want to go there and if you fear will watch the video rather than listen to the video you can see their facial compressions, as there is there mind wrestles with their you know how well they been trained to say the politically correct answer to the question by Francis crick way back when. Okay, one of the most famous scientist. The last 200 Francis Crick Way back when said that he has to continually remind himself that what he was looking at as he was starting to build microbiology had to remind himself what I'm looking at is not designed is like a little kid with their fingers in their ears don't I know this is not like it is. I don't smell designed is no other way to explain it other than a designer, but it's not.

It's an absolute dimension of reality. And I think I think what I learned when I walked away from that. Believing is that these kids would rather be irrational been judgmental and that was the choice that they were consciously making because I don't want to be a big I don't want to be intolerant. I don't want to be judgmental by saying you can't choose your own reality. So I would choose to say things that I know as I speak them are crazy affirm you no matter what until the written affirmation you're asking for is contrary to what they been trained to believe through the educational system so if all of a sudden you say, hey, what if I tell you that I booked tube that I believe all religions are false except for Christianity that they're not going to go with, you know, they'll say you're wrong.

Go see your room so you gotta find where is the line in the sand of the way I've looked at this for a couple years now is in a country where the barn was on recently. George Barna was recently are talking about his findings and that he does its nationwide polling every year earlier, February, March, and he found that only about 6% of Americans are living out of the conventional Christian worldview then he looked at about 6869% of Americans what self identifies Christian, we scratch that surface and start finding out they actually don't believe what the Bible says 38% self identified as born-again but half of them said there's other ways to heaven other than Jesus Christ. So I sit and go okay. Romans one.

Read one chapter in one book in the whole Bible try understand what's going on in this country.

In 2021. Read Romans one, we suppress the truth. Replace it with why do we suppress the truth little like the trip because what the truth comes God and what God comes a standard.

Now I'm in trouble and I don't like that. Jesus said, because their deeds are dark, we want to drag down the light so working to suppress the gospel in word and replace it with something else in this case, here's what's righteous and good which is a woke world and if you violate that that sin and then damnation is cancellation and the only way you get redemption is if you change your mind and you follow along with progressive redefinition of the gospel which is while the students refused to tell you something that they know is ridiculous. That's exactly right. Right. It own religion right is just a different religion has has a different definition of sin has a different definition of salvation has a different ultimate goal its utopia here on earth rather than rather than eternity in a new heaven and a new earth that God is going to rewrite, create, just so all the components are there.

There is faith. Yet there sin. There's righteousness. There's justice. There is all of those things except more and more. There's not redemption. There's you, and until there is no forgiveness, no grace because all of those things exist to basically Bible prop up the oppressive white supremacist hegemonic patriarchal power. Thank you.

Is that a T-shirt probably. I don't think he might sell it at FRC but you know strike that that might go that way so let let's talk is ordinate organ hit the break in the will come up on the last segment of the show. Let's talk about positives and moving forward and what we can do. Can we do anything about the millennial's in the Jens ED another 45 down to 22 or 23 now that we've got college students now in high school students. Now, increasingly, I'm beginning to focus more of my time and inabilities on high school age people because I know like there's not a lot I can do about the 40 to 80-year-olds.

But there's a lot we can do it the next generation. But how we approach this is what we do this what you do you write you speak you engage in indicate I did the same thing but but on the level for parents for Christians that should love their neighbor as themselves. That's what I want to focus on his what what are we forward. How do we make a dent will to me the answer for us, culturally, is to get all the Christian kids out of government schools so that we disciple and train them ourselves.

We have to stop outsourcing that if we do that for one generation 2020. Yeah the Biden counties have a 25% lower birth rate in the Trump counties in one generation. That should totally change the numbers I looked orally was the problem for all of our kids are being catechized by the progressives in their seminary, which is why you have so sending our kids to their Summit is a great point, which is why you have 73% of males between 25 and 34 not very not reproduce that work so well point a bunch of other thing is able to save Noblesville to ratify because there were regular podcasts Apple, Google, whatever spot of fire over the place. There also here on Facebook. Liber YouTube live you can be right video in the course of the radio station Joseph back home, Senior fellow for biblical worldview and strategic engagement at the family research Council, who the last time you're on the show you lived in the state of Washington. Now you live about four minutes away from me so that's kinda interesting is gold you like a Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the state. I do this is a wonderful place. It is it I think it's a great family town. It's got a lot going for its kinda got a Northwest divide actually. So that really it really does because it people here fancy themselves as outdoorsy types of Northwest yes does because he and others kayaking and people like to go to the beach and go to the mountains and other parts of the South. That's not part of the culture. I Was in Texas. Most recently, so that's my high-level observation of Salina. So far what's happening up in the Northwest has always been that way if you're in a little Washington near Portland.

Yeah, you know.

Yet all the Northwest and honestly, like the Northwest United States is the last place on the planet to be kind of settled and civilized the way we understand and it doesn't have like the cultural heritage of religion that they even like the North yet in the South particularly has Northwest never had. That is about 100 years ago no one was there right and so there were aren't kind of these deep roots. People went there to kind of escape. And so there isn't. People say they want a revival in the Northwest. There's no revival to be had. You just need a viable because there was no revival the first place. Numbers three. What were so spoiled on the East Coast. We have different Judeo-Christian heritage. This is where the country started and that's baked into the cake. We've gotten far away from it, but it's still here yet but up in the Northwest Cedar Point amino Gold Rush took people out there than immigration and Chinese immigration which was the gold rush in the code started to develop, but it never had a Judeo-Christian history. I don't really thought of it that way that's best in show is always been kind of this independent leave me alone kind of a place which lends itself to, you know, cultural libertine, you just I want to do whatever I want to do and certainly they fully embrace that yet. So educationally.

What we do if you started with this. The break I know a lot of people struggle with the city well we have two incomes. We can't possibly homeschool we can afford private school. And then I've done a lot of shows on this in the past, asking the question, is a time that we pull our kids out of the public school system. There some good teachers here and there, as you mentioned earlier whenever you throw everybody under the bus is or are there some good teachers out there.

I know Christians are in the school system doing incredible family members exercise just above the light we need to be salt and light off. Oftentimes Alaska only how your 10-year-old is doing. How is your 10-year-old being salt light. How are they sharing the gospel. Are they having an impact kingdom impact in their ordinate role in or not. It's a difficult decision for a lot of people. I think a couple of thoughts on that use one.

You can't eat. We have to change expectations for what we want out of our kids education and so much of the church that the language right now is I just want to protect them from CRT. I want to protect them from the gay stuff. I think we have to see youth as this opportunity and there's an opportunity cost in in the best we if if the best we hope for as parents is I want to protect you from others trash yeah we missed a real opportunity to fill them with a bunch of good stuff and we need to take those years and see them as opportunities to help them love was beautiful. Love what is true value the things that are right have an understanding of the world as God created an understanding that God created it and why that matters so they can be cultural rebuilders so that we as parents the standards of just been too low.

It can't just be. Let's put them in the place that is as old. It has as little danger as possible right because in many ways you can avoid the danger and here's the reason why is the analogy I like to use and it's not original to me, but I think it's helpful is that all of our children, our little cucumbers and they're becoming pickles and they sit in a brine yet and so much of the challenge of what happens in government schools is not curricular. It's the things that you pick up through osmosis. That you can't help because you could spend 16,000 hours in those classrooms between kindergarten and 12th grade that 16,000 hours, you absorb value systems, yet you learn to love. What's actually good or you learn to love the tribunal in the superficial and that's the kind of thing we need to think about with appearances.

What are they soaking up radar kids soaking our nation to the man. What are they picking 16,000 hours, but the seats K to 12 you know this.

I notice I talked about it for years.

Another 16,000 hours. Popular media okay whatever media you want to look at social media is made that probably even worse. But media 16,000 are six $32,000, mostly godless significant portion literally anti-Christian $32,000 right. Here's the gold start telling to think this is a gold star Christian family. Our kids go to Sunday school and they go to the service. That's an hour and they come back Sunday night for one or whatever, that's another hour. Then I go back Wednesday night right was in its upper Southern Baptist Church four hours, four hours every week. Is that a gold star Christian family.

Sure, it is very few do that for hours every week, every week, the year kindergarten to 12th grade. Congratulations. $2400 2400 hrs. gold star Christian leader 32,000 hours over here and I am not do this in person with families when I have these conversations, like right so how good of a parent you think you are hiding in a deal that Matt well the Lord can build them and I know that but the Lord isn't operating devoid of our influence or anybody else see operates in the world and this is what the world is doing 32,000 hours to use your example brine look in a pickle. Are you progressing versus 2400 hrs. of Clearwater. I get to sit in a brine skin what the brine is going to win and it doesn't matter how good your intentions are how much you try to correct and it just actually true. The younger age 2nd and third graders should not be in front of the teacher that the parents have to correct everything your teacher tells them frightened third-graders just need to learn that the authority I need to learn to do what the authority says if you place them in front of an authority you actually want your child to ignore half of what they're telling you that's just sending them the message that I can't believe anybody these people just disagree.

Nothing is truth true, it's a matter of opinion, and I'm just in a make it up for myself and decide what side I want to be on eventually and then as a father. The Bible is that hate fathers don't provoke your children to wrath. I'm like okay if I don't confuse my children and frustrate my children by sentiment of the system where they get mostly godless or anti-Christian propaganda indoctrination. Then they come on Nona Billy no no no no Sandy, no limit living thing was really going on in the back and forth, back and forth, back and forth to me that's like the definition of frustration through equity like what are we doing with the same time, it is important we don't want kids to be in a bubble you to be close changers and we want to expose an etiquette is that coronavirus gives us a good analogy is because we need to inoculate them to the nonsense they need to look be exposed to the virus. Etiological virus viruses in a in a mound that they can handle that there are systemically dealing with right and Gotto expose it to him in small doses so they recognize the lie.

They understand why it's a lie. They now have the intellectual understanding of that they can explain it to themselves and people, so they're not prepared so they can go out and they don't get viral overload. If you put 1/3 grader in that environment will be viral overload.

It's gonna kill them that they said you have to expose it to them gradually, so by the time 1617 1819 there out there making a difference in reality you put them in that system when their kindergartners. By the time their 1415 1617. They are just part of the other team because they never had a chance in the viruses totally taken on the one of the things I think we need to learn from the founding fathers is they were very serious about their posterity, people coming behind.

I don't think we we can say that but I think it's mostly lipservice. Mostly we live in the here and the now we want our kids will go to Disney every few years and and have a good time now, and we don't like to be too difficult, but were not thinking about what's on down the road really 17-year-old boys never think about the consequent interactions and so right now is that okay well we can do this akin to that. I think COBIT is shown most people that your kid can come home into school even write all online on the homeschool world, especially for high schoolers you notice an arc of four brick it's been like this.

You outsource a lot of it to other Christian so I've got hundred 15 students every week. Other people's kids coming to my very overtly theologically conservative classes on US history. Christian ethics and Civics and that's what you do in the homeschool community with high schoolers.

If you don't do it online.

You can do it in community which sounds a lot like a body and and there's a way to do it without ever even went without sacrificing a double income but a lot of times we blocked ourselves into a lifestyle that requires two incomes, so there's a lot of sacrifices that need to be made, yes, but we have to think what you're saying is long-term and what's happening to our kids. Is there soaking it in the choice for parents is really what I care about more Mike my comfort right now my kids soul. I don't think that's an overstatement of what were talking yeah and in so yes do sacrifices have to be made. Are we to reboot an entire system. Yes there's there's an analogy here that I think is helpful, though, because the public schools today used to be Protestant schools hundred years ago, yet they were run by the Protestants. What did the Catholics do said we don't want our kids being in Protestant schools sorta go to the hard work of creating a bunch of Catholics who are owned about 50 years ago the pagans took over from the Protestants in the government schools the Protestants have not had the good sense to do what the Catholics did 100 years ago. It's a we need our own system. We just kept sending our kids there anyway. Even though the pagans took over the system, the Catholics were more committed to a Catholic education.

Then today's Christians Catholic or Protestant. Whatever version you want seem to be to protect their kids from humanism, secularism, all of that which piling away in teaching US history I know most nations will know this is a way back in the 17 he worded all the Catholics love like Marilyn Bilodeau Marilyn because they were a minority. They understood they were a minority in Europe anymore. We don't have the cover of the church and you stick together and so they understood as a minority working actually take care of each other. Look out for each other and so now you see that's a great way of looking at it because Ojeda Protestant schools are then given over to paganism her to start her own personal we going to be Protestant. Then they have the Protestants never left.

We say yes we stay when we should've left but they were in charge and so they're turning all the Protestants in the pagans. I put a link up here on an article that Joseph wrote this is multiple pages. That's really good about 10 page article literally every trip why every church should start a Christian school got all this history everything we could talk about. It's all in their Joseph a people want to check out what you're writing what you're communicating with the best way to do that. is the website also world W world magazine will opinions. There is want to thoughts of how often you writing that remains to be seen as just started kind of the month Joseph. It's great having here come back again, you're welcome. This is the nobleness the noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon. Like my dad always said never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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