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Big Red Wave?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 3, 2021 10:39 pm

Big Red Wave?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 3, 2021 10:39 pm

Big Red Wave?

Steve talks about “The Big Red Wave” Republicans that are coming onto the stage. How will the left respond?


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now is your host Steve Noble okay KK try not to gloat. Let's try not to gloat. No little. Actually, let's go you got all the little time I look back at the Steve Noble shell. Yes, the theme from Rocky which of course turns into a victory theme right doesn't nod. And so that's of course what's happening not only in Virginia, which is mind-boggling, mind-boggling. But other things going on in Texas in Minneapolis of all places deep on the please get the guys in blue. Not such a great idea for your political future pay attention to the nets out there. GN ATS matching all you and me. The people so mind-boggling what's going on in Virginia, mind-boggling. What's going on in New Jersey. I actually don't think the Republican candidate New Jersey is going to win. However this morning that they still too close to call. As of the show still too close to call. But I mean that they were separated by a thousand votes in New Jersey by a thousand votes out of 2.3 million votes cast and counted so far. They were only separated by a thousand in New Jersey last year.

Joe Biden won the state by 16 points, 16 point victory in New Jersey. Shell lacks Donald Trump.

But now you've got the Republican candidate for governor. New Jersey is is ahead by a thousand with 2.3 million votes cast are counted that mind-boggling. So that's a story that will keep an eye on that okay were not sure yet but that's the New Jersey's race for governor. Okay that's massive we have sent a message to the entire country.

Chiarelli told supporters that is election night headquarters, but this is what I love about the state if you study its history.

Every single time is gone too far off track because that's what the liberals always do.

They run too far when they get the ball everything at times gone too far off track.

The people of the state New Jersey have pushed, pulled, and prodded it right back to where it needs to be is that gonna hashtag trend for the rest of the country, and it certainly is what happened in Virginia. Another mind-boggling thing in Virginia. Okay, so a bunch of things I want to go to today as we try to analyze this and I will play the Rocky theme every other minute but we might play it another time. And by the way, in the third segment of the show you have got to hear the new Lieut. Gov. in Virginia, a black woman first and a black woman in Virginia which was a Confederate state on the tile this together because I been all jacked up today and yesterday, especially today teaching. I taught my third class of US history. Today, this afternoon, and I made up my classes. My students all listen to the acceptance speech of Winsome Sears about that for a name Winsome name Christians okay in my old studio. I had a monitor right on the desperate front of me and I had on the posted note posted note still in the room. I kept it for posterity.

And on that post a note with one word and that word is Winsome Winsome like you know Jesus was once gave no quarter didn't budge an inch on the truth but was full of grace and mercy and compassion and patience and he was friendly and cut loving and kind probably funny and that's Winsome's ornament. So in the third segment of the show on the play because it's like seven minutes long. The entire acceptance speech, Winsome Sears, the first time black female statewide office winter in Virginia I Confederate state from the past time to time to US history and so many things in her speech. Also, I am in like shed a tear over a victory speech in a very long time but I did this morning and Steve. Jason texted me a link to it.

The base of the blaze and he's he's been involved politics for 20 years now and very very involved, so he sent me that in a tweet he just just sent me the copy of the tweet and that it had the link working in politics full-time going into a second decade now is maybe beyond jaded.

So maybe it's just the first thing in the morning and my guard is down because I thought I could no longer be moved but actually got a little choked up watching this and when I clicked on the link. I watch the acceptance speech of Winsome Sears in Virginia. The new Lieut. Gov. and it's so rich so pregnant so many good things in there will listen to that together in the certain third segment but when you deal with the governor okay young get so there's a lot going on there right now.

Last year this is a blue state Virginia last year, Trump lost Virginia by 10 points. Okay, lost Virginia by 10 points. Young can wins it by 12 so that's a big swing so Trump lost Virginia by 10.2 down to Trump, a young can wins by two thoughts, a 12 point swing in 12 months what's going on there and and when you look at it. Young can versus Trump, 20, 20 okay young can now yesterday versus Trump 2020. What it Trump two in Virginia versus what young congested so young can versus Trump young can +33 point up against Trump in 2020 with Blacks +9 with women +8 with suburban people +12 with rural voters say that again this is young can versus Trump is is a lot to be learned here young can versus Trump, 20, 20 last year's election versus the election that happened yesterday.

Young can beat Trump +3 months, Blacks +9 amongst women +8 in the suburbs and +12 in rural voters.

He trounced Trump's numbers from a year ago and there's a lot to be lesson learned from that. So you've got in Virginia. Check this out a blue state. You now have a Republican governor, a Republican black female, Lieut. Gov. and different. The Atty. Gen. whose Hispanic is a Republican and therefore they flipped her Virginia house Virginia house flipped a Republican control. So you're not like a Republican, as I got control get a lot done there in Virginia. I don't know what the bills going to be with Senate will look at that. But while Gov. Lieut. Gov., Atty. Gen. for a bunch of white supremacist would like to black female woman in a Hispanic how interest will be right back. The show started with little Rocky theme from Rocky use when in Virginia Gov. Lieut. Gov. in the Atty. Gen. in the house in Virginia flipped to the Republicans. Love can be fascinating to watch what happens.

But this is super important and is a lot to learn from that soul going through different stories today and then not turn out sore.

This is from the daily wire talk about this in the third segment next segment on a plea for you. Winsome Sears was to be the new Lieut. Gov. and Virginia incredible speech. It's so pregnant with meaning. So will go to that together turn out sore and Virginia's angry voters had their say exactly year ago today Joe Biden crushed present on Trump or Virginia writing be to my 10 points binds agenda quickly went right in the dumpster with members of his own party, thwarting his massive spending plans. I what's more, nearly everything else has gotten worse since Biden took office, gas prices, inflation crimes out of control the border crisis. All that plus some local issues, like ding ding ding ding school boards which we talked about a lot we talked with Joseph back home yesterday Slot was in with and talk about this a lot it's get involved brought angry voters to the polls on Tuesday, more than 3.2 million Virginians.

Note voted to 27% increase in 2017 the last election for governor in that race, Democrat Ralph Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie 53.9 to 45,000 2017.

This is totally flipped exit polls showed independence, one heavily for young can quote young can also carry male voters in this year's election by roughly a 12 point margin white women without college degrees by about 50 points white evangelicals by about 76 point all broader margins than then-President Donald Trump posted over Joe Biden among those demographics last year. That's amazing, barely exit polling also suggests a slim advantage for young can in the suburbs, an area that shifted towards Democrats during Trump's presidency. But the key thing.

Remember that while some pundits say young kids when showed the power of Trump doesn't young can kept his distance from the former present deciding not to join a rally. Trump held by telephone the day before the election right so can you have trump policies conservative policies without Trump is the which seems to be the case here is another one Virginia parents champion victory of family values Virginia parents are claiming victory for family values and parental rights after Republican swept statewide elections in Virginia on Tuesday. Local outrage over education created a groundswell of anger against Democrats and progressive social school curriculum ideas and policies such as student mass mandates yet they're just running all the stuff up the flagpole and parents are waking up now word to the wise, and a warning last night was awesome today is good to celebrate, but if you think this is over your nuts they've been playing this game for 100 years with our children. We talked about on yesterday's show they will continue to play. They own the educational system.

The only way it changes is when spoilers get in there that's you and me. That's our deal you to get involved quote: young can victory showcases the Commonwealth's desire to elect a public servant instead of a political servant, Virginia mother Elizabeth parent told Fox News what we have seen is the importance of family values and parental rights in our education system. Amen. There's another one. It's been great to see how the importance of our children's education and the parents matter movement has brought so many people together, said Brandon Masson allowed County father three. This is Virginia's opportunity to raise the bar and we will be doing it with Glenn young can as governor Virginia mother and activists threaten the money celebrated young kids when an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham quote what the parents or Virginia have done is send a clear message to every single person who is treated us like dirt. That's right, they are all here all the moms and we are mama bears and pop bears we have said loud and clear. Get your hands off of our codes really set the monies going to lose more races.

If you continue to treat us like dirt. And we have risen, we are allowed and we are strong and we are seeing very clearly were not going to allow you to claim our babies. None of this nonsense is going to be acceptable anymore. That reminds me of Gen. Yamamoto after were after the Pearl Harbor attack and were were to but said that he said I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled it with a terrible resolve. Now a sleeping giant. Our moms you moms you are sleeping giants, some you are sleeping. Some of them, you are more out of you are when it comes to schools, school board meetings.

What's going on what's being taught was being disseminated reading materials pornographic CRT. Whatever progressive agenda anti-Christian worldview.

That's all alive and well and I noticed good teachers out there payment and that's awesome fight the good fight of faith, but the vast majority of the teachers are not in the whole system is run by progressives, so the public school system at large is the enemy of the Christian worldview and conservative ideas about education which is to teach kids how to think reading arithmetic right math arithmetic, reading, writing, how to think critical thinking what to think but they been teaching what to think. For years, which is why so many of us so many parents out there like what happened in my kit Ricketson marinating in the stuff from 16,000 hours between kindergarten 12 great before they ever go to college so this stuff while McAuliffe is getting blasted so there is a left-wing groups a statement issued by left-wing groups battle born collective justice Democrats sunrise movement in United we dream action never heard of any of these people, but they signed a United statement shellacking of talk about McAuliffe shellacking Tuesday as a wake-up call for Democrats.

Terry McAuliffe ran the milquetoast campaign he wanted to run where every other word he uttered was Donald Trump.

Instead of focusing on the issues voters cared about the most.

What happened in Virginia is what happens when Democrats fail to take on the GOP's divide and conquer racism and motivate people to turn out dividing conquer racism. That's what they're saying about you parents. That's what they think of you. They do the progressives that run the educational machine and progressives on the left.

That's what they think of you. Your backwards, you don't know any better. You're screwing up your kids, your kids, some will turn them into great little woke activists.

I know that sounds like just Republican talking points, but it it's true that's what's going on quote. This was a controlled experiment for what not to do in 2022. They wrote this is what it looks like when Democrats get caught flat-footed and let Republicans dictate the terms of the debate by manufacturing a fake education crisis, gas lighting, you you think there's an education crisis, I don't buy all the stupid crazy white suburban Christian talking points. That's gaslight making you try to make you think you're crazy or stupid progressives have attempted to pay McAuliffe's loss is a win for white supremacy. Of course the messaging folks this country simply loves white supremacy tweeted the Atlanta contributor Jamel Hill right in Virginia right white supremacy or they just elected the first black female to win a statewide race in Virginia white supremacist.

They do that all the time and White's premises definitely love Hispanics, which is why they elected a Hispanic to the Atty. Gen.'s office in Virginia white supremacist do they raise up black women and Hispanics in positions of power.

Give me a break. Okay moving along.

You know what is the Rocky theme ready plea to get just come in the mood. Mrs. Faure hit the break.

I have so much more to talk about organism Monday overlap. We don't got it all down. Okay I say don't let Steve try not to its importance level to talk about. Plus some Sears. What a great name and she loves Jesus will hear from her. When we come back to back as the double show on the day. Victory is always fun is it not talk about Virginia everything going on there and via Joan who worked in the Obama administration who were liberal and in the unseen, and of course, and Van Jones reaction to what you know. How did this disguise. Upstart guy Duncan. How did he possibly win. What's this mean for America what's going on in Virginia Van Jones on CNN said this ready. The stakes are high. This is over Virginia. We will know that we see the emergence of the Delta variant of trumpet Delta variant of pump is another words, Duncan same disease spreads a lot faster a lot more. All all Donald Trump and coded the gifts that keep on giving. If you're Van Jones or prospectively host on CNN it's it's it's the Trump variant while great cool. That's it that's it Van it's the Trump. That that's what happened exactly know the trick here is Trump positions. Conservative positions without Trump is without Trump and all the things that go with him right, Trump is an individual Trump style trumps aggressiveness, Trump trumps tweets trumps this. Trump trumps everything but his positions in his government's yet take all that believe the Trump is him out, but all he sees is all this is just a Delta variant Trump could at that you so it's all had the sense of self.

Van Jones, let me introduce you to win some Sears check this out.

In 2000 to get ready for that in 2002 Sears, a former Marine became the first Republican elected from a majority black legislative district since 1865, right after the Civil War, she remains the only black Republican woman to serve in the Virginia House of delegates as Lieut. Gov., she will be the president of the state Senate Sears 57 is a former vice president of the Virginia Board of Education. She has held posts on advisory boards and federal agencies cochair the African American committee at the US Census Bureau and served on the committee of female veterans that advises the sector. The US Department of veteran affairs. Sears winsome username actually her name previously let a prison ministry was a director of women's homeless shelter for the Salvation Army born in Kingston Jamaica. She is a 1992 graduate of Old Dominion University and completed a Masters degree at Regent University description in 2003 winsome Sears. Now let me set the stage in order work on this today in the segment in the maybe in the next. So today and yesterday and my US history courses were looking at the end of the Confederate articles of Confederation, which we operated under coming out of the Revolutionary war and the design and implementation of the Constitution. So I show my students. These pictures of everybody. The constitutional convention which the bunch of landowning white males right so okay, let's talk about that. There's no women in the picture. There's no black people in the picture and those that issues absolutely especially in light of the declaration of independence that says all men are created equal. Okay so we don't equal representation there.

I we freed the black thing in the right to vote.

We being America before women got the right to vote.

There's all kinds of garbage on our ledger so that okay room so just get that picture in your head of a bunch of white landowners writing U.S. Constitution and then we get winsome Sears. Okay, let's play get ready to stop, stop at lunchtime, a loss for words.

You know I love you too.

Here in the Marine so you I'm here because you voted for me here because you put your trust in me. Okay, keep going. You and you you are looking American dream and when my father came country August 11, 1963 came the civil rights movement from Jamaica.

He came in and I said to him, but it was such a bad time for us. Why did you come in. He said because America was where the jobs and the opportunities were the only game with a dollar 75, $1.75 just any job he could find any put himself through school and started his American dream and now he's comfortably retired and he came and got me when I was six years old and when I stepped on that Pan Am Boeing 737 and landed at JFK. I landed in a new world. Okay so that's that. In the 60s when racial unrest is all over the place that the civil rights movement think God is happening in and her dad comes from Jamaica comes first, and came back so much as he comes back for me that they came back as he had to get himself established because he showed up with a dollar 75. In a country whose system of governance was written by a bunch of fairly wealthy white men.

So the fact that it was only white men in the room.

Yeah there's issues with that, from an equal representation standpoint, but that doesn't mean they weren't brilliant and that doesn't mean they didn't come up with the most brilliant form of government discount.

This world is ever seen because they did. That's why a guy from Jamaica can come to the mainland in the 60s with a dollar 75. He said he took any job he could get here that everybody there looking for a job he took any job he could get any built a life and he got himself established.

How can that possibly happen because you know he's black and has significant challenges. I would never say it doesn't, but he was over what he was able to overcome that with work ethic and humility in dry and probably faith box 75 and now today's comfortably retired and she comes over and then she comes to the New World in the land of opportunity, not guaranteed outcome but the pursuit of happiness is still available. Rights of before you shuck this entire country out because it was all bunch of white guys in the constitutional convention. Don't forget winsome Sears or her debt. Okay, I keep going and so let me tell you this. I am not even first generation American.

When I joined the Marine Corps I was still a Jamaican, but the country had done so much for me. I was willing to say to you, love victory. Indeed, there are some who want to define us and we must not let that happen. We are back in 19 when my father came.

We want we can where we want sweet water fountains not once but twice a year. Nothing. This is the worst country in the planet totally saturated and racism you think it means nothing. The Barack Obama was bloated and once but twice, and that you're listening to winsome Sears, a black woman whose father came from Jamaica in the 60s a buck 75 and what system of government. What foundation allowed all this craziness happen that would be the foundation that a room full of white guys set that despite having problems and holes in the cheese and allowing slavery and all the other stuff managed to come up with a form of government that enabled winsome Sears to attain this level of success as well as her father and millions of other untold individuals regardless of their skin color.

Not to say it's easy because they but it does happen, and it happens in a country that was established by roomful white guy and it's not great because they were white.

It's great because they were brilliant and they came up with a brilliant player will grab my back and find winsome Sears. What a great name the new attorney of the Atty. Gen.'s Hispanic in Virginia. How can they do and then the new Lieut. Gov. winsome Sears Marine or husbands Marine. Her dad came to America from Jamaica in the 1960s with a dollar 75 in his pocket, took whatever job he could get. And he went after the American dream because the jobs and the opportunities were there not a perfect place.

There has been, never will be, but that's why this is historical notes where talking about it now in a historical context. As I'm teaching US history I've got three classes here in the Raleigh area that I'll to teach and person were working right now and offering that online next year next fall. So whether you're a student in Raleigh or somewhere else in North Carolina to market North Carolina for next fall I were to make that available for free or pay for.

Just like any other class you take, but trying to reach more and more high school students with true, honest, accurate US history as well as civics, all embedded in saturated in a biblical worldview and why teach. I will hundred 15 students right now why teacher hundred 15 if I can teach 300 and 400 to 500 and that needs to happen over the country and I don't teach it as a Republican. I'm teaching is conservative. I teach it as a Christian, the good the bad the ugly and thoughtful. I was showing my students today and yesterday that the constitutional convention or a room full of fairly wealthy white landowners, no black people in there no women in their the problem from a representative perspective and when we said everybody's created equal but not everybody gets to get in the room right and I don't ultimately I wouldn't care what the color. The genders people in there. I want the 55 or 58 or 60 smartest people in the country were to come up with a new form of government soon knowledge those things, but they created a system that allowed for winsome Sears and her family to achieve so will pick it up with winsome Sears. She's giving her victory speech last night. I have click in case you have noticed I am black and I have been all beautiful. We are going to now be about the business of the Commonwealth to tend to.

We are going to fully fund our historically black colleges and one plan that I'm already tired about the aggressive don't know make it today to but he's there to make sure we keep more of our money in our pockets because he is going to get rid of community allowed counting a bunch of things you what's going on in the school.

We keep talking about it on the air get in there business get in there business schools business you will write you a statutory right to get in there and find out what they're teaching your kids so the CRT stop the sexually explicit stuff what's in the library all that stuff and people had had enough and that's were part of this backlash nobly. This will continue across the nation okay to play me education will lift us all because we let our children cannot just survive, but they will try to finish up the story night. Yes it is but I didn't run to make history. I just wanted to leave it better than I found it all. Government used to say on the trail hold is done it without them we were on red ones of people and possible improbable campaign against God was exactly with us, otherwise we would never have made it, and so Jesus okay, help me to Regent University Michigan Regents Christian school so there's so much fruit on the vine. There watch that yourself up. I shared on Facebook and really inspiring, but so much there seems to like Lori Lightfoot in Chicago. Chicago Mayor and Rush Limbaugh talk about this on the year prior to and passing away and he was talking about when he heard one day somebody asked Lori Lightfoot. Female black lesbian mayor of Chicago. What you think about original intent constitutional approach says what it means means when says she will know you mean the document that didn't knowledge me as a black female lesbian and a rush, said yeah I had some compassion for that position when she percent, and we should because if you are a black and or a female, and or homosexual.

In the 1700s and 1800s. Yeah, America is not a great place for you.


That's a reality. Okay.

Yet, that roomful white guys. It's not.

I just keep saying that because the narrative is all the white guys over this country which was just rigged against black people and minorities homosexual or rubber but set aside the white guys for seconds. Think about the Constitution because Lori Lightfoot is a black female lesbian and also the mayor of Chicago. One of the biggest cities in the country and one of the most prominent cities on the planet and the reason she was able to achieve that level of success starts in the late 1700s with a bunch of landowners mail in a room who created a document called the Constitution and so you bring all that stuff it. You got a look at it all okay that's how you actually approach history. Honestly, it's not. It is not a toy for you to play with is not a weapon for you to bludgeon your opponents with. That's what happens on the left. It happens on the right to try to deify all the founding fathers you cannot deny the Christian heritage of this country to be careful. There is a line should crossing that line is accuracy okay so this from CNN will finish with this as we go forward seen unless Republicans win across the US, Scott Jennings, political analyst at CNN said following a Republican's pricing victories that that there's a formula here used by Gov. Lachlan Yunker well in algebra I said rough and trying to solve her acts in Republican politics were often trying to sell petite for Trump and Young can figure it out. Jennings said he kept Trump out of the race. Basically, he didn't campaign there even wake up every day talking about it. He didn't feel the need to respond every you know grievance or whatever you get focused on the issues and hereto for some Republican candidates would've said well then you're running the risk of the mega voters not turning out look at the map.

He says the rural counties normally came out. They came out huge so it turns out the Glenn Young can have salt for this problem and that you can run a race based on issues continuing to attract the Trump base get a path back in the suburbs and take advantage. Frankly, the just enormous collapse continued collapse of the Democratic Party and rural areas.

That's how LeWitt that's our going to be successful.

This is a Republican seen it when you can put the suburbs back together with rural areas. The way we used to do. I think he goes on, Republicans have an enormous chance to win in 22 and 24. Donald Trump is the least likely person to give the Republicans a chance to win back the White House somebody who can do what Glenn Young can do it and put the coalition together rural counties people voted for Trump people didn't vote for Trump but like to vote Republican suburban mom's by the way, look at the ticket. People look like America the African-American woman is just elected Lieut. Gov. this panic that was just elected Atty. Gen. Republicans of salt. This coalition issue in Virginia suburbs rural female my mail, white, black, Hispanic. That's how we when he concluded.

So if you follow the young can blueprint talk about issues put together the ticket that looks and sounds like America you can do it. That is the Trump platform conservatism without Trump's and that's the thing that the Republicans have to wrestle next year and 1/2. I days I think is going to announce I think is in run. Personally I don't want to that's that's my position. Most of the people on Facebook live is a set today said no I don't want to run to have these issues because River young can versus Trump, 20, 20 in Virginia to pick up three points with Blacks.

He picked up nine points with women he picked up a points in the suburbs.

He picked up 12 points with rural voters, young can over Trump great conservatism without the obnoxious site. Some people love the obnoxious site and for a while it worked, but I think is run its course, you can't win with that again. Moral of the story, issues, principles and hardware and parents show up for our sake.

This battle wasn't for us anymore.

I don't think it ever really what I think this battle is for our children and for our children's children are posterity, as our founding fathers so excited. I'm excited today it's great praise the Lord, and think of for that pushing back on a lot of things that we need to push back on but we still have a lot of work to do and will continue to do that will do our part here in the show Monday through Friday. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I'll talk to again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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