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King James Bible…ONLY???

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 28, 2021 9:56 pm

King James Bible…ONLY???

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 28, 2021 9:56 pm

King James Bible…ONLY???

Today on Theology Thursday with Dr. Mark Ward, Editor in Chief of Bible Study Magazine and a 3-time BJU graduate.


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There's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cows call Steve now at 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble back everybody this is Steve Noble the Steve Noble so of course theology Thursday with our friends at Bob Jones yesterday about John seminary. An interesting topic today that I touched on many times in the past and unfortunately I probably have cracked more jokes on it than I needed to and some of you this is probably to be a difficult show for you to listen to because it's going to edit something that you're very passionate about that.

You may feel very correct about and it's something up most definitely that you are probably raised in this and for a lot of you, though this is going to become a foreign subject to. You don't really think much about a King James version only world, but for some of you and I have several friends that this is is a hill that they are willing to die on and I don't know if that's you are not, but today were to walk down this road with love and grace and truth and and consider this topic. Should we be King James version only and if you are, what about that position is that something that the Lord would have you maintain or can you begin to crack open a different version of the Bible and not get yourself in trouble with the Lord so excited today on theology Thursday to welcome Dr. Mark Ward to the show on Mark is a PhD has multiple degrees from Bob Jones University. Right now he's the editor a Bible study magazine for which is faith life, which is the maker of logos.

The logo software which is actually unbelievable. If you're serious teacher of God's word or student of God's word. That's an amazing thing to get your hands on is probably the deepest pool of biblical helps and commentaries and Greek and Hebrew irony. Literally everything you would want to do in a seminary, you can pretty much dive into the logo software. He's also the host of the Bible study magazine podcasting is going to be a Bob Jones University coming up next week Monday and Tuesday, November 1 and second talking about the King James version, a controversy for some of us, and for the rest of us, maybe not such a big deal but you probably are to run into somebody that's King James version only, and it would be helpful if you knew how to address that, so that you can maintain your fellowship and not blow that up Mark how are you man thanks for being a part of the show today I'm doing great. I have a lot to praise the Lord for right now and I'm happy to serve your audience. That's excellent. I appreciate that and thank you so much for your time. So I as somebody that graduated. Not once, not twice but three times from Bob Jones University Bob Jones University has a has a history on this topic of the King James version, King James version only what how did this become something that you're so passionate and so learned on well Bob Jones does have a history actually both the leading King James only just on the extremist side Peter Ruckman and one of the major you know early contenders for I would call the Orthodox evangelical view of bibliology both graduated with her PhD's from Bob Jones, the extremist King James only is this Peter Ruckman who graduated. Oh boy, I want to say 1959. I did look at his dissertation. Once in the library and his arch nemesis over the years Stuart Custer who was a long time professor. Beloved professor at Bob Jones that I got to enjoy kind of the last few years of his teaching ministry. Custer and Ruckman went back and forth for quite a long time. That's part of my heritage when I first came to Bob Jones as an undergraduate student.

I'm not get a name any names here, but there was an controversy going on with the another school that was King James only and they had targeted us and that kind of got it onto my radar as a controversy. I had grown up with the King James and not really thought a whole lot about it. I did accept the teaching of my good pastor in high school that the King James was the only trustworthy translation, but nobody was really trying to offer me any alternatives.

What really got me interested in this topic was first watching my alma mater get attacked and then second, seeing my good pastor, who was also a long time professor Bob Jones, Mark Minnick of Bill Calvary Baptist Church was exposing Scripture to me in a way that was just so life-changing as a young undergraduate student.

He was pulled into that controversy. He's a very gracious guy. He doesn't seek controversy and to watch how he had handled that was very helpful last part of my answer to that question is. I did a lot of evangelism knocking on doors and Bible clubs for kids in a weekly team club for teenagers in the not be so nice part of Greenville, South Carolina, and I saw with teens kids and adults. They simply couldn't understand the King James version and I was impassioned to get the word of God to and II began to see that the King James was a hindrance. Yeah, there's a lot in there that's over to talk about today in terms of some fascinating way to look at a dead words and false friends and and for a lot of people. You mentioned Grayson and people being like your one professor not looking for controversy.

This is this is this unfortunately does a pretty a pretty ugly past in terms of King James version only versus everybody else for that matter, why do you think people are so passionate about. Why did this run so deeply while religion and I love the Christian religion. I believe in the Bible the inspiration of the Bible. Both the old and new Testaments is recent and chaplain Bob Jones every single day along with the worship of God necessarily come traditions you can't reinvent the wheel to write a new hymnbook every generation and decide where do ushers stand, you know, do we pass an offering plate or an offering back your church is going to have some traditions and your churches can be connected with other churches that generally share your tradition. That's not a bad thing. I think it's a good thing but were all Protestants that Bob Jones that's the part of the church that Bob Jones serves and kind of the whole point of being a Protestant is subparagraph Ormonde. Always reforming in light of the word and the King James version is a tradition.

It's an excellent tradition. A good tradition like pretty well all traditions that aren't directly taught in Scripture, it has to be it's self held up to the norm. The norming norm of the word of God, and that's what I do in my work. I say King James is a great translation into an English that nobody fully understands anymore and people you know that's that's a delicate thing to say to you, they obsessively understand it just fine but I'm telling you I didn't understand it as well as I thought I did, and I make the specific case regarding many words. It's not just that there word you know you don't know dead words. It's words that you don't know you don't know. False friends and you hold up those to the light of the word and you see first Corinthians 14 it says edification requires intelligibility and over time, this good tradition begins to develop attention. Teaching the first contents 14 and I will then thought write their own agendas over our up against the brakes that I'm working to approach this with grace and truth. As we unpack this today? Were his book by the authorized use and misuse of the King James Bible. This is social theology Thursday at the University of Qubec. This is Steve Noble to Steve Noble show it is theology Thursday with their friends at Bob Jones University Bob Jones seminary and a Dr. Mark Ward is with us today. He's gonna be on campus next Monday and Tuesday severe in the Greenville area put links up for that as we get to into tomorrow Friday and then on Monday I talking about this a delicate issue of King James version, King James version only because this is brought more strife than it needed to over the years, but as Mark was saying before we hold onto our traditions rather tightly on a go with 38 special on this one and use some 38 special theology hold on loosely. We don't do that with a lot of things and there are things that are salvific. Those are hills that we should deftly die on and there are things that are not. And as we engage that asks vaccines whatever you want to talk about. Let's remember as followers of Jesus Christ.

Truth is important.

Absolutely. But truth about grace and you're just a bully and that we have to be aware of the fact that we've come to cultivated that that kind of notion in the culture that that's who we are, another lost cultures going to say all kinds of things about you, whether you're nice or not, but we have to be aware of that. So with the subject like today, King James version only where approaching that with a grace and truth and really appreciate you being here today to lead us in this market truly great to have you. Thanks for having me here very welcome as well as the marks book authorize the use and misuse of the King James Bible and so as as we look at this we can unpack this because we got, you know, the two basic doctrines taught for King James version only focuses King James version is the only trustworthy English Bible translation in ceiling English Bible based on the pure preserved in perfect Hebrew and Greek tax. That's a pretty big mountain to be preaching down from the King James version only people thought we come to deal with those claims first and then we'll talk about some other aspects of this. I think it's really important to separate the two major claims of King James only as they are very commonly conflated and totally confused and mixed up and I think it's extremely important to refuse to talk about something that you cannot speak to with knowledge and authority. Proverbs 1813 in my good old King James says he that answer if the matter before he here that it is a folly and shame to him, and most people have not been given the opportunity given the direction by the Lord to study Hebrew and Greek. If you cannot read a single stitch of Hebrew or Greek. It sure seems to me that arguing back and forth about how we how we analyze the differences that occur in the ancient Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of the old and new Testaments is something that you're going to have to lead to someone else. I don't mean to insult anybody say that you're ignorant but I'm ignorant of so many things that I just have to leave to other authorities.

I thick it's really important that we set that aside and and actually agree to disagree on whatever view you take. I don't want to argue that with King James only us may be at the academic level. I will, but that doesn't happen very often. Instead, I think we need to talk about is the King James, the best translation of the texts that you prefer. Whatever you prefer. And I argue that the Bible nowhere tells us to expect the best translation to look for a best translation were to look for corrupt translations that we you know need to set aside instead we can be grateful for all of the good evangelical English Bible translations that we have and I tried to make it constructive case, I'm not trying to throw the King James in the dumpster. I use the King James all the time. How can I not, I still got so many bits versus Memorex you but instead I use all the good evangelical English translations, and they have a complementary relationship to one another in helping me understand God's word, and so want to come so that King James version only folks. Are there a lot of them out there to even know that. Can we quantify that, you know, I've kind of struggled of that question and I feel like a run into them all the time and yet I have friends in the evangelical world to say always that still the thing I say it is absolutely still a thing and you know, I recently came across sort of an heir to Peter Rockman, Jean Kim, who went to Peter Ruckman's training school Pensacola Bible Institute, which is not the same as Pensacola Christian College very different.

Jean Kim has 287,000 YouTube subscribers and I think that's indicative of the reach of King James only as him. It doesn't it doesn't show up in the you know major institutions of higher education, but there are smaller institutions Bible colleges out there, and countless churches and individuals who have been affected by, and who have bought into the views that are kinda wrapped up loosely in the term King James only as him from a denominational standpoint. Is this mostly concentrated in conservative fundamentalist independent Baptist churches. Yes, it definitely is. Although there is a small, but I would say growing contingent of reformed King James only lists they don't like to be called King James only us and they do put more emphasis on the textual aspect of the debate, but I have worked very hard to be very charitable to these guys and I've had lots of conversations, some that didn't go so well and some that went really really well some gracious guys in that world and I think it still accurate to say that they are in. Broadly speaking, the King James only Those are the probably the two biggest aspects of King James only us but you got Mormons actually who insist on the exclusive use of the King James II started hearing from them when I put my book out and I was really surprised you. There are Seventh-day Adventists to take the same view but really it's mainly independent fundamental Baptists. Is there a way to and I'm trying to be careful here is one side more to blame than the other in terms of just the veggie all because it certainly has. That is, its history and and I can run into it these days on the and I do enough stuff with radio I'm on enough stations.

I'm on and in urban centers and in bigger cities.

I'm on in rural areas, rural people.

I tend to run into it more, and man it's it's you touch interpretive quick yeah you know you mentioned grace and truth.

At the beginning of this segment and I think we got a toss in the supreme Christian virtue, the one that Jesus said was the most important. That's love and love for our neighbor is the second greatest law behind love for God. I will be telling really quick story here when I was graduating from Bob Jones with my third of 3. After 14 years. There is a biplane that went flying over the graduation ceremony looked up and I'm not to get into specifics here, but it was trailing a message that was critical of BJ.

You and I know these critics and that was an awkward time. You know, here I am trying to celebrate I got somebody with a biplane flying over that's weird, but you know what I was taught in seminary from my Bible every single human institution is shot through with sin were affected by the fall, so we need critics and on the on the doors in my dormitory when I first came to Bob Jones. There is little sign that said constructive suggestions appreciated so I had to ask, is this person flying the plane giving a constructive suggestion do they have anything valuable to say to me, and I think that they did have some valuable criticisms to make and I listened.

I wasn't in charge, but I was part of the institution. I listened but what I came to see was they don't love me. They want me in my institution to die. They don't want us to reform if I repented they would be like some shocked and surprised, maybe not even all that happy about it and I had asked myself is that the way I feel about King James only institutions, churches and schools. Absolutely not. I love them there. My brothers and sisters in Christ. I don't want their institutions to die. I want them to reform in light of the word. I think they have strengths. I really do that. My crowd of Christians tends to lack. I think they're very zealous about evangelism you I think that they are zealous about personal holiness and I will never regret been taught those things. But you ask, where is the vitriol come from.

I have to observe for my experience, it almost entirely comes from the King James only side I get people calling me apostate and all kinds of nasty shots sexually dirty things on my YouTube comments all the time and I absorb it because I want to be like Christ, you doesn't it out and only occasionally feel a bit angry and I never respond in anger. There is something in King James only as in the King James only us off to see that is producing divisiveness and strife for Charlie's five cents course of flesh will talk about that talk to Dr. Mark Ward. He is the editor of a magazine.

I've got stuff about this very subject. Looking back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show the Steve Noble By the way can always join us Facebook live and YouTube live but not today's site I gotcha were pre-recording to basically because of scheduled and work out for this week, but we are thrilled that Dr. Mark Ward with us is a three-time graduate PhD out of Bob Jones University and Mark is the editor Bible study magazine, which is by faith life and are the makers of Logos software as well as the host of the Bible study magazine podcast for hit the break Mark you are talking about just dealing with the vitriol that's in here. Unfortunately, mostly coming from the King James only version side, but vitriol is something that I think we all at least have a minor in these days, starting back when I trump Randa became the president then we get to BLM we get to critical race theory. We have masking we have vaccines I've never seen the church as divided as it is right now it's just a brutal reality so I really appreciate your comments for hit the break because I think that something we all need to really reflect on in and for the most part work yet. It's very interesting you mention that because the main reason of coming to Bob Jones next week that would be November 2 and third starts our chapel well no, actually I will be there November 1. Also I got for about possibly going to get there.

That's Tuesday and Wednesday and that's the first thing I'm to mention I was asked to talk about technology we were to talk about the interview but you just give me a perfect set up softball pitch. I I have never been so alarmed about the state of division in the church and I've worked extremely hard to be charitable with help from a good charitable wife towards the King James only brothers and I've learned I think a lot of lessons about how to argue, especially online, but not only in a way that indicates to your opponents that you love them as you love yourself. That is the second greatest commandment.

I got a lot of help on this from Alan Jacobs and other people who both model it and have written about it. Jacobs wrote a book called how to think and several others in many blog posts.

He's a literature professor, longtime of Wheaton College now Baylor.

There's a lot of wisdom to be had out there about how to love your neighbor through social media technologies and now would be a really great time.

Lots and lots of Christians to learn those lessons all men. The more more now than ever in my adult life and 55. In the end that such a great need. I really appreciate you bring that up now and then focusing on that next week as we deal with the subject that can get people rather upset so.let's dive in the kinda King James version only and and and what's what's going on there in terms of usefulness and not useless because there's a lot of things about the King James version of the Bible that are absolutely stunningly beautiful and as a as out as up as a narrative work as a work of literature. I mean, believers and unbelievers alike.

Hard-core unbelievers, atheists, even anti-Christian people will all recognize the beauty of the King James version and what an impact it had just as a piece of literature. So what are the positives from the King James version and then we'll talk about some of the negatives of focusing on that is the only source now you know because there was an established state church in the one nation that spoke English, namely England way back when, in the 1600s. They were able to establish one main Bible translation that pretty well everybody used and that brought a lot of benefits. I think that people learn Scripture, almost by osmosis. I did when I was growing up in churches that use the King James exclusively. I just can't imagine that in first Kings. I think it's 1821 how long halt ye between two opinions, which is a verse when you talk about a couple minutes here. I can imagine I was taught that in a want. I just kind of observe and I think the culture has absorbed a lot of phrases that still pop up in New York Times headlines. You know, by the skin of one's teeth etc. etc. there is a scholar. I can or member's name now in England to actually kind of went through the whole King James looking for phrases that have landed in English. It is a cultural touchstone and it is sad when we have to come to the point where that cultural touchstone has stopped serving it the full role it was intended to do, which was to give the word of God to what the King James translators called a very vulgar well that in itself is an indication of how languages change we would never call our readers the very vulgar now he's talking they were talking about the common people. The King James is no longer fully intelligible by the common people. So all the goods that it that has brought us with which I don't deny I have a whole chapter about that in my book, a tie open the book they have to themselves be weighed in light of okay what is the main thing the Bible translation supposed to do for us. It's supposed to give us the word of God in intelligible speech. Yet such a powerful point. By the way, that book is authorize the use and misuse of the King James Bible. You mention this earlier marks only to dive into these you mentioned dead words and you mentioned false friend. Everybody knows about dead words I can rattle some off quickly. You come to these words and you know you don't know them. Bold PO LL EDB ray BEWR a Y or be some which is another word in her old word for ballroom were chambering, which is a word that we would use the word immorality for you hit those words. You know you don't know them and you can look it up dear.

You can pull down the dictionary are political in your phone and I one leading King James only has reviewed my book and he said you know it's never been easier to read the King James then today because we have these smart phones. But the question I keep posing to making James only brothers out there and I I don't feel I've gotten a satisfactory answer to this is, but what about false friends words you don't know you don't know I mentioned halt how long halt ye between two opinions. I don't like to put my interviewers on the spot so I won't ask you, but if we were lying. I would've loved to hear what people say I pulled thousands of people or less. When Elijah said how long halt ye between two opinions. What did he mean I always took him to mean stop pause hears these two different options you're standing in between them. You're not choosing either one. Yeah I said I would with waiver. I would be that way. Going back and forth this way. That way you have this way wavering.

That's how I would read yeah yeah and that is one of the most common answers that I get in a way it's not wrong like contextually. That's basically what's happening but Elijah used a very particular metaphor and I realized it when I was reading another translation while I was preparing a lesson for eighth-graders for a Bible textbook. I was writing and I was checking multiple translations in the ESV said. How long will you go limping between two opinions and I thought limping is not the same as stopping and I'm pretty sure the Hebrew word is like different here like that they were using different texts so I was thinking about this and do some searching, I suddenly realized. Wait a minute.

In the New Testament in the King James Jesus heals the halt and the blind. One of the halt there, the lame, there the limping.

So in 1611 in a context like that one. How long halt ye between two opinions meant how long will you go limping between two opinions and I suddenly realize King James translators didn't make an error. They were simply translating the very same Hebrew word into a different English in English that nobody fully understands anymore and I checked with dozens of people.

The only people who got this right to realize what was going on. Three of them had Old Testament PhD's and one of them was a missionary Bible translator and I discovered at least 50 of these. I called and false friends. I have a series on YouTube 50 false friends in the King James version.

I have a book coming out on this, Lord willing, 20, 23, with Lex and press does were also published authorized and there are a number of examples in authorize about 35 examples.

I even with the student of mine, a demon student count these up and they occur over 2000 times in the by the way for everybody and what Mark was just saying is a demon student, not a demon dear Islands, I had a demon camper. I'm sure you did right. This is a doctor of ministry student thinking that clear. Yes and I I'm just posing this question to Mike and usually brothers okay if there's only one false friend. 1 Obscure Word Way back in Hosea somewhere that you know people are missing and they don't know they're missing it. Okay fine the value of retaining this tradition, I think outweighs that shirt. What about when we get to 50 years. Now I'm up to 52 on my YouTube channel and that occurs in over 2000 times like when does this become enough of a problem that first contains 14 comes into play. Edification requires intelligibility and we've got to revise or update or replace the King James version as the main translation that churches or schools etc. use, yet it seems like it is a pervert. King James version only people, what, whenever I've cracked this conversation open and just asked some questions and try to understand where they're coming from. It's it's it's more personal.

It seems more personal to me than theological because you have people that are that have the courage of their convictions while they don't have a lot of theological basis behind it. But they're very emotional about it.

Yeah, I this this view this doctrine.

King James only is and has become the banner, the top told him that this group of Christians waves. You can go on line and you can go to a newly revamped KJV churches. I and has a database of churches all around the world that are King James only, and I've had people call my church appear in Washington and say do you use the King James and if I say no actually click. Well that's it that's all they need to know people. I use it as not just a doctrine but a symbol of a bunch of other viewpoints.

That's why it's difficult to root out, but it's also necessary to root out because the doctrines that have developed around King James only is there just not true.

The Bible doesn't teach them their causing division among Christ's body and slowly but surely there turning the Bible into the Latin Vulgate that the plow boy for whom Tyndale died the originally was Bible translator that the public can no longer understand or not all the way there is not fully unintelligible. Getting and I want everyone. I don't want the sphere slowly but surely. Finally, Dr. Marquart back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble, show theology Thursday with her friends about John seminaries was Bob and Deb by the way, this is we do this every Thursday now are thrilled to have this partnership. We did it previously with another seminary for five years and it allows me direct access to some of the greatest Bible thinkers and theologians in the nation when we do this and so that's why I did it originally. When we started this away back went in and just thrilled to be able to continue this and we that just one great Thursday after another for the last six weeks and just so super excited and just thrilled for the Lord to bring this partnership about in today's a great example of that is we talk to Dr. Mark Ward is the editor Bible study magazine by faith life, which is the maker of Logos software is the host of the Bible study magazine podcast also has book authorize the use and misuse of the King James Bible which is our topic today, King James version only only is this couple different ways of coming at it. If you ever had a conversation or been in a disagreement support debate and usually there kind of short with a King James version only person this can be very emotional skylight were talking about masks and vaccines that they can get that nasty that fast, but it should be and so that's why were thrilled to be able to talk to Mark today about this and again Mark, thanks for taking the time to be with us.

It's a real pleasure, and I'm just praying that the time we spent together can do good for Christ body, amen, amen.

That is certainly one of our top goals so that you mentioned earlier how we come to use theology and in this in the Scripture itself to deal with this version conveying a lot of people would think well I don't really see the word translation in the Bible the New Testament. I don't really know that the Bible can be brought to bear. We understand as your talk about dead words and false friends and in many words we don't know that we don't know. And then there's others. We don't know dead words I don't even know him and so you start losing intelligibility. But how do we use the Bible to come to deal with this. King James only mindset I think there are a number of theological themes and Bible passages that apply here. I've already mentioned first contains 14 edification requires intelligibility is going to catch phrase of mine not as catchy as lightning McQueen's achievement but you know close and I would like to root that in something that goes all the way back at least to Genesis 12, where God says to Abraham through you and your seed. I'm in a bless every family of the earth. One of the problems that developed in Judaism of the Old Testament was this inward focus that they were pushing so hard against Gentiles, that they forgot Rahab and Ruth are holy Gentile members of the.

The godly seed God is not aiming to bless only the Jews he wants to bless everybody and whereas the of the Jewish religion has held on even to this day it's really remarkable. I've read several books about this and other the revival of modern Hebrew as a spoken language. It's incredible that is a major part of their cultural identity and their religion. The Christian church has never had a single language.

It has always gone in into every tongue and the earliest translations of the old and new Testaments.

They come out fairly early on pretty consistently, except for a gap in there when the Roman Catholic Church wasn't so excited about Bible translation. Christians have translated the Bible and there's been a fluorescence of this the Reformation, that's the theological rootedness I think too that you got a point to the great commission Jesus said, go into every nation and disciple them, and although he doesn't actually say there make Bible translations pretty consistently Protestant Christians, at least in now Catholics to have recognized that it's necessary to give the people God's word, that is the strength of Reformation Protestantism. We got to give that word to them in their language we had people that fought and died for this back in the Reformation era and I think Matthew 28 first contains 14 Genesis 12 are big reasons for that. There's one more point that's more obscure and and you kinda have to take my word for it or not, but you can go read up on this, the Greek New Testament and the Hebrew of the Old Testament, they do definitely get poetic and at times difficult, but they were then contemporary. I can speak with more confidence and knowledge about New Testament Greek, but it's called Queen a right was just means common God could have chosen the more obscure formal historical academic version, poetic version of Greek. That's called adequate classic Greek, but he didn't. He chose the language of the people doesn't mean it street slang, but it was contemporary. It was intelligible when God had a chance to choose the linkage of the New Testament. He didn't choose the equivalent of Solomon King James language.

Yes, that is the way that you and I are talking, respectfully academic Lena is such a powerful point because we we think about the Bible makes it explicitly clear about and in the Old Testament, who by the way, you take time to study that God is not optically impressed by human hierarchy, so anything about. We want this to reach the common man the plowman as you said the plow boy the common man in in you have to kinda roll a little bit over time and over space to be able to do that effectively.

So it's like okay where we want to see people come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

They get they get born again. They get full of the Holy Spirit and all of a sudden we have to teach them to understand the King's English.

Otherwise, there does not go anywhere, and that's not that's not loving is not helpful. It doesn't allow us to engage in the great commission, which is not about conference. What about disciples in such a powerful point but on the issue of Bible translation I get this question pretty often were talking to Dr. Mark Ward today. By the way he's going to be alive at BJ you at that at the that the on campus coming up next week so I'll put the links up for that. But it's also good to be live streamed is he talking about this particular subject. In his book as well authorize the use and misuse of the King James Bible, but people asked me up pretty regularly.

Mark what's the best version of the Bible. What's the best translation. What translation do you use and so obviously what the question like that. There can only be one slick and all the old movie. There can only one that's the best.

So how do we handle that when people ask the question yeah that's a great question and actually the most popular blog post ever wrote for Logos Bible software's blog and tens of thousands of people have the lease clicked on it, whether they rendered or not. I don't know question just keeps coming up was which Bible translation is best in my answer is all the good ones we really have got to stop assuming that there is one that's actually noticeably more accurate and faithful in all the others and the others are all kinda suspect it to varying degrees, no responsible evangelical people scholars that I know personally.

In some cases, like Vern Poythress I run his website.

I know personally he's a very godly older St. very knowledgeable. He helped with the English standard version Doug Moo that I'm to be interviewing for my own podcast Bible study magazine podcast, the top commentator on Romans over 20+ years. He is in charge of the NIV Tom Schreiner that I'm to be interviewing tomorrow my podcast. He's in charge of the Christian standard Bible. What is the likelihood that one team of evangelical Bible scholars is getting get tons and tons of the difficult questions right in Bible translations and all the other team to get them all wrong. Well you know it's not that way. God does not promise a perfect translation or an inspired translation. He didn't nudge the King James translators or the NIV or ESV or NASB translators to no-no choose that word that wants to be the right one. So we can feel free to use all the good translations the more formal ones are useful. The more functional or dynamic ones are useful. I say be prodigal with it like Rita Mall read a different one every year. It it will really will only benefit you yeah and that's if you really are people just some helps because they all is that theirs get the new living translation what so I'll often call the West Coast version any of the ESV and this types of translations I'm not sure. People really understand they pick up and NIV or ESV or CSP R and NLT the people really understand. Basically what's the difference, but if you could give us to some really simple helps to get about two minutes left for people to understand when they pick up a certain version of the Bible. What, what's the thinking behind that particular version every single translator of any book, over time, but even especially of the Bible. Going back we way back in the ancient past. Even before Jesus. When the Septuagint which is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament was produced, they come to figures of speech like in Amos I gave you cleanness of teeth in all your cities and they have a choice before them.

Am I gonna translate this, according to the form cleanness of teeth that's literally how the Hebrew reads or Megan to translate. According to the meaning and the two are not fully separable, but their interplay means that translators have an art and a science. Some judgment calls you in front of them and so some translators will say you know this isn't going to make any sense to people I'm going use the word hunger and some translators say no I don't think that this metaphor was super clear to the original hearers was actually purposefully a little bit obscure so I'm to retain the form and you know what, nobody has to be right because God has anointed one approach over the other.

Both approaches are necessary and used in every single translation translations though tend to lean more toward the form or more toward the meaning and actually that's a benefit to us.

If will pick up both kinds of translations like just a ESV which is formal and NIV which is more functional.

If you read them in tandem. Having both of those angles on the Bible text is only going to help you yet.

So get real quickly.

What about the message which you just paraphrase as long as people understand that it's a paraphrase. I think it can be a real benefit to them. People really freak out about the message you know what I make that a Romans 14 issue. If you know one man observes every day sees them all like one man observes the holy days, a one-man reason message of one dozen I like to push people to read it. I just encourage people give me a break I see as a benefit and I recognize the Bible paraphrase kind of like what pastors often do in their sermons when they just off-the-cuff kind of rephrase something beneficial to point market people want to follow up as you mentioned the podcast eventually got on on YouTube.

What's the best way to if you search for my YouTube channel that's probably the best place to follow what I'm doing, you can just search for Mark King James and ignore the nasty videos criticizing me please and the right to channel.

I think that was beneficial for your listeners awesome and Dr. Mark Ward will be at University next week up at the links that live stream on the subject King James version only.

Don't forget those are your brothers and sisters and grace through Mark. Again, thank you so much for being with my brother's been great pleasure I another program powered by the Truth Network

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