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Parents Vs. Schools

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 26, 2021 9:10 am

Parents Vs. Schools

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 26, 2021 9:10 am

Parents Vs. Schools

Steve talks about parents vs schools with Chad Slotta. A school makes kids raise their hands to find those who don’t support vaccines. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his shoulders.

Great and true. No sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble one Noble Joe Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Noble a great week and the last time I looked up some Bible Ownership in the Country.

This Country United States Of America above 90% of American Households That At Least One Copy of God's Word so That's Not Really an Issue for Most Most Houses Believe It or Not Any Shockingly Obvious They're Taking It off the Shelf and Reading It and Putting It into Practice. But Most of the Most Christians in America, Self-Professed or Otherwise, Can Easily Get Access to the Bible.

No Big Deal Go down and Get One at Walmart If You Want, but As Many As Nine of 10 Christians in Parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East Are Actually Denied God's Words Organ to Talk to Michael Laura Today Is with the Bible League Bible League.Org and We Are Going to Spend Just One Segment Today to Hear Story and Then Help Michael Be Back on Friday Right Now with Our Friends at Church Radio Network Working on an Initiative to Send out 3500 Bibles of God's Word to 3500 Bible List Believers.

These Are People That Want One Want to Study One Are Serious about If We Can Get Their Hands on One, As Opposed Us in America We Get Our Hands on One, but We Don't Appear to Be Very Serious about Studying and Putting It into Practice or Excited to Be a Partner of Partner Here in Trying to Get These Bibles to Our Brothers and Sisters around the World That Need Them. Michael Laura over for the Bible League, Brother. Thanks for Calling and How Are You and Appreciate Your Faithful Witness and a Great Moment for You May Say Last Spring We Partner Together to Ministry for the Very First Time Ever, and We Had a Similar Goal 3500 Bibles, We Want to Put God's Word in the Hands of 3500 Bible Is Believers When Was All Said and Done with the Match Thrown in Your Listeners and a Little More Than 5000. Also Back Rejoicing in the Number Were Simply Asking What You Do It Again. We Need to Finish This by the End of Next Week with Steve Again, Thanks for Just a Couple of Minutes to Keep This up before Your Listeners Are Welcoming and I Know the Pressures on People and It's Hard for Us to Understand in Our American Context That People Can't Get to a Bible, but Certainly God Does Amazing Things When His Word Gets in the Hands of His People. I Know You Mentioned You Wanted to Tell a Story about Nora Who Lives in the Middle East Are 83rd Year of Ministry to the Rework of the Four Regions You Just Mentioned. We Do This Primarily through Discipleship and Evangelism so People Will Come through This Place in an Uproar of the State Shall Have Parents Claim They Have the Rights to Shape Their Kids School Curriculum. They Don't.

The Authors Say That They'll the Parents Have Some Say Chad Listen up Some Say in Their Kids Education.

Quote the Sudden Push for Parental Rights Throw up in My Mouth Is in Response to Substantive Changes in Education or the Law. It's the Political Tactics of Course They Go on to Say That the Republicans Really Are Just Playing White Racial Grievances There Just Stoking White Racial Grievances and It's Really All about. Politics Is Not about the Kids and Who Knows Better Than to Take Care Of Our Kids in the Public School System Chats Lotta. Certainly Not. You Will Initially Said I Think Were Channeling Right Now the Spirit of Terry McAuliffe When He Said I Don't Think Parents Should Be Telling Schools What They Should Teach Me That Sentiment Seems As Though It's It's Making Its Way around the Country. In School Districts from Coast-To-Coast and It Certainly Will We See That Here We Want to Speak up about It and That's What Were Trying to Do so You Been up and from School Were Not Once but Twice. Where Most Focus on Your Most Recent One Right Because There's Just Plain Old Violations of Law. What Was the First Thing Tell Us about Your Situation.

Kids in the Public School System Why You're in the Public School System Here in Wake County and the Yeah Yeah so out We We Have Three Kids in the Public School Systems Here in Wake County We Have Had in There Now for Nine Years on the Product. The Public School I Education Myself. My In-Laws My Mom My Wife for Several My Sisters-In-Law All Public School Teachers, so We Are All in on the Public Schools and Have Had Some Wonderful Experiences Are One of Our Kids. I Has an IEP and She Is Had Incredible Support and We Have Had Some of the Most Amazing, Caring Individuals Watch over Her and Support Herself. We Weeds Have Had Some Some Really Great Success in the Public Schools, but You and As It Happens, I'm Sure Parents That Are Listening to Us Today Have Have You You Will You Hear Something on the News and I Will Be Don't Want to Do Is Transpose a National Narrative or Something That May Be Happening in Virginia Right Other Place in and Say That It's Happening Here in Loudoun County.

Well, You Certainly Have Any Flexibility There There Big on the Map, but This All Started, I Was Sitting in the Morning Doing Some Work and Got a Text from My Daughter and She Sent Me a Voice Recording from an Administrator Who Had Gone on the Loud Speaker That Morning and Basically Said That to Hey If If You're Not Vaccinated. I Encourage You the Quote Was, I Encourage You to Seek out a Vaccine, If You're Able to Get One and Went on with the Announcements Didn't Say Hey I Encourage You to Go Home and Talk to to Mom and Dad. Hey, I Encourage You to Go Home and Talk to Your Your Doctor Find out What's Best for You and It Just It Just Frustrated Me Steve so Much Because I Thought You Know There's a Parent Has an Inviolable Right to Make Medical Decisions and Recommendations for Their Kids without the Interference of a School Official with It or the Administration That's Not Their Place Right and so When They Transgress That I Thought You Know It's Time to Speak up so the Kids Came Home and I Asked Him Okays It. Tell Me You Tell Me More about This.

What's Been Going on with the Atmosphere Been like in School and Then I Found out That a Couple Teachers in in in Several Schools Were Actually Asking the Kids to Raise Your Hands. Hey, If You Been Vaccinated Hands. Yet in and I Was Very Clear When I When I Eventually Spoke to the School Board. I Said You Know I'm Not Here to Argue for or against the Efficacy of Vaccines or Any Other Medical Decision or or Procedure As It Relates to the Current Pandemic. I'm Simply Here to Stand up for Parents Rights to Make Their Decision. Those Decisions for Their Kids and Enter Students Right to Have Medical Privacy at School and I Think That Gets Back to What You Are Just Alluding to Earlier about This Idea of the Curriculum and Who Should Decide Who's Better to Decide for Kids.

And Right Now It Seems As Though There Is That Movement to Say Hey from Schools Perspective from a Government Schools Perspective We Know Better Than Parents Write Clearly Well That That's Clearly Their Opinion That Progressive Parents Are Not Were Not Woke If You Go There Will All Three Vaccines on Lower Doses for Kids 5 to 11 Who We More Than Died from the Flu since Calvin Started It Statistically. Hey, Welcome Back to the Facebook Fact Checkers out There. I Hate in Jesus Name.

No Really I Love You Pray for You Guys Are Mess.

Thank You Mark Zuckerberg for Whatever He Is Doing to My Page Because Our Pages, Getting Messed around with Lately That Shadow Banning. I Know Maybe Then There's That and the Music Just Comes Back As a Discredit Any Time It Wants Time, A Lot Of Wear out Were Free Will Baptist Here Today so We Just Want the Music to Do Whatever He Wants to Do and up over Live on Facebook and Were Live on YouTube Live in Word Live on the Radio Via YouTube Life about That Technology Beautiful Thing. Just Make Sure You Have Somebody under the Age of 25 Can Do the Clinic until All the Clicking. Like You Said, They Just Are Clicking and Magical Things As Apple Tech to Talk to Chats Lotta Today Brother in Christ, Former Pastor, Business Owner and Would Be Soon Be Better Be Represent Can I Say That Right Now I'm Just Tech Data Just Hearing That the Day I Am Just a Dad Wanting to Make Sure That That We Don't Allow Tribalism, Medical Tribalism, or Any Other Kind of Trouble Is He Can't Hold Your Kids in Wake of the Public School System in Class Was Asked Can Put Your Hand up If Your Backs or Not Back or Not Fax That's Just What Was Your First Reaction That All of Extreme Frustration or Notice Are Not Back Will and That's Just like, I Can Imagine I Was Concerned for Them amid My First Thought Is Will Which of Their Friends Are Going to Give Them a Hard Time Right Away Whether They Are or Are Not Injured Again Just to Be Clear, Were Were Pro-Vaccine Family.

We Had Every Vaccine Recommended throughout Know throughout My Growing up in History so so This Present Pandemic in the Present Issues Notwithstanding Some of These Things Are Just There Questions That Are Being Asked in Schools That Have Never Been Done so yet. What's Frustrating. Divide and Conquer Divide and Conquer. Be Skeptical, Be a Critical Thinker. Trust No One Implicitly Other Than the Word of God and Even Then You Better Make Sure You're Asking the Holy Spirit to Lead You, and All Truth.

Okay, so You Need That We All Need to Be.

Let's All Turn into That Person That Just like Your Scratching Agenda on German to Believe That That's a Pretty Healthy Position to Take Now, so Make Sure Were Praying for Wisdom and Discernment at the Same Time so That Was That. That Was the First Time You Spoke to the Wake County School Board Right This Year and Then There Is the Second Time and This One Gets Really Ugly Because Were Talking about Legality. We Were with Hippo with the Last One. Again, This Is What I Was Saying Earlier in a When We Hear Narrative Things Happening around the Country Were Not to Presume Those Things Are Happening Where We Are, but We Certainly Are Going to Investigate. You and I Would Hope That That All the Parents or Listen to Us Today. We Would Do Something Similar, and We Had Heard about Some Books That Were Being Found in Media Centers and Schools around the Country That Had Obscene and Sexually Explicit Material and Not Not Even Need to Quantify Just Leave It at That and in Your Hearing Stories I Can Quantify Directly. I'll Let You Do That Shows This Is the Steve Noble Chef Writer. This Is a New before I Ever Went on the Radio, Which Is 2007 before That a Guy Here Named Jerry Agar Was on This for Rush Switch Stations and Stuff Here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill Area Big Amps AM 60 K Big Talk Conservative Talk One on Jerry Agar's Because We Had Some Families Get to Us a Call to Action about the Exact Same Kind of Garbage. One of the Book. The Books Is Couple Love It When I Went in There on This Large Conservative Talk Radio Show.

I've Got the Books I Got the Excerpts with Me and the like.

Steve You Can't Read That on the Air.

That's an FCC Violation Were to Get Space Well so Badly Right You Get on My Okay so We'll See the Irony Here Right the Federal Government Says You Can't Say This Stuff on the Airwaves and If You Do Were to Hit You in about 125 Grand a Pop for Your Violation so about an Hour into the Show, the Producer Goes like a Bug That I Have To Be Able to Do Something Right People to Believe That Right Right Right and so Eventually They Said Okay. Replace Every Suggestive Word Every Actual Vulgar Word with the Word Farm FAI but 30 Seconds. No Markets Because It Can Be so Obvious Where We Get in Trouble for That to and so That's What That's What We Did on Slowly but Surely Reading through a Book That Can Be Found in Elementary School in Wake County. You and Every Time I Said the Word Farm People Woodwinds and That That at about 28 Seconds the Producer Jumps and the Ghost Okay That's Enough If You Keep Going.

I Got Cut Your Mike and Then We Did Get a Mom Eventually to Read Those Exact Same Passages from the Week of the School Board and It Was Brutal.

It Was He and and so Here We Heard about the Book and Just Did a Little Research. Your Parents Are Able Is Matter Fact There's out There to Wake County School Policy That Allows This Policy Could Have His Beat Policy Could Third at 3210 That Allows for Parents to Inspect and Objective Instructional Materials and so We Just Little Bit of Research Went Online to Our Senior to Couple the School Will Actual Materials. What Is That Me so That's Anything That's Being Taught As Part of the Curriculum and It Essentially Gets Back to Any Any Federally Funded Curriculum so Our Public Schools Certainly Receive Federal Funds Anything of That Nature. Parents Are Able to Inspect and Object and As It Relates Specifically to Reproductive Health or Safety Education.

All of Those Materials Are Available without Question to Moms and Dads Are Usually Little Walking to the School and Demand That You Want to Feel This Absolutely You Can You Put a Request in Writing to Your School Principal or the Superintendent and an Absolute Date They the Policy Is That They Form a Committee and the Conduct a Review Based on Your Request Yes. So What Did You Find so We Found One Particular Book, and I'm Honestly, I Was Embarrassed Even Discuss It in a Public Form Steve.

I Have To Be Honest with You, but I Just Felt like It Was Intolerable for Any Adult, Let Alone the Adults That We Allowed to Educate Our Children to Either Either on Purpose Knowingly or through Their Ignorance, to Permit Any Objectively Obscene Material to to Be Presented to Kids and so I We We Had Found This Book Is Entitled Lawn Boy by Jonathan Everson and You the Way I Kinda Shared It Steve That Night.

As I Said, Looking on to Read Directly from the Book LLC View and Myself. The Mortification of Reading That and I Was Listing All Children Read It but Eyes, I Said, You Know, Let Me Just Share of the, the, the Subject Matter in Generality and in These Are Some of the Things Steve's Illicit Sex between Minors in a Vehicle While One Partner Is Intoxicated, Spelled out Sexually Explicit Curse Words under Age Drinking Sexual Favors Rendered by an Animal, and a 10-year-old Child Who Engages in Oral Sex during Church Youth Group behind the Church Parsonage and That's in the Reading Recital in the Library. Yes It's It's in a Book Found in the Library and so I Said You Know I Won't Read from the Book Itself, but I Will Read from from a North Carolina Gen. Statute Section 14 190.1 That Pronounces It a Class I Felony of Any Person Intentionally Disseminates Material and Am I'm Kind of Bringing the Statute, Abbreviating It a Bit but Material That Depicts or Describes, in a Patently Offensive Way, Sexual Conduct Which Includes and It Goes on to Describe That the Different Types of Conduct and so I Just Said to See the Board Isolate You the Process by Which These Books Are Being Added to Media Centers in Our Public Schools Is, at Best, Broken and It's at Worst Corrupt. Yeah, It's Broken If If If Someone Had the Responsibility to Vet Cereals for These Types of Blatant Violations and Obscenities, and Those Things Were Were Allowed in, and Unfortunately This Is Something We Can Talk about It.

Maybe in a Different Vein, but Some of These Books Have Received Literary Awards from Somebody Right so Who Knows Who the Literary Award Was Given Buyer with the Criteria.

Were These Books Are There and I Sit near the Process Is Broken. If Someone Failed to Sell but It's Wrong. If Someone Read This Material They Know in This and You Know This Is Really Can Add Value to Our Kids to Learn about. Let's Make Sure We Include Night Working Are You Whispering Because When Pres. Mine Whispers. That's When He Told Me the Truth That Nobody Wants to Tell You the Truth, and Nothing's Wrong Public School System That's Wrong. People like You Just Let Us Here in the Studio with Me. This Is the Steve Noble Shope Jed, a Brother in Christ Cards on the Table Also and That Just Thrilled That Chad Serves on My Board Of Directors for the Ministry. That's Awesome. Father, Husband, Businessman Passed around Years. I'm Here for You 20 Years As Well. 20 Years and That's Something Look Possible, Could You Look like about 25 so Anyway Them. That's Just Me Being Jealous.

Were Talking about That Chad Has Been Very Involved. His Kids Are in the Public School System Here in Wake County and First of All He Raise Your Hand If Your Baxter Unbacked so He Spoke to the School Board about That and Then Finding This Material in the School Systems That's Really It's Available down into Elementary School As Well. These Are Things That You Could Not Even Read on the Air. I Could Not Read the Contents of These Books on Their Okay If I Did I Get Spanked by the FCC.

I Get Trouble with All These Christian Radio Stations That Were on Maybe Were Not on Today but on Facebook Life I Would Get in Trouble Here Because That's Part of the Progressive Worldview. But This Is a Nightmare and I Think Most I Think a Growing Number Parents Are Being Awakened, Getting Woke in the Right Way and Loud, County of Virginia Is Helping with That. But Do You Think You're down Here in the Bible Belt That Everything Safe and Adjusted You and You Have To Be Involved in. It Takes A Lot Of Work Mean the Amount of Hours to My Wife and I Have Both Invested over the Last Number of Months Investigating These Things Doing Research Online, Preparing Thinking Things through Praying about These Issues, Making Sure That We Handle Them in a in in a Constructive Way in a Helpful Way You When I Was in Front of the School Were You Ask Me How. How Was I Received I Was Received Well. I Think Because I Tried to Think through Things in a Way I Wasn't in There to Grandstand. I Wasn't in There to Drop a Bomb and Levi Wasn't in There to Rant and Rave a Little Fruit of the Spirit Called Self-Control, and I Think That's so Important. I Was Watching Steve Was Interesting Is Watching the Faces of Some of the Board Members, As Some Folks. What Would Come up to Share and Again I Don't Want to Mischaracterize Any Mom or Dad Who Serves in Their Emotion and Passion Because the These Are Their Children.

These Issues Are Huge. And There's so Important but but There Were Times When I Would Watch the Yard Watch the Board Members or Someone Would Start to Kinda Yell or Get Upset They Kinda Pick up Their Phone Starts Here We Go Again Rolled Her Eyes, Put Their Heads down and so II Think When Moms and Dads Are Involved in.

You Invest the Time It's Necessary to Prepare and When You Go in and and Share in Such a Way out.

I Didn't Mention Any School Name I Didn't Mention Any Teacher Name I Didn't Even Mention the Gender of Any of the Teachers, Administrators, or My Kids That Were Involved Intentionally Because I'm Not There to Try to Get Someone Fire My Chair There to Try to Blow up above You Throw Bomb into the School Rhetorically Speaking, Just As It Relates to Unit Causing Trouble for for for Any One of Four Gives Full Vent to His Anger Yeah Were We Were There to Be Constructive Were There to Get Results. And I'm Happy to Say That I Am in Dialogue with One of the Board Members and I Put in Some Requests Asking about the Need That Process and Who's Accountable for These Things and I've Asked for Their Responses to Be Published in and Made so That Parents across the County Can Review and Have Input so I'm Hoping to Hear Back from Them Soon.

FYI Everybody Only Put This in Your Context to Understand How This Works out.

We Go Back to Ronald Reagan Who Said Either Make Them See the Light or Make Them Feel the Heat Is One of the Other Accident Is a Combination of Both. But Let Me Only Ask the Question This Way. Chad Steve You're on 540 and 40 on the Highway and You're Just Driving Right along.

I'm Not Can Go 90, but I'm Probably Not Going to the Speed Limit. But As Soon As I See a Police Officer on My Side What You Do Slow down Right Even If You're Not Speeding Good of You Use to Go down Take the Foot of the Why, Because All Of A Sudden There's Accountability so Accountability Always Affects Your Actions. If There's No Accountability like I Can Show You Video My Phone and We Talk to a Family Member Who's Involved in Law Enforcement in a Major City in This Country on the West Coast Who Can Go Work on an Extra Hours in Stores to Try to Stop Shoplifting, but the Knowledge Base.

Anybody That I Allowed to Stop Right Is There Any Teeth behind the Notes, Eat Right and so I Got a Video and I Am per Store in Chicago in a Couple Young Men Came in and Then They Just Grabbed a Bunch of Purses and Ran out yet.

He's I've Seen Video Is What We Do Know We Don't Step in It. We Don't Help Willing Caves like You and Your Wife. We Just Grab Our Phone We Film so Guys in Malta Which Is the Beauty Yes Right That's Where We Go When Our Wives Tells and He Just Filming Is like Three or Four Guys and They're Just Stealing All Kinds of Stuff That Look at It. So This Is Happening Right Now Look to Just Take a Stop and This Guy Thinks up and out. They Run and Nobody Does Anything yet without Any Accountability Don't Change Anything. You Show up and Start Speaking and Then You Follow up and There's Accountability Was There with a Story of a Tragic Story of a Couple Young Woman That Was Raped on the Tree in Philadelphia and People Have That They're Not Using Their Phones to Call 91 Ran to Do Something Right There Using Their Phones to Fit Try to Go Viral. My Goodness, I Think We Have To Raise the Alarm and in Their Lives and Their Legitimate Concerns and Reasons Why You Security at Schools Keeping the Doors Lot. There's a Number of Things That You Know with That Could Potentially Restricted Parents Free Flow to Be in the Classroom Out Of the Classroom. But I'll Tell You Moms and As We Have To Be Able to Balance That so That We Can Be Involved and I Think It's an Absolute Expectation That for a Public School System Should Be Doing All That It Can to Involve Parents in Every Way That It Can in the Education of Their Children. What Will, However, That Looks and Not Just PTA, Not Just Raising Money so We Can Keep You Know the Waffles. There for the Full Pricing Right on Game Day, but We Want to Make Sure That Moms and Dads Are Aware of the Say It and That Should Be. I Just Remember Growing up and You Probably Did to Him. How Was My Parents Were so Involved with My Teacher to School and and That There Was Always a Constant Dialogue. They Always Knew What Was Going on. Mom and Dad Held Me Accountable for My Behavior at School, to the Point Were You, I'd Get in More Trouble at Home If I Got in Trouble till I Would Get in Twice As Much at Home Right Because of That Connection and That Involvement and I Think We Have To Continue to Work for That and Make Sure That Statutory Law and School Board Policy, All Continues to Facilitate That and Ran Truth on the School Board Right Which Breaks down, Wake County, the Blue County but You Break It down and the School Board Districts. This Amount Largely Break It down and You Gotta Start Getting Involved with That and and and for Most Parents. I Think the School System Pretty Much Operates like East Berlin. There's a Wall Parents on the outside. As Educators We Know Are Talking about Were on the inside You Guys Stay on the Other Side of the Wall. You're Not Welcome in Here Even Though You're Just Reading the All of Wake County School System. Statutes Basically Said You Have a Right to Be Involved with Every Single Aspect of Your Child's Creek Write All of It, but Most Parents.

God Bless Your Parents and God Bless You Guys Will Most Parents Don't Have a Clue What's Going on As Other Kids Don't Come down Home and They're Saying Crazy Stuff, but There Marinating in Things That This Is between Kindergarten and 12th Grade That 16,000 Hours of Buttons 16,000 Right and You're Clueless about Most.

It Takes 10,000 Hours to Develop Mastery of Everything's Workshop Only If We Allow Our Kids and and I Think That's You Know Where Is the Proper Place for the Questioning of All Things. It Your Kids. For Example, like I Just Wrote down A Few Things.

I Was Just Considering the Vaccine PC or Should a Child Be Vaccinated That the Parents Purview. But How Do Vaccines Work Will That's Okay We Can Learn about God or Not at School That Resident for Well over Learning Biology, Infectious Disease, Same Thing. Human Sexuality This Idea of His Abstinence Right Our Sexual Behaviors, Preferences, Gender Identities and Dysphoria. Those Those Issues Belong with Mom and Dad at Home. The Subjects of Anatomy, Biology, Psychology Sure Told You I Kids Those Things or They Can Come Home in Form, with Knowledge and Then Explore All These Other Issue. Same Thing with Religion. The School May Talk about What Are the Major Religions of the World, but Mom and Dad Help Guide a Shy Child into Which Religion Are We Going to Follow the Same Thing with Political Parties What Are the Major Political Parties Who Are Their Leaders Where Their Histories Were They Involved in What Are Their Major Issues of the Day, but As Far As Where Is Your Political Affiliation Where You Headed Again. Those Are at Home, Which Is Why There Has To Be That Partnership Right into Moms and Dads Aren't Staying Involved with Where There's a Lack of Involvement Where There Is a Lack of Parent Involvement. II Think. Today, the Prevailing Assumption and I'm Curious to Hear Your Thoughts on the Prevailing Assumption Seems to Be Well We at the Schools No Better Absolutely and Also As a Rather Than Evolving the Community the Church. Anyone Else Were Just Gonna Take over That Area You Want to Get Educated and Soon the Progressivism Than the First Thing You Need to Google Which I Would Suggest Use Chrome Instance Part. It Is, Is the Frankfurt School Okay so I Gotta Start Studying It. This Goes Back about 100 Years or More, Where the Progressives Knew Because They're Smarter Than We Are That If We Want to Infect Everything up and down the Mississippi River Valley Where You Go, What We Stand down at the Bottom. The New Ones Complain about New Orleans and We We Boycott We Strike We Try to Share the Gospel in New Orleans Because It's Such a Dark Place. Meanwhile the Progressives Are up at the Headwaters of the Mississippi Pouring Stuff in There That Then Infects the Entire List of Things You That We Control Education Then We Control Culture Culture Is Upstream from Politics We Get Everything and so We As Conservatives Basically Want to Be Left Alone As Long As There's No Smoke. Assuming There's No Fight Evaluate the Forward but Appreciate What God's Given Us As a Nation Rooted in the Judeo-Christian Ethic Which Is Why I'm Teaching US History and Going through All the and All the Other Things and the Money Were to Spend to Get up and Running so They Go Online with the Next Ball US History and Civics Also to Massive Issues That I Can Teach Biblical Worldview through That Old One of the First Decisions at the Road. Welcome Back. While There Are a Great Bring the Music Backup like That. Actually, so I Can't Bring It up Every Out Of That Not Every Music Person. So When I Get Going.

I Great.

I Know Grace Is with Great River.

Steve Likes Music. So Bring the Music Sounds Slowly Sometime in My Group and I Got My Rock and I Got My White Man's Overbite: I Said What I Said and so Don't Bring down Some Vastly UHF C Are Very Concerned Father. He and His Wife Been Involved in the Lee County Public School System Because That's with Her Kids Go and in and We Were Just Talking during the Break, Which Is Why Chad Got Cut off Because the Radio Show Started Again That This and It Doesn't Matter Whether Your Kids Are There or Not Doesn't Matter Whether You Have Kids If You Call Yourself a Christian, Then You're Supposed to Love God with All Your Heart, Someone in Strength and the Second Is like It. Jesus Said Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. Yes. So What Are Your Kids Are in That School System or Not Is Irrelevant. There Are Kids and Chad Asked This Question during the Break. How Do You Know When the Schools Cross the Line from Teaching to Indoctrination and My Answer Was. The Doors Are Open, Because It Really Is That Bad.

Now Again I'm on to Clarify This and Say I'm Not Saying That Every Single Teacher in the Wake County School System or Every Other School System in the Country Is a Bad Teacher Has Nefarious Plot and They're Trying to Work As What I Think a Bunch of Omar and I Think It's Way North of 50%. There Are Some Good Teachers in There That Aren't Even Christians That Are Good Teachers Just Want to Teach Your Kid How to Think, Not What to Think but There's A Lot Of Teachers in There Because River That You Know the Average Age of Teachers in America in the Public School System. I Don't like Mr. Paxson.

42. Okay 42 at the Millennial Square in the Middle Middle of the Millennial Pack Okay I Know What They Came Out Of.

They Were Educated This Way to See You Can't Marry. I Can't Take a Piece of Steak and Marinated. This Is Gonna Be Gross Marinated in a Bucket of Urine for $16,000 and Expected Not to Smell like or Taste like It. So We Have a Whole Generation of Teachers That Were All Brought up through the Public School System in Their Marinated's and Their Worldview. Only 6% of Americans Now. George Barna Was on Recently. Only 6% of Americans Are Living Out Of the Biblical World 6%, Which Means Do the Math Now, Cork Is You'll Have an Answer Tomorrow. 94% Are Not 68% of Americans Say That Their Christian 38% of Americans Self Identify As Born-Again, but They Think There's Multiple Ways to Get to Heaven. I Think That's Really the Issue to Me Not Have To Be Honest We Had Some and I Said This to the Board. I Was Very Clear with with One of My First Statements As It Looks. We've Had Some Incredible Experiences with with Some of the Educators and Administrators in the Lord Always. It's Been Awesome.

As I Said Earlier, My Family, My Sisters-In-Law, In-Laws, My Wife, My Mother All Public School Educators, but I Think We You to Sit on Some and Is Very Important and That Is the Issue of Worldview Worldviews.

We Know What Questions to Answer the Answer.

You Know What Is It Mean to Be Human. What's Wrong with the World. How Do We Fix It. How Do We Pursue Truth What's Right What's Wrong What Would You Rather Than Not Sure at Me in Our First Amendment Absently Guarantees That We Will Never Establish Christianity As Our National Religion. But There Is Absolutely No Doubt in My Mind That Our Founders Rooted America in the Rich Soil of the Judeo-Christian Ethic and and As That Worldview Shifts in Our Country We See a Bifurcation a a Division of Views and It Almost Seems I'll Listen to It to Some Folks and I Think I I Find It Difficult Even to to Hear Words Were Summer Coming from or Understand Is If You like Were on Different Planets. As Were Looking at an Issue Yes and and I Think Part of the Reason of That Is Is Is Again One of Worldview. Oh. Clearly This Is This Is I Always Described This Is Basically the Tower of Babel.

Okay the Tower Babel and This Is a Beautiful Thing of Mankind and What God Created He Comes out Because of These Guys Doing Essentially and Paraphrasing There's Nothing These People Can't Do When They Put Their Minds to, but They're so Prideful and They're Trying to Go around Me. So Working to Confuse Their Language. One America You That This the Tower Ballots Were at Today to Your Point.

Yes, the, the American Experiment Was Based 75%, 70% on a Christian Judeo Ethic Okay That's My Founding Father after Founding Father Said the Only Way This Form of Government Because of All This Freedom and Liberty.

The Only Way It's Going to Work As If You Have a Deeply Religious and Moral People, As You Say Religious in 1776 Is Only One They're Talking about and That's Biblical Christianity. That's the Only One. So I Call My Students in Class Recently. I Said so When They Put in the Declaration Of Independence. The Word Creator with a C or the Word God of the G Which God Are They Talking about in This Particular Class Is like 26 Kids.

It Was like They Were Afraid to Answer the Question.

I Said, the God of the Bible and I'm Not Being up Bible Thumper by Saying That I'm Just Being a Historian a Story and That's All I'm Stating Facts on Somebody Brings This up, You Think America Is a Christian Another Deal with the Plexi. That Question Was America Based on Judeo-Christian Values. Yes, When the Bible When the Declaration Of Independence Mentions God the Creator Which Ones You Document the God of the Bible and No Other. That's Why Is It so Important.

What Would Our Ethics, but Are What's Where Our Rights What Are Our Responsibilities.

What Were Our Morals with What's Right What's Wrong What Do We Value What Do We Base Our Life on and I Think As As Americans We Have for for throughout Our History We Have Agreed on a Generally of a Set of Values and Principles.

Language, a Common Language, a Common Set of Values and Principles That Unite Us and Our Founders Were Wise Enough to to Give Us the Gift of, for Example, the First Amendment, There's Not Going to Be a National Religion but Each Individual As You Said, As They Follow and That the Religion of Their Choice As They As They Seek God As They Seek to Understand and Know Who He Is There Going to Make a Series of Real Value Judgments of What's Right and Wrong and They Knew That. And so When You Lose That Common Language and When We Lose Our Ability to Communicate Is It on a Common Judeo-Christian Ethic Anymore.

We Don't Even Have a Comics Common Civic Okay Because Now You Got Progressive People That See the Government As God Given to God You Suppress the Truth. Replace with a Lie Was a Lie. The Governments of the Government Solving in the Country and so You Can It's like You Michael Speak Russian and I'm Speaking Lithuanian and Were Not Able to Communicate Which Is Exactly What Happens. But What but What We Do Going Forward Because Because What You and Your Bride Are Doing Is so Important That You're Invested Your Investigating and Your Holding People Accountable and You Gotta Stay in That Game. Chad You Think the Game Is up. It Is You Start, but I Don't Know That There Is a Finish Line. I Think That's Right. I Think Were in We Made the Commitment Because You Made the Commitment to Our Children.

We Believe That Our Our Faith Teaches Us That God Gave Us Those Kids As a Gift to Steward Their Lives and to Train Them up in the Way That They Should Go and so Were in That for the Long Haul with Them.

As Far As the Relationship Investing, but We Understand How Much Time It's Going to Take the World Were Good with That. Were Looking Forward to Two Continuing to Work with into Dialogue with Administration with Teachers with Educators to Partner with Them. I Feel like Were Going to Have the Most Success As We Work Not against Them. Not in Opposition to Them. But with That Now.

If We Come to a Place or Were at an Impasse. We Truly Believe That You Know That Something Is Right or Wrong of Me Will You Will Continue to Push Forward and Will Take Whatever Steps Are Appropriate. You Know to Move Forward but We Want to Stay Engage in. And Here's the Thing I Notice I Have Friends Who Live Where I Live Where They Got Tired of What Was Happening in the Public School System and They Had the Means to Pull Their Kids Out Of Public Schools and Pay Private School Tuition Know We Certainly Have a Wonderful Opportunity Scholarship and School Choice Program That's Expanding Thanks to the Leadership in the Gen. Assembly in Raleigh Work Were Grateful for That. But There Are Many Parents and This Is Why You Were Saying Earlier in Your Kids Are Homeschooled, Why Are You There Fighting. Why Do We All Need to Stay Involved As Citizens of Wake County of Citizens of North Carolina As Americans Because There Are so Many Families That Don't Have the Luxury of Just What Is Pull Our Kids up so Their Families and Neighborhoods in Wake County Right Now Who Are Absolutely in Agreement. Even with the Statements That I've Made, but They Don't Have the Means They Don't Have the Ability to Just Pick Whether to Transportation Issue a Financial Issue.

Who Knows What Is a Logistics Issue. They Can't Get off the Boat. They Can't Get off of That Boat and so It's Incumbent upon Us to Remember What Were Fighting for All of Those. I Stood up at the School Board Because My Kids Were Involved, but I Do. I Sense That I'm Not Just There On Behalf Of My Own Kids, but On Behalf Of Every Boy and Girl and Ease It in Our Public Schools Who Are in Those Same Situations, Especially Those Who Don't Again Have the Luxury of Just Transitioning to a Private School. One of the Things That Will Learn. We Haven't Talked about and I Don't Think We Talk about It Much, Which Is and How Many of Us Even Pray for Our Kids.

Teachers or Principal or the School Board so Good or Anybody Pray for Those in Authority over You. Well I'm outside by Extension That Includes the People That Are in Authority over Our Children Will Public School System. I Can't Tell You the Last Time I Pray for People in the Public Schools Literally. I I've No Recollection.

It Would've Been Years Ago. Even Then, Probably Because My Own Kids Were in Their Digging across My Path, Which Shame on Me Right but That's Something Based on Your Experience, How Should We Pray for.

Specifically, How Should We Pray for the People That Are Running Our Public Schools Here in Wake County or Anywhere Else in the Country Well Yeah but I Think We for for Us As We Pray for Our Teachers and Were Praying for Number Things. Number One for Praying for since Just Wisdom. And in How to Deal Because There's so Much Discernment That's Needed to Understand Work with Young People Growing up in All the Emotions and All the Things That Are Going to Have a Relationship with Wisdom While Still Teaching Them to Solicit for Every Public Job Are You a Also to Have the Courage Stand up Stand up to the Administration Whatever to Make Sure Future Here If You Care about the Children.

I Believe Then You Have To Take Your Role Next to Shadrach Me Shack Bend the Knees. They Know the Fiery Furnace. I Got Whether He Does or Not but I Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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