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For Puppies?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 25, 2021 10:45 pm

For Puppies?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 25, 2021 10:45 pm

For Puppies?

Steve talks to Michael Woolworth, from Bible League, He discusses Fauci testing on dogs and the uproar it has made. Babies?... Nope


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble tobacco had a great week and the last time I looked up some that signed Bible ownership in the country that's country United States of America. It was still above 90% of American households that at least one copy of God's word so that's not really an issue for us. Most most houses believe it or not any shocking we obviously aren't taking it off the shelf and reading it and putting it into practice. But most of the most Christians in America are self-professed or otherwise, can easily get access to a Bible. No big deal go down get one at Walmart if you want, but as many as nine of 10 Christians in parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East are actually denied God's words organ to talk to Michael Ward today whose with the Bible league Bible and we are going to spend just one segment today here story and then help Michael be back on Friday right now with our friends at church radio network working on an initiative to send out 3500 Bibles. God's word to 3500 Bible list believers. These are people that want want want to study one are serious about if we can get their hands on one, as opposed us in America we get our hands on one, but we don't appear to be very serious about studying and putting it into practice or excited to be a partner of partner here in trying to get these Bibles to our brothers and sisters around the world that need them. My caloric Woolworth of the Bible league, brother.

Thanks for calling and how are you your people with and are grateful for your letter may say last spring we partner together to ministry for the very first time ever we had a similar goal 3500 Bibles, we want to put God's word in the hands of 3500 Bible is believers.

What was all said and done with the match thrown in. I think your listener's and a little more than 5000 Bible so for back rejoicing in that number were simply asking what you do it again. We need to finish this by the end of next week.

Will Steve again thanks for just a couple of minutes to keep this up before your listeners will come in and I know the pressures on people and it's hard for us to understand in our American context that people can't get to a Bible, but certainly God does amazing things when his word gets in the hands of his people. I know you mentioned you wanted to tell a story about Nora who lives in the Middle East are 83rd year of ministry.

The rework of the four regions you just mentioned. We do this primarily through discipleship and evangelism so people will come through this Bible league studied about 8 to 12 weeks. I've gone through Steve.

I can say that anybody anywhere anywhere in the world whatever is on the left there a good place to begin their walk with the Christ, and yet their employees typically were.

It is so hard to get was so elementary the Christian faith, and that is a Bible and so that's what your listeners are doing today is helping us make good on that promise to get Bibles into the hands of receivers like Nora who is an Arabic speaker in the Middle East. Listen, I know role here in these horrific stories coming out of Afghanistan at the talent manager takes over the country punishing people left and right there even hanging people in the public square adjusters a new rift tween the talent band in one of the segments of a ices. Here's what happened to Nora. Not too long ago. Steve radicals after killing her husband a couple of years ago showed up at her doorstep and burn her house down nearly killing all four daughters. The youngest of which about four years of age maimed for life. She has serious burns all over her body and everybody else got out alive. But you know what Nora's crime is two things. Number one, she's a born-again believer and number two she was caught educating her daughters beyond the age of eight. No listen in that world a part of the world in that system of Islam that is a serious serious violation, but again Nora's free from other groups of Islam. She's a follower of Christ, but nevertheless that's the crime. She paid Steve here's her story couple of years ago she couldn't reach you could write. She'd been denied an education by the members of her community. There again, simply because she is a woman and you can reach you can write but she encountered a program from Bible league were week give people the gift of literacy. As we've engage people over 83 years in ministry when you engage people you find out they can't really care right, you've got that you don't let other problem but really another opportunity and so we've created these programs in the languages of the world are offered all over the world by local evangelical churches and this woman was able to engage with one of these programs Steve she was able to learn to read and write in Arabic. In grateful response. She became training that program. She is taught that the Arabic speaking women.

Most of those Muslims in the Middle East they would you know in about 100 have come to Christ while they are in the Middle East.

These words are very difficult to find a Bible and you not to find a Christian bookstore ghetto big box to the retailers here. It's a big business for the right share examples and inspirational books. There is no Amazon to drop a box of Bibles into her village and so were asking your listeners today think the gospel going forth in some of the most difficult regions of the world and some of the most difficult circumstances.

Here's a widow with four daughter. She wants to raise them to know and love Jesus and she let about 100 people to Christ there in the Middle East of the prayer really is not for and into all the suffering they face and it can be severe right, especially if radicals show up and burn your house down but they're praying that they also love God's word more and more each day. The hills around them, not as the enemy but as the mission field. The course they need Bibles Steve to be able to endure and persevere and that's why we are here today doing this kingdom business gel which is so exciting. Interest still here in our safe little world to be able to help propel the Bible into the hands of people that desperately wanted need it will study it and are willing to die for.

It is something that we should all that should be an easy no-brainer, as I like to call it. So these are just five dollars a Bible to buy them and ship them and get them over there 2020 Bibles for hundred dollars. Obviously, how do we do this Michael how we partner, we set a goal, we want to put on quarterly and an arch of 3500 Bible is believers today as you and I talked about 1/3 way to that goal. Grateful for every gift.

Sometimes listeners simply need to hear a sermon go on forever 6000 time to call they can do.2 ways, by way of a bad credit or debit card or bank transfer. They can call a toll-free number at 800 yes word 801 ESW awardee spell that out at 800-937-9673 minutes about a two minute transaction or operators and get your luggage off very very quickly. Porches go to There is a banner that says the world needs the word you see the Bible league logo. There just click that you can make your gift safely, securely get about two minutes time and I guarantee you'll put the tears of joy on the faces of Bible is believers around the world and that's were doing today and again were so grateful for a great outpouring in the ring were simply asking Truth Network listeners will you do it again. That's right, do it again. We can do it again it says should be relatively easy for all of us. Again, go to Truth you'll see the banner right there. Give now send Bibles banner or nice and easy. One 800 yes word, one 800 yes word what a beautiful simple phone number to have to be able to do something that's got eternal weight select just awesome.

Michael, thank you so much for calling it a metaphor to talking again later in the week. I bless you brother you Tuesday. Thanks. What are your lockable talk again soon, that was Michael Wallwork. just looked at the banner or call one 800 yes word will be right elbow showed great reminder again with our friend Michael called in from the bike Bible league, just five dollars by we can send it like he was telling the story about Nora in the Middle East who hires house was burned down by radicals could she's a Christian she's educating her daughters past the age of eight, that's a no no in some of the alarm Islamic parts the world. She's let 100+ people to Christ. But you need Bibles so that's why we partner through our friends at the truth. Network earlier this year in the spring to send over 5000 Bibles. That's awesome now that the goal this time is to send at least 3500 or about 1/3 of the way there. So if you can help just five dollars a Bible just called to do the old-fashioned way just just to try to try a phone call sale that goes for you as a beacon is like riding a bike is to get the phone if your member how to dial rights, not attacks, just dial one 800 yes word and if you like. I don't ever see letters on my dial pad there. There just look look closely were not used to seeing and even a smart phone you can see it. One 800 yes word just take a couple minutes and we can help send Bibles around the world. The people that made him we Bear, not our ears here in America but not in many other places in the world.

So we appreciate Michael Cullinan okay so did you see what was trending this weekend to drill very trendy people. Hashtag arrest found she so this was fascinating to me that this is in the daily wire social media reps and calls to hashtag arrest found she has Dr. accused of lying funding cruel puppy testing so if you're a real puppy fanatic. By the way, you're not can I like this story and to share some details because this is really brutal and this is that this is about where NIH funding money is going and that's under the control of Pope Ouchi. Ultimately he's the buck stops with him and so that's why the story recently of NAI NIH assist came out last Wednesday that unites nationalist and help admitted in a letter to lawmakers that US taxpayers funded research at the Mohan Institute of neurology that led to the creation of a more severe strain about coronavirus NH also admitted that it it's grantee that funded the research. Eco-health alliance violated the terms of its grant by failing to report the outcome of the research. W IV is one of the chief suspects for the origin of 19. Of course that's right back in will hand China, then this on Sunday, so this was what was fascinating to me as a person with a rather robust Christian world so found she can all kinds of missteps, misleading misinformation, disinformation. I don't know but certainly has fumbled the ball many many times it's been remarkably frustrating and in all that isn't enough to get social media really bent out of shape about him until you get puppies involved. Then all of a sudden we were killing him about a million children here in America that you think anything trending on social media because of that you mistreat some puppies.

All of a sudden, people are calling for pouching arrest found she so is it interesting from a moral ethical perspective. On Sunday, a bipartisan group of lawmakers led by Representative Nancy Mase is a Republican from South Carolina comment Ouchi to answer for report that the NIH funded experiments on dozens of people puppies in a lab in Tunisia, North Africa, the report released by the investigative group whitecoat waste project, alleges that scientists infected.

44 puppies with disease causing parasites for experiment, drug testing, biscuits, brutal by the way, so the warning here lawmakers letter described the research is costly, cruel and unnecessary. The letter continues, according to documents obtained data via a freedom of information act and subsequent media coverage from October 28 until 2018 until February 2019. NIAID spent 1.68 million in taxpayer funds on drug tests involving 44 Beagle puppies. The dogs were all between six and eight months old. The commission test involved in junk injecting and force-feeding the puppies in experiment drug for several weeks before killing and dissecting the a particular concern is the fact that the invoice to NIAID included a line item for core deck to me. This is horrific.

I as you are likely aware Accord ectomy, also known as the deep vocalization involves slitting a dog's vocal cords in order to prevent them from barking and howling and crying and why would they want to do that. That's because it's a cruel procedure and they want to keep the dogs quiet because of the pain you may have seen a couple pictures of this puppies laying there on the side of their head. Like in the locates I can vent like an glass kind of thing they have their head in there and then they just let fruit flies attacked their heads until they're dead. That was another part of this and some of that funding came to the NIH which is Dr. pouching the director of the United Institute of allergy and infectious diseases NIAID which is funded this so this is going on and and now it's hashtag arrest pouching all the other stuff, all the other missteps misinformation. I don't know if it's disinformation.

I think it probably is. And in all of that. But what breaks the camels back. It's abusive puppies so I looked at that one and I was like okay we have all kinds of other issues and human costs all over the place. But what really gets the ire of social media world puppies good or bad, which is shows you how out of whack.

Our moral system.

This and I'm not for abuse of any animal. Because of who created them.

If you have a consistent biblical worldview that's going to include a being against cruelty to animals for no good reason.

Okay, but in this case that's what really gets people going while I do and there's this. I talked about this. We talked of this when it first came out when the Atty. Gen. Garrett Martin Merrick Garland sent a letter to the FBI, which then went to of course the Department of Justice about harassment and intimidation of school officials, which was really a veiled shot across the bow of all you ticked off parents that haven't shown up at school board meetings to fight for the innocence and the protection of your children. Shame on you. So is this this is on Fox news of the weekend National school Board Association. Sorry for the language used in its letter, the national school Board Association issued an apology Friday night for a Friday night.

Of course, because nobody would hear about it for a letter sent to the bite in ministration which targeted some parents were concerned about their schools.

A child, school curriculum and set certain other actions should be domestic terrorism quote as you all know there's been an extensive media and other attention recently around our letter to Pres. Biden regarding threats and acts of violence against school board members, we wanted to write you to directly address this matter on behalf of NS PA we regret and apologize for the letter.

There is no justification.

They said for some of the language included in the letter. After the NS PA claimed in its letter that some rhetorical clashes between school boards and parents may amount to domestic terrorism Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland issued a memorandum then instructed the FBI to take the lead on the task force to address threats against school officials in creating including creating a centralized way to report such threats. Nothing to see there right no concerns a person familiar with Garland's thinking, told Fox News that Garland and Department of Justice officials are pleased with the updated letter as it now is catching up to his statement this week in front of the House Judiciary Committee, the person added that the letter now syncs up with Garland and that the Atty. Gen. is solely focused on preventing violence, not calling parents domestic terrorist.

Okay the damage is already been done.

I think this is just a diversion.

Call me cynical but I understand the sin nature of mankind. I'm very familiar with our depravity and so what the all of a sudden use get all this pushback because of what Merrick Garland did, which was a result of the national school Board Association sending that letter to the bite administration which then of course is like following them marble down through a Chinese checkers game that which goes from one spot that you just follow the marble words ago goes from the bite in ministration to Garrett Marlett Merrick Garland the AG. Then he said that the FBI sends it to the rest of the department addresses the next thing you know your intimidating parents all over the country and then that kind of blew up so that we write this halfhearted apology. Oh, sorry for that whole domestic terrorism thing.

I was a little over-the-top. Please forgive us dearly think they change their mind. Do you think that's you think that's legitimate. Of course not settled by parents keep showing up keep raising your voice is keeping upset because we are talking about the innocence protection of your children. After all, love your neighbor as yourself. Steve Noble will be right back to Mac and Steve Noble show great to be with you and oh that's not so our friends on the part of the radio off. For some folks hold on, I'm just trying to take care some stuff in the studio so that's not good. Some of our friends out there outside the truth.

Radio networks at the radio feed off. That's not good hold on sorry my radio. Not a big operation so I'm texting people, myself someplace, somebody will take care that get that figured out. Okay, ready for a good story, like a positive, encouraging caliph got a moment. We need more of those. I really love it when I find these things and you do I'm sure because we usually don't get the skinny good news so this is a story at a Louisiana after of really violent week of fighting at a Louisiana high school group dance decided there is something about so that this look good charged all of us public school system, public so don't feel like you can't get involved that you don't have a place there.

Course you do, you will pay for, especially if your kids are in there.

But even if your kids are in there. All of us followers of Jesus Christ should care about what's going on in our school system because love your neighbor as yourself right so what are your kids are in there or not is irrelevant.

Other people's kids kids and in general any kit, so we should care about us is a great story. This is on the CBS News somewhere is the two minute clip. So for those of you on Facebook live in YouTube live, you'll see the video but for you on radio you'll hear it, but is a great story really inspiring and I really appreciate what these dads are doing this is awesome you're ready let's roll. This is dad's on-duty when the SOS went up in a troubled school who answered the call a bunch of DAD's here CBS's Steve Hartman on the road.

Love many good news stories begin such a bad way it happened last Southwood high school in Shreveport, Louisiana. Over the course of 3 to 523 students arrested for fighting massive spot. Strangely, there hasn't been another incident since, perhaps in part because of this most unusual crisis intervention team. Nobody here has a degree in school counseling. No majors in criminal justice. Your qualifications are, and we decided the best people who can take care of her kids through us so Michael if he started dad's on-duty route doing what we do for our babies.

A group of about 40 Southwood dads who now hang out at the school in shifts go today any negative energy that enters the building has to run the gauntlet of good parenting. I immediately feel to form a safety we stop fighting people start going clan was how could that be have had a look look and have the power to do that yes not many people know, but it's not just the firm stairs and stern warnings.

It's also dad jokes and planning to hang his hand on typing hey it's that perfect mix of tough love and gentle dads do so well is help transform this school has really just being like happy and you can file which is why the dance plan to keep coming to Southwood because not everybody is the father. The father figure at home or a meal.

Life just to be here. Different do you think you stumbled onto something here absolutely like to start chapters of dad's on-duty throughout Louisiana hope to eventually take on the country. All right without a fight on the I see Shreveport dad's on-duty. Now that that's the deal. There simply is a positive thing. McGee killed as a positive thing going on and especially for you on the radio. You can see this so all these dads are after Americans girl after Americans and especially the African-American community. I am business before nationwide.

42% of children are grown up about father no. 42%. So guess what that affects, that would be everything that affects everything so specially the situation Louisiana school probably more poor poor area in the African-American community. Fatherlessness is way worse than that in the inner city. It can be as high as 90+ percent yell about school boards and all the other stuff yes.

But what about just some good guys some good dad showing and being met.

Imagine that any cracking dad jokes, no lichens, but their mere presence changes things, almost like it was designed to work that way. Shocking is that I love that praise the Lord. Please Please Lord give them great favor and and and multiplicity to their efforts in Jesus name, amen can imagine that's there's still little thing like that in school, especially inner-city schools poor area schools schools in general, but especially in the harder hit areas. Imagine what could happen there when God's way. Fathers leadership, teaching, loving, guiding, rebuking, God's way match what could happen that's awesome to pay attention. Dad's on-duty Google it for yourself and don't sit around and wait. Once you find out if you can do that, your own school, but should be have kids or grandkids in school okay. Speaking of children, is the FDA about to approve an experiment of covert vaccine for kids.

Oh this is great I love it.

On Tuesday, October 26, the FDA's meeting is tomorrow to discuss a request to amend Pfizer, biotech and emergency use authorization for administration, other coping 19 mRNA vaccine to children five through 11.

What could possibly go wrong.

Healthy children. By the way, I really threatened by coping 19 as compared to adults. Children are less prone to get COBIT are less prone to be hospitalized by covert and therefore less likely to die from COBIT. I'll share some numbers in the second.

This is supported by CDC data, which shows that the children age 5 to 11 years old. There than 1.8 million covert cases, but only hundred and 38 that's praise the Lord only hundred 38.

By comparison, approximately double that amount of children have died of pneumonia during the same time. What yes that CDC data twice as many kids between ages five and 11 of died from pneumonia then have from COBIT okay so why are they doing this, the CDC concedes that quote children are less likely to develop sincerely severe illness or die from COBIT 19 notes that findings from several studies suggest that SARS COBIT to transmission among students is relatively rare particularly critically when prevention strategies are in place to reluctantly admit several contact tracing studies that found limited student to student transmission schools. So what's going on that I can tell you what's going on chain to change control and money control and money so you know to be pushing in the public schools to make it mandatory like him to school you get COBIT tax 5 to 11 okay let me just give you some numbers. I'm sorry to be such a pain. I just loved you know bring facts 5 to 11 okay that's five-year-olds.

This is from Jerry first 2020 to September 11 this year, so most of the COBIT time 55-year-olds 11 have died with COBIT. We don't even know if that's from with COBIT's.

Let's just go with it. 11 to die from COBIT 11 out of four 4 million. That's .27 per 100,008 68 out of slightly over 4,000,008 713/4,000,000 H8 13, out of another 4 million AIDS 914 out of another 4 million AIDS 10 nine out of another 4 million AIDS 1111 out of 4.1 and so just think about that.

So we want to fax all of them with a relatively new experimental vaccine when they have a better chance of dying from pneumonia than from COBIT. So what's driving that my brother told me a show about a show on Hulu.

Just the other day you text me and said you gotta watch this is going to make your head explode and he was right. I just watched the first two episodes last night on Hulu because I'm not upset enough and so I watched that and it's on Hulu, starring Michael Keaton and it's about the development and sales and production and promotion of OxyContin Oxley right and these people are so twisted it's so materialistic it's so evil they knew what was going on. I didn't care.

Less than 1% of people are going to get addicted. It was all a big lie is a sham and his family that on the biomedical company having to produce the name of the company it it's just it's so evil it's all driven by huge money they're making huge dollars all over the place money money money money money money money money money, so the numbers don't support faxing millions and millions and millions of our children and grandchildren doesn't support it. It's got there's no basis in fact here its paranoia and its cash in my Mr. cynical steve you have such a bad attitude really I think I'm just looking at the numbers going hotly pump experiment of vaccination, which only has at this point, about 16 months worth of data on what happens long-term into a punching kids who have a higher chance of dying from pneumonia. The flu then they do from covert because Pfizer and these other people are making millions. Millions of dollars, and the government continues to control the narrative government control. That's just the world system friends. That's the spirit of the age.

It is what it is, which is why we need to be praying for these people all over the place and stand your ground and refuse to allow your child to be turned into a labyrinth. This novel will be right back back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show. By the way, to talk about the school board thing a minute ago tomorrow my good friend capsulotomy back in there and he's been showing up at his school board. It was happens be the same county that I live in here. Wake County, North Carolina. He's got children in the public school system and he spoken twice now the school board so we want want to give him that platform here tomorrow to come in and share what he's been learning what his kids are experiencing and being exposed to in the public school system here in Lake County.

So especially if you're here in the Raleigh area away County, North Carolina.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow and share that and put that out there. By the way you get the podcast. The podcast comes out each evening I wear you podcast the radio shows on there so listen whenever it works for you and then be sure to share that but chattel being here tomorrow. Such an important story. We have to keep the heat on. Nevermind that they send a little apology letter out thorough sorry we referred to upset parents as domestic terrorists we didn't mean it yet.

Okay. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Everybody just got a deal with reality and now one of the other things that we need to deal with reality online. Of course, is that the nature of the financial system what's going on economically in the world's are good friend David Fisher from landmark capital is that with us again for money Monday update landmark is the website is always landmark David how are you great your very welcome. Always a pleasure while you sound great and chipper and healthy.

Yeah were getting on demand and being answered. Thank you so much. You're welcome. That's awesome, just great to hear you sound that way. Please praise the Lord for that. Okay so it will go through a lot of financial and economic newsletter. Crazy stuff happening appeal because life goes on. In essence what's going on here but we only start with the passage of Scripture Proverbs. Today this is a great one. So let's go down this road first and then we'll look at some headlines in the heart so you know, our thoughts are very powerful in the Bible also serves hold every thought accountable to the knowledge of the BB introduces Christ you know keep to bring a personal examples but you know if I would've listened to the six doctors are limp and believe that and thought that way I read it issues 2019. But I said no.

I believe that you should.

This also believe that the plan God's plan for your life is not over and so I thought that believe that you think that you believe in your heart. If I thought that were going to die from COBIT. There was a moment I thought that human nature to think that when bad things happen.

We think the negative thought accountable and you got it. Think that the Lord can be a miracle. You gotta think of God's business of saving lives.

His salvation is saving lives in the also is our healer may also deliver the provider if we think those things God has an environment to do his work exactly right is such a powerful reminder and that's just us living out of licensee is in the Lord's going to do that. That's not safe I'm not talking about being pie-in-the-sky head buried in the sand, but we should pray and in and have big faith and see what the Lord doesn't it. But there's no reason.

Since we have access to the throne and we don't go into the throne room of God and asked for a five dollar bill me go big or go home and and remember the widow and the lady that just continually knocked on the judge's door and we need to we need to remember that is such a great one. Proverbs 23 seven for as he think it in his heart so is he such a great reminder. Thank you for that is always to okay so what's going on for financial, economic news this week. Any new challenges. Any new curveballs. So we governing company, with earnings. Earnings have been great.

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Boeings, General Motors, Amazon, just to name a few. The number one thing that we talked about though is the Fed is talking this week, but the couple said people are talking their warning of big problems coming to your snowman's largest financial companies in Japan understand that the sugar is over there saying get ready for a retraction phase happening. We have an expansion you're ready for a critical station of this happened last week we said last week that were moving into a slowdown talking about why the slowdown will because of supply chain, a record number of containers off the coast of California on Friday. He was 79 containers which is record number today hundred containers. It is affecting the supply chain in their singer will continue to be a challenge, supply change until January 2023 why shippers are quitting left and right people that are truckers. 30% of the truckers are expected to quick why because are being forced to actually see also shipping rates have gone up one half times from a year ago.

So the Federal Reserve actually came on talked about vaccine mandates and is said this last Thursday 19 report batching mandates have employment are contributing to the labor supply problems and they went on to say this and they recalled the occasional book, which comes out seven times a year. They also said this is one reason why we lost some 4.3 losses recently quit her job in August so that some of the challenges we face also working in the social environment as cream crime rates, search, police and matching vaccine mandates for surging polices stepping away from not wanting to be a police anymore.

4500 employees in Chicago happening in a Los Angeles company in Baltimore on Seattle. We would lose will slowed with the projections are the police forces across the country will be lost due to vaccine mandates. Yet this is this is like days of Noah.

Kind of crazy stuff going on right now Really make sure everybody were praying for our nation. Okay, pray for their leaders what you like them or not we need to be baiting these people and prayers because this is just so crazy what's happening right now. Any news on the infrastructure bill was of course going to cost anybody anything so I don't know why were arguing about go after our money and Ithrew that out yet but it's changing every day you wanting you can text me on this matter. Wanting to tax matters on unrealized capital gains so let's women why that's happening here. Well, just so people understand that and unrealized capital gains means stock it's $10 goes up to $20 so but you don't realize until you sell what they're saying is already becoming and go after the 700 richest people in America and when you have unrealized capital gains were to tap into that but the ridiculous thing about that. They tap and that I'll want they take it all is still not enough to even touch any of our debt. It's just a ridiculous little diversion and nonsense in this infrastructure bill only 10% of Americans really know what you mean, here's a couple things for weeks paid vacation for people who have an uber born child or relative that feeling truly and I'm not against all the lenders they were helping to pay a dollar for child tax credits and up to $3600 per child per year tuition free college community for two years free healthcare for three-year-olds given three over four-year-old just goes on and on. The government hasn't paid its bills in the balanced-budget since 2001 and the Congressional Budget Office expects for the next 30 years will be just the same massive overspending. Yet, since I just goes on and on. Will usually bring up these billionaires that are talking about what billionaires and hedge fund people. These massively successful people that know what they're talking about saying places going to get worse. I see it has any new new ones coming out and I just saw this over the weekend. Jack Dorsey is the CEO Twitter came out and said hyperinflation is coming directly square feet you your one of the people." Today, David Einhorn, another billionaire and inflation is here to stay in power hasn't lifted a finger to fix it back. He's actually what he's doing is creating worse, inflation is what Einhorn says couple said people your lamp.

Two thirds of the economy suddenly on the bridge now contraction, quarrels, use the rental course. You should the government is now adding additional spending that will need not to transitory inflation anymore, but long-term problems so we have a big problem happening and I can go on a whole bunch of other time we don't have a put together slots at billionaires, not saying the same thing that's been happening for nine months so much to talk about on the subject's friends.

So next Monday will be a full money Monday here on the show, so will have David for the flower next week. There's a lot of things we need to go through and we will what's the latest news on gold and silver for those of you don't know that's that kind of the epicenter of David's expertise.

He's been in that industry for over 25 years now.

So what's happening there on the news front world commerce bank is the second largest bank in Germany.

Think of Bank of America W's equivalency of the country gold should profit from its wall in the store value should this on Friday and it broke through some technical resistance gold on the move. I've been saying it will make make a move and now seeing that Steve and Frank to couple pick people came out in the gold industry Canadian mining stock company Gold Corp. the previous former chief David go folio and Robert McEwan predicted today that gold in the next few months.

I'm not saying this better.

Saying the next months, $3000 loan hyperinflation in this worst-case scenario, which I believe is coming happens. That's exactly what's going to happen.

That's the inverse reaction that happens Russia's metals David a people and learn more information also talk about that.

What's going on with the using IRA to fund the infrastructure that can amass how they get holy and also seizing her looking in your bank account 844-604-2575 will give the number again 46042575 website land I David got bless you brother thank you for keeping us in the know and we look forward to talking to you next Monday and a full money Monday sounds good. My friend, I buddy great week and will talk to you soon.

That Was David Fisher Ln., Praise the Lord for his health as well as his wife. This is Steve Noble on the Steve Noble shell, God willing.

I talked again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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