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Woke Monday

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 18, 2021 10:18 pm

Woke Monday

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 18, 2021 10:18 pm

Woke Monday

Steve talks about wokeness that is happening in the present as well as in the past. David joins for the weekly Money Monday. 


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The Steve Noble Show
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone ties with his noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show.

There's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred cows call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now there's your host Steve Noble 2021. You can even die in case any more. Everything is politicized like absolutely everything. So Colin Powell dies today at 84 years of age and because he died with a call that complicated complications as a result of having coded and he was vaccinated, but he was 84 and so before you go ballistic on one side of the other. Oh well. Code will Colin Powell died complications because the Cove at the end that company was in it. I wanted died at 84. So this is a covert tragedy or some of you are saying welcome back. By doing this is Steve Noble. Some of you are saying was he was a vaccinated seasonal vaccination doesn't no guarantee that that's going to save you and so immediately the man gets his death becomes just another political football. I am so over that you maybe wants. If you aren't, that's, that's, that's your problem right I am so over everything being politicized. Absolutely everything. So now I'm just I'm such a skeptic and had a nice weekend and so back at it and I'm just so skeptical about everything and so Mike all right this is all right so let me just take it on their welcome to spring you in my world.

Here you host a daily talk radio show Christian church talk radio show you're trying to be a good ambassador for Jesus Christ as you engage in the news of the day so you hear about Colin Powell and then you hear that he had okay complications as a result of covert buddy had also been vaccinated so immediate you're trying to figure out what's the COBIT angle Pro facts and tiebacks profile GN type algae tromp by then. What's the angle here because politics is everything and this is how I work as though my mind operates.

I got my first question: Powell dies, talk about: is there something about Colin Powell absolutely loved and now that just triggered some of you because: Powell I got a little more liberal as he got older.

Okay, but there's some things about Colin Powell and the way he handled his life as a politician that I really appreciated that. I think we can all be inspired from as followers of Jesus Christ so setting that aside will come back to that: Powell dies today and my first question is how old was he my first question not see how wack this is. I just realized my first question should've been Josh. Did he know the Lord. I am just now asking the question, which is pathetic really. So sorry Lord, my first question should be, I did he know the Lord.

I sure hope so. Sure hope he knew Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Okay then. My first my next question now. How old was he I: Powell died at 84 years of age. Then my question is, is that outside the norm for death age wise. Okay so I look this up world oh meters is all kind of places we can buy what was the life expectancy in America United States America life expectancy for men. Well lo and behold, it's 76.61 years so Colin Powell lived eight years longer than the average 7 1/2 years longer. Let's call a years longer than average.

Well, that's a blessing.

That's blessed right there you live eight years longer than the average soul is the fact that: Powell died at 84, with or without covert really forget the fact that he was in currently well-known, but is that outside the norm absently not there's actually nothing out of the ordinary about a man dying at 84 is appointed for men to die once and then face the judgment, the odds are pretty good.

Like 100% that you're going to die okay 76.61 is the average for men in America. Ladies, you do a better know some would say as usual 81.65 years of age is the average for an American woman up worldwide since you asked were number 4646, whose number one you know number one is Hong Kong. Hong Kong has the highest average life expectancy of 85.29, 88.17 for women 82.38 for men and America all be down 46 want to know what the biggest difference there is FOD.okay I probably little exercise to but so I look at that first. I go okay: Powell dead dead of any 84 covert without covert doesn't really matter that any floors are to be on the average in America for life expectancy so don't politicize it because of that I what else. What was that mean complications as a result of covert will that to me is is, disingenuous reporting of the got bad to put that as a in the first paragraph above the fold that that's a you don't put that in there.

Why because did you know: Powell also had Parkinson's.

Did you know that Colin Powell had Parkinson's and blood cancer. So do you really think he's 84, is Artie's eight years passed the national average for men he's got Parkinson's disease, which has an effect on your lifespan. So two people to live 84 Parkinson's while blessed and highly favored, and he had blood cancer so is covert really a big mitigating factor that we should be paying attention to in the death of an 85 four-year-old man who had Parkinson's blood cancer. The answer to that would be no this is in a tragedy. He got eight years more than the average, so just praise the Lord for the and hopefully knew the Lord, but it's undergone put so many things about Colin Powell's life and death are all about COBIT doesn't have to be no is covert a big issue when it comes to Colin Powell's death.

Apparently not, since he had Parkinson's and blood cancer. Any 38 years passed, the average so: Powell is going to die.

I know it sounds harsh, but that's just the reality. And that's what that's when you start factoring in age and that should change your reaction covert or not COBIT VAX or not faxed should change your reaction when you hear about a death so my reaction to: pallet 84 is different than my reaction to a 14 right and it should be. So there's that. Now what about Colin Powell's life set aside his death that's done and it's not a COBIT story if you think logically think critically. It's not a covert story.

Sorry everybody sorry mainstream media sorry left media sorry right media, sorry woke media. Sorry everybody. The man lived a long life and had Parkinson's and blood cancer in happened after over there. COBIT isn't the issue there. But what about his life. What will yeah people are talk about that, but it really lead with Cove. Goodness gracious. I just refuse to live like that anymore. So when we come back some things about Colin Powell that I really appreciated I really appreciated his demeanor. I always appreciated the man's demeanor because I think it demeanor whether he knew Christ or not was very Christlike and we can all take a lesson from that playbook of your iPad so I could back it seemed to signal Michelle hey Steve, there's a clock on your desktop overly. What's up for to tell you when the next segment start which was 20 seconds ago when I'm talking to my friends on Facebook live and taken a picture my phone trying to show what things look like in here for my ankle so it's funny live radio. The tumbling hey all you were on the radio get you better get back to work okay look back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show talk about Colin Powell I died today at 84 and and and Decca politicized in let's not do that. Let's just stop. It doesn't have to be about COBIT he was vaccinated.

He did have covert it was a breakthrough case, but he was 84 and he did have Parkinson's and he did have blood cancer so what you can even timepiece anymore. It's gotta be turned into a political football.

So setting that aside, let's talk about Colin Powell's life just for minute one of the things that I always appreciate. I didn't really see it earlier on this one: Powell came to the front of the line back in 2000 2001, 2002 with 9/11 and serving George Bush a GW George W. Bush a number 43 so he just, comes out of nowhere and the thing I didn't think I didn't notice it through really strong biblical eyes at the time because I got saved and 94 and really didn't start growing in my faith until about 2000 2001, 2002, but as I look back and over the years. A fight if I let myself I chose to set aside my political differences: Powell and just watch the way the man handled himself then I'm like okay that there's there's some self-control there and someone some this even if I didn't like what he was saying.

But this self-controlled in the when some this in the calm of the man.

Not that there are times to get a little hot under the collar because there is a place for righteous did indignation, but that shouldn't be the norm for you yesterday but look what's happening the world. Okay, look at what was happening to Jesus look at the world that he was when he was here in a body, a train wreck the Roman empire was just squashing life in Jerusalem, Judea and other most uttermost parts of the world for the most part and did he run around and raged all the time, and by the way, his moral standard is perfection. Ours isn't. But even run around this basalt like weed posting a page from that and that was: Powell that's what I think about when I think about: how's life 2000 2001 and onward is he was just super call. Cheney was super call. I critically enjoyed his vice presidential debate with what they call back than the bread girl, John Edwards because he got the young hotshot John John Edwards trial attorney thinks is going to come in and and a deal. The old man a death blow, but it was the old man in this case Dick Cheney that was just I don't think his heartbeat ever got above 55 or 60 beats a minute as he just shredded John Edwards and that debate and and it was amazing to watch. I mean, he was there was a part of him that I like this is that like a seeping merciful because he was just so out of his league. He was John Edwards is out of his league. Stepping into it long format debate with Dick Cheney but Dick Cheney was just super call but but Colin Powell had this call this an kindness almost a gentleness that Islam is a brilliant man in a very accomplished incredible general had seen war, yet he had this kind of just gentle nature, self-controlled nature. When the world around him's politically crazy 2001 2000 to 2003 and he was just like this calm guy so I look at that and go. Okay, let's translate that into the fruit of the spirit and self-control and wow he had at least that's what look like to me. So when I heard about: pallet dying today as I'm thankful for service. I hoping knew the Lord, but his ability to control himself in the midst of a hostile environment, the political environment was really amazing and I think we can all take a lesson from don't you okay so is that let's talk about since Ron COBIT couple things here.

This is just amusing to me somewhat frustrating. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot post mass close photo business politics at an WNBA game apparently violating the endorsements mandates okay so this is Fox doesn't mean it's not true. The saphenous pictures so the Chicago sky clinched the WBA title of the Phoenix Mercury at home Sunday with Lightfoot and Vance packing.

When trust arena for the final game after the sky took the title Lightfoot posted a picture online for celebrating without a mask among legions of mask fans going against her own cities mass mandate. In fact, Lightfoot's massless gallivanting skirted both the Chicago local ordinance as well as Illinois statewide mass mandate is not interesting quote the when trust arena is following all state, local mandates, which requires guest aware mass indoors at all times, except when eating or drinking. His website states.

Lightfoot did not appear to be any country kink in the photo right do as I say not as I do and that's because signs are not a lot of this is just purely political in his letter spiritual darkness and control in fear, but that's that's there's that one okay where Lightfoot first time, followed by this White House spoke breast press spokesperson Jen Saki brushes off video of Biden violating DC mass mandate. I love this is a great reply such don't overly focus on moments in time. Okay, I'm pretty sure if this was a Republican like Madison Copthorne or something. Violating a mass mandate that Jen Saki and the president himself. Perhaps, Harris as well as who else would be well. Nancy Pelosi pretty much everybody on the left. There were somebody in the right and they would be righteously indignant from their perspective but but Saki, this is brilliant political talk in the heat of the moment. Don't listen overly focus on moments in time that's classic prisoner. Biden was spotted walking through a high-end Georgetown restaurant without a mask, White House Press Secretary Jen Saki brushed off a question Monday about Pres. Biden being film without a mask inside Washington DC, restaurant think people should pay attention to the president's policies and not overly focus on moments in time. How poetic during her daily press briefing, Saki was asked by Fox news is Peter Ducey. This is just the gift that Peter knew season duties and there's hilarious to address a video showing Biden and First Lady Joe Biden walking through a high-end Georgetown restaurant without mass on Saturday violating Washington DC's indoor mass mandate quote there is a mass requirements. IDC restaurants, Ducey said.

Yet Pres. Biden and the First Lady were not wearing mass while walking around DC restaurant Saturday why." Saki responded by incorrectly claiming the controversy centered around the photo, not a video and she's sick and she said the vines were walking out of the restaurant, not through it all, that changes everything. That's what it says in the mandate right closure walking out of the restaurant to worry about course, not someone says so I would say of course there are moments when we all don't put mass back on as quickly as we should. But I don't think we should lose the forest through the trees here and that our objective here is to get more people vaccinated make sure that that schools and companies around the country can put in place requirements to save more lives and keep people safe or not overly focus on moments in time that don't reflect overarching policy yeah but if lives are at stake. Ma'am, as the president likes to say it is not wearing his mask is me putting lives at risk.

As he walks through the mass restaurant, creating a mini super spreader event, courtesy of the White House.

Well if Juergen will apply equal weights and measures you would apply to the present it as you do.

People like I don't know myself so it's got a funny baby.

Maybe not FDA advisory committee recommended approval for the J&J vaccine. This is interesting. We'll talk about this we come back was so great to be with you a great weekend here in North Carolina and yet a bunch of fair food, easy out there people you careful out there. They used to say that was a TV show. The Chicago police show, long time ago. Ray was a great Chicago drama Simeon Facebook live help me out.

But the answer I don't member what is called. We all love the show.

It's is in Chicago is about the police and used to say. At the end of his report. Every morning when he's talking all the other officers you hate hey everybody be careful out there right so make sure you do. Okay so were talk about the J&J vaccine right so the story comes out like oh what it is this title doesn't really catch my attention.

FDA advisory committee recommended approval of the J&J vaccine, but the third paragraph certainly did. One study released Thursday, but not peer reviewed track more than 620,000 military veterans who received the vaccine, Johnson & Johnson, J&J, and found that protection fell from 88% in March to just 3% in August. That's a 96 1/2% drop in effectiveness. That's an issue history.

Blues thinking my friends on Facebook live. That's right Street was 96 Naprosyn drop in effectiveness. That's an issue that that's true. Do you think that's gonna make the mainstream news you think anybody in the White House by demonstration vouching about it when we have some bad news. Now so that makes me wonder what's the deal of modernity and Pfizer just because I want to deal with reality.

Her friends at that's that's on asking and I don't trust any particular source in and of itself. That's why I consider a lot of different things and a lot of different places like this in comparison, this paragraph six.

During his vaccine effectiveness fell from 92% to 64%. That's a loss of about 35% and Pfizer's vaccine protection dropped from 91% to 50% was about a 45% drop in effectiveness okay don't.

That's a big deal is in it. Hey, your your car this year. When you apply it, it gets 100 miles to the gallon but in eight months. It's going to get it's good to get like five months to go from 100 miles down the day you drive it up a lot to 5 miles a gallon. A year later, would that affect your purchase of the car. Of course it would know what they said yeah but you come back and we have an update to this to the system in the car and for the first two years. The update will be free, but after that when you come back to be three and $50 to update the software and they will get your will get your your mileage back up to, you know, 60, 70 miles per gallon so we can make a big improvement but come back and will take that's a great business model. If you can actually create that you you you create the man increased the supply and the one just feeds the other over and over again in perpetuity, like the flu shot while Steve your super negative but you sound like an anti-vector. No, not I'm not just flat out against vaccines, but I'm flat out a bent up against being manipulated and flat out against being coerced and flat out against being just willing to believe one narrative and not challenge iron sharpens iron. We gotta sharpen the stuff that you're getting sold every cell and everybody the right selling you the left selling you everybody selling it. Steve you sell me yeah I'm trying to sell you biblical worldview.

Yes, I so that's an issue.

Single wow okay I need to pay attention.

This I need to consider these things and think critically, critically, don't just buy it because it's coming from your side or your favorite website. Everybody selling you live in the world.

It's broken and it's twisted so be skeptical. Okay, not to the point that you're fearful we have been given a spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind. Thank you, Paul to Timothy, but you need to be, eyes wide open okay and it's only getting worse as we move towards and times only gets worse. Understand that the overall trajectory now now in that downward trajectory there can be ups and downs and you can have moments of revival in the church doing beautiful things in humankind not being quite as bad today as it was yesterday, but the overall trend line is down just member that so don't lose your mind as the world goes in that direction because that's the plan. That's what it's going to do as he gets further and further away from God and from Christ, it's what you get 2+2 = 4 regular math common core map. I don't care what you use. That's what's gonna happen and I and personally, I take great comfort in that because God had a plan.

It's happening.

I'm in the plan.

I'm in the long term plan in heaven through Christ. So ultimately all the things here they matter because they affect people who happen to be my neighbors but they don't matter eternally. The only thing that does souls, so make sure that you're not just thinking politically need to be thinking kingdom wise.

This is fascinating so constantly church or Raleigh North Carolina passage at Harvey's been on the show many times we currently go there when he brought this up yesterday's going to revelation, and I remember seeing the story about another month or so ago you want talk about God's plan in days stuff working out. This is crazy if you heard about this Abraham at family house in Abu Dhabi to open in 2022. Abraham at family and that is on the Abraham at family.

Do you know what religions on the Abraham at family echo back to Abraham one way or another, all that would be Judaism. Of course, that would be Christianity.

It's also Islam because Abraham, Ishmael, and eventually Ishmael to the line of Ishmael, you end up with is so there'll Abraham."

Abraham at family so they're actually building a cultural landmark in the United Arab Emirates capital which includes a synagogue, a church and a mosque. It's meant to be a beacon of understanding a peaceful coexistence inspired by the document on human fraternity and what am I reading this. This story from this is from the Vatican's website that this is crazy. Babylon horror Babylon false religions. Crazy stuff going on here when you read about a revelation like we were really one world government. One religion Antichrist will you see stuff like this I go okay flying out nicely babe REMIC family house, which encloses a synagogue or church in a mosque is beautiful to look it up as a single complex in which is scheduled to be inaugurated in 2022 is 20% complete.

The committee, which is also supervising the projects that it's inspired by the 2019 document on human fraternity constructed by society that is island and.Abu Dhabi, the capital United Arab Emirates. The project is closely followed by Pope Francis in the grandma, who endorsed the design on the name of what ecumenical is him. Although you know are two religions, Christianity and Islam are can't coexist when it comes to theology right I'm I'm all about limited peace with everyone if it's possible started depends on you, live at peace with this one goes well beyond what's the message they're sending spiritually babe REMIC family house a design captures the values shared by Judaism, Christianity, Islam, through three main buildings, including a mosque at church and synagogue in one place quote. As such, the complex innovatively recounts the history builds bridges between human civilizations and heavenly messages.

There is no heavenly message bridge between the gospel and what Islam teaches is no heavenly bridge their friend. Sorry the names of the three separate iconic houses of worship in the Abraham at family house artificially unveiled as a mom out to the ebb mosque St. Francis church one how to give it that. What's the Pope St. hope Pope Francis and Moses Ben mime and synagogue. Besides three places of worship. The site includes cultural center in the Vatican's like really proud of something today not see the scariness herein relative to and times and false religions and one world religion. What I would be a nice little place to set that up. Hey, hey, it's all ultimately pointing to me since Antichrist and the Vatican apparently under Pope Francis is leadership is all down with it.

Hey, this is great. Can't we all just get along to a certain degree. Yes, we should get just quoted Romans 12 if it is possible for as a live depends on you, live at peace with everyone in the spirit of this document. They REMIC family house complexes from the Vatican will welcome all visitors wishing to worship, learn and engage in dialogue. In addition, it will offer a variety of daily programs and activities will host international conferences as a place for learning.

They say dialogue and worship the Abraham at family house will be a cultural landmark and inspiring global symbol that epitomizes the shared values by harmonious coexistence. Nice bumper sticker and understanding among the three Abraham activates the Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We just have some minor differences but other than that were all pretty much on the same team. Is that true. Well, pretty much on the same team. Hey Steve, lighten up. Bro were all God's children except were not there. 7.3 billion people on this planet think they're all God's children there all God's creation are all they all bear the image the Muggle day there all made the image of God. Because of that, because of that, only all 7.3 million people billion people on this planet have inestimable worth and are worthy of dignity and respect, even if they hate you go read the Beatitudes sermon on the Mount, but the only way you become a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Judaism doesn't teach that Islam doesn't teach that biblical Christianity teaches that so can they coexist sure peacefulness sure good neighbors sure. But Pope Francis, and under his leadership, the Catholic Church is sending a message of co-validity and that is a lie. That's a lie and that's a lie that you tell if you don't really love your neighbor as you want to avoid the uncomfortable nature of the exclusivity of Christ because that means a whole lot of people are out in just a few are in like few there are that go that way, who said that, oh, that's right, Jesus.

So this is very scary, very alarming, God still rules the universe with his feet up Satan. You can try all you want. You've Artie lost. You lost. You lose completely, eventually, are you on the side of truth.

Are you in the sight of Christ are you born again are you a child of God or defiance. One world religion stuff wake up friends wake up America Steve Noble to see Noble showed great to be back with you will be a great weekend last Thursday. By the way, were in our buddy David Fisher on just second last Thursday on theology Thursday we finished up a two-parter with our friends at Bob's on seminary. We talked about God's design for men two weeks ago, which is typically about a minute, leaving the workplace. Obviously not God's design. Then last week we talked about God's design for women, which would include motherhood include marriage, not for everybody. God calls the people to singleness. We also talked about women working in the workplace.

Proverbs 31 woman knows how to make money. She's good with her hand. She's industrious, it's all that fits so dear Christian sister mine Rachel Lee Brady, who used to work with North Ghana values coalition.

She's been great in in the Christian space in turn determines the dealer politics year that show and she had to make some of those decisions for herself.

She's a godly mother and a wife and a millennial so she's gonna come in tomorrow and were to talk about that subject. From a personal level from up millennial perspective and what she's dealt with with her own peer group sought to be a fascinating conversation tomorrow am excited about. That's I just wanted to give you heads up on that. But Monday afternoon in the. The last segment of the show until we get to the first Monday of November, which is only a couple weeks away. We talked our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital, a landmark is the website is always to find out what's going on in the financial world that we need to pay attention to David, great to hear from you buddy, how are you doing great, even better than last week. Amen. Just continuing to improve. We praise the Lord for that, and finally a couple weeks ago I David shared almost a host story almost the whole show of his and his wife literally brush with death because of COBIT and everything you learned about that including I erect and things of that nature.

So if you're struggling with that you want to hear somebody that's going to tell you the truth from their own experience. Go back to the podcast two weeks ago or the Facebook life or YouTube life and go check it out for yourself. Great information there. David's also happy to talk to anybody that wants to reach out and talk about what he went through and what he learned, but were to start today with passage of Scripture as we always do on a Monday Monday update second Peter start there and will dive into some of these headlines. Computer one screen. Now we do not follow cleverly devised stories when we told you about the coming of the Lord your Christ our but we were eyewitnesses of his Majesty the second part of the Scripture. Your pewter's referring to the book of Matthew encounter the you had along with James and up amount to well-known printer figuration transfer word transfiguration when you know God's will conclude this is my beloved son like you was there but you know today there's people still are doubting the coming of the Lord purchase was like, you know, we turn a certain age you know we we get out of diapers and we get into your regular clothes we learn how to ride a bike, relearn our old files goes, the milestone will come. Do not lose heart to the Lord's day will come, and he's coming after his prize, as believers seem to cleverly devised little other cleverly devised storytelling on our government will talk about the moment show. Listen to the gospel and that's the only thing that will truly set you free, and it will set you free. Indeed, for now and forever.

Saws and finally everybody. If you if you listen the show because I know there's a decent amount of people David that listen to Christian radio that are churchgoers that are kinda kicking the tires a little bit. Nobody's bugging you when you walk into the church is easy thing to do on a Christian radio show. So if you have questions about the guy we see the gospel that we see something about being born-again or being a follower of Jesus and in you.

Not quite sure you understand the whole heaven thing if you just go to my website does Steve Noble you see up at the top. The word heaven. Just click on that particular page easy video and really simple approach taken to the Bible to tell you exactly what the Bible says about who goes to heaven.

And so if you're not sure, please go check that out, but that's why we always talk about it on the air, not just on Mondays, but every day, nothing is more important that so what's going on market the economic news a lot of reports coming out recently a lot of profit reports and seems to be a lot happening but one of the things we need to pay attention to work from your internal mall earlier on armaments really grew today. Things will get worse before they get better. Another topic criminal court or economy is starting to break down our great basic level to another topic. Don't buy the dip is dead Gartman you won't talk about streaking around for last Friday.

The bull market has ended in the bear market has begun another topic shows were living in chaos, economic couple more a record of 4.3 million workers to talk about this briefly got a quick their jobs in August, led by food retail industry peers wonders. The Fed produced preparing to launch their central bank digital currency ramming your review on that in the last one is for the most from serving great crisis of our lives might finally be here that was written by Graham Summers I Geiger 11. Following every week or year and that's where your loan.

My prediction were actually here. Here's what I think can happen in the bar was right. I can't take credit leaking from grandpa Mark on these things that we could be just weeks away from a legitimate Christ. By the way when when you use the word connections David and we'll talk about that on the air.

I would just encourage everybody think in terms of extrapolation. So when you see realities and you see numbers and you see these things gathering excellent hurricanes way out there in the middle of the Atlantic, but you look at its trajectory and you go okay in a couple weeks since Winston hit most likely is been hit here somewhere on the East Coast somewhere between Jacksonville and Wilmington, North Carolina.

That's not a prediction we call it a prediction but that's based on things that are actually happening is like some of the Ouija board so when David's talking about this is just extrapolation of things that are actually happening.

This is unlike turn off the lights and throw a dart at the wall and see what you hit the kind of crazy.

If serial kinda prediction this is this is looking forward based on what's happening in the past, which is why oftentimes and you bring these things up here. We are your later year and 1/2 later in your like just like I said last January and I'm like yeah here we go again because were just following the realities and and where they take us old. Thank you for for bringing that up with. You've been given a phone number. The last few weeks to ask us to call Congress because it had something to do with the infrastructure bill.

So what's the latest on that and I know you want to give out the phone number again. Remember, your to 43121 are watching the interview below. She was out of the question.

Are you really going to go after direct go after and bank tell the IRS that if anybody moved more than $600 year. You really got a report that directly go after people printer was yes, yes and yes I can believe it angered me. Yes, that disturbed me and it concerns me of great level of mind to because it tells us how socialistic/our country is headed. This is all about the infrastructure bill which they might help to whittle down thank God, from $3.5 trillion number 2.2 senators, Joe mansion and Christian is the mark are against it, which I think the Lord for those people because we do have some reality. You can't spend in the yes but just as they went from 2.3.5 to 2.2 unlike the kid in the back of the class raising my hand going yet still two points really. 2.2 trillion more than we have, but nothing stopped them before snacking to stop him and and and really the $600 thing. There they say upfront were just trying to find people that are trying to escape the IRS but you really trust the IRS and the federal government with that kind information when you're moving $600 in and out of your account. No I don't think the point about his banks or the wonder how we are there no warning look right ankle would be required to report an infrastructure group were found out of portion of infrastructure build paper to your precollege 00 people want to want to go to college. You get to go for free if this passes stroller riddled with socialism. Unfortunately, yes.

So that takes assistance to another topic, that's all over the place insulation which is deftly not transitory. This is real is happening here, but inflation and stagflation. What's what's the latest issues the talking points on those who strictly attribute your morning working slow economic growth with high unemployment and were monitoring in an economic recovery think we should reflect what we have stagflation in place and deflation. Any of those.

The Fed can fix it. The government can fix it work and it now CEO JP Morgan Jamie Dimon came out that the inflation now is much higher than you directed. The IMF came out last week. Instead, inflation is on the rise and the bed needs and others should repair the tying policy. The White House is doing something completely different, bursting nonsense, recalling inflation of the supply chain is a high-class problem over the wealthy. But here's something really interesting. After the CPI number came out last Wednesday after two days of your show every time before the index using Gold Wing down and stocks went up. This is the first time it did the officer the outfoxed bill last Wednesday after the CPI number two guy consumer price index number. The number that tells us we have inflation and crew close to 1/2% Gold Wing F 1/2% silver one of 2.3% stroke you text me after the show Stephen exit is coming soon. Two days later saw the first glimpse of the change were now when people say how come golden children are going up play should be patient. She will get there. Looks like were here right now to judge amongst others the other day I see in the supply chain salmonellae. That's just things are so good. Americans are buying so much stuff that the man is outstrips supply cilia, supply chain problems.

These people are so delusional. It's just shocking so using gold and silver as I had to understanding how to incorporate that just getting educated out of people do that.

David called for more 554-4575 or excellent David, great to hear from you buddy will talk to you next week. I bless you I will talk to you then tomorrow ladies grandmothers mother's women men to do a follow-up on last Thursday theology.

Thursday was a good friend of mine at dear Christian woman, the mom talk about a woman's role. All God willing I'll talk to you another program powered by the Truth Network

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