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Not God's Design Pt 2

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 14, 2021 11:09 pm

Not God's Design Pt 2

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 14, 2021 11:09 pm

Not God's Design Pt 2

Steve talks to Dr. Neal Cushman, a dean from BJU Seminary, about design. What is God’s design for woman? How should they act?


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now there's your host Steve Noble talking to you okay what you are.

Listen carefully okay ma'am but you listen carefully. Here's to the speaker and and listen up. Here's the deal. I don't want you to go to college. The college I went down the road.

Okay there is forgiveness there for you somewhere. So don't go to college until your kids go to college until your granddaughter to go to college at Dover college don't entertain the thought of and of the career at all what you need to do is pray for. Look for in the get married to a godly man and then you need to help him in his career and then you need to I get pregnant while you're young and you need to have kids in. You need to help rear. These children and the fear and admonition of the Lord and that's just the deal. Now that's all I said with respect to this today as we are on theology Thursday with her good friends from BJ's seminary and beautiful Greenville South Carolina at that's always said then you know what the cultures going to do is cancel cancel culture, city of Facebook and somehow use an auger algorithm to figure out what I just said they probably cancel my page for a few days because that's deeply offensive to most people in the world because we we want to do what we want to do and whether inside the church outside the church. This is a challenging topic and so last week on theology.

Thursday we talked about not God's design. We focused on the men and especially about men in the workplace and you might have heard this this just news just came out the last couple of days in August alone. There were 4.3 million Americans that quit their jobs just quit in August, one month alone 4.3 million people quit their jobs. We have a huge issue in this country, with men not fulfilling a biblical mandate to be hard-working glorify God through their work, which of course bends to start a family and supportive family and so we talked about that last week this week, not God's design part two I will women focusing on careers above family and so that I know that's deeply offensive about that's all we say were not gonna just do that today we got a lot to talk about our good friend Dr. Neil Cushman is back in the house is the Dena BJ's seminary Neil how are you I'm doing great.

I feel like were walking on the third rail on this one business whenever make you nervous when we start talking about God's design for women well you know I am a little bit nervous about it but we got it. We gotta stick with what God's word says yes working to get into this and don't jump to any conclusions you gotta work with dots and work through this because it's like a good dime and there's a lot of different facets to this. Okay sorry good on these roads. But let's look and thank you for sending this over.

Neil, this is really really helpful fast facts about women in today's culture.

Okay now again our charge if you're a follower of Jesus Christ, your charges, not to live according to the world's ways, but to live according to God's word, which is I wouldn't spend much time in there today on theology Thursday. But here's what's going on in the world overdoing that the world's way.

Fast facts about women in today's culture, just have adult women are married, and 30% have never been married half a people 18 to 34 don't even have a steady romantic partner.

We talked about that before because it was like 70+ percent of guys between 24 and 32 are married only three and 10 millennial's have a spouse or at least one child versus 70% of the judge of the silent generation which of the younger ones only 44% of single women rank living on your own. Not only but 44% of single women rank living on your own and 34% say establishing a career is the top priority versus 20% say the top priorities getting married in a percent just 8% say top priorities actually having children, 46, 46% of men and women believe having a job or career is essential for a woman to enjoy it for pulling light meaning.

That's only way you can have a fulfilling life. Ladies, if you have a career and have a job. The joy we are to be fulfill only 22%. However, favor, having children, and 17% getting married yet. Gallup says this is fascinating. 80% of people want to get married in 47% believe the ideal number of children is to 41% believe it's three or more. So it's interesting. Married people are better off economically and happier in the relationships and the happiest people are parents women's fertility is 20% lower at age 30 than in their 20s or early 20s and drop dramatically after the age 35 can change that the birth rate. Her total fertility rate has fallen under 1.7 which is a record low far below replacement so the same thing that's happened in Europe, which they're not even replacing themselves in Europe is happening now in America, so it's in that case, it's all about fertility, so when we do what's going on here. What is God's word say about we talked last week. The role of men today about the role of women. So again, Dr. Neil Cushman is here with is the Dena BJ's seminary and and and really setting aside our emotions and the facts and figures don't we kinda have to start with the word of gotta forget to call ourselves Christians. I think we especially do when we look at Genesis and how God designed men and women to function together give them different roles so the first thing that he did with Adam. As I said last week as she plopped them in the garden, gave him a rake in a hole and a shovel and he put them to work and you know that that got followed up with a lot of other kinds of work, so his main job was to cultivate the garden but then when you look at the, the creation of Eve. It's it's so unusual when you think about it. If you look at the they were the way that God created Adam, he drew Adam out of the dust of the ground and then also I had noticed this just kinda jumped out me when I was working my way through this. I had noticed that in Genesis 219 that that all of the six day six day creatures that God created came also out of the ground so the only the only creature that didn't come out of the ground was on the sixth day was the and so she was taken from from Adam's rib.

So why would God do such an unusual thing. It's you it's because he was symbolically laying out a truth for us and that is that that there is a unique relationship that man is to have with woman in marriage and and she's going to be tightly connected to to Adam which which means that she's going to be a helper suitable for him.

She's going to to assist him in his life site you really work too far off in your and your in your intro so and in fact her name woman actually means from man.

Isha is no means exactly that. Met Adam's name was, you know, for man is is you Hsien you shot is you suffer from from woman from that point forward. They cleaved together as one flesh. You know they Eve comes out of Adam and then they are to be once right exactly right in the what is that relationship look like one of their roles individually. What about singleness what about jobs. What about careers will talk about it, all will become theology Thursday with their friends. Everything you seminary, South Carolina Dr. Neil Cushman is here with us today seminary be do you seminary and route following up on last week. Last week we didn't show God not God's design. We are talking about men and how men really aren't stepping up to be what God calls them to be and we were looking that specifically like where the men in the workplace because those numbers been going down.

Traditionally, men just stepping up and leading we see that all over the place. That is a massive problem as myth implications all over the place. So as we did last week. This week we turn the corner. We talk about the other half. Ladies were talking about you and what is God's design for women so this is not God's design part two women focusing on careers above family. So a lot of people here this they think of a biblical design for marriage people inside the church.

Neil, I think struggle with this particular subject.

Certainly people outside the church, the feminist movement has dipped has had a huge impact on that but a lot of Christian women, you sit there and start talking about some of the things that were to go through what is the Bible say in terms of what's God's plan or will through his word for women appear to be a godly woman there's a lot of pushback.

Most of us is going to be told what to do, is in that kind of the problem yeah that's that's that's the problem, exactly. I mean, there's nothing wrong I think scripturally for women to focus on a career prepared to be able to do something that's productive that tributes to the family and ultimately it contributes to the to the family, but I think that as you said, many women are prioritizing their career and really almost rolling out family. I think they're cheating themselves out of the way that God is actually wired them. God God is wired.

Women to be familial in nature. Might my wife this way more interested in the family, you know, she's constantly reminding about so-and-so's birthday and this and that an what's going on in the family. She's just that just naturally comes out of her and men are tend to be wired to be providers, not the that women can't contribute to that interest. Think about Proverbs 31 and the advice is really interesting to me. You get to chapter 31 and it's it's like all you have all all this advice coming from men and then kingly mules mom like takes the mic it on so say let me tell you a few things.

Yeah and and she says I I'm explain to you the kind of woman that would really make a good wife. Don't don't be taken back by beauty. Don't be taken back by you know outward things. But here's what really would be a blessing to you as a as a wife and as a as a mother and a lot of the things that are listed there have to do with business. Yeah, you know, selling things, buying things, selling things on making investments. She's she's she's a hard worker, what it snows.

She's knocking to stay inside. She still get to go out do the job so this is really not an anti-work tirade this this is about priorities and and making sure that the family is kind of the sent terror of of a woman's focus and be yeah and Neil wrote a great blog post I put the link up just a few minutes ago was following up on the one from last week in the seminary viewpoints blogs.

I got the link. They're not God's design women focusing on careers above family, which is part two of follow-up from last week. It starts with this on a graduate student in a committed relationship, asked me for advice about sequencing, marriage, children, and career. I gave the advice I always give Mary start your family and keep doing good work, professional or otherwise monetized or otherwise when it makes sense for your family. The student was flummoxed, but what about graduate school. She asked my advice was the same. She protested but what if I get married, have a baby in its yardwork the same time to travel. I told her my face was the same. There are too many variables. I explained prioritize what is most important to you.

Given the real constraints of time and biology bearing children takes youth and nurturing them takes considerable time through in my final provocative thought for good measure.

And if it comes to that. There's nothing wrong with putting your professional opportunities on hold for the sake of your family temporarily or indefinitely.

She gasped and said that nobody had ever told her that would be okay.

Nobody, nobody ever told her that was Rebecca Rebecca Heinrichs in the American mind and that's little things like all share a personal anecdote here. Neil we got married 1992. My wife and I were in her late 20s. We were not believers. We got saved and 94 by the grace of God. We both had full-time careers but in August 1995.

We had our first child, Hayden was born and we made the decision that we didn't want to farm out his upbringing to somebody outside of our family so we decided she would stop working, which is a huge blow because she made half the money so we made a huge that was a huge decision for baby Christians. I don't think we could've explained it biblically. We just knew that we didn't want to go down that road of childcare so that was a huge sacrifice and then we ended up we moved from Columbus Ohio to Raleigh North Carolina and then we homeschool, we end up having four kids, but now my wife is in full-time college student at the age of 53 to look to be licensed to do sonography to do ultrasound so she's coming back to her career. Later in life, but share youth, a relatively speaking was used for family and I think that kinda fits in the what were talking about today doesn't yeah I think it's different seasons of life right there different different needs when your kids are are young and there there at home, there are there are priorities that you have to have and then you have to make sacrifices and and I to have a personal story that I think would might be helpful to people and that is with my daughter-in-law. Her name is Abby and and her husband Peter, my sons, my youngest son.

They know I think about their life early on when they got married they decided that they were going to prioritize their family and add this got really fantastic skills that as a beautician she's she's got a degree in that area.

She she could make a lot of money on that area, but they decided that they were going not do that they were going focus on their family and she she cuts hair and styles that sort of thing on the side.

But what a wonderful family. They have been. I think the Lord is just 100 dad and blessed that in the day of, you know they they live in a smaller house state they do drive older cars, but that doesn't that doesn't bring happiness anywhere bring fulfillment anyway that was going to ask you. So what what are some of the main lines you would say that that were selling as a society, and that in this case young women are believing about what the world says they should do because this was in the stats that you shared me. 46% of men and women believe having a job or career is essential for a woman to enjoy a fulfilling life like you don't have a big time career you can't be fulfilled is that the mainline going on here that's that's a huge one night I think that that you know every woman that believes that finds out that in and they don't, you know, get a family if they have the opportunity. I think that that that just ends up in a lot of discouragement and grief. I think another there's another element in our society that that puts a lot of pressure on all of us and that is just the American dream. Yeah yeah you know that that you have to have bigger bigger things you guys have a bigger house right you got a have really nice cars you got a have you know a vacation home that I vacationed in suburbia pot of gold at the end of the materialistic rainbow in the one star, one rich person after another says I didn't find out what he talking about, that will be right back back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show trying to upset the apple cart. Once again, I think that if that were spiritual gift. I think I would have. So today on theology Thursday, but our friends at BG seminary. Dr. Neil Cushman is back in the house were following up on last week, not got not God's design, which is part one talk about men and especially in the workplace where there abandoning the workplace and I guess living in mom and dad's basement this week, not to God's design part two women focusing on careers above family and again I really appreciate you make an appointment is Neil and I want to circle back around to talk about the American dream where we stopped up for it. The commercial break. This is about saying the only option for women than for to be a godly woman is to be married and have and rear children.

That's not the only option that's a part of the design and but that doesn't mean you can't have a career earlier you can have a career later you mention your daughter-in-law, your son and your daughter-in-law and she got to greed as a hairstylist and that's something she can do on the side. She can do that part-time. That's why I love that the field of nursing. I know Bob Jones University is a great nursing program because if you're young woman you want to be a nurse or even a guy you can come back into that you get your career started the new concert having a family you can come back in the work part-time, and nurses have great benefits. They make great money there's a way to do all of this, which I really think is what the Lord's desire is for us is not the kind have this scarcity ethic don't think in terms of dollars and cents like you gotta make a certain amount of money but that heap.

When Jesus said I've come to give you life and to give it to you abundantly.

I think all career, no family is probably selling yourself short. Yet I think everybody's got it figured out right yeah they have to yet to look at your your skill set your circumstances, your gifting and and you gotta figure it out. And if you if you prioritize your your family and the training of your children.

The husband-wife dynamic that I think you're gonna to come out on the on the right side.

On the other side but what if it's but if it's something that's way down the list. It's not a priority at all you going to come out on the wrong side and and you're going to be missing out on what God has yeah that's why does Gallup poll that you reference and I put the links up to Neil's blog post which is excellent as you read dad and into maybe for some you. You need to cool down first before you read it, but it's really an excellent blog post, not God's design women focusing on careers above family, which you can get now. We just got this going. This is this is great. Makes life a lot easier.

So anything that were talking about on the air when were referencing a blog post are there. There's materials that Neil and the team have put together from the seminary for pastors and for churches on the subject, specifically where you just want to find out what's going on. Not only it BG seminary benefit Bob Jones University. There's a landing page. I want you to go to its seminary.BJ\radio At the link up so you have that serving. We talk about and then all the other things that are available online or even the school of the seminary itself. You can get to all that so I put that link up right now on Facebook live but you can go check that out with all these resources, which is great so you want to live in Greenville, South Carolina. Welcome to the Internet. Thank you Al Gore. You have all these things that match your access to just go to seminary.BJ\radio and you'll see right there that the gods not God's design women focusing on careers above family, which is part two of the department last week plus for you pastors and churches. A worksheet should women prioritize career over family because this is a really important topic. You mention the American dream.

I would agree with you Neil. I think this is the biggest problem in our Western civilization in the American context is all of us have kinda bought into the American dream about women in this case also being sold. The American dream. Why is that such a problem becomes the driving the driving force and a woman's life that that you know for the family to really be provided for Dave. Gotta have it better than they they had when they grew up and they wanted all now and there's only one way to get that. That's two incomes you know you get. You gotta have two major incomes and you know if if kids do somehow factor in you know you find alternative ways to raise them and I just think that this is so this is this is a sacrifice that is not worth making it took to try to achieve something that is that it's not going to provide the fulfillment that people are looking for. That's ultimately not going to fill you up if you have a super successful career that can be a wonderful thing you can do great things of the resources that you earn. There's no question about that, but to think that all career. Nothing else is going to be fulfilling. That is the American dream is that you get all the stuff you'll be happy. Yet you see the statistics I could play this game out all day long. The statistics are quotes from very famous people. Even somebody like Tom Brady. You know you how many super Bowls you have to win before you fulfilled and it was like after the third or is forthwith the next days like that. It now. I know nobody unless I go win another one Michael Jordan all these people that talk about that. It's really really profound. What about singleness.

I wanted to ask you about that as I led you glad you asked that because I don't think we handle that really well in the church we come to tell people like me rounds. The only thing but some people are called singleness right right I think that I mean you have the creation mandate, which is right multiply and subdue have dominion over the years so multiplying is obviously keep part of God's design for for man, but I like the way Paul handles the whole question of singleness because he was single, you know, and he lived a a a life of of amazing fulfillment.

Yes you serve God as he spread the gospel as he planted churches and when he talks about it. He talks about it as being a special gifting promote from the Lord that something that God enables people to be able to do and I think that that that fills in all the gaps that fills in all the holes that that you might expect would be filled by by the other things, even by having children, but then I think there's another group to there are there are families, husbands and wives who aren't able to have children you know they like to have children and they're not able to have them there may be there and I am not able to adopt her or not that's that's not something they would do but that the ones that I know fill that filled their life with serving others and and they they they would say that my children are, you know, like the college students. For instance, young people I work next to which so really powerful point and and again that that's where I think it's important for people to hear us well today and say listen it. There's different seasons and the and then there it can look differently because some people are called singleness and some people hey maybe maybe your marriage life is and get a start to 28 or 30, and so having a just a booming career in your youngers great awesome.

I use it for the glory of God. Due to the glory of God. Use your resources well and I wanted to mention this Becky on Facebook live said that I did many different jobs in order to be home with my kids when they were home. I have no regrets in my kids have chosen to stay at home parents as well. Obviously they appreciated the importance of mom being home. God is good and always provided for needs even over and above it so that that can be difficult and again I really appreciate you bringing a Proverbs 31 deal because in their you this woman improper certainly in the Christian world and evangelicalism really. Proverbs 31.

I mean we name whole ministries after you. Proverbs 31 woman.

What a Proverbs 31 woman. If you read the Bible is very able in a lot of different places including the marketplace. So again it's not about never working. It's just a matter about seasons and timing hey let's let's talk to about how difficult it is to stay at home children. Yeah, you know, most most men if if if it came down to men doing that we would have because I mean I'm I'm absolutely exhausted but I've done this before. I don't know how my wife did you know but it's it's it's a very demanding job. I think it's the most fulfilling thing you could do it on again that that's unless you're called the singleness then marriage should be on your radar. At some point and that's something you should be praying about.

I'm glad you mentioned that about how challenging it is and how much credit we need to give our wives and and they've done studies it if you take all the roles and responsibilities and work that goes into raising a child than your average wife should be making six figures because this Andrea is such a huge job and then you throw homeschooling in there and I kept myself every once in a while milk is out. The people at all. Get a no conversation with folks and start talking about the fact that the noble families homeschooled and I go well yeah we been homeschooling for 17 years and I go wait a minute.

Correction that's fake news.

We haven't been homeschooling my wife is been homeschooling she's done the vast majority of it and she shoulder that I would let Mike the headmaster I get to be the Dean of the school at the noble house that she shoulder most of that work and that's an awesome thing and I think as men, especially his husbands.

Boy, I think we all have some room to improve in terms of really valuing and encouraging and showing her wives how much we appreciate them and acknowledging how much work that is that when I when I did when we did homeschooling. I should say my wife. This is well. I think I was in charge of gym class that was that was about it right so there's this great honor and a lot of things there in and I want to talk about. As we come back and then we'll gonna how do we communicate this because I think we struggle it is. I struggle with this right with my own daughters and some of their friends. It's really interesting how the cultures had a huge impact on their understanding of marriage, or what they consider marriage to be like you selling your soul your selling your individualism so to make sure we talk about that but the thing that's happened for decades. Girls rule and boys drool out to talk about that as we point people to the ultimate source of fulfillment which is not your job.

It's not your money is not your house it's the Lord Jesus Christ theology Thursday with our friends at BJ's seminary will be right back to back.

It seems over the stimulus bill theology Thursday with our friends at BJ's and Mary were here to back with Dr. Neil Cushman. We did not God's design last week talking about the guys today were getting into the ladies business and talking about God's role for women, which does not preclude a career it's it's about timing and seasons, but ultimately, whereas most of us marriage is on the radar screen for some people.

We talked about this in the apostle Paul is the ultimate communicator on this one. Talking about singleness, which is there some people are called the single singleness, this is Jennifer on Facebook live in his love of the Lord. Does this set is a single, never married woman. I have the had the opportunity to serve at a higher commitment level. Both in the community and the church as well as travel abroad multiple times.

This wasn't my life plan is my life goal is to be a wife and a mom.

While there has been hard seasons as a single. I know I've been blessed with amazing opportunities and again so you that's where I think we all walk into this Neil especially, and I want to talk about is I really feel like we need to talk about how do we communicate this because obviously outside the church. I don't expect people Neil outside the church up there outside the faith, even though 69% of Americans will self identifies being Christians. Once you start scratching the surface of what they believe. You find out quickly that very few of them actually are biblical Christians.

So if you're not a Christian I know you have a hard time grappling with certainly accepting anything the Bible says is a good plan for your life but even inside the church. I think we struggle with this on and don't quite know how to communicate what were talking about today because were so worried about the pushback. This patriarchy where all you guys are just as easy for you, Neil and Steve, just a couple of white patriarchal over the top Christians telling women what to do.

I think we really struggle to communicate this. I understand outside the church, but inside the church up for Saul. Do you agree with that. Second of all, how do we improve this because I think God's Word gives us lots of ammunition here, but I think we really struggle to communicate effectively. Yeah, I totally agree with that idea by midnight. I don't think were going to win that battle outside of the church. The cultures conditioned men and women to believe that that you know these things, that there following are our absolute truth there facts that can't be overturned in any kind away in the Bible has no value to them and really it's it's just the Scriptures that that give us truth that there is no other.

There's no other source of truth so so II don't think we can win that battle.

But I do think that the battle for our our folks in our churches. This is something we need to engage in an and really it it all does start with the gospel. You know that that people need to accept Jesus Christ and his sacrifice and that changes everything changes the way you you think about life you know and then all of a sudden you're in a position to be able to to hear what God is. God is teaching you as you study the word so yeah I I think we need to be talking to our church.

I think we need to be training. Training our young people.

We need to be addressing these topics had no idea I'd I taught a class on on dating Otto maybe was two years ago had about hundred and 50 students from high school biology and land there and you know I wasn't exactly saying.

The most popular thing in the world straight out how to approach that that that topic but but we have to help them to understand what what God's word says and that that if you if you depart from that you're going to be consequences in your life that are to be difficult for you and damaging for you and you know specially if you if you will get connected with the wrong kind of person as a spouse, you know what, and you end up settling for fools gold. That's what the world wants to sell you. It's all about you. You pursue what you want God.

Follow your heart.

Yada yada yada. You go down all the different euphemisms and talk about the bumper stickers and everything you see all the hashtags out there. Are you can trust what God's word set and that's the challenge for all of us as Christians.

What about Inna in a seminary context Neil as easy as you have people coming in seminaries because the seminary context or missionary kind, context, or just getting into the serving in the church and a ministry capacity actually is is that that's gotta be. I don't know how it works with it for a couple what they're not in it together. That's going to be a that's got to be a team effort as well. I'm sure that's a big deal at the seminary. Yeah, that that is where all of our professors are our very connected to our students. There's there's a lot of conversations that go on outside of the classroom, but we were trying to address these kind of things had on the end. In our classes in our counseling classes which which all of our students are involved in, and those we have a a a program for seminary wives.

That's a seminary wives Institute and and the sessions are designed to to to point are our women in the right in the right direction, things we've been we've been talking about. But then I think you know just the training of pastors that the having solid pastors who know to handle the Scriptures and they know how to lead the church which is really the reason for the 500 x 5 x 5 campaign that were on right now to address the pastors shortage. That's that's in our country and in fact among commissioners as well so were trying to reinforce the pastorate to reawaken the church to realize what we consider the greatest gospel opportunity since the Reformation, Saul, that I just said is just kinda part of our of our our mission miss the center part piece of our of our mission that if we can if we can produce solid pastors who can go out there and and help our churches. It's going to have a big it's going to have a big effect yeah and I don't think this is the first topic that I ever did with anybody from the GUI from about June seminary was talking about this this problem with the pastorate because we all gonna take pastors for granted. The Catholic Church knows all about this because they're running out of priests, but this is happening in Protestantism as well, which is the very first conversation I had that was with Alan from Bob June seminary talking about this drought what's happening that were not going to learn I can replenish the pastorate were losing pastors right blessing things happening on the mission field.

So tell us a little bit more about that problem because I want Mixon to make sure people understand that this is one of the things going on it.

Bob June seminary is the 500 x 5 x 5 so explain that.

But I want people to really understand before we run out of time meal just how big of a problem. This is yeah it's it's a huge problem in every single evangelical circle you you you see empty pulpits. I just got I was at a pastors conference in Utah about a week and half ago and they talked about pulpit after pulpit that was empty, you know, there they took me to and appointed me to one particular church that you had a nice building had in this is a Mormon country in a nice building a very solid congregation of people very faithful people can't find a pastor they been trying to find a pastor for couple years and so the guy that's the interim, I I don't know what is ages. I think around. Maybe like 70s. 75 maybe you know and he's he's tried to retire from that. So, so it it is a problem where wherever we go, and I think it's all interconnected, this whole issue about what is it what is it mean to be a man. That's gotta be taught to our five-year-olds are five-year-olds need to hear about what it means to be a man to be a responsible person who do maintains a relationship with God serves others works hard and you know to become a leader to become a provider to be a protector, you know, those are all invaluable and indispensable. Yeah features of being a man. Now you and you can trace just about all of our societal problems including abortion and things going on with governance things going on with the destruction of the family all back to God's design for men and women in family and the church and government versus what the world dies and in the sea the same like on the pastor say I just jumped over and I put the link up for the 500 x 5 x 5 campaign more pastors are over 65 in under 40 yeah I'll say it again more pastors today are over the age of 65, then under 40 so I don't care if use regular math or common core math or an abacus. The problem the problem there is your toaster to run out of pastors so we are here 500 x 5 x 5.

What is that actually meet one of those numbers. That means that were we are committed to putting 500 pastors on the pathway to the pulpit in the next five years, and every five years after that. So it's it it's a commitment really goes back to our roots. Why was I was the seminary started you know some I know it's almost 90 years ago. It's yes because as of the need for pastors and and so where we're just doubling down on that we are doing everything that we can to to find those people and bring them in the door and and train them to to address this this shortage. I think you know everybody I talk to.

They see it.

Yes, as you mentioned that they they go all yeah that's true. I've seen evidence of that. So working hard working hard on that. Yeah. And we need a lot of people praying for us is exactly right, and supporting and so you can find all that information. I put the link up for that.

Specifically, the 500 x 5 x 5, but all things we talked about the blog post from today about women, the blog post from last week really easy location for you and that they just went live with this. This is super helpful\radio seminary.PDU.ED you\radio's been up what you want to pay for.

You can access all the different things were talking about today plus resources for you pastors, and for your church on the men's issue last week in the women's issue today plus the link I put up for the 500 x 5 x 5, the always great to have you and thank you so much for your work on this. Thank you for helping us understand it's always a blessing thinking my brother. Thanks for having me Steve you're very welcome everybody got God willing, I'll be back again tomorrow and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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