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Transform U Live

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 13, 2021 11:06 pm

Transform U Live

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 13, 2021 11:06 pm

Transform U Live

Steve talks to Stephen (he he) Scoggins about Transform U Live! Stephen will be doing the event! Prepare to be transformed! 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job.

Everyone just ties with Steve Noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now is your house Noble enough in my life that since I would like to live a normal life.

Women are not normal person item by claiming that but I but I do that a pretty normal life up until about 2004 and I don't like small business. Okay, we were a small contracting company and married and four kids and homeschooling and it was all pretty simple and it is all very straightforward and we were a good lane and we were fine with that. Then God stepped in and through some things my way that I was not looking for is not trying to concoct a new life.

But then opportunities present themselves and then you have to make that decision. What I do it. That's because I'm pretty comfortable where I'm at in the know something start to change is just one door that you walk through in the knowledge that you find extreme or the other side and another side and over all those years 2004 through about five to about 2010, the most common question I ever got from people was what happened, why are you so different today than you were for five or six years ago another walking to the first door I would really boil it down to relationships and you start getting around people that are pulling a little bit more out of life and what they were created to do that you are and that's an interesting group to be erotic and reasonable standard that happened to me biblically that happened to me up from a business perspective that happened to me from a personal productivity perspective because I'm just hanging out and and and and live a life of most people were living a pretty ordinary life as matter fact there's a Newsweek article and I'll get to my guess her second.

Trust me there is a Newsweek article dated a nationwide study is about 12 years ago and they found it is about 10,000 people nationwide is a representative study to pursue people failed miserably. 10% of the people succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations. 80% of the people simply this is the phrase that the simply endured Monday to Friday, got it's Friday you live paycheck to paycheck average American household doesn't have more than $1000 ready for for a car repair and so you don't really realize, when God says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. What that means or to to do all name of the Lord and how much would the Lord do with you that is not doesn't mean that one day you should have a radio show or something, or podcast or whatever. But God has created you and you in a unique way and gifted you and then there's opportunities out there. So how do you maximize and become the person God truly called you to be spiritually and in all other fashion as well. So I started to meet people. One is a sitting across the table from me today. Stephen Scoggins is here in the Raleigh area, serial entrepreneur and then of course you have to write a blog and then he cares because he cares about people other than himself.

Then he starts transform you.

Stephen's been on the show many times before and I just when you get around something like you Stephen other than I question myself and go can I be doing more than I am ready and you pull a lot more bone a lot of meat off the bone just got a wild person to be around. But we've been friends for years now and it's great to see you things to come in his heart. First of all, was excited to hang out with you, ma'am. Love your heart.sorry for the 5 1/2 hour introduction by the introduction it all your 20 oh show, my son recently on this one and he says I really want to do some the things that you're doing said I'd be careful what you asked will have to go where I'm going to get here that's exactly right. And and and Steve has one of the story. Stephen is a story, rags to riches kind of thing was for him to talk about and also that one of the things I love about you is is you just have this insatiable desire to help other people. So when you get around, serial expert Oren somebody literally went from homelessness to to really really a lot of success financially course in his business, but spiritually as well.

Then you turn around and go how I paid it back, and how to lie, pay it forward and then that's that gets us and transform you. Stephen's got an event coming up on October 21. Of the 23rd, right here in the Raleigh area called transform your life.

We've had listeners go through this before I transform that's just the U okay. So while you but I think we need to go on the way back machine so people understand who is this that I'm talking to why why should I listen to you because it your life story is fascinating and it really is the classic rags to riches. Yeah, I mean it's so, thank you. Yeah I know for me I know I used to think I am had this interesting thing with my team members names Connor and I one afternoon I was able to bring in Steve Markey was my second chance person is my personal bleed to me before long, probably to myself what his granddaughter contact me to do some business together here in the area, so she came to the facility and also walk around the building were walking Ramada Inn center and stuff like that, killing all of this is under one roof. As we walk around the walk around it. She happened to bump and Connor and you know is it was funny because we were walk around and we were talking and she was minimizer team members and stuff for CHA and stuff like that. As you are doing that. She was custom home exteriors for the less actually, the CAG companies, not as we have like five divisions around by now. But you just can't stop yeah you know it's I'm an innovator.

Whatever creator I can't help myself there, but thought you were. She was talking she would say similar things I that she told my team myself because I learned a long time ago that one of things that maids CAG your custom home exteriors are CAG companies are needed divisions. Whatever successful is. I discovered a long time ago that we didn't have a construction company.

We had a personal development company masquerading as a construction company and you know in for my life. You know Steve Mark very very early on talking late 90s gave me a second chance.

I didn't deserve. He gave me a chance earlier not totally squandered made a bunch of money totally messed it all up spent it all went doofus and you messed up with zeros.

I found myself homeless for about 90 days somewhere you know, than that that that journey of, falling apart and finding myself in one of the things that I remember a lot, was one of the things it Steve actually told me well. 616, actually flooded my mind, which is, like my started the ignition of coming back to myself so to speak, am I just fine. I found my faith. I found Jesus had a litter box which is a story that will have time to get answer but but I did find it at that point time in one of the things that Steve told me early on is a frame 616 hot summer day, so any reason to get into an air-conditioned vehicle on my cake. You must go. Yeah, nice pearly white dentures and again my reconstructionist, alcohol, drug rightness, he passed away 2003, but as a result he asked his questions and what's the difference for Richmond appointment and I was like money, of course, is money is absolutely not do something you want to pop me back ahead. He says the way they think.

Now the next question he asked me ultimately change my trajectory right and this is the one that came back and haunted me as I was coming back from homelessness in a suicide attempt.

Some of the things he said very simply, let me ask you this. Do you want to learn to think like me or you want to continue thinking like your father very different men. An VERY different outcomes, and so that's the thing about it is, yeah, that's a really good question.

Both of us never get faced with difficult questions and probing questions. The Scriptures do that for us, but often do we do that for ourselves.

That's exactly what happened to transform you live with why Stephen Scoggins is here today will be right back. My friend is you live is coming right here in Raleigh on October 21 (you and that this is somebody that loves the Lord that loves people works with people's been very very successful, the classic rags to riches and we throw that phrase around this.

Actually the truth gave and so just build a really by God's grace built a great business very successful and always have this desire to spend kind of a background music to your life. Ever since I've known you as a turnaround. How I can pick this back and how to help other people because you are that guy that needed help you and your talking about your friend who you host.

Once he thought he was a father figure. My dad and my dad my dad listed was in Syria and very very briefly purposeless. Both of my parents struggled very early life for variety different reasons. They both have becoming fantastic parents as well as grandparents right so there there transformation is just is as important as my transgression. The transformation of you know the people that being said I it's hard for father to father if they've never been taught the father right Steve Myrick men toward me and he did it with practical principles. He did it with regular accountability and he didn't take my I can't's or I wants or what if he didn't take any of the stuff like yellow-green and it wasn't. It was assumed he was him swallow. Yeah, it was like you can't unite your data to find you guys like you can you will and you must and will need the crazy part was, this is what I discovered. You know I think this is a poem for everybody okay. We all have a life journey. Okay, I believe that when God puts us on this planet. He puts us on here with us with a set of purposes in mind may not be want to maybe many sure.

Okay. However, the ultimate outcome of all life is totally defined by the principles that we use one of things I tell people all the time as principles govern promises you want to live a more financially stable life, great prospectus for that you want to have a fantastic relationship with your spouse with your girlfriend boyfriend dating whatever great this Christmas. For that you will become a great father, a mother whatever steward greatness principles for that. Most people get off-track simply because they can't get knocked down by life over and over again. You know you can reference a study or a similar star direct from time magazine that said 67% of the of the American population. This before code K would classify themselves as anxious, depressed, unfulfilled passion, not passionate so the opposite. Like so the reality is so much of that stuff is easily correctable. One of the things that gets us in trouble as we like to think that our complex problems are really not that complex. Actually create or created by or needed by complex solutions. Reality is is base adjusting the paper for life in the principles do that when the wind up in a specific format.

What most do, unfortunately, is they will do like I did for gosh, a decade or more, and will basically live out of out of the opposite of principle which is reaction and then they got when they do understand the principal they don't then on to the Prince was a stairstep process right course so you know to transfer you live. When I when I went to go create that I wanted to go back and look at my journey and because I realize that I have. I've been through a very difficult journey but I've also had a lot of fruit because of a lot of people believed in me and mentor me along the way and God is obsolete and their needs. As Paul yeah and I was there for me in my most broken moments nobody else. Nobody else was on the bridge with me.

Nobody else is but a litter box with me, but him right in the audios is they are all proven principles. All proven techniques are all proven strategies that we line them up to do them correctly, you are guaranteed to win life right doesn't mean you're not face adversity or doesn't mean you're not in a struggle from time to time but you're not going to loose sight of what God has made you to do simply because you don't know any better. I'm tired of watching people struggle. Day after day pushing grinding, driving, and having nothing to show for it simply because I don't know any better in a long long time ago that the greatest purpose in life you will ever have is serving the person used to be one of the greatest competence of that I've ever had to date on this play on Timothy once again yeah for sure and the grace, never had to date has been caught her looking at Steve Mark's granddaughter and pointing at me and saying he's my Steve Myrick. Sorry, I feel in my heart of hearts that she's when Jesus said come to me were weak and weary and heavy laden, and I'll give you rest. One of the things that come up. My spirit in the last week when I decided to open it up to the public because there's a there's a thousand gurus and thousand from people who are offering market like this and funnel that whatever and I'm like no leaders and leadership. I don't take away from the fact you gentlemen businesses you pick team members and stuff like that, you know, but the same time. What if what if for the first time ever, you could have a incredible. I then experience get the principles you need develop strategies you need an extra heavy accountability walk with you in the place right on top of that with all the personal injury so basically if you need help and your life is not what you wanted to be and you're tired of going after the same junk day after day after day, living life and replay my guest deal because Locke is going okay.

So I scrolled through because the ice will do. And I'm like okay the last time we did this, you know, we gave away some free entries and the other was a cost because a lot involved in the course is a cost significant content in the cost of hunting.

I fly down there and I'm like it's a dollar. This is a successful business guy to somebody that just love the Lord. Most people is a successful businessman LOL it's a dollar and that's that. So, just like I got answer that except that the parties like lawyer might Steve Myrick and you're like okay I need to help you help me save myself. I'm hoping anyone who's tired of not measuring up to their own standards whatever that standard is because all proven principles to guide your relationships guide you. It is, I'm telling you we make it so stinking over complicated and as a result we get to go through a year, another year, another year, another year, and now we to do with code hangover like this all this junk going on but one of the reasons I did this this way, this would be the only time will do it this way is because I realize very quickly.

One simple truth. The person that I used to be was broken and broke. I didn't have money. I didn't really I didn't have faith yet at the time I didn't have clarity. I didn't have direction. I didn't know the heck I was. I had no level of authenticity. I did note my significant was my significance was all of the events happening my life I was replaying those things in my head of the ledger base is not knowing any better right and the reality is, is whether someone trying to level what meaning there. The content with what they are life and they just we hit another level there are things roadblocks are blocking their there's also roadblocks are blocking you if you haven't got to the place where you understand financial measures understand relationship measures the reality is there's a there's a problem plaintiff were things I did differently from last on this event in your last time I did this event was myself and a handful of local speakers that I brought in and I taught content three days straight electric for years. It was to help us in 2017 and we try to bring back is beginning to have my yeah right, but one of things I did differently is I've been very fortunate and very blessed to be connected to somebody will most successful world-class colleagues on the planet. For example, the founders of Qwest nutrition right Tom and Lisa, Bill, you may have missed a billion-dollar exigencies K Evan Carmichael 3 million people phone when you turn on a daily basis. Anthony trucks Mel Abraham ever bothered to do so many people and they only when they are come and help you anything about it. If you cut back toward principles of any principle that the heartbeat of what does the Bible make that perfectly clear. If you have spiritual disciplines or things you need to be doing and if you wonder why am I not growing my faith because you're not. You're not following the principles that have Artie been laid out will be right back beyond what you know about the signal will show you can join us, right here in the studio. If you go to Facebook like you to live out your place so there is podcast available where you podcast that's literally whatever you get podcast that nobody really lives by life schedule anymore which is the beauty of what's going on because even though were live from 40 5 PM. You can watch it on YouTube.

You can watch a Facebook podcast. Listen whatever you want to. That's the way we live these days, but that were not really talking about the show today were talking about you and so the question is if you feel like you're going to stocking and again I preface this because something like Stephen Scoggins comes in the end, and we have these conversations and he's doing something that a lot of people look at this and go on as a self-help thing you okay hold on. I like people go that direction you thought leaders and speakers and is going to be a lot of inspiration there but I fly I keep speaking it back ago. Timothy needs a Paul if you have so many at the head of you, helping you to understand principles and then encouraging you and into your point earlier holding you accountable.

Vendors used to be stuck in the same old thing over and over again, which I think most of us that's our lives. Yeah in the Chelmsford Christian is to learn to be content. So being content is being able to say yes I can be joy filled with what I have. The question becomes, is this all God has for me and I'm not even talk about dollars and cents. I'm just talking about maximizing who God made the gifts he gives me abilities. This predisposition to being Steve Noble and how my using so this point in my life because I started to get around people that were further down the road from me, Timothy, meeting Paul's night.

Well you know what about teaching, speaking what about some goods that I have and in well one day maybe be on the radio.

What I can't do that teaching will be teaching Sunday school or something like that know I like young people.

I can't do that either yes and here I am doing it if you like.

I'm going to work. My daughter Caroline asked me this question appears ready go to work today actually cost you like, wait a minute of post fall work is a four letter word. I never really feel like working. I feel like I'm being who I was created and then the results I can leave up to God about my life today is better than it was five years ago by every measure is better than was 10 years ago, but yet I feel so fulfilled. But I'm not really my eyes and on net worth number you is just unfulfilling. Who God created me to be and then I'm actually having fun doing yet. Did you know the number one cause of stuckness for feeling stuck still and frustrated as someone is living somebody else's life. You're not actually living the life that you were created to live.

I try to live my brothers like that was my my older brother frustrating is that totally night. I try to play them in football this and we have funny stories growing up. We play football in the front yard so my brothers eight years old and for most of my life is freaking out because he is old he thinks is over.

My memories are the65 and I could hit 61, but back then he was enormous play basketball play football is on the tendency in high school and then there's me. Scrawny little me just beat the tar so my whole probably from 18 to 30. All I wanted to do is catch my brother you and gotten it didn't create me to be my brother how fulfilling was that Chase zero executive exactly is the nightmares that the reason people are not satisfied in their call it whatever level of success that they have night using that word. But call it whatever cultlike cult like it is you're either living somebody else's life, or chasing after things and also be chasing, so I'm dead serious. So one of the things that we do is we we help people awaken what Iraq is actually inside of them and we show it to them almost like with a mere like this is what's really there.

Why are you doing blank blank why you will because because your mom wanted you be a lawyer but you've been a qualified painter even painting all the time you love painting yeah wired Miller because my mom told me I would have to be you know in. We've been very cognizant in our house trying to make sure our kids are headed towards the direction of not just our passions, but things occur naturally you look back and I'm so glad you brought that up as we could. We needed as far kids as well. You're trying to help other people through transfer. Which by the way somebody does on Scott on Facebook lives like anything available for those who can't attend, we actually do have something that you can send you that we'll have a few seats left. The live portion anyway and we we intentionally survive and you hold about 450 500 people.

We intentionally held the seating reservations down to close for 200 Garner it's a goner you're right Robin, I hear Ronald I.

Yes, we did that, but we also have the ability to literally stream anywhere all over the world. All the same time so Arvin is a hybrid event you can attend virtually going to live same whelps, not exactly the same experience but you you get the same teaching the same patient. So that's awesome.

And by the way, all information is available transform

Okay, that's just the letter you can transform you.invoke just got a look at that than you can what the different options are much better start saving your money because it is a dollar so I fit your budget on that one but you mention kids and this is so important in I did. I was I grew up in the 80s.

Okay a child of the 80s of Gordon gecko with my hero and all I wanted to do is make a bunch of money so I thought about when the believer is to become a believer to later in life like you. So once we get saved available. Both my wife, but when we look at our kids and we look back to our oldest son is now in San Francisco. He's a game archives. I just talked to him earlier today but got there year ago falling in love, everything's working for him right now. It's praise God for the deep and growing faith jobs going great, but when we look back we can see things about him that we didn't create yeah God takes the cake and then you start saying he likes this. He's good at.

This is a natural inclination for this computer so what you do at both of those and then now you look at right now and he's actually living out who he was to be unfortunately we came around on this essay okay. Your goal is to make as much money as possible so you can take your mom and dad we could all know, let's figure out how God means you check this out. So I do know study. When Steve gave me a thing I when I went down the retro well okay I discovered that in 450 years, give or take. Almost 500 years, but time is all said and done that Scoggins my father see once at Scoggins. Olga had to get by that lifeline had been lived out for 450 years all the way from northern Scotland into on-site southern Scotland into Northern Ireland in the wales West United States and the only reason Scoggins actually Ridgely step foot here on the states, specifically, is because we were sent here is part of the people call me while okay and we were sharecroppers trying to work off debt for shooting a deer on the Lord's land right so the reason I say that is because I member this one instance was about 13 years old. I had really found my faith yet, but I didn't know why I was in Cross Creek mobile home park lot of road coming from 1100 did not 100 were 1220 Robert.gospel 12 of the city address US is still there. I was actually yeah did I did this 1220 Orchard family walk from the trailer down to the local park knelt down on the stars for the first time was a fall night. I don't know if it was like October November whatever and actually asked God said, Lord, please let me be the one to break the family curse.

The crazy part was I didn't even really know what I was saying. I also didn't know what I was gonna have to go through in order to to do a lot of that right. Sometimes we are called to be that that new generation of thoughts doings actions like it's up to us and if I can awaken as many possible people as possible, then I'll do what Steve Mark did for me because I talk let's see Mark all the time right. The only reason people even know his name outside the Norco on it and you know what I'm traveling to speak in autumn stuff is some because I talk to my all-time we did for me. Okay he taught me how to create a legacy that outlives me.

What did Jesus do will you and I are sitting here talking about exactly my point thousand years ago.

So this means every suffering every hurdle every guilt, every shame everything that you've ever had.

The Bible is exactly right when it tells you that every little bit of that can be used for something greater every stinking piece of text. Sacred chapter 1 talks about if you're in a really bad place that you should use the comfort that you received from God to be comforted exactly this exact same thing over and over again so you become a steward of your afflictions, your steward of your story.

So there's a constant in my life so that that's what drives Stephen by the way, and I'm sure he knows it's already here is what God did in my life. Here's what I've come from and so now your steward and that's the question is what well you so that it other people do. The gospel is a great question from Catherine Facebook like I know a 22-year-old guy that was in a horrific auto accident. A little over a year ago survived, but now has titanium rods of his back. Now is to reinvent himself as a good thing for him to attend absolute reference question literally just have some of Yeah yeah you make sure is there a make sure some of the front row, because you have to yet so got hired me anything if you can't get out of the chair still usable while he looked the brains to works. That's right.

You had one person coming one time in their mind that a down syndrome child and you know that they originally were, look at the life of him like a half-full kind of thing and I said I'm just curious, you know, just go the down syndrome child of some mysterious does Jessica hate no.

Does she get like super frustrated and angry on a consistent basis with other people notice you judge not really. She condemn, not really missed you this this she tend to show on deniable love on a consistent basis. Yeah, right. She's teaching how to love about that is an amazing and everybody to know of a family with down syndrome member sees that same thing exactly over and over and over and over again. Nothing is wasted such a great idea. It's got sent just signed up. By the way, okay. Also everybody going to transform you that info were not done. We got over segment transform you the save your money because it is a dollar to change your life back in Steve Noble to Steve Ellis show the best mom music and Christian radio searcher okay said that if I were not Today Stephen Scoggins is a good friend. He loves the Lord and he loves people and that's why am one guy did an incredible work is likely one of those rags to riches story. Usually I write those off when I hear about them because I'm so stinking cynical and a skeptic but but when you actually meet somebody it's been down that road and I don't know a lot of rags to riches people Stevens wanted if you but the fact that he loves the Lord and in Texas guiding light that opens my ears and I hit the pause button willing to listen and learn and Na+. We had a friendship first before any of this other stuff developed. So when Stephen sets up on the air. If if I thought Stephen was just here to sell tickets or stop he would be here for a whole dollar for a whole dollar change or budget. Again, that's one of the lessons transform you live October 21 23rd is a dollar and don't try to get that from the federal government that will work well for you, but to save a dollar you can get involved. But when he says these things, he means that I know it's authentic, otherwise it would be sitting here okay so just trust me, you can trust even in and lots of people say let's fastening the beast. Stephen is like people like Charlie set on Facebook lives I came like my middle brother just got a jail is trying to start over young to do that yes because it's all about principle just 515 2550 ex-con just spinning your wheels and the same thing as truth, your faith, you become ill and is a Christian that that doesn't have to be chorizo.

One of our greatest success stories actually rob local credit unions here years ago. Really yup if you go to the bottom of the landing page, you'll see a testimonial video, a young man by the name of trade is in there telling his story publicly and he's now become a fairly successful launch in order growing a business.

What was the deal before he can basically just got out of prison and you know looking for second chance in second chance in life. He came to some peer pressure at the time and did something stupid and unfortunate to pay a hefty price work for little while none to God's glory was. He was actually allowed out very quickly in comparison to what could've happened and decided you know what I'm never putting myself back in the circumstances ever again. So this is the end of this it can be hard to have the humility to admit you need clarity and direction, but once I did finally loving the life I'm living less money than in that's letting the video portion Creek quote he's in the video to watch that. That's so cool you.

So tell us what can happen so this is coming up transform you live transform you the October 21-23 it's here in Raleigh, Don Garner, which is on the south side of Raleigh that you can watch you be a part of you not to live here. Okay, you only have to live in American so it's all it's all online as well. Thing so you can access it and it is a dollar sorry to prepare yourself but tells what's can actually I saw the number one thing that people really get from Prince me, lives a playbook for life rights were neighbored to give them the actual frameworks to get started on building a playbook I Artie have other things going for your monitor come this coming a pipe on that will help them continue their education. On the second year it was your mouse be in charge and actually benefit from 13 world-class speakers lately preface this speakers will not grace my stage unless they have actually been there and done it yet.

I am not.

We don't we don't do gurus we do guides right I don't I don't care how we find on Instagram. Yeah, I actually should have eggs well they been there, done that. They've all got they've all been stories Anthony trucks. For example highly successful in a full 4.454 while American ninja warrior and then unfortunately he also went to a place where he lost it all, almost attended his own life and now is one of the high-speed are fast-growing speakers on the planet. To be honest all of them that she got you had 13 different people specializing in specific key areas. For example, I got Tracy Litt talk about here specifically Anthony trucks identity. Specifically, Mill, Abraham, affluence, meaning how to actually prepare yourself to build a financial future for yourself. That is not debt minded and always doing things right.

You take a amply Lago right grit and grace, how to take grit and apply grace all the same time and I'm going to be teaching specifically for specific key pieces of content not to help bring awareness to clear know we need to work on and give you the courage to actually do it. I will tell you I have not said this publicly on for live event attendees and work so we only have a few seats left. But there also to get the benefit on one of the nights meditate. Which one is a special price of a national recording artist is coming to perform live for them just sitting this event is not about transform you, it's on about Stephen Scoggins is not about journey principles. It's about the person who needs brakes are right and this is look this might be wrong. The only battle cry really battle call right Jesus you know I think three times my entire life I can I can member he's actually and I only opened the door once and it changed everything.

Everything, everything, so this is your knock that story of IPAA. I was drowning you didn't save me.

Yet I was inspecting to see the angel fly down from heaven is like well I did send the boat and then I sent the helicopter and then I sent to the rabbi, but you did all it takes is one time that that's I was just telling the story earlier today. It was the revival at our church was Bailey Baptist Church or North Carolina on a Saturday night that convicted me of my apathy towards my fellow man in my country. So the next morning it was just right. Do you feel like I want you to respond. You and we literally of course is a six-month program at the church we had that was in the that was in the bulletin that the little thing you ripoff and write down what your response in this letter. This is March 2004. 17 years ago and I wrote Word for Word to be more outspoken for God's truth in the public yeah and I was a house painter that's it yeah dad homeschooling kids yeah okay but that's what I wrote thrown on the altar and three weeks later I was the head of three and 50 people walking in the council chambers. I have two door yeah I have two little mandates and what the audience search them out themselves that you know search for King's right so Isaiah 61, one, and are not classifying myself as Jesus, by the way, we read that scripture. I am a servant of the most high. Isaiah 4318 through 19 is the value we provide in the one of the things that God literally put all my spirit when I decided it was a been up to the public because I was always seriously consider doing like everybody else did it because that's the way so to do a course was once I made that decision with the things I heard my heart almost immediately was transform you live is a love letter to humanity. So I don't care what you've been through. Where you been out what like what your past is I don't care about your past. I care about your possibilities and somebody ignited that in me, and I'll be doggone if I want to go another day without igniting that as many people as I possibly can because my mandate. Much like you just mentioned right and in talking to masses is to serve at scale. Please, please, please, please, if you are in a weird place in life and you don't really kind of have clarity and direction.

Please let me serve you. Please, you don't have to wake up feeling frustrated and alone.

Anxiety and grinding are not finding and you don't have to. You don't have to do that stuff you don't even if you've convinced yourself you don't you don't you are not your past. You are the essence of your possibilities just have to have's people show you how to get it out of you actually have a cheerleader very thing that was really interesting when I first started doing radio I would call Gina after the show and what you think. And that's the only person I really need to hear from you and then my dad was politically opposite of me. He died three years ago is 91. But then he he would he would reach out to me as he listened regularly and I like what you listen. One by The things I say probably reach local standpoint, but they have those two in my corner. My my wife and my dad I don't I don't know how I could've gotten here wherever here's without. That is amazing the power that there had to have a couple people that were encouraging me and cheerleader you don't know. I don't know honey, people have asked you is most of us are surrounded by people who wanted basely, like life as it is right I had. I member all back to see Mark. I had a choice.

Do I continue thinking based on how I've been brought up.

Okay borrower not repaying some of the foolish things that we did or do I listen to a multimillionaire who I've seen Leah thousand dollars under a basket of Hush Puppies and walk out the door and completely watch a a single waitress get wrecked because she can now pay her mortgage or her rent and alights.

I've seen it interested.

I've seen it right. The reality is, is life is possible it can be abundant. Even right now. I know this world seems crazy right now.

I know there's there's element suggesting like everything's look.

You can't change the world but you can change how you operate in it so great message, and learned you know release these thought leaders are to be accessible. We only have three of them. The hat that have to come in virtually just because of like Covidien the restrictions right on was also taken every single safety precaution we possibly can for those including cutting audience size and have to make sure we got the distancing all the things yeah so we we want to level people right. We we want to show them what's possible. You know, and again it doesn't matter if you're the kind of person who's Dino. I'm just a menswear complacency are this apathetic area of life and what you mentioned earlier. I'm starting over right it's freedom.

It's freedom.

Yeah, that's that that kind of stuck in my season thing and then you have to let people sit around and just" and we over spiritualize is waiting for an open door. Yeah but going God put Adam in the garden. He gave himself to do something to do and you have to you interact with God, but you have to do your part and for a lot of us.

I think we just don't know that we just run away because apathy is easy and it's amazingly used October 21 22nd 23rd is coming up, that's Thursday Friday Saturday you can come in person to transform you live. It's transform or you can do it virtually so doesn't matter where you're listening or where watching from you can be a part of it real quick. 30 seconds final limitations is very simple. You can hear the knock come July transform or you can say stuck and frustrated and alone.

You don't have to be that anymore.

Let us help you please yeah what happened to Stephen but it took another guy named Steve to get that started and wasn't me with another guy named Steve another guy. Well, Stephen might be that other guy. So take a leap of faith will cost without go to transform transform you the letter and you never know what God might do with a couple days in your life could be a whole new life for you all.

The future based on how he made you already Stephen I love you love you too buddy think I'm younger welcome, God willing, I'll talk to you guys again later. And like my dad always used to say before another program powered by the Truth Network


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