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No Rapture Before Tribulation?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 12, 2021 9:35 pm

No Rapture Before Tribulation?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 12, 2021 9:35 pm

No Rapture Before Tribulation?

Steve talks to Alan Kurschner about the Tribulation and whether or not we will be raptured before or afterwards. 


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Hello, also 8666 34 true or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble my essay. Welcome back of her doing well and so as we spun things up in the last two years right just crazy environment that were in and and and it sure seems like the end times. Clock the eschatological clock if you want to go on all theological on me or neighbor or friend end times theology and what's going on.

Things are moving. It seems like things have sped up. Have they not.

And even though I do believe the colored vaccines. The mark of the beast. It certainly appears to be a pretty good dry run so a lot of people talk about the craziness going on but but most pastors and most Christians as a matter fact in the Western civilization sit there go, but you know Jesus is coming back the tribulations, and some of us gonna lean into that because we know as we all a lot of people that are to be a whole lot of trouble during the tribulation and do you delight in that a little bit but not you, because you're out here right that's probably what your pastors taught you. That's probably what you've heard, that's probably what you hear on the radio.

Most the time that some of the most popular biblical teachers and pastors in America for a while now I've talked about but don't worry about the true relation because God's gonna come back Jesus going to rapture his church were to be here soon. I can have to deal with any that mess. But what why do you believe that by the way, is that just because your pastor said so. This starts to sound a little bit like pre-Reformation thinking the priest tells you what's in the Bible and because you can't read for yourself.

You just going to go all okay and as a matter fact for lot among Muslims around the world because they don't read Arabic. They just go with what the mom told but have you read it for yourself.

If you studied it for yourself. What if we don't get rapture out.

What if you actually the timing is a part of your life.

Your natural born life. What if you're actually a part of the tribulation.

So today really talking to Dr. Alan Kershner is a biblical scholar and he is this is gonna be great conversation and in-depth conversation, although not super in depth because we only have so much time, but if you really want to go down this road because Dr. Kirzner is the founder of eschaton's ministries, which is teaches Bible prophecy from a futurist premillennial pre-whacked wrath perspective is the author of antichrist. Before the day the Lord what every Christian needs to know about the return of Christ and the editor-in-chief of biblical prophecy magazine is also the host of the popular podcast the biblical prophecy program PhD in New Testament MA in biblical languages BA in philosophy and by the way, you can be here in Raleigh, North Carolina coming up really soon.

Saturday, October 23, darting at 9 AM for sessions ending at about 3 PM.

The basics of the pre-wrath rapture at North Raleigh Christian Academy here in North Raleigh. The Raleigh area that's on a Saturday, October 23 coming up just like a week from Saturday NRC a beautiful school. Beautiful facility, and actually I got eight tickets today.

I want to give away their only $25 per person. If you get on so you can get that by going to Allen's website which is Alan up with the links up on Facebook live today. Alan a L a N Kershner KURSCH and ER Alan and you'll see that's all put the links up so you can grab the tickets for yourself. But I'm I give away tickets today.

Super caller okay so just be ready for that when the time comes that this can be a fascinating conversation a really important topic or is it I don't know if we should be diamond on the sill but a lot of people do at Dr. Kirzner, Alan, how are you thanks for calling it for it's it's it's my pleasure, and a good shout out to our brute buddy Bruce battle who was telling me about it and introduced me to use the think of your patients. It's been a long time coming to get on the show but I'm excited to have you on here and and again thank you for your patience. So let tell tell us just a little about your faith journey. Alan and and specifically how did you get into Bible prophecy, to the point that this really becomes your calling family family and I don't believe I was a Christian, I just went through the emotion and it was my wandering years but had deep hole in my in my soul, my heart and I'm not what we might here for what the meaning of light drew me back to Scripture and out.

The Lord put the Dr. Colleen for me because I was I was confronted with the truth that will look at the empty Jesus is returning and you know the Holy Spirit used that to bring me to my knees before the Lord and that one day I will be charged and you know when Christ returns. I wanted to be my Redeemer and not my wrathful judge and so make a long story short, eschatology or in-kind studies, God, you to bring me to to his son and so you know it had started eventually started off the street, though it hasn't been an X mere academic exercise for me because I truly believe that this should be part parcel of the gospel proclamation.

It was for Paul in acts chapter 17 and after he proclaimed the second coming of Christ and repent to pay but we should be afraid plaintiff athletes off, but I know for permitting the church today.

You know late shy away from telling unbelievers to hate Jesus is coming back know you may focus on the first coming of Christ, which is great that's necessary.

Sure, obviously, but part of the document that he's coming back and coming in so we we need to constantly believe that the word of God continues to use this route to bring his people to himself and to sanctify that. That's another aspect is to sanctify those who are already believers to get ready for his return is very difficult times are coming for the Church of God so I would imagine this was because a lot of times and I and you probably heard me in the opening. I think for a lot of us Alan were talking to Dr. Alan Kershner. I think a lot of us just kinda came to the conclusion about the rapture and the tribulation and in the great tribulation because that's what we were taught in church. I think there's actually very few Christians that have actually poured a lot of time into it are our mutual friend Bruce certainly has.

But I think for a lot of us. That's just kind of the story that we've heard and that's what we've gone with what kinda brought you to the point where you're collapsing or taking a position that a lot of current evangelicals don't take how did you come to get there in an organ on practice.

We don't have all the time in the world today but for you, what was in a shocking thing where you can in one camp, like most of us, and then moved over to the other. What was that process like a little bit group in a conservative more purported littlest background and I was taught that the pretrip relational rapture. The fear of imminent return rapture Rochester before I returned I did a fresh analysis built against the brick hold that thought sure how to put on hold. Talking to Dr. Alan Kershner pretrip mid triple strip will be right back Maxine Noble as sacred cow. Perhaps that's when the tribulation, you're out here, man, don't worry about it it's not your problem.

Jesus rapture the church out here you know the Holy Spirit pull the whole thing out the sale. We go back to be with the Lord and that's the deal and an account pretty much all hell breaks loose here on earth and then ultimately there's the final judge of the judgment seat of Christ. And that's kind of a normal position for most Christians, but does the Bible actually back that up. Can you go to chapter and verse. Can you pull it all together. Old Testament new test estimate.

You can talk about Joel's before the day the Lord could talk about Jesus is all that discourse you can talk about Paul's letter to Thessalonica and's or you can talk about John's book of Revelation, all of which by the way, Dr. Alan Kershner's gonna be doing here in Raleigh on Saturday, October 23 at the North Raleigh Christian Academy which is a beautiful location on the north side of Raleigh and so that's that that date Saturday, October 23 North Carolina Bible prophecy seminar the basics of the pre-wrath rapture and that sounds good to be walking you through all that that day as we look at these various parts of Scripture. What is the Bible actually say and do and that's what we should be asking about all the subject is what is the Bible actually teach versus not just what you've been taught and what you've heard, but what is the Bible actually saying so that can be a challenge for a lot of us, and this is a touchy subject for a lot of people, but don't lose your minds. We all need to be willing to work through these things, and in a challenge by what the scriptural record actually tells us so that's what were doing today. And Alan, again, thank you so much for your time and being with us today so so grown-up kind of in a conservative evangelical environment coming to your position on which I know you're gonna make the cases fairly the biblical position but was that was that, tough journey for you because obviously cuts against the grain. At this point, no unite. So after it growing up more notes talk pretrip relational view and you know to get but don't get me wrong, I think the my view you as a conservative interpretation has wealthy you owe of this issue, but it was a few years after high school after my wondering where when I went back to Scripture and pick up fresh analysis that with you know I studied the issue new and I realized I don't something that you know that contradicts what I was taught growing up I instantly that Jesus Paul Revelation taught that the feet that the church would be here for the Antichrist persecution word study pretrip relational archaeology talk at work will be rapture before the date of the board scrapping and pre-back off of that but the way the date you the Antichrist persecution. His great relation with the day of the Lord's wrath. What what I found in the major prophetic passages was that the antichrist pretrip elation comes first persecution the church and Israel. And then you'll know the day of the hour Jesus is of AAA can be cut short with the return of Christ to rapture God's people, and then pour out his wrath. These are two very different the antichrist. The ablation in the day of the Lord's wrath. Not that it did a prophecy does not understand that distinctions are going to get a lot a lot of things wrong and what about church history because you know that we week as well. Stuck in the context of the 21st century so we don't really know any whole lot about what's happened in the previous 1900 years.

But what's church history been like as ever been a consensus on this will vote. Not all the early church father have written on the topic by I have appended my book and credit for the day of Lord in which I argue that goals early church fathers who actually wrote about the relationship between the coming of Christ and the Antichrist. Every single one actually wrote in the topic without exception they believed that the church would encounter the antichrist. I can just name a few. For him, talk about those up to your mid entry of the test will born to shepherd Justin Martyr rainier 2 trillion pilot test and then you have it.

All and I have the actual quote but I have you know the context.

You might my book showing that all instantly believed that the church would predict first encountered antichrist before Jesus returns and delivers God's people, including actually left out one of the most important one for dedicated to dedicated the very first Christian document that we have outside New Testament early Christian document and it can in chapter 16 of the dedicate and you can actually see it on the Internet as well explicitly shows that church is going to encounter the antichrist and Jackie get the author of the dedicate draws from all of the discourse about but very very consistent teaching and an excellent that's all the refuge it you know this is not something you know work were not try to find one little verse in Scripture try to filter everything through it consistent message that the last generation of the church is going to have first persecution. But Dave because short estate deal, lack with the return of Christ rapture resurrection resurrected that and then pour out his wrath that really the message of the predraft view.

So when did the current position held by mostly Baha'i knives and I would you agree that most evangelicals today are like okay we get rapture out then the tribulation comes, would they get more in America.

I mean pretrip elation more a lot of British and American phenomenon.

If it is found in other parts of the world only because exported by the ablation of missionaries in the last hundred years. So what what what what gave rise to that position being kind of the common denominator for a lot of evangelicals. I'm especially today. I think we can scrape that back John Nelson Darby teaching in the late the early 1800 and he had a particular view of the relationship between Israel and the church and he was a very sharp absolute sanction. I believe you know in the future restoration of Israel.

I believe the church and Israel are different, but he went so far as to actually argue that God doesn't work with both of them at the same time and so one of the major inferences from his directives mighty defective or errant ecology or or not, ecology, ecclesiology and hope understanding relationship between the church and Israel. One of inferences was that wasn't then I get the church have to be rapture before God. Sure Daniel's prophecy of the failure. In the future. The seventh week of Daniel. That's really what gave birth notion of a free relational rapture. The idea that we can't be on earth when Daniel's prophecy. The last part is that you just might be that fallacious and I think that's one of the things on the fleshly side of it is you were not supposed to be given a spirit of fear and we have been given one, but I think a lot of people when they study or hear about in and read about the great tribulation and all the different things and you get into the book of Revelation and you look at all the different judgments and people go, man.

I do not want to be here for that. And so the delete rapture of the church, so to speak. Prior to that happening is comforting for a lot of people joy man. I just don't want to be a part of that and so I think unfortunately, we tend to lean toward something that makes life, perhaps a little easier for us then more difficult. So were up against a break, I want to put on hold again were talking to Dr. Alan Kershner he's gonna be here in Raleigh so there's work to touch on things. So this frustrates you and you like wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, then just you can solve that just come join Dr. Kirshner on Saturday, October 23.

He'll be here in Raleigh that's gonna start at 9 AM. It's good to be over at about 3 PM or to talk about the context of that conference and will go into a lot more detail because you can't handle it all in one shell as hard as we try will be right back. Well, there you go. Little John is going around eschatology Johnny Cash style. A fascinating subject, and something that said, the book of Revelation makes it perfectly clear to me that we are encouraged to study that book. But winter to do with eschatology to build and time to talk about quoting what the rapture of the church to talk about the great terrible day of the Lord in its about the bet wrath of God being poured out. Then there's other places you go. You don't just go to the book of Revelation. So is liable other places to go to try to understand what's going on and is it profitable do you have to have it all figured out.

What if you have it wrong.

Fortunately, praise the Lord in the end we know the ultimate culmination of everything. What I'm in or out before it's in the middle earth. After those things, like for me personally, as a believer. That's where my faith kicks in and the Micah I don't understand everything, but I understand enough of my houses built on the rock of the gospel of Jesus Christ that ultimately all the dirty details in the troubling times in the tribulation and the great tribulation, and the wrath of God not let something like, well, my houses built on the rock.

Ultimately, so that gives me great comfort when it comes to discussing these things because these can be disruptive and disturbing, and flat-out scary.

But if your house is built on the rock of Jesus Christ and that should not be the case for you, but we need to study it because we were told to study and that's why were happy to have Dr. Alan Kershner here and a PhD and this is his will. Houses worries at the basics of the pre-wrath rapture will be here in Raleigh on Saturday, October 23, starting at 9 AM ending about 3 PM and a and that they are coming going down for different roads to kinda build this together because out again. Alan, thanks for your time today, but I think a lot of people just know go to one passenger of a good one passes there are the look of Daniel or the go to crack open the book of Revelation, but we really have to come to take a tour around Scripture to study this accurately is in the correct yet we should be looking for to be comparing Scripture with Scripture, what, when it occurred the meter of the celestial disturbance in the yet in Joel. Joel gives a very important piece of information begin with. He talked about the authority Joel offers to verse 30 produce portents both in the sky and on the earth was fired because of small 31. The sunlight will be turned to darkness and the moon.

The color of blood before before the day of the Lord, that great and terrible day. Very important signal because they Lord they know that was a flush of disturbances that happened during the day, Lord or for after the day of work before another work. It functions God's people, the calming deliverance and the wrath of God and Jesus in his all of this.

First, you draw from Joel two 3031 word is the place that is all of this course in the narrative, please visit after the great tribulation in Matthew 24 began verse 15 up to verse 29 talked about the great tribulation and then cite this event flush of disturbances Shekinah glory.

The assigned to the calming and then the deliverance of the lack and then the wrath of God, and interestingly all in all.

20 chapter 4 action five.

The last Joe's passage here, but we know that he cites the celestial disturbance version of it from Isaiah 13 talking about before the day of the Lord all you in his rapid passage in first stuff on chapter 4 he explained that the dead in Christ will rise first will be caught up. The Allied will be caught up with with the dead Jesus in the clouds and then forget the Lord's teaching, so any Paul was off by the way, this document personal training that event has to happen before Jesus return. He talked about the apostasy and the revelation of the man of lawlessness, that is a.k.a. the Antichrist word telling his testimony in state. They got the ring today Lord because they are cursing. Persecution is no know that they have a Lord has arrived. We know has arrived because something has to happen before the day of the Lord and that the revelation of antichrist. In other words, you will be the revelation of antichrist emerge for the date Lord occurs and then you see that celestial disturbance event in the fixed notebook Revelation 6 Bill becomes immediately after interesting that this bill talking about that more and more they have died. The testimony Jesus and among private by pretrip relational brothers and sisters on this because if they state that the stills are God's wrath and more impulses were were not appointed to the wrath of God, that you can't say that the guilt is God's wrath, because if you look at the fit known Revelation talking bold martyrs who have died in in the divine answers are given to them. Wait a little bit longer is, God drafted, it actually says in the given bold. As for the down payment of what the resurrection is coming and in the pre-wrath framework only feels and it just before the seven seals open were the scrolls open to groups of people will be delivered. This is an innumerable multitude who just came out of the great tribulation date thereon or not, are in heaven and you have 144,000 Israelites who are ill for protection wire to groups of people being delivered or healed for our protection act at moment while because Windows 7 was opened in Revelation 8 God's wrath began with the trumpet judgments. So is the trumpet in the judgment of God's wrath not feel it was her only condition that leads to God's wrath.

So draw out a timeline because I think for a lot of people they can get confused pretty easily gone. What okay what comes when and what's the order of things because a lot of people like Jesus could return at any moment in your actually turning around a culture, not an eminence person you say no, actually, a couple things have to happen before Jesus comes back so he can't return at any moment because right now we don't know who the antichrist is and we haven't gotten in the celestial disturbances so he can't come back. Is that basically the point. There right a lot of people will write Matthew 20 portrait for Emmett but as for that day and hour no one knows, not even in heaven except the father alone coming after the great tribulation because immediately before it can know this is one of the season of his return, but you not know the exact year. Our ad comes after the hills of the great tribulation. Verse 29 immediately after the great relation of those days the sun will be dark in the moon, and so forth. And yet the coming of the Lord, you have met 24 very clear-cut, great relation happened days will be cut short yet blessed disturbances and calming the glorious coming of Christ on the cloud and think that Jesus does the season, but you're not know the exact hour that it occurs yeah I think that's something that we have to wrestle with him again. I think largely here were talking to Dr. Alan Kershner North going to Bible prophecy seminar. So if you like all women away when I got your hands up in your like yelling at the TV.

Are you yelling at your computer you yelling at the radio. That's where you need to either come and spend the day with Alan which is happening here in Raleigh North Carolina on Saturday, October 23. That's 9 AM to about 3 PM. By the way I want to give away eight tickets, some to give away four pairs of tickets okay so don't call and say all think six Emily going to be to, but if you call and were to give away eight tickets okay so that's four sets of two or you can come by yourself.

If you only need one that just didn't just mention that. So calling because I want to give those away before we run out of time on the show today 866-34-TRUTH 87884's the number is always 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH first first callers to claim those eight tickets and two per person. Okay, so again just call and all we need is your name, your phone number your email address and will take care of that for you, but that's coming up on Saturday, October 23 from 9 AM to about 3 PM, 866348784 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 given away a ticket so four sets of two or just a single. Just make sure you tell Grayson that when you call and the winds are alighting up so that be patient and will get those are given out and that's coming up on Saturday, October 23 so I think a lot of people Alan what's what's been your experience because I know you do these Bible prophecies, seminars, and when people come out of these become an outgoing okay I'm in the comfort of this guy wrong or you yeah I'm willing to go down this road what's generally the reception will become back in the last segment. On the other side of the break will talk about what can happen that table what's in the general reception of this is you've unpacked this for people like very positive that you have a bead on the long arguably the pre-wrath you fast growing fuel on this topic today started in recently put out a book on revised or famous previews book. It was tradition.

Pretrip metric than poster a bit.

Now they've jettisoned them interview the crew after that is not metric but it included the pre-wrath you now in their most recent addition I get.

I think people are realizing pleading with the audit your difficult time calming and reevaluating what Scripture actually teaches and realizing still very difficult time becoming hurt or worse different.graph.what we are concerned as a whole.

General talk to Dr. Alan Kershner about Bible prophecy will be right back was still talking to Dr. Alan Mr. Estes submitted it's ALA in Kershner is KU RS CH NER Alan I got those links up the damn Facebook likes. If you like I can write that down never can remember that just go to the Steve Noble Sean Payton page on Facebook and you can grab all the stuff okay so I got all the links there which takes you to Allen's website as well as where you get the tickets.

Tickets are just $25 it's coming up on Saturday, October 23 here in Raleigh North Raleigh Christian Academy which is a beautiful facility is gonna be there in their fine arts Center, 9 AM to about 3 PM for sessions. Joel's before the day of the Lord which Alan was touching on earlier Jesus's Olivet discourse, a session to then lunch session 3 Paul's Thessalonians letters as bike lessons at this point. Okay were to go.

You'll go to that and then finally the last session at 2 PM. John's book of Revelation and so there's a lot there and people can come check it out and now it's great to have Al and I appreciate you being on the show today in your time. Can people ask questions. Is there much time for interaction that at the Bible prophecy conference like this, so I have a separate Q&A.

What I do to really focus on question I leave about 10 minute for each session where people can ask questions about what I just talked about that dollars will be horrible Q&A session at the end of each session and of course they can come up to me afterward in between sessions as well and asked me Q&A that's excellent.

And so when people talk about and I just want to touch one more time on pretrip rapture. So this is where most of us are most people in the church today are like okay there's this terrible time of tribulation, and that split in half and three and half years and you get to the great tribulation, but never fear, don't worry about it because were all going to be a rapture out here in the twinkling of an eye, and then your raptures are gone.

So you miss it all. But when when people take that position that the Bible's teaching that how much actual Scripture do they have to stand like what's their case.

Alan thought your family to fundamental argument.

One is that what you know is Gerard prophecy was made to make it intro and therefore the church is on earth during that time in a bad argument because he may not know talk about Jeremiah's new covenant when I was made to Israel, but it was also no apply to the church. It was detergent here on earth in a number of other prophecy Joel's prophecy. We know from Peter made it very clear that Joel's prophecy began, fulfilled in acts chapter 2, and in so that prophecy while Israel is the thing the church can be on earth at this time so when when Dan was probably was made for nine for Israel that doesn't exclude that the church can't exist at that time took more of an inferential argument is not really an argument for pre-tribulation is a wonder main argument I think for you course in the New Testament.

When we get to the point like okay the church can be out here were caught up in the air we translate that and say that's the rapture did you find that a lot of people and even pastors and really entire nations as well. Alan just kinda put they can arrest their entire case on that particular passage of Scripture for you. Yeah I mean that the Greek term unit at pastor talked those who are alive at that time or live up to that time that the Greek term 22 times the entire New Testament. It means a severe persecution or another means of survival from where other people have died and we know that Paul is drawing from Jesus is all just court. So in chapter 4 because people at the well, you know, Paul pulled up chocolate relation before the rapture actually when he uses that term is that those who supervised were alive and through five up to the Parthia that is the second coming, the they will be caught up to be with the Lord so caught up to be with the Lord. Question is no. When does that happen in Paul, Jesus, the book of Galatians to consistently teach that to happen. After a period of severe persecution for the church and so what ultimately talking to Dr. Alan Kershner from eschaton's ministries will be here in Raleigh on Saturday, October 23, we easily gave away all the tickets so but you there's still plenty of tickets left so if you want to go just $25 for the day for four sessions. But why should we consider this. Why should we spend time on this like ultimately for 21st century Christian why does it matter why should we consider these things and try to get it right because were opening her Lord Matt 2425 number I told you ahead of time and should simply say I but he actually goes.

I remember I told you I had of time because none were Jesus's teaching and you can see through his parables that look if you if you think that my light board commented far off while you can be caught off guard because you think it might hold. He was calling from his upper Michigan somewhere. I think subs try to make sure suit make sure we got a lot just check and hold me jump back hey Alan, are you still there. I think we lost them for second either Alan okay there to try him. Hold on sorry everybody so it might have a shaky line there and so the check in on that okay to make sure he still good and that we can get back on their talk right now. Make sure everything's fine, and the connection. But again, a lot of this is in again with the book of Revelation were commanded and told that hey if you study this is really a blessing here you study this so that we can look for but we look forward accurately and because we need to be prepared because think about this is this going to change for you if you think about your life as a Christian is going to change for you if you like you actually maybe this isn't maybe I'm not can escape this and if I'm not cannot escape, but then how do I respond what I do. What were going to try to get reconnect without we lost its connection for minute, but this is obviously somebody and I appreciate Alan and again cards on the table.

This is never been something that I've spent a ton of time on myself that that's going to wear for me the gift of faith comes in an unlikely side. It's interesting to study these things and but I'm not afraid of going to the tribulation.

I'm sure once it gets here that happens in our lifetime that ultimately got a trust the Lord raising is it okay I want to serve in whatever capacity that is in looking for an easy way out, which I'm not saying that's what all the stupid similar certainly do is not part of the Christian life you were guaranteed trouble to be a part of what God is doing on the earth is an important thing is jump back in her hold.

Alan, are you there laughing report on how we get connected on 55 years old. You think I'm gonna remember what I was saying to have minutes ago. Not far behind. LB yes so you probably struggle with some of those things to I'm really I was just looking for an encouragement to people because we honestly want to come out on Saturday, October 23 to go through these four sessions with you, but I think the question is will housing affect my life if I have also in the Bible is up for me.

I come to the realization that I very well if I'm still alive could be a part of the tribulation what's going on. How should this affect us. How should this change our daily walk with the Lord like here now. Well I think that is purpose for our two papers so important that we live in light of Jesus is coming because we don't know.

I believe that I believe that he can return at any moment. But I do believe that he can return it in any generation and in Matthew 24 think the main point is don't think I can come at any generation of the church can experience these events and those were saying well might my Masters along the way back, the longtime Miller right the five foolish virgins in certain and the master pair purple as well. But Jesus is faint. If you have that attitude that when he comes he can accomplish. Suddenly you can be unprepared, so we need to be beat. We need to be spiritually prepared and we need important. Understanding what Jesus taught that when these events happen were not writing fretting about.

Yet he had to be at peace during the great tribulation because you know we need to edify God's people around and if we been told that will be rapid out of here before the Antichrist emerges and then when we actually witnessed the end of Christ emerge. While many of them to be caught off guard and they made there can be very vulnerable for the discussion happening during that time. Yet, which is very sobering thought so again. Just one last time. Alan just invite people out. Encourage them to come be a part of it. It's Saturday, October 23 here in Raleigh at North Raleigh Christian Academy which is a beautiful facility. Tickets just $25 for registration.


I've got the website links up on Facebook live today and I'll just post them throughout the next 10 days, which is one final invitation everybody listening Alan to come out and join you that day yet. Thank you yet come out" for four hours for the resources though there for spell book so you can do some further study on this very important topic and again this is not not a yellow what I call a spectator. You know the participant conference in distance that you could very well during events that were talking about where it talks about how many dance on the head of a needle. Yeah, what a great point Alan, thank you so much for calling and I look forward to meeting you when you're here in town. Thank you for all the time and the work that you put into this and thanks to Sharon and helping us to understand it today.

It's really been great having you on very much okay will see you soon. That was Dr. Alan Kershner who's got quite the resume. Okay this is some guy going to church that just decided to start studying us pathology one day PhD in New Testament MA in biblical language BA in philosophy and is obviously got a passion for this and handles the word of God quite well. Maybe you disagree well thought out and join in that day and come be challenged and learning. Consider what the word has to say for all of us as followers of Jesus Christ. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I'll talk again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network


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