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Covid vs. Your Rights

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 5, 2021 7:10 pm

Covid vs. Your Rights

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 5, 2021 7:10 pm

Covid vs. Your Rights

Steve brings Steve Deace, Dave Kubal, and Rich Cummins on the show today. They talk about Covid and your rights. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay were quickly so make sure you listen quickly to God talk about our good friends based on the blaze is what that's for the first two segments that were to talk to Dave Ball as president of intercessors for America.

He wrote an article in the stream just the other day.

Vaccine mandates target Americans of faith and a cypress take a stand and we got another guess in the four segment but to open up with Steve, a couple things here that.have you noticed that the coded numbers in terms of cases and death are actually worse now than they were a year ago.

So what about that and then have you heard the following the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision that from the Nuremberg code that was a result of the atrocities that took place during World War II. How do we handle medical ethics as a world community fought the foot bouncing and booster covert vaccine mandates violate the Nuremberg code and therefore should be opposed and resisted by any peaceful means necessary follow-up to the bestseller, the pouching bargain by reference. The day Steve how are you talking. Thank you so you want to start first want to talk about the strange numbers in the hearing on the side of the vaccine and the numbers right now around a good chunk of the world are actually worse than they were a year ago you want to start with the pouching booster.

I doubt that. Okay, let's talk about the numbers right-click because I think that's beautiful nicely. The pouching booster, but obviously even talk about this lately. You had some pretty strong language with some of your post lately on Facebook and twitter about the book the awaits of some of these things that you been analyzing and sharing, and in that is the fact that I don't think were talking about much. Of course the powers that be don't want to talk about it. Here we are on this side of the vaccines. We think things should be getting better yet, it doesn't appear that that's the case.

So what in the world is going on quantifying that we are higher all cause mortality and higher mortality in August 2021 and we did in August 2020 and we were still two months away from any authorized FDA treatment in August 2020.

Knowing been vaccinated in August 2020 Lane when you have mutations and variants within you know within the realm of natural selection. They are diminishing from pandemic to pandemic and so the numbers the don't verify any of the things that I just that. Which means something has gone horribly wrong, and people that make these decisions if they're making them for reasons other than this allowed me to acquire an ungodly amount of unprecedented worldly power, they should be going back and figuring out what has gone horribly wrong. There was a study that came out over the weekend from the European Journal of genealogy peer-reviewed by key researchers. One of them from Harvard study about 70 countries around the world. About 2000 County in the US and they could find no correlation whatsoever between vaccination rates for case rate anywhere in the world exactly when I found the last time I looked at the data as well. We could fix almost 6 billion of these nano nanoparticles of these messenger NRA back to people already here and there is no symmetrical data and all it is all very random.

You can't tell really anything at all. There is no such thing as from start to break down of back on back at the political talking point. In fact, in the state of Massachusetts. They just announced in the last month of September, 49% of their death. People fully back so none of this makes any sense. And that's the problem that makes any sense. And I don't know why we have such a bad connection. Right now Steve, I don't know will will check it The brakes makes any sense.

We been getting yelled at and schooled and talk down to for 18 months now about following the science following the science would involve this type of analytical approach and just looking at the numbers and does the promises made equal. The results driven and then given to us and obviously not done so for me immediately. And now there's another story I just read earlier today looking at some of the things that were going on in China on them getting PCR test, like, six, seven, eight months before everything kinda hit the public fan. To me it all goes back to this whole notion of gain of researcher gain of function research and at this stuff is man-made and toiled with, which I believe it is, then that's going up to a certain extent, predict the unpredictability of what's going on here, but it's the same will probably that's the first year and half now you don't know who to trust. You don't know where to get good information, but the numbers themselves actually don't. Why do they know I mortality you can finagle any other number 81, but ultimately you know very well. Per person, or there is right, that's a pretty cut and dry and the mortality numbers are going in the wrong direction here.

Steve and keep in mind your over 80% of seniors in America are fully back 75% of adults in America at least one dose of vaccine you over 8 billion people on earth and almost 6 billion got at least one dose of vaccine doesn't make any sense. These numbers are all going in the wrong direction. There's a couple of potential explanations for this. But they're all things no one wants to consider because the only science the powers that be have been doing here since mid March 2020 brother is political science to be on okay. That's the only science yeah exactly right speakerphone right now.

Steve oh no, I'm just on my cell phone going back. Okay, let's do that you do that, right-click that be good so you guys just grace and just do that he's going to call back or you can call him back sleeping get better connection and that's what I've been saying for a couple months now going to follow the science actually know you need to follow the political science because the science is pointing at least a bunch of yellow flags and again before you start going he Steve you here you go. Typical anti-Baxter stuff.

I'm not. I've never been an anti-Baxter. I'm not currently in anti-Baxter. I am a pro science pro analytics Pro facts Pro measurable's person, which is what Steve Davis is so the question becomes, when the numbers don't match the narrative. What do you believe do you believe the political science narrative are to believe the numbers.

The numbers of wave and yellow flags all the pool all over the place and if not yellow, then definitely read want to talk to Steve about that is what convinced me what what's his analysis of what could be causing this. It could be much more nefarious little drop on Steve's book and nefarious plot which is to be a movie and arousing to talk about the Nuremberg current code will be right back will show talking to Steve days from the play Steve every day Monday through Friday from 12 PM Eastern time on right after going back and just one of the few sources out there that I trust because he is doing a great job of gathering information, data, fax, you know numbers, science not tainted by political science which seems to be the name of the game.

At least when you're talking about the federal government and found she and other state governments and local governments and not just our government. Governments around the world. So it's a big mystery as to what the world's going on here. Steve you kind of alluded to this up for hit the break and thanks for get back on the phone and sounds like things are better already. But it would appear that there there might be some nefarious activity behind all that stuff. So what you make of it because you been I really appreciate your tone on these post lately. Steve and and trying to warn people, make sure you got your vitamin D and get the proper amount of vitamin C guns gotta take some defensive measures here, zinc, vitamin C, things like that. Take care of yourself but yet there's this looming darkness that we don't quite understand what the world's going on.

Better you write your I have a technical term for people I don't know, back knowledge, either to find the back for perfect back.

Claimant terms that me and everyone of the body in your body. The contagion in years that there may in fact that the second thing that happened in the rare but had occurred before and I think that it may be happening now that it was called leaking back and this is what happens in this case is when the body vaccine produced in your body the contagion they don't pack it, they find it and wanted the people who are vaccinated, even if they don't get bigger and carry higher viral load in the unvaccinated and there was a study at the University of Wisconsin about two weeks ago looking at who the largest counties in that state and when they found the date when they did PCR test.

People at work all breakthrough inspection meeting because the positive. Despite vaccination they were actually carrying higher viral load in the unvaccinated were caring when they were PCR test that that is evidence of what is called body enhancement when a leaky vaccine and creating the strain that are worth/supply went back. I don't know that weren't there yet but I believe that they have a leaky back pain.

That's why they're already doing booster headquarter for years worth of boosters already.

Israel is now declared. If you cannot receive 1/3 shot, you're not considered backdated and cannot attend indoor event.

You need to know if you get vaccinated and you still may think that given your risk profile, but you need to know they think I'm to do this one time to get my job off of me and that's when people are going to J&J today.

JJ asked for authorization for a booster shot. This will not be a one time thing, once you submit this regimen you are going to be getting these injections over and over again until they come up with a real immunization. I think that's something people don't think about anymore. When they hear the word vaccine. The bank think it's like the innovations we got when we were kids go to school and nowadays, just about anything that they call the day mitigate the therapeutically injected you. They call it acting all the flu vaccine not actually unite you against the flu. This is what's going on with these COBIT therapeutics as well. But the problem is they have completely collapsed from an efficacy standpoint against transmission and now they're clasping from the standpoint against. Inspection.

That's why I combined administration overruling a 16 bit to vote by the FDA to start doing booster no. And at this rate I think will have to do them again. By the time we get either right around the end or before we get to the end of the seasonal weight happening in the north look look at the early indicators of what were saying in the north seasonality North just began this week and already Vermont the most backdated state of the union is an all-time high for cases Maryland is the third most backdated state in the country there at an all-time high for ICU than hospitalization. I think these things are happening in the north before seasonality only even arrived. Those are not good indicators and that that's why I'm concerned, yes, completely valid and so let's jump over the bouncing booster which is all about the vaccine mandates referencing the Nuremberg code because you in this by saying resisted by any peaceful means necessary because of the bizarre results of what's happening right now. I think calling these clinical vaccines conduct of experimental is pretty much the right way of looking at it and that there experimental then we have to consider the Nuremberg code. So why did you write this and help us understand this real quick.

We just have a few minutes left. Number one prepping issue again. People individual freedom and livelihoods right now and and if these things do not work transmission meeting getting backdated does not necessarily mean that's going to stop you from transmitting the virus to somebody else if that is the case, there is no medical or ethical justification for even having contemplating this on any level whatsoever. And the reason they're mandating that this twofold. The same people. These people love to create a two-tiered society where there is great ethnicity, sexuality, gender, etc. if their playful market playbook number one number two even more carnal level they're trying to cover their tracks with their own policy failures of the last year and 1/2, and the only way they can do that is to create a scapegoat group and ask what they're trying to do rather than admit their own vaccine product is diminishing in efficacy and proving to be a leaky vaccine in real time.

Either way, human beings do not deserve to be the test subject in either of the pseudoscientific Igor Foley political experiment, especially with the technology that it never been successfully brought to market before and has never really even been seriously invested in until 2008.

This is this is just beyond incomprehensible and heinous. But there is something that's why the one when as soon as the FDA's to give its first official approval. Everybody goes all the Nuremberg code is out the door now because I was no longer officially in experimental vaccine cortical experiment clinical vaccines. But what the way is your explaining this now which is it still experimental, and in this experiment is not going well so the Nuremberg code still holds. But that doesn't appear to matter to anybody of of important in terms of the federal government, local government, or even a lot of people in the science of medical community that are actually a lot of people to find the medical community to probably make a lot of visions right now that political the political side by the medical community is and what it have to happen here is working to have to get comfortable being uncomfortable and challenging. This and practicing that act of civil disobedience and defiance. Anything short of this, and they will successfully create a medical apartheid. Yeah, I think anybody that thinks that's an extreme statement is not being honest with themselves or the information that's exactly what's going on.

How can people get the pouching boosters. In addition to the pouching bargain. The bestseller that came out earlier this year either. Both available right now at Amazon is the only place to get out. But digital download.

THERE is a couple bucks to cover our costs by making like nobody office if we just want to get the people I saw God bless you brother thank you for your work will have you back as soon as possible.

I really appreciate just enough will see by how Steve Jason the blaze and if that made you upset and nervous. Good because I believe you should think this is Steve Noble will be right back to go back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble so always appreciate her good friend Steve days from the blaze being on.

He's just pouring through information he's got that copies got researchers so he's loaded for bear and he's all any deeply concerned about his fellow man is deeply concerned about you and me is deeply concerned for the health of people that hate him in totally buy into whatever the narrative the government is presenting or voucher or whatever is literally quite deeply concerned for people because a lot of the stuff is a making sense and that we have more COBIT that's now in August 2020, 21 that we did in 2021 overall desk, came down actually little bit in the US but but COBIT just went up significantly. Year-over-year and you get this information around the world that's deeply troubling. And what if it is a leaky virus. Now people getting vaccinated are actually worse carriers in the unvaccinated what happened the loving your neighbor that this is some spiritually dark times going on here, friends, and you got misinformation, disinformation got power got bounty on a gold Lord Acton on that one. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

One of the things that are challenging to so many people now in the workplace. Thank you, Pres. Biden is the vaccine mandates and for a lot of us vaccine mandates are targeting Americans of faith. That's the title from this article. Vaccine mandates target Americans of faith and it's time for us to take a stand. Amen said that this is a major problem, not just because the vaccine but because of religious liberty religious freedom guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. If you have ever heard of that document. Dave Cabral is the president of intercessors for America wrote an excellent article.

I just put the link up The and I just put the link up on Facebook like the day thanks you so much for writing the article. Thanks for: and how are you great things for you today great to be with you. You're very welcome and thanks for your time and in and I know this is not a subject that you're dealing with regularly in your years is the president for intercessors America.

But what, lead you to write this article, Davidson excellent article and it brings up some very troubling points.

Well yeah I mean with your religious freedom slipping away so we as Christians need to be sober and Colossians 2 I think it's first aid comes to my mind, see to it that you're not led captive by empty philosophy and what we see today is so much of the body of Christ. So much of ruling America being led astray into captivity.

When they really don't need to. When it comes to the vaccine. I think it's really important to remember that there's reasons to Paul's on this this vaccine in this vaccine mandate because first of all, there are so many hundreds of thousand 700,000 known side effects of that have affected people in tens of thousands of person. This governmental mandate has been forced upon the American population for a virus that you have a 99.9% chance of surviving store, allowing the government to put this mandate on such a small fraction. Obviously, every, every death, and in every critical COBIT cases is definitely something to to be concerned about. But we've gotta consider our religious freedoms in the state. Yes, we've got the vaccine mandate comes out of his presidency doing in and around using OSHA to go after companies with 100+ employees and so they're going to do that up to 14,000 for an incursion if you don't. If you have somebody that's not getting tested every week or didn't get the vaccine, but then you mention this in the article. Vaccine mandates target American Americans of faith in the stream and I put the link up everybody on Facebook life Pres. Biden Surgeon General Dr. Vivica Murthy made clear his mistrust of religious exemptions for the vaccine. Any person who says their faith prevents them from taking the vaccine in good conscience must be monitored.

So we see that so now all of a sudden it's up to the federal government to decide whether I haven't deeply yet that whole notion of the hate listen to is my deeply held religious belief.

It's not up this it's not up for discussion. It's my point of the First Amendment. So this is a shocking development to me.

It absolutely is network monitoring and so so concerning you know for all people.

Faith we need to be concerned about this vaccine mandate for a couple different reasons. Number one of the testing of all of the vaccines involved involve fetus of the cell tissue and that's concerning. The map presents a moral dilemma for many of the house and the other reason I think it's the biggest reason and that is where is this going government forced mandate for a medical procedure again for a virus that you have a 99.9% chance to survive from what's next you know in in China they have government mandated abortions is that where were headed.

So I'm sounding the alarm is strong as possible but that is beyond our concern about a vaccine right now. What I'm concerned about are the religious freedoms in the future, and now we have a government official saying that work as believers who have a religious exemption in our minds working to be monitored and I tell you what these governmental officials will not have a biblical mindset monitor whether or not were going to adhere to this several examples in here in Arkansas hospital chain is forcing any employee claiming a religious exemption to prove it. United Airlines announced any employee claiming religious exemption to the Cove in 19 vaccines will be placed on unpaid leave, and I've read other stories. Recently Dave that that does some employees of any claim a religious exemption have to go get that signed off on by a priest or pastor or rabbi that was never the point of the First Amendment.

It gives us absolute access to our religious convictions or if you're a nonbeliever or another religion that's fine. You have access to that we can't force anybody nor do we want to but now we just got a complete ignore just ignoring me with glee, ignoring our freedoms in the U.S. Constitution and so obviously this is I think all of us should agree that it's time to stand up was that look like a week of we have to do this. Well let me just add a little color to what you just said to more than one way they could make this religious exemption movable cross my daughter college student neatly coded vaccine because she got natural immunity, so she's fine.

She signed the religious exemption, but she is required to have passed every single week and so because of the business of collagen and work and stuff. She missed one of her weekly tests. A couple weeks ago so they find a college student, a poor college student. They find your $100 for missing this test seems more ways than one. To make it miserable on all of us and I think I may receive days from the blaze that he was on just before you, and that's exactly what's going on you start talking Marxism and some people get triggered. We talk about the things that you and I are talking about right now.

Dave and some people guy you guys are this conspiracy theory. It's crazy but this is actually happening and I think a lot of Christians just don't really understand that they can look at Romans 13 ago while you have to submit to the governing authorities. That is not a blanket statement that is not a blanket statement because God's law is always going to be higher than the nation's auto care what nation were talking about, but I don't know that a lot of Christians have the backbone for this. Unfortunately, well I can tell you from my point of view.

There are hundreds of thousands and millions who do they are arising I just spoke at a conference this weekend and I had a number of people, I'm so sick and tired of creating my freedom for safety anymore. I am not going to give into the government whose shutting down my religious freedoms under stand up and do what I'm going to do and I tell you what.

If you're listening to this broadcast you needed and in gotta stir in your heart to do that. You have got to get involved. If you go to our website ready and act, pray and act you can learn how you can pray about these issues. You can learn about how you can act in these days and let your legislators your lawmakers know that you're not stand up for this. Yeah, that's a great exhortation I say that because often times Dave and I go yeah I gotta pray about that. We leave our most potent weapon in the bag, but I have a friend that works of Greg Laurie at the harvest Crusade is like a prayer is that the only thing we should do but we should do nothing without it, and oftentimes I think we run into a battle like this thinking purely carnal when our strongest weapons are spiritual so that's a great excitation share that with us again and and just help us and to put a link up to that website, pray and act but just give us some pointers here on how we should be leaning into this as intercessors well again. I just want to encourage everybody.

What I have seen in America over the last two or three years is simply amazing. I've been the president of intercessors for America for 12 years. What I've seen in the last three or four years is on president. I mean, we've been doubling the ministry almost every year for a couple of years now. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people being involved and I just got encourage. If you're listening to our voices today and occurs because of God is used during a passion to pray in his people. He's not done with this nation yeah such a great point when you have a burden in your thinking and your burden equates to the heart of Scripture then just assumed God's knocking on that door and saying okay you need to hit your knees, you need to be lifting this up and we need to be leaning heavily into this are what our main weapons.

Here are not political are not carnal or spiritual.

Yes, we need to praying deeply and taking action. But that's that that's why this is in the right order, pray and act USA and I just put the link up for that Dave and thank you so much for speaking out on this. Thank you so much for writing. We pray that you will continue to do that. Thanks for the challenge for us to hit our knees, not just of the voting booth or Facebook at such an important point pleasure to be with. Thank you brother. We appreciate you. God bless you think so much that was Dave Cabral he's with a president of the intercessors for America, pray and act is the website it just put up.

I just put the link up on Facebook life.

Pray and act There's some great there's a urgent prayer needs talking up vaccine mandates Afghanistan. It's a great resource will be back just a minute with Rich Cummins noble to see Bill is going to be with you is a day for an ongoing conversation. Steve Jason talking about what's going on with COBIT in vaccine mandates and all that stuff and there's so much negative there so many things that are just gonna strip you and are discouraging about coming up on October 13 in person in Louisville Kentucky but also live online next level which the global gathering, 20, 21 from lead like Jesus and so we wanted that to learn about that today is to is a way to kinda look at what are some things we continue to better ourselves in the midst of a world that's getting darker and further away from the Lord, where I get to talk to Rich Cummings would lead like Jesus so we can understand what's going on but I'm in a way because were just waiting to hear from enemies got the phone number isn't called and yet so we have this issue. The other day diddly never that to see if I have an email here welcome to live radio.

By the way currently crazy stuff just happens like this every once and so will see him trying to find if I can find this hold on. I hate it when the stuff happens, I want to tell you about American look too much for him to tell you about to hear it happen with Garrett Merrick Garland today.

The letter from the Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland to. Here's how you do a Google search right Merrick Garland to FBI teachers threats. So this is a letter that he sent out today to the FBI and this is a real shocker. Okay Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland okayed the number one a cop in America law enforcement guy in America besides the president okay besides the president so this just came out early this morning, Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland on Monday ordered the FBI to work with local leaders nationwide to help address what he called a disturbing spike and harassment. Listen harassment and intimidation and threats of violence against educators and school board members over highly politicized issues such as mass mandates and interpretations of critical race theory yet, you heard me right. This is the letter from Merrick Garland the Atty. Gen. to the FBI am looking at it okay he just this just got sent out in recent months, there's been a disturbing spike in harassment and intimidation and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers and staff to participate in the vital work of running our nation's public schools while spirited debate about policy matters is protected under our Constitution will really that protection does not extend the threats of violence or efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views. Stop right there please sir define for me, intimidation define intimidation define harassment when the school board member feeling intimidated, show me, show me how we defined how we quantify that or harassment. So like when some people that allegedly worked on Kristin Cinemas Senate campaign busted into her classroom and Arizona State University other day and then followed her to the bathroom she went in the bathroom in the stall there filming the whole thing and continue to talk to her about immigration issues and a follower out and then somebody else did the same thing to her on the plane is that harassment and intimidation write to me I'm like you. You're in your private school campus. Yada yada yada. But in this case he's talking about parents that are ticked off, going to school board meetings threats against public servants are not only illegal. They run counter to our nation's core values define a threat for me please sir the things I'm hearing most of these videos are not threats are ticked off parents that are concerned about what happened to the kids because the mass mandates and are concerned about critical race theory what's teaching their children black-white otherwise, those who dedicate their time and energy to ensuring that our children receive a proper education in a safe environment deserve to be able to do the work without fear for their safety.

The department takes these incidents that seriously units committed to using its authority and resources to discourage these threats identify them when they occur and prosecute them when appropriate. In the coming days, the department will announce a series of measures designed to address the rise in criminal conduct directed toward school personnel he's talking about what's happening in school board meetings okay. That's what he's talking about. This is the Atty. Gen. of the United States, the number two law enforcement person in America behind the president who in this case doesn't really count. Sending this directive to the FBI, who we all know we all trust the FBI implicitly these days, don't we. I think that most people in the FBI are good people but the people call the shots are not it's totally politicized. Like everything else.

Coordination of partnership with local law enforcement is critical to implementing these measures for the benefit of our nation's nearly 14,000 public school district wisely. FBI get involved wisely.

Atty. Gen. get involved. There's actual issues at one of the 14,000 public school districts in America. Why doesn't local law enforcement one of a deal because this is about intimidation friends once again. I think right now we have a federal government that's descending into Tierney.

Part of that they're doing on purpose.

Part of it. They're just puppets. The ponds of Steve that would be Satan to the Sam and Merrick Garland rights. I am directing the Federal Bureau of investigation work with each United States attorney to convene meetings of federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial leaders in each federal judicial district within 30 days of the issuance of this memorandum. These meetings will facilitate the discussion of strategies for addressing threats against school administrators, board members, teachers and staff will open dedicated lines of communication for threat reporting assessment and response stop there open lot dedicated lines of communication for threat reporting assessment and response threat reporting. We are turning into the narco state. Narco narcs are doing. Let's just keep count on each other, and nation. A tattletale that well thrown a little human depravity loose in nature while open dedicated lines of communication for threat reporting assessment and response department steadfast in its commitment to protect all people United States from violence, threats of violence and other forms of intimidation and harassment. This is like reading the Planned Parenthood website. When you have questions about abortion. The they of this. What part of the Planned Parenthood website is beautiful, dutifully written, you could just hear hazy lots of people get abortions and you know that there's lots of reasons out there for getting abortions and don't worry, you're not alone. Actually, 35, 40% of other women can have abortions. It does mean you're bad person. There's lots of people that have abortions that already have children and their images hear the hiss of the snake right in here to do the same thing you know they're not mentioning here you does not mention here at all is what's happening to our kids, nor are the rights of their parents. That's not part of it. You know what matters here.

The swamp the government.

That's what matters is what we think at the Atty. Gen.'s office to tell you to think of the FBI and in league with admin, school administrators, board members, teachers and staff, parents, you're the problem students will decide what's in their best interest. That's why you have school districts that actually actively work against parents whose kids are struggling with gender. The parents involved.

You might you might pull up some of those wacky parents that think gender is set at birth know that there are harmful to their kids, not us. That's just demonic self-righteousness, I Steve used a little over the top. I'm not over the top. This is critical thinking walking to the game.

This is critical thinking and when you have the Atty. Gen. of the United States, sending a letter like this to be FBI with so many open terms, harassment and intimidation, threats of violence. Okay, we need to do what that you go to a school board meeting and you physically attack somebody or you threaten them legitimate threaten them yet. That's a problem we need to deal with that person.

Local law enforcement, not the Atty. Gen., not the FBI what's next concerned parents of America are the new domestic terrorists.

That's where this goes. I thought Steve Davis was talking about setting up a two-tiered society. A caste system and now you're one of those parents. It's ticked off about CRT or facemask man your potential problem here to this country.

Your potential problem to the vital works that were doing to run our nation's public schools. That's not the federal government's job.

By the way, really. The federal government gets involved. They can implement their federal policies on the local levels because they hold the purse strings title IX money and school systems half-bath federal money, just like most states have to have federal money or they go belly up. Well guess what you want the federal money you're going to have to jump through a few hoops so we can say and it's supposed to be that school systems are supposed to be run locally, but the federal government holds the power the purse and so this whole thing is just continuing to collapse and I don't say that lightly or loosely. I just think the writings on the wall and then you add to that are loose fiscal policy, it's insanity, and it sat to know what to quit barking. We have about a minute and 30 seconds left in the show and I'm in a pretty right to destroy me wherever you're at father guy we just come before you broken and humble Lord, we do not see clearly.

We see through a glass dimly, we learned that through your work, even though we have the Holy Spirit father knew can lead us in all truth, you told us in James if we lack wisdom, we should ask that you will supply generously. We need wisdom. Father, we need wisdom to understand what's going on with COBIT in vaccine and vaccine mandates Lord we need wisdom to understand the information that's being presented to us in the case of this story. Lord we need wisdom on how to interact with our government and our local school boards, Lord children out of the country being taught lies they're being manipulated they're being used for political purposes. When the numbers don't add up in terms of the threat from COBIT to our children. We mass them anyway. Lord, there's dark and insidious things that appear to be going on here and we just cry out to you on behalf of our nation and around the world. Part of me just wants to say. Come, Lord Jesus ascended that timing is yours not ours. And so in the meantime, help us to live lives of purpose where we actually do love our neighbors. Lord help us to seek the truth that our allegiance is to the truth. It's not to the writers left certainly should be our comfort help us to seek the truth. Give us wisdom and discernment so that we can help our neighbors by speaking truth what they do it, that is between them and you in their conscience. The Lord just help us to be truth seekers and truth. Sayers and help us make sure that our house is built on the rock we don't sell our joy of salvation down the river to bolus to where we cry out to you in Jesus name, amen. Steve Noble and Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you real soon. Like I dad always used to say never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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