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David Fischer

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October 4, 2021 11:06 pm

David Fischer

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October 4, 2021 11:06 pm

David Fischer

Steve talks to David Fischer about covid and how he David is recovering from it. Facebook is down so Steve is only on YT Today. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone just time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of light in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble tobacco had a good weekend be back with you and your use. Being a Facebook live your take it up with Mark Zuckerberg darting 11:35 AM Eastern time today Facebook went down with me, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all down so I mean pretty remarkable coming up in five hours looks like an international outage for Facebook, so who knows.

I know they had the whistleblower that showed up over the weekend on 60 minutes talking about a lot of discouraging things alarming things about Facebook and what they do what they don't do what they choose not to do what they choose to do and so that's who knows that that this has anything to do it.

Maybe having to pay a ransom who knows. It's just a crazy world that we live in. But as I mentioned last week were doing a special money Monday today with our good friend David Fisher and not so much about money not so much about finances, although we'll get to that.

We have several things to talk about the debt ceiling and things of that nature, but also to focus on just what the Lord has continued to do and in David's life as well as his wife Marianne and a dead challenging story will see what does social media does with this. Once we finish hearing David story but very difficult time with COBIT and again as I've said over the last year and 1/2 I covert is nothing to be trifled with, that it can be very serious thank God for most people it doesn't, and a whole lot of people get it get over it didn't even know they had it, but for some people it can be really, really bad. And of course for some people can be deadly, so to talk about that today, in David's experience and his wife's experience David Fisher with landmark capital. How are you my friend. I'm your moment to remember last week when I was on your program will have a little coughing over covert excited to be under program today and think you and all your listeners for their prayers because about what we are now another walking miracle man. Yeah I just knew that we do not have an opportunity to the Lord's sovereignty to talk about this stuff and what God has done in your life in some challenges with your help with your heart first and now with COBIT so when did you wondered you guys first come down with symptoms. David got her first good micro symptoms with a runny nose and sore throat about August warning by August 20 through August 18 August 20 which is a Friday. I had chills and sweats and then the next day was full-blown of three graphic 30 to 40 times a day. Diarrhea throwing up every other day wearing three layers of clothes under big blanking and an hour later. Took everything off of my shorts and putting ice pack on stricture under warm and higher. It was the most brutal thing that my wife never been through our auction levels drop below 90. She was 84, 1.88 of the worst and the Lord did a great great miracle on the 13th day of having sugarcoated yet so when you first had symptoms. David, what were you thinking this this could be this could be COBIT or what will how to deck and unfold to find out officially that's what it was all I got it all. Symptoms on cold symptoms are meted out to quarantine reported my results. Allergy strictly what it felt like I was a runny nose and their five-member code was warm out to take precautions approved now looking back there at one time walking the grocery store and my spirit told me you should put on a mask. You might or might be some COBIT in there and I ignored it and I could not just give him a couple things lately. Talking back to my spirit told you wrong.

I know better than you all what the Lord is trying to tell us the I think that's regular: so, yeah, and you had a myriad of symptoms. I mean, I haven't heard that the list of symptoms with anybody I know. I had a back in January but nothing like you did. I have a mild version of it. But as this continued to kinda decline how did you and Marianne handle it because I can be really scary when we know about it.

We know it's out there. We know it's real. We know for the vast majority of us it it ultimately is no big deal, but for some, the unfortunate fuel can be deadly obviously so hot. How do you guys can handle that spiritually and in just mentally and emotionally as things began to get worse or know what it's like to experience was very similar to that but I didn't let Marianne know that she was about four days behind me in her getting covert.

She got her from me on the 11th my 11th day. I could tell things are going really bad very quickly and I didn't know what to do. I prayed and cried out the Lord. That's when you and I became contact more about this the best Lord for just a miracle us all how to fix this and somebody somehow someway. The answer came the next heavy listener on your program clues a program the Lord my clients for five years has become a very dear friend of mine called me out of the blue he didn't know I had called it. Called to say hi. I told him squirming all the severe symptoms listed will feel like were about 1 to 2 days away from going in the hospital and will be dying and usage. If any pills or know what pills pieces I dramatic before going further, another doctor telling you to take Barbara back and I'm not going against shots are likely against I'm not prescribing anything. I'm just telling you my experience and how it saved our lives. The overnighted pills to us on the 13th day we took the pills, and the day we forgot the pills we called 911 because my wife's oxygen level was 84. My was 88 below 90 is the library bins also. We are one to get the cocktail I've been the urgent care three times nothing worked for can give us any help.

So the paramedics came. They took the pulses include all the vitals we said we can call the ambulance because are qualified to go partially on ventilators definitely cites is load up these pills never make them look look at it like when you taking this?

They just got your minutes before you guys got your take pills all forms that one person said of the paramedics said it.

My dad had severe covert just like you did. And within 48 hours completely different.

First, those 24 hours later felt better 40 hours completely different on the road to recovery my wife although I remain for nine more weeks, so it's just crazy will get anymore talking about. Yeah, yeah, I think you gave her talking to David Fisher and John whole body that he and his wife just deathly ill with Tobit and you heard I'm getting ready to go the hospital put on ventilators that a friend actually solicited this program helped out will be right back back is noble to see Noblesville if you're used to watching unified and so here the program for phase wide call Mark Zuckerberg there down the day they went down 11 5 AM, but we are on YouTube live OCL and they leave it up because you're not allowed to share any stories or information about COBIT apparently but I don't care about that whereafter the truth, and for people to share their stories and today our good friend David Fisher from La Marque, M. Our is sharing his story deathly ill with COBIT and and God intervened in and David was asking for the Lord to intervene in the Lord did just that and so the Iver Mac and when you first negative is the listener the show that became a client and a friend several years ago, David, but winning when that person mentioned the Iver Mac to what was your first response to that white requirement for court. Since then I've done a lot of research obviously really get it in. There's a difference between life stock I room pectin and yes human. I remarked in the molecular structure completely different and have the junk in the human I remarked in so but the wicked is Iver make a bad rap is because people use livestock I remake them but I can't get a prescription in your curriculum. By the way, my three, you remarked in prescription also can get pills from India which you were Michael's first came from my friend Ed Yvonne from India left the website cyber do the IBD RTO you can buy. I remake them and how hydroponics record when without a prescription on font to batches from them already for people of Artie actually gave I remake them out to a person. I didn't know was another believer that the contractor, and finally install something in our house euros to three test is negative. And I said it would give me any friends that have bad COBIT you let me know because I got pills cold and remake the same easily got one right now who's dying over price 45 minutes from those a week ago we gave them pills at night, and it saved their lives.

They just are brothers in the Lord were just blown away how this continues to go on but there's a only 26% chance of survival rate. Once you have built a very covert, which is what we had. If you going the hospital only 26% of people strike from the soap group on your body. So I remarked in definitely save your life. You can take it is a pretty vendor maintenance to the dosages like go to FL CCC website that will tell you prescribed for the dosages is based upon the weight of your body and not if your many allergies almost things so we did it right and were helping people out you did it in a way where you use you gather information even talk about it now. You mention this before and David mention this is worth repeating David as a prescribing meaning is not a doctor but what we've got in this situation with Tobit in this country and around the world is theirs. The protocols that come down from on high from the various institutes and clinical experts from the NIH. The CDC and all that kind of stuff and the Atty. Gen. and then you hear all kinds of stories David about somebody's protocols, especially when there were innovating people and putting them on ventilators. No no no no no, I heard another story from our talk radio show a local talk radio show host's husband got a terrible case of covert like you did in the debt and the doctors at the hospital literally in the hospital there telling them this morning to do. She's like no you're not you, and people have to learn to advocate for themselves and they ended up they ended up doing some other things that that I think probably most of us have heard about. I don't know if it included Iver Bakhtin but then he was fine, but they wanted to do all kinds of stuff and it's talking about a ventilator and she's like no no no you to do what we're telling you to do and that's the challenge here is nobody really knows what the absolute truth is, but there has been so much blowback and pushback just like the monoclonal anybody is now the Biden administration gets involved in the conversation as it there's not enough out there and they have to limit it well first I think you can't take it. Now they're trying to control who gets it, which is an admission that it can work, so it's really been like all the all the water in the steel is muddy isn't the one comprising 23,000 patients that revealed I remake them had a 90% reduction in data while it whacked out on the Internet. YouTube is taking down the thousand of these yeah there's studies done in Brazil done in India than in Europe. There's one starting out with about 4500 people in United States. But the bottom line is they attend a doe survivor mechanism $53 comes a cautious cease a a cocktail at five to $10,000 while the cocktail I've heard that phraseology before intersect.

COBIT I can't remember the what to keep in mind because there's rendered severe and then I often pronounce here is what or five of them and they didn't do a thing for me yet to get it early on the right beginning try to convince you not to get it. But the problem is that the CDC gets all this funding from all these pharmaceutical companies get into thousand 14 through 18. Steve, the CDC received 80 built $80 million from Pfizer and Merrick.

Yet in Congress when they set up the CDC useful to be a nonprofit organization, but since then since 1995 they received $161 million in revenue, mostly from pharmaceuticals last year are recently the CDC received three point million 3.4 million from Pfizer in 1 million for Merck but you have to understand there's 50 of the largest pharmaceutical companies have gathered $851 billion in revenue this last year from COBIT $613.2 billion in revenue in $19 billion the second quarter and their funding. The CDC M and this whole thing at the CDC says on their website, we will receive any funding source of thickened piercing ally because is no way these things are not related. There's no way they're not associated when you got that entire industry funneling money and while form or another into the CDC. There's no way that doesn't gain you access and there's no way that doesn't give me some favoritism that we were talking about politics in Washington DC. After all, what was the what was it like dealing with the medical community other than the EMT guy when he showed up and found that yet. Iver Bakhtin.

He was obviously an enthusiastic endorser of it, but dealing with hospitals and stuff like that, with respect to COBIT. What was that like well I waited eight hours to get the cocktail in your rodent brutal shape that took that long. From start to finish. Four days later still really sick.

I had to go to the vibe remake 235. Six days later I to go to the fibronectin and me. I went back to the doctors are still having coughing, severe coughing, I call so hard to pump the blood vessels in my right ear canal cease and so I mean it was really pad eventually diagnosed COBIT pneumonia and icicle wonders who the reaction was assured by happenstance, Caligula, a prescription for. I remarked interest is not again do that I go like this is what we prescribed one time early on in early in 2021 medical would first came out, and then they sent us a minimalist anybody ever does this. You lose your life immediately so the little community does not.

The upper ups do not want you to you the doctors to prescribe fibronectin limits running with the light so disgusting because what your average person down there that has to have the job in order to survive.

What are you going to do that is shrugged her shoulders in the midst of this mass go well that doesn't make any sense, but I can't lose my job, but a being savings going on to vaccine shots. What choice do people have the powers that be know that they know what kind of hold they have and they know when they play with people's livelihood based got talking to David Fisher will be right back. And a special edition of money Monday with David Fisher different from landmark M. is always sharing his recent COBIT story and deathly ill of me literally staring death in the face and then both he and his wife and a listener of the show was big. He became client several years ago and and a friend, a good friend of David's, David's, crying out, the Lord in the next day, the sky calls the didn't even know David had COBIT in his wife, Andy, it comes up because that's gets in Iver Bakhtin and this is the ever making this made for human beings.

By the way, listen, there's no vaccine for stupid I'm just I'm just gonna be completely blunt here. There's no vaccine for stupid remember a trouble saying something about bleeds or something else in the next some couple is some cleaning agent for fish tanks and the guy and his wife both like trinket or something and that's not what trumps that he cracked a joke about it but unfortunately there's some people out there that are just not intelligent and not trying to sound degrading or ugly. That's just a reality that's the truth. And so, if you will get Iver Bakhtin that was designed for horses as opposed to the Iver Bakhtin that was specifically designed for human beings. And you don't think through that. Especially when you hear this news and it hey that's let's order this what it says it's for horses. I know, but they said Iver Bakhtin's you. Sorry you can't legislate that out. Unfortunately, just some people that are not bright but were in a situation now at this subject COBIT vaccines vaccine mandates Iver Bakhtin hydroxychloroquine where it that so many of us are struggling to trust anybody, which is I need to pray for wisdom and discernment and others wisdom and the multitude of counselors and that's what the Lord provided for David and his wife to another believer that had been down this road and in Iver Bakhtin ended up being something that obviously made the big difference in so what are you telling people now David because again there's I guarantee this people listening to the show today or will listen to it later. Watch it later, whenever we can put it up on Facebook that are going to just think were there that were anti-back surgeon were conspiracy theorists in our heads or in the sand over talk about products like Iver Bakhtin hydroxychloroquine that have been around literally for decades and are helpful, but they're not. They're not expensive. There cheap and that takes all the power and the opportunity away from big Pharma and that is all that stuff. I hate that that ring the bell like I'm some kind of conspiracy there is. I think I'm just a critical thinker you are critical thinker. I remake and endorsed by the FDA, CDC and a few other American Medical Association.

They just don't want you to use it for COBIT because there's too much money in the in the pharmaceutical community would take from it.

Like I said $50 for doses of Lyra Bakhtin Lou Piller comment came out announced on Friday for America $100 per patient, so there's more money there and the cocktails were even more so they don't want that she fix this wonderful, poor, and the idea and here's the ironic thing. Nothing in the vaccine too much, but present buying is pushing for companies to mandate 500 employees are more demanding.

This vaccine yet he won't mandate the White House staff, the head of Pfizer. The CEO won't take the Pfizer vaccine. He's not mandating his staff. This is wholly totally unethical and hyper hypercritical article.

What's the word I'm looking for critical typography at its best and still get. Here's what I is a bottom line, the company losing our freedom. Steve stolen Joseph stolen the Soviet Union leader to create socialism. He mandated bureaucracy quickly.

Economic activity under government control and they didn't have free markets reliving free healthcare for nonmarital, where I sleep. Three. Don't talk about money white I'm saying it was control and when he passed on Nikita Crystal called inherited his role in a few years later he went to the United Nations and said this, your children's children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible know you won't accept communism outright, but will keep feeding you small doses of socialism tell you finally wake up and you'll find already you have communism is happening now in the healthcare industry is happening in the Federal Reserve all the money in the printing that's coming communistic from a standpoint it's not a free market that is false always allows a free market government spending is out of control. If not, $28 trillion. That's just the national debt.

The unfunded liabilities at up to 239 trillion which is completely unsustainable. So were headed down this path that says let's expand into oblivion. Let's printing a Boolean and let's not have the simple fixes call getting our financial house in order, or taking I remake them for simple fix. If you can't read because the COBIT if the rug that works for that. That's cheap, but working sold a bunch of communistic ideas and buying into it when our leaders won't buy into getting there mandating their own staff for the vaccine was a double rigid hypocrisies for this going on in this like it still frustrated. With the direction of our country because now the wind affect IRAs and defined IRAs and tax the heck out of them. That's what happening with the bill infrastructure bill yeah it's really scary and really alarming and and for people to come set that stuff aside and sounding just hyperbolic and just some people some nut job people on the right. Okay. But you gotta remember, if you're not willing to question what's going on your down the road to socialism and communism and Tierney.

You always have to be willing to question it. That's what this country was based on essence tradition of dissent and you have to question those in power in especially with the numbers involved here. It's pretty obvious what's going on. You just have to be willing to say something and when you have pretty much the whole high tech world big tech coming against it in the government coming against it.

Trying to control speech control what's actually available to people for their own health decisions. It's really remarkable and it's amazing how quickly we got here.

Although the it's been I think death by a thousand cuts that have been going on for a while as people just are too self-centered and not paying attention to the bigger world around object. Let's before we jump to them to talk about infrastructure bills and stuff like that but let let's talk about the Lord here for second because God is had a superintending hand over this the whole time and and here we are talking about again and I want to make sure and I know you already do give God the glory. But how, how's this affected your walk is a Christian what you and and your wife just went through me almost the whole who you are brother and all your listeners that prayed. I obviously God has a plan more than I can understand for my wife and I might have the calling of what I've had before but it smells like I want to help people out that are remotely went through what we went through that they don't have to go through that.

It's simple fix, but I've been able to encourage so many people and build the speak life into is an overcooked couple whose pushing your program is on the ventilator. He's got a stroke on the rights of his body. All because the COBIT and you know I'm there, encouraging them up. My auntie, if you will, of speaking words of life and the people's lives on so many different levels. Ducks use my new calling in my new passion right now in going together second lease on life.

Let's praise the Lord said that in the end, until he is done with us. As a matter what's floating around in the air. What's going on in the news went wind when the Lord wants us to do more work to stay here and do it until that day calls us home, but we just praise the Lord for bad and and I think you David for your willingness to continue to share in point everything back to him and to be as authentic on the air, and transparent, as you always are is just a huge blessing and I know we talk about issues that are important.

We talk about money. We talk about finance we talk about the banking and we talk about the data we talk about gold and silver.

The beauty of that is all that stuff's gonna pass away and sold out of the only thing that last forever, and so we always bring a background just like when we do money Monday updates. We start with the passage of Scripture. Both of us or knows what the long game is the long game has nothing to do with the here and the now the flash in terms of these financial issues, it's all about souls praise the Lord for that in God's continued use you and thanks for sharing is always praying with people on the phone screen so much cooking militant kind that I don't say you walked away from out that I have a whole renewed yet.

I like art. Pray with people on the phone is much like can now ask him what can I pray for you for and it makes a big impact in the light whether a believer not yet You'll find out real quick where they're at and then you can share the love of Christ with them anyway is an amazing thing yeah and so let's tedious up for that.

The final segment will to talk about the stuff in the final segment will have like about 11 minutes on plenty of time, but what's going on in DC right now with these clinical infrastructure bills. One could actually qualify as an infrastructure bill, the other lunch is nothing but fat and most of that fat be green, but what's your initial take on that and will unpack it, and that in the last segment 1.2 trillion video crew infrastructure build outs for road bridges, highways, railroads, airport orcs creating electric charging stations for vehicles and electric boxes, public transit, water infrastructure and all those things that got past the Senate passed the house $3.5 trillion of that pork bill that shows the function standing in my opinion there's some good areas. Veterans, things like that helped the backfill and think thought is yeah and as it should. Will see what happens over the coming days are talking to David Fisher, a special edition of money Monday as he shared with the Lord is done in his left life as well as his life covertly praise the Lord with that and will talk about the more the finance we come back noble show.

Just wanted to mention something special edition of money Monday with our good friend David Fisher and some I want to do a Jonathan lots is that those shared in Christianity today.

Jonathan lots is Ingram Watson son Billy Graham is his grandfather. He had a terribly and Jonathan's not think Jonathan probably under oath 4243 4480 45 something somewhere in there is 40s and I he had a terrible bout with COBIT and he didn't want to just play by that the regular rules either in any still recovering from and in and just eat. He just texted me and said he was on a call with render medical experts from across the country. Last is a 90 was it opened in prayer than shared his COBIT testimony so something I want to do. David is connect you and Jonathan lots and let you guys share stories together and see what you've learned and I will just continue to amplifies much as we can.

What you guys experience what you've learned and try to share that with other people what they do with it is between them and the Lord but I'll connect you with Jonathan lots could you guys can probably encourage each other out to be a grassroots movement is like the tea party coach you was talking to your marketing here from the CDC, the year the government and that's part of a grassroots that's right exactly right so the latest is what he thinks can happen with infrastructure bills the debt ceiling. It's kind of a mess up there. Nothing new there, but also you sent me a phone number for us to call someone to talk about that as well. But what you think this is going to eventually have the infrastructure bill of monopoly 3.5 trillion federal mansion in Christina's cinema one at 1.5 for their big impacts and Nancy Pelosi shifted the infrastructure bill bit lined October 31 because she wants to get past the debt ceiling first which is October 18 and the severe the debt ceiling is huge because of the government defaults and this was the first time I could actually see in the hundred and eight times of raising the debt sooner they might default because all we could see a whole bunch of negative beings 15 million seniors not having Social Security payments 30 million families stop receiving child.

Child tax credit of veterans would receive the benefits to workers and sharks big and those are big things but the biggest problem is that the United States credit worthiness will be downgraded spiking interest rate Steve and Lucia crash of the dollar. The last time we talked this year about this was during the Obama administration 2011, and 12 and during that time, the S&P lost 17% in the month surrounding the debt ceiling standoff so be careful in the mood. He says that if they do default.

We would see 6 million jobs. The unemployment rate rise to 9%. It would just be other chaos. The fix out of trying to fund this. That's the problem was fixed. I talked about before. Wacky trillion dollar coin idea under Obama, you brought that out saying that the mint would meant to trillion dollar coin out of platinum said would buy and give $1 trillion to the treasury in which the government open and rename and rename the United States, Venezuela.

Yes, it would cause financial Armageddon is all the articles I'm reading. The other ways taking away all your privacy, again losing your freedom they want to mark your bank account. Any activity over $600 future doing tax fraud are usually 10,000 so that you go about your revenue that way.

But the biggest thing is that they wanted change the way IRAs certain IRAs are and if they do this in one IRA all eventually that's like they're headed towards control, socialism, and which totally against what will stand for.

Strangely, if you have an IRA called his phone number and tell them you're against big government funding.

The $3.5 trillion by inspecting irate phone number 202-224-3121. Jos began to go to 224-3121 Galassi which I've done this already you would state your end and will transfer to your state representative.

You just tell them I'm against the funding from IRAs to find the $3.5 trillion in causing more taxes and irate and I got all outward detail on they can call my company on it. We would have a letter you write to your congressperson you have to call my company learn about gold, silver, just you want to learn about that because of what they get one IRA Dr. for IK's loss. Everything will be on the table that that's where this present administration is that it this is in the house and ways committee. They this is a provision, it will get past were just trying to take these two areas out of it so they don't affect you irate certain IRAs called self-directed IRAs now appearing gold. I was website out there that the YouTube video should from specialists that do spell Drucker IRAs that don't sell goal is going to the Q&A that your goal you be safe so, but I'm not taking any precautions on make sure this garbage out of their it's just ridiculous. Why they want to do this yeah is that that's extended at any time you $600 and were going in your bank account. They want to flag because there now that the assumption is you're doing some kind of tax fraud or not reporting at some side gigs are not reporting your income and so that's that's the government that's having eyeballs on your act of bank accounts or any activity over $600 in that's so intrusive that's so that such an invasion of privacy. Now you've got that you mentioned earlier, unfunded liabilities plus that the the minor debt debt that we have right now is minor compared unfunded liabilities in the future.

So there's desperation there but there's also the desire for control and we what we see happening with the way they played the COBIT game over the last 18 months is exactly how they want to play the entire game and people need to wake up and understand that and whether that's individuals and I always try to discern on this one.

David got individuals with a free will that are making decisions that you have the spirit of the agents and spiritual dark forces out there as well. As we hurtled towards and times and all that stuff and play and so that's why you have to be very discerning and we need to be praying for wisdom and discernment. The boy do we need it to kind of wade through all this craziness all cried together and start your look. Rome was brought down by the healthcare system brought down further immorality. Rome was brought down because they live beyond their means were deliberate and they spent more than a trillion in taxation would and there's several other reasons why Rome was brought down were falling in the same footsteps of role and this is why we have to be aware that history is going to repeat itself and we will probably if we don't do something about this. It's not if we will lose the world reserve status.

It's more like when, and how severe, how soon that will happen, but were in the period of this week. These next couple weeks of a major transition. That's why might want to encourage her but didn't call the phone number. Some of the nonsense is going on and you know gold and silver is not the solution to everything just like I grimaced and is not the solution. Pixar can cure the common cold or fiction, ear infection, or do anything, but it will help you out if you can't breathe COBIT in gold and silver pleases role in what's being said about gold silver. This week is pretty phenomenal Jeremy Siegel.

He's a professor Ward. He's known for loving the stock market and making incredible predictions saying how much is going to go up Friday. He said something completely different. Nieces were headed for massive trouble completion is in generally be too much bigger than the problem at the Fed believes it is and there's can be pressures on the Fed to accelerate the tinkering process which means not supporting and buying the dead he should remember the 70s during inflation. Everyone turned to gold, they turned to collectibles return the precious metals. That's what we should be doing. Again, remember the famous guy who wrote Rich dad poor bet that your sake he said this last week.

The biggest crash in world history is going to get this October. I don't like what he saying that he has adapted to say it and you know lots of people coming out and saying get involved gold and silver get some of you in your portfolio yeah and that something is going on right now so I am just looking at the last month in the Dow Jones and started 35 three it's down to 33, six, and obviously it's all in the radically bumped up a little bit back around September 21 in the dropped again but house has gold been reacting this year and again. Things are moving so quickly. What were talking about today is gonna be antiquated in the matter of a couple weeks but will overall what school doing this year what he expected to do as we finished up the last quarter or finger root for your move.

In the last quarter. Gold has been somewhat of a hibernation like good Jeffrey gun locks that use the parking a billionaire investor, but he saying at all.

Much, much higher, and John Paulson should gold Google parabolic because inflation is will above expectations is on its way. So Morgan Stanley said get ready. Double billed recession.

Morgan Stanley also downgraded for the third time the third quarter and its growth. They also said the Fed is going to tighten tapering sooner than later and they're saying that the FO MC minutes show that the Fed is going to start tapering this year so we see that we will see a lot higher prices and gold, silver, so you want to buy in before the big move, not as the big move has already happened.

That's why you learn about it now you see what makes sense for you and your portfolio household.

The questions get a packet from us and and do your research and then you'll know what to do because you'll get wisdom and knowledge and pray about that were here to help those in that want to take advantage and diversify.

What's the best way that people can get that information floating callers the old-fashioned way for poor sexual poor 25758446042575 or go landmark and learn more about I remake them. They can learn about the phone number if you have an IRA to learn where you can get. I remake them that will help all and all these different ways to get another doctor.

Yes, thank you for that and will quickly get about 30 seconds and I just praise the Lord I hear correctly. David and I will be done if I got I just think you will you continue to do a David and Marion's life. Thank you Lord for using the body of Christ to minister to him and help him help them both with the Iver Bakhtin Lord. I just pray that you'll continue to use them to encourage to inform and to bless others and I just praise and thank you Lord for taking care of my brother and his wife once again and just look forward to all that you can have us do together as brothers in Christ, just praise you Lord, thank you for all of it. In Jesus name, amen.

I love you, David Fisher love you Steve no more my brother came back, I thanks will talk to you real soon.

I friends they know God willing I talked to my father always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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