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To Be Determined

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September 21, 2021 10:20 pm

To Be Determined

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 21, 2021 10:20 pm

To Be Determined

Steve was supposed to talk to our guest, Pastor Micah Caronna, but was unable to. He talks about various topics instead. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home work even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH checking out online, Steve Noble now is your host Noble ouch that hurt your Facebook yesterday why I was in the video and I still feel a little funky. I'm cut out of it and my jaw hurts and I'm missing a tooth in my mouth yesterday.

I was like I maybe I'll be will to do the show but what was about to take an hour took almost 2 to remove a crown in the tooth underneath it and instead of coming out in one or two pieces that came out in 12 so if you if you have had some traumatic Dennis experiences. I'm not saying that I did because my Dennis is awesome is a great guy, very encouraging kind but it just ended up being a real challenge.

And so I was in there for a couple hours and out these all kinds of wild stuff to get the stupid tooth out so that the suture is also by the time I got home I was of my appointment is at 10 and I thought it be done by 11 or so, but I wasn't until noon about the time I got home I was just my whole face was sore. My my half my face was not home so is just not a pretty situation. Also, then I made the decision, I cannot do radio today, so I bailed and we played a show that I did just about a little over a month ago with Carl Truman an incredible book dealing with the transgender issue and not just that but how does how do we get is the western suburbs of civilization and specifically here in America to the point where people can say hey I'm up on a woman trapped in a man's body or vice versa and a good chunk of the culture just going to go yeah okay whatever bro you know whatever man says she, he, whatever and then just walk away from right get on with your day. But it was fascinating so I decided to replay that interview yesterday. Today hope my buddy Pastor Micah Corona gets in its we got bad weather here so not sure if you stuck in some bad weather or traffic or what happened what's going on, so he may walk in at any minute, and the Morgan jump and he was on not that long ago we did show talking about Daniel how Daniel was just an excellent example of how we can live ourselves and these very challenging days given everything going on in our nation around the world's great conversation, so we wanted to do that again.

And so, Pastor, Micah, if you listen to the truth. Radio network here in the Triangle area where I live, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and listen to truth radio, which is how I got on the radio in the first place. My buddy Stu Epperson the whole team there. Then you can listen to Mike on Saturdays at 12 noon living strong with Micah Corona on the truth radio stations here locally or on the after three is got a great happy to listen to great teaching all the time so he's on Saturdays at 12 PM living strong is a website's organ to see. Hopefully Micah will get in here and maybe just some bad weather or something. So I want to do something I want to talk about the other day will seep. Hopefully Lord will bring on Mike and safe and sound will dive into it to great series right now called building strong relationships and building strong families and I was reading through the transcript of one of them. I just recently called less critical. Unlike last week on theology Thursday with our friends of Bob Jones University if you're here for that. Alan Benson who was my main contact in the first person I started to get to know down there. I we did show on the tongue. The power of the tongue in the story that your tongue tells us we have a challenge with that these days do not, whether it be the spoken word or what we say in social media so that was then and then and then hopefully with Micah today. We can talk about one of the things one of his messages recently was being less critical on this whole series on building strong relationships and strong families are not about you, but I struggle with that all the time. Supercritical as you can imagine listening to me on the air. And so one of the things I wanted to do today. In lieu of that is well criticize myself and so this was something that I think this is a good lesson for all of us is happened to me just recently on Facebook and I think my darling wife Gina for helping me out with it.

And so there was a tweet that I saw about Doc Dr. file G okay.

And then there's a tweet and then there's a clip this clip from him being on the Sunday morning show. I think he was with. I came from the guys they meet the press okay so here is the tweet so there's a great lesson here for all of us. Which is why wanted to bring this up. The tweet says when asked about natural immunity to COBIT on Meet the Press, Dr. found she says, quote when you do get infected. You get strong immunity is no doubt about that. The durability is unclear." Adding immunity so high, it's" surpassing any of the other two dose vaccines that you get now that's a pretty amazing statement is given found she and him pushing the vaccines. The whole time for him to say what would you do get infected. You get strong immunity is no doubt about that. The durability meeting how long it lasts, is unclear.

But then if he goes on to say immunity so high, it's missing any of the other two dose vaccines that you get. That is pretty earth shattering right that would be an earth shattering quote because he saying natural immunity is actually stronger then getting two doses of Pfizer or two doses of modernity.

So I share that just sitting in the kitchen with my bride.

I share that with her and she's like well she could tell that there is video clip. She was did you listen to the clip all will. That's a good idea so what I just told you what was tweeted and based on the clip I want to listen to the clip. So naturally talking good studies that indicate how long does natural immunity split last night. Yet we don't were following that, but not yet. We do know that when you do get infected first bar.

You get strong immunity is no doubt about that durability is unclear is another fact we know that if you do get infected and recover and get vaccinated. The level of your immunity is extraordinarily high, surpassing any of the other two dose vaccines that you get okay so did you catch the knobs set down your demise. The distaste disdain for about okay just that the temperament if you look at the quote. If you look at the tweet, okay look at the actual tweet and then you listen to what sets. Remember the tweet is saying that essentially what he said is immunity. So hide surpassing any of the other two dose vaccines that you get here is the lesson that's actually not what he said what he said was if you get infected you get COBIT and you get the two dose Pfizer or Moderne, then you end up with immunity so high it surpasses just the vaccines themselves see what happens there. So you gotta be careful because this is confirmation bias. So I saw that and I'm like oh my goodness this is incredible found she's admitting where he saying that natural immunity as a result of having gotten COBIT is stronger than any two shot vaccine immunity. Wow, that's amazing, except that somebody set so there's a lesson for all of us to make sure were paying attention you say were for the truth that we gotta find the truth.

We are about and all the noble showed great and we are planning to have a conversation today with my buddy Pastor Micah Corona from living word family church. Maybe we crossed our wires. We pulled all at that old movie called Ghostbusters.

We cross the streams in the gutter dates mixed up. But we did have some bad weather here so hopefully things okay and I'll keep trying to get an answer on that. So if you can't make it today will switch gears will have back and we had a great time last time he was in talking about his series on Daniel is a great example of something for us to consider what a great example.

Daniel wasn't living in a pagan nation which you do by the way out. That's not news to you.

I hope that's not shocking to either but it was great.

Great way to come to consider how we should live in this world that were especially here in America.

But then Doug given that the Pastor Micah my not being here today. A couple of things I this whole thing with Gabby Patino and Brian laundry okay so I shared something the other day on Facebook which was really important. We've had a joy forest in her many times talk about domestic abuse and so there were some things from this that somebody wrote it that that's an author and advocate for survivors of domestic violence that brought up a bunch of points that just reminded me of all the shows we done with joy that are worth reminding people about thoughts called to peace ministries okay CA ED to COP's ministries so she's got a bunch of different lessons in here about kind of what's going on in abusive relationships, because it sure seems like that's what was happening there but I just want to highlight some of these points. I think this is important for us to consider. Perhaps on as the outside looking in. You see this in somebody else's relationship.

Or maybe this is a situation that you're in yourself and domestic abuse which can take many forms. I don't think we talked about it often enough. There's a whole lot of it out there it's almost.

It's a bit basically as common as in the church and outside the church as a portion 25%, 30% somewhere around there significant numbers right, third, and the vast majority of it is men abusing women, but is not exclusively, that there are some cases where women are abusing okay but the vast majority over 90% is male versus female.

Just a couple of points here that I thought were really pertinent that we should probably consider followers on social media, she's talking to this young couple saw smiling, happy couple, full of love and wanderlust setting out for cross-country adventure while documenting all the joys of young life. In many cases targets become very good. Smiling to the paint right so that's just the lesson.

In general, and again this Thursday on theology Thursday with her friends at Bob Jones University in the seminary really talk about the theology of technology which is very fascinating so that's that that's a thing what the social media face.

You only put those filtered pictures out there. Don't assume you will get other people's lives and go out. My life isn't nearly as exciting or fulfilling or as happy as there's just a member that's usually a snapshot. The important point when you're considering domestic abuse number two in the public was shown, body camera footage captured by Miller absolute city police officers. Some viewers assume Patino was suffering from mental illness in laundry while nervous was the steadier the two other viewers assume both partners are equally at fault. The old it takes to Matt that doesn't really apply to most abusive situations. This is 40 points. She made her some people even assume Patino was the abuser laundry was the victim. These three assumptions probably crossed everyone's mind as a possibility. They did mind. She writes healthy minded people tend to give others the benefit of the doubt especially when someone is being accused of a negative act. Also, we can all understand that mental illness is difficult situation contacts even the kindest, most gentle souls. Unfortunately, many cases, the thought pattern leads us to assume the victim is mentally ill or that the victim is to blame for an altercation which is really important. Talked about that before victim blaming can happen even in the worst cases of abuse because we don't see the longitudinal story unfolding. What we don't see is that the target is managed to keep things together until she reached her threshold at which time we may see her crying, yelling or breaking down emotionally by exhibiting those behaviors. Many might assume that the target is going to quote crazy and it's natural for us to feel as if the more stable person is more trustworthy right doesn't ring a little bit true.

If you see a couple and their having an issue. The stable and you assume is not the problem it's the loud one. The crying disturbed right that's an assumption we can make a listen carefully to laundry his conversation with the officers even laughs and says she's crazy. Then he dismisses it as a joke, of course, is Artie put his claim that this claim and officers mind and by the nonchalant way says that many might assume it's not the first time. He said these words so viewers and officers start wondering. Perhaps the target is crazy. The abuser plays the part of the poor patient partner who is the deal with the irrational person to the point pretty powerful typical abuser would be skilled at convincing people that he is innocent while in fact he's been acting very differently behind closed doors, pushing his target to the point intentionally and feeding on her emotional break and can you imagine what these officers feel like now because there like I didn't catch it is an odd situation. We split them up for the night. She was in the hotel. He stayed in the in the van.

The next thing you know well you know what happened tragic, and while we don't know for sure that he murdered his fiance.

It sure looks that way and could this be true that this is kind of an abusive situation talking about a typical abuser be skilled at convincing people that is innocent on the fact he's been acting very differently behind closed doors, pushing it started to target to the point intentionally and fending on feeding on her emotional break. Many boozers love to see evidence that the printer target going on. As a result, some people will buy into that false narrative. Even the target can be brainwashed to doubt her own truth. I've seen that we had people on the show talk about that for in contrast, we see laundry, blaming potato, insisting he never hit her and saying that he was just trying to keep her call you charming. He comes across as a loving and loyal partner is joking around with the officers and even gives one a fist bump in the all the while his fiance is at risk of being charged with domestic assault and possibly spending the night in jail. Then later you have a 9/11 thing to hear that the 911 call on Sunday called and said the gentleman was slapping the girl's pushing around the header and they got the car drove just some really salient points here that I thought it was important to share. Also, it seems clear the Patino doesn't want her fianc to be in any trouble covering for Joyce talked about that before as well.

Joy for us with called to peace ministries. She'd rather pay the price and protect the man she loves because she probably believes her only act he only acted this way because of her mood or behavior, anxiety, or whatever doesn't want to be blame doesn't want him to be blamed sorry. This is also the norm in abusive relationships be experienced and well-trained officer see right through this typical pattern others by the cover-up story. And sadly, because some officers are also abusers some side with the abuser, even when they know exactly what's going on throughout the video. We see the sense we get the sense that the officer senses there's more to the story just read a couple of these other parts now course, you have to be careful when you read stuff like this because there's a lot of assumption here in this author. Although experienced in and been dealing with abusive relationships for a while and try to help people with. It doesn't know everything. We are not in possession of all the details. How could they be so you have to proceed carefully because a lot of general things in here. I share this on Facebook. By the way, securing a look at it or share it. That would be a good idea because like Joyce said there's a lot of people that are suffering in silence.

So the author fins is up this way, the overall take away? When we see someone at her emotional and during a domestic dispute. We shouldn't assume she's crazy.

We should bind the false narrative given by the abuser. We should believe the cover-up story by the target who has been conditioned to carry all the blame and shame and we shouldn't assume they're going to be okay. Unfortunately that's what happened in this case so that she's got a safe domestic violence hotline for the safe phone call one 800 799 safe one 800 799 safe or text start to 88788 text start 887 80 will be up was back and see note all these noble show just kind of wondering a little bit today got my schedule messed up so my friend Pastor Mike or Corona will be in here next Tuesday, not today, maybe that's the effect of all the numbing agent I was using is not sure about that but will have him on next Tuesdays and next Tuesday. Pastor Michael Corona living word family church and the radio show he's on every Saturday on truth radio network here in the triangle Saturdays at 12 PM I living Strahl and Michael Kronos are to be talking about building strong relationships and building strong families and I want to story one of the messages he did on that topic recently was criticism and on about you but I deftly struggle with that and so this kind of a spirit of criticism and you think of Jesus saying before you remove the speck of dust from your brothers. I might want to deal with the plank in your own and so that's pretty powerful to consider and to think about, so I will do that next week and tomorrow.

George Barna, who I've been using Barna's research for years. Try 15 years now. Just brilliant guy and just brings out incredible information. He does great nationwide studies on what's going on with the church and what do people believe about the church and he was. I'm not that long ago. I think George was on about six or seven weeks ago will have them on tomorrow and then theology Thursday this week of their friends about Jones University in the seminary is to be the theology of technology, which is a challenging one in and of itself is not the, yet the theology of technology anyone ask you a question for those of you. I'm curious about the whole antibody conversation because that is at least now getting some traction that they're starting to talk about anybody's.

It was amazing to me that felt she started to talk about anybody's or at least was willing to answer the question but I'm curious as to why this is been a part of the conversation from the get-go and would be curious to see and grace in my producer in Winston-Salem to God and asked for people to call in on this one because I'm curious to see what you guys think. Why have anybody's not been a part of this or have you been in a situation where anybody's were actually a part of the conversation with an employer or school or something. I'm starting to hear more stories where people are starting to consider the reality that is that that if you had COBIT then thank you Lord, you naturally get antibodies to it and like Pope Algie said their highly effective, highly effective in keeping you from getting in the first place, so I'm curious if anybody's got some antibody story out there where the antibodies you had COBIT you have you have antibodies you were tested and perhaps that became an issue so that you could actually start to utilize antibodies in a conversation and and in that made a difference free at work or have you been able to get an exemption, a religious exemption or medical exemption from the vaccine mandates we talked about this couple weeks ago and had a lot of people calling and I'm just curious to see what's going on there now because this is continuing to develop to see what happens as we have to engage and deal with these vaccine mandates so I would hear from you if you been able to use natural immunity in the vaccine mandate conversation or a religious exemption or a medical exemption. Any of you that have been able to see some success in getting an exemption from the vaccine mandate would appreciate you calling and sharing because that all of us that we could ship could learn from your experience.

If you want to do that that would be great. 866-348-7884 is the number 866-348-7884 or 866 34 truth because that is something that is not being talked about. We known about natural immunity for years.

This isn't like it's a new science talk about following science.

What about the science of natural immunity and that just hasn't gotten much traction in this conversation but more people are kind of waking up, and by the way, did you see the project Veritas video that would they took that down assesses and went up the project Veritas video talking to a federal employee that works in a hospital saying all kinds of stuff. There's all kinds of behind-the-scenes kind of a whistleblower video talking about the vaccine talking about the treatment talking about how you record things that was highly troubling.

And of course on Facebook you got yanked already.

I'm sure on Instagram I got yanked the odds are on twitter. It got yanked as well. So the whole situation just continues to be kind of money only comes the vaccine mandates have you been able to get around them somehow what's happened in your life.

I've had a lot of people reach out to me that their job was in jeopardy. They didn't know what they were going to do. I've had some people that Artie decided to lose their job and other people like work who work remotely. It didn't even make sense that they would be required to get a proof of vaccination or get a proof of negative COBIT test every week when they don't even work with anybody. They work completely remote but have you been able to get a exemption for the vaccine mandate where you work, maybe at school situation like that. I would love for you to call and ensure that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 866-34-TRUTH as we continue to try to come to work our way down the road here with what's going on with COBIT and then did you see last week. This is just I think like on Friday where the FDA did not give approval to Pfizer for a second shot me for a poster booster shot yet.

Now that's interesting to me that Pfizer did not give approval to the booster shot and now course, the next thing is that they're talking about is the vaccines for kids down to like five years of age and by the way five-year-old since COBIT started five years of age, there been exactly 11 deaths out of a population of 4,028,000 so love and out of 4 million.

I'm looking at this current CDC numbers so death rates with coven. With COBIT, not necessarily from coping with coven per 100,000 for a five euro is .27 per 100,000. But that's only 11/4,000,000 tragic deaths of course are using one of but 11/4,000,000. So why are we rushing so quickly into getting vaccines for kids when their chance of dying from COBIT is statistically insignificant right. That's why you gotta continue to look at the details and think for yourself. You, that's your business. You get it you don't get it that your business but I'm curious and want to keep the phones open. Have you been able to get around the vaccine mandate with a religious exemption a medical exemption, or perhaps even antibodies. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH because I guarantee you there's other people that need to hear story because they're dealing with that themselves. What we had Vicki in North Carolina, but we just lost so let me just go to some more. These numbers as we talk about vaccinating kids okay 5 to 12 years of age 6 years of age. Okay eight children. Sadly, tragically, have died with COBIT six years of age since it all started out of a population of a little over 4 million.

If you go up to age 713 had a 4 million age 8, 13/4,066,000 age 914 all tragic with COBIT, not necessarily of COBIT but with COBIT 14/4,000,010 years old.

9/4,000,011 years old.

11 out of 4.1 million 12 years old 21 at a 4.2, 13 years of age 25 out of 4.1 million 14 years of age 20 out of 4.1 million. I ask he put this whole graphic up. By the way the other day on my Facebook pages seem to look at it for yourself so you look at this and you go. How many people out of wet population, now get. I've said this so many times I'll say it again because I think it's worth repeating every single COBIT death from it or with it is a tragedy, especially if you're significantly under the natural life expectancy in America which is about 70 years of age.

So we want to get up like let's look at my age. I'm 55. It is been 5760 deaths out of 4.3 million. Okay, so it's 121 per hundred thousand okay.not an hour talking more significantly, okay I so okay so when you get in the older ages to start paying more attention not to make policy based on what's going on with younger ages, but I deftly would in the older ages. I think we have Vicki back to me jump over here and see if we can get Vicki is weighing in on the COBIT situation. Vicki, thanks for calling and go right ahead. My job, I cannot wait to talk a lot about how I will.Because I was going to happen.

Every weight I've already had and I haven't had an outlet able to get the mansion, and from what I understand quite a few people and organizations.

Now you see that's that's great news Vicki. I got a really crazy connection there.

But that's it super important to know that okay that people can get exemptions they are getting exemptions you have to ask you have to apply. You have to go for that. You gotta make an issue of it. So don't just gonna lay down if you don't want to get it going to have to fight will be right back showed great to and just literally making it up as I go along cards on the table. I messed up the day. Totally my bad that I thought Pastor Mike Cronin was coming in today. He had it right yet it next Wednesday the 29th for some reason I had it on Tuesday the 21st which is today and when I messed that scheduling up. This was before I had my tooth ripped out of my thesis so I can't blame numbing agents or just me. Messed up human being that makes mistakes or owns also. That's the deal. So that'll be a next week. Michael began next Wednesday the 29th which I suppose is when we got it scheduled the first place.

Totally my bad. I was still recovering from my fun time yesterday getting a tooth removed, which came out 12 pieces instead of one or two so that was fun anyway.

I was going through just talking about some of the COBIT stuff going on so many asked questions on Facebook live escorts. Where's the GOP in the midst of all this that's a great question. There has not, but you you I think the GOP in terms of coven has been represented well by just a few people a few governors here and there to Santos in Abbott in Texas and then ran Paul was for the most part, an independent, but most of the most of the GOP out of the want to state, local level there's been you know there's been bills passed and things done my cure North Carolina in the legislature, but I think will meet you at the GOP or talking on the national level and and there's just not a lot because there's not a lot of people.

Unfortunately that I think have a good grasp on the numbers certainly are ran Paul.Sen. Rand Paul desk is when you look at, you know, Delta Delta Delta, but if you look I'm looking at daily new cases right now in America gained daily new cases United States which we went over this recently if you want to look it up.

I'll put a link on Facebook live world oh meters okay is a good place to go.

They have all kinds of great information about world oh meters if you go look at their COBIT stuff. I just put a link up on Facebook live single look at it for yourself okay for following on Facebook.

If you look at daily new cases, so the ultimate spike, of course, was the beginning of this year like January 8, 2021 daily new cases was 304,000. Okay, that was our biggest spike since it all started going back to March 19, 2022 legal back all the way back March 19 March 20 your new looking at like 5000 cases okay. Then we had a little bump in August we had a peak in August or July summer last year.

Remember during BLM and all that stuff.

Then it fell as we went into the fall and then it started to take off again in the winter months. Remember, there is no flu over all that and then it got to that peak of over 300,000 which was on January 8 of this year.

Then it plummeted and it came all the way down to the lowest thing on this chart is about 13,500 13,162, which was in June, June 22 13,000 then it spiked up again.

That's Delta.

The Delta variant that goes up and we hit the peak of the Delta variant on August 27.

Okay, not that long ago. August 27 a month ago we hit the peak and it seems like the government's always lagging 2 to 3 weeks behind reality okay because they're still acting like Delta is completely out of control but were on the back side of the hill Kaylee climbed up the hill we hit the top of the hill. Think like you're on a roller coaster on August 27 daily cases, one, 196,818 and then it started to come down payments continuing to come down September 20 today or yesterday is down to 86,000 new cases that's nationwide okay so from a high of 196 on August 27. It came down to on September 20. Three weeks later, 86,000 so significant drop off right significant, so Delta Mrs. new cases are right, which we know now that the vaccines do not keep you from getting COBIT again.

The vaccines appear to be effective at keeping your COBIT from being as extreme or as deadly. And that's important okay I thought the only thing you consider with the vaccines. If you start doing your research, you start looking at adverse reactions. All I can stop but that's all significant in all matters. The problem is there's not really a clearinghouse anywhere. Not one person saying will. Here's the deal here is that 10 things you need to consider and make a choice from that here some serious concerns you don't hear that the mainstream media and usually don't hear it, even in regular social media you get little bits and pieces. That's why it's so frustrating and so many of us won't take the time you could link somebody sends me every day I get videos or things of doctors and different things that are out there and you know our 20 minutes.

Hour 30 minutes and I just simply do not have the time to sit down and watch the whole thing and usually it's anti-vaccine, which is fine, but information's legitimate in terms of consideration, but you get a look at just raw numbers which you don't.

Most people don't. So you look at that Delta. We hit the people are coming way down. Okay then you go look at deaths and that's also tragic right, of course, don't write it off now. Now if you're one of those people. It says there's no such thing as COBIT. I don't even know how you get there. I don't I come up with that and I just write that off when I get a message about that when I see a post about that. I just write it off, go to doesn't exist. Okay, okay, so it does exist. Now it's not nearly as deadly as people think it is worldwide or across America and across age, strata, people usually don't talk about that either. You still hate 655,000 people die. Okay, first of all, you do know that that's reporting death with COBIT, not necessarily death from Cove so right now or at 695,600 6699 total deaths with COBIT. How many of them are actually primarily because of Cove. I don't know. Let's say it's the lion share okay so that serious. It's more than heart disease less than abortion year okay but were talking right now. Total deaths 18 months so you get a factor that ends well but let's look at the death number.

The worst day for deaths in America was on January 12. Remember our highest cases was slightly before that so deaths usually lag cases by week to so January 12 was the worst day of individual deaths reported with COBIT 4489. That was January 12 We Came Way down into the hundreds by June 29 with 325, July 2 with 313 July for 365 system pretty low numbers okay but she would consider a nation of three and 30 million people. Then it starts to go up it lags behind deaths lag behind COBIT new cases is a new case doesn't turn into death right away so new cases are to go faster than death.

That's gonna lag by week so then you saw the worst that the worst day with this spike was not that long ago.

September 15 where there were 2004, and 17 deaths.

But since then it's dropped significantly so.

Just yesterday, 777 reported deaths with Cove yesterday 777, the day before 673 siliceous a 700 versus the high on September 15, 2004, and 17. So it's dropped by two thirds, whose reporting that hey, good news, everybody knew cases presumably would Delta have dropped precipitously and Norma sleep and just have dropped up okay. Just have dropped out. Sorry significantly by about two thirds and they lag by two weeks to start looking at this ago all okay RA select starts to make some sense and then he got a factor in what would you do about it. Well I said before state again. Some people don't like here in this.

If you're 18 and under one and what you do about it in terms of the policy nationwide. Nothing you don't do anything because you don't make a policy based on significantly insignificant data and again, if you look at a one years of age 11 year of age.

Okay 23 Cove address out of 3.8 million is .60 per 100,000. Okay, these numbers are just really small tragic but small 10 years of age. So this earlier nine deaths out of a population of 4,060,000 so that's .22 per 100,000.22 per 100,000 so you need to deal with a sample of 40,000 to get the one child out of that 40,000 dies from COBIT or with Cove. Should you mask all 400,000 children for that no of course not.

Should you put Plexiglas between no of course not. And they're not even good spreaders of Cove. So what's the issue in the flu season can be worse for kids than COBIT. The baffle had a bad flu season in 2019, 20, 20, and the death rates and there were worse than COBIT.

Do you remember anything crazy happening with respect to what we do with our kids that no so again this is a personal choice.

This is up to you to ask or don't ask. I am not vaccinated. I have had COBIT. I'm going to get an anybody test soon just so I can talk about it. I do want to know about that myself, but that's my decision.

Your decision is yours and I said before, I'll say it again I'm knocking a judge you whether you get COBIT or not. I won't judge you. If you are mask all the time or not. I would ask you not to judge me if you think I don't love my neighbor again. Right now we only have about 14 months worth of long-term data from what happens on the other side of getting the vaccine. Only 14 months, we have 48 months.

Let's have a conversation again we see all kinds of problems like long-term ability to get pregnant. That becomes an issue and perhaps the loving position with caution is a yellow flag rather than a green flag and always be concerned with whose waving the flat whose waving the green flag was dropped and its Bidens federal government algae works, CBC, NIH, healthy dose of skepticism. In all, make sure you're paying attention to data data matters. Facts matter.

This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing, we'll talk again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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