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Mandates Part 2: What About YOU?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 14, 2021 10:28 pm

Mandates Part 2: What About YOU?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 14, 2021 10:28 pm

Mandates Part 2: What About YOU?

Steve takes callers and talks about mandates. How do you feel and think about vaccine/mask mandates. How does it affect you?


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show meet everyday issues of life work politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show. There's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble time ran talk about the vaccine mandate yesterday. I think talking about it, but my question to Ed, is it actually affecting you. We know that the bite administration says which doesn't make it gospel obviously that there's about 80 million people that are affected by his decree from last Thursday, meaning there using OSHA to go after businesses with more than 100 employees. There's about 157,000 of those and but under 100 employees, they can't.

They're not doing that. But is this affecting you personally. The vaccine mandate. Have you already delegate do you work in the healthcare industry do you work in a school you work at a high school middle school public school, University that's what I want to do that when I want. I want you to share your stories now if you want to call in to be anonymous. That's fine. Don't want to mention your employer. That's fine.

But have you as it cost you a job or are you having to violate your own conscience you don't want it, but you're going to get it because you have to keep your job and just so you know as far as I go. This is a judgment free zone on this deal.

Okay judgment free zone here. I'm knocking to be given you a hard time about any of this stuff and going to happen.

Not for me. Okay I'm knocking to do that and I can give you a hard time about okay Jesse, no. But there are other people I know friend on Facebook right now I but I found another nursing job. After working in the hospital for 20 years. I'm heartbroken have to stand my ground still waiting from religious exemption from the hospitals. I'm trying to stay there part-time and so you know other people have to you got it you have to get it. Nobody has to. We have to make a choice. You got all kinds of jobs out there. 11 million jobs available, which I understand that but that's easier said than done for most of us is that it easier said than done that for most people. They have neither the ease of movement or the financial ability to just pick up and go and say I'm outta here. Forget it, but I'm wondering how this is affecting you personally has it cost you a job already is it going to cost you a job are you are or are you and you and if you want to be anonymous. That's fine. 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 is the is the number and we need to talk about this openly for not sharing these stories. And there's no momentum for the people to push back on what I believe in most of you probably believe is a massive governmental overreach into the private decisions of private individuals with respect to healthcare, so what's your story of the vaccine mandate. I do want to hear from you. Please share either. I'm standing my ground.

I change my job and I'm losing my job tomorrow is my last day on my last day was last week. I'm unemployed as of October 1. Whatever the case may be, or have you decided to go ahead and get it to get the vaccine.

I don't want it to feel good about it. I'm I'm concerned for the potential downside side effects in the future.

But what choice do I have, and like I said you're knocking to get any judgment for me on this one and if are going to be consistent and say my body, my choice and all that kind of stuff will this needs to be the same thing here. So let's not be we we beat each other enough up in the church in the last couple years have we not over the election over masks over church shutdowns and now over vaccines. So how is this affected you personally.

This vaccine mandate has it cost you a job. Is it going to cost you a job or are you just like him, I'm changing some people are waiting another friend on Facebook live waiting for religious exemption but not hopeful. I carry my family and health insurance, and I'm looking for new job. Okay, that's a big deal. You know much health insurance cost to be just go get it on your own. But that's crazy money 800,000 1200 1500 try to see for having an issue with our phones because it had soup several people call but we the skulls of dropped off so let's he was going on there, but I do want to hear from you and we need to be sharing these stories okay to show the government if you're saying I'm not doing it and to show each other in the still of each other and to be there for your neighbor, your brother or sister in the family of faith. If they have to get the vaccine because they can't afford to lose her job they can't find a no and again. It's really easy to be armchair quarterback on the steel I work in here. I have my one assist. Okay that's that's two of us. That's it in with my classes so my classes I teach underneath another organization, so I have to abide by their rules.

But right now that's not an issue there, but other classes I teach in my home.

I control what's going on there in there's no requirements whatsoever. No mass requirement know met no vaccine regarding obviously so that's my question.

We need to talk about this stuff what is happening in real life, and please share your story, 866-348-7884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH phenomena share with you.

Make sure we get the phones going to share with you what's going on Facebook like plenty of people are sharing their and Facebook. Okay, so you've got people willing to share that story and for and again listen just a word of warning because we do this so often around the subject in the church that we just go at each other that this is not a salvific question okay if if somebody's all four vaccines. They don't sacrifice their salvation and you shouldn't hate them and you should disassociate from okay so we need to stop allowing Satan to have a foothold here on this issue, which is been pretty effective at that. Right.

So we have to knock that off and we have to be very careful and be very respectful and try to support each other. Okay, looks like we got the phones figured out 866-34-TRUTH 87884's number 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth and there was this out there. This is really interesting to me the story that the title caught my eye.

This was on national review just earlier today. Unions now class who what party do unions associate with right, the Democrat party. But in this case. What an interesting title. Unions fight back against vaccine mandates so Mike, what okay if you got begotten full unions fighting back against the Biden vaccine mandate, and these employers, like the Michigan nurses Association remains opposed to mandate saying that will drive vaccine hesitant nurses to quit rather than submit to an inoculation unit content, such decisions are best decided democratically by healthcare workers themselves need to be subject to collective bargaining meaning to government get out my healthcare. See Noble pick up there we combat which are difficult, but I also hear from you were trying to make sure we can get some phone calls going looks like were enzyme problems there. So can you keep fighting now.

Have fun with that technology. Don't you love it. I'm an office manager for a medical transport company never leave the office to see patient spoke to the owner yesterday. This is somebody on Facebook and he said he was thinking about making shots mandatory and upfront with him that I will not take the shot.

He shrugged it off like it was no big deal. I been with the company longer than he has owned the company owner sad and disappointing. See that's real and the owner doing just fine. The problem vaccines and now saying if you want to work here.

You have to get one and they can do that but the owner can do that, whether they have 100 employees are not relevant. If the owner can just do that but retirement communities that we clean Fedora requirement from Mark from my employees. I so this is somebody less than 100 employees in the retirement communities that they were cut to do cleaning or saying you have to get vaccinated.

You want to come here and work and cleaner place have to be vaccinated. Somebody said I read the Bill Gates suggested that's so scared to be cut off if not vaccinated okay on something like that is that within the realm of possibility. These days I would say so I would say that's within the realm of possibility that they would ask you do that now that's pretty far down the road to saying working to cut off your so security don't get vaccinated. That's that's way out there is not, is it not yes that's way out there, but way out there is and as far out there as it used to be, now is because we do have the president had saved last Thursday, saying companies over 100 employees must get vaccinated organized sick OSHA on you and for every employee that doesn't get vaccinated or doesn't get tested negative test every week get tested every week working hitch of the $14,000 fine in every occurrence. That's a big deal is not only check the phones but I'd love for you to call and share your story about your workplace.

Have you lost your job.

Are you gonna lose your job. Are you are you are you biting your tongue and you're going to go get vaccinated. Even though you don't really want to but you know the choice zone hear from you. We need to share these stories openly, publicly on the air. Okay, don't just hide amongst ourselves are just in your small group we need to share the stories on the air for everyone to hear this power in the 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH what is your COBIT vaccine mandate story good or negative. Let's go click on it, from Raleigh, Clay, do you have a story with respect to this well, I can't hear him talk to bit and well you know I wanted different directors but I feel the Lord only made me to go one direction. You know, I'm not sure if I sure do. You know, back when you were bricked when you talk about what you're going on a I know that the Lord opened up the door for me to be able to get both shots to the veterans administration and you know that happen through me watch a couple programs and the watching the news and I feel the Lord flashed the VA screen on the TV, drew close and enter all talk to a wonderful lady was crippled with the VA and she said okay she got information search term is able to get you know how feel and understand that people were called up in certain things regarding you know whether to get it got to get it. You know why I think. But here's the thing about just remember that the Lord is in control and he knows all the things going on but everything from the evil one is doing what he needed to cause a disruption and that's where everybody is getting lost. I will decide that you know that I had a job in Coburg called go away. I can't say that but I can say that when you know when your heart. Whether it is to do the right thing of the wrong thing you know your heart you got alignment with what the gobbled father with you for your life down the road. Will you say something like that all you know of the OSHA thing where all God's green earth, the ocean is supposed to be involved in this, or where does it say that you know all the government. Question three. Here's the thing that I'm sure will Clay OSHA is the mechanism by which presently Biden is using his executive authority to be able to do anything he has to have some mechanism that he can use to bring the power of the federal government to bear against a large business OSHA is that mechanism.

Broder your and something that we all need to go back and really really put default art all major prayer. Look what is going on because each person that put him at all. You are answering for what you did this thing that were all receiving the route because I gotta talk to wonderful program award on Sunday and he said that he felt that getting the vaccination was what needed to happen. He said he felt over the market-based.

I don't know that. All I know is that the Lord allowed me to get a better description for government and you can to get to another caller Clay but I think that's and that's something that you said this earlier and I think this bears repeating that I gotta let you go to jump to another call is that this this is a clays making his decision to the VA and Eagle. You know I Clay God bless you that your decision I respect you, you make your decision for yourself.

I make a decision. The person over there makes a decision everybody in your church. My church in the body of Christ, you make your decision and then let's not beat each other up about it let's you support each other.

Pray for one another love one another and move on, but I think that's a super point. Yep, great to look like what's in your heart right know what's right in your heart because your your God the father, I want your heart created your heart when you were born from our members here to go and ended talking about what Romans chapter 8 verse 21 that he foreknew when we were before we were born. This is a decision that some point we will have to make and you know what it's okay because you're aligning yourself where were the gobbled father made you feel the Lord is leading you, Clay. I got a go.

But thanks for writing, and I appreciate you got a really good about you to talk to you later. Thanks Mike.

Let's jump to Pats: in all the way from New Mexico.

Pat, thanks for calling the redhead when you were here in Albuquerque Yolanda oh yeah awesome show me they made me do it.

I had to get back and I'm just I went in for Garland and Claudia but I do my job because you come right down to it, because what I mean Pat. What choice did you have really any others other people's and hate that you don't want to do that.

Go get another job but it's not as easy as it sounds as if no, no horrible and I'm looking hundred dollars and we all got ready here.

I need my body yeah John think of that was a one and done, are you okay since how long ago was it really poor are no known side effects for that's right that's right. And that is the point. And that's the problem that God bless you thanks are still listening. I appreciate that 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Share your story. 866-34-TRUTH 784. How has the vaccine mandate happened what's going on in your life, your workplace where your accident cost you something. Are you having to do something like Pat did that she didn't want to do is pick issues friends, your body is under your control.

Allegedly your IPA will show great to be with just asking the question, are vaccine mandate affecting you yet costing you a job. Pat called and Alpine applicant New Mexico and said eight. I didn't want to but I was in lose my job. I can lose my job so I got the shot and that you're there now.

Okay this is happening. This is real.

And remember, I look at this and go follow the signs. Follow signs. I think you need to follow the clinical science because it remember this is some numbers I throw these out. These of the recent most recent number CDC okay 65 and over account for 78% of all cobra debts 65 and over 70% 18 and under .06% .06%, barely over half of 1% and that's only 412, at a 643,412 is tragic but you know make policy and you don't backfill these kids you know mask always gets nationwide is the goal of the gosh, what about the teachers what the teachers the average age of the public school teachers in America is about 42 and there still 99.9% chance of survival. So there's a lot more going on here than just" the science but as it affected you have enough to affected your job where you're working, is it costing you something did yet to get that did you decide to get the vaccine, even though you didn't want to share these stories and help each other out and encourage one another and pray for one another. Okay to make sure were doing that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 8784 to share your story or 866-34-TRUTH of Jeff calling from North Carolina, Jeff, thanks for calling grandma Steve go ahead, you're welcome. I think you and my brother will click the point where we are still you know me before I was 14 years in the military and the National Guard. You may want ice all night to get out. I can't eat now starting to that list. I saw this coming and I was working in a getting attention attention pictures when my wife and I had the balance like what you he took a financial conflict with her healthcare having more expensive.

Now you get out there just one off all 20 years, but I another story.

My brother is the instruction worker that he was in Pennsylvania and he is doing her current job or Hershey Medical Center Penn State using construction.

No, not that well because he's a third-party contractor for the hospital.

They out and work anybody job with hospital so now work you have to with his current employer requests a different job or for different work. So you a lot of side of healthcare. No well not right.

Exactly that now my time.but I have now.

I have yet what conversations are already at okay what are we going to do it come to how you handled it all right. That's right know it so exciting.

Jeff and I know exactly you are in and thank you for your service and all these years of service and and and military retirement is a great way to honor men and women that have served in our military and to be boxed into a corner where you have to walk away from that it's just I mean it's just horrific.

It's it's used to be un-American. Maybe it's American now I don't know what felt like no not know that none of that jazz.

Praise the Lord why you and you know my brother, my company and that at the hole next to general. That's what she is by no time, no, I don't like it like a proto-Mark sure well yeah it's a great dry run yet training exercise. You were praying for God bless you brother. Thanks much for sharing. Bless you.

I talked to my goodness gracious.

Let's go to this little anonymous calling in here North Carolina they're gone.

Let's go to Taft calling in from North Carolina. Tap your own Steve go at comment and slightly different sir. I am also are you retired veteran and understand apprehension about not knowing what in the shot you want for 21 years. I had no choice but to construct in the military. Whatever it put in them is in me now and God be the glory.

I haven't been all the words. For now, I know people can take the political side of the sirloin and that's always going to be prevalent and but you know what people to her. So many selfish side of the living matter is the nature of it is only concerned with my body my body. I get that because I was on for well but the nature of this virus is live and the way it is my master not only protect me somewhat, but it takes the person on the inside of so you know everybody is complaining about their right to write today and whatnot but you inscriptions, you know better. You know all the personal side and back to think about it you know you can't have it both ways. Going to put the risk on your your point that you were talking about about.

I have a brother who is been voluntary providing COBIT. I mean going to go over your volunteering to get paid, but the primary job and he's down to Florida where he thinks he reports a family devotion every week and he tells us to update about down to Florida and the trend is is dramatically swung to the teenagers or young adults.

Now they may not permit but because they're younger in the right at all, but will the problem is is taken up all the bids in the hospital.

People that have other ailments can't get in and to be saying when you know a recruiting firm people left and right so bad that the work is going to cope with testing and working all parts of the hospitals are getting sick from the variant they are having to go home and Isley Cortina. Whatever systems are so overcast understand they can't handle current medical crisis over still arguing about you know whether this is the mark of the beast and whatnot but I don't think there reading your Bible about what the market would be really don't think this market-based before the vaccine came out.

I thought that that is probably a good way.

You know sure, but you know Romans 828 you about all things work together for good, God is going to take care of so you know you got a stern for yourself. You gotta be in the word and you got a break and be guided by the Holy Spirit will also have to be more concerned about not just ourselves we can't have it both ways. We can have the economy right now. Julie, with better vaccine or better solution. We gotta think about. I know families are still. We also know you want to go back and not have all the hospital will open our parents and our young ones getting cold, and the other thing to him about that young what you COBIT may have a stronger immune system. The virus is going to mutate to where it's going to be so virus and and an elderly person. Guess it is time is mutated anything. To combat this thing about the guy got a bunch to say about what your stands up.

Thank you for calling. Thank you for sharing all comment on it.

On the other side of the break them up against the breaker. Thank you so much for calling Taft and sharing your position. I really appreciate your welcome right I have is that have a lot to say that one will do it come back to this packet Steve Noble to Steve okay let's so there's this case by our last caller and anybody else, okay Florida hospitals being overrun that something on the ground down there is something on the ground. Okay, but not getting a look at what's actually happening.

Go look at the numbers.

So that's what I'm doing. I'm looking at world oh you will get this all pulled directly from the CDC and the World Health Organization.

Okay, so if we looking Florida daily new cases did they get hammered by Delta yes they did their peak was higher there their peak biggest peak before daily new cases was January 1 of this year with 21,000 new cases okay they peak before in July of last year. Then January 1 early January this year. Then it went way down. They were in town like you know 1500 new cases on June 12 and it skyrocketed up okay. Literally. So on August 27. They had 27,777 new cases Delta but where is it going where are they on the roller coaster.

September 12 16,000 September 9, 12,004 80 September 8 13,009 29 so when you look at it up and up and up they go there's the peak and another on the backside of it.

They're coming down okay coming down on daily new cases, so this is what COBIT does it run through population get a bunch of people sick.

Praise the Lord that 99 point some percent of them survive and he had natural immunity, which they're now showing to be stronger then this is an island immunity conferred by recovering from COBIT 19 is better than the protection afforded by Cova 19 vaccines, a prominent vaccine inventor says, citing a part. A recent study from Israel.

Israeli researchers found that people in the country vaccinated with Pfizer's Cova 19 shower 13 times more likely to contract the Delta variant and 27 times more more at risk of symptomatic disease compared to those who had recovered from Cova 19 meaning the immunity you have the help you have from vaccines is not as strong as the help you get from your maker. That's the point. Okay, you go back to Florida. Now I'm looking at the daily deaths. Sad horrific no doubt about their original peak was August 5 of last year 242 in a day than they peaked again in January.

Looks like there were staying January 1 January 23 216 Despina Came Way down down like 2625 24 in mid June, it went back up to its highest ever, which was August 21, daily Destin, Florida 347 and then is plummeted back down again and on September 10 they had 25 Sunset September trip because member depth lag by a couple weeks behind new cases, so September 10 daily desk down to 25. Praise God because just couple weeks going on August 21. They had over 300 so it drops off, that's one point so even though you can look and see three weeks ago, where they said yeah that baby they're having some capacity issues with hospitals they aren't anymore because it's coming down. And now you've got studies that are saying as much as many as 80%. CDC study finds over 80% of US adults have some immunity to COBIT notes prior infection offer similar protection as vaccine and then you get a look at the clip I played yesterday with Felty San.

Oh yeah natural immunity. Yeah, we need to look into that. What. Six.

18 months later you we gotta look into it known that from the get-go. Why haven't they done anything with why am. They talked about and to the last caller's point. What about young people. Young working people are getting sick. Okay, but the reality is that's a good thing because they get natural immunity and that will protect them more in the future and it's not statistically significant.

In the 18 and under age range nationwide since March of last year. The number of deaths relative to the whole is statistically insignificant. It's 412 deaths, which is tragic.

Every single one of them.

Out of 643,858 that's .06% okay under 18 statistically insignificant in terms of policy, nationwide to look at all that then you got that's a problem okay because there's anecdotal things.

This is happening. This is happening.

This is happening over there. This is the problem here.

Kids are getting sick okay okay so what just because they get sick that that's not in the world.

Statistically we know they got a 99.9% chance of survival.

So mullah could get the flu.

Stop the presses. No, you don't need to. That's why when you look at it again age range is everything here for COBIT 78% of all COBIT deaths in America since March of last year in the 65 and over age range.

78% 30 and under is 5%. So we have to make sound decisions based on real numbers, not anecdotal evidence. Things that you've heard headlines, or even what the government sets you. Actually, if you want to talk about sign checks to get to use it use facts not feelings a G.Jim Connor from Greensboro. Jim, thanks for calling ahead for me. I might not be able to adequately address what you're talking about today.

I'm up for more people volunteer both my wife and cook for COBIT 19 back in February. I am a formal people volunteer a believer in every creature of the gospel craft. Not the best plan but one of many who are your retirement. I have a managerial position in Texas and he has seen and heard many Cova 19 this over the past 14 to 15 months. Whatever you me is very very very disingenuous to believe all the information in this defamation in this country about the mass in the COBIT 19 things: my high school classmate lawsuit daughter in law Cova 19 she was in ICU and Florida too much, and Brandon, Florida, and she caught the Cova.

19 and she suffered she but refused to take this refused to wear the mask and so she contracted COBIT 19 my classmates did not test positive.

He tested negative.

But he caught pneumonia.

So I'm really and I asked him how would I would think they were in there for about I really think that the we have a country need to be pulling together and doing all we can to listen to people who probably have more more knowledge than we hear about what's going on. The people in the hospital they know they experienced sure is something I think I sure and if the president who have, it is past president previously. Whoever is an executive office.

If he is responsible for all taken care of. The people of this country for the domestic terrorist all all foreign tears he should do so and all who treat this: 19 as inanimate and I hear you and I and I understand that and respect your point and I appreciate Colin and Shanna Jimmy by the way, thank you for your service to the Lord and preach the gospel, God bless you sir, you are welcome, and so that you don't just dismiss that. So if you're wondering hey Steve, go get I'm knocking to do that on their just just a little FYI in case your newer to the show. I could believe me you know this already I could get into it with most callers, one or talking on the subject like this but I just don't feel led to do that there's enough of that out there. There's certainly nothing that when conservative talk radio is enough of that in the regular media son back into it and so you listen to that and he knows people only seen the devastation of COBIT and its real, that's real. I know families that of been struggling over three, four, five weeks, David Fisher. I texted him our buddy here on the show from a Monday Monday and praise the Lord and he said he is doing much better. I said how are you said so much better prayers are being answered. Amen. And he said his wife to and so praise the Lord for that. And I know of some healthy young people a quarterback on the team here locally. That is a really bad case of covert and every one of those is tragic but that is not normative. That is not the common story. The common story with COBIT and this is where I don't have to be a medical professional to look at the numbers and understand the facts and the facts are that most of us have a 99.9% survival rate. The overwhelming majority of us.

You cannot dismiss the now what happens in the political realm is as soon as I say that people say Steve anti-Baxter.

Steve doesn't care about COBIT or Steve heartless and he doesn't care about his neighbor and is done the love his neighbor and find a way, it's neither constitutional nor legal for the present United States to take responsibility for all three, and 30 million people.

That's not his job. He doesn't have the authority to do it.

That's not what the Constitution sets up. This is not a nanny state.

The present United States is not your daddy he's not your mom is not your doctor manages one third of the three branches of government happens to be the biggest one he is by far the most powerful person in the government, but it's not his job to keep me healthy is not his job is my responsibility in my family is my responsibility your family and your self. That's your responsibility. That's freedom and liberty. Now if you want to get the present United States to care about the country and our health than let's go deal with the 68% of us that are obese in terms of body mass and you want to do that you want to get the present United States to check your diet to give me authority you do not that's what I'm saying you can walk and chew gum at the same time I can be heartbroken over friends and family struggle with COBIT.

I do not take these heartbreaking situations and turn them into national policy. You have to deal with reality that's with the government supposed to do reality rather than just feeling Steve Noble and Michelle God willing I'll talk to my dad always ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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