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9/11 Conference in NYC!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 10, 2021 2:29 pm

9/11 Conference in NYC!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 10, 2021 2:29 pm

9/11 Conference in NYC! 

Steve is LIVE from the 9/11 Conference in NYC! He talks about 9/11 and events that happened when he was there and the tragedies. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell at 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble just in case you are wondering if you're thinking Steve Noble is a really glamorous life would be wrong. I'm in the basement of Trinity Baptist Church in New York City were in Midtown, but super excited to be here the 9/11 conference that we been talking about and that's why we had Joel Rosenberg on just two days ago an indictment. Dr. Mitch Glaser. Who's with chosen people ministries is on a couple weeks back he's back today because they're one of the main partners with 9/11 the, which starts tonight at 7 PM Eastern time. You can register for free but go to the website.

9/11 the tomorrow being the 20th anniversary so that's something we been talking about that. Here are some of my friends in New York City at the church that that is a bandage for me personally, guys, I'd I shared my 9/11 story earlier in the week that the bandage for me personally that I choose to ripoff every year and I don't want to get numb to what happened 20 years ago tomorrow and so that's a big part of what's going on at this conference. It's good to be very, very powerful tonight and tomorrow so make sure you take advantage of that. Go and rip the bandage off of your 9/11 memory. Don't let it get cold. Don't let it get but it's great to be here. Dr. Mitch Glaser back in the house chosen people ministries salaries are terrific sleep shalom shalom. Thank you very much is great to see you explain to people because night so I have a little bit of theological training just enough to be dangerous, but most people when they hear shalom.

They just think it's a nice Jewish person saying oh I have a nice day, but that's actually a very pregnant word. It is a very pregnant and powerful word.

Actually, the presumption is something very on Jewish in some ways and that is that the world is kind of falling apart because work shalom which is translated piece implies that there was no peace and somehow jumped the that which is divided is coming back together and so I think that it's a great picture of redemption.

What happens when we come to know the Lord, when the Prince of peace is in the heart your United there should be a united sense with other people who believe in Jesus our world could use some shalom right that's exactly right yeah and that's it makes me think often of Jesus, talk about the life that he came to give us abundantly abundant life. And so shalom doesn't just help you having a decent day. Shalom is an overflowing of blessings.

In this case directly from the hand of the Lord which is awesome.

So tomorrow 20th anniversary. You are Brooklyn person, Mitch, and obviously the 9/11 conference starting this evening, but we're talking about this earlier. I asked you if this was any different than any other 9/11 cortical anniversary and not even comfortable with that term because it implies celebration but you said it was different this time that Steve when I was asking around to see if anybody was doing anything for 9/11.

This is back in probably February or March and I found out and I'm I've been a believer in ministry in New York City for more than three decades. So I kind of know a lot of people or no people know people.

I checked around and nobody was doing now. There are a few little things happening now, but nobody was really doing anything and I said that that's just not possible.

You know we've we've it's almost like dishonoring those heroes who did so much for us and not an but there's something more important. Steve and I didn't really bring it out of strongly. The last time we were together and that is this a back story okay in the back story is sometimes God story you know it in the book of Esther the name of God is never mentioned but you see his hand all over the place. Some people call the left hand of Providence, you know, but his hand is always in the picture and so when you look at 9/11 and you see what happened. All the trauma in the drama and the hurt and the pain and the restoration that came about over the last couple of decades, and so on.

You could miss what was actually happening. Okay, quick illustration. I'm sitting on a subway about 10 days after 9/11. I'm going back to Brooklyn and I'm sitting next to a guy who's probably some kind of one of the traits I don't know what he did some kind of construction work and we normally probably wouldn't have a conversation. I'm in a suit and tie stress like construction worker you know and will actually really not supposed to talk to strangers, people will probably commit you so I'm so I'm looking at the sky, which is draw right along, and I just looked at him. This is what it was like I said, so how are you Mrs. I'm not so good.

I said lose anybody said yeah couple people said yeah me too I said awful hot he says just terrible. You know, it's hard to get over and I said well I'm an evangelist, so I said you notice there is some good news and there's a place to find comfort to share the gospel with him only in a couple couple minutes okay and then we went back to read but only a couple of minutes, but the receptivity yeah of people after 9/11 was amazing. Some churches almost grew by a service. Yeah, during nine areas 9/11 and what were doing at this conference and this is my agenda. You know what I want to bring out the back story so we've got the Billy Graham people who lead relief work during after 9/11, the southern Baptist guy who did. We got the oral surgeon who identified the bodies by their teeth. Okay, we've got an FBI agent homeland security agent now who was who was in the pit for four months digging up evidence and who did all sorts of other stuff nobody wants to hear about and I were putting in some of the pastors who were dropped their ministries. Successful pastors drop their ministries and just spent all their time counseling praying with people, comforting people chosen people staff. We were out every day in Union Square while in just praying with people and then there were prayer tables down in Wall Street and we were there to and Nick's Avoca who was with why Weymouth time did a marvelous job of doing the list. There is a back story. Yeah, it's not blatant, it's under the surface but it's got stories of what he did during 9/11 and my prayer.

My hope is that comes out during the next day and 1/2 so that people can see that even in the midst of tragedy, which were no stranger to today.

Even in the midst of of tragedy, God is still in control and that he still doing this work, he still loves us such powerful points and and I would encourage everybody I'm anybody really over the age of 30, but particularly the age of 35 there were 15 when it happened.

I think that evangelism door is still wide open. If you if you crack open a conversation about 9/11 with anybody in America over that age.

They've got a memory. They know exactly where they were.

They know exactly what they felt and you can get back to that place pretty quickly and still offer the good news that came out of that such powerful absolutely. Amen what's great to be here match, thank you for your time.

Sorry is brief and he got a little on your plate, but it's a pleasure to be here and working to support a great year.

This is a normal life in New York City. 9/11 the go get registered for the night at 7 PM will be right back back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble so live from Trinity Baptist Church Midtown East sorafenib close to Central Park on the side of Manhattan going up. I think my daughter told me this and she's 23 so she knows I have to listen. I think when you go past 59th St.

Now you can start talking about your your north or south your Midtown your North I it's confusing to me because I'm just a Midwesterner by training and by lifestyle, but it's great to be here were here for the 9/11.

The is the website you can still register that starts tonight at 9 PM. This is really going to be a deeply honoring event a lot of people that have been involved in 9/11, pastors, people from the Billy Graham Association and the FBI agent people that were involved with 9/11 the day and the days after. So it's not just looking at what's going on the Middle East since 9/11. That's all we are talking to Joe Rosenberg about earlier in the week and even Mitch Glaser who was just on we didn't show at him a couple weeks ago.

He is the president of chosen people ministries but really to honor all the people that were involved in that. And like I mentioned Mitch in the first segment that I choose every year because I had a pretty intense experience myself in November of that year here in Manhattan. I choose every year to spend a lot of time revisiting 9/11.

It's kind like ripping the bandage off and pouring salt in but I think we have to do that. I spent a day of the firefighter maybe promise I would never forget, and I would always tell the story. And so to me it's worth it. And so I think we all need to be willing to do that and maybe perhaps within the midst of sharing 9/11 stories of one another. We can recapture at least for a little bit so that unity that we experience back in which we need so desperately now and also like Mitch was saying a great gospel opportunity where the speakers that's here for the conference is Dr. Darrell Bock is been around for a while.

The author 40 books Dallas theological seminary ETS by the way I bunch of my professors at Southeastern Baptist seminary where I got my Masters degree that were a part of each ETS and also your been a board member of chosen people ministries but thanks for spending some time today I Dr. Bock how are you I'm doing great.

And as far as I'm concerned, I'm on Manhattan and that's how you the details later.

I just need to know how to get back to the airport at some point you are part of the conference talk about that person. I'm Well I'm here because been involved well over 20 years are right in the New Testament sometimes and eschatology thing that Dr. the end times for those who don't get technical theological language and and I think that the Gospels committed ultimately to bring people together so you see the situation the Middle East where the devil is not the case out and you go okay so what does Christianity have to offer this yet and you've done a lot of ministering in the Middle East and in Israel in particular to both the Jewish people and Arab people are Muslim people.

Being a believer from America what's not like I've only been there once was a couple years ago. That's when I met Joe Rosenberg back in it and I would imagine it's a unique challenge. Yeah, I've been there several times and one of things my 9/11 story is is that I realized when when the planes hit the buildings and that collapsed everything that I knew next to nothing as a theologian about Islam while and and really needed to get up to speed and so really the last 20+ years of my life is been in part, getting up to speed on Islam and including this last summer I just read the longest and was considered to be the most well distributed biography of Mohammed written in the 900s and so and it's not hundred pages, so it's a lot yeah yeah and in what emerge from that is an appreciation of the complexity of what Islam itself is in makes me careful about generalizing it makes me very very sensitive in terms of how I talk about groups of people and in not letting it break down into the oversimplifications we often are engaged in we have is conversation you do that a lot and in the heat of the moment, whether it's 9/11.

Obviously the last couple weeks everybody's reengage talking about Afghanistan and you go there's what, what, 1.7 1.8 billion Muslims in the world.

How many of them are sharia law type Muslims are Sunni. How many of them. What I want. Living next door. They would be a great neighbor there very hospitable. I spent time in northern Iraq on a mission trip in all the Kurdish people were in court, but they were courteous. First, the prime minister actually said where Curtis first and Muslim second so it that's the hard things you don't really know how to write what you're dealing with. When you meet various trip to Turkey two years after 9/11 my wife and I went to the car, drove through Turkey were pretty much. We were told afterwards we were crazy and in the hostility hospitality of the people was amazing. Ciao, I still regards it is one of the best trips never taken a lot yeah really amazing, which is a great I found it to be a pretty easy lob over home plate to at least get into a gospel conversation so hospitable, exact, and willing to talk and engage in, and I think that there is a God out there. You talk about, which is pretty helpful God. It all yelled Amy to Moses good guy.

What about Jesus that we love Jesus and the Bible. I messed with it, but a lot of that we like and I never really knew how much I hadn't exactly released all those little bridges so we look at the Middle East. I mentioned this before we went live. How do we look at the Middle East were most of my audience that evangelical conservative Christians we look at the Middle East. Some people I think I like a lot of things go too far.

Maybe their Christian Zionist others thinking about everything is about Jerusalem and then other people don't even think about it all the guys Old Testament yada yada yada help us understand theologically from the perspective how should we engaged not not just Jerusalem and Israel but the Middle East in general, with a ton of patient whose gosh and I when I met when I say that what I mean is it's a tangled mess. It's been a tangled mess, not just first decades or centuries. It's been a tangled mess for millennia and so it's not something in us all overnight. You're one of the problems we have in the modern world is were used to watching television where in 30 minutes with two commercial breaks for more than 22 minutes. You can do as a problem and solve a problem and that's not the Middle East, and Muslims.

And I think this is important in the context of what we seen in Afghanistan, many of them have a very long view there very patient that on the McDonald's mentality and you do. Yes me to pull up in the McDonald's line for couple extra minutes. I'm ready to burn the place to the ground yeah but for them there is a remarkable amount of patients. How do you think we should generally approach any Muslims that we happen to meet. It doesn't happen that often. In America, but increasingly so, and then in terms of a prayer life because P don't forget to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I just think most people need a little help coalescing how to lie, as a follower of Jesus Christ in the 21st century approach the Middle East in general, from a prayer perspective, evangelism, Muslims, Jewish people just just in general and 25 words. Sorry, no problem. Let me let me start here. I think the best thing to do in relation that you find yourself in is to initially get what I call getting a spiritual GPS reading screens, asking a lot of questions you want to hear their spiritual journey story and the reason you want to do that is you want to see where they're coming from because Muslims you know if you if I were to walk on average street and ask you know about Christians. The next response we will concretely talk right out muscles be the same thing. I must work on a Muslim are you talking about because there's a there's an array of people there people who view themselves primarily ethnically related to muscle.

It's a little bit like cultural Christianity and so they're not not into all the ideology that's coming from other wings of Islam and that kind of thing. So getting located in your conversation requires not assuming that you know are the persons, but one understanding enough, a little bit about Islam to know a little bit about its variety and figuring out where were they on this map right exactly and then in terms of our prayer life towards Jerusalem and Israel. What would be your suggestion that just pray for the peace of Jerusalem and and it's the calling of persistent do we can make for peace and then when sin manifests itself in just do the best we can to hold on to know that we have, yeah, I know that we have open Jesus Christ and rest assured one day there will be peace in the Middle East and help take care of that himself. Dr. Bock is great having my friends will be right back back it's even over the Steve Miller show live from Midtown East aspirate Midtown ease Manhattan the Big Apple depends on where you live.

For most of us who don't live here. It's just New York City but if you do live here I Midtown a sexy pretty close to Central Park. It's a beautiful day here reminiscent. Unfortunately, in an emotional way of how beautiful was on 9/11 20 years ago tomorrow but were here at Trinity Baptist Church 9/11.

The's conference. We been talking about for a few weeks now, you can still get registered and be a part of that tonight.

No big deal. Why am I losing some audio. That's an interesting problem reminded somebody kick something I hope not a great to be here. I'll be taken over that showed a nine times taking over his eye kick I'm looking at everybody else trying to find a bandit. Somebody kick the wire did it and who kicked the wire me that I hosted a show that's beautiful just think God like you, Steve, you need a little dose of humble pie. Anyway, it's great to have your time and cohosting the event like you just generally we have to cohosting event like this is like a happy-go-lucky thing even though it only honoring a lot, but this is a happy one.

Well, it really is and you know what you and and I've been asked by what you and and I've been asked to MC events. We usually are speaking at them, but asked us to do both and very very sobering for us. I mean everybody remembers what they were doing on 9/11. The amazing thing.

Only God could do this Steve but he can bring beauty out of ashtray and it really changed the entire world and I know most people can't even fathom this but it more Muslims have come to faith in Christ. The last 20 years since 9/11, then in 1400 you never come yeah and and it's shocking and that's where I mentioned this earlier with our other guests and I do this might to myself every year with 9/11. I just keep saying it's going to rip the Band-Aid off. There was that was such a fruit that was so difficult.

That's back to beauty from ashes young and we see this horrific thing that stays with us, especially those of us that are kinda 35 and older. We all if that was our Pearl Harbor and we know exactly where we were. We can call every emotion but the ground that was tilled up the soil that was tilled up from a gospel perspective from a church growth perspective from speaking politically from a unity perspective which shocking never seen anything since.

Yeah I don't know that we ever will. But I think we need to look at it almost like a Christian hedonist will know this is a great opportunity need to use it, which sounds harsh, but I think for the sake of people's souls. We should we should end and for Muslims it was the line in the same home and I mean even in their villages in Egypt Afghanistan where we go. No television or or anything they knew about 9/11 and every Muslim had asked himself. Is that what it means to be good. Most of right to go kill people right. Most of them Steve are just concerned with feeding their kids and send them to a good school like I have those kind of aspiration. Yeah. And terrorism is affected their lives. So you know it's it's sad what happened and just going down to the site today was so somber but yet so good to be down there so much light but way so many Muslims have have said that's it. No. And they have opened up to Jesus and so fast growing church fastest growing church is not remarkable is in the Middle East we can get killed for yesterday just remarkable. Yeah, we see that of course now are paying attention again because Afghanistan out.

How soon did you go back to the Middle East after 9/11 to month. Really, yet we just started and it was my. We've gone from pastoring to missionary and first stop was the Gaza Strip will never presented what we know by Gaza, ruled by 11 terrorist groups. One small evangelical church. There ago in Stephen wearing Gaza city get out of the cab and immediately a woman comes up to me she's covered 99.99% covered.

Just her face showing 12 grabbed him by the arm and said spoke English well and said did you see on September 11 when the buildings came down and the people were cheering and Gaza, and I said will yeah I did and she said will not me. I was crying for those people deserve to die and she said please forgive us. She and she turned on a hill and walked away and I remember I thought there's human beings, and the guy just imagine that yeah wasn't expecting it thing and we are and is talking to Dr. Bock about it and Mitch as well and for us as believers in the American context, especially around 9/11 and now it Afghanistan stuff. I think we have a tendency to lump everybody together.

That site won't listen. We still 68, 69, 70% of Americans that will self identify as Christian, but I'm pretty sure I'm knocking to see 60 to 70% of my fellow Americans in heaven. Whenever I get there and so we have to remember that about Muslims as well. There's a wide variety a lot of Muslims, like you said I just try to do the same things that were trying to do is go to pay the bills.

Try to take care my kids get an education. They're not thinking the way that we assume they are from the from a news coverage standpoint, but I know you're really Jordan recently wise yeah how are things today versus 20 years ago. Yeah you know what sadly with what's happening Afghanistan in the last month the terrorists are emboldened yet and you can just change the names out the title should all have the same agenda they have the same goals but there is an end they feel empowered that nobody's going to stop them that we have one. I mean, look what they're doing tomorrow Ensure 11 wearing in the government. Afghanistan F. But on the other hand, the dis-that the people that absolutely are so sick of this. It's growing and I think it is most exciting and Jordan. We got to be in a worship service of 70 former Muslims that let others that were leading worship. They were sharing Bible verses that came out of tough places like Syria and Iran and fundamental villages in Jordan and they love Jesus with their whole heart and they're ready to suffer for him there, ready to die for. An amazing now. Do you inspiring but it makes me go back to the day that I was saved and I want to start over. You know I do mentally okay Lord I'm I mean I would die for Jesus. I think in my head.

Yeah but that they face that every day and so by the way can you imagine if we had these two questions and the new members class church to pray to receive Christ you received or are you ready to be to suffer for Jesus just okay. Are you willing to die for Jesus yes before you pray and receive Christ while but now yeah what a different price just went up. It did yeah for sure and it's the reality they have to be told that could happen. The greatest love their family could be the greatest enemy of nitrate try to kill you. I have had people on the show. I began to show that converted a Muslim in Pakistan and he had gone he found out that his sister and her husband had converted so he went to the local mom got a flat while he shows up to kill them, but his other sister answers the door. She's like what you doing here and he's like, I think you know I am here and anyways there is Army was ready to kill him and she says to him before you kill our sister or your and her husband Juergen have to kill me, but also connect to kill our mother as well.

Followers of Jesus. Now that sends and he ended up having what I would call a visitation within months in his apartment. Back in another city and then he fled to America and brought his family over and there is a church in Raleigh North Carolina that had that's what happened and that's what happened and so I'm either cynical stories like that, unlike what I take out of that is there is there something Tom that you've seen in Muslims that become followers of Christ are there some similarities in their stories.

Like what what from an evangelistic perspective, what works and what doesn't. Yeah well you always see that the Holy Spirit is gone before we got that and I wasn't expecting this.

I didn't grow up in, say, a charismatic church or anything that that I was not expecting Muslims to have had dreams and encounters with Jesus and visions and so we wrote a book, dreams and visions as Jesus awakening the muscle. General 10 years ago because we were encountering that all over the field.

People seeking us out. Who's this man in the white robe that tells me he loves me and died for. For now, that's exactly what this guy said that he heard somebody thought it was in the hall said come to me. The third time he looks up the man in white robe and inside of the stories that come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Then he said I'm the way the truth like no man comes the father but by me and he never heard those things before, so he travels back to us family goes and tells them what they said he goes and they went to the they went to the bookcase and got the black book down off the case and opened it up and showed me in the Bible where Jesus said those things and he had no context for that he didn't know that it never heard that and I was a Westerner, my, what is this guy some Pentecostal paid him to say what's the deal at that you mention a book women okay so that's a big issue now again because it Afghanistan. Yes, women who risk so tell us about that because that's what you know Joanne and I been working in the Middle East for 2025 years and she just made a comment one day and said this, you know. Isn't it interesting every country we go to every city, every village women tend to be the spiritual gatekeepers of the family while whatever happens will change when it comes to religion, faith in Christ or whatever always seems to go through the mom and the opposite of here and it said exactly America's debt yeah and you would think the opposite of Islam because they don't have rights of a man and while that wherever we go. We see it and I said you in that is genius. We need to write a book on we just wrote a book on real people throughout the Middle East that have come to faith in Christ all started with a woman started with the mom and the children and the father follow and so universal they're having dreams are having visions.

Women are leading the way there like they were at the empty tomb, which you tell everybody all the stories in the New Testament words where people talk about Christians are feminists like you never met Jesus because in this context, the I was a was a radical feminist because of the way he decided to treat women in the Muslim context. That's when you know that's kind of one of the spirit Holy Spirit things you like, okay, that doesn't make any sense down from our perspective but from God's perspective does women who risk that just came out, in which a wife's name Joanne Tom and JoAnn Doyle DOI Ellie women who risk our 9/11 right 9/11 the starting at seven. Tom, thank you so much for your time. So nice meeting you tonight and will be right back a little bit more about 9/11 New York City.

This is the building will be right back to back, it seems normal to see normal show live from Trinity Baptist Church Midtown Easton Manhattan New York City went to New York, make sure that in your bumper rotation play the BGC they see you guys know that, but I have all kinds of crazy music and bumper music that's a BJ's Bee Gees and you think, Steve, you call yourself a father, Jesus Christ love the Lord theologically logical Thursday below, yet you still listen to some secular music. Okay I do that on purpose because I know that some of you get triggered by that and I would love to have a conversation with you. Okay so if you're bold enough to do that and we can speak the truth in love doing another so whenever you hear some bumper music that bugs you, because it's secular.

I would love to have that conversation with you and so just send me an email and then we'll talk outline so live here at a Trinity Baptist Church we are talking to Dr. Mitch Glaser earlier who was on just a couple weeks ago, is the president of chosen people ministries in its 25th year and they specifically reach out to Jewish people around the world and Dr. Darrell Bock is done a lot with Jewish and Palestinians in like he said he just read that I think he said it was eight or 900 page book biography of Mohammed that was written about 900 years ago, which is amazing and we were just talking to Tom Doyle by the way, women who risk is the name of the book he was talking about Tom Doyle.

His name sounds familiar. He's been all over the place is been ongoing back and a lot of other shows, so that might be familiar to you. He is cohosting to the event tonight with his wife. Women who risk talking about Muslim women that are really leaving much of the effort of what's happening to the power of the Holy Spirit in the Middle East and I've had a lot of stories and I met a lot of people from that region who had dreams and visions. Things like that for us in the western kind of American church that sometimes hard to swallow, but if I can find it in the Bible.

I'm not so quick to dismiss it. I don't care what year it is.

So be careful with that but here because of the conference. 9/11 the, which starts tonight. I put the link up on Facebook a couple times a day and put it up on Facebook live again right now so you have that you can register. It's free for you this evening and then again tomorrow and there's a lot of people that I can be a part of the setting to be sharing their experiences because they were a part of what was happening on the ground in the days after 9/11.

Plus there's some incredible worship music that's been written specifically for this. Marty get Gates and Michelle right is that is like Misha's and daughter in there to be on that tonight and tomorrow and then people that were part of it suppressed in parish is served as a chaplain to the staff. The BGA out of Charlotte North Carolina background from and they were deeply involved down here. Sam Porter was one of the first Southern Baptist disaster relief workers to respond to Ground Zero. He's can be sharing in several other people.

Darlene line, who grew up in a Christian home but it was not until she was an adult that she understood and embraced what it meant to be a follower of Christ, and she had a story as a senior special agent for the apartment.

Homeland security. Now she was involved with 9/11 and local pastors that were there. So this is a memorial I remembrance a reminder and then you'll notice tonight and tomorrow really pointing us to the Lord and since to find the beauty that's in all those ashes that are still there when he walked down to Ground Zero been down there.

Sense and and in a lot of people around here. It's interesting will know somebody so yet 6 of separation. We all heard of that but a lot of people in this area. This part of the world. This part of the country. It's not 6 of separation is just a few and my sister and her family moved to Yardley, Pennsylvania just north of Philly. That's the reason we came over here in November 2001, which is how I ended up in Ground Zero on November 9 they had one of the pilots of one of the planes was from Yardley so you didn't have to go very far to me people that were directly affected by 9/11 but we set it several times a day and conversations I've had here at the church about keeping that memory alive. I told that story earlier this week on Tuesday about Tom Dennard the firefighter in my day that I spent meeting Evelyn Rodriguez. Their daughter Morgan was born on September 14.

Her husband Anthony died on 9/11. Of course as a firefighter and just ripped the rip the Band-Aid off and and we don't have any semblance of unity in this country today like we did 20 years ago and that lasted, what, three, four months and was really an amazing time I have is not a super mature Christian at the time so I didn't take advantage of that from an evangelistic perspective in the common bridge that it gave to pretty much every American in that context, but if I could set earlier if your people are 35 and older have will have a very specific memory of 9/11. They know where they were. They know what they were doing. They can tell you everything that they experienced that day and into the preceding days and so you can go up did you member working, especially right now is what we have to be bold. This is where if you look at Barna research like I did and George was on just a few weeks ago is coming back on in the next couple weeks.

If you look at George Barna on burner research. Unfortunately, they'll say that only about 5% of convictional Christians actually share their faith personally with anybody 5%, which means 95% of us take our golden ticket like were going to Charlie's chocolate factory and we heard it and we don't tell anybody. We don't share the good news because were worried about the awkward conversation whether you think about us and what we have talked about the exclusivity of Jesus. And what if we upset people and that's all about who was all about me. It's all about you where the gospel is all about other people and just sharing the good news.

So now, and I'm sure I'll see this tonight here at the conference. 9/11 the, which by the way, you can register for free industries can be superpowerful so it will help you perhaps stood to rip the bandage off to pay be. Maybe, hopefully, revisit it, but also to find the beauty that's there and the stories are working here tonight and tomorrow and then take advantage of the situation again which I know sounds a little materialistic or too much marketing jargon but that's the reality that most people hey. Where were you where your 9/11 20 years ago.

How does it make you feel and do you have any hope and what you feel like back then would you feel like now the only religious beliefs because I was a time when the church kind of exploded in attendance for a little while and so tonight and tomorrow.

If you're part of the conference. I think that's going to kinda sensitize you soften your heart. It's in a push us to reengage from an evangelistic standpoint in the in the gospel and care about her neighbors, where we don't hardly have anything that we can point to anymore to create a moment of unity 9/11 you're still good to be able to do that you could find the most liberal person you know a neighbor or whatever, and you strike up a conversation about 9/11.

You're going to have a common experience. There, it'll set aside by middle set-aside trumpet will set aside Republican and Democrat will set aside all that stuff and all the sudden you can go back to that event that we all share all have in common and try to find some common ground in the be willing to share about that. So that let's make sure that we take advantage of that and then that doesn't end tomorrow. By the way, you can pretty much do that anytime in three months you could say hey what so what you think of the 20th anniversary 20th anniversary. What of 9/11 and then you're right back in right. That's what's going to happen. So let's make sure were praying into this. It's gonna be a really heavy day in New York today, tomorrow and Sunday. I pray for the people that were specifically involved will pray together on Facebook live. After the shows over a couple minutes but be praying under that be praying for the church to respond well to be praying for opportunities for the gospel in the midst of an incredibly divided nation and and and that's something just mention that Alan Jackson where were you when the world stopped turning that September day. Thanks for that Mark so it's it's all Ryan said not my dog a walk outside my dollars 26 and she remember she was only six, so what an incredible opportunity. Thanks for everybody on Facebook live sharing that to to open a door for a conversation about the gospel and by the way, that's when we have to get over ourselves.

We have to not Inc. about ourselves. If you read the New Testament often. I must decrease.

He must increase.

We necessarily have to decrease. But when you do that and we get out of the way.

It's amazing what the Holy Spirit will do.

Whether it's a Muslim or a Jew or just your typical agnostic whoever it is. Don't be afraid to crack that door open and make sure you take advantage of that. Let's make sure were praying for the people that were involved as families are still hurting. I mentioned about Evelyn and her son Derek, who was six at the time, and Morgan.

Their daughter, Evelyn and Anthony's daughter was born September 14 so so Morgan's 20 mount Derek's 26. Evelyn's probably on an hour probably late 40s and there's people like that all over the place and we need to be praying for them as well.

But, again, for tonight starts at 7 PM, 7 to 9 tonight and then again tomorrow.

9/11 the I've got the links up on Facebook. I'll continue to post on both my personal page as well as the radio show page. Make sure you take advantage of that.

I'll be back in the studio, God willing. On Monday and have a full week next week and in theology Thursday as well. We got going on, George Burns could be back in the show's directly trying to line up another show what anagram lots in the near future, so there's a lot happening but listen I and I just finished with this because blood people been sending me messages after Joe Biden's speech yesterday evening about COBIT and now using OSHA essentially to try to enforce a vaccine mandate by the way, you know, I'm a numbers guy you know how many businesses there are in America. Businesses of any size is a little over 6 million. Do you know matter how many of them that 6 million actually have 100 employees are more 6 million businesses.

How many have 100 employees or more, which is what the presidents talk about how many of 100 or more hundred 57,000 hundred 57,000/6,000,000.

Okay, so if you work for a small business. Remember that that you're not even under this quote unquote mandate from the present United States working through OSHA which one of his own kayaks unfortunately retweeted something calling that the ultimate workaround was the ultimate workaround.

What will in this case, that would be the U.S. Constitution. So yes, I have plenty to say I'm glad I couldn't do it yesterday. I'm glad I could do it today because I would not be calm about it and I would not be rational. I would just be emotional.

A lot of that would be justified, I think, but don't let the dust settle over the weekend, but rest assured Monday and Tuesday next week I'll dive into that a lot. And again, not just from a complaining standpoint to ask the question what can you actually do about it.

And that's where for most of us the last thing you think about the last thing I think about pray, but I'm pretty sure if you've spent any time in the New Testament that you know Paul commanded young Timothy then suggested he commanded him to pray for those in authority over you at that time that was Mira guy that not only put his horse in the Senate married his horse back.

I was a site goes sick. Boettcher's murderous pagan and Paul said yeah.

Pray for him so that we can live quiet and peaceable life quiet and peaceful. Sounds pretty good to me right now, but the key to that we have to start with prayer so I'll make sure I'm praying about the things of the week and you make sure you do as well. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity that 9/11 presents all of us to share the gospel to people that are lost and hurting the state not on the see know, Michelle, God willing. I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say never for another program powered by the Truth Network


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