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to be continued...

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 31, 2021 8:20 pm

to be continued...

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 31, 2021 8:20 pm

to be continued...

1. Biden's "Victory" speech 2. Bill Maher goes Pro-America 3. Covid vs. Natural Immunity After Covid 4. Africa Needs Jesus 5. Covenant Jewelry


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show were biblical Christianity meets the everyday life in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve Brown 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble well. Never fear 90% who wanted to leave said I just watched Pres. Biden give his little cover speech for the ending the war in Afghanistan. I was writing down quotes as I went and listen to this. In April I made a decision to end this war over and over.

I made a decision to end the decision had already been made to question was how do we get out how we get out and then he was just so arrogant and condescending. I was his attitude.

How dare anybody question and he kept talking about this was what he got. The unit we got hundred 20,000 people at the biggest airlift in history we rock and at one point he said 90% of those who wanted to leave. Did 90% awesome job.

Now that's true if you're talking about.

I don't know horseshoes and hand grenades. How you how well you're using your waterway 90% August about work were talking about American lives people that rely on their government thought they could to get them out safely, as the nation imploded and so Pres. binds a 90% who wanted to leave did and then weighed regarding the less the rest of you who he put it at 1 to 200 and thinking 1 to 200 remain who quote have some intention to leave.

This is nuanced political jargon and political speak was just disgusting and in a psyches on the does it. A lot of politicians do this over and over again some intention to leave but his is incredulous attitude and condescending. How dare anybody after we pulled up the biggest airlift in history.

What really that's the most important part. How many planes can we fly out of an airport, only people can we put on the planes know that the question their server is have we gotten all of our citizens out and have we gotten out all of our allies. The people that have helped me answer that is clearly no, but it was the biggest airlift and in history, world history, so you got that going for you kept calling it the extraordinary success of this mission. Three heroes gave their lives, those those lies were taken from them sir. In the as the situation descended into chaos because they didn't want 20 sand turned out not to be accurate the information about well that they're knocking to take over Kabul right away that turned out to be not be accurate but tell that is made the comments we have leverage to make sure they they keep many turns to the UN, you were continually diplomatic relations with the Taliban to get more Americans out in 100 of our friends at the UN.

Ha. And then he met one pleasingly reached out 19 times since April, putting the blame on the Americans that for one reason could I guess couldn't get past the Taliban nasty Taliban. We will make arrangements to get them out hiking to do that sir. I get to do that early real choice was to leave or escalate really, why couldn't we have left with some decency and intelligence and discernment and started back in April and May instead of waiting till Kabul fell so is just as big spinmeisters job.

Okay, so we leave now.

You've got on Fox news externally success Biden offends Afghan exit that resulted in US euros murdered in the mid-stranding American citizens.

So what it sound like on the heels of us leaving. Well I know somebody that's sent me a short video of what it was like in Kabul Afghanistan.

It's in the dark, but you can when you hear it and listen carefully. By the way, and this is what we left in our in our wake with at least 200 Americans there who we were telling him get to the airport don't get to the airport. You gotta watch the speech for yourself is amazing. Spinmeisters job but this was what happened after we left so that it's nighttime again in Kabul. Atkinson's nighttime of seven or eight hours ahead of us.

So it's like 11 almost midnight there right now. Okay so that's tonight but last night on the heels of us leaving. This is what sounded like just tonight. First night napkin stampers nightclub left in the standards we take off 24 hours early and Friday did mention that we actually got ahead of schedule, despise it and say that so that was good to go watch it for yourself and those are just some thoughts I had as I watch it to just went on and on, droned on and on. It was really small minded I think and in any completely misses the point about the impact this is going to happen internationally. The impact of of China going in there and you know they got over $1 trillion with the lithium in the ground in Afghanistan over trillion dollars worth lithium while in the lithium's mentor. Well I don't know batteries car batteries as we move towards the direction of our getting rid of combustible engines and we go all electric, lithium, lithium, lithium, and who's there cutting deals with them on our way out already taking pictures and photo upsets China to talk about that even talk about how I radically disappointed.

Most of our allies are including our closest ally, Great Britain, and talk about that getting rebuked on the floor. Parliament House of Lords did mention that but he mention the UN.

I mean, this is just so detached from reality.

But somebody who is not detached from reality. At least this year.

So, are you familiar with Bill Marr Omar on HBO potty mouth extraordinary right super liberal and just love to tear into Christians love to tear into religion in general, terror, and the Republicans hated Tromso and so forth. But it's been very interesting to watch Bill Marr in his HBO show kind of dealing with cancel culture and now what's been happening in Afghanistan so this was the title of the article to read you some of the quotes is what he said on his show just the other night, Bill Marr blasts woke left for losing perspective on real oppression were not the bad guys subtitle if you think America is irredeemable.

Turn on the news, Marr scolded woke liberal so we come back on to share some of that delicious this.

I think this is just a great example of when you set down your political ideology. How you can just if you use critical thinking, be honest, be intellectually honest. Just observe what's happening around you and if you if you're willing to be honest and step outside of your echo chamber to the right of the left, whatever.

It's pretty amazing what you can see some to read some of that but Bill Marr set on the show HBO the other night and yesterday I didn't have a chance to visit the whole notion of natural immunity really wants talk about that, of course, in the second half the show we have a couple opportunities for you gave one of the great ministry partner with another partner can help support the shelf will be right back behind her back just a little reminder if you're anything like me, you are got help but just a little reminder as we see things get raging angry with her COBIT are vaccines or master Biden or Afghanistan. Now we've got the result of hurricane night and everything going on down in the southern coast.

There's so much out there that's frustrating.

It's maddening. It's some of its enraging some of it's just heartbreaking. And what's happening and going to be having Afghanistan on the impact that's going to have on the rest of the world because now you have an open open territory for Islamic jihadists to gather together and training to all those lovely things in China going in there in Russia. Getting a Bobby are so many things that you want to just throw stuff at the TV right but how often should we be pray about these things and imagine if we spend as much time praying as we do posting or reading other posts. Imagine what your prayer life would look like right that would be impressive to say the least. So as we engage all these things and you and you see people like we can complain about Job. I know you want, but the Scriptures Paul.

Paul made it perfectly clear and of the power the Holy Spirit that were called to pray for those in authority over us. So that'll govern the way you want to know. That wasn't the purpose of the prayer so that we can live quiet and peaceable life. Good godly leadership. To whatever extent you can get it is good for everybody, whether they believe in God or not, but let's just make sure I need to do this myself.

I spent so much time reading and looking at the stuff you want to throw things out the window. I don't spend nearly as much time praying about it and that's a big problem right so we have a problem there with our prayer life. So let's all take that for what it is and work on that, Bill Marr, HBO's uber liberal guy right he's having this interesting awakening this year really fascinating. So this was sent recently was talking about Afghanistan stop in this iPod pulled this because I'm a read this to my US history students. I just started teaching US history right school-age homeschoolers here in the Raleigh area and this is just best of this Bill Marr if you're not familiar with them is on HBO major potty mouth. Most of you would want to watch them any super liberal all right, but he has moments like this quote blind hatred of America is just as blinkered as blind love and we Americans should really get some perspective about where we live.

He began his monologue watching this. He swears watching this blank show go down in Afghanistan. I was reminded lately of every conversation I've ever had with an immigrant.

Almost all of which, if we really got to talking included the notion. Oh, you people have no idea. All you do is blank about badmouth your own country.

But if you know about the country I came from, you'd stop blinking on your own. Last week the Taliban murdered a comedian, Marr said, referring to Afghan comedian Nasser Mohammed was tortured and executed quote a comedian a thing like that. Really, it's close to home for me, Bill Marr said I had two presidents blankety-blank neither experience was pleasant, but I never had to worry about being dragged till I'm dead behind the Toyota Tacoma have a little perspective about the stuff we how about here sweet lecturing mostly woke liberals who hate America and Bill Marr uber liberal woke person himself is lecturing them right is got his head screwed on straight here. Marr told his viewers. If you think America is irredeemable. Turn on the news or get a passport and a ticket on one of those sketchy airlines that put this web address on the plate is a reason Afghan mothers are handing their babies to us and we should take them Americans right now should take an Afghan refugees in their homes and another neighborhoods were not the bad guys news to a lot of people in this country were not the bad guys he said oppression is what we were trying to stop in Afghanistan, we failed, but any immigrant will tell you we've largely succeeded here and yet the overriding thrust of current woke ideology in America is rotten to the core irredeemable stock on America America's rotten to the core. Irredeemably racist. From the moment it was founded and so oppressive, sexist and homophobic. We can't find a host for the Oscars or jeopardy, Marr exclaimed. And this is where your new Afghan roommates that you took and will provide so with such valuable information, because all turned you and say have you people lost your minds. Have you ever heard of honor killings public beheadings throwing game and off of roofs arranged marriages. The minor stakes sanction wifebeating female genital mutilation marriage by capture because we have he finishes with this.

What's the lesson of Afghanistan maybe is that everyone from the giant dorm room complaining session. That is, the Internet should take a good look at what real oppression looks like Mark continued. Ask your made. Ask your uber driver asked the Asian woman giving you a massage America maybe may not be the country of your faculty lounge and Twitter dreams but no one here tries to escape by hanging onto an airplane know we wait till we get inside the plane to fight and only because they cut off the beverage service so that's to me that's unlike that gives me some hope. Here's a guided super liberal's entitled to that anti-Christian. Most of the time, but he's getting to the point and and and and I pray that our nation, many people in our nation are getting to the point where they start to see clearly. Reminds me of Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar Daniel chapter 4, he looked up to the sky.

It says in his senses returned to him. This is when he had been eating grass. He looked of this heavens and his senses returned to many bow down before the Lord, never that it was somebody like Bill Marr there is a line in the sand. Somewhere, for most people, where they go. Okay, that's enough. So Bill Marr can see clearly that don't give up on trying to have productive conversations with people I know it's getting harder because we've lost any kind of common language in this country when on a common Judeo-Christian language anymore.

We don't even have a common cynically much anymore but that doesn't mean we should try and him and I'm grateful for Bill Marr speaking out like this always people of America is the worst country in the planet really such an ignorant position to take it.

Certainly not perfect, far from it, but you should be thanking God that you made it here or you were born or okay I forgot to mention this yesterday when we come back we'll talk our friends at Transworld radio radical gospel opportunity for all of us to get involved with over in Africa Pfizer board member. This is a Pfizer board member natural immunity against Cova needs to be included in policy discussions. I thought I keep thinking what other things being talked about the good the bad the ugly vaccines. Cova mass on the stuff. Why do we never talk about why doesn't anybody the top ever talking about natural immunity. Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb who is a Pfizer board member noted that natural immunity came from a prior Cova 19 affection needs to be included in discussions about politics and mandates. What an idea the balance of the evidence demonstrates a natural immunity confers a durable protection.

Gottlieb said what it's fair to conclude that he set although Gottlieb said he would be careful about concluding whether natural immunity provides better protection against transmitting the virus. Officials quote should start assimilating that in our policy discussions unquote. He went on to say.

Natural infection confers robust and durable immunity, citing the Israeli study and others. However, when natural immunity are vaccines are better than one another.

Isn't that material when it comes to policy discussions about Gottlieb added. Yes, one would think right last week. Researchers from a copy healthcare in Tel Aviv University, said that in the midget individuals who recovered from Cova 19 had superior protection against the Delta variant of the of the coronavirus had better protection than those who received the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

Most commonly, you shot Israel. What how's that possible. First of all, God knows what he's doing when he made the human body right foot. Why is it not even in the conversation. So that's why I don't need to trumpet any positive aspects of the vaccines because that's being done all over the place. That's why I offer contradictory information, things that you should at least go. I think I'll consider that. But whether you get it, that's entirely up to you and I will judge apart back and see no double show. One of the things that is so frustrating and really so difficult, maddening, as we engage the news of the day and everything going on. Whether it's here in America or around the world is that this kind of feeling of helplessness.

You deftly know that it comes not to so many of us so many of you people that I know personally are facing huge light decisions based on on on the backs vaccination question get vaccinated. Keep your job. Keep going to school.

Don't get vaccinated lose those things and you have this loss of control. I can't do anything about right. That's amazingly frustrating and in many areas. It's scary, but there are some things out there that you can do something about. And so whenever we have an opportunity to talk about those things in and if you been a part of the show for a while.

You kinda know where I'm going as soon as I share some of these opportunities with you and now we have knowledge then there's responsibility. What you do with the knowledge that you give it. And so when it comes to the gospel itself.

That's why we've done this many times in our partnership with truth radio network and my good friend Stu Epperson, Junior, who started in on strict radio network that enables me to be on the radio in the first place, and we been kingdom minded friends and partners for years now since Gosch would like 2005, and another partner.

That's a part of that mix is Transworld radio which is just an incredible ministry there in the hundred 90 countries, 302 languages, AM/FM shortwave and other media platforms and is a great opportunity to help get the gospel to people in Africa. So were talking to Andy Napier today is one of their host anyhow are doing well.

You're very welcome, as always, always happy to share some airtime with my friends at Transworld radio and appreciates to hooking us up so I know we talked about Africa needs Jesus but it's been a while so what is your remind us Andy what it what we looking at here.

What's his opportunity. What's God doing well. Lori brought the gospel 302 languages. We have some of the most powerful transmitter in the world wanted you got super powerful transmitter but you have people that can't afford a radio to be able to pick up the signal, then it's almost like you're just sending the signal out of the year, but no one's receiving it, what a quarterback making that great pass to the end zone, but there's no one to Premium phone book store minor problem. What were doing major problem for what were doing is we're identifying people in.

This is done through local church were identifying people who cannot afford a rate mean were talking about people. There's no way they might as well be talking about buying a new car, they can order $50 rate and we are stepping in working with a local church pastor thing.

You know what here is someone in my church that could benefit from listening to Christian radio listening to TW war or maybe they're saying hey, there's this Muslim family in our area.

I started having conversations with them. I think if we can put a radio in their hands they could hear the gospel every night. And God could use that radio to control them to instill that's what were talking about purchasing radios for people but could never afford to buy one on their own. Why, so that they can hear the truth so that they can hear God's word being taught so that they can come to know Jesus, or for those that already know Jesus but can be defined grace and knowledge of yet. It's funny when we think about it because it sounds like it sounds a little any like we just got in the way back machine and were talking about people that don't radios.

Most of us are going higher than ever use the radio I use my smart phone. I use my iPhone.

I use my android. We have so we have immediate, ongoing, uninterrupted access to media all the time.

That's the way we live here in the Western civilization that's way we are in America, but it's amazing to think about people in Africa.

I've been to Kenya twice when you get out of the bush man I was meeting people any that didn't even have a mere I brought a camera with me this time he could flip the screen around and for the first time. Some of these people were seeing themselves. There are parts of the world and Africa. Specifically, where one of the things really go about the radios that were talking about providing is like there wind up her solar powered which also sounds like her kind in the way back machine johnnies actually work in and can you share some stories about God's been doing with these because I know it's just mind-boggling way quickly about the one we wind up hopefully might not have electricity.

We know that in many cases, I can't even afford the batteries battery-operated radio windup makes that awful popular these radios are AM/FM into banking shortwave so they can pick up speed up your signal. No matter where and then on top of that, there's even a light so were talking about people living in villages way out in Africa and let's say it's in the evening and night out. How there's a light radio with all stories, please coming from Africa. I am beginning to understand the word of God by listening to your station here in our village. Our parents have always spoken with concerning our I understand that there is a creative God in whom I must fully. I thank you for your program through the Bible that brought light to my life. I was lost in the fetishes and included you and a lot of other occult product.

Now I know that there is a God always got after I would run one more. I'm up for wanting man is welcome Muslim but I'm always with you because the truth you are preaching great new. Please pray for my ability to understand your message. Now here is my challenge today.

Did you ever think that you could be part of the project where you literally could be ministering to someone who is an idol worship. Someone who is someone who is from Buffalo. I mean this is a project where we can step in and God can speak through us.

Just like it says in second Corinthians chapter 5, therefore we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us when we give a gift of a radio.

Steve it's gonna using us to speak through that radial box into someone's life and I realize way to second this title thanks not God. I'm learning who the one true God is through this right you and we can be part of the amazing thing is I mentioned at the beginning of the segment Andy that Rick would most of us get frustrated so easily because there's so many things going on, this only difficult things going on that we really can't affect you just sit there watching all these things are going bad directions and challenging directions and now people, even for a way to make a living here in America but we said it is nothing I can do about it. Well most cases that's true but was something like this. This is where I think about the good works that God is prepared in advance that we should walk in them entities drops an opportunity in front of you think you're running walking down the street and also in boom, there's an opportunity okay got dropped at front you what you do it and then when I get to heaven and I'm going to talk about my rewards. I'm like okay all these little things showed up what you doing in a situation like this and I I've given money to Transworld radio and the little things that I run into him like I gotta be a good steward of these opportunities when they come out to tell us how we can help because it's a pretty awesome thought to think that here in my frustration in Raleigh, North Carolina. I can spend a little money and help the gospel go forth in Africa with people that I would never meet face to face but hopefully one day I'll meet him in heaven that that opportunity exists is pretty exciting.

At least it should be well worth the opportunity to hear earlier about 10 minutes ago you were using the word yes we have the possibility of believers in Christ to share the gospel with people around the world and really think about it $50 that the cost of purchasing a radio that radio being shipped to Africa. It covers the customs. It even covers that radio being delivered and placed directly into someone. $50. We can be part of God speaking through that radio into someone's life. Whether it someone who will come to know Christ called the growing up in another religion and never heard the gospel. One being the fivefold and even pastors being trained called their learning through the right you will never go to seminary $50 for radio and here's my number call to make a gift AAA 988-5656. Again, a number 888-988-5656 and I want to think about it this way $50 a radio that could be reaching an individual could be reaching a family.

It could be reaching several families that live together in a village right so how many people it's not just once by a $50 rate. How many people or families. Do you want to reach in Africa, the gospel of Jesus number again AAA 988-5656 and also if you want to do it online just put in your browser. Africa needs, you end up right at a pace that we can handle that. If you want to do another browser, but it's great to be let us to make a phone call since were talking about radios and kindly old school way and that's immediate and I tell people this all the time Indian you know this. There's always a blessing waiting for us in obedience always and so when you take advantage of an opportunity to sell into the gospel say okay I can do 50 I can know hundred -303 and six radios what you think God can do is six radios that have the teaching of his word and the presentation of his gospel on 24 seven in a dark part of the world what you think God can do it that in one day will know one day in heaven will get to see what he's done with all of these moments of faithfulness that we have, but I love that word. Responsibility Andy Napier what to Transworld radio. God bless you brother thank you so much for your help with that number one more time. Eight 988-5656 and a big thank you for your effort. Absolutely any time any God bless you brother thank you so much for your work.

They had our friends over the microphone anybody will talk to you again. That was Andy Napier. What a great opportunity will be right back, back, and Steve Noble to see the show. If you've been a listener or a viewer Facebook live YouTube live on were not kicked off YouTube which is becoming a regular occurrence, then you know I love stories in the Bible is full of narratives and stories and we learn a lot from stories stories are captivating to me.

They always have been.

My was raised by a man, my father, Fred Noble, which is where you hear me say at the end of the show ever forward. That's what my dad always said it was a great encourager, but he loved people stories and so even in high school you have a friend over you if I brought you over my house and I school you working to get away with the online Mr. Mrs. Noble, and off we go to the bonus room or whatever owner he's waving you over with his hand me a clear chimeric sit out like oh here we go, and then my dad I mean I from up from high school's perspective, we probably would call that an interrogation, but it wasn't. My dad was literally interested in everybody. He was fascinated by people stories about your a bagger at at at the grocery store how to get that job white wine you doing that job. What's up one of the gluts would like to deal with customers what your coworkers like you find any satisfaction whatsoever, and in doing back today teach you how to do it. The heavy stuff goes in about an and it wasn't because he was trying to schmooze anybody. He was literally interested so I love finding out about story.

So how do you take a brother in Christ, you're about to meet Brian Cape born and raised in South Africa. Then he spent some time in Israel, then Arizona, now Florida and a guy with an IT background and a fabulous career.

Then he ends up in the jewelry business in the name of the Lord how you how you do that and it's really cool.

Just beautiful. I learned all kinds of stuff about covenant jewelry and covenants should be a word that all of us Christians take very seriously was first all understand and second of all try to live it out because I can guarantee you. The Lord does covenant and on Facebook live on the show you some of this but just beautiful beautiful all around the idea of a covenant so I like to welcome to the show, our new friend Brian Cape Ryan how are you well what well I really only had to get to the introduction, because now now that everybody hears you there. There ready and captivated because you have a cool accent and just pulled us Americans and work were a sucker for a good accent well with you. We keep good to be with you even think how how we came about Holcomb week we arranged to meet Frankie and we pray we respect our little thing chocolate and cream insert diamond on the inside ring and on the back of the then they would put a little explain what we find, which I Levaquin good. I will be you got my people's and and and have lived in all week. That special covenant between us between God has been discounted and walked down and and we need to get back to the what what the father should you need to find the range of people to create the ring that will spill out covenant think but then we conclude about the profit and for our critical okay, good one. Open and should we put an got all the Christmas miracle cool cool nova of hula and palladium what you believe me cool nova so product is made from an beautiful in the dark making on something but affordable and is the key. We want people when they look at the ring they we would cut it reminds them of the covenant. With that got to find them of the covenant, the end, you know, we human beings, we need beneath it, reminding thing we think father used this range of jewelry to bring about real covenant relationship and and and yes I you look at it for Facebook live, or to pull up the website so you on Facebook live in YouTube live. You can actually see working to show you some of the rings, but if you go to covenant you will be able to see all that covenant The thing that I thought that I love about this Brian you not obviously from a business perspective, it's affordable. It's beautiful, but is pregnant with meaning, and it's a double. It's kind of a double use thing because we all need to be reminded in our pursuit of holiness. Jesus said you be holy because I am holy God calls us to that that we have a covenant with the Lord that he will not break. I'll never leave you or forsake you and and oftentimes at least for me, Brian. I need to be reminded that covenant so it would something like this with a ring like this and some of them actually say covenant on the outside.

Okay, that's a good reminder but also if you're married, you've made a covenant with your spouse, your wife, your husband and I would go so far as to say I have a covenant with my children. That's just a word like our founding fathers. If you go all the way back to Plymouth in the 1620s they made a covenant made a covenant with God.

He provided this land for them at the time in Plymouth and they wanted to build a Christian society up there and they believe they had a covenant with God simply because they are his children through faith in Christ. It's so pregnant with meaning that is that like like what would be your dream or your prayer Brian for how God uses covenant jewelry website. What would be that we get to the point where people are all living jewelry that it covenant with all and God relationship with God. You and and and really put meaning to them in their lives. I remember a time where I was feeding some you might remember the what I to go on and with my work.

I would think back on the previous hours of think ever have a burglary to go right on living the kingdom life among God and this is a bit like that.

It will what we can get through this.

Could look down at your ring the covenant and they go on in covenant with you. I want to live in your kingdom and told about talking to me, my life, my wife, my children and we will be bringing other range of children jewelry in time, which will be specifically for the covenant between parents and children so it's just a wonderful opportunity.

Think gave the rest of the book and we we just can't wait to be bumping into people who wearing covenant jewelry now wanted to back up and we got a few more minutes and were talking to Brian Cape covenant jewelry covenant and where showing some of the pieces on Facebook live right now in YouTube live just beautiful.

Such great craftsmanship.

But how did the guy from South Africa that was kind of in the technology world and errors in when you are in Israel. Your intent is when people go back to member the days only seven tennis for cell phones and stuff and then you ended up coming to America but how did you get involved with this and and you mentioned earlier and we had a chance to visit about promise keepers. Most of the people listening to us right now are aware, the promise keepers rallies for men, but time that software is how did you get involved.

How to got get you into this little world in my particular package written in Israel, but it had to be able to work in Hebrew Mandarin in Korean and in English and got this for me and 30 contacted me about your pain. I come across is going to think this incredible Jew of every piece of jewelry order throughout made with gold because of the ring right so so we so we we basically straight into the molding machine which should have been multiple other goes on to the final line to have the covenant diamond in the eye coping to come across the menu for monitor critical iterations to make and end up going okay, we don't tell them cool nova for the into my what about problems in the business. Brian yelled people with God and the new relationship that is used for covenants us with our Lord us with our spouses, and even us with their children.

Covenant is the website will start playing some their ads on the show. I really hope you'll go check it out just beautiful incredible craftsmanship very affordable and also a kingdom endeavor covenant Brian Cape thanks for calling anybody. We appreciate you got bless you what talk again soon. This is Steve Noble and the sealable shell, God willing, I'll talk you can resident like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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