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Jews Becoming Christians???

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 1, 2021 8:34 pm

Jews Becoming Christians???

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 1, 2021 8:34 pm

Jews Becoming Christians???

Our friends from Chosen People Ministries join us to share their own amazing, how they are reaching Jews with the Gospel.


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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical theology meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, in politics, Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred cow call Steve Bell at 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host mobile okay. Excited to have you back with us today excited for all of us to get to know our two guest today and opportunity came up recently, a Mexican be flying to New York City next week Thursday night. One of the reasons a single visit.

Our daughter moved up to Manhattan last October and she's working up there. She's 23 certainly go on the go visit her mother, daughters going with me. She 16, but the but the timing worked out.

Now I've got my own 9/11 story. And if you haven't heard that before. I'll share that with you, probably next week, but the timing worked out. Joel Rosenberg famous author by best-selling author Newton's best selling author's is been on the show numerous times n-gram lots is also been a friend of mine for a while. Billy's daughter and grandma Watts and then I found out about a conference coming up in New York City that just sounded fascinating to me 9/11 and the new Middle East, looking at what's happened in the Middle East and Garson. I got situation with Afghanistan, but that's a partnership with chosen people ministries, so I'd like these things come up and they get on my radar screen and I like what's this all about chosen people ministries when I think as a as a Bible believing Christians about who are God's chosen people, of course, immediately, going to the Old Testament and I think that way in. I don't know if you've ever met a messianic Jew yourself somebody that grew up in the Jewish faith becomes a believer in Jesus Christ but my perspective on people like that is. It's just fascinating to have a whole another level of perspective a wholly different perspective than those of us that did not grow Jewish which is the vast majority of us and so chosen people ministries is just fascinating and an outreach and a great history itself in an outreach to God's chosen people to the Jewish people but also much wider and broader than that.

And so we have to guest with us today via conference call. This will be fine because I've never really done it that way before, but Dr. Mitch Glaser is the president of chosen people ministries as well as Darlene line is one of their missionaries to serving in New Jersey and they got fabulous stories themselves their own testimonies of 9/11. We got a lot of ground to cover today Dr. Glaser and Darlene thanks for: and how are you one.

Look forward So Will Have To Play like Kids in the Playground and It Will Have To Take Turns Trying Not to Stop All over Each Other, Which Is Going to Challenge You to Do Radio with Multiple People on at the Same Time but I Know Dr. Glaser Night but Do You Mind If I Call You Mitch Is That Okay……… Excellent Okay so Let's Start with You, Mitch, and Then I Know Working to Hear from Darlene and Darling, You Can Share Your Testimony Will Come Back and Get to Mitch's Cousin of Mitch I Watched Your Video Testimony Earlier Today, Which Is Apsley Fascinating but Tell Us A Lot about Coming Get Us up to Speed on What God's Chosen People Chosen People Ministries Is All about, Because It's Been around for A While, and This Is a Subject That I Think A Lot Of Born-Again Christians.

Evangelical Christians Are Very Familiar with the Tell Us about Chosen People Ministries Shortly. Global People Got for the Gentile and We Were Founded in 18 9427 Goal 25 Year Founded by Rabbi Rabbi Hungry Came United States 92 Was Walking around the Load on Weight. Rabbi Five. The Language like Eric Want You to Know European Jewish Language Written in Hebrew Character and Talked about the Fact That Your Basically Rabbi:… Or to Walk into the Church and Hurt the Best They Could Talk to the Guy Who Think Polish Presbyterian Missionary People Well and Will Be 21 Years Old Number Told That an Share of the Gospel. Okay Leopold: Read It and after a Number of Months Via I Felt God Call Other Jewish Immigrants Coming You're Very, Very Few People to Help Them Practical Way, Gospel. Basically we could doing the same thing now hundred 27 whether Israel art, you know what New York or LA auto no matter where there a high level, people chosen people. There sharing the gospel one on for you that the congregation and got gospel back with you dated you do it because our goal will find thank you for what that's what we do and have you seen over the years, Mitch. I may not see before you became president in but hundred year history plus is just amazing. But have you seen over the years has it ebbed and flowed in terms of the reception of Jewish people to the gospel or have you seen it go up as it been trending up, because I think sadly, for most of us Christians that be evangelicals and otherwise it's not something that we give much thought to wheel.

Most people don't know if born-again Christians don't really study the Old Testament all that much, and I think a lot of us just assume Jewish people are going to have any interest, but just in terms of overall gospel productivity there with the Jewish people what it what have you guys seen over the years, but we've been pretty excited about what God and I think the fate of zero or later, but when I came off people coming to know the Lord and we were very what your background or fitted together with and it was a very exciting, probably 80. We probably had a little bit of the wall.

The Iron Curtain fell all people searching for answers to life, atheism was religion but if anything but soul.

They knew they were Jewish. They didn't know why so we had share with you Jewish people and out popped out state now many many were praying and hoping that for Orthodox people and so I don't like yeah he's doing great things and I put you guys on over talking to Mitch Glaser and Darlene line from chosen people ministries reaching out for Jewish people around the world of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Plus with Dr. conference when we come back right after this great story so great to be with next Friday. Election broadcasting live New York City where there have holding the conference and I put these links up on and I'll mention it again on 9/11 and the new Middle East conference which is really looking at the Middle East since 9/11 and all the things that have developed there through the lens of Scripture so that's coming up next Friday and Saturday. By the way, and the links that you followed most of your can really run up to New York.

I know that but you can you can register online registration is free and you can watch it you can watch it starting Friday night and Saturday and just an amazing lineup of speakers to people at a been on the show numerous times and Graham Watson Joel Rosenberg are they are speaking of course I Dr. Glaser, who were talking to today as well as Darlene line is one of the missionaries serving. I believe in New Jersey with a chosen people ministries just incredible over 100 year old outreach to the Jewish people around the world, not just here in America so excited to be able to have this conversation with them. And again, Mitch and Darlene.

Thanks so much for being with us today and and Darlene really jump over you right quick as I want to make sure we give you plenty of time only here your story how you got involved, I would chosen people ministries which I also know it involves your own salvation then will jump back to Mitch because Mitch, I am excited for people to hear your story as well because most of us don't know Jewish people than to become followers of Jesus, but will start with what you Darlene thanks so much for being a part of it today, well I rented my light toward one by the bullet prior to becoming a missionary and starting with chosen people, three federal agent criminal investigation. I find warming from September 8 88 one and at the time I signed in New Orleans. I had just completed. Very arduous month undercover operation. My warranty support will help a lot where I want to cover up. I would not know what you want an old boat with highly on the fourth one fourth personally in my life with complete got but I did not have a relationship.

Things would change. You why she's right now at undercover made me very light with a very thick, that all Galt disclosed that he felt that it did involve cartels and narcotic areas that the Lincoln and what happened when we don't have to boarding you become very Bethel in the world you are in me by so I will. I don't know. I call it my next what really flat my well I went from 20 I because my true identity with separated all my love, I would not allow direct contact with them for fear that it would probably than harm way with a very dark thing. I kind of my life.

You know what it was background like very dark Lord told me that mocking Meyer got a hold of what well one day after driving my daughter wrote which was why she was fully penetrated the middle of my windshield. I was driving I know that Mark to eat her tiny yeah I'm fairly I can't. I wish to hear it when it hit me in my right. My secretary would've just move to adjust the radio dial left very moment I could hardly hear you now. That was when he realized it was a bullet I realized that no human being.

No, no, looked on, I immediately called home) in 18 crate will be not know that look like an urban and and help me get a church in Norman after help. Even when I was on faithful the war with true protected me from 91 pain part of my and I have a heart Jewish people and share later with my 9/11, that would be on tragic event of 9/11 as I was working very hard to find when the minute you ask you how grateful you are asking the connection and how you got connected with chosen people ministries in the first place.

Now you know being a Jersey girl there is there's no significant Jewish population up around the New York area. We had one when I used to live in Chicago, not so much down here in Raleigh and then Mitchell may come back on the break. I want to go because of Mitch's testimony guys don't know this but Yep you're taught you're listening to people's testimonies both involve guns. Interestingly enough, but the Darlene how did that chosen people ministries even get on your radar screen. Sure my parents got Jesus moving era involved with the American Board of making you on in both Staten Island yet which was the foundation in my introduction I would be, I would be an adult before we discovered our familial Jewish roots on both my maternal and paternal grandparents.

Would you sell how chosen people was part of my my family. What you know they'll know no later though my lab. What I introduce to it. But you know that he just placed a burden for God's company know the truth so called such an exciting and exciting mission field. I love it because it seems so difficult for me that's fascinating to watch.

You know Jesus came first, the Jews and then the rest of us. And so it's really cool to watch Edward Morgan hit the break in about 45 seconds. But I do like a little FYI for both you Darlene as well as Mitch because you both got saved as a result of the Jesus movement. I don't know if you guys are familiar with pastor Greg Laurie on Southern California. He also was saved during the Jesus movement there actually making a major motion picture order. Yeah, probably. So they're making a major motion picture right now with their urban brothers who are friends of mine and it's about the Jesus movement, all using great story but it's about the whole movement and so that movies in production right now so that'll be a really fun for you guys. Once that comes out of what you guys back on hold or talking to Mitch Glaser and Darlene line from chosen people ministries.

What an incredible testimony of what God did in Darlene's life involving weaponry and the same thing to a certain extent. Permits were to hear that when we come back to Steve nova, Steve Noble showed great to be with you today talking about personal salvation, reaching out to the Jewish people with the good news of Jesus Christ. He did come to them first. After all, as well as talking about a conference that's coming up next Friday and Saturday, September 10 and 11th. That of course is the 20th anniversary of 9/11, all sure my own 9/11 story next week for those of you that a been a part of the audience for a while. You know I have one in it was a life changer and so all sure that next week, but learning more today about chosen people ministries which is been around for over 100 years, and there actually doing a conference next Friday and Saturday which, if you get to New York and I know most of you can't you can be a part of it online to just go to 9/11 the that's easiest way to get there.

911 like the number 9/11 and you can just register for free to be a part of it online and Graham Watson speaking Joel Rosenberg near Times best-selling author, brilliant guy, Dr. Darrell Bock Dr. Glaser is with us today is to be speaking it's going to be just an awesome time to come up commemorate and remember 9/11 as well as looking at the Middle East, which is change significantly since all that happened back in nine 911 2001 and so that's coming up next Friday, I'll actually be broadcasting from New York City, God willing, then, but today we have the pleasure of having our new friends Dr. Mitch Glaser is the president of chosen people ministries as well as Darlene line is one of the missionaries and serves in New Jersey.

I'm glad you had a chance to speak for a while. Darlene because I wanted people to understand that you're not from North Carolina. I think that was fairly obvious.

You got it so I go from Darlene's testimony, which involves a bullet in the gun and in and very, very difficult and challenging circumstances is beautiful.

Thank you so much for sharing that.

But Mitch, your testimony that the president of chosen people ministries also involves a gun so fascinating what God does and how he gets into people's lives, but you actually act growing up Jewish as well so excited hear you share your testimony with us. Mitch, please go ahead. By the way, growing out of Hobart. Our prayer partner Brent ordered will drop the board if you're like a laconic error. God is good. Very very additional Jewish home in New York City. We have five Borough Queen and went to an Orthodox Hebrew school board 13, I was a nice Jewish boy. How about court that the focus every everybody was doing it, but it would eventually my parents went what supper Thursday and I was already half my junior year and so I got more involved with drug dealing, drug, and went off to University of Bridgeport, Connecticut and debated about Lou all my running about and then seven and my good friend Brian go wondering why, but I went with weekly we want to go to Greg Laurie we couldn't get up on Southern California. What we were very very I said there you go to go about it and I felt a lot went out the houseboat California with two other Jewish and and I, retired close.

We had no health but with bottle Noah and I kept up with drug dealing guy 10 kg of marijuana that you have to get out what houseboat" I blurted out on the road about what houseboat you got all the and I look up probably about right side rented what houseboat by the chef barrel but were quite gone.and I do that if I pulled with was that they will be the guy who we were dealing with was crazy all and so they type all the stuff of the week Jewish guy, one of the and start off shotgun like that that all that you will know about story like for you, but I did have the applicable life take long for the flesh, all I could think about was what God like $1000 is not worth it.

You know, and if you've never felt the cold, you will shock you neck, you don't know and then all guy but not burn the place down, which I felt Google and they left the drug that Judah got crazier than all the money to the area with a group of about 1/2 a dozen on that got back and we got kinda got off the hook. But what like that you double what I thought you dealing with Littleton and the it all began feeling my own file, and I began.religion you. The only thing I want you all.

One day somebody had to be a Bible reading it I would read the Newport that I read, but by dynamic want to want to know the God and that one day I pray God shall add I was in a phone booth. The redwood forest lighted by an after I pray God shall, there was a copy of good news for modern man about an English but did not know what was there on the left should've been a phone booth your listening and you don't know the public to look it up… I thought was glowing light.

I picked up Anna and I really do go to what Title that Mark all was way more productive.

Then I looked at the Bible walk.

I figured out it so I began reading it I read it today about Trent most incredible thing I've ever read, and I fell in love. I realized with the Old Testament everything out that if anybody would like to add Jesus and yet the five drug call you by doing and I never looked back.

You will credibly be critical of by what: one. Go back to New York without the privilege of doing so asking that mission.

Thank you so much for sharing and praise the Lord what he did in your life like you didn't Darlene's but when you go back to New York City. All of a sudden you're a Jewish follower of Jesus Christ. I would imagine that might not have gone over too well with your family back there was a pool party paper… So everybody was angry at me. I would like mother like this. We collected from my grandparent. I had to be quiet and Passover Seder when I was back and I enrolled Bible college, I thought you just might be to learn the Bible become a missionary looked after by going with you people don't know about that gullible everything and so I went to Bible college and share the gospel with my grandparents yell and the you know it was difficult.

The worst thing that happened was like grandparent, my mother and she did know what you like that you get beaten up-rejected everything got By German Shepherd. This will not wipe or handing out tracts. Nothing like that much farther. I know they did know the Lord.

So becoming pure messianic to want to make you right. That's right such a great point. Thank you so much for sharing. I do have one follow-up question for that and then we'll talk about both of you have 9/11 stories to share some to get to that were talking to Dr. Mitch Glaser is the president of chosen people ministries along with Darlene line is one of the missionaries with them serving in New Jersey incredible testimonies praise the Lord for that 9/11 will wrap it up and we can make it seem normal to see normal children day tomorrow will bring his theology Thursday bring apart Bob Jones University in the seminary down there super excited to have them on them a lot of firepower down there in terms of their professors and PhD's and in engaging the issues and the cultures we got a lot to work through a lot to talk about, which is some of the greatest thought leaving leaders in evangelicalism so that starts tomorrow.

Official theology Thursday kickoff with them and it will be every Thursday as long as the Lord allows us to do that. So were excited for that were to be going down that road settle for tomorrow with Dr. C Pettit is the president of BG use on excited for that. We got a lot of golf around the cover tomorrow will specifically be talking about Harvard that just hired a new chaplain and of course he's an atheist.

That makes perfect sense when you chaplain. Let's interview an atheist but that just fits perfectly right so that's good to be going on tomorrow but today talking to our new friends Dr. Mitch Glaser is the president of chosen people ministries as well as Darlene line is one of the missionaries serving in New Jersey and the websites of those things. By the way, I just chosen I put the links up several time on Facebook live today chosen as well as the conference which were to talk about briefly here in a minute.

9/11 the knowing that most of you can get to New York city pecan. It's good to be even more powerful person, but you can register and be a part of it for free online. So make sure you check that out 9/11 and the new Middle East will talk about that in a minute. 9/11 thought but it's also at the chosen people.

Homepage chosen but again, I did have one question for you Mitch.

I'd like to ask real quick and then you both can share a little but about your own 9/11 stories in the conference if you'd be so kind, Mitch. But here's my question. Why do you think it's so deeply offensive and troubling to Jewish people. In this case your own grandparents when another Jewish person becomes a follower of Jesus Christ and they find out about it. Why is that such as a difficult situation and why does it all too often lead to things like the separation you experienced very very important question. In fact, I would like you to knock because they understand or an goes back while not the first probably and most of it has to do with all way people have been treated by cortical Christianity so thickly you can't gear up for them and that talks about persecuted, but you not believe that loyal or that something wrong logically sure. The major issue joined the other side.not just one way of looking directly at hospital. Therefore special work court that that you shall not go toward greater or very very heavy.

And of course it would take a lot of time to can work through that in relationship and as such a difficult thing but that's it. That's a reminder to all of us.

I would ask us all. Do we ever pay a price for our allegiance to Jesus Christ and if you never feel like you paid a price in any way. Perhaps you're not doing it right. Even if you never open your mouth if you never try to share the gospel. If you never try to live in a way that's contrary to the culture you never pick your head up over the wall. You never gonna take any incoming fire. Nobody knows and so your camouflage Christian. It's nice and safe. So if you never ever pay a price for your faith that have to lovingly question whether you're doing it right at all. I want to come back to you in the midst in a minute mention in talk about 9/11 your experience as well as the conference, but Darlene, you mentioned earlier. Darlene's a missionary serving in New Jersey with chosen people ministries you mentioned that you also have a 9/11 story, so would you share that with us right quick. Please rate number 12,001 first responder and I remember going down to Ground Zero at Bondurant along with other one for firefighter. It was just overwhelming desire to help man but looking through the smoke in the fire cradle when I looked at the lack one will no longer there be no. I remember looking at all back what they called the atrium where building floated down the car, I did a lot of my foundation and very clock. The clock that moment that the board would call me about cooking still so faithful that he would call me straight. I thought I have to drop everything. What you don't want to want to leave recovery and that need will know that God truly now that you ration which was beyond all.and although we don't help out that's exactly right. And sometimes it's hard that in the moment when you can't see up and over the wall.

But God is faithful always there before, during and after, which is why we should have spring confidence and it doesn't matter what I going to even if I make a bad decision. The Lord's already on the other side of it. And in that call to ministry.

Which of your Christian urine ministry, you may not know that but but you are. That's the deal you got enlisted. The moment you were born again. What about for you Mitch. I know that you've got a 9/11 experience as well and then let's talk a little about the conference yeah but my mind was my point of apparent part of the 9/11 was watching the power watching them get birth claim was watching on television when we all realize that at no second and third Avenue. I did know whether or not the next shift will be another plane that would go to the United Nations or for any Grand Central station who knew what was going on so little about at that point is one of the often 9/11 shadow moment when American evangelicals specially finally realized with Israel.

No things really changed and the but for me it was really apparent. My daughter was on the subway going from Brooklyn where we were living the upper East side of Manhattan public school at about station and she would be like under powers and they fell won't be all that one subway station near wall like that you long and so everything was shut down the likely so without a lot of cute ethical and I didn't know if I thought a lot about for an scope of the 9/11 was deeply personal, that when I checked to see who was going to do something on 9/11 Christian but often at that time, nobody was going to say that I felt really more honor full Darlene was so grateful for. She really sacrificed yourself along with a lot of revelation on me my whole fire department in my neighborhood and weekly we just oh so much looking to have some of both Graham also drafted all night. Passion and sacrificially will downtown.

One guy playing Bob. No doubt department that what you want to talk to find your story and 43rd party so Marty, my favorite messianic musician and girl we asked Marty daughter should join us party has written a special on heroes of 9/11 cool. We will be breaking that out on that day to end so you know it's a very emotional subject for 20 years, but you can reopen goal can be a very moving.

I and will be a workable human God back story to me next Friday as well as Saturday.

What time is it on Friday versus Saturday March what times I yeah so in the evening on Friday in the morning on Saturday but I wanted also make sure you get over to chosen you can find it right there so just go to chosen Find out more about the ministry-supported end of the conference to attend the conference online is free next Friday, September 10 and Saturday.

Of course the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Dr. Mitch Glaser and Darlene line from chosen people ministries. God bless you, my friends.

I look forward to seeing you next week. You another program powered by the Truth Network

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