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Revelation in 2021!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 26, 2021 9:34 pm

Revelation in 2021!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 26, 2021 9:34 pm

Revelation in 2021!

Steve talks to Chad Harvey about the book of Revelation. How do we respond to a modern revelation in 2021?


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now is your house Noble to check out are being blackmailed. It's really is very close to not able to buy or sell without the vaccine I don't think it's the mark of the bees but it certainly is a precursor we are being told no job job were allowed out of our house one hour per day. If we go out without a mass we can be fined up to $5000 at the curfew now from 9 PM to 5 AM this happened so fast. Just since June. They say we have the ability to say no to the vaccine, but lose your job if you refuse yeah some choice. That is, we are in some dystopian world. I don't recognize this is from a woman in Australia who is also homeschooler used to be here in the area. Raleigh, North Carolina, and things are moving quickly and you have things that does smell like enzymes almost reminds me of smells like teen Spirit right-field Nirvana thing smells like end times. We have something that is similar, I think, not the mark of the beast, but certainly similar to it and then we look at what's going on in Afghanistan and how quickly that is devolving the sin nature of mankind what's happening in our own country what's happening around the world.

America pulls out Russia and China steps and what have you ever looked at a map America after jet Hardy from cross assembly. Let's look at this map, let me just go to map up on Google map because were all in one world situational Google controlling everything apparently so I look it over here at the Met.

Okay, so I'm looking at.

There's Jerusalem right there's Israel. And then I go West are no I go east there's there's Israel.

And then there's Jordan. And then there's a rack and then there's I ran and then there's Afghanistan and then there's former Russia. All that was Pakistan's Cusick a Stanton she could stand. Now you've got a direct route for Russia and China to basically march right to Jerusalem now that should smell a little bit like revelation to you as well. So here we are in 2021 the book of Revelation which we were told by the Lord himself that there is a distinct blessing for those of you that study this book after Chad Harvey across assembly here in Raleigh, North Carolina for the RFA rally persistently back in the house and now you're going through a series right known Revelation. This this is what you how could you avoid this. Why did you decide to do this every week because I think I'm sorry to depression, but every time you come to church for the last six weeks is been meteors, beasts, oceans, turning to blood and I'm kinda like maybe I would just to take the next 10 chapters of a revelation condensed into two sermons and move on, because yeah it's got a freebie bottle honestly is doing a little bit depressed, like greed, no I'm not depressed at all.

I'm heartbroken. I lament I'm concerned about the nature of the world my neighbors be them here or all the way over and get Afghanistan I'm concerned about the 12 Marines that were killed that we know this number is low by the numbers going to go if all Marines one naval corpsman at the suicide bomber vest incident right out of the gate outside the airport do not even talking about the bond that went off or whatever the attack was at the hotel and consumed I understand about all that stuff because of what I do I pay attention. All it breaks my heart. There's lament is no fear covert vaccines vaccine mandates Bob about you wanting people are. I know people Chad that are losing their jobs of the vaccine. You stop is spinning seemingly out of control. But when you step back and have a revelatory biblical worldview. I know it's actually not yet no look relish 13 blesses a person who reads this book. The citizens book. That word is McKay Ross is the same word that Jesus used Blessed are the poor in spirit, was the same word literally means happy and this is not false optimism and were taught about some specific signs were so yeah I called the great set up not living in the treeless, but this is the great set up to the true relation excited me. And when you start seeing all these things coming together, you're like, wow.

Of all the generations we could been born in Libya traces choose this generation. The final generation I believe. For us to be born in operating it's it's got an honor now not mean that you look heavenward in and because your salvation draws not mean the crazier things get, the more heartbroken we should be obviously more driven in the gospel we should be in evangelism. We should be but also hate. If you're that much closer to finally being released from this nightmare and and heaven, eventually coming to earth.

And so for that I'm thankful. But it's brutal right now you is just crazy. It is what we do. That's the whole point today in theology Thursdays, what a revelation because I think some people spend too much time they see prophetic fulfillment in everything jumping happens in the grocery store and that's up from prophecy. So I think we go too far, but I also think most of us probably don't go far enough. Yet when I want to give her coupling someone we don't want to be so. So in mesh was going on right now that we don't have a little perspective.

For example, back in the 80s people. Christians believe very sincerely, they were living in the last days and I heard things like this. Ronald six letters Wilson that six letters Reagan that's six letters 6860 Ronald Reagan he's the antichrist or go to Chip's got a big birthmark on his four head is more greasy and so we got a really careful that we don't get egg on her face. I do think that will that's when things I would say let's not get so sucked into what's going on right now that we lose our objectivity. Second, I would also say let's not divide with other Christians over the timing of the rapture and the timing of things we have to believe that Jesus Christ is coming back, bodily and visibly we need to be on the same page with that, but we got Christians who disagree with the timing is something we need to be careful with that as will but Steve we are seeing the great set up right now all man we're seeing globalization Revelation makes very clear that during the traditional Buddhist global movement worsening totalitarianism with the vaccine mandates and mask mandate what I was reading about Australia ratio now throw another shrimp on the Barbie what you kidding me yeah well and I sure this couple weeks ago and I hope you know I'm sure Mazzella but I think the second Thessalonians talks about the great delusion justly lies all over the place and you know Satan is called the God little G of this world in a second Corinthians, and Jesus as he is the father of life and see for sure there's a couple weeks ago I said one of the greatest, I think prophetic fulfillments we're seeing right now taken place or the outright lies that were sitting in our culture, and a look. Humans always lied governments always lie, but Steve worsening lies on a global scale.

Here's I told the folks a couple weeks ago, the father of lies Satan a little G of this world is manifesting in these last days and crazy way. I said that look the powers that be lied about Al Qaeda in Afghanistan a lot about the world leaders reaction to our plant in Afghanistan.

They lied about the flu included. They lied about coven members in Florida. They inflated two weeks ago by 30%. They lied about rush inclusion lied about poll numbers lie about gender. Why don't write some bold in the Portland live out just a small lot about Lateline lines. Natural language is that of Natural Language Commands. The default position when you still have the power the prince of the air, which is Satan. And so he's on a lease with at least has a lot of room to get a lot of rec room to run a lot of room to play. That will last forever. What we do. In Revelation 2021. Obviously, everything in that direction with pastor Chad back in a little scary right things are going south fast right now we know that well soldiers died in this attack. That was a side bomber vest attack Isis Isis K, whatever that is. There there check pastor Chad Harvey from Ross assemblies here, by the way most of you that are still listening to me after months or years or whatever. If you like me you love chat so you dear dear got to people in here in the studio today that really the fair man's not really an issue for me is an issue for you know not the fear of pushback because we say things that we know are unpopular, not really an issue for me is an issue for you not like his confront gets kind of fun and and then do you fear God more than man yes yes all and so were willing to speak the truth be salt and light would we talk about on the face really liberating knowing that Ms. very liberating the man will be to fear Melvia snacks Naprosyn there is a trap. And so that's what happened. So if you're if you're sick and tired of me and BPB pastors, or maybe baby churches or passages afraid to go there because it's not popular you, but I would like to that's that's really why were there ex-wife unite unite known each other since I don't know, 2006 at one time but there's not a lot of pastors left that are that have no fear of their congregations. Chad so if you're looking for a church in your in the Raleigh area for North Raleigh and as things expand cross assemblies something you should deftly check out the house the church doing really well you know we got a great church. Things are going wonderfully were growing at our main campus are going North campus and some of the grace of God. You joke.

Some of the date they said a pastors open great in Denison give got almost all the glory I give them all the glory is not about me or anything is really by the sovereign grace of God. Things are going well, but you'll see what others great set up.

I want to stir the pot too much.

But here's I do believe this.

I think Islam is going play a critical role in the last days in Afghanistan is part of the set up that you can and by the way, if you want to go you go check out cross simply look at the series on the series is available also on their Facebook page.

We can also go to the website even though your website crosses and are you right on 90% sure this cross is even better, it's cross could jump to Otsego there check out the whole sermon series on Revelation, but I Islam. So I listened where to talk about this on the brink. I'll go first.

I hate is do you hate is hate is love Muslims. I do, but I hate is okay, Islam, and Revelation.

This is really interesting. I agree with you hundred percent stock about that because that's over talk about right now because of the Taliban so great Christian leaders like John of Damascus, Martin Luther, John Calvin Jonathan Edwards all is interesting all these guys who lived hundreds and hundreds of years ago kept pointing toward Islam and pick Point really toward that part of the world and send the antichrist may come out of that part of the world's Robert Anderson who is a strong Christian. He was also the head of Scotland Yard, Sir Robert Anderson said were focused in the wrong direction. We been looking toward the West for the antichrist, we should be looking toward Islam from the antichrist and the Antichrist will come from the Roman Empire.

We see that in Daniel chapter 9 but we also see hints that may be he comes from the Assyrian Empire's will, we see that Micah 5 Isaiah 10 Isaiah 14 sourcing how he come from the Roman Empire, but also the ancient Assyrian Empire. There's one place in the world where there was an overlap of the Byzantine Eastern Roman Empire and the ancient Assyrian Empire and the one place settle overlaps is Turkey and Syria. Oh, which is why I wondered for years. If the antichrist might be coming from the dominant religion in Turkey and Syria exactly as long as yes and so you know the the Shiites to go talk about the 12th Imam or the great Mahdi who calm that's kind of an eschatological figure in Islam, but I want you to look at some the traits of the Muslims talk about their eschatological figure who's going to come and make the world right this 12th guided one or Mahdi global leader greatly loved by the world like a peace treaty. The motion say with the Jews.

It will last for seven years.

He will arrive on a white horse.

He will punish unbelievers, which in Islam are Christians in general are Revelation 13 talks about the antichrist finding the people of God, he will be based in Jerusalem listen Egyptian author Mohammed even is out and Mohammed Ira said that the Mahdi this great final Islamic leader will be victorious and eradicate the pigs and the dogs and the idols of this time Jerusalem will be the location of this rightly guided caliphate and the center of Islamic rule, which will be headed by the Imam Mahdi and dumb trees based in Jerusalem. Revelation chapter 20 talks about all the different tribulation believers who will be killed due to houses.

They are killed early in 20 there in their head separated from there, but they are beheaded, which is not the most efficient way of killing masses of people, but in sharia law that's the preferred way of execution. She put all this together.

The most misleading arrive on the right. Whitehorse based out of Jerusalem Peachtree to the Jews for seven years I believe sounds familiar.

I believe this company antichrist.

I think the is the antichrist could possibly come from the Islamic who already has two one extent or another about 1.2 1.3 billion followers of the world around the world.

You Muslims are still not even 1% of the US population but they're growing but you go to Europe and the most popular. This is like 10. This is a story 10 years ago in Great Britain, the most popular name for newborn was Mohammed, you and so because Muslims in most contacts are like homeschoolers. They reproduce you, they have more kids than average. Europe is below their reproduction rate Mark Stein wrote a great book on this years ago. That in and in Europe they were below the the reproduction rate, which is why Muslims are Islam can take over Europe without firing a shot. The same things happening here is the people become more obsessed with themselves. We have less kids to spend more money or time. Another part of the people to spend it on me.

So we have fewer kids that all works out well so that's so at this point in my life. After you preach on Revelation through the series, which is an overhead and considering what were seeing now with people at the VAT the facts. The max vaccine mandate the mass and how most people are just willing to go along because are not ready.

They just want to get into it so I have a fight there fearful. I'm not actually that impressed by the antichrist and the Martin. I think it's going to take them. You do have a one world knew there was somebody that steps in like the specimen is Artie got an army of 1 billion people or so you hang up the last review.

The antichrist is on the scene.

I like what Chuck Mishler said he has his great theory.

Mr. versus Satan doesn't know when he's when Jesus is coming back Jesus when he left the earth getting the wood is correct so he's is I think Satan has had an antichrist waiting in the wing in every generation in 60 A.D. Satan's antichrist. He was raiding cases as it was Nero sure turned out I wasn't in time. So in the 1930s. He had a an antichrist waiting the weaker case Adolf Hitler. I think he has his antichrist waiting in the wings right now this might be yet. This might be the main man but I do believe that the antichrist there has been an antichrist waiting in the wings never generate how Satan's theology better than yours mine. He knows the Bible better not do better and you do not. Amazing as it is amazes me. Sleep is seen as the book of Revelation better than I do, or you do. He knows how this thing turns out but but yet repentant get saved all things will happen on the second episode. So the question is then how do we incorporate this because I one of my concerns. We talk about this little bit on the break as is.

We tend to go one way or the other.

Some people to say or to your so heavenly minded you're no earthly good or vice versa. So, earthly minded, you know heavenly good barrel evangelism you're all salt and light or you're all something light and you know whatever, but Dick and I think that that's a concern of mine. I think it's a legitimate one for us right now is what we do with this. How we live, how now shall we live. Yes Doug by Francis Schaeffer, in light of obviously I don't think any of us can deny that things are ramping up in the time frame seems to be tightening things are speeding up to the other question I will deal with this for the majority the rest of the show is how now shall we live, how do we live in light of Revelation. In 2021. Given the events going on when it comes to soft light comes evangelism and church comes the loss. What we do is people that believe in the revelation of the large arithmetic at Harvey Cross assembly church is ready to answer me.

Can because we got the right to Revelation everything that Harvey Cross assembly. You beaches comes up. II love John is going on vacation last week and as you like, you one you get me to go to be tested. I'm watching this documentary on the beach just can't break away from it was incredible man just regular ways.

I really could not by what I what was your darling wife response to that is used like a one vacation week watches later thing you might do find it on YouTube hook you up to Larry's I would talk about the book of Revelation. Revelation 2021. What do with this and and Chad has said mention this to begin.

So there is that that the Bible makes it very clear that the distinct blessing for those of us that would bother to read it, i.e., study it, just like that when you look at the 10 Commandments. There's one with the distinct promise which is children.

Honor your father and mother so there's something there.

God's telling us study this and you will be blessed. It's important, and especially every day we get there everyday behind us is a day closer to the return of Christ to the tribulation. All this thing so obviously I think most of us are thinking about this and how do you not yet the Christian right now is not, at least consciously hit out of the same crazy book of Revelation because it is so much going on but does anything else need to happen. I wanted asked this question many of the three points want to get to my main concern is what we do at this application, but does anything else need to happen on the prophetic timeline is 1948 was a big deal also need to look at Joe's going back to anything else. She was there's nothing left to take place before Jesus could come back if you believe in the doctrine of immanence and Jesus could come back any minute like he said, "you don't know what I'm going back in but then there is not one prophecy left to be fulfilled. Now you bring up what about Matthew 24.

Jesus is know all these unreached people groups have got to hear that everybody getting out there and then everything will come when Jesus teaches that he's teaching, not about the rapture the church is top of the second coming at the end of the tribulation when he makes that statement. It is in the middle the context of his teaching on the tribulation is what he saying is during the seven years of tribulation. The gospel is going to go out law scholars believe more people will be saved in those seven years of tribulation than the entire church history combined. Jesus is saying the gospel will go out during the seven years of tribulation and then I would come back and sit in my kingdom on earth, but he's not talking about the rapture of the church and thing we have to be careful of and only if these three points is I'm not going to stop eating lunch with somebody that's pre-trip mid-trip poster yet dispensational is historic auto knock.

I'm knocking to do if you, Jesus is coming back. He will establish his kingdom on earth, heaven will end up here and all the right all the wrongs will be righted.

Every account will be settled. The great white throne judgment. It's all good, happy now. The details are important, but those aren't hills yet are you in the sinking fund yet invite you not just on the great Bible teacher who's a thousand times smarter than I am and will be Dr. Michael Braga during Richard election and also password you do that here.

I like this quote.

Somebody said you know Joyce like a pretrip and prepare like a post-trip okay so you rejoice with me out here, and if were wrong.

Just be prepared for America exactly okay application. What we do with circular Jesus already answer this question Christian option was going on Afghanistan master make me upset. The jabs make me upset when I do. Jesus is like why estimate? He told what to do. Luke 2128 in context of the end days. He says, but when these things begin to take place. No one straightened up. Number two.

Lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing nigh and so here's what I tell people Jesus is straighten up when you're defeated. What you do you slump when you are in victory. What you do straighten up yet and I would say look, start living and acting like you're more than a conqueror through him who loved you you're not the victim of the antichrist. You are the victim of the beast coming of the ocean your child. The most I got straighten up and be boldly confident be strong and it's interesting. There's this great psychological term called act as if if you're not confident act like you confident in the feelings of all the backside that other summers in the study raises always act like you know your evidentiary citizen think so. You look straighten up this number one and in Jesus his look, lift up, lift up your heads, your head determines your focus and Hebrews 12 one through two sisters keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and the perfecter of our faith actually lift up your heads and keep your focus on Jesus Christ you record him boom has its great quote she said look around and be distressed look within and be depressed. Look at Christ and be at rest and so I would say watching Fox news and read your Bible, you know, watch a little. I wasn't succeeding and wanting to ensure you get to watch a little CNN repent or get up late phase of the firemen, but in my mind as you finally can look on Facebook for a few minutes and go to the prayer closet.

Keep your focus on Jesus and we are in a word, looking for the antichrist. Jesus never told his look for the antichrist. He told his look for the Christ, and so I would say number one straighten up. Be bold, confident, be strong.

You don't feel like it at least act like it. Lift up lift up, you keep your eyes on Jesus and then look up because Jesus is your redemption draws nigh and you know second Timothy says there's a special crown for those of us who've long for his appearing.

Colossians 3 to set your minds on things that are above, Philippians 320, our citizenship is in heaven. Here's what has happened with the buy demonstration. I realize this my identity as a Christian was right up there with my identity as an American, and now I've come to the realization I love America is a mystic country it's messed up and share Daniel this is Babylon pages that Evan and Hagan like you to answer my citizenship primarily is in heaven. And so you drew this whole thing of Joseph, so heavenly minded. He's no Earl Ehrlich. I've not met a lot of Christians that a middle nations were so earthly minded. The new heavenly good and CS Lewis has an incredible quote he's is look at the people who did the most for the kingdom throughout history. He's the people who do the most here on planet Earth were more focused on heaven than anybody else.

And so I think that's it man straighten up yet be boldly strong, lift up, keep you focus on Jesus and then look up, keep keep this heavenly perspective, don't keep this earthly perspective. Keep a heavenly perspective, look, here is what we as Christians should do when we hear about the suicide bomber who killed all his people look I just pray right now the name of Jesus for the families of all these involve Lord I pray that somehow someway was Satan for evil grooming for good and I pray that the spammers will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. That's what having a heavenly focus is having an earthly focuses God.

I just pray that the Marines are going to wipe all them to Alabama out to destroy them all and you know why I did it by now the way where a lot of the way I was stung. The guy he said he was riding through. I think it was Raleigh's been a couple years ago and he said I saw a car is on the left side there's the Jesus fish. He said you can't make this up unless there's a Jesus fish in the right side it said nuke Iran that that's it's you know Scott Newcomb until they glow so we can shoot out in the dark in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

That's not having that heavenly minded perspective. Nono now and any then there's the there's the reality of the world that we live in. You get indigent you get a just war theory or which I know you studied and I was part of my ethics degree as well and we live in it. We live in a dangerous broken world and sometimes in order for evil things happen blowup and people have to get shot yeah but you never a soldier should always be alert, ready to act. Do what they need to do, but as a Christian, always a broken heart.

Yeah, because most likely you're sending somebody a little sooner to hell and heaven and so there's that there's that brokenness at the same time were were shrewd as a viper in general is yeah and I think we struggle yet we know that there's a guy so you just servant, Jesus of angels in Zion. I mean all that. Having said that there's getting Jaco willing to you who John will get the old man. He was the commander of seal team three is now big leadership group Google Jaco will make Biden response and what he's know that.

Yeah, he said if I was Joe Biden. Here's how I would responded every body I made a critical decision. It was a mistake.

I'm sorry. But now I gotta give this message to the Dalby ambled the current situation in Afghanistan is the taste okay set to leave Afghanistan this month and as we began the final drawdown.

I made some critical errors. Namely, I underestimated the strength of the Caliban and I overestimated strength. Those guys at ex-Navy seal right you is no yes no silting three get to the end humanity or to the good people of Afghanistan. God bless America, and may God have mercy on the souls of our enemy because we will not go yeah and there's a lesson there's a time and a place for that house and it needs to be done in order to protect the innocent, absolute, one of the reasons got Institute government you made a good chuckles and books book kingdom and conflict. I think kingdoms in conflict is a great example of this conflict distinction between being citizens of this world and the citizens of the kingdom of God but my focus, I have to tell myself that all the time straighten up gentle wind yeah yeah B Millie mouth straighten up be boldly strong, lift up, keep your eyes on Jesus and look up your redemption draws nigh keep your mind on things above and looks leave was the last thing Jesus told us to do in Matthew go make disciples in Mark did your there's a great commission within the mark going all the world preach the gospel all creation. Such a mark in Luke Terry in Jerusalem received the power the Holy Spirit and go and preach the gospel in John. John 2021 as the father sent me, so I'm sending you can ask. He says the same thing going all the work I'm thinking geez. Like I told you to preach the gospel to preach God good in that world wondering what should we go to life daily just to have it go preach the gospel so don't talk about utilizing Revelation and the preaching of the gospel to letting most of us has to just assume that people are just ethical wackos there to write it off. He said something different in a sermon recently about general interest to people in the end of history.

If I figure it's on the Hollywood where the best at Army theology Thursday past.

Chad from across assembly here in Raleigh, North Carolina cross assembly.or if you want a pastor to pamper you to protect you from difficult issues are cultural issues, political issues. If you want to stay away from some of the more uncomfortable teachings of the Bible don't talk about things that the culture doesn't like cross assembly is about right given him that you think I really am trying to be more like since it I want to be honest I want a not a double portion, Joe stings encouragement, but I would like to have a little encouragement. I'm serious and try to do better try to do better.

I appreciate your sense of humor. Listen in, and that in the days that were in cotton candy should be on the menu.

It should be. But every now and then mean you get to know well I mean in Revelation little luck. That's 11 chads in the middle of the series in Revelation.

Some people don't hear that you're in the middle of it that you listen you said this earlier we don't fight for victory. We fight from Victor you I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. Did Satan's vanquished animal at some point. So now she's ticked off is going to take as many people down as he can. He wants to ruin as many Christians lies as he can. That's all that's going on but you know we got the snapshot of time to get to the end of human history and then heaven comes back to earth and then that's all eternity. And this stuff isn't even hardly a blip on the radar screen and I know that for a fact because of Christ. And I'm sealed in him and that's mine. So you control all the southern garbage at me in the watch the whole world to evolve, which is heartbreaking. Whatever talk about the state of our nation, our president or what's going on in Afghanistan, but I know is it gets while there. Paradise gets closer. Yeah. And that is a good message so I know that okay I need to clear back so there you and you Revelation I evangelism so you know what we hear God's eye. Let's leverage people's interest in end times, yes I have five little I have talked to lost people who don't care anything about the gospel anything but the Bible but you start on that world events and things like the antichrist. Yeah they get into that old man don't so they'll be more interested in Jesus. Let's leverage this interest the people have any in times of the world tonight you have the Hollywood movies you the six seal how satisfying their people are interested in this and use that is a segue to the gospel.

Generally, that world sis you and and I think whether they understand it or not, because the laws written on the human heart. We go to Romans we go to Ecclesiastes in several places we go. I don't believe in atheists because I believe Romans one got me this existing claimant are without excuse everybody's nobodies and if you say may be an agnostic and atheist just my book an agnostic with an attitude problem is the time, so most people I think have this innate sense that things are getting worse, not they're getting better and they get upset just like we see people why people freaking out about mass and vaccine because they're afraid to die right okay as a Christian I think we can use that. Yeah you that hit me recently and I sing of your Christian and your big and the masks and vaccine you and you don't have losses of Asian I'm not saying that, but the phone him and why is it that the left is so obsessed with saving their lives, and we don't want any risk is what if I die and I thought what is if you don't have a hope of eternal life.

You would do everything you can't have zero risk 00 as a Christian I'm not being ghetto cavalier, but if I die I could be of Jesus and so so that I don't have to have zero risk.

You know Christ and the guys said you guys guess I will keep saying this and keep preaching the gospel bring back to Jesus you number years ago my dad told me to look at what good work today when you when I get home I want the grass mowed on his yard mowed seed. I spent that they do log rates of acute hornets nest for him.

You know I fix my by a guy did some good things, and when he got home it wasn't. It was movies like wise you grass not moot yet, but that I did this and I did that.

That's what I initiated I told you don't want those good things. I said mowed the grass and so I think what the church needs understand. Is there some good things we need to do, but we can't do that at to the neglect of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and you know this already gospel its old English term good spills would would means good news in the midst of all this bad news covert masks Afghanistan will get the best news the world is ever heard and that's that Jesus saves can save our soul, one that he's going to come back and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God and of his Christ and he will reign forever and ever and you didn't you know your dad was coming home at night and started to lightly finish the last second and Sam is going through the gospel is the book of acts about the great commissions all over the place and so we need to do that in light of this site. So if a bomb is not the antichrist to it.

We delete we don't know why because I think he's been there at every generation. But the Bible does say that you know you make a seven year peace treaty with the Greek Jews. He's really a great financier who will be a businessman. Revelation 13 seven.

Ezekiel 28 will be a great speaker who were able to move people with his speaking to be a genius. Daniel 728 20 Parisi go 23 answer here possibly be a homosexual because Daniel 1137, says he will show no regard for women and I were not quite sure what that everything is a sharia law muscle. It could be that or it could be.

He has no interest in women.

Yeah, we were not generous. Revelation 13. Three. He's got a head wound to be supernaturally healed. You know the rest of you smart everybody who follows him. We see that in Revelation 1316 so so there is coming a world leader. I think he is here on the scene already. I personally believe that and I believe this followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. That's why we have to be very sensitive to any type of government edict that forces us to violate conscience or forces us to Buy into totalitarianism because I think that in doing that were actually paving the way were making it easier for this globally to go back 20 years 30 years 40 years. When I first came a believer and I started learning about Revelation and I and I read the left behind series God stuff. I'm sitting on one end of one world government. One world leader everybody just got off all the women are just getting line that doesn't seem over toward independent people here in America.

We've even delivered today all I got stuff that I might wear a mask do this don't do that.

Now you've got in New York City works well before 9/11 on September 13, or to start enforcing.

If you don't have proof of vaccination. You can't go on. The party can go to the restaurant Going to the Bradley theater.

You can't go in the movie theater can't do this.

Can't do that show us the mark in this case, and then you'll have access to commerce.

Yeah there to kill a lot of businesses doing and and most people I said this before we got there, which were pushing 60% of Americans are all for vaccine mandate you and okay is it really that much of a leap to see an antichrist can promise you a rose garden and then you're just gonna come and lay down.

Yes, it will affect the signage do feed my family assaulted in your Doug 20 years ago 15 years ago. We agreed this in a way to say how can there be a mark, a mandate that makes people be able to go to stores by things without this crazy crazy crazy now. Well, you know, it was either Gordon Brown or Tony Blair last year in the midst of all the covert stuff to get you find the quote you what we need right now we need a world leader. The can, bring all the night. As you navigate this thing is amazing man were just seeing all the back again and it's the great set up, forcing all patients to come together right now. The Islam global mandates globalization totalitarianism were seeing all that come together right now waving the beta just just interacting with your own church across assembly believers people going to church people in staff what are some of the biggest challenges Christians are facing right now in the midst of the environment where I'll be two things anxiety is a lot of anxiety going on out there. In fact I would say that anxiety far away are the biggest the biggest issues of people do with right now I read something from a talk about, like clinical, but something going on for a while because general in general and there's a man named Lahey. He's a psychiatrist that specializes in anxiety.

He said the average person living today. I'm sorry the average high school student today has the same level of anxiety as a psychiatric patient back in the 1950s using beverage. Second, the average high school student today has the same level of anxiety as the psychiatric patient back in the 1950s and we didn't do us any favors by isolating out people and forcing them to look at your Facebook or TV 24 seven and they were wondering why suicide attempts parse through the roof, we see that our church on sluicing an increase in suicide attempts was seen in an increase in anxiety is just amazing. So, anxiety is one. Is there another unit I would say will know that you want to go on this topic, but with men that porn addiction yet is becoming a major issue is will and again, we saw that last year because men were now isolated like at home for pewter teenager. As always, SMEs will need anything to get out and so there still that whole moral attack from the enemy's will is just dumb.

It's been a very challenging time but bind bind way. Anxiety is the number one issue. I think the boldness of of the left, particularly the boldness of the spirit of the age the boldness of the anti-Christian bent is really increase way more than even 10 years ago you and I are starting up her skin attended her.

I don't know about that a little bit in our context, but the boldness and just the absolute jettisoning any notion of shame. Yeah, things are spinning out of control so quickly and even the gender think not.

The military is not ready to handle Kabul Afghanistan because they're too busy teaching critical race theory and gender, ethics, Outlook, metalwork, Holly Martin really said our biggest issue right now is white rage. I don't know gentleman laughing man's mother issues than the white race a sharia rage might be a little yeah yeah and so I hate to see this happen. I hate to see attacks. I hate to see American servicemen die. It's horrible.

I just wonder if it might wake up America to the main issue here and does Amano helps her hopes per point the government left out what has to be the praying you, I would say pray number 144 Pres. and to do that and I'm not just a sarcastic someone got a pray for president. All is my boss just pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I'm big on honor. Pray for his will, on the use well and in Jesus and prayed to the Lord will send more harvesters, and the harvest members pray for you in time harvest.amen across is the website cross.forecasts at Harvey here at Delhi Yonkers Road beltline in Raleigh as well as North Raleigh at 540 and check it out. I live on Sunday 8 AM, 9:30 AM 11 AM real person told across assembly got a very, always great having things run.

This is the noblest. So, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon. Always another program powered by the Truth Network


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