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"I'm a Man Trapped Inside a Woman's Body."

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August 20, 2021 9:45 am

"I'm a Man Trapped Inside a Woman's Body."

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 20, 2021 9:45 am

"I'm a Man Trapped Inside a Woman's Body."

Carl Trueman, author of "The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self" joins me to discuss the transgender/gay movement.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday life in your home, at work, in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay so about yesterday so I got food poisoning that wasn't any fun if you been down that road. Those horrific and then I thought I was going to get through the day started class in the morning at this my first week of classes, US history, civics and Christian ethics and by 45 minutes in the class. I had ask everybody to leave because I was about to pass out. So dehydration is not a great day, obviously feeling much better today so back in the studio.

There's so much to talk about in the news, but I'm not gonna do that because I really want you to hear this interview with that. I did this week on Monday. The rising triumph of the modern self this by Carl Truman.

Rising triumph of the modern self cultural amnesia expressive individualism in the road, the sexual revolution essentially Carl goes how do we end up at the place today in the modern world here in the West where a guy can say I'm basically a woman trapped in a man's body and a good chunk of the population is just okay well I find you. Do you all do me.

Whatever, that's fine. The transgender thing which goes back to the gay marriage thing which goes back to something that I mentioned quite often the show, which is the idolatry of self.

This is an incredible book.

Not easy to read because he's a brilliant man. Carl Truman is a PhD, University of Aberdeen professor biblical religious studies at Grove city College and a church historian previously served at the William E. Simon fellow in religion in public life at Princeton University, authored or edited more than a dozen books of the guys brilliant okay and and this is just a conversation like the whole rise of the modern self counsel about your identity right so if you say your girl. I have to call you a different name or whatever it's all about the self.

It's all about how identify myself regardless of the natural world. The natural law or reality in general. So the question lies in the point of the book is how do we get there. Okay so this is the interview I did on Monday of Carl Truman in this. The first segment of the interview were to start it now. Come back and ready to play some of it through all four segments what's going take the whole show, but you really need to listen to this and I got some of the things I want to share with you about our neighbors out to the Western North Carolina their suffering tremendously as that tropical storm just created a mess out there. We have an opportunity to help but play the first segment with me with Carl Truman the rise and suck and triumph of the modern self right so there's a particular phrase. The rising triumph of the modern self cultural amnesia expressive individualism in the road to sexual revolution by Mike yesterday. Carl Truman and there's a line Carl that that shows up often in the book and it really kinda captivates in and captures a lot of what you're dealing with in this book. I am a woman trapped in a man's body in how have we gotten to the point in our society, or rephrase that. I think I'm a woman.

Therefore, I am a woman getting to the point society where this is just something we Carl we just go oh okay and we kinda leave it at that. Not all of us are that blasé about it, but many of us are so hot at this kind of become a meaningful, coherent statement in the modern times and then how did that kinda lead you to write the rising triumph of the modern self, just in question, I think. The couple of observations to make about that statement all its completely counterintuitive.

It's a very very dramatic statement for that statement to be pools will embolden society requires a major reversal of how society's of force about men and women what it is to be a mountain.

The woman, it involves a complete reversal or abandonments of the traditional way of thinking about that, which of course connects pretty closely to biological difference to the biological nature of male and female bodies. Secondly, the other intriguing thing is how quickly it is come to to make sense not simply to those who sit in gender theory seminars on the people like Judith Butler, for example, queer theorists, but the will remounted woman in the streets and nothing when you combine the dramatic nature of that switch the speed which is taken place. What it tells you is that the calls it's underlying this change the rules context for this change is very deep and has been developing for a long long time. This, in some ways is simply the latest Domino twofold in a cultural story there's been going on for some time was really that the drew me to want to address this question in the book how we reach this position with not just the the elites educated critical theorists among us, but also the old remounted woman in the street, find out statements if not completely plausible lease notices is utterly bizarre as it was being considered just 2025 years ago right and unfortunately I think our society is so intellectually shallow that they don't really question these things, they just kind of accept that but it's been it's to the extent this is certainly a frog in a pot scenario because one of the things that was fascinating about the book Carl were talking to Carl Truman, the rising triumph of the modern self was unlike many of people in America. I think I probably assumed most of this started in the sexual revolution of the 1960s, but then you get in the way back machine and we have to go away before that because the philosophy that that really was the underpinning of the secular sexual revolution started well before that time was that something you always knew and adjusted then ended up in the book because I think a lot of us are making the assumption that we blame the 1960s. Yeah, I think there's this certain unanimous that when I started to work on the book. The 60s loomed large but of course when you when you reflect for just a moment on the nature of history in general, it becomes very clear that nothing is its own course is always a back story to everything that happened as I was reflecting on the sexual revolution became clear to me along the sexual revolution doesn't rise out of nowhere clearly the world is being prepared for the sexual revolution prior to the 1960s and secondly the story copy simply told in terms of of one coals or another as if rock music coals is promiscuity, or if you have the thinking of Nietzsche closes the abandonments of of of the notion of human nature is as a moral category. The story is is immensely complicated. You have elite philosophers developing certain lines of thinking and then for example you have technological developments in society in general. That makes certain strands of philosophical thinking attractive or plausible. So, just to take the sexual revolution. You can't have the sexual revolution without having philosophers taking a certain view of sex and sexual activity that detach it from traditional moral categories, but you also can't have it without the evidence of the pill, and an easy contraception and abortion and things like that. The make might say a lifestyle of promiscuity. More practically plausible in the months of being in the past. So yes, and immensely complicated story doesn't begin in the 1960s, but stuck yet. So that's Carl Truman, the rise in triumph.

The modern self, a pickup with Carl when we come back after this interview on Monday. It is a lot more to get to it fascinating to go anywhere I will noble to Steve Noble so I am live here in the studio playing through an interview I did on Monday, and I like mentioned yesterday I was dealing with the fun food poisoning.

I'm about 70% today and there's a lot of things going on. Obviously in Afghanistan and some other places that we need to pay attention to and as well as COBIT and everything else going on, so I'll get back to that on Monday.

Rest assured, and am trying to get a couple people to call and that can speak directly to what's going on over there so I'm working on that Saturday were listening this interview I did on Monday with Carl Truman. By the way, I tomorrow from 1 to 6 on the heels of the unit. The huge storm that came through the other day just devastated Western North Carolina think they still have 15 to 20 people missing out there from flash flooding and everything, but some of our friends here in town and see strong here in Raleigh are doing a drop off tomorrow. They're collecting supplies from 1 to 6 PM tomorrow. Okay that's 1100 S. Saunders St. in Raleigh. That's just north of 40 on South Saunders will 1100 S. Saunders St. drop off supplies okay water sports drinks, toiletries, close school supplies, work gloves, nonperishable food 5:59 PM tomorrow, 1100 S. Saunders St. in Raleigh just north of 40 so I'll remind all my local friends of that later in the Shelby let's get back to this Carl Truman interview this incredible book, the rise in trying to the modern self. Let's listen to particular what would you say and then I want to get into the notion of self does it really play throughout the book, and in some I talk about in the air regularly. Carl always say hey listen, this is all about autonomy. This is there's nothing new under the sun. Solomon had it right. It's been about autonomy since we got kicked out of the garden and then the notion of self redefining reality which of course Satan loves to do.

We see that all over the place, but went when you come to go back.

What are some of the names that that some people might be familiar with, and even worldviews like Marxism that are really in that foundation underneath what happened in the 60s yeah well any list like he was going to be selective because of cool since you know it's not just a handful of fig suture who who accomplish this, but I would say you looking for people who exemplify certain aspects of what's going on then Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the Genevan flow through the 18th century.

He's a man who really gives powerful articulation to the idea that it set in the sentiments it's our inner feelings that define who we you have the great artists of what we now call the romantic movement to in many ways pickup Rousseau's fundamental insights and turn it into a un-autistic agenda, which of course popularized is the philosophy, not many people read philosophy but a lot of people shaped by artworks by the cultural productions of the of the autistic class.

Over the centuries. In the 19th century we have figures in the different ways that just Nietzsche, Darwin, Freud will afford smallpox 20th century box I might throw into the mix is not actually meant. She mentioned them in the book, but the utilitarianism of a man like John Stuart Mill. These kind of man on the sort of movements they inspired become critically important that in the 20th century, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre's long term love in my opinion will brilliant philosopher than Sondra really formulates a form of feminism that will be very, very influential in the latter part of the 20th century, we have the gender theorists riffing off Michel Foucault, Friedrich Nietzsche, we have people like Judith Butler who stopped to to destabilize traditional gender categories and very very dramatic way. So this would be the sort of names that I would put in any in any kind of Hall of Fame.

If you are you lying behind current cultural moment because it was in reading through this and and at somebody with a pretty healthy biblical worldview. I also understand the human nature underpinnings of all this, and so when you have smart people and philosophers in this and that's fascinating that bleeds in the areas of arts and entertainment because obviously that is one of the biggest sales on the ship about modern culture.

I think I keep looking at Reading as a Marine to the book, Carl. The rise in trying to the mark modern self, that these are just people that are really giving voice to this innate rebellion of the human spirit to do it my way. To quote Frank Sinatra and so it just bubbling up out of out of Eden over all these years is something that like I mentioned earlier, this is nothing new under the sun.

This is just gotten it to the level of academia and then as it bleeds into the culture. But this really theologically here. There's really nothing new.

Is there no money some ways you could you could look at the at the modem situation say we really come to a point where human beings have decided that the world doesn't have a moral shape to it doesn't have any intrinsic meaning it doesn't have any significance beyond itself. It's just stuff.

The same applies to ourselves enough bodies were about is the just stuff over which we can impose. I will send you a week. We don't discover meaning if you like in our world we create meaning right and you say you could look back at the narrative of Genesis 3, for example, and say what you're what what Moses is doing in Genesis 3 is describing situation. We just walked out of a need to side know the world doesn't have a moral structure is declared by God. The world has a moral structure that they are able to make up for themselves that they are sovereign in this room so you can certainly say that what we're seeing today is there is a similar dynamic to that described in Genesis chapter 3 yeah it's a multi-thousand year version of idolatry is this. It's literally the same thing over and over again, so I wanted to ask you about one of the concepts that you refer to quite a bit and talk and unpack. In the book were talking to Carl Truman, the rising trying to the modern self, which everybody listening to tell you right off the bat.

This isn't this isn't the easiest book to read because it's so well done and so well researched, but I'm telling you, if you take the time to read this book. It will unlock for you a level of understanding as to what you see in this country and around the world with respect to the sexual revolution. The redefinition of all these terms be at marriage or gender. At this point and it will really help for me. Carl was really brought into another level of peace and understanding what's going on around me because people. I think a lot of Christians are just pulling their hair out but to find out the historical roots all all embedded in a Christian worldview which is super helpful, but not social. Is it imagery, social imagery, I think I am a woman. Therefore, I am a woman and an reimagining of culture in general talk to us about the acts that it's a really important point.

Yeah, the term social imagine reaches for the alts to Charles Taylor draw the weird that he uses imaginary which most of us considered to be an adjective uses that as a noun, but what he means by social imaginary industries really try to get the fact that the way most of us think about the world the way all of us think about the world and in significant ways is less a matter of reason arguments and working back to first principles and more insurance if we we tend to imagine the world is a certain way, say the students I read a science book. I think since I was 15, but I tend to leave rooms through the hole in the wool cool the door. I cannot explain scientifically why the hole in the wool works for my exit rather than the solid brick will hold us but my experience might intruding of the world leads me to believe that that's the best policy for exiting the room. Well, that's a trivial example, but actually the way most of us think about moral issues. For example, is intrusive.

Most of us, you take moral positions, not because with Ken Sheehan all all Hegelian's all Marxist were not thinking philosophically about the mark of the moral positions we take, we take this position because they seem intrusively right in the seeming truth to be right because they coordinate with the way we unconsciously imagine the world to be the usefulness of the socially monitoring when it dealing with would say the transgender question is to realize that when we try to find out why this is come to grips with molten culture. There's no point looking just at the argument being made 14 drugs, no point you like bye-bye ready to get up there and they come back talking to Carl Truman, the rising triumph of the modern self. I'm a woman trapped in a man's body. How do we get to that point will talk to Carl in combat noble to see noble show I'm working through an interview I did on Monday with Carl Truman, the rising, trying to modern health, cultural amnesia, expressive individualism of the road sexual revolution essentially we get to the point where it it's considered a coherent statement for somebody to say about.

I'm a woman trapped inside a man's body and it goes back way beyond before the sexual revolution. Fascinating. Fascinating conversation incredible book the rising trying to the modern self really will unlock a much deeper understanding than any of us already have in terms of how do we get to this point in our society. Gay marriage, homosexuality in general. Transgender is an end, all of that mess because we wanted to turn determine the rules of the game we determine reality self autonomy idolatry.

Let's pick it up with Carl Truman really one of the threads that goes to the entire book. The rising trying to the modern self is that word self and the word identity now self and identity is self defined. It has nothing to do with any kind of even in this case of gender scientific underpinnings. It's really just a motive.

If this is how I feel this I perceive myself therefore I am and then went to anybody in the culture.

People like you, Carl. Are people like me come up and say actually that's not who you are not, that's deeply offensive to the people are down this road to help us understand just the notion of identity and self because I think that's really at the root of yeah I think the modern cell phone talking about the toddler's really guides how we imagine ourselves as individuals to be.

It's not a basic self-consciousness that that you know you you and I know I may, that's, that's not what I'm getting. It's what we think about what we think it means to be human.

How we conceive of our lives and go to the work of my friend, to Sneed to the Notre Dame bioethicist on this, Sneed makes his point in his is wonderful book of what it means to be human. Really, there are two ways we can conceptualize the self.

We can see the self as being first and foremost, that which is dependent and therefore has obligations towards other people, or we can conceive of the self as being independent and therefore see other people's first and foremost not those that we have obligations towards but as those who might potentially get in the way of self realization, I think we the dominant notion of the self in the West today is that Lasso want it self-evident nonsense. We pulled very dependent child is utterly dependent on the parents sweat when he or she is born as human beings, lives always marks our relationships of dependency in some way, but the idea that we free self standing autonomous individuals grips the molten imagination is facilitated to a large extent by prosperity we enjoy in the West. The technology we enjoy in the West that really lies at the hearts of the molten self that leads them to identity what is identity's identity something given to us by those relationships of dependency in which we find ourselves family, church, nation, etc. etc. or is identity something that we have the rights to think up for ourselves.

Yes, that's where the identity connection comes in and so of course you take that you add to it how the philosophy is in fact the culture through arts and entertainment. And that's been going on for a few hundred years and then got you get the modern technology and information and and information that quite frankly isn't really deep, as opposed this booklet that you wrote the rising triumph of the modern self, most people are pretty shallow and playing in the shallow end of the pool and all and then they been. I guess we could say Carl you make this point, looking at three big wins that this movement has been remarkably successful right. Oh yes, I mean I think it's transform society and to the extent that we all parts of it now. I think even as Christians.

There was a tendency to think of, well, you know, we thank you Lord will not like other men, like the LGBT Q movements over here of this movement over that natural fact expressive individualism. This idea that we are autonomous beings and that the world exists to meet our needs. That's alive and well in Christianity where old infected but were all full and the idiom of sin in our generation is precisely that that's what we ourselves vulnerable to yeah and so you mention Kennedy three big wins.

The triumph of the erotic. The triumph of the therapeutic and the triumph that the T, which I imagine to be transgender is him so just touch on those briefly and then I want to spend the rest of our time. Carl talking about, now what what what we do with all this, as Christians suggest some great suggestions or will the triumph of the erotic is simply a rough referring to the way that sex is become the dominant way of thinking about the self and molten society. When people identify themselves in terms of the sexual desires that state.

The sexualization of the molten Celtics taking place) and again to go back to the comments made earlier about rule implicates in this knife. If you think of yourself as straights, you're playing into that mode of identity because you're identifying yourself by your sexual desires which is your it. It's a novelty in history.

Ancient Greece full of people engaging in homosexual sex, but nobody was identifying as a is on the sexual sex or something you did not something you so even if you identify a stranger playing into that sexual identity thing and the further triumph of the erotic is that sex is just everywhere from advertising billboards to soap operas, sitcoms, sexes become the central fascination of our culture triumph of the therapeutic is that we now tend to think of ourselves as these autonomous individuals and that leads us to think society and its institutions of that knowledge to form us and to shape us but to meet our needs to make us feel good about ourselves. The very fact that everything these days. From what would once have been regarded as harmless jokes to things like school beautiful, are regarded as impressive right that is great example of the triumph of the therapeutic that the world is now to revolve around us and our needs, not the other way around. The triumph of the T is simply the moment my subtle way of computing and on the latest.

I hesitate to say my line of work that the final development because there's always something crazy is a clear x-ray. The latest iteration of this is transgender is when you think about transgender is what is transgender. It's the authorizing of feelings, even over the body. Not even my body is an institution has authority over me. At this point because the real me inhabits this body like a spacesuit and maybe it's inhabiting the wrong space right on the way to tell that is by looking at my feeling that that's just so clear and people said you you all should understand exactly how that's manifested itself in our culture.

So let's get to this last point, Carl witches, now what I'm reading from the end of the book. It should be the Christians natural state to feel that the times are out of joint and that we do not truly belong here, to which I would say a hearty amen and kind of no kidding him and that should be our way for know if you don't feel that way living in the 21st century then you're not doing it right and then come to the notion that we can't sit so acrimonious you said this as well. In the book no commonly accepted foundation on which such discussions might constructively take place.

We can even talk about these things because in America. I'm sure most of Western civilization.

I pipe often set on the air, Carl. It's like the Tower of Babel. Kind of in reverse because here in America we no longer have a common Judeo-Christian ethic type language. We don't even have a common civic language so it seems like were dispatching our heads against the wall side speak to us about what we do about the culture around us and then you really do it.

Just a masterful job of talking about what we do as Christians within our own community, but I think the first thing to do is to acknowledge her and complicity in this culture alluded to that earlier so I think that's very important because it allows us to should enable us to avoid a kind of pharisaical take of what's going on. So the first step.

The first actions of Christians. I think relative to the culture in which we find ourselves is repentance and lamentation those things I think are important and should be constants, but we must install with repentance and lamentation. They too can become a kind of therapy in some way sure endless brow beating about breasts about these things can can audibly make us feel that we not responsible, and to make us feel good about ourselves. They should be. Constants are living, we need to we need to express distress at what's going on around us. Secondly, I think we need to be very sociable about what we can achieve in the short to medium-term.

These the forces were against a very comprehensive, very powerful.

They been established over long period of time, which to some extent complicit with them. We not going to turn this this this ship around in the next 15, 20, 30, 35, 40, €50, maybe even longer getting the right appointment to the Supreme Court, selecting the right Congress of the right presidents. Those can be wonderful things, but ultimately that kind of stuff is downstream from the broader currents of culture and is not going to make a whole lot of difference in the in the short term, so that leads me to an exporter that is Christians need to think about whether you can make a different way.

Can you make a difference.

Where can I make a difference more than anything else we can make a difference with the people we actually rub shoulders with in our local contexts day by day and week by week. We can't win the argument about the LGBT Q stuff at a national level. At this point in time, but we can certainly persuade our LGBT Q plus neighbors that we are not bigoted they might think that our theology is loony, but if we treat them with love and kindness and respect as those who bear the image of God, we can perhaps perhaps have an impact on locale in a way that we can't have a new pack upon the nation such a great point talking to Carl Truman, the author of the rising triumph of the modern self. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Miller show a little bit more with Carl about what you and I can do regarding this only come back as a man go back it will be available on the Steve Miller show no I do not watch free president" resident Titan earlier today. I will at some point over the weekend will myself to watch that. I'm sure it was as frustrating as I can imagine it is. And so that that situation in Afghanistan and Kabul and what's going on there is continuing to unfold really, really sad and I just miss management just gross mismanagement just horrendous dark spot on American history is as this unfolds. And certainly on the Biden presidency will see what happens on this day by day, hour by hour. I am talking to a few people.

I've got one enough for military spent that much time at Bagram airbase, try to get him to call in and my dad got a couple other people and reaching out to that I know are involved personally with trying to get some people out of Afghanistan so I'm to try to get to them and get them on the show as quickly as I can. Next week so that we can kinda hear from them is this post being filtered to the media because you never know what you're actually getting there and things are just continuing due to progress here. I live now wake County. The county that surrounds Raleigh and Kerry in Chapel Hill. In all these areas are not Chapel Hill but this this part of the market is now being amassed mandate there and it's just crazy Madison and getting worse, really across the across the spectrum of it all, so will get back to that on Monday, but today finishing off my conversation I was able to interview Carl Truman is the author of the rising triumph of modern self, we been working throughout that interview. During the show. Today we've got about four minutes and 43 seconds left out of the question wise you what we do as a church.

When we live in this culture now is not just here in America.

This is really the Western world, and Carl made this point in the last segment that that not even one's body has any authority anymore.

In terms of determining what that person thinks is real and again this goes back to Romans chapter 1, we suppress the truth and replace it with a lie.

What's the truth well based on the way your body is the way your DNA is your a man no no no that that's you can say that about my outside but that that's all wrong.

I'm not a man I'm a woman I'm a woman trapped inside a man's body. I determine reality, not my body. My appendages now my DNA me and mostly that is you your head your mind and your feelings but that didn't just start in the 1960s and that was a big part of the book the rising triumph of modern self, is what happened philosophically and then that affected entertainment and the arts and then matches bleeds into all of culture and now that now we get to the point now where if somebody says I'm a man I'm a woman trapped in a man's body and a decent chunk of the population goes okay. What whatever you all do me and now it's at the force of law in many ways.

So just crazy right so that's the last part of my interview with Carl talk about what the church can do literally say connects to thinking about the church. We need to see the church's a community the church has to be a loving community, the church has to be pointing these people who desperate to below who is awash in this sea of freedom and autonomy. The church has to be able to point people to say you the church somewhere that the long-sought church or somewhere where you can have a stable identity the church or somewhere where you can be free but also find fixed identity in the Lord Jesus Christ.

So I would say the church needs to be a doctrinally bounded unselfconscious loving community.

That's what the church walls and the acts of the apostles. That's what the church walls in the first few centuries.

That was the model of church that ultimately brought down paganism in the Roman Empire and I think that's the way for us to go back church live today and I think that such an important point only look back at at acts chapter 2 in a just that community gathering together and to learn. So our doctrinal integrity is a huge issue which is why I think at this point, people need to be.

I'm not not let them try to figure how to say this, I used to be much stronger about not church hopping now. I'm much more of an advocate of church hopping in terms of finding churches individually for and not just because it's a Southern Baptist Church is necessary mean it's gonna be strong doctrinally, but that that doctrinal integrity has to be there because without that currently impotent.

We can be super nice. We can be friendly. We can be effective at dialogue but if we lose the base of Scripture that that we have to do both. Jesus was full of grace and truth. John chapter 1 verse 14 and in it's not all one or all the other it's both. But we have to have doctrinal integrity. Now more than perhaps in the last hundred years in America at that. I think that's a huge issue absolutely in the church is always about believing and belonging. We shouldn't set those two things in on to this is to each other but the forces were facing the moment culture is such that if your church is not strong doctrinally and is not strong as a community, it will not stand in the face of what is coming. It will not stand.

So I would. I would ensure that you listens it yet, make sure that you are in a church where people love you and support you where they got your back where people know what they believe and why they believe.

Do you find yourself Carl more involved in this conversation are national I'm seeing more articles written by you and in assuming that's true beside your your duties, teach, and yet at Grove city College and everything else that you do waiting into the subject of publicly is fraught with all kinds of difficulties, so my last question is just how can we pray for you. I really appreciate your mind and what the Lord is doing in and through you and this like I said this the rising triumph of the modern self, which the book were talking about my Carl Truman is absolutely justice is been such a blessing to me because I'm talking about this stuff all the time to get this kind of background and underpinning and understand it but we pray for you. Well, two things won't not bookmark my constant prayer request is always that I finish well. Let me measure be our prayer for every Christian. You give us soul and was most upset degrees as you know my unfortunates into Lee's dad's biggest Christians are Known to finish well into these finish well.

So pray that I'll just finish well in my old pre-Christian walk is a loving husband and father and secondly, I think. Pray for the protection of those who find themselves like myself to some extent, all on the front lines of these things I have it easier than all the people all people working in public service, public schools etc. etc. they can find themselves in much more quick Jeopardy than I Working at a good Christian liberal arts college in Western Pennsylvania, but I would pray for the people at myself in people and in much more vulnerable positions that would protect it from the most egregious attacks of the people out that there is a whole constituency of Ceará. The creepy people tend to store people like myself and it would be good to be protected from a man what a great point. While… Carl Truman, the author of the rising triumph of the modern self cultural amnesia expressive individualism in the road, the sexual revolution, Carl, I sure am glad you're on the side of the pond these days.

Thanks so much. It's great to be having here. Thanks brother. It's great having Emily loved Eli be able to do this again. Thanks much for your time. No trouble. Thanks a lot. I think the talk by then I was Carl Truman and I love listening to people with accents. They automatically sound 50 to 75 IQ points smarter than the rest of us, but it really is a great book, the rise in trying to the modern self, all I warn you, it's not the easiest book to read because it is obvious a highly intelligent person and there's a lot of history of philosophy, but if I can get through it and in learn as much as I did then I know you cancel Pickett pick that up. I put a link on Facebook live today in a couple of things and and what Carl said all operate over that here for him in just a second, because a lot of people like Carl that are speaking out and are trying to and it was interesting asking what his prayer requests are the number one was to finish well. He said that should be a prayer request for all of us to finish well and for him and is what he called his ordinary Christian walk to catch that member. Think of your life in concentric circles and when I need to think of it mine is well concentric circles this miler relationship with the Lord.

But the next circle out my relationship with my wife, her husband, spouse, whatever the case may be for you. The next concentric circle out is your children. If you have them in the family and then friends, neighbors, coworkers, as you go out okay. And those are kind to your mission fields and God hold you more accountable for what's closer to you than what is what's going on in Afghanistan, for example. Now if you have an opportunity they find out about an opportunity that you can sell ended up trying to help believers in Afghanistan will now you have the responsibility to do something about, especially the spirit is moving on you, but I really appreciate them. Something that finish well in his ordinary Christian walk is a husband and a father, but also for protection because people would speak out. I can say this but I you and I get to hide in a radio studio and you know you got a deal than on social media and stop pretty regularly, but it's not like it says got to the point where I've ever felt threatened but for people. I Carl the and and others that have bigger platforms. It can get kinda crazy so we need to pray for those people that are out there, on the front lines as a reminder, because you know probably that the water just overwhelmed everything out there in the Haywood County authorities can be coming Aries, North Carolina flooded by the remnants of tropical storm Fred said Thursday. The two people been found dead in about 20 were unaccounted for.

So is just horrendous out there if you seen the pictures. It's at it like this is Western North Carolina. I mean, it's absolutely devastating. While things are going on Afghanistan, we should look for ways to be a part of that.

Certainly not nothing less than prayer if your North Carolinian, like me, there's something in our own backyard and something you can do about that tomorrow from 1 to 6 PM. If you're here in the Raleigh area of the droplet dropping off supplies from 1 to 6 PM with our friends at and see strong. It's 1100 S. Saunders St., 1100 S. Saunders St. that's north up of 40 in S. Saunders St. locates the US veterans court is that the location there and I picked taking supplies that there to take out to Western North Carolina right away. 5:59 PM tomorrow.

Water sports drinks, toiletries, close school supplies, work gloves, nonperishable food, that's 1100 S. Saunders St. in Raleigh north of 40 okay the US veterans core is the name of the building.

The location itself.

Father, we just come before you. I just want to pray for my brother, Carl, pray Lord as he said that he would finish well in what he called his ordinary Christian life as a husband as a father Lord and in protection over him as he speaks the truth. He writes the truth communicates the truth for all of us, Lord, that are bold enough to share your truth to the lost and dying populace give us protection as wisdom is boldness and help us to be good ambassadors of the gospel. We ask that in Christ name okay. Hope you have a good weekend. Let's continue to pray for Afghanistan Western North Carolina, but like Jane said, show me your faith that what you say show you my faith by what I do.

Let's make sure were doing Christianity not just saying this is the gnome on the scene know Michelle God willing I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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