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What Went Wrong?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 17, 2021 11:40 pm

What Went Wrong?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 17, 2021 11:40 pm

What Went Wrong?

Steve discusses Afghanistan and what went wrong. We trained Afghans to fight, stripped them of their way to fight, and called them cowards.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your house Noble okay well it continues to unfold information come out to them and up. Work through several things in Afghanistan because this is going to have worldwide consequences.

We need to pay attention to this, plus the human element.

Obviously, the heartbreak element. As Christians we all should be heartbroken over this as well as enraged about certain things, some to do that today. Tomorrow I will see what happens. I'm knocking to Afghanistan tomorrow.

I don't know for me to do tomorrow but but perhaps we'll see what happens if anything is possible between now and tomorrow but but on Thursday and theology Thursday. I mention this yesterday. The name of the book, the rise and triumph of the modern self by Carl Truman, cultural amnesia, expressive individualism in the road to sexual revolution. Essentially it's it's really kind of how do we get to the point in our culture were somebody can say Imus-based grandma woman trapped in a man's body and most of the culture just goes yeah okay sure, whatever, how we get there how we get there. So that's this book. Carl Truman actually brilliant now lives over here teaches here in the United States but absolutely brilliant author and spent about half an hour on the phone with him on Monday yesterday and so I'm going to a play that interview for you on Thursday and theology Thursday because often times we think of when did all this craziness started here in America when it comes to sexual ethics, abortion and homosexuality, same-sex marriage, transgender is him etc. etc. most people will say, well, probably the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Well that's kind when it came out of the ground, but the seeds were being planted long before that. And so Carl just doesn't amazing. Just one of the most difficult books I've ever read because he so stinking, intelligent, and I highlighted the tar out of it.

It's just excellent and and he was wonderful on the Arabs. I was nervous whether his intellect will translate down to the street level but it in fact did, so I'm excited for that. All played out for you on Thursday but will see what happens with tomorrow, but today several things I want to go through and we started to listen to Biden yesterday Pres. Biden, but the speech I saw this was interesting and Fox news upholsterer. Biden receives an F grade from independence for Afghanistan speech as was Lee Carter is the president of Ms. Lansky and partner sees done a lot of stuff on Fox now. Frank Luntz is can out there, but she's in for the most part when Biden speaks to give him the benefit of the doubt in this case while they did give him some credit for what he said they were really disappointed overall with the message by claiming the speech that the buck stops with me and he said he wouldn't shy away from responsibility. While the majority of Democrats like this statement. Independent voters gave him an F.

Carter relayed this message from an independent voter quote were not mad that he did it were met instead that he pulled out the troops. In this way and put them in harm's way.

So the buck does stop with them by his explanation of the war in Afghanistan and remain in reminder of his commitment to end US involvement, however, received a C grade from Democrats. Carter said the low grade from Democrats and F grade from both Republicans and independents are again because the troop withdrawal is not conducted in the right way so to speak. No kidding.

So there's that now. Yesterday I mentioned what I thought the president should say which was yeah we totally botch the the end of our time here and we abandon our allies in. We have been pretty much hosing them for the last for five or six months I'll get to that with the Ben Shapiro article on work through today, but yesterday I mentioned in an effective immediately were to start blowing up all of our military arms are left there because there's a time so Jake Sullivan national security advisor did not unlike the present night states is willing to stand in front of the media take questions so I was watching that earlier today and I give him credit man. He took tons of questions you know because he's capable, the present United States, sadly, is not White House admits a fair amount of US equipment in Afghanistan. The Taliban handsome, so they're couching their words right to being careful there during White House press briefing, Sullivan was asked what will happen with the billions book book book billions be billions of dollars in equipment including guns and ammunition helicopters and more given to the Afghan government in the two decades before its collapse. Quote we don't have a complete picture that's a lie because we know exactly what we supplied to them. We have all that information right and be stupid that we did fill course. We have that information will have a complete picture obviously aware of the article defense materials is gone, but certainly a fair amount of it is fallen into the hands of Taliban and obviously will have a sense that they're going to readily handed over to us at the airport we don't have a sense this is where politics drives me nuts because their Nuance seeing and choosing their words carefully and said just be stinking brutally honest and plainspoken collie representative Mike waltzer, a Republican from Florida. However, said that the situation Afghanistan is worse than it was before the 9/11 terrorist acts as a great pointlessness and up Taliban now, quote have access to massive caches of heaven. Heavy weaponry artillery armored vehicles ammunition so it's worse than pre-9/11.

So now instead of being in control of a significant part of the country they're in charge of the entire country and her pre-9/11 pre-us invading they had all their old Soviet stuff, but now they got modern military equipment from the good old US of a Bubba Bubba billions of dollars worth, which is why my suggested.

My thought was start destroying that stuff from 30,000 feet whatever find out find out what we can find and destroy Megan to take out a few Taliban here and there, but we should be doing up over not. Which leads me to this.

This is the longest article I've ever seen Ben Shapiro right and it's excellent and he breaks it down that the title of the article is, here's what went wrong in Afghanistan and what we should have done differently and it breaks it, he breaks it down into three segments on a walk you through all this because I think from all the things I've read everything I've watched in the last 48 hours at nausea. This is just one of the best I've seen it really can a breaking this whole thing down so he talks about these three areas on a walk you through this. The tactical collapse of the United States area one area to the geostrategic collapse of the United States at their place in the world stage, which is just been harmed. Even more than it had been already and and finally the moral collapse of the United States and there some things in here now, but Pres. Biden yesterday when he said hey we we can give them arms and training a stuff but we can't give them the will to fight. As I've at first I was like yeah that makes sense, we can't come the will to fight. But as you begin to think through this and look at the realities like like tears of reality over the last six years, 50,000 Afghan fighters, military fighters have died battling the Taliban 50,000 up as almost as many as we lost in Vietnam, 50,000 of them, but they don't. The will to fight. They had the will to fight. But we took their ability to do it away from you will talk about that when we go back in your president trust because Lisa usually do that. Anyway, welcome back, everybody is Steve no longer seasonal Sheldrake to be with you. I working through it to just continue to pray, as a matter fact, let's just join me right now, which is continue to do that for the people back and say Lord we just come before you again and intercede on behalf of number one our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.

We know that you have sons and daughters their Lord and so we pray for their protection.

We pray for the strength and encouragement were we pray for people on the outside to be will to help them Lord, and we pray, somehow, some way that they could still be a witness for you and we pray for the Afghan is in general Lord. Those outside of the Taliban that they would be protected is him as much as possible are.

We pray for those people and we pray somehow that that they might hear the good news so that they can escape the end that awaits them by being a member of a false religion and we pray just flat out against the Taliban Lord we just pray against them. Messengers emissaries of Satan himself in and we pray against them. Pray for their destruction. But I also pray for their salvation. Lord I know people that have led Isys people to the Lord. I know you can do that. I know that your desire that nobody should perish, that we do pray that the crazy prayer from my perspective, Lord, but you done before we know you'll do it again. So we pray that we pray for American citizens that are there and the people that helped us help American soldiers and that that you would protect them Lord and pray for our government from our our leaders on down that they will get their act in gear and that they will be able to secure the people there that we owe a safe passage out in the bill to get about Lord and we just ask all that Jesus name, amen. Okay Shapiro longest article I've ever seen him write his own wrong in Afghanistan. What we should've done so he puts it in the three different categories. The tactical collapse geostrategic collapse which is our place in the world stage and then the moral collapse thought start with the tactical collapse and I'm just unstoppable and small. As I read through this. The simple fact Pres. Biden's precipitous contingency free pullout from Afghanistan is one of the most extraordinarily idiotic moves in the history military interventionism. Biden chose to pull out. It's how you chose to pull out okay so I think we need to be out there but there's a way to do that okay so that you don't have what's going on today. In this, the plot thickens here so there's some things I mentioned before about buying come announcing what we can given the will to fight. Even though 50,000 Afghan soldiers had already died in the last six years fighting the Taliban but then why the will to fight.

Rachel on April 14, 20, 21, Biden announced that the United States would begin a final point. By the way, in case you don't know me. If you're newer to the show. If this happened in the Trump swatch.

I would be angling this exactly the same way I would've said right right Donald I be just as snarky if there were, Trump they'll believe me then you don't know me very well and that's fine.

Biden announced April 14, 2021.

Biden announced that the United States would begin a final pullout from Afghanistan quote.

It's time to end America's longest war. He stated it's time for American troops come home, which is what trumps goal was by the way, but there some big differences are will get to Biden stated that the terrorist threat from Afghanistan had been successfully neutralize insert laughter here and explained that the country would not become a base for terror activities again. That was in April sweeter, our intelligence agencies are totally inept and stupid or he is or he didn't listen to them just lying not it's good. Biden made the announcement despite intelligent report intelligence report. The same week predicting Taliban would not would be likely to make gains on the battlefield in the Afghan government will struggle to hold the Taliban at bay. If the coalition withdraw support by Biden's timeline. However, the troops would begin their withdrawal by me first and Shapiro. So how did things continue to operate out of the Afghan military maintain even a semblance of control over any portion of the country right. Think about that.

So it all collapses in the last seven days, but before that, with just 3500 US troops there somehow were able to keep the Taliban from doing what they've done in the last 7 to 10 days. What's the deal with that right that's a great question. How did the Afghan military maintain even a semblance of control over any portion of the country. Wall Street Journal printed this Afghan army fighting alongside American troops was molded to match the way the Americans operate. Listen, this is super important US military, the world's most advanced relies heavily on combining ground operations with air power. Those two words airpower using aircraft to resupply Alpo strike targets. The wounded and collect reconnaissance and intelligence when it became clear bench. Bill writes that the United States would abandon its air bases in Afghanistan, along with those airbases. They are supported directly provided to the Afghan military, the Afghans had literally no capacity to operate anymore and everyone knew it Wall Street Journal set again in the wake of Pres. Biden's withdrawal decisions.

The US pulled its air support, intelligence and contractors servicing Afghanistan's planes and helicopters that met the Afghan military simply couldn't operate anymore. We neutered them. Okay.

According to The Daily Beast.

This is a bit Shapiro's article the Afghan Air Force. The only force capable of supplementing their hundreds of fireplaces on the ground spread thin across Afghanistan relied on foreign contractors for upkeep and maintenance Biden with drew them and refused to allow them to remain so for the last four or five month sweep and cuts, cutting their legs out from underneath the the way we taught them and equip them to fight.

Then we undermined.

We did or should I say the president did since he's the commander-in-chief. This falls on him whether he's aware of that are not relevant.

The countries most mostly US provided air fleet was dependent on foreign contractors to assist with maintenance as the US withdrawal took hold the bite administration refused to allow contractors into the country to service aircraft effectively grounding some of the Afghan Air Force at the same time as the US had withdrawn direct air support to Afghan forces well see the problem. They don't have the will to fight.

We remove their ability to fight Sir such a lie. If he knows that he might not be cognitive enough to know I be me.

Furthermore, it's common military knowledge and Afghan Afghanistan that the Taliban have a fighting season. Did you notice this ring a little familiar. When I heard it really fight in the non-winter delaying the American pullout until the weather turned would've at least provided a natural barrier against the lightning invasion.

The Taliban pulled off the Afghan government asked for just that a delay until October, two months, that's it.

Biden refused Afghan officials had hoped that a drawback time timing with the beginning of winter could buy them more time to strengthen defenses against the Taliban, but the bite administration pushed ahead with its own timeline. Thanks.

Bite administration has to know all of this was the case.

They've removed every single element of support necessary for the Afghan military to even have a fighting chance of retaining any area of control in Afghanistan and yet Biden continued to maintain the lie that the Taliban would not retake the country quickly and easily. July this was the eighth he lied that we would quote ensure they have the capacity to maintain their Air Force at the same press conference, he infamously stated there was zero comparison between what was happening in Afghanistan.

What happened in Vietnam.

Member when the Congress cut off all sports. The South Vietnamese government, leading to the fall of Saigon and then he said again yesterday St. I we could get. We came all the other stuff you took away in but we could give a fighting spirit of this post have a fighting spirit.

We took other air support away which is how we taught them how to fight in the first place. It's disgusting the likelihood that's going to be Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely who said that that would be the president. There is either if that was either flat out lie bench. Bill writes of the most it addled brain remark in the history of American foreign policy. In either case, it shows the Pres. Biden is a disgrace to his office and I agree, I will we come back the geostrategic collapse of the United States, meaning our place in the world stage and there are some very serious consequence that in another article I have here about some of the reaction coming from Europe, who they all love them in the G7 and all that stuff we love Joe now not so much serious business will get a nice music in the back is the noble, despicable show, working through this incredibly long bench per article. I don't think of everything right on we started with the tactical collapse of the United States what actually happened over there militarily and with decisions that have been made, especially since beginning of this year when all that's right. When Joe Biden took over quote unquote took over allegedly took over.

Then you go to this this Jeep geostrategic collapse of the United States. So before I go to that I'm in a back to back him coming to the back and that's okay here's here's an article today that I found that I can figure this was really happening. European leaders feel a sense of betrayal by Biden's decisions on Afghanistan so they were to talk about Shapiro's second point, the geostrategic collapse states which basically means our place in the world stage during what is this tell our allies according to political European leaders have expressed a sense of betrayal and aren't happy at all with Biden's administrative decisions across Europe. Officials have reacted with a mix of disbelief and a sense of betrayal. Even those who cheered Biden's election and believed he could ease the recent tensions in the transatlantic relationships that they regarded the withdrawal from Afghanistan is nothing short of a mistake of historic magnitude great since helpful quote. I say this with a heavy heart and with horror over what is happening, but the early withdrawal was a serious and far-reaching miscalculation by the current administration, said Norbert rock in chairman of the German pollute Parliament's Foreign Relations Committee does fundamental damage to the political moral credibility of the West is a huge statement rock in a senior member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats is no flamethrower is known Biden for decades was optimistic about his prospects. While Merkel is avoided direct criticism, abide behind the scenes she's made it clear that she considers the hasty withdrawal of the state quote for those who believed in democracy and freedom, especially for women. These are bitter event.

She told a meeting with officials other German figures of weight in as well. Quote naturally. This is damaged American credibility along with that of the intelligence services and other military said the former head of the Aspen Institute in Berlin, Ruediger Lentz quote. One can only hope that the damage to America's foreign-policy leadership can be quickly contained good luck not just Germany France president Emanuel met Kroll has been pushing on a security policy less dependent on America in this colossal failure may give him the push he needs meanwhile in the UK time to get hat inserted chair of the UK's parliaments foreign affairs committee is promoting rethinking strategies and defending his country's interests.

Listen to this quote. Afghanistan is the biggest foreign policy disaster since Suez. We need to think again about how we handle friends whom matters and how we defend our interests.

He tweeted that the complete shot across the bow of America to be sure. Europe has as much to fear of a telephone takeover of Afghanistan is America. Does that not more so. The Taliban are notorious for harboring, aiding and abetting other terrorist groups of made it their mission to carry out terrorist acts across the world, journeying by lien in the Western countries is a lot easier than flying overseas to America. That said, America is hardly any safer.

This is just sad for the people up Afghanistan. This will have far-reaching consequences for Western countries. That was a Brandon Morse then only jump back to Ben Shapiro's article here. So this geostrategic collapse of United States to follow up on the reality on the ground of their Ben writes that the United States had to geostrategic goals and Afghanistan.

The preservation of a base of operations from which to strike terrorist targets and the continued maintenance of American credibility toward both our enemies and our allies we have now failed on both fronts, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Millie has informed Congress that terror groups are likely to reconstitute that in Afghanistan in the very near future. Thank there are some 200-5500 members of Al Qaeda and can are heavily forested region Valley region of Afghanistan to the problem. Then there's the question of American credibility and this is just dying fast.

The West's abandonment of Hong Kong in the face of Chinese aggression last year the West continuing desire for reapproach met with the Iranian Moloch received the mullahs the West routine appeasement of Russia all speak to the unwillingness of the West and the West leader that would be us the United States to stand up for allies anywhere on earth.

Afghanistan is simply the latest by far the most stunning example of abandonment of an American ally United States simply walked away from its allies in Afghanistan, leaving tens of thousands of them to meet their fate with no viable opportunity to escape that with a choice in an obvious choice United States could maintain a military presence long enough to ensure that those with whom we work could preserve their lives and that those who didn't wish to live under the auspices of a barbaric eighth century regime could escape.

We didn't and we chose not to our enemies can see this and they are moving China's already signal that it will recognize the Taliban's rule and will work with the Taliban to increase Chinese influence in the region. The try to get their hands by the way, on Afghanistan's possible trillion dollar rare earth metals. The Taliban is Artie signaled that it will work with China doesn't give a darn about Muslim Uighurs being imprisoned in GP right where they care come from the same cloth there, but that's just the beginning. China's global times, the Communist Party mouthpiece chortled quote from what happened in Afghanistan. Listen to this.

This is chilling, those in Taiwan should perceive that once a war breaks out in the streets. The island's defense will collapse and hours in the US military won't come to help.

As a result, the Democratic progressive party of Taiwan will quickly surrender. Indeed, given the window presented by the Biden administration would be somewhat of a surprise that China didn't attempt some sort of action against Taiwan in the next few years. Foreign-policy abhors vacuums in the United States is now created one. That means that erstwhile American allies will begin to play footsie with countries like Russia and China, believing that American commitments mean little. They have reason for such suspicions obviously and then he finishes with this. The moral collapse of the United States we originally with Afghanistan in order to root out Al Qaeda and depose the Taliban, Caliban, whatever.

In the aftermath of September 11. There is no mention of nationbuilding. At first, but in order to prevent the Taliban from simply returning to power some alternative had to be provided. United States chose to foster a nascent democracy so were to spread peace and democracy around the world right except square peg round pole coal whole our form of government will not work because it was built out of G8 Judeo-Christian ethic will not work in a radical Muslim context doesn't it can't didn't work in Afghanistan didn't work in Iraq would work and I ran the this is a form of mission creep. To be sure and turn from ensuring a base for American operations into humanistic, America's red rhetorical approach shifted from realpolitik to with Wilsonian democracy building. This was an enormous mistake by the Bush submit Bush ministration. I agree we should never stay there.

America would not of gone to war to allow Afghan women the opportunity go to school alone right that's that we don't risk American lives for that. That's not our place. Both Obama and Trump negotiated with the Taliban in an attempt to establish enough stability to end the war for strategy given the Taliban's obvious unwillingness to deal honestly. Both Obama and Trump recognized enough. However, to understand that abandoning Afghanistan without any strategy would result in mass carnage and undermine the true mission of Afghanistan and so neither precipitously pulled out right and you Trump said that some of this Trump said in 2017. This was this is remarkable for Trump because he changed his mind. My original instinct was to pull out and historically I like following my instincts, but the consequences of a rapid exit are both predictable and unacceptable.

That's Donald Trump said Joe Biden, however, would not allow his responsibilities as president overcome his commitment to his perverse idea about Afghanistan, so he pulled out in America's moral failure in Afghanistan has been fulfilled.

We filled ourselves by restoring the rule at precisely the same evil entity that presided over Al Qaeda September 11 attack. We failed our and our allies by subjecting in the slaughter in the streets of Afghanistan. The ghastly images speak for themselves to not America is not responsible for human rights. Everywhere Ben finishes, but we are certainly responsible for not abandoning those who have risk life and limb to help us fight terrorism, turning a country with at least a semblance of a chance into an irredeemable hellhole for some 38 million people complete with massively restored terrorist threat to boot. American surrender has consequences. And then he goes on to rip through Joe Biden's defense yesterday, which I think was really pathetic really pathetic and he doubled down a triple down in all kinds of things and they knew what was going on. They knew it was going to happen, they just didn't care. That's my guess, only that photo op and finishes this part of the article been working at the break phenomena talk about the following man 2001 to 2021 really sad but you need to hear it. Only that photo. I will be corpses in the streets. Women rape Afghans plummeting from American planes burning American flags and dead American allies in the disgusting spectacle of a cretinous president pleading to support the Afghan people and speak up for the basic rights of the Afghan people and make human rights, the center of our foreign policy, not the periphery as our erstwhile allies lock themselves in their homes, awaiting the brutality that awaits them. When the doors open. I am presently United States and the buck stops with me.

Biden concluded if it does spend rights he should bear the brunt of an American anger at our utter humiliation on the world stage. The dereliction of our duty and the rise of our enemies and if Americans can't muster such anger than the American era ended years ago as bench bear all share that on the Facebook live feed okay so you have that resulting for yourself. It is outstanding and then he I didn't spend much time, but he ripped all through a Biden statements from yesterday and again going back to that. The one thing that really bugs me now that I did a little homework was him saying they just didn't have.

We can given the will to fight closer they had the will to fight. You took away their ability to fight which automatic fight using USAir's work. That's the way we do things you do it the American way. And then we took the ability to do it the American way right out from underneath them. Over the last for five months and then he has the gall to say that and have the will to fight. Sir, you robbed them of any opportunity to try to fight to save the country. This is on Biden staff Steve Noble will be right back to back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble Shoji, remember the following man. There were many people to say as many as 10% of the people that died at 911 Ground Zero died by their own choice instead of burning to death in the buildings that he was just unbearable in the fire spreading everything else in the course. The collapse of the buildings, but prior to that you what your choices.

You sit there and essentially melt burned to death, or you jump instead of being taken by the flames in the heat you decide to take matters into your own hands and you jump so there's that picture of that gentleman I know if he was Middle Eastern after American. He's upside down this picture. So is coming down headfirst in his hands look like there behind his back and one of his legs up and and so that's that that's the following man from 2001, nine, 11, now you have these images of at least two, three, maybe four of these Afghan is that that were able to get on the side hub of Betsy 117 Tinker the Air Force tanker that left Kabul, Kabul, whatever. And then they fell off and then actually when they landed I read the story earlier today. They found the remains of man in the wheel well so this the huge hubs on the side.

But as the wheels retract C1 17. This thing comes aside legal wheel wells turn in and shut it off, you know, because Delta did you get the stuff open and that's when these guys were falling, you probably seen it by now. So this article in the Federalist just came out today called the following man 2001 to 2 2021 by Ben Dominic. It's really really powerful and and so I want to finish with this because I think it's something we all need to hear and contemplate and pray over him and respond accordingly at heart level without the first the second would not exist. There is an alternate reality where neither of them exists but as it stands, they both simultaneously inhabit this one. These images of men falling through the sky have different causes and motivations, but they both symbolize a desperation of spirit that is deeply human, even as their position in space seems otherworldly, buffeted by forces of history far beyond their control. Richard Drew's photograph of a man falling to the sky on 9/11 proved controversial. Almost instantly, people felt it was exploiting death as opposed to appreciating life the thoughts of so many who leapt away from the flames and suffocation at the top of the towers by some estimates, as many as one in 10 of those who died in Manhattan that day is deeply disturbing to some people. What those who fell on 9/11 had in common with the Afghans you saw falling from the wheel wells of that C-17 is that nobody thought they were surviving the jump understand the Afghans who fell from the C-17 didn't think they were getting out there not stupid. It's a choice, an uncertain death of desperation versus a certain death at the hands of your enemies falling alone through space and all is blue skies better than watching your daughter and son being raped is your strung up by your own blood he entrails to serve as a message to your neighbors so they did the last thing they could do.

They chose the fire rises around them and they choose to exit life in a single desperate act, as opposed to the death their foes and 10 Kabul is not literally a burning building, but Afghanistan is about to be the equivalent on a nationwide scale.

Recognizing this desperate people do what they will not surrender. He writes its defiance. The following man didn't know it was terrorists who killed him, but it made his jump no less heroic. One last choice to go by one's own step like the early Christian martyrs who cast themselves into the fire before they would be raped and rental parted by pagans. So, to the following men of Afghanistan who knew what awaited them and chose instead to go by their own lights and one final act of defiance. But it wasn't just an act of defiance against the Taliban. It was also against those who betrayed them. The Americans no one who witnessed them fall will forget it. No one who was on that plane will forget that final act of defiance speaks for itself and it says do not go gentle into that good night now. I saw earlier today some pictures that people inside the C1 17 took of these guys one guy in particular when there off the ground trying desperately to hold on any couldn't obviously and there still pictures and there's videos of these guys falling. Can you imagine just for a second what the pilots of Betsy 117 had to deal with what they're dealing with right now and they put 800 people in their 800 just crammed in there like sardines, mostly men, I don't know if that's relevant. Maybe it is just that the Muslim context but you imagine those guys think they knew but yet they knew they had to take off. They had to get people out of their 4567 hanging on the wheel wells they knew what was going to happen, yet they had to take off C-17 thanks Vance C-17 117 C-17 so they made that decision desperate and the sad thing from a gospel perspective is that a Muslim cannot tell you that they're definitely going to their idea of heaven's paradise. The only thing that a Muslim can do to obtain for sure their their trip to Paradise. From their perspective is to die a martyr, which is why you have Muslims that are perfectly willing to strap bombs under them or fly building or fly a plane into a building because they that their theology is that's the only way I can know for sure. And if I do that all I'll wake up in paradise with my 72 virgins and all of will be pleased with me. Other than that a Muslim cannot know wooden number presume to have access to Paradise because that's not Muslim theology. When I was in northern Iraq without mark our oldest son in the mission trip out Five, six, seven years ago. We met up Muslim after Muslim, any gas in that question you died today. Do you think you'd go to heaven or Paradise, and most times that I don't know. I know I would Gottlieb really, why not will because I'm a terrible Muslim wiener terrible Muslim well I don't give alms to the poor and the blind. I know not to go to the hajj enough to make that trip to Mecca, I'm not really good at observing Ramadan. I don't pray five days 55 times a day. I don't go to mosque so I don't do all the things that a good Muslim would do so there's no way all is good. Having mercy on me, so I figured at this point what's the point. So when we are in the appeal, which is in northern Iraq with the Kurds are the Kurdish government. There inside Iraq you know that the call to prayer.

Well, in the city. The call to prayer us all these mosques, I didn't see anybody going to because ultimately it's hopeless unless you're willing to kill yourself the cause of Islam, but most of them aren't.

Think God is so vicious is hopelessness filled even on that plane. They just throwing themselves on the mercy of Allah and maybe they did enough maybe of course we know that the whole thing is a false religion that if you like to hear that.

Sorry if you find that offensive.

But it is true and so Mohammed, who would say that he was visited by the angel Gabriel and that cave was not because the angel Gabriel and that cave would not have told him that Jesus wasn't God's son.

That's how you know reverence for Jesus, yet great prophet great teacher yet, but not the son of God.

Well, sorry you don't get Jesus on your own terms. Jesus as the terms you don't and so they die, hoping from a Christian perspective from the truths perspective. They died in their sin, and so that plummet was just the beginning of their horror, but do we ever think that way when we look at the news when I see these things going on.

Do we do have a gospel response or do we just have a political response or nationalistic response or a media kind of response in and it made me think of 9/11 were coming up on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. I'll actually be up right now planning to be in New York City that Friday and Saturday in Graham Watson Joel Rosenberg doing a thing up there that Friday and Saturday and had a middle-aged East is change since 9/11. I'm going to do the radio show from there. From a church in Manhattan that Friday, so I'll be in town for the 20th anniversary which is now taking on a completely different perspective because of what's happening in Afghanistan and so today in right now, particularly I'm experiencing what I've been experiencing a lot for the last two years which is just sadness, brokenness to see in our nation with with COBIT. I think a big thing behind it is just fear of death.

People fear death because they don't know exactly what can happen even though you still get 65+ percent of Americans will say will self identify as a Christian, but you ask him about who goes to heaven. What are they know and what they know is not much they still think that you know it's the ax murderers gospel dystopian ax murder.

There's the end of terrible person I try to do the right thing. Yada yada yada. You get out your your resume by the way, if you still do that if I talk to you about heaven and what happens if you die if you fell off that C1 17 a C-17 if you fell off that plane and you tell me I think I go to heaven.

I hope I would go to have and then you reach for your resume. You don't know what the Bible says to them first John. It says these things are written, meaning the gospel reading the Scripture. These things were written is that the humane know you have eternal life.

So I know if I was stuck in the plane and fell to my death of a thousand feet. I just got a thousand feet between me heaven and I know it. My question for you. You know that if you made that drop you know at the end you would wake up in an instant. See Jesus face-to-face the question I'll leave you with today. This is Steve Noble on this email will show God willing I'll talk again real soon.

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