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Bible in Public Schools???

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August 10, 2021 11:08 pm

Bible in Public Schools???

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 10, 2021 11:08 pm

Bible in Public Schools???

First Priority Wake County knows their rights...and they have the right to start evangelistic Bible Clubs in public schools!


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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cows call Steve no 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay all you whiners and complainers out there the something we been complaining about for a long time. When it comes to the public not talking on critical race theory and not talk about math. I'm not talking about back stop. This goes back about 60 years. Madeleine O'Hare was the first one I made a big stink over prayer in public schools, and so the government decided that was some kind of an endorsement of religion so they use the First Amendment inappropriately and pull prayer out of the public schools, but they also made a move to then pull anything having to do with the Bible out of public schools, thinking that if you have anything religious in a public school that somehow a violation of the so-called separation of church and state, which by the way my offer still stands if you can show me the word separation of church and state.

You show me that phrase in the U.S. Constitution. I'll give you $5000 in cash. Now I know I don't. I can use whatever number is not there so don't bother looking but that's been a problem in our schools for years and I think you can see he is not only the school system, but as the country generally walks away from the word of God. There is a price to be paid well there.

There are occasionally ministries that pop up that try to reengage the school system, and specifically this time with respect to the word of God and in dealing with the Bible and actually having a Bible club and the ability for people to study, read the Bible share the Bible and then it has to be student led which it is that's called first priority. Now their national ministry, but there also and I wake County now, but they were in Johnston County.

Just recently, Aaron North Carolina area outside of Raleigh and so I recently I had a friend of mine Cindy wacko said Steve this happens to me occasionally you got to meet this woman I met is doing this incredible thing at the school system to make okay and that woman is Kristi Porter she's with first priority now wake County and her supporters. Are you area directors. I will be calling for Seattle to get your title now yeah okay so that you don't because they're doing these Bible clubs that that was been really successful in Johnston County in wake County, which is an enormous school system where most people would simply say Steve that you can't do anything with the Bible in schools is actually not true number also got to talk to Lindsay as a student leader at East Lake high school here in the area and then we got some of the national people and some of the leaders that are going beyond, but does Kristi thanks for being here today. So good to have you and and tell me just how did you get exposed to first priority. Thank you so much for having us so it just happened to where we were moving schools we lived in my county.

We need to Johnston County and before we made without the girls got three girls I was in elementary and we said, Lord, please give them just one Christian friend.

You know, we really wanted to be able to have that for the end and in other schools that they'd been taking 1/2 clubs. They have fancy Nancy and I have anything you want to, but there was never any time we mentioned about a club or anything in italics looked at you like you're in a really short so that we need County, my daughter, eldest daughter was starting fourth grade. She handed me an invitation and I had and I can admire her to come to this. So we went to the club because I like what is this and sure enough they had worship music.

They had students up front.

They were reading the Bible. This whole classroom full of kids were praying patiently.

It just said hey, meet me at first priority club. You know, 730 in the morning a little mysterious as any didn't say first party club and it is something about worship and prayer with top-notch and here is the public right yeah that was blown away and I was like this needs to be everywhere.

You know, and so immediately. Is that what can I do how can I help and so the next year the woman was late and it was just another mom said hey I'm stepping down the middle school cannulated and I started helping the teacher sponsor they are and it was just his name's reign of the Ephesians 3 God gives you more than you could ever ask or imagine. We prayed for one friend. They immediately had a club full of Christian friends and I think our assumption is now now here in the South in the southeastern here in the wake County area Raleigh, North Carolina.

There's a lot of different ministries. We have ministries, not her ears but generally when you think you find a solid type of cortical Bible club first priority in this case inside the public school. Our assumption is no way. And so we just gonna write it off or you think that well it's it can't possibly be the allegiance to the truth of the word of God is probably to be compromised because that's only way you get the door. But that's not the case now. Not at all. And then because kids parents, especially elementary have to allow them to See what else on the map and it's before school or afterschool that think they can so easily calm you know this sounds like you my kids and one and got people to charge. It's harder to an automated check, but just come to this classroom after school or before school and there they are there hearing the word of God and tell like it's just been amazing and then that just I'm still the club coach for their school but then I started talking to Joe Rolen. He was due in Johnston County. At that time and he's like Hannah, you knew from Lake County and you said you wanted this everywhere. Do you want to help us, like I said that's where we are now so awesome you were talking, Kristi Porter, with first priority. Now that's first priority, wake County, where were at right now.

So if you're here in the area that's FP but if you're outside of the wake County, or if you're outside of Raleigh somewhere else in the state South Carolina wherever you may be listening first priority is actually all over the country to order to talk to Brad Schilling as the director ministry in the second segment, but you can go to first to go to check that out again on the national level Ist, but Lindsay's losing the student leader with East Lake high school. Lindsay, how did you get ball things for being here today.

Thank you. Actually in middle school, and fresh party came to my school. They came and it started off as FCA also known as Fellowship of Christian athletes and we went to the meeting.

It was cool that like kids felt left out, where athletes connect all I can't means I Actually Sent out Senate Greatly Made a Change to First Priority and A Lot More People Started Coming. A Lot Of People Just Got Something Out Of It. They Were Showing up More. They Liked It They Enjoyed Coming and Then of Course When Kristi Came and She Helped We Would Have Stuff like Pizza and Step in You. Now You Say Pizza in Middle School, Said, A Lot More People Came I Was Involved in It Actually Became a Leader for First Priority and Then Transitioning into High School I Wanted to Bring It to My School If We Didn't Have.

Why Did You Why Did You Choose to Become a Leader. Were You Asked Her Did You Were You Violent Told Say Hey I Want to Do This Well. It Was Kind of the Teacher of My Window Metal Hat Asked Me to Be a Leader and at First I like Maybe, Maybe Not Just Because It's Intimidating to Talk to a Bunch of Kids in School so I Said Okay Now Chaya and I Chatted out and It Wasn't As Bad As I Thought and I Thought Well I Put down Her Legs. He Died for You in Public.

Don't Wait for Him in Private so I Started Becoming a Leader and It Wasn't As Bad As I Thought Told Her You Know I Am 15 Going to Be 16 That's on but You're More Mature Than I and Jesse Know God Just Major Certain Way You Were Raised in Certain Ways Experience Certain Things and You Could Look at the Miracle Baby.

I'm Not a Leader but It's Clear That You Are a Worksite of What You Going to Keep Talking to Christie and Lindsay Dr. Brad Schilling When We Come Back Director Ministry at First Priority for the Nationwide Version Okay so You Will Find out about That Locally Talking Away, Will Be Right Back Hundred and 8883 First Priority Clubs of Been Established As the Last 10 Years, 3000 X Hundred 36 Leaders Have Been Trained Student Leaders and Marriages Hearing from Lindsay in the Last Segment, Lindsay and Krista Be Back on Her Little Bit There Still in the Studio 7924 Students Began to Walk with Christ. Okay, What Is That Me What That's a Profession of Faith and Looking to Start Trying to Walk with Jesus and so That's She's Been 10 Years.

90,000 Students Begun Their Walk with Jesus 50,000 Student Leaders Been Trained and so It's Really the Numbers Are Just Given You That Which Is 2019 and 2020.

Forgive Me. That Was Just up Basically One Year of What's Been Going on a First First Priority Sets. What Were Talking to Christie and Lindsay from First Party Here in Wake County, North Carolina. But Now on the Phone, We've Got a Somebody from the National Group Offers Priority the Ministry Headquartered outside Here at Brad Schilling, Who Is with the Ministry Director Director Ministry with First Party Brad How Are You Man Things for Conan.

I Don't Know Islam, Wonder Where Is the I Got Them on Their Ear. There You Are Okay Sorry about That Brad, How Are You Man Write What You Do. I Am Thank You Very How Does Tell Us about Your Involvement with First Priority. How Did You Get Involved Well.

Similar to Only Three Prospective yet We We Join or Help Decode out Youth throughout Their Ministry for a Couple Years before Getting a Bolt out in Washington State and Was Always in the School Always in the Lunch Room Volunteering in Class and Doing Everything but What Kind of Doing It on My Own and One of the First Guys Both up to Go to That Bought Me Lunch with Forgot the Name of Mark Chase Who Is the Director of Therapist and We Do This Together.

We've Got Dozens of Churches That Are Involved and We All Kind of Divide and Conquer. It Was Perfect for Me Because My Youth Group in Oak Harbor Was High School. My Youth Group in Default Had about 16 Different Middle and High School Group and I Knew I Couldn't Be Everywhere and I Couldn't Do It Alone If I Wanted You Know, Mentor, and like My That Were in My Youth Group of Good Have To Partner and Work with the Other Curtains out at the History yet Because I'm a Big Numbers Person Brad and Because You Can't Really Argue with Them and It's Fascinating When You Look at a Major Goldstar Christian Family. Let's Say Your Your Teenagers Your Students Go to Sunday School. Then They Go to the Church Service and They Come Back Sunday Night and They Come Back Wednesday Night Needs Ones in Our Thoughts Four Hours a Week That's Pretty Much a Gold Star Christian Family and over the Course of Kindergarten through 12th Grade of That Only Amounts to 2400 Hrs., but in the School System.

K-12 Reruns in the Seats That 16,000 Hours. Plus, You Double That of Popular Media and All the Old Stuff You Got 32,000 Hours of Mostly Godless Input Versus 2400 from the Church, but Our Kids Are at School Five Days a Week, so It's Really an Opportunity That I Think Largely We've Mystery My Just Being a Jerk Know You and You Know, like When He Was Staying There a Moment Ago. You Know It Made a Huge Impact on Her Not Being a Part of the Quote but You Know Her Total Life in Different Things on Post Immediately Aware of All the Other Christian, You Know, like I Said One but Ago My Kid, I Had When I Began at the Church and to Fall and He Went to 15 Different Schools but None of Them Were in the Been Great Together. None of Them Were in School Together. They Were All over the Place in the Alone but What What Would Happen If We Brought Together. What Does Happen When We Bring Students Together Is Exactly What Lindy Talking about. If They Find Encouragement for Unaccountability May Also Find Courage and up and Share Their Stories about What God Is Going to Know What They Realize They're Not Alone Anymore Have Been Right That's Right That's Right That's a Lesson We All Need to Probably Get a Refresher on What What Was the Genesis of First Priority.

Brad Hunted Start in the First Place. Well It It It Came Out Of That Struggle.

Those Numbers That You Just Stated Their Youth Doctor Back in the 80s Here in Nashville Tennessee Who Walked Back He Was a Schoolteacher and the Principal Came up to Him and Said Hey You Stop Talking about You and Your Classroom Born Again Believer in Love the Lord and While I'm Not Gonna Be Muffled Though I'm in a Go to Church and All Those Numbers That You Dictated.

You Know You Want from Brendan 40 to 60+ Hours a Week with As Many Kids You Wanted to Fix Hours a Week and He Saw That He Was Making a Difference Anymore.

You Know, Just over the Course of Time, God Laid It on a Cart. They Look You Die, the Christian Student That the School If They're Still There of the First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly and What Let's Bring Them Together Look Bring the Church Leaders Together Look.

You Know the Billy Graham Model How to Get a Presbyterian Next to a Baptist Talk about You Talk about the Right and Him Crucified and You Know You Began This Movement Called First Priority and That Was 25 Years Ago and Were 22 Different State.Chapters We Have People like Order and 23 Different Doctors and Were Growing Each and Every Year Ends, Loving Every Minute of It. Yet Such an Incredible Story and Just As a Reminder Just like Paul. Paul Knew His Rights and Eventually Paul Took Advantage of His Rights As a Roman Citizen in and on the First Party Page 1st Priority.Club You'll See That Is How Does It Work You Guys Mention on the Website. In 1984 Equal Access Act. So If You for Any Parent out There Listening or Student or Grandparent If There's Any Kind of Student Club in Your School. If There's a Student Led Club of Any Kind. There Taking Advantage of the 1984 Equal Access Act, Which Then Gives Us As Christians Equal Access to Come in and Start a Club B Student Led, There's Some Rules to Follow, but We Actually Do Have Access to the Schools and What Was Last Year I've Been Wanting to Ask You This Question Brad What Was Let Last Year like the First Priority Because a Covert Shutting down so Many Schools What Happened. Well We Got Caught down in about 1/4 Most of the Year like Michigan and California to Prime Example That Everybody Hears about Right or Were Completely Shut down and Largely Virtual, A Lot Of Our Place Virtual but Virtual A Lot More Difficult to Know Likely That a Middle School Are Gonna Come in at Pico but You Know They Don't Really Want to Get on Another Call Call for Six or Seven Say Yes There's Not Enough Inventive in the World for We Did A Lot Of Leadership Training. We Did A Lot Of Leadership Development, Our Tampa Group Went from 72 Club One and Now with an Online Club Every Thursday Afternoon at Five, but They Had 100+ People on Their Every Week and Amber Was Able to Build Relationships and Connection That's Probably Going to Start a New Club.

All Because They Took the Year Ended That with the Loftier Per Se Right.the Movie Didn't Lose It.

But That's Right Wordsworthian We're Seeing Some Tremendous Growth and Opportunity All Lord Willing, and Think They Open and Think They Go and Where I Will Break up the Thousand: Here Are Pretty Early in the School Year.

I Believe yet so Incredible and It Just Reminds Me That I Got Pretty Good at Returning to Hear That the Time That the Locus of Eden so Its Presence. We Look at Last Are Gods like Yeah I Serve up Whatever You Want. I'm Still Gonna Knock It Out Of the Park and Use It for My Glory, to Build the Kingdom Which Is Happening Real Quick and I Got about 30 Seconds Brad but What Would Be Your Encouragement to People That Are out There Going While This Is a Great Idea Think We All Agree on That but in Terms of Taking Action Starting a Club Getting Involved or Just Supporting You Guys What Can They Do Will Get on First Party.Club Check It out. Click on the Leadership Initiatives Tab down at the Bottom. I Would Love to Know Because Most Christians Share Their Story or Countdown. They Don't Really Know How so Really Simple Way to Talk about God and with Got Done in Your Life Who Will Start Their "Excellent Resting on a Brother Will Be Right Back Talking about First Priority. All You People out There to Get a Little Steely Thing If You're Younger You Know What I'm Talking about Children to Welcome Back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble Show Is God Still in Our Pool Question the People Say Haygood Kicked God Out Of the Public School Are You Kidding Me. Do You Do You Know Who You're Talking about the Omniscient and Omnipresent God Was Never Kicked Out Of the School Sometimes Will Use That As an Excuse to Disengage Saying What the School Says No Constitution Says the Government Says so God Got Kicked Out Of the Schools and Gods Is Okay.

Have You Whatever, but He Didn't Get Kicked out. You Cannot Kick God Out Of Anywhere and so God Is Still in the Schools but That's an Article on First Priority.Club That Was Written by Her Next Is Rachel Cammarata She's the Director of First Priority in Johnson County, Which Is Not That Far Away from Here in Raleigh Is God Still in Our Schools and so Working to Find That out. She Wrote the Article Will See What She Has To Say about That, Rachel. Welcome to the Show. How Are You I'm Glad It's Great to Have You. So I Rumor Has It That You Actually Started As a Teacher Sponsor Then Became a Director There in Johnson County.

So What Was That like for You As a Teacher, Rachel.

What Grades Reteach into Canada to Tell Us Your Story There Because I'm Fascinated to See What That Was like for a Teacher at All Of A Sudden Become a Sponsor Bible Club Because A Lot Of Us Would Think Automatically. That's Can Be Big Trouble and I Are like Hot Nine through 11th Grade English. I Went in My Interview Actually and Why Do You Want to Be a Teacher and I Didn't with the Method of the Cop Are Countercultural and Not Really on People, but I Knew Going in and Out Of My Mission. I Wanted to Do. A Few Weeks into Being That Teacher on the Hot You Didn't Say, but That Lien Out Of My First Interaction with First Priority Ever and I Live with It. I Just Wanted to Do It over and over and over. What Was It about First Party, Rachel, That Really Dream You Were Leading or Sharing the Gospel and What I'm Going to Public School for 18 Years. I Didn't Even Hear the Name in the Hotel until I Was 18 Years Old and Thought How Could You Miss Me. I've Been Here for 18 Years.

What Are You Doing Obviously I Wasn't Plugged into a Church Body and I Never Felt like the Turtle Coming to Get Me Logged in for On-Campus Missionary. It Wasn't about Me Teacher and What about the Director at the Time It Was Adopted in Sharing the Gospel and Being Trained and Equipped to Share the Gospel. I Just Fell in Love with That Model and What Did You See God Doing in the Students Lives. Just Give Us, Blimps and What Happens There Incredible, My Little Day in the Middle of the School Day in the Middle of a Packed Auditorium about 250 Student and under the Equal Access Bothered by Sarah in the Middle of the School Day on a Public Campus Christ in Their Savior and Not Just One Day the Whole Year Work. The First Priority Club and Students Were on Fire and We Had over 900 Students Expect Christ Just in the past Four Years in Johnson County Yeah Really Amazing. And Then What What Your Relationship Rachel. How Does That Work Is That There There, to Know the Lord at School There Studying the Bible to Hearing Testimonies but How to Make That Connection between What Happens There at the School with What Happens If Perhaps the Church That They Artie Attend Lot Partnering with Our Local Church More Modern and Likely to Get Weaker, and Wanted You Will Have a Youth Pastor Come from a Local Church and Will Get an Connected Card or Unit Leader in the First Priority Club Will Maybe Tell Them about the Church That They Are Attending at That Really Bridges That Gap Just like Me Who You Know Grew up in a Very Poverty Situation and Grip with One Single Parent Was Never Involved in Church, We Can Now Reach Them Because of the Student in Church, but Also on the Same School Campus Is Able to Invite Them to Church and It Gets Dark That Discipleship Process.

So Rachel, When You Met Christie Christie Here in the Studio with with Me and Lindsay Sears. Well, When Your Student Leaders.

But When You Met Christie What Was That like When You Actually Have a Parent That's like Okay How I Get Involved or I Got That Thing in the Whole World. We Can't Do It on Our Own Found Not Angular, That When We Have a Parent like Many of Them in Our County. There like We Want to Help the Poor in Any Way We Can like a Breath of Fresh Air at Them Holding up Our Hands That We Can Continue Reaching the Hope of Christ, We Definitely Can't Do It Alone. You Not Only Staff That I Rely Heavily on My Parent Volunteer. So Christie Christie Supported Sears Is an Area Coordinator and in Helping the Start of First Party Here in Lake County As Well As Where Kids Johnson County but What Was That like for You. Christie Didn't Encounter Rachel and You Got Somebody That's in Leadership Summit. It's Actually a Teacher As Well.

But from a Parent's Perspective. What Was That like so Actually Met Rachel She Was Becoming the Director Because Bill Was Leaving That I Was. She Blows Me Away Because of How Young She Is and Her Love for Jesus and Just, You Know, to Hear Her Story and to See Her Passion to Reach Students, You Know, She Just Blows Me Away and I'm Something of Arc Is Not Kids Are in Johnson County.

You Know, and so Rachel's Running out and I'm so Appreciative That It's There and All the Work She Does. Rachel, Do You Find That Parents and Families and Students Are Kinda Shocked That You Guys Are in There Doing What You're Doing Every Single Time. Everything Yes, How Are You Allowed You Can Share the Gospel On-Campus Cooper Legal Work Covered and Behalf How Much the Port Pretty That They're Not Allowed Held in That Really Did Mention It. Everyone's Mission at the Great Commission Go Go Not Just My Mission. It's Not Just First Priority.

If You Call Yourself a Christian, You Should Be Going to Share the Gospel and It Is Just a Small Part of Doing That Tells a Little about the Program. How Does It Actually Operate in the Schools Is That You Know I Haven't Delved into That yet. I Have Your Handbook.

I Have the Students Information so There's Actually a Great Structured System Every Year.

Changes a Little Different Theme Every Year but Tell Us How It Works Generally Incredible Clod Be Equally Relieved and Very Light Curricula Curricula and Not Called to Hope Guidance out for Each Week of the Month You Have H PE Helped Ellie That Were Common and You Prepare an Engaging Game. Did Your Big Week Where Your Student Leaders Now Have Been Trained and Defined What Encouraged to Share the Gospel and Engage Make It Right. I Actually Get to Share the Gospel and Not That Fourth Week of the Month after We Celebrate after We Feed on Confessions of Faith, at 3 Feet of Student Getting Plugged into Churches, and after a Brief Curriculum. Some of Our Schools Follow Heavily, Then Do Their Own Thing That Worship Incorporate Food at the Bank. As Always, and We Love We Love to Help Guide Hope Model and Tells about the Training for Student Leaders Because Lindsay Is in Their Shoes and Assure More about This in the Last Segment of the Show, but How Do You Train Them Because That's That Sounds like a Pretty Big Mountain to Climb.

Although Obviously Lindsay's Gift and That Way I Really Really Are Training Focused on Teaching and That They Also Have the Power of the Holy Spirit in That They Are Able to Lead That We Encounter Had Not Realized That They're Able to Do That yet Though Once We Get Them into the Training. We like to Call Them Leader A Lot around Here We Just Share with Them What the Gospel Is You Would Be so Surprised at How Many Units Have Been in Church for Years and Cannot Articulate the Gospel for Them Felt As Though We Tell Them What That Gospel. If We Get an Actual Reinforces like Handout and Bracelet in School to Go Share the Gospel Better Grade Appropriate That We Give Different Goals to Elementary Student and We Went to High School Student and Then We Get Back Together and We Practice What They're Going to Do Because That Involve Public Speaking, and Active Listening, Scale and Blackhole Leadership Format Really Set Them up for That in Our Club. Just a Reminder to Everybody. Where Were Talking to Rachel Cammarata Was First Priority. Christie Zero the Studio Lindsay's Here in the Studio. If You're in the Way County Areas FP You Can Also Find Them on Facebook FP Or If You're outside the Area Want to Find out More about First Priority. In General, First Priority.Club, but Oftentimes I Mean All of Us Are Better so Focus Preoccupied with Certain Extent with What's Going on in DC What's Going on in the State Government What's Going on with COBIT What's Going on with Mass What's Going on with This Was Going on. That Was Elon Was Sitting in the Space Right Now. And We Forget That We Have This Amazing Opportunity for the Gospel for Kingdom Eternal Things Always Other Things Are Important, but the Gospel's Preeminent We Act We Get That Upside down. We Act like Every Thing Going on in the News Right Now Is Eternal in the Gospels Just Got Some Side Issue, but We Have All the Students, All the Schools like Uruguay County.

This Is One of the Biggest School Systems in America.

If Were Not Aggressively Going after These Young People with the Gospel of Jesus Christ Because Were Spent in Our Time Talking about Joe Biden COBIT. I Mean, I Think That the Complete Violation of the Great Commission. That's like so Excited to Hear What You Guys Are Doing Yeah Yeah Are Going to Be an Active Part in the Great Commission, Not Single. I Want to Take the Gospel of Christ to Everything We Just Want to Be an Active Player Not Commission Yeah and Then Not for People. That Is How Difficult Is It to Start a Club. Rachel Actually Break and Believe Me I'm Dwelling and Acted. You Need an Adult Volunteer to Kind of Guy and Disciple and Equipped and Encourage Them in Any School Campus, and That Is All You Need All the Ingredients You Need to Start a Club but Teacher Sponsors Are Correct and How to Teach or Sponsor. I'm Really Neat without a Teacher Sponsor under Your Admin However You Work That Situation out That the Teacher Sponsor Helpful and Getting a Liaison between the School and Students and Letting Them Know What Time Because It Is What Room It Is so Awesome Rachel Cammarata Director Johnson County Was First Priority.

God Bless You Sister Thank You so Much for Your Work and Thank You for Helping Us out. Thank You. You're Welcome. We'll Talk Again Soon Will Be Back in Just a Minute with Chrissy Porter and Lindsay Seems to Leaders Whose Only 15 Try Not to. This Is the Global Back. It's Even over the Seasonable Self Talk about First Priority Will Reach Evangelism and Discipleship of Bible Clubs in Public Schools over the Country Spreading across the Country's Legal Okay I Know A Lot Of Us Are Thinking Anywhere in the This Is like the Year of Resisting Government Oppression and Just Denying the Government and They Say Take This and You Say No, They Say Where That You Say No, but in the Schools We Actually Have the Right to Be in There Because There's Other Clubs in There That's a 1984 Equal Access Act and If There's Other Student Clubs and There Than Christian Clubs Could Be in There As Well and so We Have To Take Advantage like Paul Knew His Rights As a Roman Citizen. He Eventually Took Advantage of Those We Should Be Doing That. That's Exactly What First Parties Doing so We Have Here in the Studio Again. I Christie Porter's Here Wife and a Mother and Also What Was Your Title Again I Will Call You the Recorded or Not You Dir. Very Hard to Value Here and Now It's over the Organization of the Lindsay Leader Week High School Here in to Hear the Story so That's Chemical Boots on the Ground and Just Take Us into from Student Leader Perspective As Well As a Mom and a Director's Perspective What's the Environment like at the Club so Early Morning Obviously. But That's What School Is. So Tell Us What from Your Perspective What That Environment Is like in the Lindsay Want to Ask You What It's like to Reach out to Other Students. I Love Them That We Start off with FCA and That Was in the Morning and It Was Rough, Some Not a Morning. I Miss You Guy You Know You Know This Very Good Thing Then When First Trying Came in Seventh and Eighth Grade Year. It Was an Afternoon after School and I like to Get so Early That Just Walking and Saying All Your Friends and Getting to Learn and Share Something That You Bet Passionate about and Then Just Telling Other Kids to Come and Sing and Actually Show Was Awesome and Incredible and Knowing That I Can Maybe They're Not Get out in the 90s, Huge Missionary, but They've Learned Something from Here That Spark Something and Then and Then Inviting Kids like You Had Said It's Kind of Funny. My Friend and I Waited Almost in the Same Array Would Annoy Him so Much That I Had Become Just Keep Inviting Them and Inviting Them like a Very Common and like Plugging the Judge for a Man like Me Snacks and Peas and That Is Not Showing up That Just Cannot. Talking with Them and Saying like You Don't Have To Dress Fancy, Especially When I Hear Church like Oh I Guess I Got Aware That Just Come As You Are and Might Just Enjoy the Club like Were Not to Make You Stand and Say All the Bad Things You've Done Wrong You Just Come Enjoy the Club and Learn Who Jesus Is and What What What Transpires. So What Actually Happens Each Time You Visit Once a Week.

Is That What It Is. It Was Monthly so We Would Get in There. We Can Tell Everybody Hey Kids at My School We Had Teams Where Your Friends Might Not Mean the Same Classes As You See That Most Time You'd Seem to Be an Afternoon at This Club so We Talk about Bikes and Game Suite. He Would Sit down and Then like Youth Leaders, and Then That Student Leaders Would Get There and We Would Just Talk and Might Give a Little Lesson in like We Played a Game. Things like Heads up on like That in a Way Related Read Related to like Something That We Were Reading in the Bible and Then We Either Close off with Finishing the Game or My Favorite Was When We Did Worship and We Type I or Two Songs and the Kids That Have To Sing Just Listening to the Words and Understanding like What That Is and That I Would Watch Kids and Their Eyes Were Just like, Well, This Is a Cool Song Because Most People Think Christian Music They Think You Know Old Glory Going to Leave Now Actually Some Good Sounds out There and Then and Then Christie from up from a Leadership Perspective, What's It like to Come to See What God's How It Is Is Just so Important to Me Coming from My Own Girls. I Mean, It's a Safe Place for Them to Get Together, You Know You Can See, You Know Who Cannot Go to School and I'm Having Problems.

I Can Come Here. We Can Pray Together and She Said First Party You Know You Know There's Just This Is That Connection at School That They Need Is the Body of Christ on Campus and Yeah I Just Think It's so Important You Know Faith Comes through Hearing the Message, They're Not Hearing It. If We Don't We Don't Go, You Know, If We Send Our Students How Are They Going to Know You Know How to Hear Less How Will They Know If We Don't Outweigh the Said That's Just Our Heart for That. The Ministry and You Know God Is Doing This God Is Doing All of This and like Rachel Said That It Takes Everybody Soon to Connect with the Charges. We Need Parents, Teachers Just Opportunities Are Endless. So What's the Status Hearing We Can Get Us up to Date on That Helping Said the Very First Year There Were Five School, Which Is Awesome 2019 Are Very First Leader Lab We Had 12 Student Leaders, Which We All Were like Samples 12.

You Know This, and Then Cavity It and We Struggle We Did the Leadership Things We Did United Not Swear Charges Would Host It and Then We Went and Bought Lots of People Said This Year If Everything Is Planned and We Get Everything That We Need. We Need A Few Things in Each School Will Be 11 Schools with Harsh Party Club so We Get Feels We Say It Because It's like You Know God Is Grow in This You Know Were Just All Just Doing What He Tells Us to Mention What Schools There so We Got a Slight High. We Got Eastlake Academy High Eastlake Academy Middle We Got When Dale Middle.

We Got Carol Middle. We've Got Interest with Student Leaders and Envisions a Little Hard on the Street Is Yes and Envision Science Academy Middle and Elementary.

It's All the Same That It Would Do Different Ages without Rolesville Middle Harris Creek Elementary Just Started Northridge Elementary Which the Exciting Thing about That Is the Whole Refugee Population Living on the Raleigh Area.

This Church Northridge, Not the Church School. That's Right There. There Is a Particular Apartment Complex Right down the Street, Which Has Become like Refugees, Central and North Raleigh and Actually in the Triangle. It's Amazing When You Just Drive by Your to See All Kinds of People That You Realize Because the Way They Dress like That They're Not from Here so That's an Incredible Opportunity Because That's the School He Go to Says Open Door to the School and the Nations, You Know. So Yeah There's and in Millbrook.

There's Also an Interest in Millbrook This Year, so I Left You a Question.

So How Can People Get Involved.

How Can We Support This Letter and Again Whether You're Here in Wake County. You Can Go FP or You Can Go to the Main Site and Check It out First Priority.Club Drill down from There to Find Places but How Do We Get Involved.

How Do We Help Yeah so Again We Need Parent Volunteers.

The People Who Will Not Provide Snacks for the Clubs That Just Get on the Website and Say Sign up and Send Your Students, You Know, We Think Our Students Can Do This There Too Young. They're Not, You Know, We Can Help You That's That's What We Do. We Partner with Charges That We Will Help Them Enough on the Purpose and so Parent Volunteers. We Need Youth Pastors to Get on Board. It's an Open Door to the Schools, You Know We Want to Connect the Students at the School with the Church like That's the Goal We Only Just Them to Come to Club Every Week so That's Something We Encourage in the Clubs That Youth Pastors Parents, Volunteers, Charges Engaged in United Knots and of Course with Any Ministry Financial Support Has Leaked out by Bibles and We Get All of the Resources That We Need to Help out with the Later Live in an August 28 at Crossroads Fellowship Chart on Millbrook.

We Are Having in the Leader Lab so Any Students Interested I Can Come from 10 before That Day and We Are Going to Help Equip Them to Know Exactly How to Get Back.

I Went in There School. We Usually Kick It off with the Pulse out August 28 Will Be Training on Middle Help Them with Their All Their Leadership Skills and How to Run a Club + Coming R Fours, so That's Kind of Fun Yeah I Said That Day. August 28 Which Is the Saturday 10 to 4 and Then We Talk about Starting Your Clubs in September with C in the Pulp and Then the Clubs Will Start so That on the Facebook Life You Right down to Sharing That Delete Right There to Become Upcoming Events.

Okay, so You Can Check That out but If These Are Way Just Go to FP and Then Typically Want Parents That Are Involved in These Individual Schools Right Yes Absolutely. Now That's the Best Way You're Invested in It You Want This for Your Kids. I'm Enough. What We We That's the Reason We Started It and Then I Don't Plan on Stopping Pretty Awesome. Lindsay Is Overtime in Terms of Reaching out to Your Fellow Students Observing Once All Can Be Awkward. Generally, What You Encounter.

So like in Middle School.

We Had A Lot Of People Who like If I Said a Prayer I Was Doing a Test like What Is She Doing like That's Weird Why She Closed Her Eyes Whenever on the Round and UNIX Lines. Then I Went out like Well Single Praying and It Goes to Religion, Yeah, Everybody Is Legend. I Think I'll Have To Be Things That They If You Just Come and Hear the Gospel and Learn Who He Is.

That's Important and I Think You Don't Have To Commit Yourself to This Religion or That Religion Just Being a Christian Is Huge and There Was Kids Hate I Could See A Lot Of Her and They Would Come These Clubs and Have Fun. And Even If like They Were Laughing over Something in the Club. They Knew They Were Safe. They Knew That If This Alistair and Dana Needed Help. They Can Discuss.

And like You Have and Identify How My Group Yeah and There Are Times Where People Are Going through Something and I'd like I'm Praying for You and I Can Well Thanks That You Know Was That Kennedy and I Likely Just I Want to Read This Letter.

You Know 30 Days like My Church Now. I Got across Plan on Doing This Thing Work for 30 Days You Read You Praying You Right in Its 10 with 30 Minutes and I Just Tell Them Do That for 30 Days and Then See Where You're at and I Promise You Something Will Change. You'll Feel Something and If You Don't Then We'll Go from There. Like Encourage Them to Get in the Word and Just to See Where They Can Get You on the Thing That's Really Exciting about the Opportunity with the New School Year Is This Kids Are Getting Back in the School Know Yeah the Whole Mass Thing Going on Back and It's Been a Really Difficult Year and 1/2 for Students All across the There You Go, Look into the Depression Rates Anxiety Rates the Suicide Attempt Suicide Rates the Abuse at Home All Those Things Are off the Charts Really Really Bad.

There's Been A Lot Of Damage. So Now If We Engage That Crowd Because They're Coming Back to School Always Broke and Hurting People Are Coming Back to School. The Question Is Will We Be There to Invite Them and Greet Them and Love Them First Priority. What Great Opportunity. It Is Exactly Christie Thanks so Much for Being Here Today. Thanks for Dogging Me and Say after This Together and You're Welcome Lindsay Awesome, so Inspiring. Thank You so Much for All That You're Doing to No More Than 15 to Get Another 55 Years 65 Years so the Lord Doesn't Awesome First Priority.Club on the National Level. If You're outside the Wake County Area, but Especially for Those of You. Most of You Listening FP

They Also Have a Club or a Page on Facebook so You Can Find It First Party Wake County on Facebook or FP Is the Website. This Is Different.

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