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Theology Thursday: What Do You Need?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 29, 2021 10:54 am

Theology Thursday: What Do You Need?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 29, 2021 10:54 am

Theology Thursday: What Do You Need?

Today, Steve takes callers and asks the question: What Christian trait(s) do you need more of in these difficult days?  


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. Okay, welcome back, hope you're doing well today.

Theology Thursday will go down the road of Hurston trades, and my question for you to go through a bunch of mom and I've highlighted the ones that I think probably most of us really need to focus on on these days. On the heels of yesterday's show covert stand 2.0 grab your mass back in the masking world whether Baxter not and then we've got critical race theory, and we've got BLM and we've got by then and we've got Trump and we got all these different things going on. We got the economic challenges that were facing, we have inflation we have all kinds of crazy stuff going on not only here in North Carolina but around the country. In fact, the course around the world. So my question for you and I put it up on Facebook just a little over an hour and going to just cross like 500 comments on this on the radio show page the Steve Noble show at Facebook and you could join us, right here in the studio on Facebook live as well as a YouTube live if you want to do that the both channels there just Steve Noble show so you can join us here in the studio and that's also a question I have for you.

Someone remind you of the phone call based on the situation we're in right now here in the United States of America which Christian trait. Do you feel most in need up. Now we could look at Galatians 522, we can look at the fruit of the spirit. There's a lot of places we could go. I've got a couple different lists here that I just was pulling together off the Internet earlier today that I think would be helpful for us to consider all go through some definitions because we don't always get that right but I'm curious for you. What Christian trait are you most in need up to one or two. I don't call give me all about 10 or 12 or 15, but just one or two that you find yourself in particular need of in these current times that we live in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 usually are 866-34-TRUTH what Christian trades here on theology Thursday things I want to discuss what what Christian traits do you feel like you need the most. Okay that is all long line out there when I was a put this up on Facebook both my personal page on the radio show page on the radio shape show paved in particular because is like 100,000 people on there then it's just been a lot of answers and it's thought-provoking and it's something I think we can all learn from today and I hope we do as we come let us reason one to another, as we would read in the Old Testament, but freer what is it, what do you really need more of.

Given the situation that were in right now. It might be, and something in particular to your situation, which might not be a national situation or international situation like the environment of politics that were facing all the stuff of coping and vaccinations and vaccines in faxing and not faxing and all that Madison mass cannot masking all the division we faced in the church over the last 1516 months, which is been more than I've seen in my adult life as a Christian. So I think it's a valid question and something we can wrestle with today and learn from each other as we put onto the table. What Christian trait. Do you really feel like you need more now than ever. Perhaps just given the circumstances that we live in 866-348-7884 is the number. As always, 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. The phones are always interesting because usually everybody's waiting for somebody else call and go first. Like like we never left six greater something so don't be afraid to call it is not the be some super eloquent speaker. I'm just curious to see which one or two Christian traits you feel most in need up these days given the environment that weren't only jump over here to Facebook live because people and sounded off here and there's a lot of good stuff here, which is why want to share this in and give us some things to think about and perhaps be challenged by in your own life your own walk with the Lord a generous and loving my enemies and praying for those who persecute Christians, and also remembering that vengeance belongs, the Lord. Jennifer got a bunch of people that agreed with her on that.

Dennis said wisdom for dealing with the evil endemic in our society. Michael said loving and being patient with what's going on with this world. Patients that's a hard one to come by right Jacques said witnessing the love of God and death of Jesus on the cross as payment for our sin.

So a focus on perhaps the gospel in and of itself.

Your salvation, Susan said the virgins of faith, hope and love. Faith in Christ Jesus is soon return. Hope in Christ Jesus, and ending those a one world evil plots and love for those not awake even for our enemies. Another good one kid said faith that good will overcome evil and we know that will happen in the end, right. But what about today what about tomorrow. What about the rest of this month and next month.

What about August is faith and overcome good overcome evil in August I don't know. We know that will eventually Debbie said the truth about the gospel and how to be ready during these days.

Courtney said love instead of anger and judgment. That's difficult for many finishing name faith and wisdom to discern the times discerning the times discernment. That's a big one on my list. Angelina I been praying for courage.

Joy and discernment and how to use discernment when it's given so that's the question what you need most right now is a Christian living in these crazy days 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Would love to hear from you on that one. Today, as we discussed this one to another 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH escort Gary Connor from South Carolina. Gary, thanks for calling. Go ahead, great topic and immediately resounding yeah I need them as you were talking it came to mind that I'll be gentle with those are elusive in these days. I mean these kind of takes me to the gospel in the promises of God that are yes and amen in my life and in both currently Gary as you know it in the future. But then, but then what was your other one you said piece was the second gentle gentle they go well together because without hard to be gentle but there's so much division right now. Even among the brotherhood that we just got to be gentle with each other and honor one another, even if we think the other guys wrong, gentle, happy, that's right will be a gentleman slowing out a piece and we could we could dive into Galatians 5 right and talk about the fruit of the spirit of gentleness. Gary is it's like people think that's ineffective you really got a hammer away and you can speak the truth.

You gotta tell people what they need to hear and we lack gentleness all over the place.

I know I do, especially online. It's like that that doesn't cut through gentleness isn't going to get it done and we just kinda by the world's prescription for us that you just got a hit harder, but you got Jesus himself was quite gentle pretty much with everybody click affairs. Try it out for a minute get a lot walking to God bless you Gary thank you such great points really that Alvin is gone and also from Greenville, South Carolina in a couple other callers there want to see what you need if you like.

You need the most in terms of Christian character in these crazy times 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 866-34-TRUTH plus all my friends on Facebook will be right back Steve Noble to Steve Noble, show theology Thursday. Today is asking a pretty simple question which Christian trait one or two looking really good.

One or two that's fine which Christian trait. Do you feel like you need them. Most of these days we need them all okay. So let's not a few people earlier in Facebook and stuff and it will all need them. All I can really just go through.

Yes, you can you can feel like your personal experience that I need more of this particular thing right now because the circumstances I met and so you can talk about the fruit of the spirit Galatians 522. Your first Corinthians 13, which is an incredible list of the attributes of love.

Here's what love looks like. Go you anymore love in my life, which means all of this stuff underneath. You go to something I been writing on the daily dose. Just this week will continue. Colossians 312 to 17 starts by talking about what you put off the old man what you will get a character he should put off and what you put on and so people on Facebook up and chiming off chime in and for the last hour and 1/2. Faith and trust faith and trust baptism of the Holy Ghost. I know what you mean but doesn't really answer is looking for.

Leaning on God and patients, faith, faith, faith, holding my tongue. Nicole set self-control. That's a big one. Trust trust shield from evil, faith, love, patients, patients, patients, love patients, grace patients, patients, patients not being judgmental meeting and biblically sinful judgmental of them.

Which means you you cannot judge an issue of the heart because only God knows that actually issue the heart of faith and patience and prayer.

Prayer life anymore. I need to pray more and more diligence in my prayer life of patients and faith honesty.

A lot of that out there so what is it for you that this is a list of now over 500 answers of the last hour and 1/2. But what is it for you. What do you feel like you need the most Christian trait in this particular environment that were in his one list and I'll jump back to the phones I highlighted these goodies really spoke to me, adaptability, compassion, competence, consistency, contentment, courage, determination, diligence, discernment, faith, fearlessness, forgiveness, gentleness, honesty, humility, joyfulness, kindness, love, meekness, power under control mercy. We don't do that much anymore optimism. We struggle with that patients, as we've seen time and time again on Facebook piece deftly self-control. Can I get an amen on self-control any way more that temperance, trustworthiness, truthfulness, okay a lot out there.

What is it for you. What Christian traits do you feel like right now you need the most of us go. Alvin is gone and from Greenwood, South Carolina Alvin, thanks for calling. Sorry to keep you on hold, go right ahead, one that I'm looking at the mall on conditional love. No doubt we, unconditional, no expectation of space with a crazed in our world right now.

I meet to walk in love and below and invested in the flesh because if not all gold of the things that you mentioned they would just dominate our thought life at gospel unconditional little with no expectation of the call to what happening all the erroneous old fallacies that out there and things that are going on even in the church so unconditional love more that I need to be full of it all the time without expectation.

Unconditional love no matter what they do what they say Love them anyway. That's right and that's that that's a perfect example of when God makes a covenant with us based on his unconditional love is always keeping his covenant. We mess up, and he keeps his covenant and I played his game all the time Alvin he I don't know if you do, but I'm like that love becomes an if then statement if you do this, or if you agree, it is hundred percent then I'll show you love will know as as a Christian. Our love is unconditional.

Alvin doesn't have to do anything. I got 11 what you do. Some are not. That's a great one. That's what a great way for us to witness to a dying world that doesn't have much love it all. Alvin thanks much for calling a bless you brother. You're welcome and I appreciate that. That was so good.

Unconditional love to build up well well well don't allow yourself to be a doormat. Okay, I understand. I love your neighbor as yourself that self-care right not to the point of pride and self-esteem which the lifting up of one cell. Be careful with that but unconditional love is just me, to show people love no matter how much they treat me poorly think Jesus on the cross or being beaten by Romans or hit, slapped by Pharisees and all their ilk. Think about that Michael great day in South Carolina today. Michael, thanks for calling Karen ahead, call what I'm at work I'm at the landfill so quick to listen, to respond to this sure self-control.

My reason is the whole list and come more naturally and freely. If you have more confidence and faith.

And if you give Satan a foothold in any shortcoming which self-control is strictly giving him that so it will affect all your the fruit so I think for me I struggle our arm from an addictive, genetically addictive family and so you know, even in which you have to have but if you're if you're if you're an addict where nature. All of the things you need and that are good you can overdo so depression is therefore if you have more confidence and faith in youth build accountant so the father, which I think are susceptible to feel that more if you're doing you know of a better job at the self-control anyway thank you very much.

Thank you Michael McCall, grade-point great. Thanks so much you as well.

That's a great point self-control, both positive and negative self-control, discipline, right to stay in the word to be prayerful to turn off the TV or not turning on. Choose how you start your day. Choose. I spent some time during your lunch, choose what you do at night. Self-control can be positive and negative, but it does unlock the door to so many other things you know people on Facebook like right now kindness.

Celia said kindness well self-control to deal down with my intemperance self-control to deal with my dismissiveness self-control to deal with my perhaps judge mentalism and then it's easier for me to becoming that makes great sense Michael.

I think it's a great point Paul is gone from North Carolina, Paula, thanks for calling Karen ahead hello hello my mind I live with old. That is really good truth in love with bold action in speaking because the alley so there's not a lot of truth out there. It's hard to find it, but for us as Christians truth in love. I think that's something we struggle with Paula that we don't hate at the worst people the truth.

Yeah okay and I would be prepared to give an answer. The hope that you have but to seller, gentleness and and and grace right and compassion and patience. The truth is important to thinking of things were number one. Be bold right. Bin Laden speaking the gospel because people are starting to the right out there and back at one to be able to think back when I hear people perpetuating false statements about everything around me and being not your calendar now. Nobody thinking pushing you not not a lot and I think there's a lot of fear out there as well that people are afraid to be bold because there have a spirit of fear, which obviously if you're Christian you have been given a spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind. Great points follow.

Thanks much for calling thinking you're welcome, and in now is difficult truth you speak the truth and then we typically want to turn the truth into a sledgehammer and beat people over the head but like I said so many times this is from a Tim Keller sermon if you're all truth and no grace. You're a bully the other hand, if you will grace and truth.

Your coward can apparently come back normal show good spiritual exercises and theology Thursday as we just are what Christian rate do you feel like you really need to work on what you need the most of one or two things in the environment that were in the crazy political environment sidle a people coping vaccines mask yada yada yada everything going on in DC Joe Biden Donald Trump divisions, which is that the church in an and evangelicalism is more division in the church and I've ever seen. And then there's people out there that can stoke that like somebody on Facebook live who I'm sure she's a wonderful sister in Christ. She's very smart. She's a great writer, Julie Roys, who doesn't event the vast majority of what she posts. I think she's finding out and investigating, like an investigative journalist and I really struggle with that sometimes because I know in our flesh and the reality of the business model if it bleeds it leads. And so you need to build an audience and get more people to watch the show or will get your blog or whatever so that you can get more advertisement so they can make money and there's nothing wrong making money will need to make money.

But as I wonder if we get too far down that road of of like the whole gotcha thing and we jump on it and we we see things get screwed up in the church and pastors doing this and pastors doing that and and then we just jump on and on and I will.

I don't know how there. There's a fine line somewhere in accountability and addressing these things publicly versus lack of grace and lack of mercy and some judge mentalism even though you find the facts you put them out there. Looks terrible but I like do we ever hold back some.

I say what I could've printed a lot more one I know, but are we are we just stirring up our own fleshly problems, not just to say I can't judge the woman and but I see that part of me just gets like yeah we we have problems in the church. Nothing new there of you read the New Testament epistles that's not nothing new is nothing new under the sun. Psalms right new news is old news happening to new people. I'm into the finally in the 1900s now and in prepping for teaching world history, which is starting next month for me of high school age homeschoolers and by God's grace will scale that up in the future build to teach way more than 100 on time but but it just it's heartbreaking as you go through the history of this nation and some beautiful things in some amazing things but horrific things to like this is the same store, the same story can essentially be told in many places around the world.

Why, because of our sin nature, human depravity. That's why back to the point today what Christian trade in the midst of all this craziness in this darkness, increasing darkness in this world. How now shall we live, what Christian trait or traits do you feel like you really need more of an and the question for all of us is never what are we praying and asking God to help us with those things. Are we telling a friend telling a brother or sister in Christ say I really struggling. I need more gentleness. My life is way too harsh and way too roughly pray for me will you asked me on doing when it comes to gentleness, things like that accountability. What is it for you. I'd love to hear from you on that today on the phones 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH in the last segment shown to go through a whole another list with some definitions that I highlighted out of 49 things are probably highlighted. About half of them that I just given that situation that were in now as a nation and in the church that I think is important but I love to hear from you.

What trait or traits would you really ask God to increase in your life 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 is good. Our buddy Clay right here in North Carolina. Playthings: go ahead why brother God bless you on the first afternoon reversing for tomorrow.

You know it's interesting going on with.

I'm thinking the same with that I pulled up when I was hearing you talk about the if you think about it for a minute going to deliver a message about your to go to a bunch of people I had taken the time and feel that that will allow me to do this you think about it you were reading some of the world, you know, adaptability. You shorten the five letters is that all problems also you know you will alignment all you know you sure that it's the one thing some of these other things you know you see the mercy talk about faith but know there's other words in there that are long but you can shorten him to like courage got several others. We know that seven is a completion number will perfect number for us to be and where we need to be with the Lord, you know, when Joe was elected president. I know that because a lot of people but we talked about unity and in and in that there have probably been gone but not been the completeness that you know the Lord will like to see unity you take out the wine you were supposed to unite and also picked up the one unit you when you don't have something to way are we supposed to bless those up with you. That's a major thing for me with what's been going on with me. I was somebody there and say sorry we couldn't use of the word that individual. I have to be the person that were created need to be sure they will. God bless you to bear. We were sorry individual yourself. It is in the Bible to bless those that perk bring the humble when you bring you know I like what the brother said little bit unconditional love our father, God the father loved us so much that he sacrificed his son for one of them and I know that because in Hebrews says that people drifted away form the way you know what the plan have to borrow from day one. We came out of the mother's note it's it's about uniting as one body of believers and becoming one unit to do what we need to get people to see what he made a change somewhere what happened right in the things claimed that I proceed to bring that up as I got Dell seen that also wants to talk about spiritual unity, especially in the world and in the nation. That's as divided as it is, it's getting deeper and wider in the in the Scripture say they'll know your mind, meaning they'll know you're Christian :-) love one another, and we really struggle with that inside the church of talk, but dealing unit when you talk about. They mask they don't mess. They got the fax they don't get the backs. They voted for Biden. They voted for trouble you. You can't have a unit out of their yes you can. If you set along if you set aside those things which can be important but are not ultimate in the got a look at the ultimate things, which is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, the holy Scriptures and then unite around that and then we have to learn to have some love and charity patients. On the other things but that's a great point that you bring up when it comes to the unity and uniting. I appreciate that. It's called the double effect.

Intricate importance of your heart. What is intricately important in your heart that you need to see a look around you.

Being a brother in the Lord or sister who work that out so that you know heart is important. Playthings are gone, but he always good to hear from you. I really got what you meant.

I have a great afternoon. Let's jump over to Delphine Cullinan from Raleigh. Thanks for calling so much, go right ahead. What I wanted to name the only way to conquer them to deal with the issue that with faith and Christian is unite and coming in and week and I am thinking next part of the main half in that area that would listen to on open, it felt like we are all united we could conquer more. Yeah, that such an important point and I really appreciate you Cullinan and Sharon that thank you so much and in and he didn't steal your thunder. I mean, it's good to hear that again as a reminder and that's the challenge because I guarantee you, most of us right now our thinking how am I supposed to unite and walk in lockstep, or hand-in-hand with another Christian who Scott so many different things wrong in their opinions about Biden or Trump or masking or no masking or or can you trust the vaccine or can you not, or should you be forced to get it or should you not in and those are all important things and I'm not talking about that you have to have dinner every night with another believer where you have significant differences on significant issues, but if we can unite on the core principles of the faith, then that's when love that unconditional love and charity and compassion and patience comes in so that and then we get you some wisdom to. So if I'm to be in a conversation with another believer, another believer may profess Christ they know the gospel there born again, but we disagree on some significant issues then what do you do seek peace and pursue it. I think it's Psalm 34 seek peace and pursue it. OR I listen to Paul in Romans 1218.

If it's possible as far as it depends on that other jerk know it doesn't say that if it's possible as far as it depends on you, live at peace with people that agree with no fellow Republicans no fellow conservatives, no fellow people that didn't get back no limit peace with everyone that doesn't mean they're going to live at peace with you, but we are called to attempt to limit peace with them.

So there are certain believers that then I have conversations with and there certain places. I just don't go with them because that will break our bond of unity. We will elevate secondary things to primary things and primary things become secondary things and the next thing you know we don't have anything to do with each other. Even though working to spend eternity with each other and have how messed up is that is not a Christian trait that we need to deal with that as well.

This is Steve Noble to Steve know so will be right back. Show theology Thursday acidly asking what should be a question that we all work through struggle with and then seek the Lord for in prayer is what Christian trader traits. Do you really feel like you need help with right now. What do you need more of right now. Yes, we need to have them all right. That's part of the syncopation process. Yes, we need to be more more like Christ understand and I agree, but given the situation you're in. I'm in maybe whether it's political what's going on. The culture in terms of COBIT and vaccines know that whatever where you feel like you're really lacking what what are you struggling with and is there at that other some traits as a Christian that perhaps are even more needed right now given the situation. Like sometimes correct, courage is really really important. You don't always need courage, but sometimes you really do given the situation. You go man I really like her drink or I really need a lot of patience rain or really not faith right now because I don't see the situation getting any better in any faith.

So there are times when one is more relevant at a given moment. Then another. Although we should want them all. Just like the fruit of the spirit of prescript inserting all the attributes of love, Colossians 312 to 17, which is what talk about putting on as a Christian like we can talk a lot of people talk about your unity right now. We need unity so that Liz and I've been writing about this in the daily dose devotional seed read a devotional yet almost 5 days a week. Most the time you get that just text the word toast D OSC I write just like I speak. By the way, so when you read a 400 4050 page page. Yikes.

Nobody can read that I would read that foreign and 50 word devotional you can do that, about three minutes and I write like I speak. So when you read it. Your it's good like I said it on the air every street-level language style of writing that just text the word toast D OSC to 66866C text the word dose D OSC 266866 and you'll get a quick message back just put in your email boom nonetheless put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, now is talking about talking about us in the body. How we should treat each other which we struggle with, especially masking and not masking and vexing and not vexing in Trump versus Biden, yada yada yada. Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meet this power under control in patients bearing with one another. Wow, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other, as the Lord is forgiven you, so you also must forgive, and above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect turning that's a question I asked myself all the time like what anybody describe me as loving no save your your your bold your funny your courageous you speak the truth. Yeah, but I do all that without love and just clanging cymbal. Right and let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you are called in one body. And be thankful around the peace of God.

Imagine that. What trait do you need only go through this list is our last segment of the show and I thought these were really and this is an interesting list because it gives the character quality of Christian character quality and the opposite which of your simple finger like me. This helps. I thought this was interesting attentiveness versus unconcern showing the worth of a person by giving individual and undivided attention to his words and emotions. Hebrews 21 attentiveness is supposed to me looking at my phone while you're trying to tell me something really important to you and look at my phone.

I'm distracted, especially in this world right now are people do not feel connected and feel love.

They don't feel invested in attentiveness. Again, I'm not talking of the Constitution here talking about buying a couple people in the Facebook live, not Facebook live of my regular Facebook page, like I might what Christian trait you need this. One person said prayer for our country to return to our U.S. Constitution. Why are you thinking about the Constitution is a Christian, primarily over your own needs to follow Christ and be a good representative his wife the Constitution coming up too much focus on the things of this world. That's what I think in that answer in somebody else's couple answers later pray Biden gets out really how many how many of those sacred cows do we need Hill meltdown smash into some water and then drink it which is what God did with the golden calf and the Moses Sunday night fiasco.

How many of our mice and they don't come on really hey what do you need is a Christian in order to be closer to Jesus to be more like you.

So we need to follow the Constitution.

All we need to pray that Biden gets out. My goodness come to DC. The problem is a problem. Thank you Anita on Facebook live the constitutional get anyone into eternity with God.

Amen. Don't elevate secondary and tertiary things. Two primary positions, boldness versus fearfulness confidence that what I have to say or do is true and right and just in the sight of God is little test there.

Is it right inside of.compassion versus indifference man investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others. Compassion, contentment versus covetousness realizing the guidance provided everything I need for my present happiness while contentment is amazing what we chase after because were not content creativity.

I love this versus underachievement approaching Anita task, an idea from a new perspective will hey listen friends you live in the states of America, which is now a pagan nation you live in Babylon in your job, hopefully, is to be more like Daniel Siegel. Be creative man to be creative in how we live out our faith in a quickly changing country that is not a Christian nation anymore to pagan nation deference versus rudeness well limiting my freedom in order to not offend the taste of those with whom God has called me to serve. Can we show them deference that person comes to church on Sunday and there were a Joe Biden sure I got back shirt to show them deference and just love them or you can avoid him determination versus main heartedness we need a lot of that discernment versus judgment God-given ability to understand why things happen discernment what's going on discernment and up in an earthly way is like okay I just heard the stories I get from Fox to get up and seen in any discernment to be, but actually find the truth in here to discern to separate out Celia on Facebook live's I love this help me be more like Daniel Leslie Jonah Jonah Leslie Leslie Jonah's evangelical conservative Nineveh is the Democrat party or homosexuals or whatever you get my point back to the people that are crying for the ready to get back some people that say you can wear masks there. The Ninevites and you get on the boat go the opposite direction would go there. I can't stand these people one recently.

Jonah endurance versus giving up. We need that faith versus presumption forgiveness versus rejection. Here's one. This came up earlier gentleness.

Lord help me be more gentle gentleness versus what the opposite harshness showing personal care and concern. Meaning the need of others up with this list up on Facebook live in the two by the way, at the signal show hospitality versus loneliness when I had highlight this one because we got all kinds of lonely people out there. Nobody ever stopped by anybody's house anymore was the last time anybody over for dinner. Hospitality, we should be doing this all the time, especially as the days get darker, to encourage one another love one another and serve one another one another one another one another in the body and from a gospel perspective. People are outside the body. Hospitality humility versus pride. Holy cow. Joyfulness versus self-pity. That's a good one. Love versus selfishness and meekness versus anger controlling your anger back to Michael.

I think you called earlier about self-control.

While patients versus restlessness. How many of you feel restless, just frustrated just driving yourself crazy train on Facebook live and get it since I get a friend I know you fairly well. I get I do, I lose my junk every day doing this job done. Never feel like a job but you know I mean patients look and in the end it's all gonna work out Jesus coming back his will will be done on earth as it is in heaven and this will be a distant memory past past Mr. Pat security versus anxiety while structuring my life around that which is eternal and cannot be destroyed or taken away. That's the firm foundation.

What did you build your house on today.

The news Joe Biden's press conference. Vaccination rates your job security versus anxiety like it's important sincerely versus hypocrisy eagerness to do was write with transparent notice.

Be sincere tolerance versus prejudice. This is like real tolerance okay tolerance versus prejudice, acceptance of others as unique expressions of specific character qualities in varying degrees of maturity. Philippians 22 that's inside the body.

In this case, tolerance versus prejudice in the last will and wisdom versus natural inclination seeing and responding to life situations from God's frame of reference. Imagine that Jill is a lot that we need but we need to ask for. We need to ask for that which we feel were lacking here by the way, it's not our lack is not because God's storehouse is run out were not lacking in these things because God is somehow not providing you have everything you need for a life of godliness. Everything in Christ Jesus.

Everything in the fruit of the spirit can kind of encompass all the stuff without love, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, baked, magenta, self-control. Oh okay.

That's pretty good list, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness couldn't stay focused on the self-control. Nine of us pretty good there. There an abundance there available to us all through the power the Holy Spirit. If we yield ourselves to it.

If we ask for it like wisdom. James said if you lack wisdom asked for God's going to give it to you. Sometimes it through your own enlightenment.

Sometimes it's through others.

Sometimes it's through the word, but all the stuff available to us, but we have to fight to pull it down on the shut off the shelf and incorporated which is why am glad we went on a lot of different roads today. Whatever it is for you.

Please pray to the Lord and asked him to help you as we only more of some if not all, and that's our opportunity to show the world what a difference. Jesus makes your life and mine. I will be back tomorrow.

I'm trying to get that Steve Chaisson will do a little covert update. It's just so good on that and some crazy stuff in India because you know it's happening over there that one of the lowest vaccinia vaccination rates in the world, but they have two thirds of them that are like Anybody imagine that this is Steve Noble and the signal will show God willing I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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