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Living in Babylon!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 22, 2021 11:01 pm

Living in Babylon!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 22, 2021 11:01 pm

Living in Babylon!

Steve Noble talks about how we should be living now in a modern-day Babylon with Pastor Micah Caronna. How should we confront Babylon?


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday life in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred call Steve now 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble hello my Babylonian brothers start welcome back to Babylon, Babylon six actually, literal 21st century. Babylon here in the states of America. I am back in the studio back in Raleigh. Praise the Lord at a great trip down to Bob Jones University. I take guys more about that, but I've been telling you a lot lately and saying you live in a pagan nation using to accept that that's the reality. I talked a lot about Barna research recently barn research showed that about only 6% of Americans actually living out operationally living out of a biblical worldview 6%, which means 94% of your neighbors are not operating out of a biblical worldview. Even if they say their Christian on that note's were still at 70 to 75% of Americans will self identify as a Christian. This is like gender these days, so you can call yourself a boy even if your girl you call yourself a Christian, even if you aren't in most of our neighbors who claim to be Christians actually aren't. When you get into what they believe about salvation and who goes to heaven and who doesn't. So you live in Babylon. And that's just the nature of the beast were in a pagan nation. So the question is only been talking about this is really the epicenter of the show and has been for years now. Shall we lift will be going to Scripture here on theology Thursday and we consider were looking for examples of somebody there is a just a glaring example in the Old Testament and the life of Daniel. So Daniel gets caught up and taken off, and then his buddies and a bunch other people from God's chosen people in the next thing, another in Babylon and then Babylon schools and Babylon restaurants in Babylon, jobs, and all I can to stop and are surrounded by Babylonians. How do you live that out. So when my friends at living Word family church in Lake Forest, North Carolina. That's the L WFC.word by the way, told me that Micah Crone of the pastor was doing a series on Daniel is like yeah okay I'm right there with you. Mike is in the studio with us today Micah how are you think a study on great men. Are you I'm great art, so is a lot to talk to were to touch on this, but if you want to go to the whole series. Micah broken down into seven parts. So the sexy seven parts on the YouTube channels if you just go searching YouTube for living Word, family, church will find it. I'll put a link up on Facebook life while were at it, but why did this first will hit your radar screen and a second of all decided put the time and do all series on so ultimately is is I see a seer society slipping away from God.

Just like you and I don't think there's too many people that that would too many Christians that would argue with that. But as I began to see that that occur. The question that's kind of in everybody's mind as to what we do. You know we have to do we need to stand up against evil.

We want to when to make sure that that doesn't happen in a NSO this vacuum of so what do we do you know so were praying, which is good. We need to do that. We were standing. You know where we can against making your voice heard gets these things, but one of the thing but it just seem like people didn't know, like, but really would like my footing. What we do and I found Daniel as a literal playbook for how we respond in a situation where Daniel was dumped into a pagan society where society has shifted you into that but there are so many send us of the that necessarily that's different, but there are so many similarities and in the way that that a pagan culture affects the culture of the people got in a Christian worldview. Yeah, I think one of our challenges are in a dive in the rowing. I touch on things here and there that the series that Micah did which again is on the YouTube channel and come in a little bit on the Mike if you'd be so kind, please. Micah but one of the things that I think our challenges is as we tend to look at the situation and in our immediate response, fight or flight. And so we in the political realm we fight, we want to get the right president get the right people and to deal with the law do what and those are important things but there's a lot more to it than just grabbing a sword, politically speaking, and diving into it and we been so kind of brought up in the culture war that that's our first response are some happens in the news some terrible immoral thing another Ms. CRT. Whatever the gender should you name it, abortion and art. Our first response tends to be political rather than spiritual or even lament and heartbreak. So I think that's one of our challenges is how we actually do this. God's way as opposed to just our way is mostly conservative Christians living in America. You grant that yeah absolutely not and I think we do have to do we do have to stand politically in some and different things like that.

However, most of the biblical examples that are given to us about what to do in a situation like that don't involve politics or groups standing up.

Necessarily Jesus came on the scene occupy where the children of God, who were supposed to biblically be a light to the world. They were supposed to be a beacon. He shows up on the scene when his own people are actually occupied by Rome, he sets up his entire kingdom exes disciples trains his disciples leaves gives him the great commission and leaves the matter doesn't and it and it was almost as if an actually not only just leaves and their uses them as a pawn in heat in God's plan and and I don't think the standing. It wasn't that we shouldn't stand up to that. I'm just saying Jesus was almost it was almost like they were in that it wasn't as if that was limiting who he was and what kingdom he would set up and in fact 12 men doing what what Jesus taught them to do which which actually is a same thing that Daniel get in that in a minute that Daniel did with these 12 men doing what he asked them to do change an entire nation. Today there are more crosses in Rome than any other city in the world about that the the occupying force while he was here. Yeah, that's the shocking thing about you go okay. They had no political power, they had negative political power and they had people like Pontius Pilate, and of course Herod, but eventually you have people like Caligula and all these others in in Nero and and yet, in about 300 years, the entire Roman Empire flips over there's all of the story there obviously but it shocking that in 300 years with literally no political power, they had this massive transformational impact on Rome and thus the world yet and I think that's a real challenge for us as we go about our daily business will talk about this with Daniel.yes we should having engaged politically but don't think that that's the primary way to change culture and I think that's one of the problems is that's ever go to and you will you know where we get that we don't get that from the bottle like once again let me reiterate, it's not that you should not make some type of political impact right yourself right or seek that I'm saying when that's your first go to. You learn that from the world exactly what I learned that from the Bible you to learn that as an example from Jesus sometimes will rip things out of context being salt and light.

When you look at the context of being salt and light. That's right near the end of the sermon on the mouth. So if you live out the sermon on the mountain you will by definition be salt and light in this world.

Not if you pick up a flag in charge of health that the only thing that I contact will talk about Daniel and how he affected an entire culture come back after this and why Daniel Daniel had did really in a miraculous way, but a way that can be studied and really replicated in many ways as he was taken off with a lot of other gods chosen people to Babylon to live under Nebuchadnezzar in a pagan nation and that's whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not that's true for you and for me, as Christians, living in America. I would say I'm a Christian, who by God's grace was born and raised in America. I'm not an American Christian, I never put anything I used to, but I don't anymore. My primary association is with Jesus Christ and as a Christian who happens to live in America.

I'm grateful for that.

But I don't put American first so you lived there. This is the deal were in Babylon so that's why were talking to pastor Micah Corona today who recently did a seven part series on Daniel called counterculture.

Listen, here's here's the reality there's the right might going again, thanks for your time today.

There's the right and then there's the left and then ultimately there's us there. There is, as we were called in the first century the way and so we should be distinctive there's going be a lot of overlap on the right with with moral issues will be a little bit overlap on the left.

In terms of

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