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American Autopsy

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July 16, 2021 1:52 pm

American Autopsy

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 16, 2021 1:52 pm

American Autopsy

Should we begin the great and terrible American autopsy?  Today Steve talks about the state of the country and its death. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Steve Noble Show.

We today will talk to you going through the program. to get every American vaccinated such a joke, so that we can save lives and help our economy further recover. Yeah, how many saved lives? Yeah, because didn't you know overall, including when we throw in there the 80 and over crowd, the overall survival rate for COVID is still about 99.5%.

Hmm. White House spokesperson Kevin Munoz said, when we see deliberate efforts to spread misinformation, see, the problem is, how are they defining misinformation? We can view that as an impediment to the country's public health and will not shy away from calling that out. You know, throw up your sign. I mean, this is government control to the nth degree.

Well, maybe we should just go down and join the march in Cuba. The restriction of America's text messages is an escalation in a bid to center dissenting views on hot button issues such as the 2020 election and vaccines. While social media giants have hidden behind Section 203 protections and invoke private terms of service, I think it's 230, and invoke private terms of service to justify selective censorship, the mobile phone industry is subject to a different set of regulations under the FCC. Quote, the FCC is barred by law from trying to prevent the broadcast of any point of view, the FCC website states. The Communications Act prohibits the FCC from censoring broadcast material in most cases, and from making any regulation that would interfere with freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is so antiquated. Expressions of views that do not involve a clear and present danger of serious substantive evil come under the protection of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press and prevents suppression of these expressions by the FCC.

According to an FCC opinion on this subject, quote, the public interest is best served by permitting free expression of views, unquote. This principle ensures that the most diverse and opposing opinions will be expressed, even though some may be highly offensive, it continues. But there is a however. There is a however. There is a but. And then when I get to that but on the other side of this break, you're going to see the problem. It's the golden rule, friends.

He who has the gold makes the rules. We'll pick it up there when we come back. Okay, all you science deniers out there that haven't gotten the vaccine yet, who obviously are terrible Christians because you hate your neighbors. So we're going through this story about they want to start and the DNC, Democrat National Committee and the Biden administration, they want to start getting into our text messages. And if you're texting a friend, another friend, if you're texting one of your friends about the VAERS report, the Vaccine Adverse Reaction System that you can report on that actually the CDC set up 20 or 30 years ago and you want to and you go on there and say, hey, unfortunately, there's way more there's more adverse reactions reported on the VAERS system, including deaths for COVID vaccine than all the other vaccines combined since the VAERS system got started.

And you text your friend that. They would call that misinformation because not all those those a bunch of those reports aren't voluntary or aren't aren't aren't qualified. Right. They're voluntary. So they would say that's misinformation. You can't say that. And they would just eliminate your text like poof.

Hey, did you get my text? What text? Right. That's what they're doing here. Now, how do they do it? How do they justify it? So on the one hand, from this article, the FCC is saying, hey, we can't we can't get in there unless there's like a clear and present danger from the information being disseminated.

We can't get in there. It's called free speech. However, in 2018, the FCC voted to clarify that, quote, wireless carriers have the authority to block unwanted or spam text messages, Reuters reported. However, quote, Democrats warned that the decision would allow carriers to block or censor text that customers sent. The FCC voted three to one to classify text messages as an information service rather than a telecommunications service, which it said would have limited the ability of wireless carriers to combat robo text and spam messages. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said at the time that the decision would allow wireless providers to continue taking action against unwanted text messages.

There's your door. But FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat, said the FCC's vote means you no longer have the final say on where your text messages go and what they say said. That means your carrier now has the legal right to block your text messages and censor the very content of your messages. That they it's like finding a right for abortion in the Constitution.

It's not there. But they, quote unquote, found one. Sixty million dead babies later. And here we are. Well, the FCC. Well, OK, now if we reinterpret it now, we have a right to get in to your text messages. So you're texting your friend anything negative about covid from their perspective or the vaccines from their perspective.

And that's deemed dangerous to the public health. And they'll just text it. That's where they want to go here.

Right. So they're going to have to work with the cellular companies, which, you know, they will. And then there's this from the Daily Signal, this was just today. White House working with Facebook to flag disinformation.

Well, duh. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday yesterday that the White House is not only working with Facebook to flag disinformation on vaccines, it's also asking Facebook to share data on the reach and engagement of posts deemed disinformation, like the one I posted two weeks ago, which is why they dragged me down 55 percent. We're flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation, the White House press secretary said. Senior Biden administration staff and members of the covid-19 team are targeting misinformation specifically on coronavirus vaccines and the pandemic by keeping, quote, in regular touch, unquote, with social media platforms, Psaki said Thursday. The Biden administration has also proposed four key requests to social media platforms. The first that social media platforms measure and publicly share the impact of misinformation on their platform. Facebook should provide publicly and transparently data on the reach of covid-19 vaccine misinformation, not just engagement, but the reach of the misinformation in the audience that it's reaching. I wonder if they'll use that when they do their door knocking campaign. The Biden administration also wants platforms like Facebook to create a robust enforcement strategy that bridges their properties and provides transparency about the roles. That's funny, transparency, faster action against harmful posts and to promote quality information sources in their feed algorithm.

What quality information sources would those be? Ladies and gentlemen, that's right. Pope Fauci.

That's what it would be. Pope Fauci. Let me skip.

I'm going to come back to these. Now, our secretary of state, Mr. Blinken, has invited the U.N. to come investigate racism in America because the U.N., I mean, go to the U.N. Human Rights Council to investigate human rights abuses because they're as clean as the wind driven snow. Because you know who's on the Human Rights Council?

China, Cuba and Russia. No problems there. That's like sending the pedophile to the babysitting gig. All right, so Fauci, let's look at this. So they're back to the mask mandate. This is never going away, friends. You know that, right? Do you know that?

This is not going away. This is all about power and control. It's like an abusive man abusing his wife in one way or another. And that's about power and control. And that's what's going on here, about power and control. So when you're talking about this, I had a little exchange with my buddy Steve Dace earlier today when he was talking about just all these kind of wild things with vaccines and what's going on with COVID reporting and stuff like that. And so here's what I responded to. And I'm not going to share his part.

I just said it makes a lot of sense. The big challenge here is the intersection of man's free will and scheming along with spiritual forces of darkness and God's metanarrative. That's the overarching story. We know what the end times look like, and we are hurtling towards them at increasing speed. That being said, it's like choosing D on a standardized test, all of the above. That's why, to a certain extent, it's folly to try to ultimately understand it and control it.

As the vaccine industry collaborated with the deep state around the world to create a situation that, talking about gain of function research, continues to gain them more and more control via people's fear and their fear based on spiritual darkness, I say D, all of the above. It really is a perfect storm and factors nicely into end times theology. Or as I once said to Dr. David Jeremiah, it's all lining up nicely.

So when you look at this stuff, remember there is a metanarrative. There is a story that sets the table for end times, sets the table for the rise of the Antichrist, sets the table. And in case you hadn't noticed, the table's being set. Now you've got a bunch of people that are a part of the setting of the table that don't know that they're a part of the setting of the table. They're willful. They're free will agents, but they don't also know, just like Pontius Pilate didn't know at the time, that he was part of the salvation's plan. He didn't know it. He didn't understand it, but he was.

Same thing's going on here. So power and control, centralized, centralized, centralized. Then when we go to a one world government or an Antichrist, well, that's not going to be such a big leap, is it? Los Angeles County will again require masks be worn indoors in the nation's largest county, even by those vaccinated. If you're vaccinated and you're safe, why do you wear a mask? I still don't understand that.

I'm just stupid, I guess. While the University of California system also said Thursday that students, faculty, and staff must be inoculated against the disease to return to campus, the announcements come among a sharp increase in virus cases. Okay, what is that? And then the Delta variant. Well, you know about that by now, right? The Delta variant.

So here's the deal with the Delta variant. Way more contagious, but also way less deadly, and way less deadly being 99.5% survival rate for the entire population. Okay, so it's less deadly than that, deadly in air quotes, relative to the size of the population. Again, I've said it time and time again for like 16 months now, 14 months. I am not, if you listen to the show and you know me, you know the deal. I am not minimizing the tragedy, the pain, and the loss of any single person that's died as a result of COVID-19, because I'm a pro-life person.

But out of 330, 340 million, you still have the survival rate, which is 99.5% across all age ranges. So how bad did it get? A hands on deck moment, they call it out there. I'll tell you that when we come back right after this, and Pope Fauci.

Okay, welcome back. It's Steve Noble, the Steve Noble Show. If I were in California, if I were in LA, today's show, it sounds a little bit more like this. Today's show would sound more like this, because I would have to wear a mask. I would have to wear a mask because the numbers jumped. And the Dr. Muntu Davis, public health officer for the county's 10 million people, this is LA County, said this is an all hands on deck moment, which is why they've gone back to mask mandate for everybody in LA County, indoors, everybody, vaccinated or not, because this is an all hands on deck moment, he said, because they've had a quote unquote sharp increase.

So here's the deal. We're staying in California for new COVID. This is entire state, okay, not just LA. So these numbers are bigger than LA. California, 61,805 new cases of COVID on December 16th of 2020 last year.

Then a recent low May 15th of this year, 1,140. Now the sharp increase creating an all hands on deck moment is 3,439 as of yesterday. So yesterday they had 3,439 new cases of COVID out of 10 million people.

Well, actually that's 3,439 out of 22 million people, the total population of California, LA's 10 million. So does that sound like an all hands on deck moment? No, but every time there's any kind of an uptick besides maybe one, they're going to jump on it in order to maintain power and control, which is why you have this. This just came out the other day. So they're talking to Fauci about the Delta variant. Again, the Delta variant, bad news, more contagious, good news, less lethal.

And when I say less lethal, remember lethality across all age ranges is 99.5% survival rate. So when they say the Delta variant is more contagious, but they don't turn around and say, but thank goodness, it's less dangerous. It's less dangerous. It's more contagious, but less dangerous.

So which means it's more of a nuisance. So Fauci dealing with that says, because they asked, the reporter said, well, what about children? Because children really aren't getting it much statistically, hardly getting it. It's not serious, statistically insignificant, the number of deaths in children. So what about them?

And Fauci comes out and says, every unvaccinated child over two years of age needs to wear a mask. No doubt about that. So on the one hand, they know the numbers, don't be a science denier, they know the numbers. And out of 76 million people in America under the age of 24, there's been about 2,400 deaths. All 2,400 are tragic and terrible, right? 24 and under, that's terrible. But compared to the overall population of that age group of 76 million, it's statistically insignificant. Not that those people are insignificant, but in terms of looking at an overall societally wide danger, it is insignificant. But Fauci then says, every unvaccinated child over two years of age over two years old needs to wear a mask.

No doubt about it, he said. Why does anybody still listen to him? I don't get it. Back to my answer to Steve Das from this morning, because there's a lot more going on than just politics. All right, this is fascinating to me. Blinken invites the UN to investigate America.

The Secretary of State welcomes the Human Rights Council that includes Cuba, China, and Russia to opine on systemic racism in the US. This is classic. All right, so this is a story that came out yesterday. Ronald Reagan liked to tell the story about an American who tells a Russian the US is so free, he can stand outside the White House and yell, to heck with Ronald Reagan. The Russian says he has the same freedom. I can stand in front of the Kremlin and yell, to heck with Ronald Reagan.

Okay, kind of funny. That story comes to mind after Secretary of State Antony Blinken's announcement this week that the Biden administration will formally invite UN human rights officers to investigate the US. We're sure the UN team will feel free to denounce the US with the same gusto as the Russian and Reagan story. The announcement follows the UN Human Rights Council's decision this week to form a three-year panel to investigate systemic racism against Africans and people of African descent by law enforcement, ostensibly around the world, but really aimed at the US, which Mr. Blinken also applauded.

That's the same Human Rights Council whose members include China, Cuba, and Russia. Mr. Blinken rightly says, great nations such as ours do not hide from our shortcomings. But the US doesn't hide from its shortcomings, the author writes. All across America, citizens and legislators are debating policing, while the Minneapolis cop responsible for George Floyd's death was convicted of murder and sentenced to more than 22 years in prison. By contrast, will any of the police now cracking heads in Havana ever be held to account?

Of course not. It's easy to write Mr. Blinken's remarks off as naive, but they are dangerous. They come in a moment when China is committing genocide against its Uyghur minority, Muslims, when Cubans are risking their lives to claim their freedom, and when Moscow has jailed a man walking around Red Square in a t-shirt saying freedom for the Nalvani, a reference to imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Nalvani. The leaders in these unfree nations are all taking President Biden's measure.

American democracy is more than capable of dealing with all its challenges at home. If Mr. Blinken wants to fight racism and human rights abuses, he'd do better to remind the world that the test is not whether governments are accountable to some UN investigator, but whether they are accountable to their own people. Imagine that.

Then there's this. Nikki Haley, former Secretary, you know, Secretary of the United Nations, blasting away. First of all, I thought the Biden administration was extreme leftists. This is flat out insane, Nikki Haley began. The idea that you've got a million Muslim Uyghurs being tortured. You've got people being bullied and beaten in the streets of Cuba.

You have Venezuelans that are arresting political protesters, all of which Biden chooses to sit with on the Human Rights Council and the US is asking the United Nations, a cesspool of political bias to come into the United States and investigate us on human rights. We look so ridiculous, Nikki Haley says in the eyes of the world right now. I can't imagine what the world is thinking. I can't imagine what those ambassadors at the UN are thinking. I can tell you what they're thinking. America, you are a bunch of idiots. That's what they're thinking.

Haley continued saying that when she had been there, she had tried to hold America up as the best country in the world. Quote, now you have our own Secretary of State calling the UN to do an investigation. You can't make this up. This is not just insane. It's dangerous. Unquote, Nikki Haley.

Absolutely. And now what's behind that? What's behind that? Let's go to the UN. Well, that's progressivism. That's the world system.

That's the great reset. America as a bad guy, bad nation, terrible place, rotten to the core. So we've got to deal with that. We never should have claimed American exceptionalism.

We never should have patted ourselves in the back for anything. And we're one of the scourges of the earth. And so we need to be brought under the yoke of the rest of the family around the world, except the rest of the family is messed up and far more than we are. And so we're going to go to the UN.

What is that? That's just nation building virtue signaling. For who? Like Joe, Mr. President, who are you trying to impress by bringing the UN in? The answer to that is I don't think Joe has anything to do with this. I don't think Joe is actually running anything. I think his wife is and there's other people involved. But is it Joe Biden? You think this is Joe Biden? Nope.

Then there's this. Wow. Migrant arrests at southern border rose yet again in June to 188,000, topping 1 million this fiscal year. It's a stark comparison to the 33,000 apprehended in June of last year. Wow, we've gone from 33,000 to 188,000.

This was on the Fox News website. There were nearly 190,000 migrant encounters at the southern border in June. Customs and Border Protection announced Friday yet another rise in what were already sky high border numbers and bringing the total of encounters in fiscal year 2021 to more than 1 million.

CBP said that 188,000 migrants were encountered at the southern border, an increase from 180,000 in May. It's also a sharp rise since when President Biden took office. There were 78,000 encounters in January. Compared to 2020, the numbers are staggeringly high.

Listen to this. Just 33,049 migrants were encountered in June of 2020. It's even higher than the numbers in June 2019 when the border was in the midst of what was then a historic crisis at the border. 104,000 were encountered two years ago. Now we're at 188,000. June's numbers also take the number of encounters in fiscal year 2021 to more than 1 million with three months left to go.

Amazing. That's in comparison to just over 458,000 in all of fiscal year 2020. Customs and Border Patrol said that the numbers are higher in part because of the number of repeat encounters due to migrants being expelled via Title 42. Listen, this is what happens when you change administrations. A Trump-era public health order that the Biden administration is using to quickly return single adults and some migrant families. The agency said 104,000 migrants were expelled via Title 42 in June. The Biden administration has been scrambling to get a grip on the crisis at the southern border, and most of its efforts have gone towards processing migrants into the interior, specifically unaccompanied children and migrant families who are not being returned by Title 42. The administration has touted how it has emptied Border Patrol facilities.

Want to know how they did that? They're releasing migrant families into the interior, often without court dates, and the movement of children to health and human services facilities. They're currently more than 16,000 in those facilities. They've instituted technology that over the last couple of months has expedited in a very significant way processing of people who are arriving at our border, Kamala Harris said. Wow, we're processing so much more efficiently now because of technology. Awesome, Kamala.

Once they're processed, what are you doing with them? Well, we're sending them to Nashville. Got a problem with that? Talk to Joe.

We'll be right back. There's a man going around taking names, and he decides who to free and who to blame. Everybody won't be treated all the same.

Oh, see, that's a problem. There'll be a golden letter. Not everybody's going to be treated the same at the end when the man comes to town. That final judgment day, the great white throne judgment, not everybody's going to be treated the same. Are we looked at equally by God?

Yes, the ground is level. At the foot of the cross, welcome back. This is Steve Noble,

You can join us right here on the Facebook page for Facebook Live or on YouTube Live if they're allowing us to broadcast anymore because I spread disinformation for a living or misinformation or however they want to classify it, however they want to define it. They being the powers that be, he who has the gold makes the rules, right? All that kind of stuff. So the man's going to come to town one day and he'll treat everybody equally. Everybody's offended God. Everybody's violated the moral law. There's none righteous.

No, not one. And all of sin fallen short of the glory of God and the wages of sin is death. That's equally applied to everybody. That's the deal when the man comes around.

Jesus comes back, the great white throne judgment, and he separates. Is that equality? Yes. You have a chance to repent. Everybody does. And he died for everybody.

That sounds pretty equal. But it won't be in the end because some choose to reject him. They die in their sin. And that's the problem in America right now and why we talk about a lot of these moral problems and moral issues in the country and whether it's at the government level, the individual level, cultural level.

And we talk about it pretty often here on the show. And if we don't engage, if we don't fight to stand up for God's standard of truth and morality, to at least put it out there to offer a plumb line, then all of your neighbors, all of my neighbors are going to start thinking I'm fine because I'm not really doing anything that terrible. It's not like I'm a mass murderer or something.

So as long as you're not a mass murderer, when you eliminate this notion of this higher law, this moral standard, this absolute perfect moral standard by which nobody can escape judgment, you get rid of that, then everybody's going to be lulled into a false sense of security. So when I tell you, you need to be saved, sister. You need to be saved, brother. What are you going to say?

You're going to say, save from what? I really don't think I have that big of a problem. You're a whack job. You're condemning. You're hateful. You make me nervous, quite frankly, but I'm a decent person.

What do I? I don't need to be saved. See what happens? The gospel is a moral solution to a moral problem. So if we stand by and say nothing about the immorality in our nation, you give the appearance to lost people that they're fine. And they aren't, right? Hopefully, you know that. So that's why we engage.

Here's another thing. I found this the other day, and I shared this on Facebook Live because I've been teaching for eight years. I teach civics, constitution, and I teach a Christian ethics class, adding this fall, next month, as a matter of fact, U.S. history. And right now I'm reading through, I'm at like 800, 900 pages in, out of 1600 pages, reading three different textbooks, U.S. history from the 1400s to the current, and through a biblical worldview. First time in my life, I've really studied U.S. history down in the dirty, nitty-gritty details, period after decade after decade, period after period, with a Christian biblical worldview.

It's just fascinating and heartbreaking all at the same time. Because it's like Solomon said, there's nothing new under the sun. And we've been doing it to each other since we got kicked out of the garden. Cain killed Abel.

That didn't take very long. And oppression and slavery and all the other mess. There's nothing new under the sun. There really isn't. Because all the things going on in the world around us today are based on human depravity, human nature. But if you don't teach that, you're going to be really confused. You're going to be all over the map.

So I found this. Thomas B. Fordham Institute did a big study called High Expectations, the State of State Standards for Civics in U.S. History in 2021. Is America a racist country, it begins, or the greatest nation on earth? Such a divisive question leaves little room for the complexity, richness, and nuance of our country's past and present. But it's the sort of question that often seems to get asked in today's polarized environment. It's little wonder, then, that the tattered condition of civics in U.S. history education constitutes a national crisis. I totally agree with that assessment.

Don't you? Various efforts, some wise, some hasty, some dangerous, are underway to repair the situation. But the logical place to start is with what states expect their schools to teach and their children to learn in these two key subjects. To that end, the State of the State Standards for Civics in the State of the State Standards for Civics in U.S. History, the two things that I'm teaching, in 2021 evaluates the K-12 Civics in U.S. History standards adopted by the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on the quality, completeness, and rigor of their content and the clarity of its presentation. Reviews were conducted by a bipartisan team of veteran educators and subject matter experts with deep knowledge of civics in U.S. history.

Some of the key findings are as follows. Five jurisdictions, Alabama, California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and D.C., were rated exemplary in both subjects. Another ten states were rated good in both subjects. Fifteen states were rated mediocre in at least one subject.

Twenty states were rated inadequate in both subjects. Right? To ensure that every American student has access to a rich and balanced civics in U.S. history education, states are encouraged to, this is the Ford Institute saying this, maximize attention to civics in U.S. history in elementary and middle school and require at least one year of U.S. history and one semester of civics in high school.

Another point, provide comprehensive and detailed guidance in both subjects, take a user-friendly approach to the organization and presentation of their standards, and put more emphasis on writing, argumentation, problem analysis, and the connections between core content and current events. Imagine that! What does it matter what happened 400 years ago, 300 years ago, 200 years ago relative to today? Well, as I read through it, all kinds of stuff!

I'm like, I'm back in the 1400s and I'm seeing strings run from the 1400s in North America to life today in America. Wow! That's incredible! Look at that! It's just amazing and heartbreaking. Listen to this. This is so good.

Echo's something that I've been saying for a couple years now. The great purpose of civics in U.S. history education is to provide a common framework for resolving our differences, even as we respect them. That is, to manage peacefully and constructively the eternal balancing and rebalancing of Plurbius and Unum. This report is one step in that direction.

Okay, so then there's a map. I live here in Raleigh, North Carolina, so let's click on North Carolina. How did we do? How did we do? North Carolina, civics, D-, content and rigor, two out of seven, clarity and organization, one out of three, total score, three out of ten. Way to go, North Carolina. D- in civics.

And you wonder why we have a nation full of ignoramuses when it comes to our system? How about this? U.S. history.

North Carolina, congratulations. You got a big fat F. One out of seven, content and rigor. One out of three, clarity and organization. Total score, two out of ten. F. Terrible.

Here's the overview. North Carolina's new civics and U.S. history standards are inadequate. Nebulous verbiage and an aversion to specifics make them functionally contentless in many places, and organization is poor throughout.

A complete revision is recommended before implementation. Unbelievable. Terrible. And that's why the state of it is so bad, it's so easily hijacked. It's like the city back in the Old Testament days whose walls are down and whose walls don't exist. It's easy to come in and take over, and that's exactly what's happening.

If you can rewrite American history, slant it and change it, emphasize one part, don't emphasize another, don't give the complete story, only give the story that's the narrative you want to drive, then it's easier to go like this. Trash it and start over. It's hopeless. It's hopelessly broken. We can't come back from this. It's dead. Don't bother with the autopsy.

The patient is dead. So 2.0, American 2.0. Who drives that conversation? Progressive liberals. Marxists. Anti-God. That's it.

So they get to create a new nation in their own image. See how that works? That's why I'm doing it. That's why I teach civics, and that's why I'm adding U.S. history. I'm like, listen, God's given me the ability to teach.

I especially enjoy doing it and effective with young people, high school-aged people. And so for me, I look at it and go, if I don't, thank you, Gina, because my wife's been bugging me for four years to add U.S. history. And once again, she was right. Thank you, honey. You're awesome. Thank you, Lord. I have an obligation. I have a responsibility to do what I can to try to affect the future of this nation, which is the future of individuals, all of whom are made in the image of God, not in order to worship God, but just to keep the nation afloat so that people can have an opportunity to come to know God, to hear the gospel and then to worship Him. But not if the country falls apart and becomes Cuba or China or whatever.

Then that all goes away in the American context. So is there any pushback? Anything good to share today, Steve? Sure. I'll finish with this. MLB Major League Baseball All-Star Game bombs in ratings again.

Here's why. Major League Baseball's All-Star Game was once appointment viewing in this country. In 1980, more than 36 million people tuned in. In 2015, in the age of inter-league play, a still respectable 11 million watched the American and National League battle it out. But for Tuesday night's game, the Nielsen numbers were profoundly horrible, 8.24 million, making it the second least watched All-Star Game in history. This number is stunning when considering what was billed as one of the most compelling lineups in years, which included the Japanese sensation, I can't say his name, Shohei Ohtani, for all you baseball fans, you can correct me later. And if you're looking for a big reason outside of court cutting, look no further than the backlash baseball is receiving for moving the All-Star Game out of Georgia to Colorado due to the former's new voting laws.

So kind of the woke thing, right? Which is costing Cobb County, Georgia, where they were, they're already devastated by COVID. They cost them another hundred million dollars because people want to redefine the nation. Bing up job in MLB, a grand slam of utter incompetence. They aren't just happening in baseball, however, the NBA finals currently underway can't even draw 10 million viewers. The league saw just 8.6 million viewers tune in for game one of the Bucks and Suns. For context, in 2019, before the pandemic, game one of finals had 15 million viewers. And in 98, when Michael Jordan, who wasn't political, was the face of the league, game one of the Bulls Jazz registered nearly 30 million. Primary reason, the NBA has also gone full woke in embracing Black Lives Matter while even boycotting their own games last year. So go woke, go broke, because normal Americans like to attend and watch sporting teams. But when you turn that sporting team into just another progressive parrot, you lose your audience. And that's when you lose your audience.

But I don't think they really care. This is Steve Noble on The Steve Noble Show. God willing, we'll talk again real soon. And like my dad always used to say, remember forward. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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