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Pray the Gay Away!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 14, 2021 4:03 pm

Pray the Gay Away!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 14, 2021 4:03 pm

Pray the Gay Away!

Today Steve is joined by Christopher Yuan a professor at the Moody Bible Institute, to talk about the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir and their recent threat towards our children.  They also talk about the new Netflix movie Pray Away. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday life in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble well if you are ever paying attention the other day we were talking about the San Francisco Gay men's choir. They came out with that rather subtle music video about coming after your children and then there is of course a big backlash to that and they said well just tongue-in-cheek to some humor almost like the Babylon be a little satirical, but to make the point that were coming after your children in any kind of depraved way in any kind of sexual way were coming after them to help them become more tolerant and to be more inclusive i.e. loving and kind and compassionate. Unlike typical Christians that's essentially where they were coming from. Then, if your Netflix person you might've noticed something coming out on Netflix soon call pray a way which I guess it without looking at it without really digging into it at all. You might say will print way you pay pray away bro. Pray way, sister. Let's pray away. We got things to pray about. No, that's not exactly what that's about. I would add, pray away the gay because that's looking at conversion therapy I which is been a big issue which is now in terms of the legal system and legislatures around the country there certain states that are saying yeah this needs to be outlawed. Well, what is conversion therapy and what's going on with the continuing culture war and that than the landscape obviously has changed a lot in America since the days of threes company and then we got into the fight over gay marriage and and and then subsequently, in 2014 with the Supreme Court.

Gay marriage becomes part of the law. The land ostensibly, although there is no written law anywhere. An interesting little constitutional aside and so this can still be a very difficult complex situation in how do we as followers of Jesus Christ, you are supposed to be devoted to both truth and grace John versus chapter 1 verse 14 Jesus for both grace and truth.

How we do that in the context of this ongoing and increasing assault on a biblical worldview. Several several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting now.

Dr. Dr. Christopher Yuan who is just for me is probably the most effective voice in this particular arena because of his own background his own stories on testimony and it incredibly well educated at this point, at the Moody Bible Institute due to a Masters degree in biblical exegesis, a doctorate in 2014 of the first book that he did with his mom called out of a far country, a gay man's journey to God a broken mother search for help.

Unbelievable testimony and I had the opportunity to see them share that with his dad as well here in Raleigh and then his newest book, a holy sexuality which is the terminology that he taught me years ago. That's really had a profound impact on how I address this so it's always a pleasure and always a great honor and great blessing to have Dr. Christopher you want back on the show, how you doing my friend hey Steve doing really well. Always, always good to be on with you that's great to have you and I appreciate your time is always in you guys have a lot going on in a very sought after and it's amazing how God continues to use you. So, which one would you like to talk a lot about first. We can talk about pray away the Netflix special coming out sooner we can talk about the San Francisco Gay men's choir well I don't know if you want to do something that was just a few days ago her or maybe a week ago yeah no kidding, rapid fire yell at the what was your reaction when I'm not and I know you're you're paying attention and stop all the time.

Let's talk about the San Francisco Gay choir a video because I talked about that on the air recently. What was your reaction to that and what to take us into the mind and the environment there since you are part of that world for a while what you think.

That was all about. Well, I mean and you're right I am. This is the world that I live in. And so I've I'm I'm trying to keep a pulse on the culture consistently, but I just moved cross country and so that there's been a little bit of delay on on so my stuff so my good friend Rosario Butterfield text me sick. Did you hear about this. See this and so she was one that first told me and I'm like are you serious to me like is this you know, kind of just jokingly or is or is there like some you know you know sexual innuendos there and yeah it's it will.

I went ahead and and I washed it and you don't let me just tell you I had come to two responses and is just my visceral first receipt on some like you know just you know the gloves are off. Honestly, post a burger fell 2015 you know that the whole the horrendous's Supreme Court decision that was written by Justice Kennedy, who praise the Lord is now retired but mean it's a mean others will replace him so but that hold that horrible decision that came down that you know they kept arguing the Supreme Court of those that were favored with the majority opinion.

You know, saying that you know this and has nothing to you know religious freedom well that was the most nave and immature and ignorant statement because it wasn't even a year later that we saw all these you know cases against florists and bakers etc. who just how to know the Medora minority position, which is now the minority minority position, but anyway you know it was watching. It was it. It was, you know, to finally be being honest yes that that there is, of course, we are in, and it really isn't that different from what I've been telling that I think it comes down to for us to really understand what is going on in the mind of those who do not identify as Christ or I mean is, a lot of people like you know say to Christians or any any person who actually holds to the Bible as being God's word. You know, I think it air that we make is that we don't see that those in the gay community and those who are not Christian view sexuality as a core part of who we are right and this is why get these type of video summing this is this is really it's nothing new. I know it was surprising and shocking for many, but even 20 years ago before my conversion. I wouldn't boldly say this, but yeah, you know, we would want to share with others what it's like to put this in quotes BK right that that's how I would identify back and I don't now obviously yeah and I think a big part of our coming up on the brakes on the pause button right there. Christopher will continue, but that's one of the big things I want to talk about and unpack.

Take some time today on that one is you know what I think a lot of us can assume this is 100% insidious. They know exactly what they what they are doing their aggressive it's really evil than the other side of it is spiritual blindness. Maybe not as much will pick it up there we come back back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show dealing with the issues of human sexuality. In this case, homosexuality is a challenging environment. We been dealing with it really since the dawn of mankind all the way back post garden and post fall and but it's out there it's all over the place it in your face and a perfect example of it is what happened just last week with the San Francisco agreements choir coming out with that video are coming for your children. We played enough of it.

About a minute and 1/2 almost 2 minutes of it the other day and it really is quite disturbing and is in overcoming for your children were definitely trying to convert them but then they say that the subtitle is are trying to convert them to be more loving and kind and compassionate and understanding and tolerance. But there is a very I had several people were talking to Dr. Christopher you want today by the waves, just out. I think again the just the most outstanding Christian voice dealing with this issue because of his education because of the way God has brought him along because of his past and just also because your demeanor Christopher. I just think if such a there's you're really good example of what grace and truth.

Looks like when it's operating at the same time in the same place at the same subject in the same person and that's a it sets a high bar for all of us but I really do appreciate the way you come at it, but it's really difficult to look at the subject because part of me gets disgusted and angry and I use the phrase in the first segment of the show that you like the gloves are off. Another part of me is broken hearted, watching these people at looked kind of reminds me of Christ looking at his murders going father forgive them for they know not what they do. So you were talking a little bit about Christopher. Your first reaction which was kind of visceral and angry and and I would assume probably some discussed in there as well. But there is a broken heart as well because you're looking at people that are captive you know and so it was this it took a little while 24 hours and sometimes I do this IIII will engage on social media, and responding and I don't know I just let you know what, I'm just a waste slept on it and the Lord, rebuke me and and he did that by bringing me back to reminding me of who I used to think I was who I you still identify as 20 years ago before my conversion before I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. And you know the reason was because if I was still would be if I'm still lost right now I would and I live in San Francisco.

I probably would've been in the choir.

You know I probably would be singing those exact words deceived by the enemy singing these words of intolerance mockingly so I think God just reminded me that not only just of how deceived you deception can work several ways deception in a way you're doing evil is where you know you're doing evil and you don't care to relish in that right. But there's also another form of you will, that is just as evil, where it's just deceived evil, where actually you doing evil really really in your heart and I say hard.

Not a good way her sinful heart believe you're doing good you know and so God brought me back to that I wasn't raised in a Christian home and so this is very familiar to me.

I my perception of Christianity and the church was a caricature. It was real to me it it's and unfortunately this is what we see a lot is distortion of what the church is right, and I'm not to say that there are not that there are bad examples out there too many bad examples and of course that media loves to portray court but so sweet that was in a rage in a Christian home.

I was you know and I know it sounds weird because I know that this weird vibe of these guys and I think they were kind of doing it intentionally. To be honest, as I sought I don't like I'm I thought I would've used that same humor myself. You was I knew how to push people's buttons and how to know that I mean I do that all the time with my parents and in soap. I think people were.

Honestly, I bet half of these if not more of these young men were raised in the church so they actually know the terminology they know exactly what irks people off and there intentionally pushing the use but they really think they're doing good and this is you know my tweet said this I said this, I've been there. I've been there, thinking my intolerance was tolerance there in time and using humor to hide sin. To hide an air of superiority. This pridefulness that you know looking down on people and and I get it, you know, these people have been maybe Burke from people you know by the church or by so-called Christians but you know, I wonder if they actually translated this into Arabic or spaniel boy or Chinese or you know into an African language and imported that there how tolerant would this be viewed man you know I mean it's in well in the Islamic world this would be akin to an act of war.

The infidel now wants to, and not just any old infidel, but a homosexual infidel is now going to come after our kids heads are gonna roll in there knocking to be Islamic right in and I get I mean, again, not justify, but I can't get why so many Muslims want to destroy the West, you know, because it is not because of politics.

Because of this they don't want to see him rally me so there's a sense of you know that it there's it's a moral thing thing, not political.

Why Islam hates the West because were importing and were pushing through UN and everyone else on because I posted this online and people echo how could we do not like, well, look at UN for people to get AIDS HIV funding they have to begin supporting not only you know contraception and passing out. You know so-called protection but also pushing and advocating not just you know, maybe doing away with some of these laws against same-sex relations, but actually advocating and and and promoting so there's a difference I can't get that, you know, back in a semi story. I've been there. This is this is my pass God in his infinite mercy brought me out of this I hear from Chicago. Went to dental school. I came out as as I call it called it back then in my early 20s, which is later than usual told my parents and this is so amazing, Steve. You know this, my mom and dad came to faith through this crisis.

I unfortunately was doing what all my other unbelieving friends were doing, which is have fun right on you live once so why not go out and party are spending all my time in gay clubs.

I unfortunately started doing drug selling drugs and and and people try to distort this to think that somehow I'm trying to tell everyone story not of the game and do drugs.

That's my story, but I also want to remind people. My story is not about simply sexuality in my mind this is my testimony. It's not about a gay man who's no longer gave my story is this was lost and no one file that's right.

I was blind but now I see I did not believe in now.

I believe the only thing that is true, and that is Jesus Christ as Lord and there is a God who created me and I'm a sinner in need of Christ is really my store. That's the story that's my story as well as talking to Chris for you on to talk about freight away the new film coming out on Netflix. We come back and looking back at Steve Noble to Steve Nobles show, talking to my friend my brother Christ today Chris for you. One who is a incredible thinker great eager, great teacher, author as well. The first book out of a far country, a gay sons journey to God a broken mother's search for hope hundred thousand copies of that it had been sold in seven languages. It is an amazing story and amazing testimony and and I tell people all the time. Christopher and again thanks for your time today and busy you are and it's always great to spend time with you but I people reach out to me because I what is what I do and they're all I hear it now, I'm increasing I am hearing from parents and people that are dealing with the transgender issue, but but for years now dealing with same-sex attraction and homosexuality and all of that and there's somebody here locally.

That's a dear friend of mine and then there's you and those of the two people Isaac go go get to their website, read their testimony start reading what they have a say start listening because they have a perspective from their own experience that I cannot offer you. I can offer you what the Bible says, but I have been down that road myself and so and people are just so blessed by what God is done in your life and so just so appreciate you and your time and thanks again for being here today. Thanks your your your two generous with your words.

I'm simply just a guy who loves Jesus to break it all down that's that's what we are guys and gals who love Jesus and we make up the church. Praise the Lord and so talk about that issue when we're talking about the same Cisco gay choir and one more thing on that you just mention it for our friends on Facebook live in YouTube life.

They hear us talking to the commercial breaks but our radial friends don't so we are just talking with Christopher off the radial air and in rage and discussed in the gloves coming often at the culture war we fight back is the first reaction I think for a lot of us, but I think where we need to end up and reminds me of Christ to look out over Jerusalem and he wept because he saw that they were like sheep without a shepherd and ultimately Christopher I think our reaction should be political it should be culture work should probably be lament.

It should probably be a broken heart, because Paul said it you don't suffer some of you, and you guys I I had a list I still do, but man ultimately I think we should be broken and tearful as opposed to in rage. I understand the rage but that's not where we should end up is that every kind of any I think were in a growing meanwhile Scripture even says you to be angry but do not say so I mean there's you know there is there is room for us to for there to be righteous anger do not sin and and so we need to be really careful not Scripture clearly says the battle is not against flesh and blood. So it's it's being careful not to not to channel our anger at an individual at a community or anything that's really earthly spiritual battle.

Let's devote our anger against the enemy, yet he's the one that's deceiving. He's the one that is pulling on the hooks on our sin natures and drawing us down so you know what, as we respond viscerally to things like like this. Let us let our minds be broken and let us remind be reminded quickly of where we used to, or could be very easily x-ray. Only by grace, and let us just get on our knees and pray I'm I really I don't hear enough people saying you know, I spent an hour in my prayer closet praying for my gay neighbor to the gay community.

You know what, where are the prayer change. The four hour prayer chains for the cake for the gate. Let's not say the gay community, less the gay activists you know where to prayer chain for the San Francisco Gay men's choir boy they need salvation they need to be saved, deception, and so that's that's my hope is that we would we would rise up and have an army of prayer warriors fasting. My mother fasted every Monday for seven years. Who else is doing that.

That's right.

I mean, you know these young men have mothers and fathers that there someone's son will adopt them as is.

Are the people that were going to pray and and they know that the hound of Heaven chase you Dragon that's such a great example from your mom and and so diligent over all those years to pray for their son who was, you know, not interested in you know fairly aggressive in pushing back on mom and dad. Hey, here's another Bible throw the garbage, whatever. And then, but working have another opportunity this the reason you text me the other day was about. I haven't seen it, but I went looked it up and it obscene. I don't think much surprises me anymore but I Netflix so pray away.

This is a new movie is a documentary and and that's coming out soon to tell us about that.

Pray away because at first glance like oh what we're talking a prayer, so that's good. Know that some of this is about that's right, yeah.

I mean, it's not surprisingly, it's Netflix it is surprising that something is you know talk about repair therapy was was talked about by media etc. but I mean it's now Netflix and you Netflix is becoming more more popular. They have all these movies and stuff and with you know well known actors and actresses so to see that out there again was just okay mean this is again the gloves are off. Have been off and it's not simply saying you know we want our rights.

It's let's destroy our enemies. And you know it's not only just destroying our enemies which I you know I can put up with him in all of this I can put searchers to this anyway, but it is distorting the message you know I it's this documentary is not out yet so I have been able to watch it, you can watch the trailer and every one of those people that is as been interviewed and they caught they would probably label them as ex-ex-gays and for the record, I don't, I don't identify as gay. I don't identify as ex-gay. I don't identify as straights. My identity is in Jesus Christ alone. I mean, I think I cringe when Christians who might not have seen such attractions and opposites attract.

To say I'm a straight Christian. Oh no you yes admit and say I am up to such attractions, but that's when ever ever ever do we make attractions of relationship who we are never in a Christian should never don't fall into this Freudian atheist humanist trap of saying your sexuality is who you are is not who you are.

It's but and so I watch this and it really again. It broke my heart again because I I knew every one of those people that was interviewed and I knew them before they had their de-conversion and Steve, as you know, there's a lot of deacon for DD conversions going on today people becoming you know so-called progressive Christians. Although not everyone in that that that trailer would now identify as Christian.

But when we set when de-conversion title is is someone who is a Bible believing the true Christian and now his de-converted into like a progressive? So so there's a small handful of those, but the majority those are people who are just rejecting and denying Christ. So when they when they went when they start talking about conversion therapy.

What is that because I think people actually are familiar with it. So when they're talking about it.

What in the world is yeah so de-conversion. I'm sorry conversion therapy, or sometimes called reparative therapy. So there is this the trouble as well because there isn't really like. One definition and many of the laws it's written very broadly.

However, in most of these laws that are being pushed now when they say they're made illegal.

It's not a criminal law. It is essentially a law for business practices. So it's a law of fraud. In other words, they're saying if you're if you're the these are essentially people who are making money. So if there's a person who says you can come to my office.

I could go through so many sessions you know to be 10 hour-long sessions and then at the end, you can become straight. Now I'm just saying that because that's of caricature you what happened because no one really mean well I should never because he always find you know what that one of course, not a person who might say this but I don't know people who will say this is what what you do here is people will say you know you can go through this counseling or these group sessions which those group sessions usually don't don't cost any money but then you can have. You have the potential to have opposite such attractions and the potential to reduce your same sex attraction that's usually the case now is that now sounds to me like that's going to be more targeted towards Christian counselors who are like limited teaching through God's word what God has to say about your identity are there really any secular counselors out there that do that are doing that is that that common yeah you know there actually is. There's a group and and in the person of another person that they kind of in that that trailer that they showed was the late Joseph Nicolosi, who he claims he's the father of reparative therapy.

But there's a liberty debate over that there is, I think Elizabeth Moberly is was also kind of in England who kind of developed that than she can renounce that later. But I think she still living, but she's she doesn't do much psychology now but Joseph Nicolosi passed away and he would call himself a Catholic but his network called North it is not many would-be Christians in it but not all do so.

The therapy is not wouldn't necessarily be called Christian I'm sorry would doesn't have to writer got it okay to break. We got one more segment to go or talking to Chris for you on today on the Steve Noble shelf going where will finish up and we come back right after this back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show talking to Dr. Christopher you want today.

Christopher you is the website why you a and by the way, Chris .com we get the links up on Facebook live in YouTube live but for those of you on the radio just to get is Google's name to find all of that. It's nice and easy. Christopher, the pH you wine why UA enter Christopher you and I would really can't can't tell you guys how much will be blessed by reading testimony about that. He co-authored with his mom out of a far country, but also holy sexuality in the gospel, sex, desire and relationship shaped by God's grand story which was actually the 2020 book of the year for social issues by outreach magazine. It's really an incredible book very very helpful. It'll help give you or shape a really gospel centered response and understanding to the issue of homosexuality and how you look at people in the lifestyle and how you deal with it and how you approach it in for a lot of us are increasingly you know more people that are in that world and in living that life is fathers and mothers that have sons and daughters struggling with that and it really an incredible resource.

I can't recommend strongly enough. So make sure you get that special holy sexuality in the gospel shows such great resource or talking to Christopher today we are talking about the San Francisco Gay choir in their little video they put out a week ago coming for your children. Essentially, and now finishing up our conversation talk about what's coming out on Netflix. Pray away which is really about a not how people that are trying to deal with your homosexuality.

And when you're done with these sessions or what have you, then you'll be a heterosexual.

You will be opposite sex. Sex attracted and everything a be fine. Of course I think ultimately this is probably an attack on the church but you mentioned this earlier, Christopher and I think it's important for all of us to remember what people say oftentimes will say what everybody in the church is this and you guys are that you guys in their thing and you guys have plenty of send yourselves talk about divorce but yet you have a lot of divorce in the church and I think too many of us just write that off immediately. I think you need to sift through that we need to be discerning because there's some junk that we own and there's some junk that we don't and we have to remember that the people that attacked the church.

Generally, they're not attacking me personally what they're trying to do is get rid of God. Again, back to Romans chapter 1 suppress the truth. Replace with a lie.

They know God exists is 800 pound gorilla in the room. I actually don't believe in atheists. Christopher Erica just because of God's word. What he said in Romans chapter 1, but I got I'd listen, I listen now more than I than I did before to the culture outside the church because they have some legitimate gripes about us but I also know that these are people that are lost in what fellowship does darkness have a light they don't want to hear the light because their deeds are dark. Nobody wants to be judged and so I think we have to be really careful as we wait into this every time it comes up which is often yes yeah you know I the it's it's being careful that we wait into this I mean recognizing your shortcomings.

There's there's a saying in Chinese. That's you know 70% or you know, oftentimes 80% of of a joke or whatever.

This is kind of grounded in some truth and and also when people critique even as crazy as the complaint might be. Often times there's there's something that really happened. That is, that's real and true that tipped people off so I think it's it's thinking less of. Are we doing battle or are we hoping to be used by God to point people to Christ and II want the latter to be that to happen in life is much as I'm a fighter yeah you I think God I as you know Steve, I'm not married yet and your people is like you know you know Crystal you want is that you could ever be married. I never said that I that's why believe in holy sexuality chastity in singleness labels and marriage and I'm open to getting married.

But you know I'm I'm not. I'm so glad I have loved ones when my parents and they will be invited to be like to make it sound like you're always so angry and like because he comes out I'm just I talk very fast and I'm very passionate about what I you know of passion about Jesus. I want to tell others about that but it's my sin nature my flesh that wants to be like, believe in Jesus. Now you can come out forcefully, but I think I just need to be reminded of of life.

For example, you know this trailer there's, you know, we can. I think this is good response we can. We need to look at, you know, we can agree that psychotherapy is not the answer for same-sex attractions. I think it can be helpful. Just as groups can be helpful, but it's not the core answer not saying it's it's we need to make it illegal that's not at all what I'm saying but my argument is not from a religious freedom of perspective I think it's from a much stronger perspective.

And that's just simply the Constitution were not communist parents fled communism so that they could live and not be killed, and were not a communist country, praise God. Even though I don't want to go back to our country's father, our fathers fathers because they were messed up Christians calling to those Christians and that they would put our progressive Christians to shame. Actually, not all of them will take that back, but but surely a lot of Unitarians in there and they were very much enlightenment thinking pseudo-Christians.

The vast majority of night studied this for years I've written on it and that's just the reality of an end button but a lot of them had a firmer biblical worldview in terms of yes, understanding morality working God in his providence than a lot of people do today, so it's it's very very interesting casserole to try to pull through you guys that I'm not at all saying I'm ashamed of her concern. I am so grateful I served in the Marine Corps.

You know I'm I'm so grateful you know someone sent me.

I can't member the political committee and the older guy you sent something you just joking about China, how they can build everything you know, a big highway or freeway and you know 19 days or some crazy like that, I might well yeah the partial truth of their my parents did and talk about the million people that were killed. You know and and the funny thing is a political comedian would not be able to survive in China know the house that you write what we got about four minutes left Chris right I want to ask because I think our tendency when these things are going on in the culture around us is the kind of bear up and we want to get in the culture war. We want to say, thus saith the Lord in all those truths which which we need to defend that. But what should not what's in our primary motion or primary goal be here it is turning America to biblical morality because oftentimes I think we care more about America than Americans in God is more concerned about the soul of America than of an American than the state of the nation all the station the state of the nation matters has a three and 30 million people made in the image of God. But what what should be our goal here in the midst of this, because it's not going to get one quote. Let's get it's like to get less morals, more so what what do we do in that kind of environment. Because the yeah well I mean it and it's realizing it. If you know it's we should get angry when we see sin and immorality that that is a good thing but we need to make sure that we channel it correctly and in the on the tie-in, where I was going before this diagnosis, you know, it's what is the correct diagnosis. Because that will lead to the correct response. The diagnosis of this thing that that that that the trailer was talking about. Since attractions that the correct diagnosis of what we see in our culture.

This depravity and and immorality and atheism is recognizing what's the real problem with diagnosis and its sin. It's our sin nature. It's the fall of the Bible is all about. You get the first three chapters before you come to the fall and soot. What's the solution. Is it for us to fight hard and try to make people right and clean them up and make them more moral not going to work.

This is the answer the gospel. We need it's through the gospel that individual hearts are changed and it's through the gospel as individual hearts are changed by written food hearts by renewed minds that then culture is change. Yeah, I mean I see this and I'm like I need to go and preach the gospel I want. I need to pray to the only God who saves to to bring people to him and that's that's what I hope our listeners would be emboldened about today and be renewed about today.

That time is short and as as we turn on the television. As we look on you know the Internet or social media which I try to stay away because it's it's my sin nature that wants to really say ugly head. I just say you know Lord you come to seek and save the lost and and that's what I want to happen and so it God.

He certainly can just use that. But writing on the wall or Angels coming down from heaven, but most situations. He uses human beings renders our mouths to use our hands.

He uses you know and and it's not just a mouths that and I don't want to ever say you know that adage, preach the gospel at all times, and when necessary use words know you always have to use that doesn't mean that you don't use action is well to undergird those writers to give evidence for why those words are correct. I tell people you need to live the gospel as the gospel and let us never tired of doing that.


And that's what that's art. That's our reasonable active service that is what we do in response.

As we try to impact the culture around us, not for the sake of seeing America be some more clean than it is for seeing individuals come to a saving knowledge of the Lord and that's ultimately all this other stuff going to fade away. It's all going to disappear building is gonna last forever is the human soul and and it's only got two destinations in that passage is our that's should be our lifestyle, our message and our focus as we remember yeah politics is important. The culture is important.


They are the gospel's preeminent gospel is preeminent. It's always coming back to the gospel and will yell a lot more easily and it feels a lot better than sharing the gospel which is more awkward. What were called to do one, not the other. And we have to remember that everyone always great to have you on. Thank you again so much for your time. I deeply deeply appreciate your love you my brother.

Thanks so much. Thanks Steve you're very welcome.

God bless you and will will be back tomorrow for theology Thursday got a lot going on and will just continue pray pray pray pray and share the gospel. This is the nobleness even though Michelle got willing will talk like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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