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More Covid Madness!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 12, 2021 3:14 pm

More Covid Madness!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 12, 2021 3:14 pm

More Covid Madness!

Today Steve shares more Covid madness and a Money Monday update with David Fisher. 


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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job everyone to sign as the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble hello anybody home anybody there hello hello hello hello hello hi, can I hope you are yes hi my names Cindy Johnson and I'm here on behalf of Pres. Joe Biden and I would like to talk to you about the COBIT vaccine what even I do friends when that happens when you get the knock on the door when you do, because a friend of mine texted me earlier today that had some other friends here in North Carolina.

Cornelius, North Carolina right don't really know where that is. Let's hear North Carolina and the report was that some federal representatives were starting to do the doorknocking campaign to come out there and talk to you about the COBIT 19 vaccine whether you've gotten and are not, can they asked that question, of course not.

That's personal health information. HEPA protects you from being able to have to answer that question. Was there some other things going on there legally. When a member of the government which reminds me of Ronald Reagan, welcome back. By the way, this is Steve Noble. Hope you had a good weekend.

When that that was the wrong reasons that I am here, the government and with the government. I'm here to help you know when you need to turn and run in the other direction.

Thanks, Lisa Cornelius is in the Lake Norman area down north of Charlotte, North Carolina. So Celia by the way on Facebook live works and can is let me know Celia if you hear about any of these federal folks showing up the door so to talk about that today. I really want to go limp. This is my message to Health and Human Services Sec. Becerra. It's this is because here's. Let me start with this because there's so many things on the COBIT front that are absolutely infuriating me and concerning me up but doesn't touch my peace doesn't touch my contentment. Sorry Joe, sorry, Sec. Becerra UK as MC Hammer said, can't touch this can't touch my peace can't touch my salvation can't touch my future, whatever you want to do me in the meantime, whatever but it's temporary. So here's this to start this this was this gets me going in a lot of different directions. This is just last week, HHS Sec. Becerra, absolutely the government's business to know which Americans have haven't been vaccinated in this is that this is the punchline or we try to get people as much freedom and choice as possible. He said that to you again is a federal Health and Human Services Sec. approved by the Senate. We tried to get people as much freedom and choice as possible.

What country do we live where do your rights come from Health and Human Services Sec. Xavier Becerra said Thursday. Last Thursday, it was absolutely the government's business to know which Americans haven't been vaccinated yet yet against the coronavirus responded to GOP criticisms of the bite demonstrations planned door to door campaign to encourage him vaccinated Americans to inoculate themselves. Becerra told CNN the government has to spend trillions of dollars to try to keep Americans alive during this pandemic know you don't, that's my responsibility. Xavier quotes out is absolutely the government's business.

If it's taxpayers business. We have to continue to spend money to try to keep people from contracting COBIT helping reopen the economy. Said will shut down the economy, sir. That would be the government.

Becerra said people didn't have to answer the door. You think because you're on private property gets more net here and will be okay, but he hoped that they would that that they would so officials could dispel rumors about the vaccine, which is proven to be highly effective in driving down cases, hospitalizations and deaths, not to mention all of us folks that Artie had COBIT like me hello write your code positive person back in January we now have anybody's in resistance for a long time, not to mention herd immunity people and other people that are just immune but when I can talk about that. We can only talk about vaccine, citing concerns over the Delta variant of the virus White House there's always good to be another variant is there not is not the flu season every year, yet it depends a blues with flu shot getting it. I don't know.

I don't know experience can come around to get the shot because get the highest chance of helping you get to do the same thing here is this is all about power and control. Sir Xavier, this is not about your desire or your care for my help your in the party that's all about.

And all four and all for funding and offer defending the killing of the unborn and now you want to turn around and you're the defender of my health. That's a joke, citing concerns over the Delta variant, White House press secretary Jean Saki said this week the door-to-door push is designed to inform people in less vaccinated pockets of the country. By the way, how they know where those are. Keep that thought dogear that about where to get the shot and address her concerns about the where to get the shot there acting like it's not readily available.

You will get a doughnut free doughnut for getting the shot what he talking about. As my anchor Brian Kyler if the administration was considering more aggressive measures to get people vaccinated. What a good question. Becerra head saying he wanted people to have as much freedom and choice as possible. Well thank you Lord and Savior. What we want to give people the sense I love this. This is so telling. I appreciate his honesty. We want to get people the sense that they have the freedom to choose, like what we say our kids to only to have a sense that you have some say what happens here in the family, but we know the reality is you don't you live in a been relevant and benevolent dictatorship kiddos. What I say and what mom say says goes, we may tell you have a boat you can influence our decisions but ultimately you don't really we don't need to ask you tell we'll people make the right choices. We want them to have the right information, but we are America, not the more we try to get people as much freedom and choice as possible while thinking. Let me bow down at the giant chocolate bunny, but clearly 1/600,000 Americans had died. The best choices to get vaccinated really Becerra clarified his remarks later Thursday and a tweet saying he'd been taking out of context sure you have some comments I made today are. Please Lord help me some comments I made today are being taking taken wildly out of context. To be clear, he set government has no database tracking who is vaccinated that Bogus were encouraging people to step up to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated. It's the best way to save lives in this pandemic says a man who's part of a party that's all for child murder in the womb.

So yeah how do you know which houses to visit by the way, how do they know how does the federal government know which areas that they're talking about have more unvaccinated people if they don't have the information is contradicting himself all along the way. But hey, thanks for that sense of having the freedom to choose Sec. Webb got a lot going on a lot more to say. I will do that when we come back ridiculous moon going around that that would be in who the free flow.

Mr. Noble like to talk to you about everybody be treated for coping vaccine while you talk about their okay because that's an issue. Another get there, getting out there now. I had a report earlier today from a friend in Cornelius, North Carolina.

Some folks some books and wearing green and yellow. I don't know if it's sure to what that is better than starting to go door-to-door so we'll wait and see what happens here and I want to tell you some things about that share some things about that but just to remind you what's our Health and Human Services secretary said we want to give people the sense that they have the freedom to choose. While the sense that you have the freedom to choose, like pull the wool over your eyes, but we hope they choose to live don't get it done. I get it live. We'll people make the right choices. He said we want them have the right information, but we are America.

We try to give people as much freedom and choice as possible. Wow you try to give us freedom and choice.sorry bro that comes from God.

Our rights come from God see the Declaration of Independence so here North Carolina. This is my life last week view or print your COBIT 19 vaccine information. This is the website COBIT 19.NCD HHS.that is the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services see about things that were I thought this over and I can have vexing passports in as I said on the break my Facebook my friends house the view there in the same for your head is buried at Ellison me just eyed something when I get in the stories like this. Sometimes I just get really fleshly attitude goes.

I get very angry, get disgusted and that's what you here okay I know that's not always the greatest witness is a Christian, but also these things are very serious and has implications for people made in the image of God. And when a people made in the image of God are being abused in one way or another. You should care because of your Christianity an actual right application of love your neighbor as yourself.

You may need to sugarcoat 19 vaccine information to businesses or venues. May the operative word. At this point but not going to cover 19 vaccine ports portal is a free, fast and secure way for many North Carolina's to present proof you good ones to present proof of color 19 vaccination or print a copy of your COBIT 19 vaccine information for other purposes. Again, I would go back to byway my yellow star here.

My shirt here in studio.

By the way, I would go back to them saying were not keeping a database of vaccinations who's been vaccinated. The Fed say if they're not keeping a database of mental accessing that information and how do they know where to go to knock on doors, Steve.

You gotta stop that logic stuff so troublesome, so this is very important.

Okay, what should you do when federal agents arriving her door with questions about your personal health decisions. First of all this is from Leo so to blogger right. First of all, I take issue with that title. What you do when federal agents arrived at your door. I I am almost 100% sure that these will not be quote on quote federal agents okay you use language like that in today's world and people think they're wearing a blue coat that says FBI on the back or HHS or something. We do not have enough federal clinical federal agents to run around and go door-to-door selling their vaccine philosophy on an unknown neighborhood by neighborhood basis. So what I think's going to happen if you remember remember when Florida instituted like a state line.

Check checkpoint member that was on the Rhonda Santos but nobody is perfect and because we drove down there the spring of last year. Go down the South Florida on the Gulf side to get out here for a few days and we know about these checkpoints so there's they they shut down all of I-95. It was very intimidating coming from Georgia into Florida very intimidating all that traffic on I-95 pushed over to the rest area right inside the border there on I-95 very intimidating cop cars all over the place state please follow really well and we had. We rented a car so we had enough room. It was an SUV with New York plates on it and at that point they had shut down like New York and New Jersey and if you show up at your place you like to think somebody would notice right so you're worried about federal agents quote unquote checking you out so we saw cops and stuff everywhere. But when we pulled up to in the line to where they actually asked you where you coming from. They said nothing about the fact that were North Carolina resident with a Florida with a New York plate didn't say anything. I was like Shirley.

They're going to notice I'm not Facebook live this at the time but you know it was it wasn't federal agents that were actually there at the at the point of contact was just some people, people probably in the early to mid 20s that were not dressed and if they will think they were going to the mall and they're the ones asking us a couple questions and then we took off we are done and that's what I think I happen to get a bunch people want to job, which is what a good topic and give him a $50 bonus just to start working and there to come up to your house.

So what you do right so when they spend people say federal agents. I think that's hyperbole. I hope it's hyperbole most likely okay so put so don't go immediately. Think you can have some FBI agent or something shown up in front door. I think these are to be just hired hands right so if you're a follower of Jesus Christ like I am, hospitality, love and compassion and patience is number one not your COBIT status, not your vaccine status, not your Republican or Democrat, not your feelings about the government bubblegum about that as a person made in the image of God.

That Jesus died for standing at your front door, which is actually an excellent opportunity to maybe do something with gospel while so what you have the rights to do a case of this writer talk to John Whitehead found in present Charlottesville Virginia-based Rutherford Institute, who's been litigating civil rights cases against government for about 45 years. Other out for one reason, he said to collect information on you because that they could. I think they're going to record your demeanor, they bless off they wouldn't talk to us whatever is the autofocus off right now. That's fine so collecting information that can't be good. He says data collections, out-of-control Google, Amazon, Facebook are all collecting personal information yet so it's an issue. Whitehead advises people to place no trespassing signs at all entry points to the property is simply asked him to leave.

He said you're in an obligation to answer any other questions at the point you asked them to leave your property. They are trespassing on telling people to put up no trespassing signs because that makes it easier. But even if you don't have a sign they are trespassing, what you tell them to leave. Okay, that's good, sir. Would like to talk to you about the co-convexity. I'm not talking about anything and by the way your trespassing. Please leave my property you do that, because I hate. I really don't want to talk about that but I would mess at like to ask you a question. Okay, what's that, do you know the Lord. Yet with your faith, your thoughts on life after death about to talk about that to talk about, but I'd love to talk about this on, it's hot out there like some water like no way. Odds are that persons spiritually dead, so maybe we should take the opportunity to invest in them while they investigate us well thought okay so there's that many people think it's a form of intimidation I agree. I think it is. He said I advocate for nothing.

Anything to them just asked them politely but firmly to leave Matt's neighbor with a little farther from Liberty Counsel. This is a reminder of what happened in Nazi Germany when Hitler tried to target the Jews by using the census to get personal information.

Okay, I understand what is coming from, but in this context in this country at this cultural moment. I don't think bringing up Nazi Germany is necessarily effective in a conversation for me. I just think that's not that looks like general as a dove and wises a servant. No, I just painted myself into a corner to throw Nazi Germany and there even if it's a valid comparison which like IBM collected information for Nazi Germany back in the day, even if it's valid, I don't think it's necessarily strategic more things on that and move on. This noble little Soviet crazies today and some in Facebook live CDS COBIT derangements and will it clear that other we are talking to people. You can buy your secure house and knocked talking about the vaccine in your page. Hello, do you know Jesus that's good question about their welcome to come and estimate they had a listing of what are in vaccinated serve you convexity well. What is your information to know you can get confrontational like that. If you want that your that your choice of an error on the side of a Christian witness because it's probably only shot at this particular person to have the Bible to be home and I happen to come by, that'll be fun for them. I hope I hope to be something that because I'm not given information about the vaccine and so all of a sudden you know what he and assume Republican Christian whites premise whatever I don't care little me all you want but I'm still love them and return and show some interest in, and maybe share the gospel which the vast majority of us never do. Christiana is another constitutional attorney at some point she had. You don't have to answer any questions or make any statements to any government agent or assignee, the commitment of the U.S. Constitution. Corresponding section or state constitution protects you from that you have the right to be free from any government agent nurse are assignee entering your property, your home, your business without a warrant, right.

We know that you have the right to tell any government agent or assignee.

Leave your property. If they cannot produce a properly obtained warrant for the Fifth Amendment's simply demanding an agent or assignee of the government to leave your property does not waive your rights, that's not your mouse and I doing something wrong. You have private property rights believe need to be like the apostle Paul who knew his rights as a Roman citizen when the time is right. He took advantage of that. One of the ways God got on the wrong if in a government if if a government agent or assignee refuses to leave your property returns to your property after being warned against entering or returning that agent or assignee has committed the crime of trespass and is subject to arrest.

Actually had a friend that told me they called so many call the North Carolina sheriff and the sheriff said. I think if they bugged you and they don't leave Collison will come arrest him because there trespassing, trespassing, none. Not every sheriff can play it that way. But the good ones will ones that believe in the rule of law you have the right to record through A/V or photographic recording of any government agent or assignee in your property, either with or without consent of the agent or assignee multiple federal court opinions recognize that the First Amendment plainly protects the filming of officers and public agents well that's a public agent, but I'm an error on the side taken advantage of their showing up at my front door to hopefully have a spiritual conversation with and pray before you answer the door. Lord help me be a witness here. Think about their soul.

Before you think about their job about that okay another little curveball. The plot thickens. FDA expected to announce this just came out earlier today.

FDA expected to announce new warning on Johnson & Johnson vaccine related to rare autoimmune disorders.

The agency plans to cite a link to a small number of gully and bar cases after vaccination, but will say the shot benefits outweigh the risk from about 100 million preliminary reports of gully and bar have been detected after the administration about 100. Sorry about 100 free preliminary reports of going bar of been detected after the administration of 12.8 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control said in a statement Monday. The cases have largely been reported about two weeks after vaccination, mostly in men. Many age 50 and older.

The Killian bar cases are expected to be discussed as part of an upcoming meeting of the CDC's advisory committee on immunization practices. Most people fully recover. But some have permanent nerve damage. According to the CDC people older than 50, or a greater risk. Officials are expected emphasize that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safe and that the benefits clearly outweigh the potential risk according to the people familiar with the situation. Really, I'd say what about the various things you know the Bears thing. Our page 2 reports of Julian bear Julie bear whatever it's called. I rear the CD said but you likely indicate a small possible risk of the side effect following the Johnson & Johnson vaccine reports of the syndrome are made to an early warning safety system run by the CDC and the FDA. The vaccine adverse events reporting system.

That's the Bears.

It collects information about possible side effects or health problems after vaccination. What about that thing like to say this about that thing that the number of vaccination problems reported through that are way higher then all it's been around for 30 Years Are Way Way Way higher by factors then the adverse reactions of all other vaccinations combined in the past 30 years on that particular real nearly 7000 deaths and more than 25,000 series injuries have been reported to the federal vaccine adverse event reporting system since the colored vaccine was rolled out on December 14, 2020. This is more reported deaths than for all other vaccine since the bear system was set up 30 years ago. Now it doesn't mean they investigated every one of those but those are all being reported in the number being reported and not just yes but adverse problems is astronomical compared to all other vaccines combined. So that's a problem right we should think that should be a problem. Other vaccines also been associated with rare adverse events. The FDA late June decided at a warning to the Pfizer maternal coronavirus vaccines about mild extremely unusual cases of myocarditis or inflammation and some young adults and teens after vaccination, federal health officials said there was a likely association and that the problem appears most likely to occur in young men after the received toad two doses of vaccine. So is it safe to say Facebook that there are some concerns reported in some confirm that the vaccines have adverse reactions cause adverse reactions, including death that's an accurate statement of Facebook probably gonna tell me I need a fact checker is to be some 22-year-old working part-time at Starbucks or whatever.

I don't know the spec checkers are concerned that they like experts and everything the CDC and the firm in Health and Human Services, together with 15 of the country's leading medical and public health organizations, issued a joint statement in June saying they strongly encourage everyone. 12 and older to get the Pfizer Madera shots because the benefits of vaccination far exceed potential harm really don't because of that they potential harm for 12 and under is statistically zero. In terms of death. Statistically, zero if you go all the way up to the end of college 24 years of age 01 to when you're through 24 years of age is about 76 million people in that age group and statistically 01 the number that a guy another have been just about 2000, but out of 76 million at statistically zero. Not that all 2000 of those are tragic because they are and everyone made in the image of God with estimable worth, which is why every abortion is a tragedy whether they're going to be a scientist are not there to be a homeless person that still a tragedy to value human life is in front of what the human contributes to society is found in the fact that their human median image of God. Finish with this for Simon when I talked to David Fisher and get out of this coping mess for little while this one again this is all so much power and control here and so much manipulation and coercion like this from the AP vaccinated teachers and students don't need mass.

The CDC says wow, really, because the vaccine supposed to work right so if it works, why are you worried about getting it or spreading it. New York vaccinated teachers and students don't need were mass inside school buildings. The CDC said Friday and relaxing a scope 19 guidelines the changes, met a national vaccination campaign which children as young as 12 are eligible where the new point in the pandemic that were all really excited about. And so it's time to update the guidance that Aaron Solberg shot Sue leads the CDC's task force, the nation's top public health agency is not advising schools to require shots for teachers and that vaccine eligible kids all add at least not yet, and is not offering guidance on how teachers can know which students are vaccinated or how parents will know which teachers are immunized to separate each other right because that's healthy.

That's probably going to make for some challenging school environments, said Elizabeth Stewart at John Hopkins University public health professor quote it would be a very weird dynamic socially to have some kids wearing mass and some not in tracking that teachers should need to be keeping track of which kitchenette mascot. She said well just do this like I have right here in the studio put a yellow star on their chest will know how to help us really. I know I'm sounding all sarcastic and everything, but this is really troubling. All of this may prove hard to implement. And that's why CDC is advising schools to make decisions that make the most sense the biggest questions will be at middle schools were some students are eligible for shots and others aren't sorting vaccinated and unvaccinated students proved too burdensome. As if we haven't put them through the ringer enough in the last 16 months. Holy cow this is child abuse on a national level, the way we treat our kids again. God help us. State mandates are further complicating the issue.

Several states including California and Virginia have policies requiring all students were mass at school regardless of vaccination governors and lawmakers and some other states including Arizona, Iowa and Texas have barred local school officials from wearing a mask again at the vaccines all it's made up to be. If your fax why do you worry when you worried about supposedly you can't really get you can't really spread it in a bind unvaccinated. Why do you why are you worried about me.

You do you will do me you will be fine, but no widespread West Merrick met West Mary mask where he is expected to continue this fall. Some of the nation's largest school district but not in others. In Detroit public schools.

Everyone will be required to wear a mask unless everyone in the classroom is been vaccinated yet. Let's just keep torturing our kids what about recording coping 19 vaccination as a condition of school attendance that's commonly done across the country to prevent spread of measles and other disease.

Mark my words friend that's coming. CDC is repeatedly pray such requirements, but the agency on Friday didn't recommend that measure because it considered a state local policy decision CDC official said, at least at this point, but that takes me back to Xavier Becerra who said we want to give people the sense that they have the freedom to choose, not the actual freedom to choose America. What happened very back over to the side, reminding us all that God is sovereign of the US government, and if you know him.

If you know the Lord through his son Jesus Christ to be born again. All this stuff every man authority that you're about here here about online or in a podcast. Whatever all of them. All this earthly stuff one day will be gone will be gone.

History this Bois in the past. So that's why you shouldn't sell your joy down the river for a bowl of stew like Esau did. We need to be a different type of person. In this culture than what were getting on the media all the time.

Okay, let's jump off of that tray up that treatment to the leave that train loan cobra train.

Let's go back to our good friend David Fisher landmark M David how are doing great things for me under program today. You're welcome and I love how I didn't even look down to see which passage of Scripture you were doing today. But this always got always just as a doozy here and usually with something I'm talking about during the show and then I'm like oh look at that passage that the Lord led David to bring up today and this is another one. Perfect.

Jeremiah 2911. I love this will I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil to give you a future and a hope you last week I talked about how miraculously the Lord healed me.

My wife asked me a couple questions.

Are you sure this to be sure that I got from M. the second part so I have this thing called congestive heart failure will choose my heart was pumping only 10% after 12 days in the hospital.

I told that story. They released me two days later. My heart went racing at 215 beats a minute, which is just above about feeding the fast. I went there we called 911. The throw me in the ambulance to the hospital four times in the ambulance and the ER injected Sherman me to slow my heart down. Those are 225. The doctor said you can have a massive heart. I wouldn't survive from it because my heart was only beating a fraction infraction pumping at 10%.

So the should we go turn your heart all flatlined. So I should goodbye to my wife or how much I loved her so they'll see in a moment grossly.

On the other side. It was very emotional, told the stories I've gotten past that emotion, but that was read out so I'm assuring that because that was the day that I thought the death and evil human.

I'm not afraid of dying one bit happened that was the reality God had plans for me well for future hope and it was because of that, when five doctors previously should go get your financial affairs ordered and only live three months to year. I found, miraculously, or the Lord put this together is really really happen in an amazing cardiologist and he did the surgery on me within a week and then he put a pacemaker in me. You know a month and 1/2 later. Then we did a couple times within work. Long story short, they have this clinical trial device that's in my right chest for 480 people in the world and I was one of those special people of the youngest second youngest in this clinical trial if it was any other doctor would've never found this out. I had to apply to gift this device and of I passed the test. That was a miracle of the people that apply only one intrigue chosen by the computer. I got children.

That was another miracle he should still be altered against you. Only about 10%. Really this helps and I have a complete recovery so it's been miracle after miracle after miracle after miracle after miracle, because the Lord has plans for well for future and a hope in this same today for me as it is for everybody. Hearing her voice defused no respecter of people God has plans for your listeners is exactly right in. Those include things here. Whether it's one year, two years 10 years 30 years and then of course unbelievable on on on imaginable beyond anything we can think or ask or imagine for the rest of all eternity. When were with him in heaven. So either way, we cannot lose in at such an audio reminder. What a great testimony. I think some think Marianne for me for reminding you to share that part is that autumn really appreciate that's wonderful so I was on the financial gender this week and I have talked to that affect the market today picking up as usual, big banks and Steve also. Not just financial firms but the industrials and materials, and consumer discretionary stocks are also sectors that are very sensitive to the challenge economy. Those are coming out with numbers this week. Tomorrow is the CPI numbers for month ago who came in with the 5%. This is bullish. The fundamental right now are all bullish for the stock market and the technical but the sentiment of anticipation is eroding because of market is rearing its head of volatility.

It's ugly head that my correct and analysts are saying we could have a huge correction factor is the analyst coming out for those who do not fit your own pelvis. Another thing is helping this regional powers speaking before Congress. Monetary policy report and he's going to say probably don't know much inflation, although it would be after day after this book, the theirs of the reports coming out that we could have a possibly huge correction coming on by Ned Davis research so a lot of things lose today. Big things are earnings and the Fed's June meeting minutes came out last week so did they give you any hints of anything that they might be planning on in the near future will admit that they are concerned about inflation that is higher than they thought it would be if more persistent than what they thought it would be good not changing any of her guidelines raising rates or tapering the buying of that treasury bills and mortgage-backed security, but the data does support more stimulus is going to come in and there's no report out there. Ironically, because the children keep until we have full employment, which we have about 6% unemployment right now in Oregon get down about three, but there's no data that says stimulus for stemless government statements will cause higher wages or more jobs being created so that the false narrative unfortunately but there's a lot of stimulus use household balance sheets. Check this number out currently $2.3 trillion in US citizens checking and savings accounts." It shows a lot of stimulus that still going to be obscurely spent and is good because you're more inflation that's the challenge without too, so has unpacked all the stuff you were talking to David Fisher from landmark capital there website Lynn as we as we can. Unpacking all this.

What then is the number one concern because were moving forward because were talking about inflation were talking about debt were talking about covert stimulus money that still parked out there. $2.3 trillion and in sitting in bank accounts. That's gonna get pumped in the economy because most of us don't sit on that. A lot of people spend it so. So what is the number what is their number one thing as we move forward that we need to be paying attention to. That's the biggest concern will number one because the government can extremely morbid program but I have a lot of things in the pipeline.

He still wants to do in their cause overspending, but that I think would be the number one thing you know August 1 big landmark. No pun intended is going to happen. Remember the years since 2001 until about 2017 or so they were always fighting over the debt ceiling and raising the debt ceiling, the government shutting down all. Unfortunately, welcome back to that. There again, because August 1, the federal debt ceiling suspension and MS right before the annual newest testing of the new budget that comes on the end of September so this fight that's good that's been happening for over decade is going to come back to us straight in her face that is a big concern. We were $3 trillion budget deficit last year with spending so far to trillion already saw really three to $4 trillion of them this year is going to cause higher gold and silver prices. Unfortunately, because every time they raise the debt ceiling. The metal market goes upward and the Republicans because they pretty much have to will market like crazy when it comes to the debt ceiling and we got it is that it is a legal shutdown with it on the power to shut down the government: quote shut down the government. So, again, to me it it's all it's like kabuki theater there just they're just putting on a show because they have to, but they know they're going to raise the debt limit and then ultimately it is morally, they don't care because by the time it all collapses mean ultimately collapses that at a huge level. Most of them will be gone.

Hopefully will be in heaven but but don't be gone and they just continue to kick the can down that down the down the street, David, is there any hope that I don't have any help that the government ever gonna take that seriously, no hope in the Lord, you know she is mandated to fix this because man is in charge of the stewardship of it and it's set up to fail and were at that impasse level now raising the dead doesn't say were going to spend more just as were going to spend the paper what we already said were going to spend, but it does create this behavior of encouraging more spending sorts of vicious you know insurable on the wheel cycle and it's just this time it's gonna turn in the big catastrophe and then you mention gold and silver sensor specialty. It has been for over a quarter-century. So how do we just think about that, rightly, David.

As we finish up our time together wheat. We know there's economic challenges coming when others inflation. We know there's a correction out there somewhere.

How do we think about gold and silver.

Inflation is coming in well you prepare for the future: nothing is and so that's where you diversify. Learn about having gold and silver your portfolio because it was the inflation had the only effective way to learn about right now to people do that you call it the old-fashioned way 844-604-2575 liver packet for them by calling again 844425750 land excellent David thinks is always great to hear from you.

Thanks for sharing where your testimony bracelets and that and then we'll talk to you soon. My brother, I found talk to you later have a great week. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I talked again real soon. Tomorrow I'm sure will be a barn burner again just like today government, the world's make my job pretty easy lately, like my dad always used to say never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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