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The Future of America?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 7, 2021 11:57 pm

The Future of America?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 7, 2021 11:57 pm

The Future of America?

What is the future of America?  Steve and Joe Markiewicz of Defender Gear sit down to talk about the future we are steering to. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host noble co-applicant said in the past. We have to consider the history of and what's working principles of this nation even founded on and then we look at today and see how we doing there and then what's the future of the country. As you know, or perhaps you didn't notice this just came out just the other day literally yesterday afternoon. I bite grabbed the clip I put it out on social media and it was that Jen Saki who is the White House press secretary speaking on behalf of the president that all of a sudden they are going on in in order to try to get the countries vaccination rates out there going to start a door-to-door campaign.

Isn't that charming, so you may be asking the question. Well, how do they know who's door to knock on well they know because they know who has been vaccinated and by extrapolation, even if using common core math you know who has not been extrapolated so this is a guy on Twitter because it's who we quote these days is the people on twitter. You never heard a wait a minute.

The sky set so the trip administration can't even ask was a US citizen while doing the census but the bite administration can go door-to-door to know who isn't vaccinated and then have a conversation with you so where are we as a country and where are we going to do you even care.

That's the question do you care and are you willing to do anything about the said caring for the nation where others assist Christians talk about ourselves. Listen, I have a golden ticket. I'm out here.

One of these days I'm to be with the Lord and all the stuff to be in my rearview mirror, but the rest of the country and especially our kids and grandkids.

What's gonna happen to them. Joe Markowitz is with the offender gears been on the show many times now a great brother in the Lord successful businessman a patriot and somebody that's trying to do something rather than nothing. Joe, how are great. Thank you for having me back. It's great to be back with you and your team and your audience. Great to have you in, and this was that when we were discussing what were to talk about. You texted me.

I recently and really started goes, I mean all the stuff Ghana rings true through me because I teach the stuff in half or eight years. But when you texted me out here like Franklin talking about our founding father was confronted by a passerby in 1787 and asked during the Constitutional convention. If we have a monarchy, our Republic. It's a great question coming on the heels of the British Empire.

He said a Republic dramatic pause.

If you can keep it. So what is it about that statement Joe that kinda rings true for you and and something that we need to grapple with well see the Republic, its unique thing you know there is there is such a thing as democracies, but this is America is not a democracy is a Democratic Republic. Obviously you can have five tyrants monarchs what you have are people that that up to that point have has never seen a Democratic Republic, meaning the idea of self-government which is small government. Self-government government of the people by the people is a unique experiment. It is never been tried before to this degree right and what those delegates were doing in Philadelphia in 1787 was something that was extremely difficult. It was even hard for many of the delegates they did not want to come to an agreement. They all had their opinions about what the government should look like trite absolutely.

And they were great students of history, they were brilliant.

They were well studied. They had a biblical worldview. They had a great and deep respect and abiding respect for the Bible, even Jefferson was clearly not a Christian by his own admission in terms of things that he believed in didn't believe said that Jesus was the greatest moral teacher in the history of the world and that we should pay attention to everything that he said and so you have that soil out of which it came.

But it's never been done before, so they're trying to balance. We want the will of the people involved and we want a lot of freedom for us guys. People like you and me Joe week that we want them to have a lot they want us have a lot of freedom but we also need to institute a federal government because the Constitutional convention. The second Congress of Bonaparte and that wasn't working. Articles of Confederation sorting to create a Leviathan and then we need to figure out a way to keep the Leviathan from eating it's literally the Frankenstein story were to create this thing.

But if you give people a lot of freedom. Joe your father on the father if if if you're if I'm to send you to Washington DC with a bunch of eighth graders pay for a weekend case Joe's laughing, to send you there.

How many chaperones would you take with you the citizen B 38th graders. You're going to Washington DC for three days. How many chaperones will go with. She probably need one for three kids. So that's like 10 right divide and conquer. Why is that well. Our nature in and of itself. There is a dark side to make sure it is the weight of sin got us all the time is something that we must always have to deal with. As Christians, as believers, thank God for grace because we have sin we been sinners.

Yeah so so here it is. It is that they been trying to form a government. It was based upon. As you mentioned theories, the Magna Carta, the Greek model the Roman model Bible John Locke and many others. And and and even Thomas Jefferson really had a challenge with it at the declaration he was tasked with writing the declaration. Now we get to a place were even this young country in 1787 was somewhat fallen apart.

Yeah it was splitting apart by the states and and and I can't remember who was if if we were if men were angels we would not need that offer Madison said that is bad kinda guy that wrote the bulk of the Constitution minutes right of member angels, we would have no need of government, but because of our human depravity. To give people a bunch of freedom, and in this is what I tell my kids in my class again I say let's do it then is moment I snap and I just eliminated every single light every single speed limit all the markings on the roads, stop signs, the yield signs. It's all gone now, what he thinks going to happen and they all can start laughing because unlike what you're knocking to get up to the main corner and then Joe Markowitz is going to be over there in his car and Steve Nobles on this car a corner over there and while it's gonna sit there and go no, you go first help is chaos chaos chaos and that is why it and and maybe that's something you talk about be the boundaries the boundaries now eight a Republican not only be run by loss. Most most patriots will say this is a nation of laws, etc. this is true, but it's not enough that there has to be in small government self-government. There has to be the consent of the governed. The governed must act in a matter that's responsible if they don't act responsible you have chaos. That's right, we have canceled the founding fathers knew they said it one right after another that this form of government. With this much freedom requires a people that are moral and religious, that is not can happen to have 330,000,008 graders running the country without enough supervision and they're gonna turn on itself that was happening so what you talk about our past talks on our future. Where can we go, what can we do will be right back that will little encounter of the fourth kind kind. Whatever it is, perhaps, need a little encounter in your your you love America. You care about the country you understand as you should have your follower of Christ because you should be a person of truth that like your your past. In my past is complicated and there's there's the good the bad the ugly America has done some beautiful amazing really godly tremendous shockingly beautiful things and we done some horrible things and not the least of which is continuing to kill the unborn, but most people now and and Joe Markowitz is here defender gear defender By the way defender and in the great thing about that is not now you said this Joe you wear the shirts all the time. Great great apparel men's and women's T-shirts, hoodies, all kinds of stuff but it's all very bold. I'm looking for. I know you brought me a T-shirt is offered people on Facebook like you guys can see the supreme you teacher the black T-shirt on the front it says we the people you guys would recognize that because it's in the font from the Constitution. I we the people in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility. That's not on the shirt I'm just telling you the rest of provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare in promote the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution. Right. So we the people on the front. But it also says right underneath that shall not be canceled. And so now you've got a situation Joe you wear these out. I wear these out in a lot of people are just afraid, but you can allow a thumbs up. You have a lot of people spitting on you yelling at you, calling you names but I think for a lot of us Joe were afraid aware stuff like this in public would just remember this that this is the first generation 18 to 24-year-olds. I just heard this yesterday that only 36% of that age group are proud to be American, right where does that come from. Obviously there that the propaganda that is already been fed Natalie in the great schools the high schools and now colleges you got this critical race theory dyspnea and injectors but let's let's not talk about that at this point. The fact is this is the first generation that is been that is not been proud to be an American. I I acknowledge our technology anyone that America is a great country but but the TOEFL was misquoted, Euro-Americans great yeah because America never said that in 1830 he never said that we all want. We all want navely to say America's great Donald Trump coined it make America great.

There's nothing wrong with that but we also cannot acknowledge there's been a lot of ugliness sure and we still have it it'll never be perfect were trying to form a more perfect union, which is why I mentioned you a minute ago that I look at the Constitution and that and that basted up the funny thing about it when you look at the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution order to form a more perfect union to me sounds like on a societal level on a countrywide level what sanctification is to us on a personal Christian level whose who are we supposed to pattern ourselves after Jesus.

Jesus Christ of Jesus Christ have any flaws never sin not arising of these perfect can you achieve absolute perfection like Jesus in this lifetime on this or you cannot but are we called to pursue that we are as we are not sanctification become more like Christ. As you mature and grow in the faith and wisdom and knowledge our country did the exact same thing in order to form a more perfect union. They knew who we were made up of at the time just couple million people but a couple million sinners, and so we put a system in place that allowed us to deal with.

There are more ugly demons and we been doing it ever since we haven't eradicated, but we've eradicated a lot where the declaration and the Constitution. You know these were ideals. It wasn't absolute. Caesar ideals and it was left to the people now live it out. Reagan said you've got to be out in a one generation to pass into the genes, it's gotta go to the next generation. How do you do that by teaching and living it out.

We have a lot of fun. We have a lot of ugly things that have happened. You know, we just July 4, Independence Day a lot of the celebrated it but we also had Congresswoman Cory Bush you know just coming out against it, saying that this is a white holiday that Blacks are or are not are not free and what's not seen Maxie wanted the same thing and what's urgent whether jobs weld the representatives of the US government you Congress.

So these are black females who are in the highest echelons of power governmental power in America and I would argue that there very free yeah my very fluid, argued in fact they were Cory Bush was elected in a district that had 48% white population.

What's up with that. So the mayor Lightfoot in Chicago, heard a clip because they were doing all these clips of Rush Limbaugh on the side of his of his passing and praise the Lord he came out with his public profession of faith in Jesus Christ. That was a great thing to hear and to something I'd hoped for and prayed for for years, but he was talk about Lightfoot comes out and somebody asked or are you are an originalist when it comes to the U.S. Constitution. Lightfoot says and I'm paraphrasing this was Rush Limbaugh share the story like a comes that says you mean that document that didn't recognize me. Number one is a black person number two is a is a woman and number three is a homosexual, and Rush Limbaugh set at first I was very sympathetic to what she was saying because you could make that case, black female, that's a problem in our country's history in that homosexuality is another issue and is been challenging because but then I stopped and thought, you are the black female lesbian mayor of one of the biggest count of one of the biggest cities in America.

One of the most well-known cities on the planet and the reason man that you have that job is the very document that you're decrying exactly you know I want to keep going with this shirt right because because here it is. Contrast that to Frederick Douglass who July 5, 1852.

Now his speech, which shot which is called where he said the fourth. This Fourth of July is yours not mine because what it what is to this to the slave is 4 July and and this is a call out to leaders of that day. At that time the slavery was still legal. And rightfully so. He called it out about but contrast that to the. The activist today who want to basically trash our history. Burn it down.

He said he said. Yet this this is your this your Fourth of July, not ours, but, but 20 times.

He spoke about the found the founders as your father's. He also look through the Constitution and didn't find one place where racism or slavery was promoted.

He said he infected called it the Constitution, a glorious liberty document.

His hope was in the ideals that were in those documents right and while that he was the he was former slave abolitionist and he did not really see fully the Emancipation Proclamation proclamation. He did not really see the amendment, 13th Amanda. He really see it but that was his hope to bit and in here's what I'd like to say is that why don't we debate over those ideals as the standard) rather than tearing it all down because of freedom and liberty die here, right where is there to go yet is nowhere else to go. So whether alcohol than whoever he stays on so when's I move in the country you notice how many of them left him the moving vans that you seen other people I can afford the taxes, leaving Hollywood with rich star stop on fourth and none of them because when push comes to shove, they know that whether they like it or not, they still live in the greatest country on the planet.

Not perfect by any stretch of imagination will be right back running a little question for you in class quizzes, pop quiz, don't freak out that this difficult how many people do you know personally know that you encounter on a daily or weekly. Whatever app in the workplace that literally hate the country. How many people do you know now take out of that you're not allowed to include Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Okay, take take all those out. You cannot use social media. How many people you actually met.

Talk to spend time with that absolutely have a heaven heaven deep disdain for the country to hate America and hate the Fourth of July. They hate the founding fathers. I would propose to you that the vast majority of Americans actually don't.

But what we have going on because of the media. The media cycle.

Joe Markowitz from definitive years here with me. Back in the studio today Joe again thanks for your time and your passion in your and your work were to talk about what Joe and I one of the things we love to talk about is okay we can talk about history. Talk about principles and those are all important, but what about today. Man, what are we doing today what can we do today and moving forward.

Not for ourselves, yes, but mostly for our posterity. The kids coming behind us, but it but it was I think about that go okay. If you have let's use a tornado. I'm a word picture guy joke is a method intelligent so I use word pictures all the time. So if I'm up, I'm in the middle of a tornado and I throw one red pickup truck in their and it's an FI that back puppies spinning fast to think there's 1020 red pickup trucks right so if I throw 10 in their think there's a thousand you like this whole stinking things, made up of red pickup trucks okay there and that the lesson you have a mainstream media and social media where has this controlled funnel cloud in a just a few people that hate America, but they have a huge presence there. So you think that's the norm. But when you where defender gear out in public, which is very pro-America Pro founding fathers pro-Christian ideals have you been spit on never been spit on anybody college a really nasty name ever in and we live in a part of the country live here in Raleigh North Carolina which is pretty much a mixed bag. If you're in the city of Raleigh. It's blue. If you're in the suburbs north north area like where we live. Probably little more red than blue.

But there's plenty of blue out there but you just don't get that kind of backlash and so the question is, what's going on in most of us are afraid most people would not wear the shirt you're wearing right now we the people shall not be canceled.

Most people would where you want because this is a generation as you said, growing up in social media and it's not dialogue it your statements's opinions. It's repeating what they're here all all over the place and and they don't so people today. Yet they don't then will spit on me. They don't yell.

I would wish that there would be a couple people say wait a minute I don't agree with that.

Yeah let's talk about let's talk all you talk about and I would welcome it with with civil discourse and comes that brings us to where we are today because in our founding fathers all spoke about James Madison, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry.

They all talked about that freedom and virtue and self-government. All are intertwined. But how does it.

How do we bring that into today, when people don't you want to talk they just want to scream, yell at each other and you asked about virtues what it virtues you about both belittling the note. Virgil is like about respect somebody else about Kelly, but a golden rule do unto others as you would have them do unto you about. Be tolerant tolerant of other people's opinions about being kind, courteous, why not to. Especially if you're Christian. Christians are different, as we already know that were held accountable by your actions here that and we should not hide your light under a bushel, one of the reasons why like to where defender gear and do liberty dispatches because I want to be able to I want to be able to expose people to somebody that actually loves people loves this country and that we have more in common than you have difference in today because the preponderance of information out there, 30, 34, I looked this up recently because I gave a graduation ceremony. Commencement address for iron Academy and I was wondering how much information are we bombarded with on a daily basis.

It's 34 GB your iPhone probably at the most them the most expensive iPhone 12. You can buy is a 512 GB but about half of that is taken up by the operating system you would fill that thing in less than two weeks with all the information is good so they have all this country information they don't know what's going on were not really being taught work with our kids in the public school system and colleges are being taught what to think, not how to think critical thinking is dead. It's just a motion it's a mile wide incident. Stephen people. Here's a list of virtues, chastity, which is like abstinence, temperance, which is the blood absent a temperance would be gluttony charity diligence patient's kindness and humility while here's the opposite slots, gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, wrath, pride that sounds like America versus virtue and we can even have a conversation is not a I would argue that virtue like gratitude. Love that gratitude you know yet is not perfect is not either. There's even some ugly parts of our culture and our societies are but I'm sure thankful the people want to force the how fortunate we are to live in United States of America. At this time with the degree of freedom that we have in prosperity and it isn't perfect but the young people are not hearing anything other than white privilege that there were races country that the founders were flawed. Okay were all flawed right but we still have these virtues which says it. We've got a better here than anyplace else. That's right well that like one of the shirts. In looking at defender One of the shirt socialism kills okay so you got something Ron DeSantis who understands if we have an entire generation doesn't understand is never grown has never been educated they don't know anything about socialism, communism, what that's what can I have it that's wreaked on the world, especially in the 20th century alone about 120 million people killed by Christians, not by Christian ideals but by socialistic atheistic regimes. Okay socialism kills underneath it it says hope dreams and freedom and that is absolutely correct but your average young person does know that because they don't really know about socialism, and they don't know about the history socialism because I've been taught and so they can be marched right into it with these false ideals that it's gonna make everything equal for everybody, but we didn't know any better, but they have to be taught had never been taught civics right they've never been taught. Our form of government of checks and balances. They've never been taught that nothing really happens big unless you have consensus you do have to compromise your because we want to come to better place and being divided and hating each other is in your work. If were going to pass laws like right now what we have in Washington DC.

The left are just scheming. How can a user power right now at this little sliver of time to be able to push to push policy.

End of fact is, is not popular but they have a little sliver of majority, but that's not the way our government was formed. That's not the way it was designed. It is supposed to think your supposed to happen in government by agreement compromise negotiations consensus all that speaks to character and virtue.

Yes, that's fact that about six months ago maybe nine months ago. Joe talking to Joe Markowitz from defender gear.

By the way, if you but if you're on Facebook live YouTube live in you like where to get these really cool shirts that were wearing.

That's where okay defender test That's why Joe is here. It is a need to sell T-shirts to see it. Okay, he's got up successful business.

He doesn't need cells to sell T-shirts is not the point. But but now like when we have these conversations, Joe, which mostly's in social media which gives us the idea that the that the whole country is about to kill each other. We don't have a common language because of you talk you can talk about virtue and immorality in some sense of that we don't we've lost that so is no common language. So you talk to other people in the side aisle or another on any issue you like I can't get anywhere. These people literally like they're talking a different language.

We've lost the language of the Judeo-Christian ethic, which is what our country was built out of and virtue, and those common things are just gone is like the Tower of Babel and also you got printed 30 million people have of what you speaking one language.

Another speaking differently and they don't understand civics, there's no specific language and there's no understanding of virtue or morality largely that you don't know how how laws are created right there to know the role of the Supreme Court to judicial didn't know the legislative branches of the executive branch. You don't understand that they don't understand the purpose of it and getting getting back to how self-government really works if there is no sense of personal responsibility and you cannot have freedom yet it's the it's impossible because if light is you talk about the Tower of Babel and people can communicate or everybody doing their own thing in a people just using the. The excuse well, it's a free country. It's a free country like we just take this this kind of picture for people on the radio there will be Elsie's mom swinging my arms.

We I have the freedom to swing my arms around until I hit you right until I bother you, and now I have now infringed upon your freedom.

We have boundaries we have to respect that other people have opinions button to your swinging of the arm so to speak right now prevents me from swinging my arms.

We have a problem and and that's what we don't understand today. We don't. We haven't been taught civility courtesy, kindness well and ultimately who is who will travel to never compromise looks like when Joe does, that he swinging his arms and any bumps into me unlike first thing he says oh I'm so sorry and I think that's got to school fun.

I'll back up a couple feet. Joe says I'll back up a couple feet now are both swinging arms are not hitting each other and we both still have our personal space. That's a compromise.

Looks like I'll definitely think that way we both went how do we get there. What we do business guide educator, how we do this back to normal so they only like where you really clean.

I would suggest that you should wear something values and virtues on your and on the front of your shirt and of the backers or maybe under teachers on your hoodie and stuff like and let me just preferences were talking to Joe Markowitz today is back in the studio defender that's not why he's here. Okay, the man does not need you to buy T-shirts in order to provide for his family. He's had a very successful business. He's fine. So he did this in here so we can sell you this T-shirt which is a black T-shirt on the front that says we the people underneath it shall not be canceled. It's got the defender gear on the logo on the back. It's got a great American flag on the sleeves as defender of the Republic very pro-American is that a lot of shirts that are very obvious in their Christian dedication and so but that's just the way that taken it where it honestly care as an expression in a country that were supposed to have freedom of expression.

That's a good way to do it over talk about the state of the nation. What can you do about it. I was just telling you a story.

Joe and again, thanks for coming in today. I was a Tony story about a young Afro-American guy believer.

We've been friends for years and we were out he was in his early 30s couple years ago we were at Baptist University in the Midwest did a thing about the documentary about the 13th amendment of white privilege and all the stuff that about 130 students there had a panel discussion. I was kind of the white conservative talk radio show Christian guy and we went out to dinner afterwards and at that dinner this guy who's very outspoken about always political things informed us that he had never voted that was my reaction and for those of you on Facebook-why Joe got. I was like okay did I love you and you're my brother in Christ, but you're complaining about everything and you've never voted and that's a talent that you buried and did nothing with it so you're not allowed to whine about that what you're unwilling to do something about. You won't even cast vote. So you just lost pretty much all your credibility with me in terms of talking about politics will take another subject than I can listen to you anymore and that one and that's the question for all of us. Joe was what we do what is Joe Markowitz do and tell that story real quick because you get a successful sales organization. Your leader successful business guy. But then all of a sudden defender gear liberty dispatch which is like a video blog and in you got engaged. What was the deal well you know something happens when you start your own business in an and you start really realizing that your income is going to come from your efforts alone that does something to you but even in my world from and from free enterprise, a business owner.

We are dealing with people all the time who have one thing to most important thing for them is can you help me elevate my life. Can you help me have a better life. What better better platform than free enterprise, which is the most important that the most effective way to elevate people's lives if they work if they sacrifice after willing to educate themselves if you're willing to stop making excuses if they're willing to listen to people who are in life we want to beat. They have to move. They have to do something, whether it's building a business building a ministry doing what you're doing here Steve. It it all is me based upon doing I am a stickler for that I don't want to hear what you say what your words say what your were speak so loudly you know I get all your just take as I see what you do right in and that's it and and it's the same thing with our Christian walk.

You know faith without works is dead and and for me, I'm compelled to be able to share not just the gospel but I also have to get to the point where they're willing to listen. So you serve people you treat people, kindly you you talk to them because you care about them. If you're willing to do that you are going to initiate another level of a relationship. Everything I do is relationships. Everything I do what I have my relationships at home with my wife or my family, my relationships in in the business world in my church. My pastor with people that I hardly even know that I want to I want to expand my reach, not for selfish ambition, not for greed but because that's were called to do were supposed to be the light in the world interests. Salt took at seasoning.

This is important because it in your in your business capacity as a leader large sales organization.

You can't. You could, but it would be wise. I don't think get up on stage and just give them both barrels. To give you the Jesus barrel and to give you the America barrel.

You serve your people. You try to help them succeed.

Given the skills to succeed and then as you earn that then you can start folding in that part of the conversation because you earn the right to do it. Is that essentially was happy how you look at any entrepreneur out there. What people see is the social media.

The pictures on stage doing cool things you but but really, where their success comes from is one-on-one with small groups interact with people doing the things that very few people see behind the scenes and and that's been my that's fine.

My mode of operation. I'm going to find a way to connect with people and extend to them. Hope if they have hope they will take action always and I think that's one of the great things about this nation where you can go to the middle of a a BLM of March last summer in an act going to S GPD realize what a privilege it is that you could even be out here you go. Try this and other parts of the world or you go try this in America hundred years ago and then thinking to go well for you yet here we are. And you gotta understand that perspective, that's them. Understanding history, which requires us to engage. But for each one of us in terms of salt and light, which you mentioned an and I learned this when I was working on my Masters degree in ethics when my professor said the gospel is a moral solution to a moral problem.

So in a country that's casting aside morality. The further way we get from virtues ethical and moral norms you come up to somebody here in a conversation, you bring up that they need to be saved or to be their questions and be safe from what because our moral standards are so low that from a moral perspective. Joe everybody's actually okay so what I need to gospel your morals are are okay with you, but they may not be okay. What is a standard for moral and right should exec that is God tribal when we lose that now it is for some people. Virtue is that we should be in fear for others it is that God is not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and to sell my payment and I think that's you know and hear God and country, you know I like that phrase because first fault in the right order in the country does matter. Americans matter more than America.

That's the gospel, but America matters because it's made up of Americans, so the society matters. The culture matters. The government is because it affects three and 40 million people, all of whom are made in the image of God, have interest in estimable worth and so you engage to not engage his apathy, apathy is the opposite of love that's that actually know what's right and choose not to do it back to James you know it's right but you choose not to do it and so you say you love your neighbor know you don't yet you don't give a rip and that's why you do nothing.

So for us as Christians in particular Christians in America you have to engage it can be social media, but to your point, I think we gotta be willing to have world looking for the social media knockout blow. The one video that's going to get 200 million views and change the world, then take a nap. There's one person that could single-handedly change the world. His name is Jesus, and none of us are him but you can have an impact with the people in your life and have those conversations and engage in where T-shirt sounds silly but it might force you in a conversation that you otherwise would.

When your foundational document or foundational belief is that everybody is worth something then you will respect people you will have tolerance, you will you will compromise a hard stand doesn't mean you compromise your core philosophy rightly but you make compromise and draw consensus because as we talked about a country foot to form a more perfect union, or better society at her school a better church where where are the worst. The pastors talking about now. And that's another topic for a loyal boy but they're afraid of it to and in after realizing America like Daniel and I love you like to hear this but the reality is in the numbers bear this out that that we in fact at this point in 2021 live in a pagan nation.

Barnett did the study recently only about 6% of Americans. Joe actually live often out of an operational biblical world. 88% are air are what we call syncretistic, which is essentially is a worldview potpourri is all kinds of different stuff. Whatever baptizes her life and makes them feel good.

So you're basically surrounded by dead people. As we engage for the sake of America because of Americans after member that most Americans don't know the Lord in their lost and when they die, will matter with the state of the nation's could stay there souls, but here lies the opportunity yes that is it. And that's why you get up every single day when your feet hit the floor in the morning you're ready to go and you got place to go, people to see and just a and at night when you put it down, put your head in the.

Pick your feet off the floor. You know you did something that would be that would be my message for today live every single day without regret Is not strong it's just incredible live every single day without regret. Loving your neighbor as yourself, which includes loving the country in which your neighbor resides and I think some of the things that we need to remember I if you feel hatred in your heart towards your fellow Americans, your neighbors, liberal Democrat homosexuals straight what ever you need to deal with that. Because what we should feel is I hate sin and I hate evil, but we should love people.

So it's an interesting concept to talk to people and say listen, the media, even our politicians want us to hate each other but I refused to work really hard and I hope you love me well to get into a conversation when drives are not the gospel the same time you Joe but I can walk and chew gum at the same time country you talk about moral as well political issues that will cost right you might my my neighbor is liberal. He doesn't like me at all just complicates the same right to treat them like dirt. You are exactly lose my upper Joe Michael it's always great to have you in time defender is the website maybe help you have a conversation we can talk about the things of the nation, but especially to God. This is the noble and noble so gobbling up talk to always used to say perform another program powered by the Truth Network

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