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David's Good News + Money Monday Issues!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 6, 2021 8:36 pm

David's Good News + Money Monday Issues!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 6, 2021 8:36 pm

David's Good News + Money Monday Issues!

Today Steve talks with David Fisher about his story and God’s grace and power,  as well as a money Monday update. 


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Everyone just ties with his noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble well I and I we certainly had a busy one in a crowded one at the noble house thanks to Pastor Chris Connell, who filled in for me last week on Wednesday and Friday so we had 18 people stand at her house over the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday basically everywhere.

You know my wife side, which is wonderful that we had a blast and then we added eight more on Sunday and Fourth of July just for fun. So we got to 26 people at our house for 4 July.

Pretty much all day all afternoon laid it. We probably started shutting things down. I don't know 11 o'clock at night something like that.

So let me just offer a sincere apology to present a bite to go back a few months.

He was talking about, you know hopefully if everybody gets takes the vaccine seriously, then maybe you can have three or four people over for 4 July, and on that day I did the showing on that day. I said I am absolutely going to disobey that as a matter fact were going to have a party at our house, which is exactly essentially what we did so there you go. Just owning it right here on the show right here on live radio Facebook live YouTube live it. Steve Noble show page of either place and but we it was a wonderful time we had a great great holiday weekend and so wanted to. As were moving into the beginning of the month.

Normally we would do a full money Monday which were going to do a full money Monday on a Tuesday, you probably figured that out because I wasn't here yesterday and in in what were going to do some little different because I had a great Fourth of July hope you have a great Fourth of July and I can tell you, as a matter fact that our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital. Landmark also had a good Fourth of July, but perhaps for different reason than the rest of us, but David how you doing my buddy thinks work on it doing great things around me and always on. Instead of a Monday, Tuesday, instead of a Monday, but every once in a while we we get a curveball and we work around them. So always appreciate your flexibility and so for those of you that have been around the show for a while. David's been on for several years and we been doing radio together for a long time in David's gone through such a journey with the Lord regarding health and what that can do to you, especially when that the diagnosis is bad, and the fear factor is there and so instead of doing a full regular money Monday today were talking about the financial issues.

The whole time working to spend the first half just talking about the Lord and in sharing a testimony of what God is done in David's life as well with his wife Marianne and their family in this business and for those of you that have been around for a while you remember us talking about this and praying for David and so were just going to give God the glory he so richly deserves today and then we'll talk about some financial stuff in the second half of the show, but that was a pretty cool call last week David when you let me know some more good news of what the Lord's been doing with your body. Specifically, I had excellent news. I will say that miraculous news is really the terminology because I was told by six doctors in November 2018 to get your financial affairs in order. You go three months to year to live. There is no cure for you and I'll tell the story urinal in a moment how that went from there to the end of the story being last week I was told by my cardiologist. After going through test that shows how healthy I'm getting anything she came over and shook my hand nieces. I stated I see no reason why you will not now live to be 100 years old. I was flabbergasted, and I gave God the glory. Obviously yeah because early on, David, and when you shared with me and then when we took it and shared it with certain extents with with all of our friends are brothers and sisters in Christ. On the show it was.

It was dire and so what what was the problem was, what was the deal. What did you find out that that led most of these doctors to say you better get your affairs in order to hundred thousand 16 I was misdiagnosed by my primary care position having as good on inhalers and as time went on on multiple inhalers pills name brought, but my own breathing machine in 2018.

However regular those done on me and I stopped working out couldn't prompt walking and breathing and talking at the same time I got really worse and then in August, so shoot me. November 17, the second Saturday of the month 2018 had excruciating pain in my left side of my stomach on my wife. The truth of the doctors I should known only to see. I feel the next day on Sunday in the afternoon. I told Marianne I said listen, I have this overwhelming feeling in my spirit I am not going to wake up tomorrow and she said let's go to the hospital so about an hour from the major hospitals you into a small local hospital. I was checked in the told me I didn't have asthma. They're running a lot of tests on me and then within about an hour they put me in an ambulance went to the major hospital then tell me what I had went directly into the operating room have a thing called an angiogram which determines how much blockage you have and are your arteries.

The cholesterol was completely clean.

So my plumbing was fine. More tests were done they found out that my heart infraction my pump only prompted 10% which women have been Stephen one of two things happens either die or you get a heart transplant and I was not on the heart transplant list because I just found out that had a heart this massive heart issue.

The payment was in my stomach what the determinant was from as I had a clock to my heart. I'm a little reluctant shame or in normally goes your brain and then go to my brain and went to my spleen and this would stop the blood flow and this will cause the pain. So it was just a very challenging times. My vitals were completely out of whack.

My organs were shutting down due to not getting enough heart blood for my heart and my kidneys were being taxed with others can have kidney failure from the Dyson angiogram and about 45 doctors told me that there's a chance that you might not make it shows very challenging in the few other things happen Thanksgiving was the fifth day was in the hospital was really brought about in my wife, on the seventh day that her big day of the urine and Christmas were she loves to cook and she does a phenomenal job at that. But on the seventh day had a bad headache making the aspirin in 20 Ms. later this fellow was having a stroke so they ran me down stairs to do put me in the chamber to see about having a stroke or not and they determine I wasn't. But what they figured some of the blood clot that was in my heart actually did go to my brain and that full pollution in trouble for my body. So the good news. I didn't have a stroke but on the 10th say they totally really helped out the newsletters and is only 5% of the people. What I have recovered gently asked me three months to year to live here were talking to David N full money Monday which I hold something apparently come back. I am back in today's money Monday so little bit of a different thing testimony today talking I get for David Fisher to bring David back on here just a second on the break on Facebook live in YouTube lives over here in the studio so when you're on the radio you listening the commercial break, but here in the studio on Facebook live in YouTube live were not so we can kinda continue a conversation so I talking about you know the only thing that I could do here from Raleigh, North Carolina.

When David stalled out there in Arizona. You've got three months to 12 months to live, you better get your affairs in order. The only thing I could do is pray and then I caught myself and said listen that the only thing I could do all I got a reach in my bag and pull out the spiritual atom bomb like that's the only thing I can do like it's insignificant, but prayer factors enormously into this story today is as David is sharing with us and in that that really struck me.

David, when I was just like why am I saying it's the only thing I can do is the most powerful thing we can do is to take it to prayer. I would, I concur with that.

I want to think you Steve and all your listeners. So many people prayed for me. People called me is that I'm just praying for you and that you not really touched my life the moment that I heard this bad news I've obviously was angry at the time with the Lord.

Marion went down to the cafeteria to get a cup of coffee and and the Scripture came to my heart is a dream my Bible and his first Peter four. Sorry about that. I'm so grateful for the Lord of my life is beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal amongst you, which comes upon you for your testing as though some strange were happening you totally my life at this point, went back into those meetings. The first 13 but to the degree that you share the sufferings of Christ, keep on rejoicing, so that also is the real revelation of his glory, you may rejoice with exultation children will have life choice for the Lord is the Lord. If you want me to be.

You're not afraid of dying.

I know I'm yours. I picks up you my Lord and zero walk with the Lord for a long time. At that point my life, but I feel like I'm not done, but that you will you you determine this, and I wish I doubt you, Lord, if you want to heal my body and it will only be healed by you.

I will serve you all the days my life and all will be your voice to encourage people in their health and in their lives and so moment came back from the from the cafeteria and then I said honey were still in the house were moving close to the office. We are an hour and 1/2 away so is a three hour commute every day really is a one-story house with a two-story, you can have a gourmet kitchen of your dreams will look like loves the cook as the doctors are saying Julio three most do you live I said, I'm telling you I'm proclaiming their phenomenon, the name and claimant kinda guy I could but I have to believe something greater than me of the miracle happening that this was this is what I believe the Lord wants to do.

It's coming along Watkinsville. She's is okay with you and I welcome that. So by Thanksgiving your later. Within two days before Thanksgiving.

We had our new home. My wife is moving in her pots and pans and she could Thanksgiving. I was not 6 feet under.

I was sitting at the dining room table and we have a blessing over time and that was the first year after all this happen with the Dr. said otherwise. So God works in miraculous wonderful ways. Yes I did most of this and you know we can look at it from this point because the recent reporting needs like what you can little hundred and it was so enjoyable. I would use that word purposefully was so enjoyable to receive your call last week that when you were share with me about the doctor and by the way just so everybody knows David and I are our friends were brothers in Christ, our relationship extends well beyond this radio show and said to have your brother call you to share that kind of news and you've done it many many times and it wasn't always great. Just a real it's a blessing, but that's when that's what Jesus is talking about it and urging us to do all the one another's in Scripture to help carry one another's burdens and and even if we can't be in the room with one another. We can certainly pray for one another, but for you and Marianne.

This is, it must've been times of up and times that down upon them up in the mountain high and then down in the valley literally in the shadow of death, and I think David, we need to cut ourselves some slack. Maybe as we go through this and I'm sure people listening or going through it and have gone through it that it really is kind of a fight in the you have your ups and your downs.

I'm sure you guys experience that had been an operating room five times are related.

I am been more downs than ups.

But a lot of things milepost of ups for Me in the game just what you think you don't have a good manager will produce everything so there is no hope. I chose to have hope. People like yourself and others called me at this real time spirit encouraged me. That's why I have to get back I'll say this today if you want to use hearing my voice if you're going through any sort of challenge you know you don't have to give your name, you have to give me your phone number you specifically asked for me and I want to pray for you all and encourage you. I want to walk with you in your challenge with your life until the day of glory happens or God heals you here on earth, that is my commitment. This is not even about gold. This is so much bigger than that. And that's what I really believe the purpose of this really good and so I'm I'm a blessed man.

I want to give that blessing to many others that hear my voice that pray for so many people since is all happen that have called your my company from curing your Steve and many other radio programs and I believe that the Lord wants to touch lives today in a great way yeah that's where you know for a lot of us, David. We struggle with the sometimes myself, my wife Gina does sometimes. Sometimes we struggle to put those prayer requests out there because you know it your your kind involving people with something that's personal.

It's not always pretty and in your exposing yourself so to speak.

However, if we don't do that.

This is the way I remind people if we don't do that you're actually robbing your brothers and sisters of the blessing of being able to help shoulder your burden and so that way the whole body works is is were all blessed even when one of us is hurting when the rest of us can come behind you and pray there is a unique blessing and that and everybody wins at the God's economy works way better than are stuck and I prayed for praying for a lady name Lisa and her husband that she has a miraculous healing of praying from a man named Frank in her white.

His wife, Maria, praying for a guy named Scott he has leukemia been praying for him for a long time since I found out his situation. You know and that's what the body of Christ is even though they might not know inferring from a couple of most do know that that is what were called to do when part of the body hurts and in this you know needs our help and you were there for me brother and I felt this just like you describe him being a burden.

I want everybody hear my voice, you're not being a burden. If you call me or you will send me an email were here for you and that's what the body of Christ does that's exactly right. In such a blessing for all the state of working at the bottom the hour breaking about that 35 seconds, but to do a quick prayer a quick and just think the Lord for what is done in your life and the will had to break the will come back and will turn the corner and talk about some things going on out there in the world of the economy to find a guy we just come before you humbled enjoy us in celebrating what you've done in David's life and Marianne and your families health and his business Lord, we give you all the glories of praise and honor and Lord help us to be bold in our prayers and to be hopeful in them hold in them board to trust your Provident yes and Amen we just praise you and glorify you worship is our brother David. We ask that David will be right back. By the way, selling yesterday and later so I did.

Couple years ago I taught Constitution and civics for eight years now getting ready to teach your number nine this fall, citing US history, but there's a lot of interesting history behind the Declaration of Independence, which is what we were celebrating on Sunday, 4 July.

So yesterday I did a show you the best of show, but you can still catch it and go to go to the webpage.

Just go to the Steve Noble or you can get the show ever podcast pretty much every major project gas platform were on and go check that one out.

That was basically the history the Declaration of Independence and in his American Christian nation, and what was going on back in the 1700s and starting actually back in the 1500s in the Reformation that led up to the Declaration of Independence and what was God's hand in all of that. You don't overplay it. A lot of people will act like our founding fathers were about to evangelical born-again Christians, many of them, if not most of them were not in terms of like being born again evangelical so it's complicated and it's Nuance and it's interesting on a scale from 1 to 10 I would say that the Declaration of Independence was influenced by a Christian worldview. Somewhere between the six and a 7/10, but it's an amazing story.

And so that's what I did that, the show that we played yesterday, but always trying to inform you as well as myself on an ongoing, lifelong learner and one of the things that most of us need help with is understanding what's going on in the world of finance and the Bible talks a lot about money and possessions is actually more versus specific to money and possessions and there are verses on prayer and even faith. Specific and so the Bible has a lot to say about money, possessions, because most of us struggle within one way or another and that's why we have a regular date with our good friend in our brother in Christ David Fisher from MR M are is the website by the way David did mention that that he would love to forget them, forget what is business does forget all that other stuff.

Just think in terms of a brother in Christ who's been down a tough road and he would love to pray with you. So if you just want somebody to listen and pray with you because David was there telling 3 to 12 months of of life that was just like three years ago and then here is in God's done an amazing thing. But you heard if you are this listening to the first have the showed David. I really appreciate that you wear your heart on your sleeve and your offer to pray with people so if you want to just call and ask for David specifically to say I just heard a month Steve Noble show and I love to pray with them if that's what you want to do you can do that's only give you the phone number for David and you can call and just ask him specifically probably wait till after 5 PM Eastern today. I could will be on the air.

Until then, but their phone number is 844-604-2575 844-604-2575.

Especially if you're facing some challenging physical things like David did. He is in a unique position to love on you and pray for use. David, thank you so much for that invitation will be induced to let you know I would let our receptionist Chelsea know that goes with those specific callers over not going out to my normal people might look at my company on the floor and it's likely I will talk with them personally wonderfully appreciate that. So let's will turn the corner. Let's go to some of these topics that were always looking at number one really on Wall Street it's it's all over the news that were dealing with it more were feeling it more is of course the issue of inflation. So give us the latest details and kind of a summary of what we should be thinking about and what perhaps we should be doing about it.

While inflation is much more worse than what they pervaded expected the Fed included even Gerald Powell said that but the various measurements of completion of it multi-decade highs of the consumer price index. I said that's up 5%. If I was going to come in at 4.2 of the producer prices are up at 6.6%. The largest 12 month increase on record ever other personal consumption expenditures. The PC is mouthful terminology or just another target or index that the Fed uses it's about 3.9% they send. So when you exclude food and energy is at 3.4%, the highest since 1990 to the bottom line. Inflation is being insistent by the Fed that is transitory, while other things are saying it's not transitory, worsening businesses that laid off significant amount of people Asher having a tough time replacing them in labor shortages such as forms in the service manufacturing in the restaurant industry, which means that there waiting for higher wages coming and wages haven't kept up there really at the 1960 levels. When you adjusted for inflation. Bottom line is lumber and oil, says inflation is not transitory. Bank of America said transitory is hyperinflation Kyle Bassett billionaires last week that the US is already grappling with the real inflation rates above 10% and wisdom tree said our picture of you that inflation is not temporary inflation could rise as much is 20% over the next five years.

So inflation is here because we got massive stimulus $22.4 trillion with the stimulus that happened last 16 months. That's why we have inflation and select what impact is that having in the stock market. A lot. Not everybody actually is in the stock market and 401(k)s and investments of things like that when you look at the year to date David you go okay that's dog never said a pretty good run this year, despite some of these things, but today it's down over 200 points out how the canoe affected what can we expect in the future or evolving stimulus that happens.

David stimulated the stock market, but what happens when something reforms up bubble. It takes a one or two event in the bubble burst and so when you when you look at what's happening here. The model of the S&P 500 that we call the 50 month moving average. The S&P is currently 40% over that number, which historically has been stripped five times and of those five times were done at this level are currently at only once the market rally more into him. It was the tech bubble in 1999 and I was told by 72% loss so get ready for a market correction affect your friend in my distant friend TJ you sent me an email from him. He said that the current S&P 500 ratio P/E ratios over 45. We should be around 17 and he says you know the chart shows that that one people are fearful of the Fed papering the paper tantrum and he says the market takes the stairs up in the elevator down or please.

And that's where were going eventually and have a huge market correction and so do we see institutional investors do we see banks kinda positioning themselves. Oftentimes David you'll bring in a conversation. What billionaire feds of hedge fund managers are doing because there there there ahead of the game they're looking down the road so can we learn something from what's happening at that level whether all saying pretty much the same thing.

I don't say hundred percent certain vast majority billionaires and hedge fund managers are saying it's not a transitory inflation image making adjustments are saying get some crypto's would be careful cripples is not tested and true for inflationary hedge but it should be a good thing to have your portfolio, but very small enough percentage. Also, you obviously most of them are saying get some gold in your portfolio is gold and silver were the number one asset classes in the 70s show the nursing diversifying don't expect they also say, don't expect this returns that we been having to have in the future and traditionally gold in is not a that's the month of June and July and is not a good month for gold and it's not been a good month for gold, but it is good to be a very good month for gold in August and September traditionally shows if you can be the contrary in and by ahead of the curve. That's what these built big billionaires are same. Is there saying that gold will make a big move were just in the early beginnings of the market starting to form its balance is bottom right now and is going to make another move here so you want. That's when you want to you purchasing why I would encourage people David because you know we hear stories about inflation. We go out we notice what's going on at the pump. I've noticed things in the grocery store. Certainly when you look at like some of the crazy lumber things going on but you look at the cost of new construction here in the Triangle area, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The cost of new construction is gone way up. As a result of some of those things I just don't know that people are connecting the dots there. There they know they're paying more, but they're not thinking through it all. I'm thinking while this is inflation and it's going to continue to have an impact on you think that the average person is put in two and two together or do you think were just gonna get by, day after day. Most of the people of the articles are reading are are there saying they're describing the behavior of their most humans are not putting this to intrude together yet because they're not seeing it right now they're not seeing the extent of inflation, but when Bank of America says hey were going to have transitory hyperinflation and wisdom tree says were going to 20% inflation in the next five years. People don't see those numbers now. They didn't see it. 1971 or 72 but they shot in 1978 I show with the beginning of the cycle and that's the thing we we've got a whole generation David that when we tie start talking about how bad things were in the 1970s and especially when in the late 70s when Jimmy Carter was the president that humans will be talking in a foreign language.

They just have no way of recalling that have we seen an inflationary environment like the one that looks like were walking into. I mean since then has there been a period since the late 70s when we've seen inflation be that aggressive know people say don't buy gold bye-bye silver is not a good investment because gold and silver went dormant for 20 years from 19 82,001-ish and then it started market again from 2001 to 2011 so when you look at any market when he goes into their market is not a good investment but we are headed towards inflation because you can't print all this money and stimulate eminent then female veterans still stimulate the exact right thing to keep doing that. David puts on holy got one more thing, David. He mentioned silver and gold that sweet spot so we can talk about that.

What's going on with the gold and precious metals markets and how to use it right back back is noble to Steve Noble show crazy with you Jeff for money Monday with our friend David Fisher full money Monday and Tuesday normally if the first Monday of the month at the end and then the subsequent Mondays. We just do a little money Monday update the last segment of the show, which is over into now, but that talking our good friend David Fisher brings is 1/4 century plus expertise to the VS show each Monday and again why why so often why on a regular basis because the Bible talks a lot about money and possessions and so I make sure David how obviously enables that to make sure that we talk about it on a regular basis. I know that not everybody I know some people are like a big glaze over there not paying attention or they're not interested or perhaps you just don't have much money the market, but there or any but there's a lot of people that do and whether were talking about the specifics of the economy, the banking system. Whatever talk about gold and silver precious metals is working to do now we it's a heart issue for most of us and so we have to talk about it can keep it on the table but were also called to be good stewards of it and we were are held accountable for that. So how do you be a good steward of whatever amount of money the Lord is allowed you to work with. That's part of what were doing and so it's it's an important topic and one that we talk about regularly and and so thankful David for you and your friendship and your expertise. Thanks again for spending a whole hour with us.

LOL thank you for your program is always as always, of course, my pleasure. So when it comes to gold and silver, and in for people that are newer to the show tonight find 10 years ago that that kinda brought what that there were not many people talk about gold and silver on a bit on big platforms, national shows, or otherwise, and when you did. I mean, you know this about me, David.

But when we first started talking on the way back in 2016. I was like I know now, and we literally spent hours on several different phone calls to get me educated, because you gotta get through me if you can get at least on this show and and I was educated that it made sense to me and I understood I didn't and I became a customer myself for a lot of people.

David it still that it's kind I think it's kind of the unknown, they don't really think about it. So when somebody has like zero knowledge of using precious metals is in a diversified portfolio because that's a big important concept is diversification, especially in the crazy days that were in where you can start with people and they just trying to understand okay I understand the gold and silver has value.

I know it goes up and down, but I don't know exactly how to use it or why I should use it, how do you start from ground zero in the conversation.

Well, we have the literature erupted in common mistakes and myths about golden children that addresses a lot of them things like how to write your go to grocery store buy gold and silver is you won't like you won't go there with your stock sponsor mutual fund so we explain the ABCs and were dumping on education big on strategy and also we feel that if people are given the correct facts and actually what it does what it doesn't do also like to make your richest document change your lifestyle where you can eat her or any of those things. But it's going to head against a stock market correction and great example is what happened in 2008.

Stocks went down 35 to 50%. Gold went up opposite of that. Significantly, several hundreds of percent and no cash was King real estate didn't do too well either.

And so gold is a diversifying tool and Wall Street in a lot of financial planners are not pro-golden fact today sky like this whole environment like stay away from gold again. It reminds me of the environment of the Wall Street Journal. Your 2000.

There was a title of of your 2000.

The title of Wall Street Journal article should gold has lost its luster. That article Tramel and the very same day that gold was at the lowest point before the biggest bull run.

We had prior to this one inflation in gold aggressive bull market outperform stock for the next 11 years and so you know that's the same environment.

Happy now but yet inflation moving forwards were like in 1970 before inflation. But the sentiment on your 2000 about gold, so no time to be learning about golems or what it does mean only I talked for hours on this program hours on your show.

So I encourage you to your listener just to call my company get some of those answers get a packet and start to learn to see what gold does what it doesn't do and silver so you can see it gold or silver is the right thing for your portfolio.

There's no pressure there is no coercing or mentor that education is is really the key and and figured out yourself and pray about things that whether you're talking about investments or any other decision needed to make the Lord has told us it right it pretty clear hey there James, if you lack wisdom asked for it in the Holy Spirit can help you and then you gotta talk to people that you trust and know, and it's nice to have somebody in these industries.

That's a believer it's not always a requirement for when I can find somebody that shrewd and is also a believer, man, that's just an awesome combination so a lot of people I think are just confused about like you said David like like take the picture they they get possession of some gold. Maybe it's a gold bullion. Maybe it's like something from James Bond movie and one of Mike's was to do it that if Aristide or what I just buy some groceries. Other people look at it because you can buy some ETF electronically traded funds he can do different things like that. So how people don't look at him and she said maybe I would get some of this what we talked about get some of it by some of it what what form does that take welcomes important recordings of different market spirit like a thousand different markets in gold and silver deflectors of thousand markets in stocks and shoulders differ markedly do different things for different types of investors for different reasons. They have benefits and drawbacks way over some of the distinctive markets that four distinct markets for all the markets: during people start making some financial decisions on what market might be best for them. So that's why it's very important to work with a specialist in the like. If I was having a heart issue which I did go to my dentist so I left the top cardiologist. I now looking back, so it's important work with people or specialize in that field and that's what we did you hear a been doing this for 27 years yeah I know I'm a word picture guy. So when we say diversification. I bet one of the things that when the text is a comes in my head as the sailboat got the big sale of top cats and all the winds which can be the crazy market what's underneath your boat. We got have a Keeley got a counterbalance or teeter totter. We all remember that from when your kids and you jump off the end in your alleged friend on the other and goes crashing down. That's where you need some balance instant diversification. It's been kind of a wild year as the stock market is is going up, and in some shakes and some ups and downs in their but what's what's what's an update on the performance of gold and silver these days, gold and silver is actually down here today at around 6%. I thought it would be different.

But I also had to remind myself that this is exactly what it did in the early 70s. He didn't perform in 70 7172 but it aggressively started performing in 73 why because the stock market became overvalued and 73 and had a 50% holdback and 73 and it only went up to 2%, but now I'm referring to in a nine year period from 1971 in 1980 and Gold Wing 37% per year. Average and silver one from a dollar $50-$50 so industries proving that when you have inflation is not if were going to have it. We will have inflation which is how much, and most are saying is massive inflation coming history is proven, the gold and silver as the asset class that you want to have some sort of representation. Not all your money. Don't put all your money in any asset class diversifying and that's what this does for you and were talking of course an individual level but in the last couple years it's been amazing to see governments and big financial institutions buying gold is that is that something we should pay attention to. I think grimacing more and more of that big hedge funds have been buying gold I've never seen the last three years so many billionaires talk about gold so many hedge funds buying gold.

So many governments buying gold the world gold councils is listing the last three years except for 2020. Because a coded hub in the top three buying years of central banks been over a two-year period of time. So something is up. The central banks by their buying behavior is telling us something is going to happen financially bad in the future. So if there's doing this, then you will follow suit with the big money is and that's with the big money is saying and doing God's did back to word pictures that he had a bunch about manufacturers and their all of a sudden talking about the size of the keels that they're installing on the sailboats at the putting out the market you all why they talking about the keel summits will maybe that's because were coming in to hurricane season need to get some high winds coming. You need to be prepared for that and so such an important topic and for people to understand and again David, you mentioned but but what, what's the best way. People like okay I want to start getting educated. I want to understand this and have a better handle on it.

What should they do. The best way to get some material from his real investment packet that will explain the different market is to explain the misunderstanding and crept out with facts and figures in truth and you know how you can also take advantage of investing in gold and silver in your IRA or 401(k) can take possession of it without tax liability so you can do that. We did with retirement money so call the company get that packet learn about it and then you'll have some questions we can talk in the future if you bid like you to be great. So how do people do that the information in terms of contacting William Collis 844-604-2575 will give the number out again 844-604-2575 or go to our website.

Landmark again.

Just as a reminder, that's the same phone number that we gave out earlier, as David was sharing with the Lord is been doing in his life of these last 3+ years with respect to his health and that initial report that you've only got three months three months to a year. Better get your affairs in order and here he is doing just wonderful and a great report from the doctor just last week and praise the Lord for that. So again, if you just want to pray somebody I can understand especially if you're going through a difficult health crisis somebody that can understand that that would be David's pleasure. So if you call you he let his front desk know if you called to say hey I discern David and Steve Noble. Shall I just wanted to pray with them. I just wanted him to pray with me. That's the same phone number that you can use okay so that is 844-604-2575 844-604-2575 David Moore in Weston Arizona. So there couple hours find on these ghosted about five and five but there is only three blocks at this point in time that David, thank you so much for sharing once again all that the Lord is done, you might come alongside you and praise Jesus for all that healing and how to save you and Mary and thank you Sharon thank you Steve. My brother and all your listeners for praying for me are greatly appreciated. Payment to give the Lord all glory. Think about love you will talk to you soon to right now is David Fisher. Always great to hear the testimony of the same rate. This is signaled on the scene. Also, God willing on something in my dad always have her for another program powered by the Truth Network


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